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Consumer complaints and reviews about BBMP-Bangalore

Deepak Dayanand Miraskar
Jun 15, 2015

Tar road laying at Mariyanapalya layout

To whom so ever it may concern to.

This is to inform that tar road laying work as stopped/freezed at 2nd Cross, Mariyanapalya, Hebbal Farm Post. Bangalore : 560024 from past one month. This is causing lots of inconvience to the residence to walk around and even to ride/drive they vehicles. Many of the elderly residence have even fallen down and injured them selves. We sincerely request to concerned department to take pro ative action and complete the road work at the earliest.
Jun 14, 2015

Pathetic Road in JP Nagar 8th Phase


The road which connects from BK Circle to Bannerghatta Road is in very pathetic condition. As I am resident that place, I request you to kindly look into this issue. Since more than 4 months that road is in bad shape. One side of the road has been digged out earlier but after that no one repair that road.

Jun 4, 2015

Garbage collection

Dear sir,
There has no garbage collection for the past 1 week in SIZZLE PROPERTIES PVT. LTD., # 290, 6th Cross, Vijaya Bank colony, Bangalore – 43. We have a severe problem due to heavy rains and bad smell with lot of mosquitoes. The stench is unbearable and may cause all types of health issues and Infections.
So We request you to clean the garbage by BBMP staff as earliest as possible....
May 28, 2015

BBMP Staff dumps the waste front of house window

I am writing to complaint against the cleaning staff and supervisor of BBMP allotted in MSR Nagar Bangalore -54. After lashes of rain , lots of leaves and other waste were found on the 1st main 2nd cross road. BBMP cleaning staff came around 8.00 A.M in morning to clean the road, collect all the waste from the whole road and dumped it in front #23 house window. now also you can see the waste lying there . when residents opposed to the cleaning staff, they said their supervisor guided them to do so.. and supervisor in out of scene....

Every time after RAIN ,this is the story. Now they will lift this dump only after a month.

May 11, 2015

Illegal parking collection and operating boats without giving tickets


My self Saheel ahamed , resident of Mahadevapura bangalore (9035443444),
Last week i went to Ulsoor lake for boating , here ticket collector ask people to sit in the Boat first then collects the money to get the ticket, but he will not give the tickets , and they are very rude , second thing is that the parking fee collection, some goons have taken over the place to collect the parking fee, if you ask for the parking slip they will try to hit you and abuse you like anything, and the Swami vivekananda park is not at all maintained , people come here and pay so much but the Amount collected is not reacing the governament , i hope bbmp will take it seriously and try to work towards Safe and beautiful Bangalore.

Thanks in advance
singapur welfare
Apr 30, 2015



one Mr Sheety is constructing the building in 30*30 4th floor with out any plan and planing to 5th floor hence visit the site and comfrim the plan


Apr 24, 2015

Storm Water entering into house

Dear Sir,

I am Hema Malini K.R., Daughter of K.N. Rangaswamy residing @ No.12, New.No.16,I cross,Srinivasa colony, Behind Double Road,Bangalore-560027 ., Contact nos - 09845742947, 9480707837 , landline 080 22271260;

We have a severe problem due to heavy rains and all the storm water enters into the house about 3-4 feet. The problem from many years was to a tolerable level.But now it is gone beyond limits.

There is a big Drainage repair which is under progress since 6 months and incomplete . The drain repair was probably to raise the drain to avoid these water logging issues and prevent all this nuisance. There is no progress on the drainage repair.

My father is 92 year old and the senior most citizen in the area. Due to the water- Storm water, Drainage,Sewage and all types of waster flooding into the house ,compound areas , he is not even able to move around from his bed . We fear that he may fall and lead to complications.

The stench is unbearable and may cause all types of health issues and Infections.

I dont understand why your department is not able to set right the water flooding issues from so many years. We are all citizens who pay our taxes in time and we demand attention. If this is not set right in the next one week, we will take up with the highest authorities and seek actions.

Pleading Citizen ---

Hema Malini., hema.kr.malini@gmail.com ; hema@incitecam.com
9845742947 , 9840707837
Apr 7, 2015

Road construction asking money

Dear Sir ,

I am a regular tax payer and recently purchase a flat in dodathogur electronic city phase 1 celebrity arc main road. The road which is currently present is a mud road and recently panchayat of dodathogur started construction.

My concern is govt is taking tax from us to provide road infrastructure and basic amenities , then why panchayat Is asking 10000 from each flat owner to construct the road and this is by force we have to give it. I wanted to bring this to your notice. please note if this is not handled correctly I will put up this issue in the media.

Thank you
Apr 2, 2015

Road Humps and sign board needed

Dear Sir/Madam
Road hump and sign boards needed very badly near A block AECS layout. I'm seeing lot of accidents near the road which goes to SrinivasaReddyLayout via A block and the cross road near door no #239. At least 5 to 6 cases am seeing/noticing everyday. Fortunately there are no causalities till now but you never know. I have told the workers while laying tar roads to put humps, but they resisted saying they didn't get order for that. But now road humps are very badly needed. Hope the authorities will see this request and address the issue at the earliest.
Mar 31, 2015

No street lights

No street lights working since three days in Iyyappa Reddy Garden (LIC Colony) Yashwathapura. Causing problems for women children and other vehicle users. BBMP to take immediate action. The contact no 22660000 is under repair!!

Urgent action requested.

Residents of Iyyappa reddy colony.
lakshmi g
Mar 27, 2015

remove the street light pole

Regarding street light pole which is situated in front of my house I.e #685/1, 6th main, 3rd block, BEL layout, Vidyaranyapura. That pole is not situated properly its shaking and very much rusted, bent towards road side so its very unsafe and dangerous for us and the people who walks on that road so please kindly remove that street light pole before happens any accident please do the needful as earliest as possible.
Mar 22, 2015

Roads not Tarred for the last 13 years

HBR Layout 5th Cross , 9th A Main Road have not been tarred for the last 13 years , This is a BDA layout and the condition of the layout is very bad and despite repeated complaints to the city corporation.

Can someone quickly address the issue ...
Mar 20, 2015

Too many street dogs

Too many dogs in our colony, Sillkboard colony, Near Kakappa layout, 3rd Cross,11th Main Hongasandra, begur road, Bangalore-68.

Two wheelers not able to go via this colony, specially during late nights.

Kids & elders are scared to walk on street.

Unable to sleep at night due to dogs barking.

Request to help here with immediate action.
Mar 20, 2015


This is regarding the space below the Kadugodi Flyover, Bangalore.

Right infront of the Sai Baba Ashrama Gate, the open space below the bridge is encroached on both the sides by PhotoFrame, Tender Coconut and other Vendors.

2 Wheeler, 4 wheeler and auto park in the shade place below the bridge and get into time pass conversations, leading to blockage of traffic on the road to cross across.

This has led to problems for the crossing of road for pedestrians and the vehicles .

Request the appropriate authorities to look into issue and clear the encroachment below the flyover.
Mar 20, 2015


The Railway Foot Overbridge is newly constructed at the Whitefield Railway station, Bangalore.

Vegetable and various other vendors have already encroached in the staircase on both the sides of the Bridge.

The entrance to the Foot Overbridge from the Kadugodi Bus Stop is completely encroached by Food Vendors and various other vendors, and has let to difficulties for people to enter/exit the footbridge.

This has led to problems for the pedestrians

Request the appropriate authorities to look into issue and clear the encroachment.
Mar 4, 2015

Garbage Collection

There has been no garbage collection for the past 04 days in B V K Iyengar Road, Bangalore 53. The garbage Was Dumped By B B M P Workers It Self Collected From Road Side (MUD GARBAGE) And Dumped That Next To Our Shop On Monday 02/03/15
(March 02 Nd) @ Around 10.45 AM, And Promised That They Will Clean Within 01 Hour.

But Till Today 05/03/2015 No Worker Or Official Person Turned To Clean The Garbage. Now After 03 Days Lots Of Smell Is Coming From That Garbage...

So We Request You To Clean The Garbage As Earliest As Possible...

Your's Faithful Shop Owners Of "B V K Iyeangar Road"

Thanks In Advance
Mar 3, 2015

Slabls missing in Dairy Circle Foot paths

Dear Sir/Madam,

Slabs on gutter/drainage is missing in Dairy Circle foot path, especially while coming from Nihmans towards Dairy Circle. Please look into the same and get the slabs installes on the drainage/gutter so that we can avoide accidents.


Murali Navale
Mar 2, 2015

Pigs and Garbage in the colony

This is to keep you informed if it has not come to your notice , that there are few pigs running around the compound of the prestigious IIM institution. We have been seeing these pigs here in the locality for quite some time now without any concerned taking any action to drive it out from the place while the Swine flu has been spreading in and around Bangalore.

The exact location is while entering the Vijaya Bank Layout, right behind HSBC adjacent to IIMB on Bannerghatta Road.
Secondly there has been heaps of garbage in the entrance of Vijaya Bank Layout next to the BSNL office. The vacant site adjacent to BSNL office has become the dumping yard for the public to throw garbage. Even though the concerned people clear the garbage frequently from the site, the other team of the same office ( garbage cleaning people who collect it on the push cart ) dump the collected garbage in the open site.

Request and appreciate you to take necessary action at the earliest and drive these pigs from the layout and clear the garbage in the open site and see that it is clean always at the layout.

Resident of Vijaya Bank layout.
Mar 2, 2015

Bad construction in neighbourhood

New construction near FoodCamp, 1st main, 10th cross, Malleshwaram, is happening without giving a heed to the neighbours plea about safety standards.

Their construction already brought down the compound wall of the adjacent building. Now flooring work has started without a tarpoline sheet to cover the dust.

The fine dust emanating from this construction is having bad effects on the health of people living near by.

Please take stringent action against them.
Feb 24, 2015

Bad Main Road

Bad roads causing many Lung problems
Dear Sir/Madam,

We are staying in the area "Jagadish Nagar,BBMP -ward 87 ,1st main road bangalore -560075 . From the past several years we are badly effected by incomplete or improper roads in this area and many school buses and heavy vehicles travel via this road for several purposes. Since the road condition is too bad and too much dust flying while vehicles passing through this road, we are getting diseased by many Lung problems including small children. Kindly notice this area and complete the road construction as soon as possible.

Thanks and Regards,
Feb 6, 2015

ejipura roads in a bad state for over 3 mobths

Cemented roads in good condition in Ejipura were dug up about 3 months back for sewage related work. Post completion of this the roads are left in a pathetic state. So much so, you feel like you are in a remote secluded village that has never seen tar roads. My wife is pregnant and with no alternate roads available we are forced to go through this day in and day out. While we were hoping the tarring process will start soon it's ironical that the roads are now being dug all over again! Is something going to be done about this at all? Is the convenience of locals no more important to the concerned authorities?

Ejipura bangalore.
Jan 30, 2015

Bad roads causing many Lung problems

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are staying in the area "Greengarden Layt, Saibaba Temple Road, Munnekoala, Near Kundalahalli Gate Signal 560037". From the past several years we are badly effected by incomplete or improper roads in this area and many school buses and heavy vehicles travel via this road for several purposes. Since the road condition is too bad and too much dust flying while vehicles passing through this road, we are getting diseased by many Lung problems including small children. Kindly notice this area and complete the road construction as soon as possible.

Thanks and Regards,
Sai ashirwad garden
Jan 25, 2015

construction work without public safety & BBMP approval

Dear Sir,
There is a construction work going on for last 2 months without taking any public safety measures.
The brick fall down near my head, I was saved by just 2-3 inch. Mr S Reddappa who is from Singasandra/manipal caunty road Khata No 754/60/2 is doing illegal construction and without taking care of public safety.
Any time accident can happen as the construction work going on just infront of road and near to Sai Ashirwad garden apartment where more than 48 family residing. The land owner's contact number 9845757718

I request your help in concern of public safety.

With Regards,
Chandra Mauli
Sai Ashirwad Garden
Jan 16, 2015


sir, my house behind vacant site available in there garbage dumping other near by tenet due to that heavy bad smell and mosquitoes please arrange bmmp staff clear the carbage
Jansi ravichander
Jan 9, 2015

Drainage problem

Dear Sir,

We are fed up of complaining about this drainage pipes in Ejipura and every time its blocked near Chavera church, GM 3rd cross. But BBMP people come and but they dont cleann it fully and once in 15 days we need to call the BBMp vehicle to clean the Drainage and they demand every time money.. Every time we need to pay them.

Also its such disgusting issue that they throw all Dirts removed from drainage in front of my home only and hence we request you to look into this and ensure the dirt's are not thrown in front of our house and they dispose it immediately and cleaning.

Failing which we need to again pay for the Garbage person who is more demanding fro clearing this drainage debris.

Hope we get a immediate response to clean the drainage blocks permanantly.

Mr and Mrs.Ravichander

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