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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about APCPDCL

Apr 10, 2014

Huge current bills for non ac user where as less current bill for people who have 3 acs

We have been having this complaint since jun/july 2007.We have written N number of complains to the AE of Bowenpally who just didn't show interest n after him a couple of AEs have changed but we were already exhausted making rounds to the electricity office.I have all the complaint letters.We are law abiding citizens n are not getting our meter checked by any local electrician as we were told it is not lawful.In between, one of the officers who was in the Balanagar junction was kind to change our meter to see if it was faulty but he got transfered just after that and we still get high bills. In our apartment two owners got their electrician in the month of feb/mar of 2007 n got the distribution junction opened and did something which we are not sure but since then our bills are running high where as they run three ACs n pay just anything from 175/- to 370/-[two flat owners].out of the two one sold n left but the new owner is just as the previous one no social consciousness.Though he uses three ACs n two coolers n just pays some 300 odd n he doesn't feel the need to get his meter checked. My request to the officers are to please give us relief from this problem.If the electricity department doesn't help us whom can we go to,my humble request sir, we do not want u to punish or make those guys pay fine but rectify the mistake or give us written permission to get it checked by the local electricians.Better still if we can separate our connection from the panel...our address is Sai Teja Residency,Samata Nagar Old Bowenpally,u can check in ur records of flat nos 202,n 303 as to how less they pay whereas the common current n 203 pay the most that too all of a sudden since the second quarter of the year 2007...PLEASE HELP SIR, is there any who cares about the common people n their problems/.
Apr 9, 2014

Power cuts very frequently in the area

Respected sir,
This is the complaint on APCPDCL electricty department as from i.e. 15th March 2014 to till now unsheduled power cuts are happening in our area i.e Adarsha Nagar h.no 4-83/212,gajularamaram for poll no: 1507097319/011 [128/2058] beyond the scheduled timings irregularly, sometimes they even taking power at midnight times. when we ask they say only one thing trip off feder is tripped one cannot how many times and how many days does this feder gets trip off and how at the same time daily? and we are fed up with this people. The power comes and suddenly in 10minutes again there is a power cut.

There is huge fluctuation in the electricity and its becoming worst for us to use electrical appliances because of this few of our electrical appliances broke down and neighbors too. We have been complaining the local body of apcpdcl but it is of no use ..we complained almost 5-6 times but there is no action taken.Hence request you to take some necessary step to avoid this.

venkat p
Mar 12, 2014

hanging of electric phase wires

Date: 12.03.2014
To ,
Asst. Divisional Engineer
sub: laying of the cables - reg.
This is to inform you that I P.Venkatadri , Resident of 5-9-207/106, Road No: 7/1, Employees colony, yapral, secunderabad. Recently you have issued a new connection (Service Number - 2306 5210) to Mr.Nair, resident of plot No; 106/p, Road No: 7/1, Employees colony, yapral, secunderabad. When the Line man Mr. Ramesh (vehicle No: AP 29 AL 0247 , Hero Honda (Passion plus) black ) came for laying of the wire on 10th of March 2014 , we requested him to lay the electric wire from top of our building as he was trying to tie in front of our house which is very low and reachable and was passing through our plot and was dangerous. We already informed and requested the owner of plot no:106/p four years back about the old connection no: 2306 - 03719 which also passes over our house but the owner avoided. When Heavy vehicles pass through our lane, the wire got cut and your line men again fixed it ,that time also we requested the line men to tie the wires on the top of the building. Today the same line man Mr.Ramesh gave the new connection and tied the new electric wire to the old electric wire same as before eventhough we requested him not to do, as it was dangerous , if strong winds blow the branch would break and wire would fall down.

I, Therefore request you to kindly look into the matter and do the necessary action as soon as possible.
Thanking you,

Mar 3, 2014

corruption for new connecton


hi i am a postgraduate and been in a senior manger grade in a Bank for last 5 years, i feel very sad to report this, with many expectations, i have started a snallscale industry in Vijaywada, but unfortunately corruption has taken lead over me, majority of employees working in apcpdcl is very much intrested in collecting bribes rather than taking new application or helping applicants, after clearing all the obstacles i have applied for connection in Bhavanipuram area after paying huge amount in Lacs, now as i am not ready to pay bribes my connection work by apcpdcl staff is going on like snails walk since last 45 days , AE and local electrcity controctar seems to be very much involved in this.
my problem is will the powerdepartment pay Intrest charges for the amount paid towards getting connection ,

whom should i approach for justice, as majority of the seniors in this department are looking to be involved in this corruption process.

any doubt on this , please try for new connection of SSI as normal individual , you will understand my pain

sorry if i hurt any ones feelings, but i know my pain and loss i have made because of this department
Feb 27, 2014


Dear Sir,

With the reference to above subject we are Consumer of APCPDCL ( RajKumar Reddy, Mobile no.97046 20812 Ser.no. 0732 02356 ) located in below address ( Thumkunta village,Shamirpet mandal).We are constructing residence in the below address where your Transmission lines of HT & LT were on the same pole & crossing over our slab.

Where approached your local field team ,they are not in a position to take decision on customer side and asking to pay huge fees of Rs.25,000/- for rectifying the problem which we cannot bear that much.We purchased the plot with great difficulty.where the APCPDCL lines and poles over our plot area.

Hence we requesting you to pl.consider this mail as a complaint and intervene in resolving the issue highly appreciated
and we will be Thankful to you.

Thanking you,

Attached Snaps
residence where 1 Pole in the front of the house and 2nd pole at the side and both HT & LT line crossing the residence.


Feb 6, 2014

Illegal use of Power

Dear Sir,

For past one month the slum dwellers who reside near to HMDA park which is located on the way to Sahebnagar are consuming the Power illegally in other words 'Power Theft'. Due to this we are observing power fluctuations now and then.

It has been brought to the notice to Vanasthalipuram Electricity office AE but there was no action taken inspite of the complaint.

We feel very bad on this as we are consuming the Power by paying and putting ourr Electical appliances at stake with the illegal usage of the power by the slum dwellers.

Request you to consider this complaint.

Hoping for an action.

Jan 18, 2014

What is this amount after 01-04-2013

I am having the same complaint as "sreeramulu" and "anhari" on this page.
I am living at my current address as a tenant since august 2012 and have paid all the electricity bills.
But on this months bill i noticed that there is an amount of Rs.567 that has been added as any due amount "AFTER 01-04-2013".
What is this amount? Why has it been added? And who should pay for this amount? Tenant or Owner?
Please clarify as soon as possible.
Jan 18, 2014

High current bill

I am receiving a very high electricity bill(S.C.No.1105207031) since July 2012. Recently came to know I am being billed under commercial complex(Cat:2B) category while mine is a residential house(Cat:1B). And this change has taken place without any intimation from dept. between Jun 2012 and July 2012. Previously, until Jun2012, it was under Cat:1B and it has been changed to Cat:2B, meant for commercial connections, from July2012.
I request for necessary correction in category at earliest and also request to refund or adjust whatever extra money I have paid over past 20 months.

Jan 17, 2014

No Power @ Home Since 4 Days


I am a resident of House Number:7-1/51/1 ; Plot Number 51; Siddartha Nagar, Dammaiguda-83. My Electricity USC Number : 108695209. Since last four days there isn't power at home as the Service Cable is Cut down following a Tree Fall. I have been chasing the Line man since then but no Positive response from him. Its been very difficult for me to manage the things at home without Power. Request you to kindly address this issue at the earliest.

My Contact Number : 9550414955

Y B Raju
Dec 10, 2013

Huge current bills since April 2013

Dear Sir

I am resident from chappal bazar, kachiguda. I used to get bill around 500Rs till March 2013 but, from April 2013 I am getting the bill around Rs 2300. I am unable to pay such huge amounts as we wont consume that much electricity. Could you please suggest me the correct procedure to whom I should complain? Or else could you please send anyone from the department to check the meter. I am fed up with paying such huge amounts as we are middle class people. Please help

Thanks and Regards
Name: Sreeramulu
Flat 202,
Sai Shikara heights
beside manjeera hotel
Chappal bazar

Phone: 9347568335
Nov 25, 2013

collection of Arrears

Every month I am getting an amount under Arrears : Bef 31/03/13..... what does it mean.. Who is responsible to pay this arrears amount whether tenant or owner. The new tenant who came to my house is rejecting to pay Arrears... please give me explanation so that I can explain same to my tenant.
Oct 1, 2013

Disconnection of electricity even after paying bills on time

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to bring into your attention a problem I'm facing with the electricity Dept.

I am a residence of G3, Gokul Plaza, Madinaguda.

I pay my electricity bill through eseva every month before 10th, but some employee (Mohan, mob:9705242131) from Kukatpally office comes & disconnects somewhere around 30th of every month, saying that bill was not paid.

If their system does not show, how is this my problem.
Please help me out from this problem or guide me whom to contact for my grievance.
Sep 23, 2013

misbehaviour with customers

my service number is 101299065,ERO - indira park,hyderabad. we have received our bill of amount Rs 3072.00 on 13th september 2013.today i.e, on 23rd september 2013 some electricity people have come and asked us to pay immediately or they shall disconnect our connection. inspite of reminding them my bill due date is on 27th september 2013,and telling him i will pay it online now.he said he will disconnect our connection if i pay online.he was arrogant and spoke very rudely with us.he was talking all rubbish.Is this the way to talk to women?kindly take action against such people ans see that it does not repeat with anyone.thankyou.
Sep 20, 2013

Low voltage problem

I A.Nagamalleswara rao resident of H.No.2-4-705,B.N Reddy Nagar,Cherlapally,Hyd-51 ,we are the facing low voltage problem in our lane there is 17 service connections on the pole.Kindly provide three phase connection from the three poles length 2/2835 is no service connections
Sep 20, 2013

Low voltage

Low voltage problem in the lane of H.No.2-4-703,2-4-704,2-4-705,2-4-706,2-4-725,2-4-727 , there is 17 service connections on pole No.2/685 and 2/2835 is no service connections .Kindly provide service connection wire between two poles and provide three phase connection from the three poles length.
Aug 26, 2013

ACD (Additional Consumption Deposit)

Please Clarify,

1. How is ACD Calculated..
2. Is ACD a Deposit of Customer with APCPDCL.
3. If so, will it earn any interest, if any, at what rate.
4. Why ACD is levied on Customers.
5. Is ACD an Asset of Customer or Expenditure of Customer.
6. How can a customer know about his current status of Security Deposit and ACD credit against his SC No.
7. Is there any ready calculator available.
satish kumar b
Aug 16, 2013


Dear Sir,

We received Electricity bill for the month of July 2013 for Service Number: 12005 14663, in which ACD due charges are mention as 634/- , I paid my bills every month with out any delay before due date.

Please let me know why the ACD due is added in our bill.

Thanks & Regards,
Aug 13, 2013

Request to make baoundary wall around the transform

Dear sir/madam,
i am narayana, R/O of mothi market , kachiguda , hyderabad..,
i gave complaints to A.E electricity depart on april month to make the baoundary wall around the transform at ADDRESS: 4-6-1, MOTHI MARKET X ROAD, ESAMIYA BAZAR, KACHIGUDA. but their is no response at till date

As cows and other animals are pulling wires from the transform.., animals gettings electric shocks.., local people throwing garbage into the transform.., as the road connects koti to kachiguda many people passes trough this line its getting bad smell, it may leads to virus diseases so, i kindly request you to take neccessay steps as early as posssible.

cell: 9652859505
kachiguda, hyderabad.
Jul 27, 2013

current pole

sir my home was loceted at3-1-86/1 ramanthapur,oldramanthapur, hyderabad uppal mandal.one current pole was bended on my house and current wires going up of my house i filed a complaint many times at ramanthapur current office but they are not responding it was so dangerous and it was erthing when raininig plz take immediate action sir thanking you
Jul 16, 2013

online payed electricity bill not updated and connection was cut

Dear Sir,

Please send us your contact details at care@icicibank.com and our official will get back to you soon to assist you. Kindly refer '4427021' in the subject line.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
Jul 13, 2013

Billed amount with wrong meter readings

The electricity bill for months of June & July was calculated erroneously by taking wrong readings from meter. I had the worst response ever from the local electricity official in sub-station located at ALEAP-Pragathinagar. I was over-billed by over 300 INR. I request to issue the corrected bill and take action on the faulty officials. ERO No.: 315/ Jeedimetla. USC No.: 101501924.
Jul 10, 2013

online payed electricity bill not updated and connection was cut

Dear APCPDCL complaint cell:
This is regarding an online payment of electricity bill via netbanking through icici service. It is related to the service number 22009 08508. This bill was generated on 13/06/13 and paid on 02/07/2013. The transaction ID for the online payment is MICI 3036684597. An amount of rupees 3458 towards the bill payment was payed online via advance payment mode through ICICI bank netbanking with ICICI Bill number 457713896. This transaction had not been updated in APCPDCL website and still reflects the amount 3458/_ due. Please look into the issue and update the payment and restore the connection. Sravan Kumar. P plot No. 136, NRSA COLONY, Hydernagar, Hyderabad.
Jul 8, 2013

high amount of bill

Hi This is Mr Nagaraju .I from Bachupally .I am not satisfied with the services of APCPDCL .I have purchased the flat previous November and occupied from February 2013 I have no arrears since indeed the problem has occurred from last month .I got the bill 1454.00 for the month of May though I was not present in hyderabad. Me and my family went to Gauhati on May 3rd and have reached to hyderabad on June 5th.
- My question how can one get the bill of such an amount in the absence of people.
- My second question is that I came to know the Electricity bill for the month of JUNE is 10000 RS.
On this regard I spoke to the bills issuing person (APCPDCL) but then he responded in an other way that he would adjust the bill of 10000 to 3000 RS HOW IS IT POSSIBLE .Please can anyone explain me this.When I said about that I am going to file a complaint He became ARROGANT and the LANGUAGE was his level where we cant answer.This is not only my problem few of other flat owners from the same apartment. have experienced the same.I only need the solution for my problem.Because LINE MAN also not responding to our calls.I only need immediate response or else I would contact CONSUMER COURT on this issue.
Service no: 0043002092.
Contact no: 9676592121.
Jul 7, 2013

Very frequent power cut at Indranagar, Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Since last several months and even years, there is a complaint about frequent power cut at Indranagar, Gachibowli, Hyderabad area and the authorities are not finding any permanent solution to this. Due frequent power cut there are many complaints from the resident with regard to damages to the computers, fridge and other electrical appliances. Therefore, the authorities are requested to look into matter at least now and see that this problem is solve. Hope for early action in this regard..
Md Arshad
Jun 28, 2013

ne phase frequently disconnection and fluctuations at Tukaram gate (Venkat Nagar)

Respected Sir,

Subject: One phase frequently disconnection and fluctuations at Tukaram gate (Venkat Nagar)

We are the residential of Venkat Nagar near Tukaram gate having more than 100 houses on domestic consumer category, frequently we are facing below mentioned problems. We request you to rectify these one phase frequently disconnections and fluctuation problems permanently.

1. Every day power down for seven to eight hours, especially at night times and morning time’s.
2. Nobody is responding at phone nos. 040 23431178, 23433278 and 23431179, Central board of Tarnaka office, A.E. Mobile Number and we called to CPDCL 155333 even though no improvement.
3. We observed single phase lines are touching with each other, same we already escalated and shown to concern line man till now no response.
4. As discussed with line man, he is not the concern person to resolve this issue and we need to contact A.E., whenever we call to A.E., he says he will resolve the problem but till now there is no solution.

Note: As A.E. is not responding properly to whom we have to contact for permanent solution and to whom we have to escalate this issue, please provide concern person / Dept. head contact details.

Thanking you, Sir

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