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Consumer complaints and reviews about AIRTEL BROADBAND SERVICE

Govind Kashyap
Oct 17, 2014

Bad Service

Dear Sir/Mam

Our connection number is 0552-4081926 (Ravi Kant Pandey), We are continuously complaining to the broadband service provider for the service but they are not listening our problem from last two days due to this reason we are facing time and financial loss of the company, so please its our humble request to you please provide us faster service to troubleshoot the technical problems as soon as possible.

Looking forward for your complain confirmation.
Thank you

Kygnetec Services & Solutions
211-A II floor Sahara Shopping Centre
Indira Nagar Lucknow
Oct 15, 2014

Airtel is Fraud Company

Listen how Airtel India, Tamilnadu Airtel customer care representative is cheating doodleblue
Sep 20, 2014


I booked a new Airtel broadband connection(TNPB904548) on 10th of September 2014 after paying 1000 rs as installation charges. The executive ( Bhaskar )came to my home collected the cash and also the required documents and promised to have the installation team contact me within the next 48 hours. After making numerous calls to the dealer, customer care, complaint cell, I finally received a message on 18th of September informing that the documents which I had submitted 8 days ago had been received and the installation would be processed in 2 days. So finally after unheard of patience I called the customer care up today morning (20th) to enquire about the status, and disgustingly I get a reply that my connection could not be processed through because of lack of ports in my area.

This on the part of Airtel is plain cheating and fraud, and cannot be termed in any other fashion. After going through other posts on the forum, I have come to the realization that the behavior that I had been witness to, was extremely common and I have been like the nth victim to this profanity.

I would honestly plead to the forum, to take some action in this regard, and make this issue known at a national level. No one, I repeat NO ONE should ever go to Airtel provided they wish to avoid such pain and hatred. I make these statements after waiting for ten days, making approximately 30 to 40 calls and spending around 400 bucks just waiting on hold for a reply. And not a single call or message was made back to me on the part of airtel. I beg the forum members to never believe in Indian brands and companies as it is they who undervalue us more than the international counterparts. The very notion of humanity is lost when you deal with people who have total lack of respect and regard for you as a customer.

Finally I would like to escalate the issue to the higher authorities at Airtel and would greatly thank any help in this regard.

Aug 14, 2014


Dear Sir,

We are not getting the net connection continually, it is getting disconnected every now and then. our most work is on net only. kindly rectify the same immediately.
Aug 4, 2014

Airtel Broadband Down for next 15-20 days

Airtel's local service guy told us that the broadband internet would not work for next 15-20 days because Airtel didn't pay rent for the server room. Sounds funny but it is effecting work.

This has happened in past where the broadband didn't work for about 20 days. We didn't receive any apology or even a refund of the amount.

The internet stopped working on Saturday afternoon and no one is doing anything about. We called the customer care and the complaint was closed without fixing the issue. Is anyone listening at Airtel.
Jul 28, 2014

Airtel - fraud - Broadband connection

I payed Rs. 3,450 in cash during May2013 to get a new broadband connection in BEML Layout, Bangalore. The guy who cane to collect money promised to give the connection in 3 days. It has been more than one year now and i did not get the connection as well as my money. I have raised so many complaints and they say that the cheque with my money will be handed over to me. I did not get my money back yet.
My application number is TBLR645591.
You are the cheapest fraudulent company i have ever seen. How hard is it for you to return the amount that you had looted from me?????
Jul 24, 2014

Fixedline/Broadband new connection fraud

Reqested new broadband Connect online CAF/Form no - ONGHAZI00825691 dated (22-July-2014) and paind 500 rs online.
entered my correct home address at the time of filling the even the form i recived is having correct address,

1. Day Second recived call from custome care (voice was dropping in between and he called from ladline)
he said my address wrong with pincode, i corrected, and representative told me we will inform you feasibility in 4 hours... then. i did't recived feedbank of feasibility after 4 hours
2. next day (after 24hours) recive called say that feasibility is no their at give address he again said wrong address, again i corrected it and he told me same thing........

3, next day (today -24-July-2014 at 5:30 PM) till now i did,t recived any called from airtel.
4. Interesting point : at my give address on first floor airtel brodband is installed, even though i am not getting connection.

suresh pahwa
Jul 13, 2014


suresh pahwa
Jul 13, 2014


Jul 6, 2014


I applied for airtel broadband connection last week. I got immediate call and sales person came to my door step within 2 hrs and collected required documents photo and initial amount. when i asked him regarding the time it will take, he said that it will be installed within 2 days. And now it has already been 7 days. They have just covered the wiring things and nothing else. When I called the sale person back he says he will send the installation person in next one hour. Now, whenever I call the person, he says that there are some problems in the area. The most irritating part is that he is not receiving my call now. Please don't lie the customer. Please be specific and let me know whether i can get the connection or not.
Jul 4, 2014

Broadband issue - Poor service


This is regarding the issue that i'm facing with Airtel broadband connection.

I have been facing very bad connection problem with broadband. I keep calling the customer care and filing the complaints. Technicians come to home and check the connection, but they never ever fixed the problem.

Below are the complaint that I have filed in last month and complaint numbers are getting closed without fixing the problem. And if they are going to close the complaint number, they are not even getting confirmation from me.

Fixed Line Number: 044-43862088
Complaint Numbers:
46627732 - Filed on jun 7
46975898 - Filed on jun 19
47080598 - Filed on jun 22
47328198 - Filed on jul-1

The reason, if I ask for closing the complaints, I'm told that i'm not picking up the call which is not true.

I use to ask technician about the real problem whenever they come. They said that the problem is in cable under the ground and they have escalated it to authorized people to change the cables. Unfortunately cables are not changed at all. Technician worries that the problem with cable but they are asked to fix it anyway and they can't get the cable changed. I don't know what is going on in Airtel.

This is such a bad experience with the service. Airtel losing the trust from customers.

Please do the needful.

Thanks and Regards,
Lakshmanan K
Alex Xavier
Jun 30, 2014

Non return of advance paymeny

Dear Sir/Madam,
Im Alex Xavier,
Residing in #77/23, SLV Nilaya, 1st Cross Thavarekere. (9620747485)
I have Given an amount of Rs.500 in cash to a store named "Gilbs Internet" (08042042178) in Maruthi Nagar, for a new airtel broadband connection. an airtel officer came to my place and told that new connection is not possible in my building.
So i reached the store owner and asked for the advance that i payed him, which he refused to pay back. he told me that it will be sent to me by airtel.

its been almost 4 months now, and i haven't got the advance money yet.

Please do the needful.
parmeshwar rao
Jun 18, 2014

New Broadband connection

Hi When I have given the number for BB connection details in airtel website. I got immediate call and same day even sales person came to my door step around 7 pm and collected required documents photo and 1300 for 15 GB plan with Mbps speed. As Broadband was urgent for me I asked him how many days it would take to install and from it would work. He clearly said max it will take 48 hrs. So i was ready to wait.And now its already 3 working days are over and hear lot of things when I call customer care stating 5- 8 days that's disgusting.When I called the sale person back he says he will send the installation person in next one hour and when ever I call his answer remains the same. And now even he is not picking the call which further irritates.So my sincere request is please train all your staff at equal level. So that we can give right information and can take the decision if connection really needed or not.Please don't lie the customer.

Serial no: TBNPB 192815
Mobile no: 9962677157
May 29, 2014

submit money for new connection

Dear team,
As I submiited the subscribtion charge for new broadband connection whic is sun of Rs 500 but still there is no any response from your side my CEF NO is 3667135 net connection with name of d square services your engineer always told today tommorow but he is not giving a good response as I applied for connection on 26.05.2014 .so do needful in this matter
my contact no is 9772538908
May 24, 2014

Broadband complaint

Himanshu Shrma
mb.nb- 9169576927
May 21, 2014

Very Slow And Every Time Stop

My Account No-15707306
Bill No-17345907

My Broadband Net Was Stop In Every Time So Please Check My Net And Change My Airtel Plan
May 17, 2014


I am having a broadband connection of 15 GB and the period of commencement of 15 GB is from 5th of every month to 4th of next month. Also I am having a fixed land. ATTN: Mohammed Rizwan Pasha
Customer Care
bharti airtel limited.

I have made a complaint vide No: 45469320 dated 28/4/2014 at 9-19 AM
informing that the broadband is extremely slow.

Earlier I have made a complaint vide Complaint No: 44755604 dated 2/4/2014 informing your customer Care that the broadband is not working since 1/4/2014. I was told that the Chennai Metro Water and Sewer Board people had dug pits for laying sewer line and metro water line near the lake in Pallikaranai and they have damaged the cable laid by airtel.

From 1/4/2014 onwards my BROADBAND was not working and the BROADBAND WAS RESTORED ONLY ON 9/4/2014 EVENING. Hence THE BROADBAND WAS NOT WORKING FROM 1/4/2014 TO 8/4/2014.

Again I made a complaint that the broadband was not working vide my complaint No.45098210 dated 14/4/2014. The Broadband was restored on 18/4/2014 only.

When I contacted the customer care, I was told that I have used the total capacity of 15 GB from 6/4/2014 to 19/4/2014.

During the Cable fault time and other time, your following personnel
visited my house. Their name and telephone numbers are given below:

Mr. Muthuvel 9840965617
Mr. Venkatesh 9600657351
Mr. Babu 8754532055


I have checked the usage of BROADBAND OF 15 GB and I am surprised to note that during the period when there was cable fault, the broadband

I am enclosing the statement highlighting the usage.

From the above statement, it is not understood as to how the broadband was used when the cable was faulty and your people were repairing the same and also at the time when we were not at home.

I strongly doubt that your people might have given the line to someone and that person has used my broadband services.

Please inquire and find out the details and let me know. Please note that you are not raising the bill for the next month i.e. MAY 2014 without giving me details and who are all your people who have done these mischief.

DOOR NO: 49, FLAT No: 1-d,
CHENNAI - 600100

MOBILE No: +91 9884875609
LANDLINE No: 044 - 43328092
EMAIL: shrivgan@yahoo.co.in
May 6, 2014

New Connection more than 15 days

I paid Rs.850 for New AirTel connection on 19th April. Have made Multiple Calls to customer Care. Spoke with Complaint team.
Spoke with DST (Direct Sales Team). Everyone says that they will take request/complain and revert within 24 hrs. But nothing has happened till date.

Spoke with Sooriya in 9840022123, who is currently handling it. Atleast he picks the call.

Ref: TNPB227419

This is Worst Customer Experience a Service Provider can render for a NEW CUSTOMER.

My Contact Number : 9884042723
Alternate Number : 9962442850
Apr 21, 2014

Airtel- New Broadband connection not provide withing the specified time, even after giving the deposit money and documents

We had requested for a new broadband connection for our new apartment on 15th April'2014. The Airtel representative one guy named 'Laxman' Mobile no.(09663305432) came and collected the deposit amount and the documents on the same day and said we will get the connection within 3 working days. Its a week now and since then nobody has turned up for the installation and when we called the Airtel Customer Care even they did not have a proper answer regarding the installation time. We had a very good experience with airtel so far and that is the reason we opted for airtel again, but the way their representatives behave or respond to the queries is very disappointing. I will have to think twice now before going for any new airtel connection, and would request others also to look for other options if they have before opting for airtel.
Mar 24, 2014

Broadband connection not provided

My name is Nilesh Kumar and this is with reference to my application for new broadband connection, TNPB004067. The new connection installation is pending owing to some technical fault as described by Customer service center in Chennai. But, I would like to bring to notice the POOR service offered in communicating the same.

I had applied for new broadband connection by paying online (Rs. 500) on 6th March. As mentioned, I were supposed to know within 3 days if connection is feasible in my flat or not. I got a call 2 days later and was told that connection is not feasible. This is ridiculous because we have been using 2 MBPS connection until the owner of connection moved out. I explained the same to the lady that I already have a line (wire) in my room and only thing required is a MODEM.

After this, I used to get calls everyday to collect the documents. Upon, explaining that Monday to Friday is a work week, and they should come to my office and collect, they used to just say they will check and let me know and never came. I called everyday to get the documents collected stating EVERYTIME that this connection is extremely important for my PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL work, but unfortunately, NOBODY came. Only when I called everyday that the request was made high priority and on 12th March, Karthik (Contact : 9940565699) came to my office to collect the document(s). I paid 500 (for installation) + 100 (for notary attestation). Having received confirmation from Karthik that installation will be done by Saturday that week, I was relieved and was waiting in anticipation for installation. I got a call on Monday from Tangadhurai (Contact : 9600069519) hoping that it is for installation when I realized he was asking for documents which I had already submitted but was being asked again for the same.

Once this was cleared, I called everyday again stating the IMPORTANCE of this connection for my PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL work. They explained to me reasonably that there is some technical fault because of which it is taking time. Then, one day (19th March) I received a call from Anand (Contact : 9790798988) mentioning that he will come to my home at 6 pm that day. I took early release from office JUST to be there at home for installation. I will admit that I was getting impatient because of the LAZY services I have received so far and I called him like 10 times to know if he is coming, but he just disconnected without speaking clearly (I could not understand a thing he was saying). I also sent messages to his cell. I will admit again that by this time I had become extremely impatient with the communication of the problem.

After waiting for another day or two I called again and then I was told that the problem has not been resolved and I should cancel the connection. This was told ONLY upon me calling everyday to ask on the status.

Finally, I have requested for cancellation. I am not writing this because I want my money back or something. I just would have liked to see the installation and service done smoothly.

I have used airtel services in other locations (Hyderabad, Bangalore) and I was more than satisfied with services in those locations especially Hyderabad. But this is the first time, that for installation, I have received such a POOR service.

I posted the above in :
* Consumer court
* Feedback portals (Just dial, google review)

Appreciate if you can ensure the quality of service remains high!
Feb 16, 2014

Send the bill through courier


AIRTEL POSTPAID BILL NOT RECEIVED BY COURIER - airtel fixed land line and broadband

My fixed landline number is 0422-4220905. I have not received the bill through courier,in the name of Manikandan.I request you
to send the courier to the below address as soon as possible,,
No.237,Dr.Subbarayan Road,
Dec 26, 2013

Airtel Broadband overcharging data usage

I have an Airtel Broadband connection with account no 7006608586. The account has been active since July 2013. While using the connection I had always suspected that Airtel was overcharging the actual data usage bit could not substantiate it. However I installed a data counter and checked the usage and was shocked. Last month my monthly quota of 40 GB was declared exhausted by airtel after I'd used just 30 GB. This month too I've received am email telling me that the free usage of 40 GB is over even while I've hardly used 25 GB. This amounts to cheating and misappropriation by Airtel and thus I've decide to get the connection disconnected and go with BSNL or ACT Broadband. However I feel that its my duty to inform other users so that they don't get ripped off like me. Other than that I've decided to approach the Consumer Court so that Airtel realises that they cannot get away with this every time.
Nov 17, 2013

for your customer care service

I am calling customer care 10 to 11 time in a day for some query about the 3G internet pack. There was no one to response me & 2 or 3 person who are abuse me also. They told me call tomorrow without know what is my problem.
So please take some action to your employee,s either i am take some legal action to your company & your those employee's who abused to me.
Please inform to me.
Nov 6, 2013


Aug 31, 2013


Dear Sir,

I am trying for the Airtel Broad band connection from back 2 1/2 years please provide me the feasbility. i don;t wanna go for the Data card or any other connection. Please provide me the feasibility. i Stay in HMT Colony near BEL Circle. Please provide me the feasibility. Please :( :(

PH: 9008353485
Email: vinodvenkatesh2@gmail.com or vinod@msca.in

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