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BBMP, Bangalore


Consumer complaints and reviews about BBMP, Bangalore

Jul 21, 2014


The Commissioner,

There is no street light in area near Thanisandra main road .there are many new apartments in this area.Many people are staying here.we all suffer during night time here.Please do the needful.
Jul 17, 2014

Illegal construction of buildings


Some of the builders are constructing 3 to 4 floors buildings illegally with out taking govt permissions.
Also they are occupying govt road as well...

Address: Survey no: 35/p16, Mega city layout, Maragondanahalli, bangalore -560036.

Also they are troubling other people as well. Please take this issue as priority and stop the illegal constructions.

Jul 17, 2014

microwave popcorn smoke is toxic

Im Chetan Gowda

This is bringing into your notice, Everyday When i walked toward jaynagr 4th block near to cool joint & Canola, We are facing breathing problem due to microwave popcorn smoke, eyes & nose burning & breathing is very difficult while passing from that area. Already there is notification by mentioned as for concerned area, smoke has been prohibited, even though they are creating problems for the public we are frustrated by this.

Kindly take necessary action on this and do the needful for the public.
umesh phatak
Jul 16, 2014

street lights on ITPL and Varthru Road

Street lights on roads leading to ITPL and Varthur-Hopefarm from Kundalahalli Junction are not lit. Lights glow randomly and it
looks like no one owns the responsibility of putting them on and off. Please look into this matter as traffic on both these roads
is very heavy
Jul 15, 2014

No Street Lights and No paint to Speed breaker

The Commissioner / Executive Engineer,

Respected Sir,

Sub: Complaint regarding No street lights and No paints to Speed breakers in HSR Layout service road adjacent to Agara Lake.

The service road of HSR Layout adjacent to Agra lake is very dangerous to travel at night times there are no street lights and there is one speed breaker which is not necessarily needed and it has not been painted. The people who will travel at night they can not identify that speed breaker and they met with an accident with minor and major injuries(am not sure local people were telling one Spot death happened recently ).

I am reporting this complaint because i myself met with an accident because of that speed breaker so i do not want any one to suffer like me.

Please consider this complaint and do the necessary work to be done to avoid accidents.

Amith T D
Jul 14, 2014

Garbage collection adjacent to residences

Dear Sir,

I would like to bring to your kind notice regarding the problems being faced by residents of 28th main of BDA layout in Banashankari 2 nd stage near fire brigade, KEB office and Devegowda petrol bunk.

The place near the transformer which is adjacent to our residences is being used as garbage
collection centre from other neighboring localities . Everyday morning, garbages collected from different localities are brought near our residences and dumped to a lorry permanently parked there. Half of the garbage will be spilt in the place . The surrounding place will be stinking very badly. We are forced to breathe the polluted air due to the garbage of the entire area . This is affecting  of all residents nearby . Also this being a heavy traffic area , all the commuters are forced to close their nose and mouth while passing this area.  

Mosquito menace has increased and children and old people living here are falling sick very frequently.

Added to these Woes, whenever it rains, all these garbage get pushed to the storm water drains and sewage lines blocking the flow in the drains. The same polluted drain water is seeping in to borewells as well.

Just to say in short , we have been forced to live in most unhygienic environment .

We request you to personally look into the matter and help in resolving these issues.
Appreciate quick response.


Residents of 28 th main, 28 th cross
Banashankari 2 nd stage
Ph. 9480611364
Jul 13, 2014

Street Light


The Executive Engineer
Bangalore - 560098

Respected Sir,

Sub:- Street light Without lights

With respect to the above subject, would like to bring to your kind notice that we had lodged a complaint in the Rajarajeshwarinagar , BBMP office. at Ward Number 160. on 09/07/2014 for the street light blub been off in three of streets for the past 3 days, however the concern outsourced team / engineer is giving numerous reason for not coming, inspite of personally registering and following on daily basis, the complaints are not been looked upon.
Would request you to do the needful to the below address

Bangalore - 560098

Thanking you
Yours truly

Jul 11, 2014

Garbage disposal next to Apartments and Residential Layout

The Commissioner,

Dear Sir,

Recently we see lot of BBMP vehicles are dumping Garbage next to residential layouts, Apartment(Chaitra shelters layout, Presitage Casabella, Elite Greenwood Apartment) in Chikka togur. This is making the location unfit for living due to dirty smell, lot of Eagles, flies, etc. Please take necessary action not to dump the Garbage in chikkatogur.

Jul 8, 2014

Garbage Colection

Dear Sir,

We are the residents of Sir.MV Nagar, Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore. Garbage collection staff's are not visiting regularly to our area particularly in First Cross,High Tension Lane, Kalkere Main Road, Bangalore. We cannot keep for so many days in our house which invites, Rats, Cockroach and etc., and due to this lapse of their service some people throwing garbage in the streets which creates more trouble like dirty smell and gathering dogs.

In spite of their assurances ( after making so many calls ) they are not keeping their schedule in our street and once in 5 days they are visiting which will ultimately spoils house atmosphere as well as stree atmosphere.

Please take this complain as serious one and do the needful


Jul 5, 2014


Dear Sir,

The Road in front of Jhanhavi Shelters behind Opal Akshay Villa at Akshaya Nagar, Begur Ward is in bad condition due to heavy vehicle traffic. This road is actually for residential use and only for light vehicle movements, but due to heavy vehicle (trailers and big trucks) movements, the road condition is worst and also there is no street lights in this road.
Please do the needful


Jul 4, 2014

Road work pending from 10 months

The road construction has been started in our street 10 months back. They have put the stones and left it as it is. Because of this children are getting injured and its been difficult to drive vehicle in the road. We are feeling the old mud road only better than this.

Kindly look into this issue and take the action immediately. The address is given below.

8 th CROSS , Laksmi layout, Arakere, JP Nagar 7 th Phase, near L & T south city appartments, bangalore
Jul 1, 2014

Dangerous and pathetic road after Rajarajeshwari Nagar signal

An entire stretch of 100m on Mysore Road immediately after the Rajarajeshwari Nagar arch has been in hopeless condition for two months now. Hardly 1 out of 4 lanes is in usable condition and vehicles from 4 lanes converge to one narrow lane after the signal and cause huge traffic congestion.

All that is required is to patch up a 100m of this busy road to prevent inconvenience to thousands of people who commute on this busy stretch every day. Also when it rains, the road is not only unusable but also deadly dangerous for two wheelers. Hope BBMP takes immediate action before some two wheeler slips and is run over by a bus/lorry.
Jun 26, 2014

Cleaning drains

We are residents of Veerabhadranagar ,Bangalore.ward no 158 deepanjali nagar.
All the drains near our house are filled with mud leading to stagnation of water. this is causing immense problem for us.We are finding it difficult to even travel on the roads as the water is flowing over the roads. To add on to this the workers who clear the trash from our area are also not coming from 15 days. All the trash is being disposed into empty sites leading to mosquitoes. There is a school nearby too. Many complaints to Mrs Malathi Venkataswamy our corporator has resulted in no results. WE kindly request the officials to see into this matter.
Jun 24, 2014

Street light Required

Hi Sir,

There is no street light fixed to the pole in the street : #22 7th main 1st cross Dead End Road S R Krishnappa Garden behind Chicken County Restaurant. please check and do the needfull.
Jun 24, 2014

Cleaning of Storm Water Drainage

Hi Sir,

The storm water drainage which is behind Fire station jayanagar R. A mundukur academy bannerghatta road is blocked with waste, mud due to this the surrounding is suffering from bad smell, mosquitos. please do the needfull.
Jun 22, 2014

drainage not cleaned


Iam sunil residents of vardarajnagar m.s.palaya,
Bangalore.from past 3months drainages are not cleaned,
Because of that water is overflow and full of masquitos
I spoke to the concern person he is saying that money is not
Paid by BBMP.please take care of this issue
Jun 21, 2014

Pathetically Bad road

Dear Sir / Madam
About a kilometer stretch of TC payla Main road from Raghavendra circle [Hotel Milan] towards Maj Gen Sandeep Unnikrishnan circle is in very bad condition. It is very difficult to drive on this road which is dug at every 10 meters interval. As you may be aware that it is a lifeline road for the citizens of NRI layout, Kalkere, Shanti layout and many other localities situated in and around. A prompt and timely action would result in lot of national revenue savings.
Thanking you in anticipation.
K-003, Keerthi Harmony
Jun 18, 2014

Road construction is been kept pending for last 8 months

Dear Sir,

The road construction has been started in our street 8 months back. They have put the stones and left it as it is. Because of this children are getting injured and its been difficult to drive vehicle in the road. We are feeling the old mud road only better than this.

Kindly look into this issue and take the action immediately. The address is given below.

12th Cross, 3rd Main,
Hoysala nagar,
Bangalore - 560016

Land mark : State bank of mysore ATM.
Jun 15, 2014

Roads in pathetic condition - Panathur

Dear Sir / Madam,

The roads are damaged since two years in Panathur Main Road and Bhoganahalli Road in Panathur area. It is really difficult to travel in this road. Bad roads affecting people's health and time. If it rains, it creates huge Traffic jam and severely affects people.

Hence, we request the concerned Authorities to take suitable action in repairing the Road in these areas.

Thanks and Regards,
Kalyana Chakravarti Eddanapudi
Panathur, Varthur Hobli, Bangalore-103
akram jameel
Jun 9, 2014


we are being supplied with sewage water through our water pipes. Initially we ignored thinking that this could be a problem because of some maintenance but its been over a week and we are getting the same quality water.We use to keep the taps open for half hour and the water use to be normal. But it is highly impossible for us to keep a tab on it on a daily basis. The water has entered the sump tank which we use for daily activities like washing vessels, clothes and that is the same water we drink using a RO filter which costed us 14000RS. The water filtered with such expensive filter also smells like sewage. few days we used to drink the same and also used the same for cooking purpose. but after two people got stomach pain in our family we stopped drinking. Who is to be blamed if there are any life threatening diseases occur to our family or to any of our neighbors. We shall like to claim a compensation for this negligence which is life threatening.
Jun 6, 2014

No Kauvery Water

Dear Sir,

We are not getting Kauveri water. We have spent 6000-- 8000 Rs to fix metres and of no use. The line boy will not respond to calls.

Location: GuruRaja Layout, Ist Main, III rd A cross.
Doddenekundhi. Marthahalli-560037.


Request you to please look into the issue.
Jun 6, 2014

Damaged Road near Nayandahalli

Dear Sir / Madam,

The roads are damaged since two years in Mysore road BHEL to Nayandahalli and RR Nagar Arch. It is really difficult to Travel in this Road.
And if it Rains, there will be overflow from Drainage as well and it creates Huge Traffic Jam and Severely affects People.

Hence, We Request the concerned Authorities to take suitable action in repairing the Road.

Thanks and Regards,
Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore-98.
Amit Kamat
Jun 6, 2014

No Road Left in Sahirdi sai nagar

Near Shirdi Sai baba temple there is nothing called "Road" left,every day a dozon of cars , trucks,school buses are getting stuck there and with monsoon arriving its becoming nightmare,Please do something about it,before any mishap occures.

Amit Kamat
Sapthagiri homes,Shirdi sai nagar,
Munnekolala,Marathalli post.
Jun 4, 2014

Roads dug & not filled

A couple of months ago, roads in Shirdi Sai Nagar, Munnekolala were dug to lay pipes (could be water or sewage) not sure about this. However, after these pipes were laid, the area was not filled/closed properly. Due to this, entire area is a mess. Every day a truck or a tractor or sometimes school buses get stuck as the soil has given away, leading to accidents and traffic jams.

Most schools have started & with monsoon about to set in, the current situation of the roads definitely is going to be an issue unless the roads are relaid immediately. Can something be done?
Jun 4, 2014

Water clogging

Road adjacent to Marathalli Staples is horrible condition due to water not getting dried off even after 2 days after the rain.
People climb walls and walk to cross the water.
Vehicles splashing muddy water over pedestraints. People need sharp driving skills to avoid skids and accidents.
A Old aged man fell infront of me while walking as there was no road for him to walk.
A very pathetic sad story of Bangalore road which is crowded with people and traffic but no raods and muddy water everywhere.

Kindly look into it as it is in horrible state by:
Clearly off water by building proper drains and roads.

A Taxpayer who faces this horror on a daily basis.

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