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aadhar card


Consumer complaints and reviews about aadhar card

Anil Bhati
Aug 1, 2012

not received aadhar card

i applied of aadhar/uidai card on 19-07-2011 through karvy data management services banjarahills hyderabad branch enrollment no date and time are as under 2017/00015/05833 19/07/2011/15:15:57 but till date aadhar card not been received by us and when i enrollment on the site a remark is shown that no data is available

Pls do the need ful


Jul 31, 2012

adhar card not received

I and my family members had enrolled for adhar card on 22/12/2011 except my younger daughter,(Sankari A)none other not received till date.On verifying the status online it told me that the item booked on 19/5/2012.

Athimoolam N 1058/10100/01671 22/12/2011 11:46:57
Geetha A 1058/10100/01674 22/12/2011 11:58:02
Saradhapriya A 1058/10100/01673 22/12/2011 11:54:22
Sankari A 1058/10100/01672 22/12/2011 11:50:57 received

please make necessary action to send the adhar card, as early as possible.

contact no- 9444485362
Jul 31, 2012

Aadhaar card not yet received

My enrolment No. is 2017/00363/16401, dated 26/12/2011 at 09:37:03 (time). I am yet waiting to receive my aadhaar card.
Hope you would look into it and expedite the dispatch of my aadhaar card.


jayesh desai
Jul 30, 2012

non receipt of adhar card

dear sir,
my name is jayesh k desai & my mother name is madhuben k desai, our enr .no is 1081/63102/01415 & 1081/63102/01414 respectively , we are apply for aadhaar card on 24/08/2011 but yet not receive the card . i want to know the reason of non receiving
pls do needful & reply.
AMIT KUMAR sandless
Jul 29, 2012


Sir my wife namely Mosham, address RZ-M-49, Dharmapura, Najafgarh, New Delhi has received aadhaar card N0. 9970-0894-2698 and enrollment no. is 1180/50535/00506and after scrutiny of her aadhaar card it is found that her name spelling and D.O.B has changed, which was mentioned in aadhaar card name Mousom and D.O.B was mentioned 1981 which was wrong. As per her school living certificate spelling is Mosham and her D.O.B is 1980 which is correct.

In view of the above, it is requested that my wife name spelling Mosham and her D.O.B 1980 which is correct may be changed in aadhaar card, so that we could not face any problem in future.

We will great full thanks for your kind order.

Your sincerely

Name:- Amit Kumar
Address:- RZ-M-49, Dharampura,
Najafgarh, N.D-43
Suraj Mf
Jul 28, 2012


I have enroll in the Adhar card on 24 November 2010 till now I have not received the card. Please do the needful. My Enrolment details below:
Name: S Raghu
Enr No.1177/00002/52584 24/11/2010 08.57.34
kulwant kumar
Jul 28, 2012

Addhar Card Not Received

Dear Sir/ Mam

I have enroll in the Adhar UID card on 07 January 2012 till now I have not received the card. Please do the needful. My Enrolment details below.......

Kulwant Kumar

Enrolment No:- 1090/11048/06275

Date:- 07/01/2012

Time:- 11:42:32
Kindly take immediate action for issue of aadhar card.
kulwant kumar
Jul 27, 2012

Addhar Card Not Received

I have enroll in the Adhar UID card on 07/01/2012 till now i have not received the card. please do the needful. my enrollment detail bellow:-
Name :- Kulwant Kumar
Enrollment No :- 1090/11048/06275
Date :- 07/01/2012
Time :- 11:42:32

E-mail :- kumar.kulwant@ymail.com

kindly take immediate action for issue of aadhar card.
Jul 27, 2012

aadhaar card not recived from speed post

1190/10685/00062 DT:25/03/2011 TIME:16:50:03 SPEED POST TRACK NO:EY 082875414 IN
1190/10685/00064 DT:25/03/2011 TIME:17:05:40 NO:EY 083755713 IN
1190/10685/00065 DT:25/03/2011 TIME:17:14:00 NO:EY 059859298 IN

Pleas enqury delivery states and issue the card delivery immediately,
Thanking you Sir
yours faith fully;

FLOT NO:374/C, BLOCK - 15, PHASE - 1,
HYDERABAD - 500 050. ANDHRA PRADESH. MOB;9949127123 REMINDER -4 27.07.12
Rahul T
Jul 26, 2012

Aadhar Card Not Received As yet

The following Card Registered in Jan 2012 not received as yet.

1081/63162/16940 02/01/2012 09:51:44

Kindly take action & do the needfull for issue of aadhar card

Yur toll free no.is not working
Jul 25, 2012

still not get aadhar card

dear sir/madam,

my name is Vasant more live in navi mumbai. me and my family memebers were enrolled for the aadhar card at 25/07/2011 now the year is passed away but still we not got our aadhar card.

1) Vasant Ramchandra More
Enrolment No. : 1218/16523/05717
Date : 25/07/2011
Time : 16:48:56
registrar : Govt of Maharashtra

2) Nisha Vasant More
Enrolment No. : 1218/16524/80586
Date : 25/07/2011
Time : 16:51:47
registrar :Govt of Maharashtra

3)Ajinkya Vasant More
Enrolment No. : 1218/16522/06073
Date : 25/07/2011
Time : 16:58:30
registrar : Govt of Maharashtra

4)Vivek Vasant More
Enrolment No. : 1218/16522/06072
Date : 25/07/2011
Time : 16:49:58
registrar : Govt of Maharashtra

Pls let us know when are going to get the card
Jul 25, 2012

Mistake in the name and date of birth

AADHAAR Number - 4355 6527 4904

Hello Sir ,
I received my aadhaar card very late and with mistakes in it .
My name is JOSE . S but the aadhaar card shows Jose . V which is wrong
And my date of birth is 25 / 05 / 1974 but the card shows 20 / 05 / 1974

Please do the necessary correction or advice

Jose . S
Kochukarottu padinjattathi,
Karali Junction P.O,
Kerala 690521

Date of Birth 25/05/1974
Enrolment No. 2003/12056/00256
AADHAAR card No. 4355 6527 4904
Enrolment Agency Akshaya
Date of enrolment 11/11/2011
bhaveshkumar Sodagar
Jul 25, 2012

Adharcard not received

My Name is Bhaveshkumar Navneetlal Sodagar. i was submited my documents near abt 1 year still i not receive my card....
Enrollment No are:
1)Bhaveshkumar- 1218/18159/03283-Date 15/07/2011 Time-10:19:29,
2)Kajal- 1218/18170/01785-14/07/2011-15:45:04 &
3)Navneetlal - 1218/18159/03261-14/07/2011-15:47:48 etc..

plz give me urgent....
S A Sudarshan
Jul 24, 2012

non-receipt of aadhar card

Enrolment No. 1096/01226/00063
Date: 09/10/2011 time: 17:08:55
Enrolment station location: 560001
Name and Address: S A Sudarshan
S/o Late S. Appaiah
# 243, 6th Main. 4th Cross,
BDA 12th Block, Nagarabhavi 2nd stage,
Mobile No. 9448259300
Email: sudarshan@isec.ac.in
Date of Birth: 27.09.1955
Jul 24, 2012

Non Receipt Aadhar card

I have enrolled for Aadhar Card on 22.5.2011 at 9:48:20 vide enrolment No. 1104/20035/10022 but till today I have not received the Aadhar Card.

Details : R. Natarajan
Enrolment No. 1104/20035/10022 at 9.48.20 on 22.05.2011

On checking with Aadhar Helpline, I was told that my Card has been despatched on the 19th June, 2012 but till today ( i.e. 24th July, 2012) have not received in hand. Further I checked with the concerned post office, they are also not giving the correct information .

Kindly let me what I should do. Is this can be called the Efficiency of Aadhar or inefficiency of Post office ? Finally, the net result is zero.

Please let me know whether I will receive the Aadhar of not.
Jul 23, 2012

online aadhaar card status

when i was checking in uid official website my aadhaar card status online in that no response are coming .........? plz solve the problem of uid official website ? plz do something............
Dhaneshwar Babu
Jul 23, 2012

Did not recive aadhar card

Respected Sir / Madam,
Myself Dhaneshwar Babu & My Family has enrolled for Aadhar card on 23-4-2011
Till date I have not received my Aadhar card. Please do the needful so that I can get the same.
below are the detais of me & my family members
Name Enrollment no Date/time
1. Dhaneshwar Babu 1093/20193/01388 23/04/2011 , 14:52:30
2. Rani Sugandhi 1093/20193/01389 23/04/2011 , 15:00:19
3. Aditi Sugandhi 1093/20193/01390 23/04/2011 , 15:03:42
4. Richa Sugandhi 1093/20193/01391 23/04/2011 , 15:07:56
5. Yaksh Sugandhi 1093/20193/01392 23/04/2011 , 15:11:16

Please look into the matter and send my aadhar card as quickly as possible. so please let me know when we will get the Adhard card.

Sender Address
Dhaneshwar Babu
Shahi Ali Banda
Cont No : 09885685694
Email : Addykool73@yahoo.com
Jul 23, 2012

not yet received Uid / Adhaar Card

I & my wife was applied for Uid/Adhaar card in the month of December 3rd' 2011, my wife enrollment no,date and time are 1116/18014/02897 - 03/12/2011 - 21:07:43 & myself enrollment no, date & time are 1116/18028/0134- 03/12/2011 - 10:21:15
. My neighbors who was applied along with us received 5 months back itself. Kindly remind the concerned authorities to issue the adhaar card at the earliest in the below address.

Thanking you

yours sincerely

Sapan Biswas,
C/o Mahesh bhai Madavlal Patel,
New Krushna Paru,
Behind Sindhi Society,
Unjha Market,
Town- Unjha, Mehsana.
Pin :- 384170.

Jul 22, 2012

aadhar card not received

Dear Sir / Madam

I have enroll in the Adhar UID card on 10 june 2011 till now I have not received the card. Please do the needful. My Enrolment details below

Name : Chavan Shrinivas
Enrolment No. : 1218/17868/02826
Date : 10.06.2011
Time : 13:01:49
e-mail : shriuc@gmail.com
kindly take immediate action for issue of aadhar cards.
Jul 22, 2012

non receipt of aadhar card

I am neeta parshuram shere. I have enrolled on 15.10.11 vide enrollment no. 1218/17705/81106. Till date the same is not received. My e-mail address is npshere@indianoil.in or npshere@rediffmail.com. Please look into and send the same please.
Jul 22, 2012

non receipt of aadhar card

I am Miss Neeta Parshuram Shere. I have enrolled on 15.10.2011 vide enrolment no.1218/17705/811106. I have not received my Aadhar Card till date. My e-mail address is npshere@indianoil.in or npshere@rediffmail.com.
bikash mondal
Jul 21, 2012

aadhar card no received.

Dear Sir / Madam

I have enroll in the Adhar UID card on 21 August 2011 till now I have not received the card. Please do the needful action. My Enrolment details below
Enrolment no. 2017/00338/01507 , date 21.08.2011 15:09:11
Name:Bikash Mondal,
mob no.09424738262,e mail:bikashmondal@rediffmail.com
My recent address is:
Bikash Mondal,(Quality Control dept.)
C/O-Prism Cement Ltd.
Rajdeep Rewa Road, P.O.-Satna-485001.
Rushi mar16
Jul 21, 2012

my aadhra card not received please

My aadhra card not received

Details 11111529701580 - 27/06/2011 10:40:01

Please look at it
Jul 21, 2012

Aadhar card not received


My son Rohan Rakesh Singh enrolled for aadhar card in the month of june 2011, but till date not received.

Details of Enrolment as below .

Enrolment No-1007/60170/02661

Date -28/06/2011

Time -16:17:16

Best Regard & Thanks

Rakesh J.Singh

Email- rok_singh@yahoo.in

Mobile no-8108681122/9821686073
Jul 20, 2012

aadhar card not received

Dear Sir,
we cannot recived aadhar card we getting Enrol ment no:25.6.2011 up today 20.07.2012 we can not recived speed post
dockment please give me delivery immediately.

1190/10685/00062 DT:25/03/2011 TIME:16:50:03 SPEED POST TRACK NO:EY 082875414 IN
1190/10685/00064 DT:25/03/2011 TIME:17:05:40 NO:EY 083755713 IN
1190/10685/00065 DT:25/03/2011 TIME:17:14:00 NO:EY 059859298 IN

please send status and how get - details to my email id bholashankarudu@yahoo.com


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