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Consumer complaints and reviews about AIRTEL BROADBAND SERVICE

Aug 17, 2016

Airtel Broadband - 10 Days and 27 phone calls !! Not working yet

I complained about broadband and landline not working on 8th August.
SR No. 71353241, SR No. 71595932
Made about 25 calls till date and spoken to at least 12 representatives:
1) Sanjay
2) Sushmita
3) Anurodh
4) Karan
5) Gautham
6) Chaitanya
7) Kishore
8) Aney
These are the names that I can remember

We are supposed to be ‘PLATINUM’ customers and have made 2-3 calls every day.

I was finally told that our SR is highest escalation 3 days back and I was to call 080 41115201. But when I call and enter SR, the call gets cut.

Then I am told that work is allocated to one Mr. Satish and his team (no one is ready to give me his contact)

Then I am told that work is allocated to Mr. Ashok and team ( no one is ready to give me his contact)

Today I spoke to Mr. Kishore and he too gave me the same commitment that he promises the work will be resolved in 24 hours and if not we will get a call back. Till date no one has ever called us from Airtel.

I fail to understand what more Should I do! This kind of service is like a torture.

Can someone please help or advise
Aug 17, 2016


Dear Sir/Madam

My Airtel broadband is not working since last 2 days.Wifi modem lights
not blinking at Since & signal also not coming. But land line phone working Will you please take some
action for my wife modem. & broadband connection

My Deatile
no.13/14 Thandavarayan Street Tondaiyarpet
TN 600081
user id 04484172450-tn
telephone number-04442850193
Relationship no: 7023578927
Thank you,
Mrs Priya
Mobile number (8939488124)

Thanks & Regards

Mrs.Priya Sugumar
anand durairaaj
Aug 12, 2016

asking for a connection but the response was too bad

hi..i have registered for a airtel broadband connection which the connection feasibilty has available in our locality..but everyday the service person gets called and asking for the details..but they have not sent any of the representative for the connection establishment..why your service is too bad ..please act responsible ..also they were asking for proof i've sent all the proof..daily the call has been coming from different airtel showroom..but no one is doing a favour!!
Aug 11, 2016

New Airtel BroadBand Connection Fraud

I have applied for a new Airtel Broadband Connection via www.Airtel.com with reference no ONTMBANGA28230050C and request id 99861124437472. The executive came within a day and collected the document. Now its 10 days and no response. If i call the same numbers then they either don't pick-up the call or cut the call. I tried to place a complaint via airtel website but was not able to do.
Now i am concerned whether the executive who collected the document is right person or not and if in case they mis-use my document. I am planning for taking a legal route as well to keep myself in safer side in case they misuse my documents.

Pooja Pasoria
Aug 11, 2016

Bad behaviour by technicians of airtel

Complaints not getting addressed even after 4 days also.
Ariel technicians coming and using abusive language in Kannada. Even after knowing Hindi and English, talking only in Kannada and behaving in ill mannered way.
Customer support team just sweet talking but not resolving the problem.
Even after repetitive reminder there is no response from the team.
4 times same problem happened but no resolving of issue.
Seriously tired of yelling calling. Have taken the most expensive plan with Airtel but the services pathetic from performance wise and customer service wise
vishwajeet mali
Aug 11, 2016

broadband landline not working

i vishwajeet mali i have taken 02 landline with internet connection (plan599) at 30th june,
but your engineer given only one internet connection and 02 fixed landline after 01 days problem showing in landline so i have continue inform to your engineer for start my line but not givrn any response si i have compliant at 11 jully to your customer care (ref no 69786406)
14 th july start 02 land lines your customer care rep also says that 13 days bill are vaiver from our side at 21 july my one landline no 02241204255 are disconnected form your side after 21 july i have running only one line after 01 st aufust second landline also disconnected 02241204256 i have continue inform your airtel customercare and engineer but not given any response and now your company send me landline bill rs 2767 so pl give me proper clarification because i have not se service for landline i have running only your one internet connetion from toward so pl give me reply
krishnaswamy Ranganath
Aug 10, 2016

bill for phone not used

I had a landline bearing No. (08152) 402894 in Kolar during 2014. Since the telephone was working properly I asked your local representative to repair the same. As he did not attend I asked them to disconnect the telephone as I was not interested in your service. Since the phone was not disconnected I made a complaint to one Mr Mitra of your company during June 2014. He gave his personal e mail ID and asked me to narrate my problem through the e mail. I sent two mails to him on his personal e mail ID during the month of June 2014. Though he promised to get my problem solved no remedy was given to me by which time my phone got disconnected owing to non payment of the bill(Though I had not used the phone for three months I was given the bill) Later there was no communication either from your side or from Mr Mitra. It was during the third week of June(probably 18th or 20th June) this year some tele executive called me up and asked me whether I was interested in a new connection and assured me that the wi fi instrument would be given free of cost to me. Based on his assurance I agreed to have the phone connection. A new connection under number (08152) 401102 was installed on the 25th June and the next day i.e. on 26th I received a call from your tele executive to pay a bill of Rs. 3400 plus. Since I had not a made single call nor I had used it for either for uploading or downloading the data how can I pay the amount. Despite my efforts to bring all these facts to higher ups, not even one tele caller is prepared to provide me either the telephone number or to connect to them. Meanwhile a woman tele called spoke very rudely with me and asked whether I have been told by the company to use the phone FREE OF COST.
Since the services of your company is far below my expectations, I am least interested in continuing the new connection. You can take back the instrument given to me and I am not prepared to pay the bill amount which is two years old and that too when I had made several complaints about faulty telephone(TRAI rules specify that if the telephone is faulty the customer should be given the benefit) I AM PREPARED TO MOVE THE CONSUMER FORUM if your company people still trouble me with phone calls.
Mexican Ox
Aug 8, 2016

New broadband connection in Airtel-DELAY

We asked for new broadband connection two months ago via customer care still the complaint isn't accepted.When a call is made to customer care they are telling within a day new connection would be done via fitting man still no one came and they are not even collecting the document regarding this .We need two new connections and it's an emergency too.We are waiting for airtel till date hoping that it would provide very good network and customer service but they aren't considering our request....Help us to get new connection as soon as possible....Else we may shift to broadband connection likeBSNL ,ACT FIBEROPTICS like that.
Contact No:9944819948
Mohan R
Aug 2, 2016

Airtel will loose its strength near future

Its a pathetic service by airtel agents by responding, delivering and connecting as promised, by all this effects it will impact to airtel brand and for sure it will be ruin itself, if it is doing continuously. you guys have to wake up and provide great customer service like ACT broadband.

Briefly - I was use fibernet connection and it was awesome connection, but i was thinking to take a landline, so when i was researching, i found airtel was giving free unlimited called to both local and STD, so i thought, it was good deal and requested for the connection, after a day or two, i received call by Mr. Prasad his number (8884435494), and you should see his effort and enthusiasm before collecting the installation amount and he promised that the connection will be given on monday, and the amount has been collected on friday. but it never happen. now they are saying some reasons, that we as a customer "dont care for that". and they ignore calls.

Really disappointed by airtel agents, end of the day it reflects to brand as an airtel.
I am 99% sure, the airtel people dont respond for this and ratify. if does happen 1% then call to 9986424242.
prathap kumar kondur
Jul 30, 2016

airtel broadband

Since one month both airtel landline and broadband connection is frequently disconnected and i have made dozens of phone calls and sent email complaints. Because of this problem I lost lakhs of rupees in my share trading but the idiots are not caring me. what should I do now
Jul 29, 2016

broadband not working from more than 3days

I made a complaint on 27 july regarding broadband. it is not working from 27july.

The airtel customer care said that it will be solved in 24 hours but in between airtel did not gave me any feedback or update.

After 24 hours when problem was not resolved i again contacted the airtel supervisor and some SANA said that it will be solved till 12 PM . So i again waited for next 6 hours but no action was taken.

Again i called the customer care and this time some DEV answered the call from the senior department and after 25 minutes of call waiting he said that there is some issue with the MAIN LINE and all, so it will take more two days. But that guy also said that it is not confirm that it will be solved in next two days . And even he had no idea that what step have been taken by the airtel to solve the problem.

This is the way of treating there old loyal customers. Airtel being a big company they are unable to rectify a line issue in 3 days and still they do not know the exact time to solve the issue.

Jul 25, 2016


sulagna ray
Jul 20, 2016

Rout out of order from the very next day of installation

My new broadband connection for the plan 615 was installed on 17th July 2016 and from 19th morning the router shows as server down.After several calling to the executive who installed the same in my place did'nt get any response and now he has stopped receiving my calls even.

Did'nt expect Airtel to provide with such a kind of horrible connection.Even my excel media is far more better than so called high speed Airtel broadband.

Plz request you all not to go for such a fraud brand.
Jul 19, 2016

Phone dead

Phone is dead and Broadband number 040-40184478
rakamma 4321
Jul 16, 2016

Airtel Broadband connection

I stay in A4 Harrington Court, 99 Harrington Road, Chetput, Chennai 600031.
I have a broadband connection from last 10yrs.
I increased the speed upto 4Mbps and 75GB. But I get only 1 or Mbps all the time.
On enquiring at Nungumbakkam office, they say it is because of your area being at the fag end of the Cable and so will get the worst signal strength, thus the slow speed.
Is this my problem or Airtel’s? But the Bill I pay is Rs. 1261.
Me being one of the oldest Customers of Airtel should get the best privilage, not the worsr isn't it?
Many in other areas get 16Mbps with 75GB for only Rs. 1061/-
Is it fair. A new cable for the area should be laid starting from our end then.
Mind you our Area is the most posh area in Chennai and the costliest area. Many Shopping and Restaurants are on this road.
Therefore kindly do something to increase our area speed to 16Mbps soonest.
Jul 15, 2016

Airtel Broadband new connection -Installation not done yet

Hi Team,

I have requested for a new broadband connection on 3 Jul 2016 to Airtel sales executive person, he came to our house and collected required documents. We also gave Rs.1000 as advance as requested by him. He promised that within a day he would give broadband connection but we did not get the broadband connection yet.

I am not all happy with with service and customer.Very poor response from airtel broad band connection.its very disappoint to me. this response making aitrel customers unbelievable situation.

I would strongly suggest dont for Airtel Broadbond new connection.

Ramamohan Reddy
Subhash .chander
Jul 8, 2016


We are very upset with Airtel earlier these services were ok but i think due to good running of air tel now their rates has increased they are not hearing customer voice .
They have start cheating the customer and not hearing customer care officer are not know how to deal with customer
I think this the end of airtel and it will going downward.
Jul 6, 2016

loss of internet connectivity

I have lost internet connectivity. The biggest problem is we are unable to contact any of the customer service executive. Please inform us what is the problem in the network and how much time will it take to resolve.
dev soni 1990
Jun 30, 2016

Airtel BroadBand is not working

I have called customre care many time but my internet is not working since 2 days and i also logged issue through my airtel account but there is no response by you guys. I am totally tired by your service.

Name:Devendra Soni
Landline Number:- 4018183 -jaipur

Let me know if you are going to fix this issue or not?
dev soni 1990
Jun 30, 2016

Airtel BroadBand is not working

I have called customre care many time but my internet is not working since 2 days and i also logged issue through my airtel account but there is no response by you guys. I am totally tired by your service.

Name:Devendra Soni
Landline Number:-

Let me know if you are going to fix this issue or not?
Jun 26, 2016

airtel broadband not installed after payment

sir, i have paided 1150 RS to your executive. but he did not replied my call.i did not get conncetion also. 20 days over,

i m not all happy with with service and customer.

deepak singh rajput55555
Jun 9, 2016

network problem

ADSL linking down most of the time.
Jun 7, 2016

low Speed

I have new broadband connection but his speed his very low ? but my plan his 699 and they tell me his speed his 2mb/s but his very very low just 50kb/s ......? plz check the problam

ac/no 7027946478
phone no 07614016702

Shailendra singh

mob no 8358888214
Jun 3, 2016

AIrtel Broadband Defective for 15 Days

AIrtel Broadband Defective for 15 Days

I made a complaint on 21 may 2016 that my landline and broadband both not
working .
Between the interval of 23 may and 24 may no engineer come to resolve a problem.
I again call up to a customer care executive and try to track my request .
But i know nothing is happening every time customer executive give me some
excuses of late service.
On 24 may 2016 a engineer comes from airtel team.
He resolve my problem.
That time i am happy and feeling relax that my broadband works it.
On next 2 day 27 may i again face a problem of no connectivity i again put mail
to a customer care and make complaint re open. After till date not resolve my
problem and he tell me that again wos problem was same of its previous time .
So i request that engineer to solve that problem permanent so could i does not
face problem against the same matter.
When he leaves my house my both landline and broadband works . After few hrs
again i am seeing that broadband is not working.
I again put complaint mail and i tells all that matter happen in past . So
after he listen my complaint i request him to forward this mail to senior
executive so could i tell to executive to solve my problem permanently .

I am now very upset towards badly service of airtel.
Thank You

This My Detail

no.13/14 Thandavarayan Street Tondiarpet
TN 600081
user id 04484172450-tn
telephone number-04442850193
Relationship no: 7023578927
Thank you,
Mrs Priya
Mobile number (8939488124)
Jun 3, 2016

AIrtel Broadband Defective for 15 Days

My airtel broadband connection is out for last 10 days. Repeated calls to Customer Care always end with a promise for a call back from the service engineer. The Customer care executive even gives a complaint reference No which is of no use as no one calls. I get a daily message stating that based on our discussion the repair of your broadband connection has been rescheduled and will take an additional 24 hours. Seriously contemplating changing my connection after such poor service.

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