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Consumer complaints and reviews about BBMP-Bangalore

Sai ashirwad garden
Jan 25, 2015

construction work without public safety & BBMP approval

Dear Sir,
There is a construction work going on for last 2 months without taking any public safety measures.
The brick fall down near my head, I was saved by just 2-3 inch. Mr S Reddappa who is from Singasandra/manipal caunty road Khata No 754/60/2 is doing illegal construction and without taking care of public safety.
Any time accident can happen as the construction work going on just infront of road and near to Sai Ashirwad garden apartment where more than 48 family residing. The land owner's contact number 9845757718

I request your help in concern of public safety.

With Regards,
Chandra Mauli
Sai Ashirwad Garden
Jan 16, 2015


sir, my house behind vacant site available in there garbage dumping other near by tenet due to that heavy bad smell and mosquitoes please arrange bmmp staff clear the carbage
Jansi ravichander
Jan 9, 2015

Drainage problem

Dear Sir,

We are fed up of complaining about this drainage pipes in Ejipura and every time its blocked near Chavera church, GM 3rd cross. But BBMP people come and but they dont cleann it fully and once in 15 days we need to call the BBMp vehicle to clean the Drainage and they demand every time money.. Every time we need to pay them.

Also its such disgusting issue that they throw all Dirts removed from drainage in front of my home only and hence we request you to look into this and ensure the dirt's are not thrown in front of our house and they dispose it immediately and cleaning.

Failing which we need to again pay for the Garbage person who is more demanding fro clearing this drainage debris.

Hope we get a immediate response to clean the drainage blocks permanantly.

Mr and Mrs.Ravichander
Dec 24, 2014

uncleaned & untarred road


Dear Sir,

For the post four years the road particularly in 7th main 5th cross never gets road tarred and uncleaned and more over there is no drainage at all. It is very difficult to walk on the road due to bad smell sometimes. Many of the times it has been brought to the notice to the concerned corporator which has gone to deaf ears.

Under the circumstances it is humbly requested to the concerned to take an immediate action and solve the problem to the residents at the earliest.

Mahesh GM
Dec 16, 2014

Many pot holes & unever Taar Road ..!

Dear Sir,

There are many pot holes & uneven Taar Road which is causing lot of inconvenience for the vehicle movement. Request you to kindly look in to the same ASAP.

Ward No.:188 - Bilekahalli Ward
2nd Main, Ramanujaya Layout, Kodi Chikkanahalli, Bangalore -560 076
Land Mark : The road leading to Mahaveer jade, Maharaja Palace, Sai Residency, Keerthi Residency, Radiant Lotus Apartment, BSR Residency, Sri Nandi Residency.

Mahesh GM
99452 75507
Sri Nandi Residency
Mahesh GM
Dec 16, 2014

No street lights

Dear Sir,

There are Electrical poles but NO street lights. Request you to kindly look in to the same ASAP.

Ward No:188 - Bilekahalli Ward
Ramanujaya Layout, 2nd Main, Kodi Chikkanahalli, Bangalore - 560 076.
Land Mark : The Road connecting to Mahaveer Jade, Sai Residency, Maharaja Place, Radiant Lotus Apartment, Keethi Residency, BSR Residency, Sri Nandi Residency.

Mahesh GM
Sri Nandi Residency.
Dec 10, 2014

Falling of branch of a Tree

I am writing from ward No.68 (3rd A cross, 2nd Stage, Sathyanarayana Layout, J.C.Nagar, Mahalakshmipuram Post, Bangalore 560086). The branch of a big tree is hanging with the support of small branches. It will definitely fall out to our House building door No.108, if it's not cleared properly. The written complaint along with photos was already lodged against this issue but there is no response from the concerned authorities. Hence please clear the branch of the tree near the house no.108, 3rd A cross, 2nd Stage, Sathyanarayana Layout, J.C.Nagar, Mahalakshmipuram Post, Bangalore 560086as early as possible.

With regards

Amrita Potdar
Dec 8, 2014

Road construction

Dear sir.
My name is Amrita residing in bank of baroda colony beside chaitanya college. There is no proper road from the main road till the college. It's a muddy road. The residents are facing lots of pollution. Hence requesting you to kindly look into this issue at the earliest.

Mamatha Krishna
Dec 5, 2014

Request to please clean the gutter and close the gutter in the entire street

Dear Sir/ Madam

I am the resident of Domlur Layout, Bangalore-560071.

Ward Number: 112
Ward Name: Dommalur
Assembly Constituency: Shanthinagar

I request to you please consider my request to clean the gutter and close the gutter, gutter is accumulated with dirty water which is flowing from other streets and it is depositing everywhere due to which lot of mosquitoes are causing serious health problems such as Dengue.

I observe that only few streets have gutter closed and few do not have it. Please consider my request and try to do it as soon as possible. We don't want any more Dengue victims.
Nov 29, 2014

Street dogs problem

OUR Area many street dogs are there night time is not able to walking that dogs way so plz arrest that dogs .iam from ganga nagar bangalore my number is 9742382999
Nov 27, 2014

Street lights not working


There are 2 streetlights which is not working for over 7 months. It is on the branch road of Sampige road from Tindlu side, just before Canara bank layout turning road.We have several complaints before also.

Exact street address for the faulty street lights: Dhanalaxmi layout, Vidyaranyapura post

Postal code: 560097

Street light number: 100-01383148 and the adjacent pole.

Kindly fix the same at the earliest. Thanks.

Nov 27, 2014

Street lights not working


There are 2 streetlights in the branch road to Sampige road from Tindlu side just before canara bank layout road cut.which are not working for more than 7 months. We have made complaints earlier also.

Street address of street lights: Dhanalakshmi layout, Vidyaranyapura post

Street light number: 100-01383148 and the adjacent street light.

Postal code: 560097

Kindly check to fix it. Thanks.


Nov 24, 2014

Un-authorised Billboards erected

Please note that un-authorised billboards are erected on one side of Kadugodi flyover, next to Sai Baba Ashram in Kadugodi.
These billboards have height,that exceed the height limits.
Can BBMP do something ?

PIN 560067
Manjula Patil
Nov 19, 2014

No Street light -very Risky

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is regarding street light issue at "20th Main 1st D cross, Maruti nagar main road BTM 1st stage, Gangorti Circle Bangalore-560029" near Ashirvadha Nilaya there is no street light and its very dark during evening and night time, as guys keep roaming there. I am doing my night shift so i return around 2.30 am daily and its very risky to climb 3 floors and go home because no one will be awake and it frightens me. I am raising this issue, requesting you to take appropriate action to fix the street light at the earliest.

Please do not delay as girls are not safe these days, let us avoid any bad incident which might take place.

Thanking you in advance.

Manjula Patil
Suneel Meghashyam
Nov 19, 2014

Illegal construction inside the Hoysala Park, Kumarswamy Layout

There has been an illegal construction inside the Hoysala Park in Kumarswamy Layout 2nd stage, Bangalore. There have been few houses inside the park extending to the south side of the park thus narrowing the road heavily. Moreover, lot of vehicles are parked by the occupants outside the illegal houses blocking the road even further.

During a BBMP survey few years ago, it was confirmed that the illegal occupants have no proper papers for those constructed houses.

Is it possible for someone to take stern action against these illegal houses and pave way for the road widening?
akshay vakshish
Nov 19, 2014

against illegal construction

A man in my area constructing a house on government side which is situated near a railway track.This construction has became a threat to developments like new road in near future.Not only that he is violating and insulting gov. by doing so.It is a shocking thing that he has been given electricity supply with the help of some corrupted gov. employ.A severe action should be taken against that builder and those employs those who consider government and its rule as their footstool.
ADDRESS WHERE CONSTRUCTION TAKING PLACE:14th cross,raghavendra temle road end,k.g. halli post,Jalahalli-west,bangalore-15
pillapa lane
Nov 19, 2014

cement road digged for drainage pipe laying

this complaint is regarding road digged to lay the drainage pipe in the chickpet area appaji rao lane, nagartpet cross,bangalore. one week back they digged the cement road to lay the pipe and the entire road as been digged and completing the work they left as it is and when i enquired about the work order for this the person who was incharge for this didnt give proper reply and when i told him that i am going to give a complaint to bbmp he said work order is there if you want you contact JE OR AE. As per my knowledge some person in this road has done this job without taking official permission from the concerned department. Kindly look into the matter and see that the road will be repaired immediately .

Thanking YOu,
Nov 3, 2014

Bad roads in Kodichikkanahalli

Dear Sir,

I am a resident of Kodichikkanahalli. The roads leading to this area via Vijaya Bank layout is extremely poor and deteriorating everday. The road is filled with huge potholes and has been extremely difficult to travel on this road. Rains have made the matter worse for us. There are over flowing drains and huge potholes which is difficult to travel during rains.

Affected area address:
The road connecting Kodichikkanahalli main road via Vijaya bank layout, Billekahalli, Bannerghatta road.

Kindly please look into our woes urgently.

SK Srivastava
Oct 30, 2014

bad roads and unhygienic garbage segregation activities

The roads connecting Mahadevapura flyover on outer ring road from DRDO Phase II, Munireddy layout,Layouts near Gangamma Temple are not tarred and very narrow.Heavy vehilcles,tractors and taxi,school buses ply day and night making the life of residents miserable and pathetic. There is lot of dust and garbage around the residential area.The area is diseases porne due to dirt,dust and garbage segregation activities.

Kindly look into the matter.
Oct 28, 2014

Worst Roads and Dirty stagnant water

Worst & Dirty roads and lot of Man holes
Main road, Munekolala, marathahalli, Bangalore 560037

- Roads in worst condition, man holes and stagnant water.
- Garbage/ Sewage settled on the corners of the road
- Tracfiic problem
- No street lights
- Lot of Dogs on the road

Paying road tax, but no roads
Paying electricity, but no proper electricity
Paying municipality, but no proper cleaning / maintainance

Govnment has to answer all our Questions
Indian Citizen
Oct 28, 2014

Pathetic maintenance in Lakshmisagar Layout

Pathetic maintenance in Lakshmisagar Layout
I Main, 7th Cross, Lakshmisagar Layout, Near Mahadevapura, Bangalore 560048

- Roads in horrible condition, not maintained or asaphalted for years, extremely dirty
- Garbage/ Sewage settled on the corners of the road
- Drainage system not maintained
- Lorries and Taxies parked on the road during the night
- Many stray Dogs on the road

Needs attention!
Oct 28, 2014

Pathetic maintenance in Lakshmisagar Layout

I Main, 7th Cross, Lakshmisagar Layout, Near Mahadevapura, Bangalore 560048

- Roads in horrible condition, not maintained or asaphalted for years, extremely dirty
- Garbage/ Sewage settled on the corners of the road
- Drainage system not maintained
- Lorries and Taxies parked on the road during the night
- Many stray Dogs on the road

Needs attention!
Venkata Krishnan M.P
Oct 25, 2014

sewage/Pit -, Dog&snakes, Gravy Yard,

We are from surevey #35, site #45 -JP Nagar 9th Phase, 7th Block, Near Nandi Garden Aprts, Bangalore62. ( behind the Alahalli lake) we formed a small layout in the survey #35 with comprise of around 10 to 12 houses as of now.
There are many problems we face & do not know how to get it sorted out
1. There is a Gravy yard near by our houses - We request the concenred to move out to some other place on priority
2. The Toilet Pit - water to be linked to further BDA linked pit, which needs to be checked , since the last house we could nota able to be in the house due to bad smell & mosquitos- which may leads to severe health problems
3. There are MANY street dogs, always disturbs the tress passers & small kids are not able to play ...apart from dogs, there are SNAKES also moving here & there very frequently -- Request the concerned to take immediate action
4. There is no proper road & NO Cauvery water connection - , where as we all have already paid for the same..
5. No Garbage tanks - hence every one is struggling

you can contact myself - M.P.VENKATA KRISHNAN MOB # 9886204033 - on behalf of the layout people, I humbly reuqest the authorities to take care & do the needful on priority
Oct 25, 2014

Street Cleaning

Dear Sir

From past many days, no one is bothered to clean the road at the address mentioned below. The road is full of garbage and it has become extremely difficult to cope up with this... I request the respective officers to instruct the workers to take care of this...
House nos 102 to 95
3rd Main, 4th Phase
Katriguppa East, BSK 3rd Stage
Bangalore - 560085
Please help.
Oct 24, 2014

Illegal additional floor construction

SUB: Illegal construction on small plot on east side of Survey No. 61/1C
On a small plot plan was approved for 4th floor but owner is constructing additional floors violating the approved plan. This is causing risk to the life of neighboors and building adjacent to it. Please deploy your personnel to verify the construction and take appropriate action in the interest of the public and potential buyers of the flat in thie construction.

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