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Consumer complaints and reviews about BBMP-Bangalore

Aug 5, 2014

No roads in babusapalaya, bangalore

We recently moved to babusaplaya in Bangalore. Proper roads were never laid nor there are street lights. The muddy roads are converted into pools due to little rain fall also. The residents are fed up of complaining regarding the roads and street lights.
This is in 7th main, 2 nd cross, babusaplaya - 560043.

please take a necessary action to lay down the roads and installing the stret lights.
Deepthi R
Aug 5, 2014

Not cleaning the roads & picking up garbage daily in JP Nagar 3rd Cross, 3rd Phase

Not cleaning the roads & picking up garbage daily in JP Nagar 3rd Cross, 3rd Phase


Please take care of cleanliness.Everyday BBMP is not cleaning roads or picking up garbage in our area.Garbages will be dumped all the days.But not cleaning everyday.So please take care of this.

Area: JP Nagar 3rd Cross, 3rd Phase, St. Paul School road till miniforest
Shanthi S
Aug 1, 2014

Litigation site in Horamavu - Creating Problems to residents

Dear Sir/Madam,

This issue is regarding the Litigation sites which is spread across right behind our houses in Hoysala Nagar, TC Palya Main Road, Ramamurthy Nagar. These sites have become hub for Slum, Snakes, Rodents, Garbage, Construction wastage materials and Plants, which are causing at most problem and nuisance for residents. Even when we contact the land owners, They are not ready to clean them up.

We are very scared to send our children step out of home because of dangerous snakes right behind our home. Please do the needful and help us with a solution. We will be thankful to you lifetime and lead a peaceful life.

Our Address: 8th Main, 8th Cross, Holsala Nagar,
TC Palya Main Road, Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore.

Aug 1, 2014

Vehicles Parking creating problems

Dear Sir,
We are the residents of 2nd cross, Anubhavanagar, Nagarbhavi Main Road, Bangalore-560072. Here road is used for parking vehicles (Autos & Cars) which is creating problem for the general public & vehicular movement. Even after repeated requests, the vehicle owners are least bothered to pay attention to this matter and move away the vehicles from the road. They are using the road as their own property to park the vehicles and create inconvenience to the general public. First of all the road is narrow and over that this parking nuisance has added to the troubles. It has become very difficult for general vehicular movement especially when some tempos,lorries etc pass through this road it gets stuck due to illegal parking on the road.
Hereby, request the Bangalore BBMP authorities to take necessary action in this matter and resolve the problem which is creating public nuisance at the earliest.

Address: 2nd cross, Anubhavanagar, Nagarbhavi Main Road, Bangalore 560072

Residents, Anubhavanagar
Jul 25, 2014

Illegal Contraction and Harassment

Hi Sir,
I stay in Sree Primus Aprtms, Hosapalya main Road, HSR Sect 2. here i am facing lots issues like building doesn't have play ground and boys play inside the hall till 8 PM and bang our door, when we ask to play litte slow then their parents come us to fight and all association members stated humiliating us and said we will loge a police complain against us as we have misbehaved with their boys.
I am not sure what needs to be done here, and seeking help from everyone to fix this issue, Even our house owner is also not supportive. this building already have court case going on for illegal contraction.
Jul 24, 2014

doing sofa work on main road

Dear Sir..

this very urgent issue , my neighbor doing sofa work all day all night , they have not giving space to walk , children are getting hurt by nails & even our two wheller tyre also getting punchar , no one is taking voice against them , because they are rowdyism back ground , full night heavy sound ,

requesting to please take action immediately.

there address is 291 8th cross , B block , Jankiram layout, lingrajapuram
near samudaya bhavan , bangalore 560084
Jul 23, 2014

Illegal Constructions - No space left between compond wall and building. Hurting privacy of the neighbourhood

Good Day Sir,

I am one the occupant of Sri Sai Residency Flat situated at JCR layout, 1st Block , 3rd Cross near Panathur Road. Recently noticed our neighbourhood personal started expansion of his current building by demolishing its current structure and expanding towards its compound walls. This hurts the privacy of nieghbourhood flats and buildings more over prevents the proper ventilation for inmates. We are reporting this in before he go ahead and construct its full to avoid clash at later stage. Kindly take necessary action to avoid problems in future.

Address of the current flat.

Sri Sai Residency
3rd Cross
JCR Layout
1st Main
Panathur Road
Bangalore 103

Awaiting for a quick action.

Jul 17, 2014

Vehicle Parking

From Address,
No 1:6/5 4th Cross Vinoba colony
20th ‘A’ Main Road Behind venkateshwara theater
Avalahalli Bangalore 560026

Hello Sir,
We are situating in above mentioned address. Our road is too small. Opposite to our house one neighbor will park his car.
If we park our vehicle near our house then it will be blocker for others. So we try to park next to our house since there is a free space.

But daily that owner creates a problem and shouts on us.Similarly when we try to park after fourth house even they shout on us.
We have talk those owners politely also but no use.For this problem what we have to do and whom we have to report.

We don’t want call a police for such reasons. Kindly help us for this problem.

Nethra P
Jul 12, 2014

Dogs issue


I am resident of Byatarayanapura (New Airport Road). This area has a lot of prominense being close to airport and sahakarnagar which is a developed residential colony.

To inform you we do not have basic amentities like roads and drinking water,sanitation in our locality. Moreover the street dogs are furious in this shabari nagar area and there are so many developed in the recent past where i do not see any action from BBMP authorities to get rid of them being dangerous.

I request BBMP authorities to take action to move the steet dogs from our colony at the earliest.

Hari .
Jul 7, 2014

Building bye laws violations

Hi Sir,

There is an apartment under construction at 2nd cross, LN Reddy garden in Kariyannapalya, Lingarajapuram, bangalore. Construction material has been stored on the road for about 40 meters and taking up 3/4th of the width of the road. stones and sand is thrown all over and heavy vehicles are constantly in and out and to make things worse the builders have built a wall closing the road making it a dead end. houses in the vicinity are unable to ply their vehicles or even open gates as heavy vehicles are parked outside the gate or loading and unloading material, vehicles parked outside the house are moved and carried and pushed around to make way for these heavy vehicles, it is a big nuisance and has been for a the past year now.
Jul 2, 2014

Illegal Construction

Dear Sir,

There is an illegal construction at 1st cross, 3rd main bande road, kogilu layout, yelahanka. The street opens only from one end, Taking an advantage of this there is some construction on the road itself on the other end of the street. Request you to check and do the needful.
Haree Ram
Jun 30, 2014

Setback and FSA violation

One Mr.Babu is constructing a multi-storeyed building at Jyothi Nagar, Chandra Layout. Brief details are as under:

Plot No: not known. It is beside plot No.46 on First Main Road leading to Vidyagiri Layout.

The Plot area is approx. 600 sq ft and already 3 storeys have been constructed and fourth one is in progress. The owners name is reportedly one Mr.Babu- a businessman.

It appears that the approach is through a conservancy lane (yet to be formed). Set back provided is not sufficient
and construction appears to be more than 200% deviation.

We telephoned BBMP Office Chandra Layout, Vijayanagar and also BBMP west office at Malleswaram requesting them
to send their official from Engineering Dept. to verify if the construction is as per sanction. The first telephonic request was made more than a month back and so far there is not response. The first telephone had been made when the first floor had just been done.

Because of this attitude of some citizens and some officials, unplanned constructions are booming. Perhaps Government may have to bring in a SPECIAL --AKRAMA SAKRAMA-- for these violations, which we feel may be in thousands or lacs in Bangalore, of course only if and when the present Akrama Sakrama proposed sees the day of light.

Does the BBMP not have a system to care of these things so that atleast future development takes place in an organised pattern.

We are a group of senior citizens of this area Jyothi Nagar and are trying to discourage such kind of violations and incidental corruption. For fear of our safety, we choose to remain anonymous.
Divya D B
Jun 26, 2014

Not cleaning the roads daily in Srinivagilu Near Eijipura


Please take care of cleanliness.Everyday BBMP is not cleaning our area.Garbages will be dumped all the days.But not cleaning everyday.So please take care of this.

Near Eijipura signal
Jun 26, 2014

300% Deviation

I dont understand what government people are doing ...when some one is contruction 300% Deviation in apartments.....
details are below....my fried bought a flat in Keerthana kings place....from keerthana developers...Reg: 2555/2006-07....he is facing lot of problem to et katha converted due to this deviation....will some one help us...thanks
Jun 25, 2014

Illegal construction going on at fifth floor of Vijaya Springwoods Apartments, Manipal County Road, Begur

Dear Sir,

This complaint is regarding the Illegal construction at fifth floor of Vijaya Springwoods Apartments, Manipal County Road, Begur. Builder has approval for G + 4 floors) while he is constructing 5 flats at 5th floor. Even after giving him in written that he is doing illegal construction, this person is still constructing without any fear in spite of complaining.
I request the concerned officers to take necessary action and stop this construction as it is against the approved plan and it will create problems for all the residents living there.

Vinupa G
Jun 22, 2014

violation of setbacks

I had earlier placed complaint against the construction in violation of sanctioned plan of construction of apartment complex next to NSVK Holy mother school, Thimma reddy colony, jeevan bhima nagar, Bangalore 560075, this person is still constructing without any fear in spite of complaining I request the concerned officers again to take necessary action and stop this construction against not following the proper setbacks as per norms, as me and my family will suffer improper ventilation, lighting and privacy.
Dr Vinupa G
#21,thimma reddy colony
jeevan bhima nagar
Bangalore 560075
phno: 9845223781
Mohan K.S.
Jun 20, 2014

Iiieagle construction & Acquistion

Sri N.R. Ramesh
Padmanabhanagar BBMP Counceler

Dear Sir,

In K.R. Road, ( Main Road) 3/3, Site owner has constructed 5floors Building with low infrastructure. He use low quality
Materials for construction.

We request to you please visit and take necessary action.

Jun 19, 2014


Garbage from drainage has been removed and dumped on road in front of my house. Unable to bear the unhygienic condition, bad smell, more mosquitoes and dust all around in 5th cross, Poultry farm compound, (Musjid road entrance), Devasandra, K.R.Puram, Bangalore-560036. Blood from adjacent Chicken shop flows in open drain which adds to the above problem. Please visit and see it.
Request the concerned authorities to Kindly remove and clean the area immediately.
Jun 12, 2014

Road cleaning (sweeping)

Dear Sir,

This is to inform Road cleaning is not done regularly in our area. Its done only once
in two months or so.
Garbages are dumped on road near vacnat opposite to exisiting bar & restaurant polluting
the area badly and leading to
dog menance.
Garbage removal people need to be polite & throw tantrums when questioned on delay in clearance.
Jyotsna Bell
Jun 12, 2014

Dumping Garbage

Dear Sir,

I am one of the resident of "Murthy Elegance" apartment in Vyalikaval HBCS layout in Nagawar. There is an empty site next our apartment and all the people dump their garbage. This is causing health hazards and has become a big issue for people staying in the apartment. Mosquitose and flies have increased and is causing health. Request you to please look into this issues on priority and make some logical arrangment for the people.

Thank You!
Mohan K.S.
Jun 12, 2014

Illegal construction

Dear Sir,

This complaint is regarding the Illegal construction and acquiring the foot Path in K.R. Road, Near Tata Silk Farm,
No.3/3, K.R. Road, we are facing many problems from the beside building poor construction we are complaint to
Yediyar BBMP Ward is not response. They construct five floors building acquiring footpath. they done lot of disturbance
to beside shops. we request BBMP take immediate action for the same.

K.R. Road, Tata Silk farm Circle,
Opp. Transit Appartments, Near Garadi Appts.
Bangalore - 70.
Jun 11, 2014

Bad road - whitefield road

We work at offices in whitefield and thus need to daily commute to and from whitefield using the Whitefield road. During evening.. by default there will be heavy traffic jam at KR Puram signal.. Also recently.. one side of the road has been digged for some work and no patch done till now.. daily commuting has become major risk for us.. as some of us started having slip disks.. Also.. since road patch is not done.. we are inhaling lots of dust while travelling. Request you to consider this as a priority
Whitefield commuter
Jun 11, 2014

Request for demolition of Illegal Structure built in Stilt Floor of Flat, earmarked for Parking Area as per plan

Place: Viswas Rhythm, 16th Cross, Jakkur Layout, Bangalore. - Flat consisting of 20 houses with 4 Floors.
a. One Mr.Sampath, the original site owner (who gave this site for joint development to builder " Viswas Contructions" has illegally constructed a building in the Stilt Floor which is not approved by BBMP. As per plan the entire stilt floor is earmarked for Car Parking Area. He has occupied more than half of the portion of the stilt floor, illegally.
b. Mr.Sampath has got illegal water and electricity connection to this illegal building built on stilt floor
c. Written complaint on this addressed to Commissioner BBMP in the year 2010 by one of the flat owner is still pending for more than 4 years
d. Complainant has not received any reply either from the Commission BBMP or Lokayukta on action taken, if any.
e. It is also observed that BBMP officials seem to visit this place often and seem to take some explanation from Mr.Sampath, and is accommodating him for some payment(Bribe) in return.
f. Mr.Sampath has also threatened all the other owners of the flats ( about 16 owners) stating that BBMP is in his pocket (bribe) and no one can demolish the structure in stilt floor. Cars are therefore parked unscientifically and without any space to take vehicles out when full.
g. It should be within the powers of BBMP to demolish illegal structures built in public place ( stilt floor belongs to all 20 flat owners equally).
h. Mr. Sampath Kumar has also built another illegal structure in adjacent site abutting this flat in southern side (4 floors) totally preventing lighting to all the flats located in south-west side of this flat.

Please take immediate action and demolish the structure in the stilt floor and get the entire Area marked for Car parking under the supervision of BBMP.

Please take action immediately.
Manjula sharma
Jun 10, 2014

Cleaning of drain

I have no idea if these complaints are really resolved. But since it is worth a try, I would like to express my complaints about this issue. A huge drain in J.P.Nagar, 2nd Phase near VET School gets blocked very often. May be its depth is around 12 feets, but because of silt accumulation, waste water is not properly drained out. And it is a huge problem, when it rains. Water overflows from that drains and enters the roads with whole lot of sewage wastes. Because of the rush of water and drain blockage, sometimes sewage water is rushed through sewage pipes of houses nearby and the whole house is stingy and filled with sewage water. Because of this residents around the drain are facing problems of bad odour and lots of mosquitoes. Kindly consider this complaint and do the needful.

Thanking with hopes,

Hunter Dany
Jun 8, 2014

apartments night working

Dear sir,t
i resident of munikadirappa layout hoodi graphite India road mahadevapura post Bangalore-48.
hear to complaint about the night working after the regional working period of SKYLARK ESTA APARTMENT next to our layout. this night working sound have troubling childrens and senior citizen of our residency. So plss take the action for the same and clear the problem as Soon as possible .....

Note: From past two years we are facing this problem. We already complaint to the BBMP official there was no response and
we personally requested to apartment engineers also but they are not taking care of anything , they are neglecting .
plss help us by clearing this problem ..

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