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Consumer complaints and reviews about AIRTEL BROADBAND SERVICE

Apr 27, 2016

No connection and no refund

I have given installation charges+100 and submitted all documents.
But airtel executive did not turn up to put the connection. finally they told it is not feasible . Called agency they where telling all excuses.
given a compliant to nodal officer but he was telling need to wait 20 days to get refund back
any one aware is there government regulatory board to raise such issue ? pleas post here
agents telephon number is 4443037733, be care full chenniats

Srinivas Reddy karri
Apr 14, 2016

Airtel Broadband connection

I have taken Airtel broadband connection in the month of February 2016 and paid Rs.4200/- (for 6months plan i.e. Rs.615 + top up Rs.99) and after one month Airtel Team is sending reminders for payment of another Rs.2300 which is not supposed to pay.

This is due to Airtel team is wrongly activated the other plan and now the connection has been disconnected since 5 days though I am sending reguar emails to 121 and phone calls twice per day.

there is no response from them they are not using their brains even after clearly informing to revise the plan as per the understanding with Airtel Sales person.
Apr 10, 2016

airtel broadband not installed yet

I have given installation charges and submitted all documents.
But airtel executive did not turn up to put the connection. Whenever we call them they make false excuses that the person will come today but no one turns up.

Rashi chaudhary
Apr 10, 2016

Humiliated, Made to wait, Go round and round in circles‏

It's been a week airtel broadband not installed till now. The representatives are making false excuses. I don't know what kind of customer service airtel is providing. I am highly disappointed by the Airtel.

I would like to add, that after writing the below mail I have spine to Airtel Customer Care, wrote mail to 121@in.airtel.com and support@inairtel.com. The representative I spoke to yesterday promised me that it would be installed by 13:00 HRS today and no one has turned up yet. I am already using Airtel for last six years, 01204262540 and I have never had to complain and yet there is no one in Airtel who is bothered at all.
Mar 30, 2016

Complaint about Refund money

Hi!. This is upendra kumar manike , i applied for airtel broad band connection 17/03/2016, for connection and land line etc.. i payed 2050 rs . same day only i got a message like Documents received against your fixedline account No 7026677814 installation order no. 54749420. It will be processed in 3 working days. No extra amount to be paid to Installation Engineer, except additional CPE purchases(if any). For queries, call 1800-103-0121. today 31/03/2016 . i raised a complaint but no proper response .
i called customer care after that i got a message like "Thank you for contacting us. The Ref. no. for your airtel fixedline/broadband 08041106321 is 65783900.No extra amount to be paid to Engineer unless advised by customer care. For checking Service Request Status SMS SRFL to 121 from your registered airtel number and 9650096500 from registered non airtel number (charges applied basis operator)"
finally they said we will refund but still i am not getting .
upendra kumar manike
Salim siddiqui
Mar 28, 2016

8दिन हो गए आप ने मेरी कंप्लेंट ठीक नहीं करी

सर इतनी बड़ी कंपनी में बीएसएनएल से भी जयदा लेट लतीफी आज 8 दिन हो गए मुझे कंप्लेंट किये हुऐ आज तक आप इंजिनियर नहीं आया और ऊपर से फोन पर कहते हे ये हम नहीं करते आप कहो तो आप को वॉटसअप msg सैंड करू सर या तो आप मेरी कंप्लेंट ठीक करे या आप का ये वायर निकाल लीजिये आप से बेहतर सर्विस ida दे रहा हे plz मेरी कम्लेंट नंबर हे 65881712 (07344092447) मेरा लैंड लाइन नंबर
ravi 2016bhargava
Mar 20, 2016

Internet not working

Reg: Airtel Internet Connection problem

My airtel broadband internet connection i.d. BSMP3717772590 is not working since last 4-5 days. On 18th March , 2016 lodged the complaint at your customer care. The executive at customer care said the problem has been resolved by 11:00 hrs.
But till date no action taken from your side. My office is following up matter vigorously with your customer care executive Mr. Amrjeet.
This hurts my personal as well as business very badly.
Please resolve the problem by 21st March, otherwise it compels me to change my internet connection.
R N Bhargava
Ecomen Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Jyotiranjan 123
Mar 19, 2016

Airtel Broadband service

Worst service ever with in 3 months 4 times service out, and when called to the Customer service they are just playing the script . same thing again and again . 4 days to identify the issue and another 4/5 days to resolve the issue. Customer service people and the supervisor were not listing to the issue , they have only once answer to everything . simply spending the money in the advertisement customer service.

Never take airtel broadband.
UGesh Kumar Gatta
Mar 16, 2016


It's been 32 days since I requested for refund when they took my money saying broadband is available in my place.

I have paid 1200/rs but now from past 15 days, I kept getting mail stating 1000/rs cheque will be sent to my address..
I told them clearly I have paid 1200/rs but Airtel executive seems so stupid or dumb, they keep forwarding same shitty e-mail. It's more like they are copy pasting a simple format!!

NEVER EVER GO FOR AIRTEL! Because of this kind of dumb customer service, people go with international networks.
You Proved Indian service sucks.

MY complaint Number : 7025824139
My mob Number : 9620202990
Mohit Gandhi
Mar 14, 2016

AIrtel Broadband Defective for 10 Days

My airtel broadband connection is out for last 10 days. Repeated calls to Customer Care always end with a promise for a call back from the service engineer. The Customer care executive even gives a complaint reference No which is of no use as noone calls. I get a daily message stating that based on our discussion the repair of your broadband connection has been rescheduled and will take an additional 24 hours. Seriosly contemplating changing my connection after such poor service.

Mohit Gandhi
Mar 9, 2016

Very poor performance

I am having connection of Airtel 3G dongle at my house. I paid the latest bill on 29/02/2016 and I am experiencing poor speed connection from 1st march. Hope you will solve the issue at the earliest.

My email id: abishekpras@gmail.com
My contact no:9566150043
Mar 5, 2016

Paid Rs 1299 for Airtel Broadband connection but not given.

My son had paid Rs 1299/- for Broad band internet connection.
But till now (05/03/2016) they did not give the broadband connection and did not return the money.
We have sent notice twice, they did not respond.
We rang up and asked many many times, but no proper response.
A famous company doing this type of cheating.
The receipt details.

Authorised Dealer of Airtel, d2h
#10/241, St.Mary's Road, Mandaveli,

CASH BILL No. 752 dated 07/07/2014.

Customer Name: Madhavaraj M. Alandur.

Description : Airtel Broadband 4mbps
Bill Amount : Rs 1299/-.
vivek n
Feb 24, 2016

4G dongal is very bad

this is vivek jain . high court of Karnataka. i had purchased your company 4 G dongal but it is very slow even i had complaint before local your dears but the didn't response properly. see within two days you ll not attend my problem i ll approaches consumer form against your company .
navdeep singh saraw
Feb 22, 2016

Refund of activation charges SR NO - 64539268

Hi Team,

My Name is Navdeep
Fixed Line no – 01244320231

The offer given to me was that I will be receiving free Wi-Fi router if I make online payment and along with that Rs 1000/ will be refunded to me if I will provide you the previous broadband bill copies. I agree to this and I made the online payment for it( below is the snap shot for your reference).

Now I have raised this issue to refund the activation amount with the Airtel customer care executive on 11th Feb, I was told this will be resolved till 15th Feb.. till now it is not resolved.

Today morning I got call from Raina saying that this refund can’t be done because you don’t have anything in written.

I am feeling cheated at this time. This is really not so done. I was told that offer is running on broadband, remove your previous connection and refund will be given. I trusted you people and go ahead with the offer, I was not told about any written policy, and today you guys are saying to bring anything in written.

And yes all of this is discussed in chat with your web based chatting executive. Could you please provide me the copy of chatting I had on 07 dec and other written information is in the attached form.

I am also from the telecom industry and never faced any issue like this. Would request to refund the activation cost as per your offer.

I will be also taking all the help from the social media in order to high light the scam you people are running. And will do my level best to bring this issue in notice with all of my friends and colleagues.

Thanks & Regards,

Navdeep Singh
British Telecom
Manish Gautam
Feb 4, 2016

slow speed 1 week

पिछले एक हफते से मेरा brodband बहुत धीरे चल रहा है जिसकी शिकायत आपके rewa कार्यलय में की है परन्‍तु कोई कार्यवाही नही हो रही है
मे रा न 07662 406229
Jan 31, 2016

Poor service

It's been over a week since I paid 1000 plus service charge for Airtel broadband... Till now no connection& no response from from the office.. Regret opting for Airtel net.. Worst service I actually ever got..
My phone 7042030908
Jan 26, 2016

Delay in Wifi Installation

I raised a request for a new Airtel broadband connection. But nothing happened. No response received from Airtel. Not even s single message or call they did.

Then after some days I raised another request for the same but still waiting for the installation.
Jan 26, 2016

No feasibility

I had a conversation with one of your customer care guys and I was informed that installation will be done on Monday 18th Jan 2016. It been a week now and I haven't heard anything from your end. Today I being informed that there is no feasibility. This is unacceptable

1 - I'm not happy with the information provided
2 - I want the connection

Please contact me @ 9962244101
Jan 26, 2016

Telephone Not Working

I am using fixed line and broadbrand since 3 years. since last 4 days my fixed lines is not working. My Fixed land line number is 080 41126927.

Please send the technician and solve the problem.

Thanking you

Jan 21, 2016

LOW speed

I have opted for 60 GB unlimited plan with 16 mpbs speed. I have learned that the max capacity of speed in bandwdth of my are is 8 Mpbs speed only. But I have been paying for the higher speed for more than two years where as I am getting too low speed which is injustice and cannot be accepted in any means. Kindly upgrade the speed to the required (16mpbs) otherwise kindly cancel my connection immediately.

with regards

Nicholas A
Akash Behl
Jan 20, 2016

Airtel Broadband

Hi ,

This complaint is for Airtel broadband services in Bhopal. My Mother applied for a broadband connection through a DSA - ultratech through an executive named Sunit - his mobile number is 9977028183, the documents were collected at my residence - Mig 90/9a saket nagar, bhopal, and also an amount in cash was issued by mother of Rs 1000 against which we got a receipt, at that time we were informed that it will only take 3 days to install the connection, no other disclaimers were given to us, the reference id we got from message was - fixed line account no. - 7025319695 and installation order no. - 49191787.

I had a very bad experience, I started doing follow up with Sunil and the response which I got was - "Sir ho jayega, dekhta hun, kar raha hun" this response was every time I called him for 2 days, on the 3rd day, he told me that the technician will be there to install by 1 pm, when I called him at 2 pm to say that nobody turned up, he disconnected my phone, upon calling him back to back, he said there is some problem, I was given his senior number - Mr Dhirendra from same DSA, he informed me that the connection can’t be provided because there is no free DP available in my area, when asked for the amount refund, he said he cant help me, I need to go to customer care contact/airtel store in MP nagar/Centre Point.

Now the new story begins here, I went to MP nagar centre, there Mr Jitendra assisted me and for 1st 20 mins he kept on telling me that it will take 45 days to get my money back, when told him that no dislcaimewr was given to me - he stated that when you signed the form its mentioned on the back of the forms, when requested for a sample form, he denied saying that no forms are available with him as of now. When I requested for the store manager for further help, Mr Abbas Rizwi is in a meeting, I requested if I can talk to him over the phone, Mr. Jitendra dialed his number and spoke to him and then handed over to me, when the phone was handed over to me, Mr Abbas was not aware and I heard him saying that - "yeh agar jyada bakar bakar kar raha hai to bol de hum kuch nahi kar sakte ..45 days ka tat hai, jo karna hai kar lo", when I told Mr Abbas that its not Mr Jitendra and its myself, he told me that he was talking to his secretary not to me, post that he toild me that give me copy of cancelled cheque of the applicant, the money will be returned in 2 days via NEFT.

When I requested if I can speak to somebody else, I was directed to center point branch with no details that whom to meet etc. Also the details provided to me for email escalation were - 121something.

Nevertheless when my dad went to submit the cancelled cheque to the same MP nagar store, Mr Jitendra was very rude and mentioned that the LAN is down and can’t help us, he insisted to send the details via what Sapp number and denied to accept the application.

The above mentioned incident started from 14th Jan 2016 till today(20th Jan 2016).

Akash Behl
Cell # +91 8806291222
Landline: +91712 - 6689331
Niket Poojara
Jan 17, 2016

Airtel Broadband Connection Shifting

I am using airtel broadband and landline since last 3years and 4months Number 079 40021291 due to some i need to change my location in same city and i confirmed Customer care and they said yes for shifting then after only i shifted my whole office to new Location and get printed new stationery of 10000Rs and printed same landline number and also my lots of customer are calling me every day but this Airtel is now not giving me shifting kindly help me to get shifting otherwise i need bare lots of loss and my business will closedown.

+91 8460640513
Jan 11, 2016

bill not received letter format

I am shailednra dhanware Airtel Boradvand User form sehore Sir airtel Bill 3 moth not received and airtel let charges Bill sir plz (-) let chages bill
Jan 11, 2016

bill not received letter format

I am shailendra dhanware Airtel broadvand bill 3 moth not recevied and airtel let frees chargers so airtel bill ( - ) chagers
Reddy Sai Chandra
Jan 10, 2016

Airtel connection refund


This is Chandra. I applied for airtel wifi connection in the month of December 2015 and paid Rs 1000/- to your dealers. But till now I didn't receive any connection. I asked for refund from your dealer. They are saying I can get refund only from online. But in online it is asking cancel cheque. I tried to contact your customer care and chennai dealer (Name Sathya (9952944231)), he is not picking up the call. Then what about my Rs 1000/- ? My number is 9092388628. My fixed line Account Number is 7024394161. Installation No : 46377121. I want my money. I paid Rs 1000/-

Sai Chandra Reddy

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