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Consumer complaints and reviews about AIRTEL BROADBAND SERVICE

Aug 31, 2015

New Broadband Connection Request, But With No Response Even After Two Weeks


This complaint is with great regret that we haven’t got the connection even after paying Rs 1000 online for the broad connection for us in JayaNagar 5th Block, Bangalore. I cannot expect such a worst service from AIRTEL!!! We had given the request on the 17th of August. I received a call from +91-80-41251313, saying the connection will be given in a couple of days, but absolutely no communication after that at all from them. When I tried calling them back, they hardly pick my calls. Couple of times someone picked up and they said, give us 2 more days and it will be done. I am really not sure if it is the same Airtel which used to be so good before, but now in such a pathetic condition!!! I am just hoping that someone will help in the next few days!!! My Application Number is ONBANGA01210837 and Phone Number Given is 9845498377.
shri ram shri
Aug 17, 2015

Airtel broad band and phone remain dead for weeks

I have an airtel broadband connection from 2006 the service now is pathetic.
My phone dead from august 14, 2015, every time i lodge a complaint with them their staff comes up with new excuse.
First they said it will be restored within an hour or so. then they said it will be restored overnight.
Then they kept on making one or other story like servers have burnt out, Government is not giving permission,
the cable is broken at B-block, Cable is broken at A-block and so on.
Finally I wrote to appellate authority of Airtel For UP east till date no reply.
The lesson learned You can not make it in India , Only PM shouted for A year or so and now he also is quite.
as now it is clear that no one will take any action to cancel their spectrum license or penalize them hence these service providers are totally exploiting the poor subscribers.
If you are planning to have a connection then better form a users union to make these ISP cough from all their openings if they take any thing granted.
Aug 14, 2015

bradband not working

my no 0452 4355697 baradband not working pl attend

Aug 14, 2015

bradband not getting

my number

0452 4355697 braband working pl attent
sundaramoorthy 9442559697
sgeenu bansal
Aug 12, 2015

Provide intercom service

I am nitin bansal residing park view city 1 sector 48 sohna road Gurgaon. My land line number is 01244232827. I want intercom service on my this number for park view society and the id for this society is 3024532100.
Aug 10, 2015

Refund Require


I would like to know about my Refund of INR 1000 on my Registered number +91 9718008684 as I have paid this money to get Broadband services. Afterwards you informed that you don't provide services to the particular location and it was paid on the month of November 2014 and still not received any amount.

I have Paid INR 1000 to your sales Agent Mr Ajit (+91-8527365050) and my previous complaint number was 58245176.

Kindly take it as serious concern and refund asap.

Looking for your quick response.

Rohit kumar
Aug 4, 2015

Net connection is getting disconnected….


I am Kamal, using Airtel internet broadband. We are facing issues daily and from last week; it’s getting disconnected often…
Airtel Land line Number: 914442172253
Could you please look into this and resolve the problem ASAP…


Jul 28, 2015

wifi not working

Thanks for your response which has not helped us so far. I would like to clarify the situation here


The issue here is wifi is not working which means the modem that you provided in March 2015 which is 4 months ago is not a proper one . It was temporary solution to have the Internet keep going.

In March when we got the static ip the existing modem did not support and technician could not configure and henceforth he brought an used modem and said that it is temporary and that they will get the right modem . They did not get back to us and we had to leave for out of country. After that we got back now and see that wifi is not working.

What is the solution for this now ?

Do we just pay you and not have wifi to work with?

We are all professionals who work from long distance when we are away from our place of residence .

Do you expect us to work in the living room when everyone else talking and TV running ?

Basically what we are asking now is the wifi range is only 2 meters and all of us can not sit in 2 meters range and work and we need this to be fixed .

PLEASE DO NOT SAY"sorry" and "WE CAN NOT FIX THE PROBLEM" " warranty is over"or else I am going to forward this to authorities who can take necessary steps to solve the problem .

The warranty is given only for any products given in a good working condition and not a product given as a replacement which is not in good working condition. Where does the warranty issue come here ?

I would like to be compensated for the inconvenience caused to us and not just verbal "sorry"

number to contact : 9840943199
Jul 24, 2015





MY NO: 9739326324
Jul 14, 2015

No connection after payment


there has been no response from the airtel team after the payment has been done, no body is lifting the phone nor replying to
the messages. no updates has been shared from AIRTEL, really I fell like worst service from airtel banglore.

my no 9900622611
Jul 14, 2015

No Connection till now after payment is done


there has been no response from the airtel team after the payment has been done, no body is lifting the phone nor replying to
the messages. no updates has been shared from AIRTEL, really I fell like worst service from airtel banglore.
Jul 13, 2015

No response for new connection after payment

Collected Rs.1000 from me and not responding for 20 days.
My number is +91-9884602341
Worst experience ever.
Jun 22, 2015

Airtel Worst team

We were facing issue with our airtel broadband (internet as not working) so I registered a complaint on customer care no but when again i called them then i came to know complaint is not registered.

So After that i again registered on 18 may 2015 then finally complaint was registered and they told it will be solved by today (18 may 2015) EOD. So the executive ( Manu:- +919632859638) came to my home and checked the connection and told he will be back in 30 mins there is some problem outside. but that stupid fellow did not come and i was continuously calling him he was disconnecting my call.

Then i called to Customer care for the update on my complaint they told that it will solve d by 19-06-2015 at 1 PM. but it did bot get solved from that time i was calling continuously to customer care and they were saying it will be solved EOD and the same thing but no come came to my home to check the connection till 21-June-2015.

I tried to reach escalation team and they were too busy to answer my call. Customer care executive said they will respond back in but there is no response even after 24 hours.

Then somehow i speak to their Manager(Mr Sandeep) and escalated the issue, he responded like it will be solved today at 7 pm. then one executive came Mr Dhananjay Shetty and then again told the same thing he will be back in some time as there is a problem from outside. as i asked for his contact number when i called him on that number it was a wrong number. and that guy did not come again.

This on the part of Airtel is very plain cheating and fraud they will just tell you sorry and no one take care of you complaint seriously. its been 6 days i was facing this issue.

Then again i called in the evening on 21-June, same thing they told it will be solved by tomorrow at 9 AM. then finally today (22 June) it got resolved at 1-PM. so it took 6 days to start working.

Airtel team is worst team i have ever seen. they will not respond you properly on your status. The worst service i have ever experienced.

Hope you will take up this matter very seriously.
seadart logistics cochin
Jun 10, 2015

Broad Band Connection - reg

We had approached one of your customer executive for seeking information regarding taking subscription of Broad band wired connection in our company. The executives visited our company on 23.05.2015 and collected Rs. 1000/- towards advance of connection of Broadband and they promised us to provide the connection with 48 hours. But to the surprise till date they could not even give a gestification nor refund the money or any explanation of difficulties. The persons name is Mr. Vinod and his Phone no. is 09895126012. But after a weeks time when we contacted him, he was telling that it is not possible to give you connection as some vague explanation given which was not clear. But there are connections provided to some parties to our adjacent building also. He has given a number of his higher up one mr. swaminathan, I tried to contact him too many times but all attempt were in vain after three four days continuously tried to contact him at last he picked up my phone and promised me that he can give us the connection as your exchange is near to your building and was telling something and again they have cheated us and did not even paid a courtesy to call us and tell the exact problem why they are unable to provide us the connection. At last I constrained to ask him for the refund.....he was telling very light way that is not their mistake for providing you the connection but only the feasiblity problem and he was promising me very silly saying that your refund request has been forwarded to the concerned and you will get it with 20 to 25 days.
Really pathetic answer we have received from an executive from such a well reputed company and if you can verify your records of CUG connections, we have 8 connections and we promptly paying the monthly charges of each bill around 1000 every month.
If such a situation has happened to face from an organisation like such a well reputed firm, its really painful to say the real services can avail by the ordinary customers.

Please go through the situation very seriously and do the needful help extended to us otherwise we will be constrained to change our mobile CUG connections to some other provider. Hope you will take up this matter very seriously. Meena kumar, Managing Director, 09995446950/ 9995447440/ 9895161126 land 04843068461
Jun 3, 2015

Delay in activation of airtel and no response from neither customer care nor store guys. guys

i have purchased a broadband device and the store people said that it will be activated in 2 days. I visited the store after 3 working days and asked for the status, after an hour they came to know that they missed my application. The device was not activated even after 7 days and there is no response from any customer guys nor store guys. The worst service i have ever experienced. Please never go for airtel.
May 14, 2015

Delay in giving broadband connection

Is Airtel broadband still a reliable service? I don’t think so.

I used Airtel broadband for 5 years and there was never an issue. I was really happy for choosing Airtel and paying premium for the service.

I went to US. So I had to get my connection disconnected for an year. I want to have my connection back so I gave all documents to the executive Murali (9676985082) in Hyderabad on 4/28/2015.

I tried to call him after 3 days and there was no response. He answered my call after a week and said he is on leave.

When I called customer care, I found that my case is not logged. So I raised a case on 5/4/2015. From that day I called customer care regularly but no resolution provided.

I tried to reach escalation team and they were too busy to answer my call. Customer care executive said they will respond back in 4 hours but there is no response even after 24 hours.

This is not what I expected out of Airtel.

I think I made a mistake by selecting Airtel.
saurabh SD
May 8, 2015

New Connection


I booked a new Airtel broadband connection on 4th of May 2015 after paying 1000 rs as installation charges. The executive ( Prakash +918411858902) came to my home collected the cheque and also the required documents and promised to have the installation team contact me within the next 48 hours. After making numerous calls to the dealer, customer care, complaint cell, So finally after unheard of patience I called the customer care to enquire about the status, and disgustingly I get a reply that my connection could not be processed through because of lack of ports in my area.

This on the part of Airtel is plain cheating and fraud, and cannot be termed in any other fashion. After going through other posts on the forum, I have come to the realization that the behavior that I had been witness to, was extremely common and I have been like the nth victim to this profanity.

I would honestly plead to the forum, to take some action in this regard. No one, I repeat NO ONE should ever go to Airtel provided they wish to avoid such pain and hatred. I make these statements after making approximately 30 to 40 calls and not a single call or message was made back to me on the part of airtel.
May 2, 2015

airtel broadband low speed

My Airtel broadband number is 044-43322073.
I got issue with speed. Previously the connection used to be very fast. But nowadays the speed has become very slow and needs to be rectified.
I'd taken this connection for its speed. If it cannot be rectified, it is better to remove and opt for better service provider.
Anil Kumar
Apr 16, 2015

Never call 9840022123

I gave 1000 Rs to the person sent by 9840022123. No info after that for more than 2 weeks. Even the entry was not made with airtel. Now I am struggling to get my money back.never ever call 9840022123 for airtel broadband. You will be cheated.
Mar 30, 2015

Not yet registered with Airtel

I am using you airtel Landline and Broadband connection and same is not working from long time. I called to Customer Service number, I tried to put my airtel landline number/Account number to the IVR response on 04044444121.They told me that same is incorrect. Due to which i was not able to launch the complaint and still my connection is not working.

Can you please help me resolve this issue.

Mar 25, 2015

Wifi connection

I also had the same ,,,,,,,,,,,,, irresponsible behavior from Airtel chennai........

I was a potential customer for two years..... and recently I shifted my home and requested customer care for the shifting..... having shifted a new service engineer came and installed the modem etc. then he told me that it would work after 4 hours....... it didnt work not after 4 hrs even after 4 weeks it was not working..... My wife and i were calling intermittently..... and same sterio typed answer came........ we have escalated the issue and will be ready in next 4 hrs........ and 7 days over.... frustated with this........ I requested them to disconnect my connection.......... suddenly one gentleman's come he introduced himslef as regional manager or something..... and told.......sorry 1000 times and requested us to give request for re instate it ....... half mindedly I requested him to re instate......... it ........ The second part of the story is like this....... after giving re activation request today is 6 th day..... nothing happened......... and the same story............ after 4 hrs after 4 hrs...... keep on telling by their customer executives........... I dont know these people are behaving such a irresponsibly..............///////////// My name is Manoj.......... I am a professor in Chennai.
maya kashyap
Mar 24, 2015

broadband not working well

I am really sorry to say i am deeply disappointed and frustrated by the way airtel has handled my case. I have been a long time user of air tel broadband
jagadeesh kamasani
Mar 22, 2015

I booked new connection but not response for airtel broadband

jagadeesh kamasani

Mar 22, 2015
I paid amount 15 days back but did not connection
I booked new connection for airtel broadband Wi-Fi and I paid full amount 1100 is 15 days back.sales man and area manager told I give 4 days to new connection .but no response is there.please return my amount I will bring another connection kamasni jagadeesh #305,7th main,5th cross, rbi layout,jp nagar 7th phase, bangalore-560078. Cell:9066301960
jagadeesh kamasani
Mar 22, 2015

I paid amount 15 days back but did not connection

I booked new connection for airtel broadband Wi-Fi and I paid full amount 1100 is 15 days back.sales man and area manager told I give 4 days to new connection .but no response is there.please return my amount I will bring another connection.
Feb 25, 2015

High level of carelessness from customer care

Helllo to whoever concerned,
I am sharan from New delhi. My landline no is 01142171331 . I am really sorry to say i am deeply disappointed and frustrated by the way airtel has handled my case. I have been a long time user of airtel broadband and i have been using 8mbps 80 gb plan.

Problem :-
Some days back due to some problem my wifi router wasn’t working properly. so i called up the customer care and told them and they sent a engineer and he told me there is a parameters problem in wifi router and he told me it has to be replaced. so then next day another guy comes and he tells me “sir ,i haven’t brought the wifi router at all” and then again he tells me sir i will install it next day….

And again next day same thing repeats engineer bought the router which he only didn’t knew how to make it work..and again he told me sir tomorrow i will install a new one..
And after 6 days of this drama another engineer comes and installs the wifi router..which i must say was the worst router i ever saw in my life..There were no signals when i used internet in the next room,and to add to dismay it also started getting disconnected..Stil they have not replaced it with a good quality wifi router.

So at last now i am really frustrated and very disappointed from the airtel .
And to add the engineers in my area are not taking the case seriously ..they are always bringing the wifi routers which are very old or in a bad working condition and i can see poor work culture in them and i can there is carelessness from the back end team ..which i think will definitely spoil company’s name.
And i feel so helpless its been more than 7 days they are not able to find a permanent solution to this problem
Never though airtel would come down to this level..

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