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BBMP, Bangalore


Consumer complaints and reviews about BBMP, Bangalore

Feb 26, 2015

Overflowing Sewage water

We are residing in Esther Harmony Estate having more than 100 sites out of which 15 houses have been constructed. There are 3 main roads inside our Layout & one main road sewage line always have some problem of blockage & overflowing of drainage on the main road. We engage local sewage cleaning workers whenever there is an overflow & get it done as a temporary measure. In the months of November, December 2014, & January 2015, we spent huge amount to clean the sewage, but of no use, as time & again the blockage of drain & overflow of sewage water.
Now, we approach your office to give a permanent solution to this problem as all of use this main road to go to our houses & children are playing near the overflowing sewage water.
Thank you in anticipation.
Mr. Albert, Rev.Jacob & Mr.Dhinakaran
Esther Harmony Estate, (behind Mantri Webcity)
N.Naganahalli, Kothanur P.O.
Ph. 9880359349 & 7829025521
Feb 25, 2015

Indusrty in the Resisdential Area

There is an Indusrty in the Resisdential Area, It makes lot of sound, they start early morning 6am to 11pm. Our children can not read it is exam time, it is very much disturbing everyone. Kindly Please help us immediately.

Adress ; 8th Cross Channakeshavanagar, Hosa Road, Mico Main Road, Bangalore 560100
Bommanahalli Ward

When we enter hosa road it is 8th Cross Left Side


Feb 19, 2015

Worst Road in Bangalore

I am from Munnkolala in Bangalore city. From outer ring road to inside the Munnkolala is in worst condition since 2 years. I dont know why its taking long time to make that road. Its a busiest road in Bangalore. Everyday accident is happening for that bad road.
Kindly can any one do any favor for that road.
Feb 18, 2015

worst road than any where in INDIA

I have never seen such a bad road in my life which is from Hoodi railway flyover starting to kodigehalli road junction. this raod is in this worst situation from more than a year. There are very beautiful roads in Bangalore like koramangala, jaya nagar, jp nagar etc but dont know what is the fault from our side where we are struggling with these kind of roads since years time. where all are paying similar amount of tax.

Can someone please take immediate action ASAP.

In fact, whole ayyappa nagar will be in the number one position (from last) if we have a competetion on good raods INDIA wide.

Please help us with a one time good tar road.
Feb 18, 2015

Waste Disposal

Dear Sir,
This is in regard to the garbage and other waste that gets accumulated on 2C cross, II Stage, Domlur .The waste not only dirties the entire place but brings a very nasty stench to the entire area including the park located exactly opposite.

Kindly look into the issue at the earliest.

Thank you,

Siddharth Baladevan
236, Sumitra, 2C cross, 1st Main
II Stage,Domlur,
Feb 17, 2015

drainge water infront of appartment

our's new apprament exaclty located behind adarsh villas back gate near to gear intenational school... the BBMP couple of months back they made some drainage connection,now again we are facing same Issue again, we have been seeing every day stadning that water infornt of our appartment. could u please make some propoer solutions other wise during rainy session we have to face so many problems on every day...........we have seen every year....



deverabisnahalli (land mark; infront of Prestiage jave pavillion)

behind adarsh villas back gate

bangalore -560103
Uma D
Feb 13, 2015


Dear Sir/Madam.

Address:- C-35, 1st Main, 3rd Cross, Kallappa Block, Ramchandrapuram, Bangalore 560021.

Next to our residency there is construction going on they had dumped the digged mud on the ways were in old peoples and kids are suffering to walk on the same balance and they are not following any BBMP rules, Request you to kindly take necessary actions. They had not taken any confirmation signature from neighbours house.

Hope you will look slove the problem asap.

Uma D
Feb 13, 2015

More dust on roads


We stay in 3rd main 14th F cross of Hoysalanagar, Ramamurthynagar, TC Palya mainroad, Bangalore.

Every year there is jalli and muds laid on the road for tarring but the roads are never tarred. As summer is nearing the mud and the dust fly off the road and it is creating a havoc.

Children are unable to play because of the jalli on the road.

Please look into this and do the needful by tarring the road at the earliest.

Tax Payer
Feb 11, 2015

Request for Tar road

Dear Sir,

I stay in Sidedhahalli ,thotadaguddadhahlli road ,Bonemill, Hesaraghatta main road ,Banngalore - 57 ,the condition of the road is very bad with lot of mud and potholes ,so peoples are struggling to ride the bike and walk on the road ,so requesting for tar road and to resolve the issue on immediate basis.

Lakshmana R
Feb 5, 2015

Broadening of Road at Gangaamma Circle

A road connecting Gangamma Circle to "God knows where" about 5 kms long was supposed to be broadened and work started in Aug 2014. Since then all that remains of a reasonably good road is a completely broken road where any person walking on the road would be handicapped in no time.
Feb 5, 2015

Potholes Potholes Potholes

The narrow junction between HMT Main Road and Ramachandrapura Road leading to Jalahalli Village has become the biggest traffic bottleneck for the last several weeks. Crossing this junction is like going on a camel in a desert. The junction was dug up for laying some huge water pipes and since them has not been covered properly. BBMP takes road cutting charges and wonder what they do with the money
Feb 5, 2015

Road never asphalted for the last 25 years

I have been using the Vasanthnagar 1st Main Road for over 25 years. I have never seen BBMP using a single coat of tar on this road. Potholes and patchworks all along the way !!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 4, 2015

Road dug up due to drainage work but yet to be tarred since 4 months

Dear Sir/Madam,
The road in Jayanagar 5th Block, 7th Main, 42nd Cross has been dug up around 4 months ago for the purpose of laying new drainage pipes. Despite multiple complaints, tge road has still not been tarred. There is fine dust in the air constantly due to which residents are falling sick. It is very very uncomfortable. Please tar the road immediately.
Feb 2, 2015

Very bad condition of Vidyaranyapura Main Road

I am staying at Thindlu Main Road. I am staying there since August'2013. The road between Nanjappa Circle to Nagaland Circle is in a very bad condition. At the moment the road between Reliance Mart to Bommasandra Church is in a worst condition due to road repairing. There is always a chance of accident due to bad condition of road as well as the very narrow road at that juncture. Two buses are going there in opposite direction in a very difficult condition. In comparision to other parts of Bangalore, it seems that that place is not within B'lore. It is a shame for BBMP that such a bad condition of road in that area is continuing for such a long period.

I request you to kindly repair the road in between Nanjappa Circle to Nagaland Circle & widen the road between Nanjappa Circle to Bomasandra Arch otherwise it is causing a great difficulties during our day to day travel on that road.
Jan 31, 2015

Indusrty in the Resisdential Area

There is an Indusrty in the Resisdential Area, It makes lot of sound, they start early morning 6am to 11pm. Our children can not read it is exam time, it is very much disturbing everyone. Kindly Please help us immediately.

Adress ; 8th Cross Channakeshavanagar, Hosa Road, Mico Main Road, Bangalore 560100

When we enter hosa road it is 8th Cross Left Side


Jan 31, 2015

very bad road in munnekolala,bangalore

roads after munnekolala bus stand is very bad with ups and downs causing traffic block .During school timings it is very uncomfortable to travel on the road.no proper tar road ,it is full of dust,during rain it is so difficult to go in the road.till bustand from marathalli brige the road is very nice ,after that why it is left? also road from multiplex to munnekolala is too bad.can these be considered and done well?
Jan 26, 2015


For a years even the though complete Lands were filled by homes and apartments there is no Good Roads. I addition most of the street lights never work at all. No adding to that somebody dig a big 4 feet Holes saying for Cauvery water a month ago but still it is not closed. Even there are no sign or safety measures. More than 50 school children pass by. Now often there is no power, even if there is power street light never work. For the commuters and the car owners face a big challenge day by day. Please take necessary action before any accident happen and someone sacrifice their life.
Arul T
Jan 20, 2015


On 8th MAIN ROAD, HOYSALA NAGAR, RAMA MURTHY NAGAR In front of studio. There is BIG HOLE and we have 3 schools running in that premises. VERY DANGER if not fixed the HOLE. Please fix this earliest.
Arul T
Jan 20, 2015


On 8th MAIN ROAD, HOYSALA NAGAR, RAMA MURTHY NAGAR In front of studio. There is BIG HOLE and we have 3 schools running in that premises. VERY DANGER if not fixed the HOLE. Please fix this earliest.http://www.complaintboard.in/complaints-reviews/bbmp-bangalore-l41876.html#
Jan 19, 2015

Bad Road near kodigehalli KRPuram,Hoodi circle

I live in Ayyappanagar,Krpuram Bangalore. The road from Hoodi circle to Ayyappanagar is in a terrible condition. It is a Kachha road and it gets really messed up during the rain.The road full of dust, difficult to travel.Please asphalt it ASAP
Jan 18, 2015

Unhygienic conditions

We are living in "Evergreen Layout", in Byrathi, Hrnnur Road, Kothanur. We have a list of complaints:- 1) no proper street lighting, 2) no garbage collection, 3) bad road, 4) sewage water flowing onto the road, 5) vacant sites used as toilets, 6) breeding mosquitoes, rodents and snakes 7) unhygienic surroundings. Please solve our problems!!! All the residents of this layout would be grateful when all the problems are solved.
Jan 17, 2015

encrachment satya sai layout by resident

At the back of my house (107 supreme residency) one sri venugopal has encroached the conservany line by the side of his house aand in front he also encroached the dead road in satya sai layout by growing trees like mango, cocoanut, drumstick etc By groeing many trees at the back of my house the roots are penetrating into the foundation of my building thus damaging mybuilding.He also put up a car shed at theback of my bed room i.e. in encroached land, dampness, fungus formation has taken place in the ward robes and the roomhad become unfit to live due to chillness and dampness. For this reason, all costly clothes are damaged due to white ants. From the begining i told him not to grow trees instead vegetable orflowe trees, but t he doest not care. When i told him that the roots are damaging my building b his answer is "what can i do"? He gives irresponsible answers. His neighbors are also aware of the encroachment,

I shall be grateful if spot inspection is made and necessary action taken to evict him from encroschment and also for removing the trees at the back of my house. Thanking you.

purushotham 107 supreme resi kodichikkanahalli
Nanda V
Jan 6, 2015

Branches felled by BESCOM

BESCOM comes and cuts the tree branches in all the streets. All the branches are left on the footpath. The BBMP people who clean the road refuse to take this. The van that comes to pick the house garbage also refuse to take this.

What should we do with this? Is there some place where all these leaves (bio-degradable) can be put? Also the garden plants need to be disposed on a regular basis. Do let me know.
Sanjoy Chakrabarty
Jan 1, 2015

Railways underpass repair

In order to travel from Richards Town to Cox town one has to cross this underpass.For last five years I am using this pass and never seen anytime these two underpass has been maintained.The roads are broken. Lightnings are poor and lamp shades are full of cobwebs.Walls are full of posters and never painted.Entry and exit points are not smooth.Exit points has been allowed for vegetable vendors therefore always clogged with stationary trucks.Pl make these two underpass for smooth flow by way of repairing roads,cleaning the lamp shades and paint the walls.
Sanjoy Chakrabarty
Jan 1, 2015

Road repair

I am staying in 18 Hall road(Richards Town) Bangalore-560005 for last four and half year.This Hall road stretch has not been repaired neither surfaced.I want to request you to either repair or surface properly and during that time please reduce the road hump size which is back breaking.

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