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Alchemist Infra Realty Limited


Consumer complaints and reviews about Alchemist Infra Realty Limited

Feb 7, 2016

Non payment of interest and principal

Dear Sir,
I am sorry to say that 30th January 2016 I made a complaint against the non payment of principal and interest of the investment on RXX0079935 giving my mobile no stating that the management of the company may contact with me regarding a good advice how to solve the problem. But now I have understood they are not at all interested to contact me or to solve the problem. Now I like to focus to the media regarding the position of Alchemist India ltd. This is also going to be enlisted as Sarda Group of Industries has gone. I don't know what SEBI is doing?
This is stated for the awareness of the all investors.
Thanks .
Feb 2, 2016

Non Paymnet of Warranty Cheque from Asansol Branch

dear sir,
I P.K.Chatterjee had invested Rs.3,90,000/= the amounts has matured on 20/07/15., 28/09/15 , 28/12/15 & 11/3/16 .I have submitted the original certificates at your Asansol Office . But till date I have not received a single penny as maturity from Alchemist Infra Reality Limited.
The Certificate nos are as follows :- AIRL/RXX0093886, AIRL/RXX 0103670, AIRL/RXX0122858, AIRL/RXX0137090.
As a Senior Citizen I am Living from hand to mouth. It would be great help if you be kind enough to pay me the maturity amount with interest thereon.
Upasana Apt, Tagore Road,Ushagram, Asansol-713303,Dist.Burdwan ,West Bengal.
e-mail :-jayantopujari@gmail.com
Jan 30, 2016

Non-payment of investment

I, Sri Dhrubanjan Sarkar bearing mobile No 9883704494 and e-mail address dhrubanjansarkar@gmail.com invested in Alchemist infra reality ltd. on 18/04/2012 for Rs. 60,000/- under the no. RXX0079935 and lodged complain several times against non-payment of Principal and interest with a total amount of 63,600/- on 31/10/2015, 19/10/2015, 24/11/2015 & 09/12/2015 and sent a registered letter along with the Xerox copies of original documents on 18/12/2015 stating that my daughter’s marriage was settled on 21st January 2016.
But I am sorry to say that no one of the company management made a connection with me and could not understand the emergency of the utility of the amount.
Now I am to say that the marriage ceremony has passed and the creditors are at the doorstep to get their money back hoping the company management will contact me to solve the problem.
Thanking you.


Dhrubanjan Sarkar.
Jan 28, 2016

Non receipt of MIS Interest

I am from Kolkata.I am an investor. I have deposited a lot of money in Alchemist Infra Realty ltd with the faith that Alchemist is a big Corporate House. The company has got a lot of assets and businesses in all over India and aborad also.So my investment is safe in the Company. Now I understood by searching internet that The Alchemist Infra Realty ltd is not at all a Alchemist Group company but at the time of investment, all the Agents told us that It is a Alchemist Group company.

Any how,Now the problem is that the Comapny has almost stopped the payment of MIS interest since May,2015. Payment was going on once in a month and now it has stopped from Dec,15. The matuirty payment is also stopped since March,2015. The total businesses have fallen down to a big O. Only exiting FD/MIS are being renewed. No new business is happening.The total faith on Alchemist has gone.I think that if the Company introduces a new business for collecting money in west bengal, it will not be succed. The Company may thing that they will collect money through new scheme in West bengal and there after they will start payment of pending MIS interest as well as maturity, that will not be possible. First of all Company have to gather public faith by paying the dues then the public may come to invest. I know there is a ups and down in business but there must be some limit . Public will not understand this . They want money on due date. Every Investor is holding MIS internal warrents from May,2015 to Dec,2015.I dont know why the company is not starting MIS interest payment immediately.Future interest payment and maturity payment must be through ECS system so that any type of partialty in payment can be stopped. In full SHARADA scandel in West Bengal. Company's payment was regular.
So I hope Company's personnel will see this post and take immediate action in the matter.

s hati
Jan 25, 2016

Non receipt of maturity amount

I have been deposited rupees ten thousand on 26 Dec 2009 which have been matured on 26 Dec 2015. My original certificate no AIRL/RCC0202461 have been deposited at burdwan office. However they are saying that maturity value will be give one yr later with interest. But maturity value I want to get now without waiting. What should I do?
Jan 21, 2016

Non receipt of payment of matured am

Dear Sir,

We have applied for withdrawal my policy N. RC00098755 . Orginal copy is submitted in Patna Office on 9th October-15 which was received by Mr. Mirtunjay. He told me to contact after 2 month , i am call on office number we getting busy on other call continuously.
If we have not received any call from office about our cheque. Please do the needful.

Contact Number- 9334967694, 9835049472
Jan 20, 2016

Alchemist Infra & Township maturity payments

Submission of Maturity certificates.
Alchemist Infra Realty & Alchemist Township co ltd office at Tobin Road, Baranagar Branch is taking original certificate along with a blank cancelled cheque for those maturity will be up to 31.03.2016 and for those who have already deposited the original certificates but not yet recd maturity amount till date,also have to submit blank cancelled cheque.From January,16 onward there will be no cash warrents.All payment will go directly to the Bank A/C. This is the information for those who don't know this.
Jan 19, 2016

Submission of Maturity certificates.

Alchemist Infra Realty & Alchemist Township co ltd office at Tobin Road, Barahnagar Branch is taking original certificate alongwith a blank cancelled cheque for those maturity will be upto 31.03.2016.This is the information for those who dont know this.

Anima Bhattacharjee
Jan 19, 2016

Non payment of Maturity value and monthly interest.

I am a senior citizen lady and invests the followings under various schemes by Alchemist infra realty after superannuation from service:-
a. Allotment No.:- AIRL/RX00018157 dated 11.01.2012 of Rs.3,00,000/= under MIS scheme. Whose maturity date was 11.01.2015 and the value was Rs.3,00,000/=
b. Allotment No.:- AIRL/RX00018156 dated 11.01.2012 of Rs.3,00,000/= under MIS scheme. Whose maturity date was 11.01.2015 and the value was Rs.3,00,000/=
c. Allotment No.:- AIRL/RX00027847 dated 06.07.2012 of Rs.2,00,000/= under MIS scheme. Whose maturity date was 16.04.2015 and the value was Rs.2,00,000/=
d. Allotment No.:- AIRL/RD00608908 dated 04.01.2012 of Rs.1,00,000/=. Whose maturity date were 04.01.2018 & the value were Rs2,00,000/=
e. Allotment No.:- AIRL/REE0322269 dated 12.02.2013 of Rs.50,000/-. Whose maturity date were 12.02.2029 & the value were Rs5,00,000/=

You are requested to kindly refund my matured value as cited above and i am credit the rest invested amount to my account as the company has lost the faith. My account details is as under:-
AMINA BHATTACHARJEE, Account No:- 32740179146, IFS Code SBIN0010222, State Bank of India, Andal, Branch Code-10222, Distt:- Burdwan, West Bengal-713321.

Thanking you
Jan 18, 2016

Complain against not getting back money

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your attention that I, Sarika Kar, made an investment of Rs.20,000 in the year 2006 on February 10th in Tubro Holdings Limited (Application No. 532585) in Asansol, West Bengal through the Company agent Sitanath Ghatak (contact no 9832167259). This investment was for a period of 9 years. I had made cheque payment (Dena Bank, Asansol Branch; Cheque No. 9428501; dated February 10, 2006).

Towards this policy I was supposed to get back Rs. 60,000/- on February 2015 as maturity amount. But my agent said that the Company is delaying payments because it has to pay income taxes required by the government. He told me to give my bank account details and that it will be credited by August 2015. I have submitted a cancelled cheque with all details and couriered it to his address. I have waited so long. But the amount has not yet been credited to my account nor is the agent communicating with me. He has switched off his mobile and not picking up calls. The Company has not send me any correspondence for this delay also. I am confused how to get back my money.

Secondly, I would also like to draw your attention that I want to withdraw a recent investment of Rs. 2,00,000/- made in Alchemist Township India Ltd. by me (Application No. TA01764567; Customer Id No. TL00026889; dated July 09, 2014) for a period of 6 years. I want the Company to refund the money to my Account. I have given my Bank details below. When the Company is unable to return an investment of Rs. 20,000, I am sorry but I cannot trust keeping Rs. 2,00,000/- with the Company.

I would like the Company to credit the amounts to my account on an immediate basis.

Despite abiding by the Company rules and completing all formalities I have not received my money. I have given the Company enough time to explain me the details of "why I have not received the money". This is also a complain against the Company agent, Sitanath Ghatak, who have till date misguided me.

I had made the policy looking at the good will of the Company but after this bitter experience I will never ever do any policy with Alchemist and will advice all others the same.

Sarika Kar
Jan 17, 2016

Where i receive my money which is i invvest in your company

Dear Sir,
I invest around 10 Lak rupees in your company from too many people of my village in FDs. Some maturity date is already complete in 1015. But my district branch is may be closed or shifted another location so where i contact for support and how to receive my money plese gude.

Vivek kumar
Jan 16, 2016


My father Shri Gurudas Poddar has invested almost all his retirement savings into alchemist infra realty limited. The following are the details of the investments which had already matured on dates as mentioned against each.
1. Allotment No AIRL/RX00031345 - Rs 1,00,000/- - 28.09.2015 - deposited on 18.08.15
2. Allotment No AIRL/RX00029006 - Rs 2,00,000/- - 03.08.2015 - deposited on 05.06.15
3. Allotment No AIRL/RX00031346 - Rs 3,00,000/- - 28.09.2015 - deposited on 18.08.15
Even the said original certificate being deposited at barrackpore branch of alchemist infra realty, the branch is yet to issue cheque for the same. My father is at an advanced age of 75 yrs and often is sick. He can not afford to run each time to branch to enquire about the issuance of cheque. Even after order from SEBI 146/2015 dt 27.05.2015 which rejected the company plea to extension of repayment period by 02 years, there is no progress in refund.The company is further soliciting hapless investor to extend the investment which already matured for another period of 02/03 years even after the said scheme being declared as CIS by SEBI. Please do needful to expedite refund of matured amount along with the monthly amount which was stopped 08/10 months back.
Arabinda Chinya
Jan 13, 2016

Complaint against non receipt of matured amount at Alchemist Infra Realty Llimited


I invested in Alchemist Infra Realty Limited bearing Allotment No. AIRL/RXX0081322 (for 3 years-MIS scheme) dated 09-04.2012 for Rs.30000/-in the name of my wife JHARNA CHINYA of Ashutosh Neogi Gali, Ward No.16, P.O. Chandanngar, Dist. Hooghly, W.B. Pin-712136.. The said certificate was matured on 09.04.2015 and was submitted in Original to your office at Buno Kalitala, Chinsurah Branch Office on 31.01.2015 which was receipted by your office.

Time and again I visited your Chinsurah Branch but this way or that way they are avoiding. Sometimes they say you come in next month and so on. Till date my wife has neither receive the payment nor any information regarding this. This is unexpected from an esteemed organisation like yours. You are fervently requested to release the payment by way of ECS to her SB a/c no-19410110059012, UCO BANK, Chandanngar Branch (MICR Code 700028143 & IFSC UCBA0001941). I also like to inform you that the cheque No. 160673 dated 09.04.2015 for Rs.1200/- drawn on Punjab National Bank in my wife's favour being the interest for the period from 9.12.2014 to 9.4.2015 which could not be produced with the bank due to late receipt of the cheque.

I would, therefore, request you to kindly arrange to make the payment as early as possible.

With regards,

Arabinda Chinya
For Jharna Chinya
Jan 12, 2016


I am to refer to my earlier letter through Mail vide dated 03.03.15 on the subject cited above and to inform you that I have a FD (Certificate of Property) vide Allotment No. AIRL/RD00245046 vide dated 17.03.2011. The said FD (Certificate of Property) has expired of tenure on 17.03.2015. As per request of Alchemist, Baranagar Branch, I have deposited the original Certificate to Baranagar Branch, Kolkata. But very sorry to inform you that till date, I have not received the maturity amount through cheque even after six months lapsed after maturity date.

I am waiting for the maturity amount, because medical treatment (heart surgery) of my father is going on. Kindly look into the matter personally so as to enable me to get the amount through Cheque/Bank Account at the earliest.

A line in reply will be highly appreciated.
K P Hassan
Jan 11, 2016


Dear Sirs,
I had registered my complaints in this column several times with the hope that somebody from ALCHEMIST COMPANY will see my grievances and will do necessary action for its redressal, but I have not received any little response from Company side till date. Now I realized that nobody is taking any botheration about my grievances and not monitoring grievances.of your poor investors. If your Company actually been watching this complaints, at least a suitable reply should have been issued for the satisfaction of the investors, but it has not being done. By seeing this silence, now I feel unsafe and afraid of losing my hard earned money.

Sir, I hold two cheques of matured amount. The due date for payment was in July'2015. I had deposited these cheques in Bank for encashment, but the cheques bounced back with the remarks that "no sufficient amount is available with the account of Company". I had also visited your nearest branch office,Siliguri several times. But they are not in a position to give me a satisfactory response.., because they themselves not aware of the actual facts of your Company. Nor they have any written statement of the Company for the information of investors.. At this juncture, what shall I do to get back my hard earned money. I am a.retired person. I urgently need of money for treatment of self and wife at Vellore (Chennai). Whatever a little money with me after retirement, that I invested with your Company with the hope that I will get some extra benefits than I am expecting from bank. Now I fell in a big disaster by doing this blunder mistake.

Again it is requested that payment of my matured amount may please be made at the earliest without any further delay. And also issue me a suitable and satisfactory response from your Company's side. Hope Company will not cheat a poor senior citizen like me and loot his hard earned money.
Jan 9, 2016



How long i have to wait to get my maturity amount , My original maturty date was 03.10.2014, but was extended for 6 months with 6 post dated cheque & new maturity date becomes 03.05.2015. Maturit ycheque bounced & 2 post dated cheque bounced. .in your earlier communicatio you told me that ALCHEMIST is a reputed organisation will refund money through RTGS by september (all documents deposited at KOLKATA BRANCH ) then u told will be cleared by november but till date not a single penny credite din my bank a/c.
How long i have to wait for my hard earned money , i am a retired person . my wife is not well & medicine expenses goes higher day by day.
I am requesting you to reply when will u clear my maturity amount.

Jan 7, 2016

Non receipt of Matured amount

Dear Sirs,
My self is PROBIR KUMAR MAITRA. I am a Sr. Citizen.
My (1) Allotment No.AIRL/RCC0293912 to AIRL/RCC0293917- 6 certificates for Rs.3,00,000 each matured amount due on 02.9.2015.
(2) Allotment No.AIRL/RX00029489 and AIRL/RX00029490 - 2 certificates for Rs 5,00,000 each matured amount due 08. 8.2015.
All above certificates were deposited at Company's Srirampur( West Bengal) office on 09.09.2015 but about four months have been lapsed. No payment has yet been received.
Kindly look into the matter and expedite payment.
Thanking you.
Romi Ghosh
Jan 6, 2016

non-receipt of maturity amount

I purchased one certificate of which Allotment no is AIRL/RXX0092853- ( for 3 years-MIS scheme) dated 11-07.2012 for Rs.30000/-in the name of my daughter ROMI GHOSH of 3,Benaras Road, Salkia, Howrah-711106, for her higher education purpose. The said certificate was matured on 11.07.2015 and was submitted in Original to your office at 12/1/1, Kedar Mukherjee Lane, Howrah-711101 and duly received by you. Till date neither receive the payment nor any information regarding this. This is unexpected from an esteemed concern like yours. You are most humbly requested to release the payment by way of ECS to her SB a/c no-0170010371670 of United Bank Of India, Salkia Branch (Code-0170 & IFSC No-UTBI0SAL125) as the same is badly needed. Your response is anticipated.
Ranjan Ghosh
For Romi Ghosh
Ahamika Das
Jan 5, 2016

Non payment of mstured ammount

hi...i am puja Das..i also have deposited my money in alchemist cheat fund...2010...they told me that...they will return its double ammount in 2016...bt r not returning it.its a cheat fund...i cnt pay my college fees..if we want to get back our money...then we have to go to the sebi...0nly they can help us....UNITY IS STRENGTH....call me on this number...8981805117...then we will go to the sebi...
Jan 5, 2016

Non receipt of MIS interest /Maturity

I am the Investor of Alchemist Infra Realty Ltd. The company is not paying MIS interest and also the maturity value since last year.What ever they are paying only MIS interest that is very minimum ( Once in a month). How long it will be gong. we are dependable on MIS payment.But the Company is not at all bothering.They are not thinking about the Investors.Through this site I request the company that Please please start the MIS interest payment immediately regularly so that all the poor people, those who are totally dependent on MIS interest, can survive.

As per Agent:-
1) Renew the maturity amount for a further period of 2 or 2-1/2 or 3 years with the same interest again.( MIS & Fixed).
2) If you dont renew the maturity amount, the same will be extended by the company & will be refunded after 2 years with 8% interest. Any how the maturity payment will be refunded after two years.
But where is the gaurantee of above. Again company will say that the maturity amount wll be extended by another 2 years.
Total faith on Alchemist is gone .The money is in company pocket. What can we do.

Branch offices are only enqury counter. They dont know the actual position.
We are poor people. we can not go to Media or News papers. Those who is expressing the total fact to news paper, he is getting money.
Jan 2, 2016

Alchemist Infra Realty Ltd. Fraud Company.

I think it is same as Sharda group. It will not pay our money unless we go to Ministry of Corporate Affairs/SEBI or if any media can help us in this regards.
Abhijit bhowmick
Jan 2, 2016

Non payment of matured amount.

Allotment No. AIRL / RXX0059074.. Date:January 27 , 2012.(Agreement dt- 06/01/2012)

On expiry of tenure on 06 /01/2015.

Amount Rs. 100,000/- (Rupees one lakh only).

1/1B/6 , Umakanta sen lane, BASUNDHARA GARDEN ,BL - E , FL -1B , KOLKATA -700030.Mob. no.-9432585525.

Original certificate was received by company, a zerox copy was given with stamp on 10/10/2014. Company send a post dated cheque 6 months after matuority .Ch No-374368 of P.N.B,sector - 9D,Chandigarh -160009 , dt-06/07/2015 ( PUNB0148800 IFS Code)
Said cheque dishonoured by bank.
Now I appeal for refund , as a senior non pension holder, my hardship may please be cared.
Jan 1, 2016

Money Refund Request

My father had invested total Rs.of 40,000-/- and maturity amount is 80,000 but we didn't received.

Could you please enlighten me till what time the payments due have been cleared??

This a serious breach of trust. This also leaves no option to the investors but to write to SEBI and media.

allotment number : RC00301524

Please let me know on below number , how soon this matter will resolve.

Vishal sharma
+91 9582681166
Dec 31, 2015

Non receipt of payment of matured amount


I Aloke Mukherjee request to you please arrange to payment my matured amount which was invest your company
Allotment no TA05185330 customer ID TC00353336 date of maturity 10.06.2015 .Original certificate deposited on 10.03.2015
But i have not received my payment till date. My agent not to give me sufficient report why the payment is delay ?

Plase, solve the matter at the earliest.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,
Mobile No. 9804333050
E-Mail ID : alokemukherjee2015@gmail.com
kalyana gummalu
Dec 30, 2015

Release of Press Notification

It is very regretted that you are not at all bothering about the poor and middle class public, who have put their hard earned money into your business to help you prosper with immense assets. For the last two years, your company and your staff at 15 Ganesh Chandra Avenue , Kolkata (Regional Office) alluding public's enquiries.

Therefore, you should clarify the doubts amongst the general public as to how you will return back the invested money through a Press Release or arrange a meeting with your officials at your above office to keep misunderstanding away.

Hope you will put a stop to this agony finally in this new year.

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