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Consumer complaints and reviews about AIRTEL BROADBAND SERVICE

Dec 3, 2016

Broadband is not Working

Broadband number 080-41714294
My broadband is not working from past 4-5 days and raised a complaint 75949450 on 30-Novemember.

I am calling call center everyday and I getting the same reply that It would be resolved by today but nothing has happened.

Can you please look into this case and get it resolved.

Dec 3, 2016

Broadband is not Working

Broadband number 080-41714294.
My broadband is not working from past 4-5 days and raised a complaint 75949450 on 30-Novemember.

I am calling call center everyday and I getting the same reply that It would be resolved by today but nothing has happened.

Can you please look into this case and get it resolved.

Dec 3, 2016

Incorrect bill and delayed resolution


I activated safe custody in April 16..Safe custody is normally activated after clearing all outstanding bill only.. But I got some amount every month and they said it is outstanding amount.. Then after negotiation on 11 June I paid Rs,,1100+ for which they said it is the final amount and it is valid till safe custody for 8July16 and need not pay anything after that. They asked me to pay offline as there was some system error. And in the billing receipt also they mentioned this as final settlement. But after paying this the outstanding amount did not get cleared to zero and I called 121 and wrote complaint also.. They said it will be resolved in 48 hours but it never got resolved... They said it will be corrected in next billing cycle and that also did not happen..Then again for the period from July we activated safe custody again for three months for which the charge is Rs.500.. They said in the next billing cycle the amount will show as Rs.500 but it never happened..It was showing 1800 and getting calls everyday.. I contacted a couple of airtel service centers they all agreed there is something wrong with bill but never corrected the bill in system..

And the worst is they activated the connection without confirming with customer..And there is no answer why they activated..And this is not informed to us also..We will be charged for this also which is not acceptable..

It has been four months since July and the problem is yet to be resolved..For all mails, calls the standard reply seems to be like 'it will be resolved in 48 hours'..Earlier we experienced quick resolution but for some reason there is delay and the billing issues are existing and request the team to quickly fix this and correct the bill amount and connect with customers before changing the service mode so that the bill will not be a surprise to them,.

Many complaints were raised but unable to track the status when we enter the complaint numbers ..Request the customer care team and the core team to help in this and sort out the issues ASAP..
Dec 2, 2016

Shift broadband connection not support

Dear Sir,

I have complain for shift our broadband connection at 25 Nov , 2016
my SR NO. 75760622.
now do not support from your company, my office rend per day 500 spent already.i have dozen and many time connected from costumer care , but not there is support . Not proper answer any person.
please solve this problem in 24 hour urgently.
Nov 30, 2016

New Broadband connection - Airtel not given until a month after 3 months advance rental has been paid

I applied for Airtel broadband connection at 8th main road, Marathahalli, Bangalore. I was insisted of an offer by Airtel Store employee that Rs.1050 plan will provide me with 150GB data at 16Mbps speed and unlimited landline calls. I was also insisted that if I pay 3 months advance rental, there will not be any installation charges. So, I paid 3 months rental in advance with tax. It's been almost a month since I requested for the connection and so far no indication on connection at all. The response from the Airtel office is so poor that the status is not told to me unless I follow up daily. It is really poor that after debiting the money, I am told some technical issues every now and then.
It is actually taking more time to provide a new connection than what has been given on TRAI regulations. It poorest service from such a big network provider
sbhamar nath
Nov 13, 2016

no net work on bradband

broad band no 43502559 no network is available.
kindly rectify at the earliest

amar nath
mob no 9718740104
Oct 29, 2016

Broadband Refund Rs 1000

Dear sir,

I had requested for Airtel Broadband connection at my home. Afterwards your one officer/worker came to my home Name Mr Rohit Yaduvanshi (8120018743) he has told me to pay Rs 1000/- for applying for connection. All the related formalities were also done, and i have paid Rs 1000/- on 22.10.2016 with transaction reference number 1022483815 from my Debit Card of My Mother, Mrs Raziya Sultana Khan, I was told that the connection will be made at my home by today.

But after giving a call to the officer (Rohit Yaduvanshi), he clearly denied that broadband services can’t be provided at my home and told to speak Mr Rahul Bhatnagar (Mob no 9893125736).

To my distress, Mr Rahul, had told me that airtel has not received such amount and he also denied for the same. One week has passed and both the Airtel officials are making false promises till date. Today, when i had spoken to Mr Rahul Bhatnagar, he had insisted to make payment of Rs 1000/- again by Cheque, if i want any connection at my home.

This is total unprofessional behaviour after the whole week has passed without inching a moment,

This show how a big player like Airtel is lethargic in providing services. The tall claim by Airtel falls flat.

I want to convey my sincere urge to senior officials that this type of behaviour will haunt market reputations of the company.

I request you to refund my payment as i do not require any service from such company. I also request you to expedite the matter and if my amount is not refunded within suitable time i will have no option to go to customer court for above grievance.

Juned Qureshi
Flat no 301, BlockA, Rohit Nagar,
Bawadia Kalan,
Venkatesh Babu
Oct 20, 2016

broadband not working from 17/10/2016 our no 4011649

I spoked and lodged a complaint regarding broadband not working since from 17/10/16 as our no is 08164011649 and today is the last date for submission of vat payment your people are not responding as i am a reputed user i want to be rectified immediately now only if not penalty will be leavied
Oct 13, 2016

airtel broadband connection

hi my name is sachin
dear airtel ur areaservice encharge name UMESH anSOPAN brhavior is not good language ruff
so my connection is not work monthly 4-5 days i am calling regularly airtel company an airtel company not respons
my broadband no 020-41225373 an other no 020--41235373
Oct 5, 2016


Dear Sir/Madam

My Air tel broadband is not working since last 2&3 days. WiFi modem lights are
not blinking at Since the Internet is not working do you think its fair & I
complaint several times on customer support as well as local office shed I be
charged monthly bill as it¿s a fault and disgrace for Air tel not providing
service.Will you please take some action. the local office nothing much solved
or no answer was replied.Earlier Air tel did provide good services. People have
bad reviews now. i have complained several times in washermenpet branch but
nothing has been done air tel really sucks¿.never take an air tel connection.
my deatile

no.13/14 Thandavarayan Street Tondaiyarpet
TN 600081
user id 04484172450-tn
telephone number-04442850193
Relationship no: 7023578927
Thank you,
Mrs Priya
Sep 29, 2016

Tall claim by Airtel falls flat

Hi Appellate Officer,

I had requested for Airtel Broadband connection at my home. After checking with the customer care regarding plans and coverage area, I was told that the connection will be made at my home by today.
But after giving a call to the survey officer today (Rajat Thakur), he clearly denied that broadband services can’t be provided at my area due to some issue.

To my distress, I had made the request for broadband connection last year and I got the similar answer. The whole calendar year has passed without inching a moment, Airtel has not be able to provide connection. This show how a big player like Airtel is lethargic in providing services or extending their Arms in different area of Gurgaon. The tall claim by Airtel falls flat.

I am sure there must be more customer who want to take the broadband services from my locality. If some quick action is taken, this might surge profit to the organization.

H.No 65 Sector 7 Extn.
Housing Board Colony,
Sep 19, 2016


We asked for new broadband connection two months ago via customer care still the complaint isn't accepted.When a call is made to customer care they are telling within a day new connection would be done via fitting man still no one came and they are not even collecting the document regarding this .We need two new connections and it's an emergency too.We are waiting for airtel till date hoping that it would provide very good network and customer service but they aren't considering our request....Help us to get new connection as soon as possible....Else we may shift to broadband connection likeBSNL ,ACT FIBEROPTICS like that.so service is very bad ph.9849676730 .act fiber very good
Sep 14, 2016

Broadband connection

Good Afternoon!! This is regarding connection failure of airtel broadband (04445518450).The above mentioned number is now working for 2 days,I tried calling you many times but it seems the line is always busy.Kindly register our complaint soon and revert back to us as soon as possible.You can call Mr.Sarveshwarn-9941613346 regarding further queries.Thank you!!
Sep 13, 2016

Installation and Network Issue

Booked AIRTEL Broadband 3 weeks back and requested for installation of Land line through customer care, Every time customer person called and give commitment and never honor their commitment, i am very much pissed off with AIRTEL Customer care, Secondly my Internet network Speed is 4Mbps and i am not getting the speed and raised complaint 5 to 6 times nobody responded for our complaint, within 3 week they make us to think of other network provider, atleast airtel should respond to this complaint.
Sep 9, 2016

Reactivation not done in 2 weeks

This is very unfortunate that a company like Airtel is showing such casual attitude towards customer grievances. The connection has not been restored since 2 weeks & on mail we are getting assurances & new dates whenever sent the mail on the customer care Id.

Wherein local engineers are saying that it may take more than a month also in some cases .... Since I have already paid the connection payment approx. Rs 1000 hence I am bound to listen them..... (:(

Mail Id: dineshpandey2006@yahoo.co.in
Sep 3, 2016

Customer Care Behavior very Poor

Dear All ,

I have new connection(0120-4356312) in Aug but I am talking to the broadband connection in customer card but the behaviour is not Good
In Future I am not prefer to any one in my society , Relatives, colleges and Freinds

Ravi 9999204663
Aug 30, 2016

Airtel Broadband Fraud

I paid 1150 as adv amount for connection but after 2 week waiting for connection. he gave me a receipt as a conformation. while i am calling him the person saying i am on the way to your home. i complained through mail regarding this but such a company like airtel he is giving response after 2 days. i also complained through customer care and gave that two person number who have cheated me.

Below i am giving that two person number
1. Naren (9701672205)
2. unknown name ( 9849001250) most dangerous person.

Beware of this two person near kukatpalli area.

**may be they change their numbers so don't paid before connection. Some genuine person ask money after connection.

Moreover due to AIRTEL's irresponsible all the things are going on.

Thanks a lot AIRTEL
M. Venkatesalu
Aug 30, 2016

Broadband and Phone call not working

My Phone No.is 044- 43805201 is not functioned. Last 3 days broad band connection and phone call is not functioned.
Aug 25, 2016


My modem with S/N 325711835783 ZTE MF190HSUPA.
normally when you insert the modem, the Airtel interface should come up, but here it does not. i will now see the pop up message that device is not successfully installed.
what do i do please?
Aug 17, 2016

Airtel Broadband - 10 Days and 27 phone calls !! Not working yet

I complained about broadband and landline not working on 8th August.
SR No. 71353241, SR No. 71595932
Made about 25 calls till date and spoken to at least 12 representatives:
1) Sanjay
2) Sushmita
3) Anurodh
4) Karan
5) Gautham
6) Chaitanya
7) Kishore
8) Aney
These are the names that I can remember

We are supposed to be ‘PLATINUM’ customers and have made 2-3 calls every day.

I was finally told that our SR is highest escalation 3 days back and I was to call 080 41115201. But when I call and enter SR, the call gets cut.

Then I am told that work is allocated to one Mr. Satish and his team (no one is ready to give me his contact)

Then I am told that work is allocated to Mr. Ashok and team ( no one is ready to give me his contact)

Today I spoke to Mr. Kishore and he too gave me the same commitment that he promises the work will be resolved in 24 hours and if not we will get a call back. Till date no one has ever called us from Airtel.

I fail to understand what more Should I do! This kind of service is like a torture.

Can someone please help or advise
Aug 17, 2016


Dear Sir/Madam

My Airtel broadband is not working since last 2 days.Wifi modem lights
not blinking at Since & signal also not coming. But land line phone working Will you please take some
action for my wife modem. & broadband connection

My Deatile
no.13/14 Thandavarayan Street Tondaiyarpet
TN 600081
user id 04484172450-tn
telephone number-04442850193
Relationship no: 7023578927
Thank you,
Mrs Priya
Mobile number (8939488124)

Thanks & Regards

Mrs.Priya Sugumar
anand durairaaj
Aug 12, 2016

asking for a connection but the response was too bad

hi..i have registered for a airtel broadband connection which the connection feasibilty has available in our locality..but everyday the service person gets called and asking for the details..but they have not sent any of the representative for the connection establishment..why your service is too bad ..please act responsible ..also they were asking for proof i've sent all the proof..daily the call has been coming from different airtel showroom..but no one is doing a favour!!
Aug 11, 2016

New Airtel BroadBand Connection Fraud

I have applied for a new Airtel Broadband Connection via www.Airtel.com with reference no ONTMBANGA28230050C and request id 99861124437472. The executive came within a day and collected the document. Now its 10 days and no response. If i call the same numbers then they either don't pick-up the call or cut the call. I tried to place a complaint via airtel website but was not able to do.
Now i am concerned whether the executive who collected the document is right person or not and if in case they mis-use my document. I am planning for taking a legal route as well to keep myself in safer side in case they misuse my documents.

Pooja Pasoria
Aug 11, 2016

Bad behaviour by technicians of airtel

Complaints not getting addressed even after 4 days also.
Ariel technicians coming and using abusive language in Kannada. Even after knowing Hindi and English, talking only in Kannada and behaving in ill mannered way.
Customer support team just sweet talking but not resolving the problem.
Even after repetitive reminder there is no response from the team.
4 times same problem happened but no resolving of issue.
Seriously tired of yelling calling. Have taken the most expensive plan with Airtel but the services pathetic from performance wise and customer service wise
vishwajeet mali
Aug 11, 2016

broadband landline not working

i vishwajeet mali i have taken 02 landline with internet connection (plan599) at 30th june,
but your engineer given only one internet connection and 02 fixed landline after 01 days problem showing in landline so i have continue inform to your engineer for start my line but not givrn any response si i have compliant at 11 jully to your customer care (ref no 69786406)
14 th july start 02 land lines your customer care rep also says that 13 days bill are vaiver from our side at 21 july my one landline no 02241204255 are disconnected form your side after 21 july i have running only one line after 01 st aufust second landline also disconnected 02241204256 i have continue inform your airtel customercare and engineer but not given any response and now your company send me landline bill rs 2767 so pl give me proper clarification because i have not se service for landline i have running only your one internet connetion from toward so pl give me reply

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