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BBMP, Bangalore


Consumer complaints and reviews about BBMP, Bangalore

Jun 23, 2016

Streat lights are not burnt and not working

Place: 3rd Cr, 3rd Main, Manasa Nagar, Nagarabhavi 1st stage, near Nagarabhavi circle and Govt Prim School, Bangalore-560072.
Yesterday evening (23-June-2016) Street lights are burnt with huge fire and non on the light is working in that road, its very difficult to commute in that area and road , please fix this issue as early as possible and do the needful.

Jun 18, 2016

potholes & bad road

We stay in 2nd cross shantinagar Bangalore.27 the condition of our road is very bad & full of potholes even adjoining roads of shantinagar is of similar condition, its been more than 5 years the new tar been laid and so request authorities to lay proper road.

ashok kumar,
2nd cross,Bangiappa gardens, Near Down Town Works
Shantinagar, Bangalore 560027
Ramu N
Jun 17, 2016

Tar Road not put since last 2 years

Dear Sir,

I am residing in 4th Main, Muniyappa Garden, K.R Puram, Bangalore -560036.
The road was digged to lay kaveri water pipeline in 2014, since then the road was not repaired.
Tar road repairs was done for almost all the crosses in Muniyappa Garden many times in the last 2 year. But It is missed only in 4th Main since last 2 years.
so our humble request is to lay tar road again.

Ramu N
Jun 14, 2016

Regarding CMC water

Respected Sir/Madam,

We stay in mariyannapalya near lumbini garden hebbal,we have sooo much of problem with CMC water.......water comes to every one next house only to us it doesn't come....The water man asks us money every month 500 rs for him, but still we don't get water ,we don't have any other source for water expect buy it ,we need to buy 6 tankers every month, water service which water is not good ...........
Kindly please help us !!!!!

Jun 4, 2016

No SANITARY and NO DRAINAGE past 15 Years

No SANITARY and NO DRAINAGE past 15 Years

Respected Sir / Mam,
In our road there is no SANITARY and DRAINAGE facilities from past 15 years. we are facing very difficult to living there...
* authority person no one has responding till now.
* in rainy season water will come direct to homes.
* snakes are coming to the homes
* no street lightn* 10-15 dogs are disturbing to public
kindly look into this and do the needful.

Thanks & Regads,
Anand V

Location : No.27, 4th Cross, Krishna Layout, Hulimavu, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore - 560076

No SANITARY and NO DRAINAGE past 15 Years No SANITARY and NO DRAINAGE past 15 Years No SANITARY and NO DRAINAGE past 15 Years No SANITARY and NO DRAINAGE past 15 Years No SANITARY and NO DRAINAGE past 15 Years

raghu thekahalli
Jun 2, 2016

bad road in simhadri layout uttarahalli

Dear sir,

2 roads in simhadri layout uttarahalli are not aspalted for several years now. The roads are so
pathetic that we cannot even walk as the stones roll over on keeping the foot. Children have fallen
many a times and have badly hurt themselves. Aged people with leg pains cannot walk and no auto
rickshaws come there. It is very difficult to balance and ride 2 wheelers. Please help us. There is a huge
hole in road and car wheel collapsed and got stuck there. This looks very dangerous. Photo is attached
Jun 1, 2016

Worst Roads

Dear Sir/Madam,
I just want to bring our road condition to ur notice !! I'm not sure how many of the above problems are answered/addressed!

I'm Sravanthi and I stay in 1st Main 2nd block of Ayyappanagar.
Since 1 year the roads are worst and nobody is taking any action for this! It has such a deep part holes that a car wheel can stuck completely inside of it!! It's very scary road.
Also the main road which connects K R Puram to Hudi has become horrible as the traffic has increased a lot due to Hudi flyover.. They always dig the road for some or the other pipes but doesn't feel responsible for closing it neatly..
Please take some action on this Sir..
Let's keep our Bangalore clean and green..

Sravanthi- 9731558799
May 30, 2016

Boganahalli main road is in shatters

Boganahalli main road that forks from panathur main road, is in the worst possible state, it has no potholes but only craters in it, and this is supposed to be a main road, where BMTC buses ply. Multiple complaints on this regard have fell on deaf ears. Can we please have this fixed before the rainy season, so that people can travel peacefully without having to put their health and vehicles at the risk of damage.
vijendra singh
May 25, 2016

sewage water coming on road

Sewage Water Coming Out For Past One Week On Road And Damaging

BBMP ā€” Potholes

Byatarayanapura ā€” 8, 2nd Main Rd, Kanaka Nagar, Jogappa Layout, Nagavara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560032, India

Sewage water coming out for past one week on road and damaging road below flyover which connects hebbal and is near manyata tech pack opposite lake before tata motors showroom.
May 22, 2016

Illegal raising of road level by owner of newly up coming building

My lane road level as well as Chamber are raised illegally by a newly constructed building. Which paves way to flow rain water in my house. Please restore it. Address. 3rd bylane, 3rd cross, 2nd Main , S P Naidu Layout. Vijinapura, Bangalore -16.
Jay Bharath
May 16, 2016

Tar Road not put only for one cross

I am residing in 11th Cross, 6th Main MSR nagar, Bangalore -560054.

Tar road was put for almost all the crosses in MSR nagar. It is missed only in 11th Cross.

The road is put in the opposite cross, pipeline road and almost all the parallel road,

Please address this issue. the road looks horrible, only patched were put. There is Government ration shop in this cross.
May 7, 2016

Garbage collection

There are trucks & autos with fully filled garbage parked in our area for more than 2 months now. They segregate waste in the area & it stinks all the time so much so that we can't even come out of our houses to get fresh air. Even they burn plastic wastes making situations worse. Mosquitoes too are ever increasing. None is removing the vehicles. Our repeated requests have gone in vain

Garbage collection

Indu krishna
May 7, 2016

Cleaning lake

There is a lake near my house in nagarabhavi 2nd stage 11th block.its surrounded by a beautiful park,houses and wide road,and ambedkar engieering collage.
But,the lake is completely filled with garbage,and unwanted weeds.senior citizens residing near by, hesitate to take morning walk ,fearing mosquitoes and stinking smell of the lake.
Parents fear to send the kids to the play area in the park because of foul smell and snake that may wmerge out of lake
I request the authorities to clean the lake which beautifies nagarabhavi and make residents to use park and enjoy clean ennvironment.
Thank you
Apr 30, 2016

New road being dugged by a upcoming new building

Thank you for laying new roads in Whitefield. There is new building coming next to Zuri Hotel had dugged the road across and has left a bump. It has basically destroyed the new road and slowing traffic down. Need some action on owner to fix this.
Apr 27, 2016

clean lake

I work in cognizant in bagmane tech park . There is a lake next to cognizant which is in a bad condition. So much garbage is there. Its stinking now . lake is very dirty. i request you to clean lake as soon as possible and take some steps so that no one could throw garbage in it . I hope action will be taken in near furure.

cognizant employee
bagmane tech park
cv raman nagar
Apr 26, 2016

please put tar for the road


Am a resident ffrom 20th cross Akshayanagar 2nd block in Ramamurthynagar. Just about 6 months back tar road was put to 20th cross road after facing 3 years of mud road due to bbmp election. Kaveri pipeline was done already before laying tar road. But now again road is digged to lay big Kaveri pipeline for p n t layout. the road has become very bad..so much dusty and kids n elderly people are affecting with allergies due to dust infection. Both main road n 20th cross road... 20th cross road is main connectivity road for other layouts... So many school buses Will also use this road for the same good connectivity reasons... Hence please request to lay tar road again.

Thank you,
Apr 24, 2016

JAKKUR double road dug 2 months ago, not fixed yet. Full of dust and inconvience to travel.

Respected Sir,
Being a resident of Dr.Shivarama Karanth Nagar, I commute to office everyday via the DOUBLE ROAD (Jakkur Main road). Even though the road was fair enough to travel every day, they have dug an entire stretch of 300 meters and it has been over 2 MONTHS NOW, the road has not been tarred or fixed. This has caused HUGE AMOUNT OF INCONVENIENCE to travel. You will be able to see A CLOUD OF DUST before 200 meters you hit the road.
For people who travel via two wheelers, it is like going through HELL. There is too much dust, so much dust that the visibility range is till the next 5 meters and travelling in a bike in the night is HORRONEOUS. This has been a PAIN POINT FOR ALL THE PEOPLE TRAVELLING IN THAT ROAD.
Request you to please fix this road at the EARLIEST. This is the double road which is the extension of jakkur main road. Iā€™m pretty sure that you are already flooded with complaints about this. If people breathe this amount of dust during their travel, it is certain that many will develop RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS and you may never be in our good books.
Thanking You,
Vikas Hiremath
Thara Narasimhan
Apr 22, 2016

unable topay property tax 2016-17

MY PID No is 74-1-452 and and SAS base appication no is 136389 and I have not been able to pay the property tax of Rs 5266 either by onlne payment or by Challan. the system does not open the screen for payment. I am a senior citizen and perplexed. please help Thara Narasimhan mobile 9980992534
Apr 20, 2016

Bad Road

Dear Sir
Oct 2015 , BBMP started laying the pipleline in Maruthi Nagar (Kogillu, Yelhanka, Bangalore). For this purpose entire tar road was digged and pipeline was laid down. After that road condition became pathetic with lots of hump and pot holes. When it rains it become slippery and become quite dangerous. I have to ride bike for commuting to my office and I have no choice left but to ride. Already I have a slip disc and doctor has advised me not to ride bike. But looks like I have no choice. So, Our humble request to please lay good tar road so that life of ppl leaving in this area can be saved.

Apr 9, 2016

Half Tarring of Road completed for Riches Regal Layout, Kalkere due to which vehicles are getting stuck due to small stones laid in road for 2 months

I am staying in Riches Regal Layout, Kalkere, Bangalore. The BBMP folks have put the jelly ( small stones before tarring) it is about 2 months now. They did the tarring for half layout and left incomplete. We are unable to drive 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers as the tyres of the vehicles are getting struck and had to park our vehicles somewhere far away. Called up BBMP Engineer and outsourced contractor several times always same response will be done in 2 days and it is almost 6 weeks now.

The Riches Regal layout is opposite to Old Anjaneyya temple of Kalkere main road. Appreciate at least someone notices and this gets addressed at the earliest.

Half Tarring of Road completed for Riches Regal Layout, Kalkere due to which vehicles are getting stuck due to small stones laid in road for 2 months Half Tarring of Road completed for Riches Regal Layout, Kalkere due to which vehicles are getting stuck due to small stones laid in road for 2 months Half Tarring of Road completed for Riches Regal Layout, Kalkere due to which vehicles are getting stuck due to small stones laid in road for 2 months Half Tarring of Road completed for Riches Regal Layout, Kalkere due to which vehicles are getting stuck due to small stones laid in road for 2 months

Apr 6, 2016

Road cleaning

Mrs Kalpana
No409 9th c Main HRBR I blick, Kalyan Nagar Bangalore-560043
Ward No 27
Dear Mayor
Our road is not cleared of piles of filth from past Four months. Trees leaves and flowers have filled the road . In spite of repeated complaints to corp orator nothing has been done. Road cleaners just sweep it and have created big heaps making it a home to all creatures and they have also clogged the rain water drains. Sometimes I feel there is no agency to take accountability for anything in this society. All our complaints just go unheard and this is the price we have to pay for being a loyal citizen of this society ,
Hope this complaint would meet its ends.
Mar 15, 2016

Request for a help with regards to water block during raining in my locality.

I am residing at JP nagar 6th cross,5th phase,Vinayaknagar,Bangalore-78.During rainy season we are troubling lot due to water blockage in the street. Because there is no drainage facility for rain water flow. Already we complained to BBMP.But still now they are not taking any necessary steps.Due to water block in the street,that water is coming to our house also.Please take necessary steps to resolve this problem.

Thanks and regards,

Mar 15, 2016

Broken service road/sewage canal and transformers on the road-make patform on left side

Respected Sir/Madam,

I work in Ecospace and it is a task to walk in the service road every day to work.Service road after RMZ Ecospace in Bellandur is in very bad condition and breaks down for every rain.In spite of the newly constructed road before 2.5yrs, the road is in pathetic condition.When it rains, the location of holes is not visible. The entire stretch from ecospace till central mall becomes a nightmare....full of water and holes. Its is very risky for walking and driving.There is a sewage canal on the left and loose soil there broke down and the size of the hole in the road has become so big that it has come to the middle of the road.Please make a foot path in the left closing the sewage canal.Without this as the traffic is chocking in the road the walkers are stranded and has every chance in falling in the canal and dying. Moreover,in the same road, the broken transformers are lying on the road making it very difficult for people for walk. I kindly request you to take necessary action immediately.Your timely actions could prevent disasters and save lives of many people including me who walk the stretch everyday morning and night.
Mar 12, 2016

Plastic Bags used by Ur Door Step.com

Ur Door Step.com the retailer in Kasvanhalli area is still using plastic bags. Can we stop him from using plastic bags
Mar 12, 2016

Worst road condition

Dear Sir,

I stay in Kasavanahalli, Bangalore, pin-560035. The road condition is pretty bad which connects to kaikondrahalli signal. It has many big holes in middle of the road. Due to this traffic has been increased drastically. Also several accidents took place in recent past.

This is the only road connects to kaikondrahalli and Sarjapur road,and due to lots of recent completed constructions traffic has been increased too. The regular priority transportation like school bus, ambulance, public transport has been hampered.

Kindly look into this matter and please take the action immediately.


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