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Consumer complaints and reviews about 121---in.airtel.com

Oct 28, 2015

postpaid e bill

My mobile phone no. 9940127895 and my acc no.1170198684.I AM SURPISED TO GET an Ebill for Rs.1435.92 to day.The due date
is shown as 15-10-2015.To day is 28-10-2015.I can not understand this.How is it possible to pay the bill when I get the information after
the due date?I have not been provided the details of the bill categorywise ie how much is the rent?My useage details like phone charges,data etc.I tried to contact your help line 198 the information given byIVR(recorded)is no use to me.
I request you to send a detailed bill immediately to my Email id:tvvenugopal@ymail.com.with a sms.
Phone No,9940127895.
Email Id:tvvenugopal@ymail,com
ankush salve
Oct 27, 2015

discounting bill

Respected Sir,

My self ankush and my airtel no. 9960293050, we harmbly request you that please reduce the amount of airtel bill as we have not use net, so we are not able to pay that amount and also we have lost our mobile with the same airtel card so please see to our request, my wife alternet no.9503546324/8380894135 and i make so many call to 121 and billing department but no response, customer care executives are just registering the complaints but they dong nothing to solve the matter i would like discounting bill so i kindly requested to check bill and make a discount....
aruna shedge
Oct 27, 2015

Bill problem

Respected Sir,

My self Santosh and my airtel no. 9511900296, we harmbly request you that please reduce the amount of airtel bill as we have not use net, so we are not able to pay that amount and also we have lost our mobile with the same airtel card so please see to our request, my wife alternet no. 8007209382 / 9766657184 and i make so many call to 121 and billing department but no response, customer care executives are just registering the complaints but they dong nothing to solve the matter i would like discounting bill so i kindly requested to check bill and make a discount....
loganathan m
Oct 26, 2015

very slow speed

Oct 25, 2015

Made Payment but didn't got successful

Please note my reference number is 1025111929 and my Transaction Id is 104652131305702 , but i didn't received still email confirmation about the payment which i have done.

Also today is the last day for payment.

Kindly let me know whether the payment is being successful or not.

Your kind support is very much appreciated.
Oct 23, 2015


I am one among the oldest customers of airtel broad band. I used to view you tube Mahabarath, Carnatic musician's concert & airtel super singer few important events continueously. But speed or consumption has never been a problem and most satisfied, uninterrupted service without even buffering.

To our surprise, for the past 3 - 4 months, the 3rd or 4th day of our billing cycle period, I get SMS that 80% of my consumption is over and the speed reduces drastically even for doing on line bank transaction.

I do not understand, as to whether any hawkers play or airtel organisation made any changes without any knowledge.

Please revert on this without fail. Or else I would wish to withdraw net and go for an alternative arrangement with some other organisation.

I strongly suspect there is something wrong. It is not possible to happen all on a sudden.

Thanks & Regards
J. Natrajan
Oct 21, 2015

FRAUD / Cheating case

I got a faulty connection installed for the fixed line Broadband services. The Site Engineer told me there is no feasibility in my area, airtel installation workers connected the connection in a faulty line which is not in operation for long time. The salesman named Ashok ph no. 8826222660 was not supposed to sale it.
Oct 19, 2015

netsetting msg

Hi sir. This is shailaja from warangal. my number is 9000124719. I didnot getting net in my mobile even have net balance. So please send net setting message to my number 9000124719.
Oct 19, 2015

connectivity of Internet & Mobile

COMPLAINT :- NO Connectivity of Internet and Connection

I hv connection No 9928497900 but since its activation the range is not coming properly and i hv internet connection but the speed and the internet speed very slow in case of 3 G also .

Some time no connectivity of internet of 3 G droop case are also .

Name: Rajeev Mishra
Mobile No 9928497900
Address: Flat No 324,
Unique Sanghi Apartment
Mahaveer Nagar
Jaiopur 302018
saurav jat
Oct 18, 2015

plan se double bill

Address: saurabh kumar ,barrack no.2,Ashoka police line , chankyapuri ,new delhi -110021
Itna high plan lene ke bad bhi plan se double bill aa raha , data use itna jyada bta rahe h itna to maine kabhi use he nahi kiya , complain ka koi solutin nahi ho raha customer care wale call cut kr dete h, kbhi khte h server kam nhi kr rha h, iska jaldi se jaldi koi solution kra jaye or aage se dhyan rkha jaye ki kbhi aesi glti na ho qki aesi glti shi nhi h
Arun Bandyopadhyay
Oct 18, 2015

Higher call charge.

My name is Arun Bandyopadhyay, 1/157/1 Gariah Hat Road, JODHPUR PARK, Kolkata 700 068. My Mobile no. is 9163956704.
I have taken this connection from your represntative Sri BIMAL mobile no. 9831225236 infront of (as per his suggestion also) Sri Samir Halder Mobile no. 9051243180 owner of HALDER ENTERPRISE, 530 A, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata 700 068.
I was told that schem is for 35 paise per minute call charge & valid for 6 monthes.
Initialy my call charges are reasonable & I was not bothered about.
Few days back I have loaded Rs. 165/- from Sri Samir & next day when I have noticed that call charge for 14.34 sec was about Rs. 18/- even more. I rushed to Sri Sami's shop & informed him. He told what I can do. You go & see customer care & assured me next day he will contact Sri Bimal AIRTAIL representative. Next day I have contacted your Coustomer care JODHPUR PARK & I was told that my plan is for 2 paise per minute & they can do nothing.
When I personally contected Sri Bimal mobile no. 9831225236, he told "what I can do". I have done what ever I have told you while providing our i.e. AIRTAIL connection.
Again (day before yesterday) I informed your customer care without any result.
Now my last observation i.e. to day when I talked to my wife at about 4.32 pm, JUST FOR 13 SECONDS MY CALL CHARGE IS Rs 0.80/- which is much higher than 2 paise per minute.
Will you please look in to my complain judicially & how economically I can use your connection.
Your early action will be solicited.
Oct 17, 2015

plan change

Please sir /mdm deactivate rs199 plan
seema chhabaria
Oct 16, 2015

activation of sentrex

Please activate the sentrex service of my landline no 07672408252 sentrex no 6604 in kirana group other sentrex no are 2512. 9982 .5645.
Oct 16, 2015


Dear sir,

I have been browsing one website (Thearise.org). Of late when I browse the web site, the message is as follows.

(This domain Thearise.org is expired. To get it renewed pl contact your service provider)

I request you to help me and restore the above named website.

Thanking you,

Seshagiri chennai 9445314182
Oct 14, 2015

4G not connected reg

Our 4G Data Card No :8220437859 purchased with modem from your Puducherry office on 14-09-2015. Till we have not get connected to 4G service , its only 2G connecting , we had contacted your local office for this complaints several times but all are in vain.
This is like to cheat us giving 2G card and getting 4G Payments.If your not servicing 4G in Puducherry,why you are selling 4G card?.
We need your explanation in this regard, because other people should not be affected with your fake promise advertisements.
R K Chawla
Oct 11, 2015

Internet not working

A/C No : 7005803114 - R K CHAWLA - BROADBAND - ushachawla@rocketmail.com - Cell No : 93428-61720




This complaint has occured since 3 days. Kindly give me the complaint number.

I request you to rectify at the earliest and communicate on the above e-mail ID.

R K Chawla
paras mv itarsi
Oct 7, 2015

brodband not working in september

R, Sir
mera airtel connection no 07572-405284 SANJAY SINGH ke nam se hai jo ki brodband september month me band rha bar bar complent karne
ke bad v complent thik ni hui jiski vajah sse me net use ni kr paya isliye me us month ka bil pay ni kr skta
shashi mohan
Oct 7, 2015

Closing the connection

Dear Sir

I have requested this many time to customer care that I want to deactivate my air tel post paid number "9871134439" but after my several request this number is not close. and I am getting un-necessary minimum bill.

So I request you to close this number with immediate effects.

Shashi Mohan
devadatta sharma
Oct 6, 2015

3G is not browsing

Respected sir/mam
My number is 9845921302. I have joined in "airtel my family plan of rs799". And i added my another number to this plan and the number is 9980801678. My complaint is that the internet is not browsing in this number. I have already suffered from this problem and i gave complaint at your airtel office at kottara,mangalore. They solved our problem for one time ,but again we are suffering from that same problem. What should we do to solve this problem completely? I kindly request to find a permanent solution for this.
Oct 5, 2015



vivek 1780
Oct 5, 2015


Oct 4, 2015


Dear Sir/Madam,
My Broad band 4G No.9686553457 Please Deactivate with immediate effect, I have paid up to date bill amount, I don't want any further bill to be raised.
khatravath rajender
Oct 3, 2015

deduction of main balance when mobile data is not in use

I don't use mobile data at all ,but still there is deduction of main balance from my account 9849929836.So please i request that this should not repeat again
Oct 3, 2015

Immediate deactivation of 4G LTE connection.......Aitel harassment story!!!!!

I feel extremely disgusted to express that unfortunately I made a decision to take Airtel 4G LTE (named as outdoor cp connection as per the sales executives) and ultimately got the device installed in my home on 21st of September, 2015. The connection is in my mother's name Mrs. Pratima Sikdar bearing a number 8585844184. Name of the plan was "double dongle 650" for which for a rental of Rs. 650/- we would get 6GB instead of 3GB for six continuous months. However after booking for a requirement of postpaid 4G connection; on 19th of September, 2015 a guy came at my home and took the required documents and a Rs. 500/- in cash as a token money to hand over a sim card bearing the above-mentioned number. On 21st of September two guys from the "technical team" came and installed the device but said the sim needs some time to work properly as the "address verification system" has not done properly by them (though they came in the same verified address by the previous sales executive who also took the documents for the same address to "verify" that we actually stay in a proper residence). We waited for a couple of days but still the connection was not activated, neither did we get a call from Airtel regarding the same. Since 23rd of September, 2015 we kept on calling the customer care people to let them know about the issue but all we heard was our complaint was received and it will be "escalated" to the superior/ concerned team". We also received numerous reference numbers for every call we made. We then contacted the guy who installed the device and he said the sim needs to be replaced by a new one as there was some "problem". We visited the Airtel store nearby my house but they said either we need to buy one or we should contact the concerned sales person who actually delivered the sim. Not to mention upon repeated calls the sales guy kept on dodging the issue and told us to buy a new sim. He even went on to lengths to maneuver a stratagem that he met an accident and is seriously injured and needed treatment in the hospital!!!!!! ARGHHHH.......Ultimately we had to go the customer care center in the nearby area and upon repeated persisting, was finally able to get a new sim as replacement on 27th of September, 2015 (around 8pm). When the new sim was inserted, it then started working fine for that night and the next day , i. e. 28th of September. But from 29th of September till date the connection is DEAD. In between from 29th of September again we tried to inform about the issue to the customer care people and called them several times but the reply was same like before as if ALL OF THEM HAVE BEEN TRAINED IN THE JOB TO UTTER THE SAME WORDS TO EVERY CUSTOMER FOR EVERY KIND OF PROBLEM FOR ANY KIND OF SITUATIONS. We called customer care, sales guys, technical guys but all of them showed their backs by gently pushing the responsibility on someone else's shoulder. One more thing that surprised me even was I even said couples of time that I want to leave the connection, but instead of trying to know the reasons behind it I also got the reply that "I should hold the line for a minute before they can direct me to the procedure for the same"!!!!!!!! It's like they or Airtel doesn't even care for a second before losing a customer forever or they are satisfied with the initial amount for pushing a newly marketed device onto a customer. In the meantime two guys from customer care also told me an unbelievable story that MY DATA LIMIT HAS BEEN EXHAUSTED WHICH TECHNICALLY MEANS I APPARENTLY HAVE CONSUMED MY DATA LIMIT, i. e. 6GB WITHIN ONE SINGLE DAY i. e. ON 28TH OF SEPTEMBER. I am sorry to say I cannot recall of anything more ridiculous than this in the recent past. However, EVEN IF I BELIEVE THEIR COCK AND BULL STORY, BUT THEN ALSO THE CONNECTION SHOULD WORK AND THE EXTRA USAGE SHOULD GO ONTO MY NEXT BILL WHERE IT SHOULD BE ADDED WITH MY THEN USAGE BUT INSTEAD OF THAT THE CONNECTION AT NO POINT SHOULD GO ABSOLUTELY BLANK AND DEAD FOR ANY REASON. I am utterly disgusted and frustrated with the "so called service" and realized that we fell prey to a "booby trap" and thus DON'T WANT TO KEEP IT FOR A SINGLE DAY AND not to mention that I already lost some thousands of bucks for nothing and WILL NOT BE PAYING ANYMORE FOR ANYTHING, NOT EVEN A SINGLE BILL..

After all these nonsense and harassment this is a humble request that the connection ought to be withdrawn at the earliest without a delay before we are informed about generation of a new bill for a dead connection which we being customers are "obliged" to pay!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 2, 2015



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