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Consumer complaints and reviews about 121@in.airtel.com

Apr 7, 2014

Deactivation of Broadband connection


I would like to deactivate my Airtel broadband connection with immediate effect. kindly process it as soon as possible

Airtel no: 08041473965

relationship number : 7009231531

my contact no: 9886178595
Apr 5, 2014

not receiving message

hai my no is 9940159654. at present iam in Kabul till yesterday I received messages but frm today iam unable to receive messages pl clear my doubts
Apr 5, 2014

Broad band plan Micration

I received message from you in my mobile that your plan amount is increased Rs1299 to Ra1449 du to input cost or some other reason. Presently i could not able to pay more amount, So, I request you to kindly micrate my plan from 8mbps to 4mbps.
My A/C. No:7006171233
Mob. No : 9655429527
Tel.No: 04443587232
Apr 4, 2014

number activation rejected without varificaiton

I am an IBM India employee applied for a new post paid connection (9560527779) and fill the form with all the desired details.
I mentioned correctly my complete address details ( where I use to receive all my communication easily) however I got message stating that " verification for my number 9560527779 was unsuccessful due to incomplete address".

Surprised, Neither I do not receive any call from any executive for coming the verify it nor any physical visit happened. I do not know how come my exist address got incomplete.

Address which I have mentioned in the form
B-20, 1st Floor, Phase-02, Aya Nagar, New Delhi - 110047

Note - Now I will be out of office till coming Wednesday ( 09-April-2014) and will be coming back on next day.
Apr 4, 2014

charged for unused period after requesting them to diconnect

Dear sir,ID 41461012 My son has been using your Broad Band for the last approx 12 yrs. Now he has gone abroad for some time for study. we had requested you to close the Broad Band through ur tollfree tele 08041461012 but it was not accep[ting my pressing the numbers as instructed by you, hence i approached our earlier executive who used to attend our problems Mr Manjunath 9845258075/ Mr Manoj 9740717284(if i am sure) who has-advised me that the closure has been noted and i can pay the bill. It took some time for me to come to Bangalore since i was out of station. we have closed the Broad Band on 13 Mar2014 but contacted Air tel toll free on 15th to close down and we not used it at all. But i was presented with a bill for the unused period also. may i request you to make the correct bill for the duration we have used and expect us to come back to u next time. i admit that i have not noted as to whom i had informed to disconnect the Broad Band. May i request you to kindly look into the matter, though this amount is negligible but because it bis not fair it needs to be corrected. early decision will help me in clearing the bill.Thanking you in anticipation. Regards. Col Bhandary (Retd)
Apr 4, 2014

Remove safe Custody

Please Deactivate The safe Custody to this Number 9740076449.
Apr 4, 2014

To Deactivate Safe Custody

please deactivate the safe custody of our airtel number, details as bellow:
Apr 2, 2014

i have not paid for late fees & other charges

Dear Sir /Medam
last 3 month ( Dec 2013 ,Jan 2014 Feb 2014 ) duplicate bill received to 29 -3 -14
Dec 2013 bill no.333128198 late fee 100 one time charge(duplicate bill issue ) 50 = 150 ( January i paid 520 )
Jan 2014 bill no.306349152 late fee 100 internet charge 89 = 189
Feb 2014 bill no.279011400 late fee 100 internet charge 76 = 176
Total 515 Rs
i have not received the original bill. So i stop the payment. After 3 month duplicate bill send to my add .. i check the bill.Why i m paid for late charges.Your company fail to send my Air tel bill in other address (Mr.sastri) who is this ?????? so payment collection to this person why r u call to me... i have don't paid for 515 Rs plse dabit to my account and after how many rupee balance i paid immidately plse send SMS to my 9987776600 mobile
Apr 1, 2014


Dear Sir,
I am Dilip Jain From RRDL & Associates, Chartered accountants.
We have corporate plan for our office employees. we have one outstanding bill of RS. 2629 against mobile No-8452000736. then your customer executive Zoya/Rajeshri/Manager (Mob No-9987813075/+912266115906) had called us for payment of outstanding bill.

further we told her that our sim card for the Mob No-8452000736 is lost and we need the duplicate new sim for same No. then she said that make payment for Rs. 2800 for Outstanding bill RS. 2629 + new sim card.
We have make payment of Rs. 2800 by cheque and cheque was cleared on 14/03/2014. as we supposed to receive the sim card within 48 hrs. after clearing of cheque.

But still we have not receive the sim card as well as the executive are also not assisting properly and using the rude language and disconnect the calls.After continuous follow up for 15 day now executive as well as manager said that collect sim from airtel gallery. At time of payment they have said that we will deliver your sim at your office address. Now they are not assisting.

We have made excess payment so revert the payment or deliver the sim card to our office address as per your executive said.

Please do the needful.Please revert back on rrdlandassociates@gmail.com.
Mar 31, 2014

Excess Bill Amount

I have your companies mobile connection. My airtel connection number is 9621116276 and customer relationship number is 359338401. Credit Limit of this connection is Rs. 1300/- mobiles bill number 359338401 for the month of March 2014 has come for Rs. 8680/ Since credit limit is 1300 the bill amount is -unexpected high. I have not use it for so much bill. It should be disconnected on exceeding its credit limit at your end. Since I have not used this connection for so high amount and your company has not disconnected at its credit limit. You are requested to wave of excess amount of this bill and send revised bill of
minimum amount for the month of March 2014.
Thanbking You.

(Binod Kumar Rawat)
Type-3rd/18, Jangadana Colony, Jankipuram, Lucknow.
Mar 31, 2014

geting wrong calls

i am getting call from different numbers to my airtel landline asking me wether it is airtel courier service,please do the needful ,my number is 04954013226
Mar 30, 2014

Deactivate connection

dear sir/madam

I, Reeta Sharma would like to deactivate my airtel broadband with immediate effect. kindly process it as soon as possible

airtel no: 01142470486

relationship number : 7006023125

my contact no: 9818144325
Mar 29, 2014


dear sir/madam
I,Dhanalakshmi would like to deactivate my airtel datacard.... kindly process it as soon as possible

airtel broadband no: 9840095536

my contact no: 9841037633
Mar 28, 2014

Broadband - related to due amount

A/c No: 7005583305 Phone : 08042100962

Till july-aug 13 monthly charge was RS. 1050 and suddenly it was increased to RS. 1125 from sep-oct 13 without my knowledge or taking my consent. As I was not aware of this change in amout I have been paying the 1180(1050+tax) and now i am charged with the diffrence amount (75 * 6) = 450 (approx).

I was not aware of that change and never been informed to me via sms or mail by Airtel.

Earlier when montly charge was incresed from xxx amont to 1050, this increase in montly charge was communicated to me and I gave my confirmation also. I have the mail in my registred email inbox. But the latest monthly charge increase was never communicated to me.

I request you to revert the due amount from my account asap.

Mar 27, 2014

telephone and internet are not working properly

telephone and internet are not working properly

Sushil Sharma

0522 - 4079134 (connection no.)

Mar 27, 2014



I had requested for a new Airtel Broadband connection for which an Airtel employee came to my house, took the documents and deposit amount of Rs. 500 and promised to call me the same day to give a time frame within which they can give the connection.

I did not receive any call for 15 days, after calling them 3-4 times they informed me that they won't be able to give the connection and promised to return the deposit money in 5 days.

Its been almost 45 days now and I must have made some 10 calls to that agent. Everytime he says he will look into it and get back, sometimes he says he will send the money within 24 hours(and once told he will come within one hour and return the money). But has taken no action whatsoever.

I even threatened him to raise a complaint in consumer forums and in airtel but he(Sharan) is so thick skinned that it has been of no use. It really surprises me how such an irresponsible person can be employed to handle customers. I never had such an experience with any company. And its not just me, three of my colleagues had exactly same problem who eventually gave up and lost their money.

It is not the question of Rs. 500 but the way a company such as Airtel is treating their prospective customers.

I suspect that Airtel is employing scam artists to scam people by promising connection and not returning their deposit money.
Now they have stopped taking my calls.

Customer Enrollment form No. : TBLR 6803913

The Airtel Employees involved are:

Sharan - 9611191891
Roshan - 9611445426

My email address is : yaseerkhn@gmail.com
Phone : 9886060450

Hoping to hear from someone soon.

Mar 27, 2014

Regarding - please provide me our MEGA SAVER 149 CUG Tariff

Hai Sir,

This is Baiju, I am using your AIRTEL connections for the past 5 years, But for the First time I was really fed up with the service of AIRTEL. My Two Airtel Mobile Numbers are 9677347993 & 9629896877. These numbers was in prepaid connections still yesterday & Recently I had migrated these number from PrePaid to PostPaid Connection. According to the Commitment from your AIRTEL Retailer during the Migration from Prepaid to Postpaid connection My BASIC plan will be MEGA SAVER 149 CUG Tariff (600 Local mins Free to any Mobile,3000 Local & National SMS free per month & after free mins Tarrif will be Airtel to Airtel 10 paise & Airtel to Other 30 paise etc..).I had migrated my numbers for these Benefit only. But when My number got migrated and when I Contact your Customer Care Yesterday they said that My Basic plan is Alive Net CUG 299 Tariff. Really I was shocked to hear this,Right now I am also working as a Team Leader in FIRST SOURCE Pvt Ltd a BPO process for VODAFONE Outsource Postpaid Call center, But Me & my friends are feeling Comfortable with your AIRTEL service rather than any other Service Provider,For that reason itself Even though I am working in other service provider, I am maintaining your AIRTEL connection for more than 5 Years and my average recharge will be above 500Rs per month & If you see my usage details you will understand, All my friends are in MEGA SAVER 149 CUG Tariff and I don't want any other Tarrif on my Numbers, So I am requesting you to Kindly change the Plan for my both PostPaid Connections Numbers (9677347993 & 9629896877) to activate the MEGA SAVER 149 CUG Tariff immediately.

Few of the sample Numbers of my friends in FIRST SOURCE MEGA SAVER 149 CUG Tariff
9952333635 , 9944654483

I hope that you will take responsible Actions for this Issue & kindly change my plan to MEGA SAVER 149 CUG Tariff Immediately..


Ronald Baiju
Mar 26, 2014

wrong comment by company employee

Before I was a subscriber of Vodafone head . 6000 I'm in it for Local / STD calls and free internet was 6000 Message OY 999 / - in prize but his was just so cheap but there seem you roaming here and was Unlimited . Employees have called 10 times in one day that your bid if you name your Sim will become your wife then you Ham 999 / - in the Surrey facility and Unlimited by free will . So I made ​​my sim porting from Vodafone and Airtel made ​​in the name of his wife . Your Employee Mrs. Roma called and told us that your package has been Actived and anyone else in the e Sorry , but ... what to do now....................plz help
Mrs.Rooma ' s Mobile No : -7738885102.

Mar 26, 2014

Interest on airtel product

We, a cloud based company, Acertis Cloud at Bangalore is right now having a fixed telephonic connection from Airtel.
We also use Airtel Broadband service for cloud usage. We are in the plan to buy EPBAX / Centrx product from Airtel.
Two days back, I was told by Airtel Live Chatter, that within 1 or 2 days, one sales rep will contact me in this regard.
But so far, none of them contacted me.

Its very urgent for our company to get the details of plan, flexibility and so on regarding the same.
Seeking the response from your end, Please.

Our Contact number are - Office - 8041214743,
Mobile - 8553207559
anur rai
Mar 26, 2014

activation of postpaid no


please activate my postpaid mobile no 9891070822.I need the same no. This is my husband's {Inder Rai} no

Mar 25, 2014

Regarding please provide our previous Mega Saver199 CUG Tariff

Dear Sir,

We are using Mega Saver 199 CUG plan on last one year. But now the tariff has been changed on 20-mar-2014. We are not satisfied with this new tariff. We want that previous tariff as 800 min free, 100 sms per day, T to T 20 ps and T to other 30 ps plan. We have moved to airtel postpaid for the benefit of this plan only. We are benefited on this plan. We don't want any other Tariff or Plans on our numbers. We want that previous Mega Saver 199 tariff for our numbers and we don't want to change this Mega Saver 199 plan at any cost. Kindly please provide previous Mega Saver 199 CUG tariff.

We are hope that you are going to take any step regarding this mail.

Our Mobile Numbers are.

9788022100 - Surendrababu.
9789488383 - Dhinesh Babu.
9524980952 - Naresh Kumar.
9003918383 - Gnanasampath.

My mail id is. surendrababu.suren@gmail.com
Mar 25, 2014


MY CONTACT NO IS -8009855594
Pema Norbu Khrime
Mar 25, 2014

Activation of Internet Service of Mobile No.8415938227

Dear Sir
My 3G internet service against the mobile No.-8415938227 (Airtel Post Paid) has been blocked for last 3 days. Whereas the due date of the payment is on 27th March'2014. The rental cost of Rs.322.00 of this mobile is been paid today on 25th March'2014 with a less amount of Rs.9.06 which may be included in my next bill.
Therefore, it is my sincere request to get it activated today itself please.

Yours Ever

PN Khrime
Arunachal Pradesh
Mar 24, 2014

postpaid to prepaid

dear sirmam

my airtel no is 9818832355.i want to convert postpaid to prepaid same no.
so please stopped my postpaid plan..

mohit gupta
pavan verma
Mar 24, 2014

dissconect my conections

mai apna conections close karwana chahta hu please mera broadband conections band kar deve mera mo no. 9753484745

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