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BBMP, Bangalore


Consumer complaints and reviews about BBMP, Bangalore

Sep 5, 2015

road problem

Road condition in SMV Layout, 9th Block extension area, ullal, bangalore 560056.
The Road condition from MV Layout, 9th Block extension area towards main road. The traffic is increasing day by day. Vidhyanikethan school are there on main road which really causing more traffic. Many schools buses in the morning / evening obstructing the traffic. No road dividers are there, instead too many speed breakers which are meaning less.

Please take action sir.We always feel that, we are out of Bangalore.
Sep 1, 2015

Demanding money for collecting garbage

Garbage collector demands money .If refused to give then does not take the garbage.
Aug 25, 2015

Road condition in front of Nano hospital , Visveswaraya road

The road condition of M.Visveswaraya road, off Bannerghatta road is horrible !!! Excuse of elections is unacceptable...
Aug 12, 2015

Road condition in TC Palya

The Road condition from Rama murthy naga signal towards TC Palya is pathetic. The traffic is increasing day by day. Many schools are there on main road which really causing more traffic. Many schools buses in the morning / evening obstructing the traffic. No road dividers are there, instead too many speed breakers which are meaning less.

For a distance of 3-3.5 kms from ramamurthy nagar signal to TC palya (Anadapura), it is takes 20 minutes with great effort.
Many digs, no Traffic rules, creating lot of noise.

Please take action sir.We always feel that, we are out of Bangalore.
Aug 6, 2015

Garbage collection and Street Road Cleaning are not done properly - HRBR Layout, 2nd Block Kalyan Nagar.

Garbage collection and Street Road Cleaning are not done properly - HRBR Layout, 2nd Block Kalyan Nagar.


Kalyan nagar, 2rd D Cross, 6th A Main, 2nd Block, HRBR layout, Bangalore-560043,

Garbage collectors are demanding money for collecting expecting money for garbage collection else they are leaving it on the door as it is.

They sweep the street roads occasionally, its very stinking and all street dogs and castles will be eating the garbage collected/dumped in the vacant plot/site.

Its very difficult to talk to them, if we ask/request them to clean road and collect garbage, they react very wildly.

The Garbage collector(GC) is not coming regularly i.e. every 2-3 days gaps the Garbage Collector coming to street for collecting the garbage.
Accordingly ,the sanitary Inspector(SI) recommended to take a signature of GC in a sheet.
The signature was recorded in a sheet as per SI instruction to GC by the public,
but neither any BBMP officials verifying for the GC attendance in a street nor any other remedies for an action done.
in this street area all public are keeping the garbage upto 2-3 day in home or dumping into the drain. It is the main source of various decease and heaven for mosquito.

Please do the needful.

Hari Yogendra
Aug 5, 2015

drinage get block from last 7days

public drinage get blocked from last 7 days , till now nobody came and repair , pleace make it clear
Jul 29, 2015

unhealthy living conditions created because of a construction site.

#6 M.V Street
J.C Nagar Bangalore-560 006

I live in a good and clean area located on north Bangalore. Since last year there is a building construction going on next to my house, for some reason the construction is stopped. There are a lot of mosquitoes arising from that building as it has a big underground sump filled with water. Every night a group of people gather, they smoke and drink. All the cigarette smoke enters my house and the drunkards create some or the other problems as they brawl. There is a group of laborers living in it, they Cook using wooden chippings. Everyday early morning our house is full of carbon monoxide smoke as the wood is not burnt completely.
Somebody please help as I feel like I'm in some slum.
Jul 19, 2015

Tree Root Covering up the Drainage

Address :
Deverachikkanahalli Road, Royal Shelters, 3rd Cross, Phase - II, Opp to Site No. 203.

Respected Sir - Drainage Dept Officials, : This is to bring to your kind notice and requesting for the action on cutting the Root of the Road side tree which has grown Big and has covered the entire Drainage, The Rain water is logged and during heavy rains the water rushes to the Road. This is leading to serious mosquito related problems due stagnant water. There are small children around this site and we fear the dangerous diseases to spread. We request the BBMP to take immediate action to chop off the expanded root and set right the drainage stones. Please support for immediate action. For details contact : 080-25736564
Jul 16, 2015

Complaint on the tax collector by name Venkatesh from KR puram who cheated for 8000/- without receipts.

Respected Sir or BBMP team,

Myself Hassan Shaik has been facing a serious problem by name Venkatesh who is the tax collection officer working in K R puram. Myself and my brother brought a vacant land having the dimension 30*40 last year and we applied for loan for the construction of house. In accordance to that bank asked us to provide the documents and verified then and suggested us to bring Katha and updated tax paid receipts.

To do that activity we reached BBMP contact point where Venkatesh is working as tax collector. From here, we faced lot of problems and issue and finally we reached his superior and no use and i am reaching for the help.
I went to him with the documents and asked him what the procedure for the Tax payment is. He told all the details and asked us the bribe of total 8000/- for B katha and tax payment for the current assessment year. we have given that amount on April 21st 2015. From then he is asking to come today, tomorrow and it was extended till today and i haven't received anything.
finally, Bank lose their patience and rejected our loan which got approved and forced us to pay 5000/- as penalty for legal verification.
Tell me what to do now.. should i go to ACB and should i fought with him and request your action on him.
My concern though they demanding for bride and even taking after they are serving which is irritating and i am doing and meeting him daily where he is telling the different stories and i don’t have receipts and believe i was cheated completely.
I request you to take an action and get the things for me.

his number is 9980332929. and you can reach me anytime on hasan.shaik84@gmail.com.
Regards, Hassan,
Hussain L
Jul 13, 2015

Building projected on road side

Dear Sir,

In Papareddypalya circle near Ideal mart, the commercial corner building glazing work is projected 3 feet on road side, there are lot of issues will happen , so please take the necessary action as soon as possible.

Jul 6, 2015






people are sufferinmg from chicken guinea ,fever,dreaded diseases because of unclenliness and cowdung,gutters are not cleaned,empty site full of cowdung.

yOur haelth officers are not at all visiting and taking care after complaints also.

Jul 1, 2015

Why BBMP does not encourage vertical growth (apartments) in the city

Vertical growth is very apt for the city like Bangalore. But why BBMP charges heavily on basic facilities while providing for residents of apartments. commercial rates for Kaveri water connection, kaveri water and now for garbage collection. No kaveri water provided to Marathahalli area till one year back and now connections with commercial rates for domestic use, which is not fair. ofcourse, needless to say, connection comes only when you pay bribe as a percentage of deposit. Independent houses get more electricity meters, whereas common area of apartment gets only one or two, which just makes electricity bill 6 times more than normal. Day by Day maintenance is becoming higher for residents of apartments. why this discrimination is shown? Is it a curse buying a flat? charges are collected by BBMP during property tax collection and besides this we are all paying INR 30 to INR 40 per flat to garbage collector and now they say apartment should bear fully. so, now private contractor will just take advantage and charge us. Is BBMP not responsible to define the charges and take action if the appointed contractors charging high? do we have any voting system to support the complaint instead of making complaint individually?
Sandra Parker
Jun 23, 2015

Disturbance from Neighbor welding shop

Hi sir/madam,

There is an welding shop opposite to our house and they make lot of Disturbance and they play loud music the entire day which is disturbing the entire Lane, even after telling several times they don't off the music. This is happening from past few years. Also in residential place having an welding shop which disturbs is not good.

Please take some action, students are facing problem in exam times and in normal days, people who go for bought shift also facing problem because the music is so loud that you can't sleep nor watch TV or speak with your family members.

Address : 3rd g cross (dead end the shop is located) , Nagamma layout, kavalbysandra, bangalore - 560032.
Jun 19, 2015

Building Violation


This is to bring to your notice that building name Rama Arcade is not in a proper facility to be rented out. The building has multiple floors and does not have any safety in case of Fire or any emergency the owner has rented the property to multiple companies and all the people in the building are in utmost danger.

Such building should be closed down immediately till they are safe for people to work their. I hope some action will be taken and avoid any dangerous situation for people working there.

Address: #49/7&49/8,Rama Arcade, Bowring Hospital Road, Bangalore 560001

Thank you
Jun 19, 2015

Huge Pothole in Panathur Main road

There is a Huge Pothole near the Junction to Cisco back gate Kadubheesanahalli (Panathur main road ). Thousands of vehicles travel by this road and causing hindrance to traffic. Please take immediate action on this.
Jun 18, 2015

Bad Road Infrastructure -Marathalli-

I am resident at Bangalore Kundhanhalli last 8 years and never ever seen any good roads and footpath condition in around surrounding belt . Thrice government has change and local bbmp authority also changed but Marathalli ,Kundhanhalli , AECS layout ,hoodi .Hopefarm and Thubarhalli being neglected or not address properly due to incompetent authority , I visited all around country and even my knowledge Bihar .UP most underdeveloped state doesn't have this quality road and footpath where animals cannot walk .

It's shame for respective authority who compare the Bangalore with Silico Vally USA . Marathallu ,Kundhahlli all are entry point of Whitefield where daily hundreads of Foreign Client pass this place and billion of Tax government is collecting from this areas and surrounding IT companies and residents but zero output from anybody .
If our Prime Minister see the Roads Marathailli and Kundhanhalli I am sure he will take Banaprasha to Himalaya and some how his party is representing this ward . .

Not sure Bangalore really have any BBMP authority or money sucking authority who are accountable for this an I would equally blame to News paper media where they collect the best revenue from area but they never highlight or focus of this area to bring it front page of newspaper .

don't know I am making complaint or feeling sham that I am part of this area resident .. I don't expect much more from the authority as because I know due to some God grace and wrong media hype Bangalore became name and fame in the Global map and some people got chance to grown up their property assets by God grace but actually this city doesn't qualify for any under develop country village tag .
Jun 7, 2015

Dustbin at Entrance to Doddanekundi

My Councellor Mr.Sreedhar Reddy did a good job, of Devoliping this area IDoddanekundi) but it is the people who are spoiling whiling going on Motor bike or going in Car they throw and go, One week back it was not there, now a cement ring as come to throw the dustbin, people throw outside the Ring. Cows come in the Morning and makes the place more dirty, After that it stings you cant go that route, Foreigners are going in the Car to Ring road via Doodanekundi, what a shame we want Business, from them we only cant stay how will they stay. Please do clean up that place and put a Board, and fine the people. It is like throwing the Dustbin in front of your House.
Jun 7, 2015

Road Repairs Required

There is a serious need to repair the Kothnur Road leading to Jambu Savari Dinne from Bannergetta Main road adjacent to Holy Spirit School. It is evident that the roads were dug by BWSSB for laying water pipelines few months ago, there's no attention given in this area by BBMP after the pipeline work was over.
Please fix this road asap as rainfall makes commuting via this only option almost impossible for two and four wheelers alike.
subramaniam Ganesan
Jun 2, 2015

Garbage Dumping

Every day garbage is dumped at indiranagar, First cross, 9th cross, 3rd main corner.
It is not removed. Drainage overfows. Constant bad smell, stagnant water breeds Mosquitoes.
It is a big health hazard. 6 Cows wander here every day to eat garbage. Street dogs gather here for food. It is a big shame for Indiranagar. 9th cross road which has a prestigious school, has a lot of uneven surface and holes. Is there any solution.
k g siddappa
May 31, 2015

spreying of insecticide

While BBMP says they have spent 16 crores of rupees in the past four years for mosquito eradication, but it is not true, because the spraying of insecticides by the BBMP in 3rd main,6th cross Ganganagara, Bangalore - 32 happens never for the last one year. Here, the mosquito menace is too much, we fear the attach of dengue/chicken gunya and other deseases. it is hence for spreying of insecticide in this area.
May 21, 2015

Worst (East Bengaluru) Road condition after Marathahalli

I think BBMP completely forgot that Whitefield, Varthur, Graphite, Hope Farm, Hoodi, ITPL. are the part of the city and they have to fix the road. Most of the companies are there in ITPL and very high revenue are generating from this areas after that also we don't have road.

Roads are Muddy, Pothole, lack of alternate route.

After all this, funny thing is that we compare Bengaluru with Silicon vally in USA.

I don't know where all are our 'High Road Tax' money are going on. INDIA's High Road Tax in Bengaluru.
May 19, 2015


Worst road is ambedkar nagar in whitefield.
BBMP have dug it for Kauvery water and its never repaired again
raveena nair
May 6, 2015

bad stink since a weak

There is a very very bad stink since a weak its my kind request to clean up wateva garbage is there. As soon as possible!
Thanking yu.
Raveena nair
Gayathri kamath
Apr 27, 2015

Drainage Block and constructing of gutter in the lane

Dear Sir,

From past 2 weeks there is drainage block and the dirty water is spilling out of it. It has become very difficult for the residents to cross that. And also there are children in that area. The stagnant water is stinking and presently there is heavy increase in the mosquito which has few dengue cases in this area .
If we ask the people there they it is because of the garage and due to that there will be regularly block. Even we give complaint it will resolved but it is temporarily.

Please try to find the permanent solution for the same. The next roads are all clean only this road has no gutter or footpath.

Please rectify the same at the earliest.

I request you people to tell the garage to vacate it.Since this is residential area. Let it be clean.

II main, ITI Layout,Nayandahalli, Bangalore-560039.
Opp BBMP park.
The problem at the dead end of II Main.
kiran kiddy
Apr 26, 2015

potholes and worst condition without tar

There's large and countless number of potholes near verranapalya -560045. Its been since 5 to 6 years there's tar put on this muddy road.so please take action as soon as possible . I know u people don't even have the patience to read this complaint ,if u read so please do this for the struggling people who can't even walk through those roads .....

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