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BBMP, Bangalore


Consumer complaints and reviews about BBMP, Bangalore

Aug 22, 2014

Road not good

Dear Sir,

I am a resident of Veerannapalya near Nagawara. About 5-6 months ago, the Veerannapalya road was tarred. Within this short span the road near to the entrance of Veerannapalya has sagged at so many places. The condition has become so worse that recently my car bumper has broken because of that.
Why don't you people take any action against such contractors who construct these low quality roads which could not even stay there for a year. I am sure there will not be any effect of this complain too as you must already be aware of such corrupt contractors who eat away all the money and lay such low quality roads. It is finally we , common man, who suffers. Karnataka has the highest road tax in India. And this is what we get in return of paying so high tax. As a responsible citizen, I have done my duty by informing you of such pathetic condition here. Now it is up to you if you want to take it forward or just ignore it. If I had the authority of cancelling the license of there corrupt contractors I would have done it then and there.
Aug 22, 2014

Garbage Disposal and Stray Dogs

Dear Sir,
I am from ISRO Layout of Munnekolal (ward # 149) (Marathahalli), Garbage is being disposed on the road side and BBMP people are not clearing it up. BBMP workers (sweeping women ) come to collect and pickup plastic bottles , milk covers ... to sell them but they are least bothered to clean that place. they simply split those trash bags and throw everything over there.. very bad point is - all used diapers, condoms, pads are being throwed out on the road.. this is a serious issue and BBMP people are least concerned about this.
And coming to Street dogs, sometimes i feel like our villages are far better than this city. we are very luck in one thing as we don't see pigs on the roads of this city..
Requesting you to please keep an eye on these and try to take care of these issues which are spoiling the image of our city.

Aug 22, 2014

Mosquitos making life difficult for children and residents

Dear Sir,
there is a huge threat of mosquito's at sadashiva temple road in kammanahalli, Rs palya opposite dinesh medicals, ignorant people have started dumping garbage and also urinating in the empty plot at the entrance of the road. which has resulted in heavy mosquito s arising in our vicinity, children and few residents are continuously falling ill due to this. please help atleast by fogging or any other alternatives to help us residents
Aug 21, 2014

Dangerous and pathetic road from Kundalahali Gate

Dear BBMP Sir ,

The road from Kundalahalli Signal towards Shirdi Sai Temple road is not good enough . Please tar the same. I have seen so many path holes in this stretch. Hoping you will be tarring the road soon as we saw a small stretch being tarred near Kundalahalli Gate signal.

Kundalahalli Gate resident
Nayak Ramanath
Aug 19, 2014

Ropad blocking by vehicle parking

Dear sir,

The approach road for BK Nagar at Yeshwanthpur is 4th cross from Yeshwantpur Main road. This road is blocked by vehicles parked on the road itself permanently by the residents and merchants. Due to this only one vehicle can move on the road. If a vehicle comes from other side then either of the motorist should take reverse till the main road. This is a problem we are facing. Please take action on these vehicle owners and ensure that there will not be any parking on the road.

Also there are too many illegal constructions on this road and people encroached the road by opening shops and garages. due to which the road is always parked with vehicles and troubling the public since long. A humble request to you to close the garage and removal of parking permanently and clear the road from all problems.

BK Nagar, YPR, BLR
Aug 19, 2014

Neighbour drains waste water to the road

Date: 19 Aug 2014
Subject: Neighbour drains waste water to the road.

The corner house at end of 7th cross, RHB Colony, Mahadevpura, Bangalore drains waste water to the road, that goes to an open space & creates a little pond, which stink. This stagnant water become the breeding ground for mosquitoes.

This open space/field is used by children to play & people use it for a shortcut road to reach main road.

Please do the needful.

7th Cross, RHB colony
amosh kiran
Aug 18, 2014

BAR at residental area

We are the resident of Rachanahalli Thanisandra main road ward no 6 we are facing lots of problems from the local BAR which is newly constructed in the residential area recently the people drink and loiter around the residents and the BAR owner and the property owner least concerned we being families unable to walk around freely and women’s and old people are unable to be free.
The safety of the residents are not safe every day there is a fight picked up by the strangers and block the main road litter dump all the wastage liquor bottles packets around the road and residents.
The police says they cannot do much about this We required quick action towards this by the authorities.
amosh kiran
Aug 18, 2014

Drinking water issue

Respected Sir,

We are the resident of Rachanahalli Thanisandra main road ward no-6 are facing drinking water issue we are not getting proper drinking water the line men says that there is pump issue that the BBMP should take care of the repair, it is 4 months past that we don’t have water we were in the impression of the same the BBMP will rectify the issue but it delayed every day we spend Rs.400/-for water tanker.

This is very unacceptable situation that your Department people are not responding to any kind of issue at ward number -6 which includes the area councilor as well. I had to put this forward and bring to your notice after the lots of time waiting on the same issue.

I have no idea why people of the residents have to face this sort of an unacceptable issue even after an BBMP office located very nearby the same location. People will loss impression if these things persists further.

May kindly look into this issue for rectifying and giving proper responsible officer to maintain the issue at ward no-6,we all hope that things will change after bringing this issue to your notice.
Aug 17, 2014


Dear Sir/Madam,
Improved street lighting can contribute to significantly reduce crime. Kindly have a look at Babusabpalya . There is a great feeling of insecurity to walk home after work as there are no proper street lights in some corners where any woman/man is open to attack. The most unfortunate is that there is a bar in the residential area and is not safe to walk specially during odd hours. Appreciate if you could kindly help with proper street lighting and Police rounds in that area and help reduce crimes and protect innocent lives.There are but handful of light poles that barely work and lacks proper lighting. In addition, since Babusabpalya (Service road/Bus-stop) is a very busy road, pedestrians find it extremely difficult to cross the roads as there is no safe gap in the traffic. Especially nights are dangerous as heavy vehicles pass by. It would be great if there is a signal-controlled intersection where it helps the pedestrians to safely cross other side of the road. Looking forward to hearing from you ASAP. Thanks & Regards-Pam
Aug 16, 2014

Building compound wall for burial land in AECS Layout, Singasandra.

Burial land in AECS layout A block, Singasandra village doesn't have any compound wall and it is very difficult to differentiate residential site with burial land. Request BBMP to build compound wall around burial land.
Aug 8, 2014

cleaning of Road.

Hi sir, This is abhishek i am living in BTM 2nd stage. I have travel 20 km ,from BTM to KR Puram to reach my office. Throughout the road till KR Puram , both side of road is covered thick layer of dust and other garbage. Because of that no vehicle go in most left and Right lane of Road , which is the biggest reason of traffic on road. These road have not been clean from so long time. Driving a two wheeler on dusty road have dangerous of slipping of two wheeler. Since its is the one of the best city in india, and the Govt. have responsible to keep clean and safe. So my kindly request to you, please take the proper action. and I hope Road will get clean soon. and i might be drive safely.
Aug 7, 2014

worst road from subbaiah circle mission road


Its been ages since some one has tarred entire mission road. There are huge craters and pot holes every where on the road. The pavements are in bad shape.. and the roads are ditry.. specially near photo flash where the bus stand is present.

Kindly look into this.

anitha mahesh
Aug 6, 2014

Bad Road CONDITION at chinnapanahalli

Dear BBMP Sir ,

The road from Karthik Nagar towards Chinnapanahalli railway gate and the same till the service road to Total Mall Shopper Road is not good enough . Please tar the same. I have seen some plants being put recently . Hoping you will be tarring the road soon as we saw a small stretch being tarred in front of Bhagini and the Tech Park on the same.

A citizen
Aug 2, 2014

Garbage dump on street

Dear Sir,

We the residents of Girinagar 4th phase staying near Muneshwara Temple are facing lot of problems due to garbage dumped by BBMP on the street everyday, they bring the garbage everyday in several auto-rickshaws from different locations and dumping flatly on the street. though the garbage lorry attempts to take away the garbage dumped on the street, still a major chunk of it will be left over as the load is too much even for the lorry.

we face lot of problems like stinking smell, very unhealthy environment, mosquito menace and the more than 3/4 th portion on the road is unusable for commuters.

Moreover, everyday the garbage lorry and around 3 to 5 auto-rickshaws blocks the road completely in morning peak hours 7 - 11, doing activities like dumping the garbage on street, sorting the plastic, paper and wood before uploading it on lorry. this is causing the commuters, mainly the school children to either take different route which is longer OR to somehow manage to pass that dirty stinking place.

we sincerely request the concerned authorities to kindly intervene and take necessary actions in this regard to shift the garbage dumping and sorting point to a non-residential area.

Thanks & Regards,
Near Muneshwara Temple
Girinagar 4th phase, Bangalore
Aug 1, 2014

Dogs in Benaganahalli Area

Hi Sir,
Here Beniganahalli area 25+ dogs are threre. In daily one person bite affected by dogs.
Jul 25, 2014

sanitary work stoped Mosquito problems

from Last 1 month we r facing drinage problem this bbmp people made half work and they have stopped working now rain came water has been stored in rode side . we are facing Mosquito problems thier are so many family in this road .we scared about dengue fever . Pls do the needful and help us
Vikram N
Jul 25, 2014

Mosquito problem in Raghavendra layout Kammagondan Halli

Serious Mosquito problem in Raghavendra layout Kammagondanhalli,
There is risk of spreading Dengue/malaria, Quickly take action for Fogging/pestisides.
During day and night time also mosquitoes are attacking on people.
Take necessery action without delay.
Jul 21, 2014


The Commissioner,

There is no street light in area near Thanisandra main road .there are many new apartments in this area.Many people are staying here.we all suffer during night time here.Please do the needful.
Jul 17, 2014

Illegal construction of buildings


Some of the builders are constructing 3 to 4 floors buildings illegally with out taking govt permissions.
Also they are occupying govt road as well...

Address: Survey no: 35/p16, Mega city layout, Maragondanahalli, bangalore -560036.

Also they are troubling other people as well. Please take this issue as priority and stop the illegal constructions.

Jul 17, 2014

microwave popcorn smoke is toxic

Im Chetan Gowda

This is bringing into your notice, Everyday When i walked toward jaynagr 4th block near to cool joint & Canola, We are facing breathing problem due to microwave popcorn smoke, eyes & nose burning & breathing is very difficult while passing from that area. Already there is notification by mentioned as for concerned area, smoke has been prohibited, even though they are creating problems for the public we are frustrated by this.

Kindly take necessary action on this and do the needful for the public.
umesh phatak
Jul 16, 2014

street lights on ITPL and Varthru Road

Street lights on roads leading to ITPL and Varthur-Hopefarm from Kundalahalli Junction are not lit. Lights glow randomly and it
looks like no one owns the responsibility of putting them on and off. Please look into this matter as traffic on both these roads
is very heavy
Jul 15, 2014

No Street Lights and No paint to Speed breaker

The Commissioner / Executive Engineer,

Respected Sir,

Sub: Complaint regarding No street lights and No paints to Speed breakers in HSR Layout service road adjacent to Agara Lake.

The service road of HSR Layout adjacent to Agra lake is very dangerous to travel at night times there are no street lights and there is one speed breaker which is not necessarily needed and it has not been painted. The people who will travel at night they can not identify that speed breaker and they met with an accident with minor and major injuries(am not sure local people were telling one Spot death happened recently ).

I am reporting this complaint because i myself met with an accident because of that speed breaker so i do not want any one to suffer like me.

Please consider this complaint and do the necessary work to be done to avoid accidents.

Amith T D
Jul 14, 2014

Garbage collection adjacent to residences

Dear Sir,

I would like to bring to your kind notice regarding the problems being faced by residents of 28th main of BDA layout in Banashankari 2 nd stage near fire brigade, KEB office and Devegowda petrol bunk.

The place near the transformer which is adjacent to our residences is being used as garbage
collection centre from other neighboring localities . Everyday morning, garbages collected from different localities are brought near our residences and dumped to a lorry permanently parked there. Half of the garbage will be spilt in the place . The surrounding place will be stinking very badly. We are forced to breathe the polluted air due to the garbage of the entire area . This is affecting  of all residents nearby . Also this being a heavy traffic area , all the commuters are forced to close their nose and mouth while passing this area.  

Mosquito menace has increased and children and old people living here are falling sick very frequently.

Added to these Woes, whenever it rains, all these garbage get pushed to the storm water drains and sewage lines blocking the flow in the drains. The same polluted drain water is seeping in to borewells as well.

Just to say in short , we have been forced to live in most unhygienic environment .

We request you to personally look into the matter and help in resolving these issues.
Appreciate quick response.


Residents of 28 th main, 28 th cross
Banashankari 2 nd stage
Ph. 9480611364
Jul 13, 2014

Street Light


The Executive Engineer
Bangalore - 560098

Respected Sir,

Sub:- Street light Without lights

With respect to the above subject, would like to bring to your kind notice that we had lodged a complaint in the Rajarajeshwarinagar , BBMP office. at Ward Number 160. on 09/07/2014 for the street light blub been off in three of streets for the past 3 days, however the concern outsourced team / engineer is giving numerous reason for not coming, inspite of personally registering and following on daily basis, the complaints are not been looked upon.
Would request you to do the needful to the below address

Bangalore - 560098

Thanking you
Yours truly

Jul 11, 2014

Garbage disposal next to Apartments and Residential Layout

The Commissioner,

Dear Sir,

Recently we see lot of BBMP vehicles are dumping Garbage next to residential layouts, Apartment(Chaitra shelters layout, Presitage Casabella, Elite Greenwood Apartment) in Chikka togur. This is making the location unfit for living due to dirty smell, lot of Eagles, flies, etc. Please take necessary action not to dump the Garbage in chikkatogur.


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