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Annai Builders

Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about Annai Builders

Deena Dayalan
Mar 17, 2015

Flat not completed

Hi Axis Bank Authorities,

I have received housing loan from Axis Bank under Account No PHR008200580985 on November 2012 for purchasing a flat under ANNAI BUILDER PLOT NO 2A.S NO210/2B1A. ANNAI AVALON, AGRAMTHEN. TAMBARAM.

The construction still not completed and this supposed to be completed on November 2013. But I wish to inform you that the construction is not complete and I have started paying my EMI of RS 10602 on a monthly basis without getting the benefit (getting to stay in my own flat). The builders are also not responding properly and are postponing the deadlines. Till now they have given us 10 more deadlines. Till now they have not delivered and the construction is also very slow and I am scared as to whether the flats will be delivered. The latest deadline given by them is March 2015, which is also not possible because I have personally checked the site myself and the progress is poor.

In such a situation I request you to help me with the following.

1. Please check with the builders and pressurize them to complete the project.
2. Ask them for explanations on how they spent on the project.
3. Please visit the site and see what has happened and question the directors
4. Finally, I am having a big burden of paying my EMI along with my house rent and a major part of my salary goes for this purpose. I also request you to let me know whether it is possible to charge me only PRE EMI till my flat is completed and once its completed then charge me with the EMI

Your help in this regard would me a lot to me as I am from an orthodox middle class family who is having problems in managing finance

Nov 2, 2014

Not Completing the Project even after 3 Plus Years

My humble request dont by any property with Annai Builder. they will not handover the property as per the agreement. they will take extra minimam 3 years to hand over. still management dont have any idea about "WHEN THEY ARE GOING TO COMPLETE ANNAI AVANTIKA PROJECT" AT VENGAIVASAL. i am 100% sure they are not fit for doing this business.
Jul 23, 2014

worst service

Annai Builders-Chennai
This is to inform you further to my post in this forum, I M.G. Ananda Kumar Proud owner of Atulua Project in Anakaputhur
which I had entered into agreement when the other builders for quoting for hefty price, I understand that this project is completed and handing over to all the buyers. Actually the price they offered was very low and competitive with good UDS.

I appreciate the management and their team for successful completion of the project.

I wish all the VERY BEST in their future projects which is really attractive in price when you compare the same with other builders.

with best regards
Proud owner of Atulya Project

Reply to this...

Dear Sir,

You have completed the project,But will please confirm what are the situation of the houses with in a month which you build?,not only with the construction even though with EB connection also we are paying the bill of other home and they were paying for our one of room but when we raised a complaint no one is taking care.we are not happy with your service how we referred you for others??...without knowing you we purchased your house.
Apr 18, 2014

Annai Builder Cheat

Even after paying the full amount they are not handing over my car park alloted to be me.
The want me to choose some other. Why should I change as it is agreed as per promoter agreement.

Repeted notification nothing happening.

Worst company. They took 3 years to hand over the property. and 1 year still not hand over the car parking.
Dec 14, 2013

Annai Builders-Chennai

This is to inform you further to my post in this forum, I M.G. Ananda Kumar Proud owner of Atulua Project in Anakaputhur
which I had entered into agreement when the other builders for quoting for hefty price, I understand that this project is completed and handing over to all the buyers. Actually the price they offered was very low and competitive with good UDS.

I appreciate the management and their team for successful completion of the project.

I wish all the VERY BEST in their future projects which is really attractive in price when you compare the same with other builders.

with best regards
Proud owner of Atulya Project
Dec 14, 2013

Project Finished

Dear Customers
This is to inform you that the ANNAI Builders Chennai, Successfully completed ATULYA project and handing over to customers.
The price offered to customer is very low compared to other builders. I wish them all the very best as they are catering the needs of
Low Income groups with affordable housing in prime areas.

Proud Owner of ATULYA Project.
Oct 11, 2013

Delay in Handing over-Anakaputhur

Dear Buyers of Anakaputhur Atulya Project.

As we all know we had booked during may2010 and paid advance subsequently we had registered our part of UDS after paying 50% of the total project during 2011. Till not they are in position to hand over as they had problem with sub-contractor and went to court and got the direction to hand over soon to the buyers, As I saw the building it is almost complete I do not understand why they are not in position to hand over they are wasting our money and spoiling their name in the market as word of mouth from buyer of this project willl spread in the market and nobody is intersted to buy in their new project. In a way they are to be blamed for this.
Now My sincere opinion and suggestion why you are not handing over although you had completed majority of work please hand over soon to the buyer and salvage your name in the market.

Also keep everyone informed about the work you are going to do and hand inform the date of handing over soon.
This will help in satisfying poor souls who had faith on Mr. Narayanan and his team. Most of the buyers are from Middle Class and lower middle class and their hard earned money.

Please do the needful and where there is will there is a way.

Best Regards
Block 13b and C
Aug 21, 2013


When will they complete Anakaputur project?
Jun 7, 2013


Jun 7, 2013


ANNAI BUILDERS REALESTATES ( P ) LTD.It`s realy good company.Thanks Annai Builders, I would definitely like to do more business with you.some compatedor make a bad name to your company.once again guys ,please go to watch our previous projects,
ananyaa gardens ( Thiruvottriur ) smarthomes ( Perumpakkam) amanda ( sholinganallur) & velachery apts.( very very fine).I bought in keelkattalai Rs20.60 L. within 9 monts ( Today ) the same sqft building value 25.60L .I`m very very very very happy to invest in ANNAI.

Annai Builders Have Done a Good Job
senthil madipakkam
May 20, 2013

dear bala

Say thanks to god and get your money back first from them
senthil madipakkam
May 20, 2013

annai Builder fraud company. playing with customer money

Never buy it from annai Builder . This fraud company getting money from customers for booking a flat of unapproved land. Big cheating company. They said land is approved one and got 3 laks from us.later we came to know it is unapproved land. We fought for 15 days to get our money back and that too everyday morning till evening we sat there to get our hard earn money from them. The moment we asked our money back the staff started treating us like cheap. Unworthy cheapest and fraud builder annai Builders
May 9, 2013

Annai builder Narayanan mobile number required

is anyone have Annai builder MD. Mr. Narayanan mobile number. I have completed agreement but suddently they are saying your unit cancelled due to delay in registration.
Nov 23, 2012

Cheat - Annai Builder and Real Estate

iyoooo vayaru errithu....kasthapatu sambathikira kasellam veenaa poguthu....namba paavam avangala summa veedathu,,,,
Nov 19, 2012

Cheating company - Annai Builders & Real estate pvt ltd

Dear People,

more than 2 1/2 years still Single Flat is not completed If you cancel my Booking they will charged the amount Even you FD in Bank that amount is benefited the Quality of Consturction is very very bad.
People before you booking any Flat don't see attraction advertisement.
Nov 5, 2012

Annai Builders

Dear readers,

I have bought a flat in keelkatalai. The quality of the building material is very poor and here again the contractor has cheated the builder i really wonder how this happens in all anna builder sites.
The are not customer friendly. Lot of delay in project handover (not yet done).

I don't recommend this builder. pls be cautious.
Oct 8, 2012

Cheating company - Annai Builders & Real estate pvt ltd

I bought Athulya 13-C4 (Anakaputthur on 2010. Till now that is not completed. I surrendered (I charged for 50, 000 for Registration cost for that) the flat and finally I escaped from that fraud company. They are very rude to their customers. They are not following their words. Also the quality of the construction is Very Very Very bad. I fought many times with them about the quality and timeliness about the construction. But They had no ears to listen to my words.
Oct 8, 2012

Cheating company - Annai Builders & Real estate pvt ltd

Dear Friends... Before booking any flats with annai builders please go and see the Building conditions of "Athulya" Anakaputhur and decide.
Oct 8, 2012

Annai Builders - Fruad Builders

Hey Guys,

I was just being a disgruntled customer since the project was getting delayed and I would like to apologize for my statement, where I mentioned Annai Builders as Fraud, which was totally wrong, they are infact great and professional guys.
These guys "Annai Builders" have done a good job and infact, helped me with extra options without charging me an additional penny and I'm really satisfied.
Mr Narayanan their MD is a great guy who personally spoke to me listened to my grievance and ensured that all my requirements where met. I'm unable to remove my previous comment, Site Admin can you please help me remove the old post please as I would like to take back my words. the project was delayed a bit due to unexpexted reasons from their contractors but Annai Builders is doing ther best to ensure customers are not harrassed.
Thanks Annai Builders, I would definitely like to do more business with you. Great Job !!
Oct 3, 2012

Annai Builders - Fruad Builders

Hi Redcalant,

I absolutely agreed with your comments.Even I've also faced the same issue with annai builders!Your statement "annai builder's is a fraud builders" is 100% true.
Aug 17, 2012

Cheating company - Annai Builders & Real estate pvt ltd


I have Booked Anakaputter form my Retirement fund . but past 2 years still they did not completed the work

Still I have paid the interest of money.People interested to buy cheap amount but some of the real esate

company added advantage . government is involve it and sort it out as soon as possible more than 100

customers have suffered .
Jul 25, 2012

Annai Builders - Fruad Builders

True Many of the people cancel the agreement. If cancel the agreement the charge 20% or 30% deduct the money.
They are cheating
Jul 25, 2012

Not Completing the Project even after 2 Years

Yes It is 100% True Not even finished single flat today itself more than 2 years rotating people money.
Government is take the action for this.
Jul 10, 2012

Cheating company - Annai Builders & Real estate pvt ltd

I am highly cheated by this annai builders. I booked the flat in annai builders kezhkatalai project. After 11 months from booking they not even started the construction. When i forced them to start construction they said they are waiting for plan approval. After two months they said market value in that area increased so i want to pay the amount as per new market value else asked me to cancel my agreement. I argued with them since its not my fault you took 11 months time to get the approval now asking me to pay as per present market value. But they refused to hear and not even ready to pay the interest which i paid to the bank for booking amount.

Afterwards only i come to know they have launched the project before proper approval itself by fakely advertising ( APPROVED PROJECT) once they get clear approval again selling the project with new market price by forcing cancellation from all the buyers who are all booked during the approval stage. They are collecting money from us and using it for other purpose and after they getting approval forcing us to cancel the agreement. It's very good business technique nicely they are rotating our money. But without knowing this we all are paying money to them and waiting hopefully that they will build the house for us. I checked with the lawyers to file case on them but they showed their fruad attitude in agreement also. using that agreement we cannot take it forward even to court, like that they are drafting agreement and getting sign with us. You not even do single claim to builder paaka agreement they are drafting. Legally they have mentioned in agreement that they can do all the changes and even rights to cancel your agreement. As a normal people we cannot identified those thing. Better go with the lawyer before signing with the agreement.

My small request is please dont cheated by this builder. We have lot many trusted builders in chennai. Kindly go them instead of going to annai builders. If you go for annai builders they you should be ready to face below consiquences:

Mental tension
Heavy loss of money
Jul 10, 2012

Annai Builders - Fruad Builders

Kindly dont believe annai builders. They are totally fruad builders. If you want to test about this builder go to their tnagar office & just enquire with the people coming to visit their office. You may shocked because 4 out of 10 people will come for agreement cancellation everyday.

Yes its true. I personally done this. I've booked the flat in perumbakkam smart homes. They not even started construction even after i put agreement whenever i ask they will say, soon they will start and after 3 months they said like they have changed the plan and send for reapproval once its approved they will start the construction immediately. But till now ( after 7 months from booking) construction not yet started every week i used to go to thier office to enquire whenever i go i'll be seeing two to three people fighting with the builders to cancel the agreement. When i personally enquired they said.. not started the construction, started the construction but not finishing it on time, Documents having legal problem, No proper approval so loan got rejected, Demanding money more than they advertised. I thought builder will not do the same with me they will start the construction soon and handover my home, i believed the god & builder. But now seven months gone till now builder saying they not even got the approval. Till now i lost 30K interest. Like me most of the people suffering due to this builder. My kind advise is think befor you book the flat or land with this builder. There are lot many trusted builders are there in chennai why do you want to take risk unnecessarly by booking flat with this fruad builder.

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