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Consumer complaints and reviews about AIRTEL BROADBAND SERVICE

Apr 21, 2014

Airtel- New Broadband connection not provide withing the specified time, even after giving the deposit money and documents

We had requested for a new broadband connection for our new apartment on 15th April'2014. The Airtel representative one guy named 'Laxman' Mobile no.(09663305432) came and collected the deposit amount and the documents on the same day and said we will get the connection within 3 working days. Its a week now and since then nobody has turned up for the installation and when we called the Airtel Customer Care even they did not have a proper answer regarding the installation time. We had a very good experience with airtel so far and that is the reason we opted for airtel again, but the way their representatives behave or respond to the queries is very disappointing. I will have to think twice now before going for any new airtel connection, and would request others also to look for other options if they have before opting for airtel.
Mar 24, 2014

Broadband connection not provided

My name is Nilesh Kumar and this is with reference to my application for new broadband connection, TNPB004067. The new connection installation is pending owing to some technical fault as described by Customer service center in Chennai. But, I would like to bring to notice the POOR service offered in communicating the same.

I had applied for new broadband connection by paying online (Rs. 500) on 6th March. As mentioned, I were supposed to know within 3 days if connection is feasible in my flat or not. I got a call 2 days later and was told that connection is not feasible. This is ridiculous because we have been using 2 MBPS connection until the owner of connection moved out. I explained the same to the lady that I already have a line (wire) in my room and only thing required is a MODEM.

After this, I used to get calls everyday to collect the documents. Upon, explaining that Monday to Friday is a work week, and they should come to my office and collect, they used to just say they will check and let me know and never came. I called everyday to get the documents collected stating EVERYTIME that this connection is extremely important for my PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL work, but unfortunately, NOBODY came. Only when I called everyday that the request was made high priority and on 12th March, Karthik (Contact : 9940565699) came to my office to collect the document(s). I paid 500 (for installation) + 100 (for notary attestation). Having received confirmation from Karthik that installation will be done by Saturday that week, I was relieved and was waiting in anticipation for installation. I got a call on Monday from Tangadhurai (Contact : 9600069519) hoping that it is for installation when I realized he was asking for documents which I had already submitted but was being asked again for the same.

Once this was cleared, I called everyday again stating the IMPORTANCE of this connection for my PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL work. They explained to me reasonably that there is some technical fault because of which it is taking time. Then, one day (19th March) I received a call from Anand (Contact : 9790798988) mentioning that he will come to my home at 6 pm that day. I took early release from office JUST to be there at home for installation. I will admit that I was getting impatient because of the LAZY services I have received so far and I called him like 10 times to know if he is coming, but he just disconnected without speaking clearly (I could not understand a thing he was saying). I also sent messages to his cell. I will admit again that by this time I had become extremely impatient with the communication of the problem.

After waiting for another day or two I called again and then I was told that the problem has not been resolved and I should cancel the connection. This was told ONLY upon me calling everyday to ask on the status.

Finally, I have requested for cancellation. I am not writing this because I want my money back or something. I just would have liked to see the installation and service done smoothly.

I have used airtel services in other locations (Hyderabad, Bangalore) and I was more than satisfied with services in those locations especially Hyderabad. But this is the first time, that for installation, I have received such a POOR service.

I posted the above in :
* Consumer court
* Feedback portals (Just dial, google review)

Appreciate if you can ensure the quality of service remains high!
Feb 16, 2014

Send the bill through courier


AIRTEL POSTPAID BILL NOT RECEIVED BY COURIER - airtel fixed land line and broadband

My fixed landline number is 0422-4220905. I have not received the bill through courier,in the name of Manikandan.I request you
to send the courier to the below address as soon as possible,,
No.237,Dr.Subbarayan Road,
Dec 26, 2013

Airtel Broadband overcharging data usage

I have an Airtel Broadband connection with account no 7006608586. The account has been active since July 2013. While using the connection I had always suspected that Airtel was overcharging the actual data usage bit could not substantiate it. However I installed a data counter and checked the usage and was shocked. Last month my monthly quota of 40 GB was declared exhausted by airtel after I'd used just 30 GB. This month too I've received am email telling me that the free usage of 40 GB is over even while I've hardly used 25 GB. This amounts to cheating and misappropriation by Airtel and thus I've decide to get the connection disconnected and go with BSNL or ACT Broadband. However I feel that its my duty to inform other users so that they don't get ripped off like me. Other than that I've decided to approach the Consumer Court so that Airtel realises that they cannot get away with this every time.
Nov 17, 2013

for your customer care service

I am calling customer care 10 to 11 time in a day for some query about the 3G internet pack. There was no one to response me & 2 or 3 person who are abuse me also. They told me call tomorrow without know what is my problem.
So please take some action to your employee,s either i am take some legal action to your company & your those employee's who abused to me.
Please inform to me.
Nov 6, 2013


Aug 31, 2013


Dear Sir,

I am trying for the Airtel Broad band connection from back 2 1/2 years please provide me the feasbility. i don;t wanna go for the Data card or any other connection. Please provide me the feasibility. i Stay in HMT Colony near BEL Circle. Please provide me the feasibility. Please :( :(

PH: 9008353485
Email: vinodvenkatesh2@gmail.com or vinod@msca.in
Aug 31, 2013

About the Connection

Dear Sir,

I am trying for the Airtel Broad band connection from back 2 years. The response i am getting is i don't have the feasibility, i stay in HMT colony near BEL Circle. There are many people who want to get the airtel connection, my question is if you guys provide the feasibility here it is a one time investment and of course gradually you will get the customers.

i don't want to go for the data cards and all i want a broad band connection. it would be really great if i get the feasibility. Hope someone will help me in this Please guys :( . Thank You .......

Email: vinodvenkatesh2@gmail.com or vinod@msca.in
Ph: +91 9008353485
Aug 14, 2013

new broadband connection not provided even after 2 years of booking and booking twice

This is highly unprofessional that after depositing account opening form twice with initial deposit amount for a new broadband connection, the service has not been started yet, not even any single visit have been made by any of the engineers by your company.
It seems that the people from your company those collect the money and fill the forms are only concerns about achieving their targets and not at all interested in doing the actual work.
The person (Akhilesh: 9289983580) who came to my house in September 2012 to collect the application money which was the second time I paid for the same has never turned up after collecting the form. Whenever I used to call him he said it will take 15-20 days to install the connection, this process past several months and after that he started ignoring completely my calls.
I don’t understand at all that if you guys don’t have the availability of the access ports then why can’t you say no straight forward, customer kept waiting on your promises and finally he gets a big zero from your side. Is this the way to raise money for the company?
Another irony is, whenever I call at your customer care center they says that they don’t even have any record of such deposits. Is this due to the reason that your executive has not submitted the money to the company or there is any other reason? Please guide me how can I claim my hardened earned money back.
I have already made two deposits, first in June 2010 for 1500/- cash (installation + Wi-Fi), form number was 2303069, the payment was made on my father’s name: Mr Pritam Singh.
Second payment was made in cash in September 2012 from my own name: ashwani kumar harit for Rs. 500/-; form number was 3185441.
Both the payments were made from my permanent address : 6, samman bazar, jangpura bhogal, new delhi-14.
The installation was required on the same above address.
Please tell me how to get my money returned..

Ashwani kumar harit
Aug 8, 2013

Airtel Net

We called airtel broadband to get a new connection at our place. we already have submitted our documents and paid for the internet connection. The airtel broadband service person said we would get our connection within 2 days. but after not getting the connection after 5 days, we called airtel again then she said the connection in our area is not available. when we asked airtel broadband service to return our money she said that we'll get our money after 30 days.

Marathalli, Munekolala, near SGR dental college, Bangalore
phn no: 8884985368
Aug 8, 2013

AirTel Mobile Fake Billing

Dear : Legal Team

I wan't to file court case into consumer court in india

I never get total Mobile bill more then Rs.500/Monthly
This time Aitel Mobile Charge Fake billing and total Bill Rs.4100

i wan't to Alert all Airtel customer to unite and fight in court ,
what airtel is doing cheating customer so we must unite and file court case with TRAI or DOT and ask them to cencell Airtel Mobile Licence
navita awasthi
Aug 5, 2013

Net problem

Dear Sir,
My office is located at B-4, Sec.-60 Noida. Since last 4-5 days there is net problem in our office. We have sent mail to airtel but didn't get any reply. Plz. solve this problem ASAP.
My E-mail ID is- vtplnoida@hotmail.com
Plz. revert me back on this ID.

Aug 4, 2013


telephone line mein disturbance hai.Complaint karne ke bad bhi koi action nahi hai. custmor care no. per call connect nahi ho pa rahi hai. Please help me.and check the line.
Indira S
Aug 2, 2013

Landline interruption - DEL 044 42135462

My Airtel A/C no. 10200469.
DEL 044 42135462 and I am having Broadband connection through the same L/Line.
For the past one week the line got disconnected often for a short time interrupting my online transactions.
Aug 1, 2013

Poor Service of Airtle

Der Sir/mam,

I had apply for new broadband connection more than 10 time from online as well as through call also ,your person was checking
for feasibility as well , which was available at my location(My Add: T-85 Ext Vishwash Park ,Near Surya Model School, Uttam Nagar 110059) ,

then your person was asking to collect the supporting document from me but still no one has came to me for taking any kind of document and
i didn't get any call from your side , on 30th July i again raise a request for the same and deposit the 49 rupee but now you on of the
executive called me and tell me that we are able to process the case due to unavailable of feasibility on my location , really this is
ridicules i got very bad response form you service i was waiting for connection very eagerly because really i need it urgently , so could
u please let me know why this is happen and no one entertain my case please reply asap.
Hem Pant
Aug 1, 2013

New connection


Till date I have not been PROVIDED the new connection booked as under.

CAF No - ONGHAZI00425684
Transaction ID - 716232581
Transaction Date & Time - 2013-07-16 16:43:01.340295
Amount - 49

I phoned and emailed to airtel so many times but always they are telling that till will be done in 2-3 days.It's really Horrible.

Hem Chandra Pant
Jul 31, 2013

wrong bill and imposing charges of their own fault

with due regards, this company airtel broadband is having a bizzare state of system as per customer relations. i live in a rental property in mohali. previously here there was user of the airtel broadband numbered 01724669104. in the month of feb, he make a call to deactivate the services. i shifted on the same month dated 11th feb, and i go to airtel broadband office in 3b2 mohali and request the continuation of plan paying the pending bill amount of the previous user rs 500. i requested the continuation of the services asking the current plan running and the reply was 1299 per month+tax. i requested the continuation of the same and they promised the reactivation in 24 hours. but from there the trouble started. i kept on calling 2 times, 3 times every single day regularly to activate the services for the consecutive 18 to 20 days. at last they activated the plan in the month of march. they previously activated the previous plan of 300 plus downloading speed. and after 5 days of activation., my downloading speed declined to 70 to 80 kbps. and then i received a call from the customer care executive saying that by our own system fault your plan has been shortened to 399. the executive apologized for the same and the inconvenience caused to me by them. and the executive said that we have default settings that we cant change a plan for the next 15 days. the executive promised that the plan will be changed after 15 days. days passed and after 20 days when the plan was not changed back to the previous one, i started calling again and again to request a change in plan. but nothing happened. after a month or so, they called me that pay a bill of rs 5500. i said and reported the entire matter to the caller and he said your problem will be rectified within 24 hours and nothing happened at all. they keep on calling for bill payment and keep on reporting my griviance to them and every time the executive said that it is not required ot pay the bill because of our own coarse of fault and inconvenience caused. this happened at least 15 times. every time a new caller and every time the same report being made by me to them. within that period of time they even changed my landline number for one and a half month. and now from the last 5 days your recovery agents r coming to my home asking for bill payment pressuring that you will have to pay full bill payment. everything what has happened is because of the system lapse of the airtel broadband company and why should i pay for their own fault.
Jul 28, 2013

Broadband plan change is not done

Hi Team,

My name is Devanathan. I called Airtel numerous times for a simple plan change. I didn't know whats too hard in changing my plan to Turbo 80GB Plan. In the past 2 days I called more than 5 times and spoke with 5 different Airtel representatives ( Thomas, Sanghvi (ID: 283641409), Shalini, Aravind and Shilpa). Everyone of them promised that my plan would be migrated in another 4 hrs, but still I had the same issue. I didn't expect this kind of customer service from the Airtel end. Its very pathetic to say all my works got halted in the past 2 days because of this simple plan change issues. I didn't know whats bothering them to change my plan, one way its a kind of business that I am giving to Airtel, but I seriously didn't know whats wrong with Airtel. I think its high time for me to look at different service providers in Chennai.

Land-line Number : 04445491237
Order Number : 16160035
Jul 25, 2013

airtel speed

since 20 days speed of my Airtel connection has been reduced to to 181kbps. The sanction has been granted and it is being used since iception at the speed of 1mbps. Please look to this and improve the speed.

Jul 18, 2013

new airtel broadband connection



till date I have not been PROVIED the new connection booked as under.

CAF No - ONDELHI00413761

Transaction ID - 706219203

Transaction Date & Time - 2013-07-06 08:20:35.924319

Amount - 49

pl instruct and arrange urgently. online i paid rs.49 as per scheme.

b m ghai

On Sat, 06 Jul 2013 08:30:03 +0530 wrote
>Thank you for booking an airtel broadband connection. Our representative will contact you within 48 hrs to fix up an appointment for collecting and verification of necessary documents.

Kindly note that successful subscription for your online application will be subject to 1) technical/network feasibility of providing a connection at your address and 2) receipt of valid proofs of identity and address (as per DOT guidelines) from you - failing which the charges paid by you will be refunded back as per the terms and Conditions.

CAF No - ONDELHI00413761

Transaction ID - 706219203

Transaction Date & Time - 2013-07-06 08:20:35.924319

Amount - 49

This e-mail and any files transmitted with it are for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply e-mail and destroy all copies and the original message. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure,dissemination, forwarding, printing or copying of this email or any action taken in reliance on this e-mail is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful.

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Jun 30, 2013

cancellation of connection

I wanted to cancel my connection and called up the airtel executive and he came only after a week of rigorous calling, and had taken the router wid him saying the connection had been cancelled . Now i keep getting bills.It's been 2 months since the cancellation.plz take immediate action.

Jun 24, 2013

ignoring the request

I have broadband connection no.01143061076 the modem is creating problem regularly
I have launched many complaints about changing my email address no action has been taken yet
And after they are sending me high amount bills my plan is of 999 they are sending me bill of 2000 every month by saying tha u have not paid the previous bill
i request u please cut my connection
noorjahan s
May 28, 2013

deduction of amount from my balance

While I am talking to your executive for the clarification of the expiry details, the executive asked me to go to some options and when I have done so, the amount from my account to the tune of Rs.250/- was deducted and he is telling me to adapt the procedure for 5 times, which will result in further deduction of the amount and he is promising that the said amount so deducted will again be credited to my account by the evening and he is refusing to divulge the address and location from where he is calling and even refusing to give the name of his supervisor.

I am taking this very seriously and I am going to give complaint to police authorities with regard to the measures adapted by you people to extract money from gullible public.

If I don't get any response by 4 pm, the company will have to face the music.
noorjahan s
May 28, 2013

disconnection /blocking of sim card

I am having pre-paid connection with phone no. 9908850595 and as per information provided by customer care the validity of my sim card is up to 29-12-2037 and surprisingly I have receieved a call from your Begumpet office by telephone no. 7893726035 stating that my card will be blocked as the expiry date is today by 7 pm. It is surprising that no prior information is provided and your executive calls and says that my sim expires by today evening for the reasons best known to them when my sim's expiry date is 29-12-2037. And the executive by name Mahesh is very rude and despite following the instruction given by him, we were not able to get through the required settings and we ask for alternate procedure but the executive was not in a position to give any alternate procedure but refusing to help and adamantly stating that he will block the sim card and if he does so, I am going to take this matter to consumer court and also complaint to the police authorities for cheating the public by giving the date of expiry of the sim card as 29-12-2037 and calling and stating that the card will blocked, this is how your are cheating the general public.
May 25, 2013

Airtel broadband low speed-worst response

I am having airtel broadband connection (ph number 0422-4349421)
Every month I used to operate in low speed,whenever i call customer care they
used to tell you have crossed 8GB limit.But this was not true. I called customer care many times even i have just used 100mb.
They will listen to me and say we will call you the next day.But they will never call.When i ask customer care,they used to say no complaints has been registered.If i give the reference number they used to say,no its is seven digit,it should be eight digit.
They will ask me to send my usage details to 121 for customer complaints.I will take the usage details which will be around 600mb and send the sanpshot to airtel 121 customer care.Still they will not listen to that.
We will get the same replay from them after 2-3 days.Nobody will call and ensure whether the problem was actually resolved.
I am really really frustrated with airtel broadband coimbatore customer care service.

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