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Alchemist Infra Realty Limited


Consumer complaints and reviews about Alchemist Infra Realty Limited

Jul 24, 2016

Thank You for the information

Thank You for the information just think of what country we still live a criminal a corrupt like K D Singh is an MP of Parliament and has been occupying other important posts and our government or system cant do anything. Think of a person who has looted thousands of people s hardly earned money and literally many peoples life depends on it is still there enjoying luxurious life Think of a retired person who has deposited everything in it Think of a person who cant do treatment to their ailing parents as the all the money has been deposited there and this culprit K D Singh is enjoying super class life with that What country we live . This kind of people needs to terminated from the society . This people will do nothing else rather than harm the society more so they needs to be terminated . Justice delayed means justice denied So this recovery process needs to done at the quickest or else damage will be almost as same as not getting the due amounts So till its done we all need to continue writing to the government
Jul 24, 2016

Thank You for the information

Thank You for the information Also think it may have been included in the list of SEBI s recovery process but this corrupt K D Singh an MP of TMC . He should be behind the bars Its a shame we have such MP s there in our Parliament . He should be given strictest of punishment and we should continue writing to the media and government
Jul 23, 2016

Attachement order of AIRL by SEBI

In attachment order dated 14.06.16, SEBI has made detailed observation (32 Pages) .In Pont No 13 of order , I T deptt has search the AIRL office and got 12900 cheques in the name of ATIL which has been converted from AIRL. and they have also mentioned AITL is a group company of Alchemist.AIRL is mother company of ATIL. I dont know weather AITL will be in attachment vide Sebi order dated 14.06.16.. That Can only know when SEBI will issue Attachment Notice to the company. Any body can see SEBI's attachment order in SEBI's website. I am concern with AIRL only. As per my opinion both the company AIRL & ATIL will be under attachment order of SEBI.
Jul 23, 2016

What about Alchemist township

Alchemist Township under SEBI attachment its okay but Alchemist have cleverly converted all the investors from Alchemist Realty LTD to Alchemist Township . So Is Alchemist Township also under the SEBI attachment if not then we need to submit petition to the PM and FM untill its done

We all need to submit joint petition to the PM and FM This culprit K D Singh should be brought in front of media and to the public . This moron is a MP as well . So we need to write to the PM and if Alchemist Township is not under SEBI s recovery process till now then its not till completely done So everything needs to be transparent in that case
Probir Kumar Maitra
Jul 23, 2016


I am a retired and old aged person. I had deposited Rs. 17.5 lakhs from my retirement benefits with a view to obtaining a comfortable return per month to meet my obligatory expenditures. My certificates Nos. are TA00668404 (24.2.2014), TA00668405 (24.2.2014), TA03074771 (31.3.2014), TA01536796 (16.9.2015) and TA01536797(16.9.2015). My customer IDs are TYY0076397 & TYYOO76398. The Alchemist Company had committed to pay MIS amount per month at my bank account through ECS system. But I have received MIS amount only up to December 2015. As a result I am facing acute financial crisis. It is requested to all concerned to kindly help me to get my MIS amount regularly with full payment of arrears and also to get refund of my invested amount in time.
Probir Kumar Maitra
Kalyani, Nadia, West Bengal-741235.
Mob: (0) 8013385522
Jul 23, 2016


I am a senior citizen . Trusted this company and invested Rs.2 lacs for a period of 3 years . On lapse of 3 years the company neither paid pricipal nor enire interst . They are refusing to receive my letters sent by registered post . Do not know what is fate of my hard earned money. Requesting our P.M to look into the matter and arrange refund .

Jul 22, 2016

We need to write to the media

We also need to write to the media extensively It will most effective more and more investors come together and submit their complaints and this culprit K D Singh should be brought in front of media and public so all the investors need to come togather
Jul 22, 2016

What about the Alchemist township

They have converted all the investors from Alchemist Realty LTD to Alchemist Township So Is Alchemist Township also under the SEBI attachment if not they we need to submit petition to the PM and FM untill its done
Jul 22, 2016

Attachment of Alchemist Infra Realty Ltd by SEBI

Now , No body will do any thing except SEBI..The Alchemist Infra Realty Ltd is under attachment and recovery process of SEBI. vide WTM's order dated 14.06.16. It will take indefinite time for refunding the money. The Company also can not touch it's property , bank A/C, any assets etc . The SEBI will accure every property and auction them after that SEBI will start refund to investors.It may take 2/3/4 years.
Jul 22, 2016

Join me on twitter and let other know

This is to inform all the investors who has been complaining here

Join me on twitter to submit complaints against this fraud Company Alchemist Infra and Township I have been tweeting to Narendra Modi and Arun Jetly All of your assistance and cooperation needed We will togather submit a petition to the prime minister to take action against them

My twitter handle is IamNwton@twitter.com
K P Hassan
Jul 22, 2016

Non-receipt of payment of matured amount due for July'2015

My invested amount has already been matured in July 2015, but I have not received the matured amount from your company till date. I have been making correspondences with your office since the last one year, but I have not received any response. Apart from this, I also visiting your branch office and agent in this regard, but they are not aware of the present position of your company. Once they hinted that everything will be OK after WB Assembly Election. It was not understood the connection of WB election with refund of money to investors. However, lastly your party came to power again. Everything is occurred as your company desired. Now whats your problem for refund of my matured amount ?

I invested my hard earned with your company by trusting that your company is a genuine one and investors will get get back their invested amount with assured benefit. But now it is learnt from various sources that the Alchemist Co. is functioning illegally and it was not registered with SEBI. From your silence and from the news spreading against your co. now it is understood that your Co. cheated thousands of poor investors and looted their hard earned money like Sarda cheat fund etc. by issuing unauthorized certificates.

Once again it is request that my matured amount may please be paid to me immediately without further delay or harassment

K P Hassan.
Jul 22, 2016

Join me on twitter asap

This is to inform all the investors who has complaining here

Join me on twitter to submit complaints again this fraud Company Alchemist Infra and Township I have been tweeting to Narendra Modi and Arun Jatley All of your assistance or cooperation needed

My twitter handle is IamNwton@twitter.com

Join at the earliest
Jul 20, 2016

Non Receipt of maturity payment and interest

On 14.06.16, The Whole Time Member (WTM) of SEBI passed an order against the Alchemist Infra Realty Ltd .The context is given below for the information of all Investors.

Case No WTM/PS/53/NRO/JUN/2016.
28. In view of the various reasons and observations made in this decision, I hereby reject both the application dated January 22, 2015 and the request made to circulate information memorandum under regulation 73 of the CIS Regulations. Further, it is almost three years since the Final Order was passed. Despite the long period, the Company had not made complete refunds to its investors. The Company’s ‘laid back’ attitude and non-cooperation with the auditor in the verification exercise made it impossible for the auditor to verify the refunds claimed to have been made. Therefore, it would be a travesty of justice to allow more time to the Company for making repayments to investors. SEBI shall therefore take necessary steps to initiate attachment and recovery proceedings against the Company/directors for the purposes of making refunds to investors and shall also initiate further proceedings in accordance with law for the contraventions and non-compliance in making refunds within the stipulated period as ordered by Hon’ble SAT.
29. The application dated January 22, 2015 filed by the Company, the request dated August 07, 2015 and the SEBI notice dated November 20, 2015 are accordingly disposed off.
Date: June 14th, 2016
Place: Mumbai
Jul 19, 2016

Non receipt of maturity amount

I have been deposited Rs. 100000/ on25/03/2013 of MIS ( 3years) certificate No. RXX0137375. Orinal certificate deposit for maturity
payment on 11/03/2016. but still now I am not getting of my maturity amount Rs 100000/.
K P Hassan
Jul 15, 2016


Dear Sirs,
My invested money with your company was already matured in July 2015, but payment has not been received by me even after lapse of one year period. I have been approaching you through this site since the last one year, but I have not received a little response from your side. It is surprised to note that no one from your company is monitoring the grievances of your investors posted in this site. Then why are you created this column? I have been approaching branch office as well as my agent who motivated me to invest my hard earned with your company. But nobody knows what are going on with your company, what is your motivation, will investors get back their money or not etc. Apart from this, there is not any instructions of company regarding payment of dues to investors etc. not found anywhere in your branch office. By seeing your silence, now I am afraid that will I get back my money from your company or not.

I am a retired person. whatever I had little money after retirement that I invested with your company with the hope that I will get some extra benefits than from the banks. But I never thought that one day your company will face problems due to your fraudulent activities. Hope all yourexisting problems will solve soon and your company will start payment to investors immediately.

Once again, I request to make payment of matured money immediately without any further delay or harassment.

K P Hassan
Jul 12, 2016

Non receipt of MIS interest & Maturity

I am an investor of Alchemist Infra realty Ltd at Tobin Road branch kolkata. My one MIS deposit was matuired on 08.11.15. I have submitted original certificate duly discharged by me. on 12.08.15. Now the company has given me post dated ( 08.11.17) an Internal Warrent on Co's Paper for my maturity amount along with two instalments of interest cash warrent (Dec,15 & Jan,16). The company has taken a signature on a Paper as I am agree for the extension of maturity for further 2 years. I dont know wheather in the year of 2017 I will get money or not. If any other business starts by the company than there is a hope for getting the money back.But we have nothing to do what ever company will do we have to agree otherwise go to the court.

More over whatever internal warrents we are holding, the company will forced you to re-invest the same for further 2/3 years.

C R Bhattacharjee
K P Hassan
Jul 8, 2016


Dear Sirs,
My amount invested with your company vide allotment No. AIRL/RX00018185 dtd 04/02/2012 and No.RX00019476 dated 17/02/2012 was matured in the month of July 2015. Now one year has already is over, but I have not received payment till date. I have made several complaints with this site, but nobody came forward from your company to hear my grievances. Now it is not known whether the company is still functioning or closed. I have been visiting your branch office regularly, but they are not in a position to give a satisfactory replies to their investors. Moreover, there is no any instructions or statement from the company side has been seen in their notice board.

I am a retired person. I thought that your company is a reputed one and there will not be any risk for their investors. It was my mistake. I trusted your company blindly and invested my hard earned money which was earned by me entire my service. Why don't u issue a notification for the information of your poor investors? Recently I seen a notification issued by the Chairman of Sahara Company assuring all their investors that all investors will get their due amount timely, and no need to worry or afraid of their hard earned money. They also offered their gratitude to their investors for the support to run their business in a perfect manner. Hope your company will also issue such notifications immediately if the company is not a fraud one.

Lastly I again request that payment of my matured amount may please be made without further delay or harassment.

robert gomes
Jul 7, 2016

alchemist township india ltd.

Alchemist very cleverly transferred the certificates from reality to township with the help of the agent keeping us in dark.it is now only everyone knows the story of K.D SINGH.
WILL ANY BODY TELL K.D SINGH AND HIS PSRTNERS THAT PEOPLE OF WEST BENGAL ARE HUNGRY FEEDING ON SSAATTUU.who will take against this cheat fund to return money immediately.
Brahman Kumar Bandyopadhyay
Jun 27, 2016

non receiving maturity value of a bond

I purchased a bond from Alchemist Infra Reality ltd through an agent of that co. named Sanjoy Saha on 18/08/2009, 04:38:37p.m. I received cash received from that office on the same date.( Photo copy of that cash receipt attached herewith for your ready reference) After waiting stipulated period my wife visited your krishnagar office on 2 D. L. Roy Road, krishnagar, Nadia and came to know that the said bond withdrawn from that office by Ratan Kumar Saha senior agent of that co. who is residing in FIR in Kotwali, Kriahnagar, narrating the total fact.
How can I get back maturity value from that office after reissuing that bond?
Jun 26, 2016

Non receipt of Maturity & interest

I am an investor of AIchemist Infra Realty ltd. Several times I complained through this site but no action has yet taken by the company. Actually The company is not border to see the site as well as to solve the problem.we are writting in this site but all are use less. As per Agents, company will start payment of interest for the month of Feb,2016 from March 16,thereafter April,16, thereafter May,16 & lastly in June,16. Now june 16 is completed . Again same story in July,16. God knows We will get back our money or not. No action is taken by SEBI,SAT,High Court,Suprme Court.We have nothing to do if company does not pay.. Thi is our country. I have written letter to the company in Delhi. I have tweeted to Mr K.D.Snigh. but no reply is yet recd by me.Under the above circumstances, We are helpless. If company pays, we will get payment. If not, the total money is lost/lutted.

Jun 24, 2016

Submission of Maturity certificates

I invest 3 Lak rupees in your company. maturity date is already complete in 2015.Now this is going to intolerable situation for me. We are completely unaware what is the actual scenario.
God knows when I will get the money invested in Alchemist.
Please take necessary and immediate action.

Dolly saha
Jun 24, 2016

not geting mis & fixed maturity amount lást 1 year

I am an agent of Alchemist since from 2010.Everything fine till 2015 means I got my maturity amounts of fixed and MIS's but after 2015 I didn't get any single maturity amount.I have to get 250000 maturity amount of my customers from alchemist,Aska branch.Now I have very panic situation as I am a student whrere I consider study or customers demands.That's why I left my village.It should be inform to PM and Media.Please do something for my customers..

Kumar Gouda,Odisha
Jun 20, 2016

Non refund of maturity & interest money

I am an investor. I invested a lot of money with the faith that The Alchemist will not digest the money.The company had very good reputation.The payment was very particular upto March,2015. After then the company had stopped all the payment. Only MIS interest payment was going upto Dec,15. Now the total payment is stopped.But the funny thing is that there is no notice in Zonal as well as branch office. What ever we came to know from the Agent only. What ever they are making story , they produce the same to investors. We are bound to belive the same. Really we became a fool & all the monies are wasted.I hope in near future no refund will be made.Even I hope that the company will never return the money. One after one new story will come -up.I have tweeted to Mr K.D.Singh. I have sent a Letter to their Delhi Office which was returned to me undelivered. SEBI is also not taking any action.All are furce. There lot of court case in every state against the Company . The company is expending a lot of money for court cases but they are not at all worry about investors.

C.R Bhattacharjee
Abhijit bhowmick
Jun 19, 2016

Non payment of matured amount.

I invested Rs.1,00,000/- to Alchemist Infra Realty Limited , Allotment No. AIRL/RXX0059074 dt.January 27, 2012 to be expired on 06/01/2015.at their KATWA,BURDWAN -713130 office.
As per agent the F/D certificate was submitted on10/10/2014., with a signed receipt on zerox copy.
After six (6) months a cheque of P.N.B. no-374368 dt.06/07/2015 was sent . The said cheque was returned by bank due to insufficient fund.
Again that cheque was received by them on 24/02/2016. for RTGS as per agent.
Now almost one & half year passed without any communication .
As a retired senior citizen i can not bear such loss.
Please let me know what actions are being taken in favour of investors.

Abhijit Bhowmick.
1/1b/6,Umakanta sen lane,Bl- E, Fl-1b.
Kolkata- 700030.
Chaitali Bal
Jun 16, 2016

not getting MIS last 8 month and Matured money

I , Shibani Chandra w/o. Lt. Ajit Kr. Chandra have invested Rs. 5,00,000/- (five lac ) amount to Alchemist infra Reality Limited and later on transferred the said certificate amounts to Alchemist Township India Limited. I have not been getting maturity payments as well as MIS for more than 8 (right) months. On contacting Agents and local Branch Offices, one common answer is given to the investors that the Branch Offices are not getting funds . My office is Asansol branch in Dist. Burdwan in west bengal.

I am facing tremendous fund crunch and am not in a position to incur medical expenses, as my retirement corpus have already been invested in the Alchemist.

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