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BBMP, Bangalore


Consumer complaints and reviews about BBMP, Bangalore

Hosang Doshi
Nov 7, 2016

Unleveled Roads due to Drainage lids in the middle of the roads


This is Hosang, I stay at RMV 2nd Stage, 1st Main Road, Dollar's colony, Bangalore - 560094

I have a question that why the 1st Main road is not leveled due to drainage lids present in the middle of the road which makes it difficult for the vehicles travelling to maintain their speed and balance. As a result, we see an accident every second day in front of our houses. Also the road has become highly commercial and it has become risky to walk in this stretch.

These Life threatening drainage holes make the roads uneven which are spread in a gap of roughly 100mts.

Please look into the matter. This could save many lives and make it a better place to live. Also find the link for the area.


Please do the Needful.

Unleveled Roads due to Drainage lids in the middle of the roads Unleveled Roads due to Drainage lids in the middle of the roads

Nov 7, 2016

Condition of Roads


This is Mansi, I stay in RMV 2nd Stage, dollar's colony.

I just have a question that why the roads in front of RMV club,the Pebble Bay Apartments road, & the road infront of ISRO and Reliance Fresh is never made new entirely.

Life threatening pot holes are in several places on these roads, and every time what they do is patching of the road again and again, which makes it even more uneven and disastrous.

I don't understand why Bangalore officials are so ignorant towards few places.

Horrible state of affairs,sorry to say.
Nov 3, 2016

Dog's body lying on Road since few days

On Ilbur Agra Road a dead dog's body is lying since one week, it is smelling badly. Please clean
Oct 14, 2016

Bad roads near KHB COLONY connecting to Magadi road

Bad roads near KHB COLONY connecting to Magadi road. Please have the road tarred soon. Many children, pregnant women and old people passing by vehicles would have a tough time.
Oct 12, 2016

Inability to pay property tax

It is shocking that in spite of Khata transfer to my name V Rajagopal payment against Old PID number 77-63-26/5 is not enabled due to some software issue as per BBMP tax collector himself and even after 6 months the problem is not sorted out. Against this PID there is a message saying Application does not exist. At BBMP counter also they are not collecting my tax. Is somebody doing something on this.Is it such a big problem taking more than 6 months ????????
Sep 23, 2016

Deep path holes on main road

Whom so ever it may concern - Kittiganahalli is a village located next to Sparsh Hospital but the condition of the road is too worst. I do not know the corporation authorities are not aware of this? Request to repair the road immediately without a delay.
Anand Nayak
Sep 14, 2016

Accidents due to a faded hump on the road

To who ever it may concern. This is an attempt to bring into your notice the accidents happening almost everyday on St johns church road due to a Faded hump which can hardly be seen from a distance. Drivers speeding on vehicles, unaware of the hump ahead miss control and meet accidents. The accidents have turned pretty often as days pass by. But luckily there haven't been any major accidents or anything as such as of now. I kindly request you to take the necessary action and do whatever is needful at the earliest.
Given below is the address for your help.

St.Johns Church Road, Opposite to K.V.M.E.G & Centre School. Bangalore 560042.

Thank You. (Indian)
Abhijith B R
Sep 8, 2016

Pathole at AET junction for morethan 1 week

There is a huge path hole at the junction of Bellandur- Doddekkennaly road and Doddekkennali- kadubheesanahalli road ( AET junction).
It's more than 1 week and the waste water is coming out of the hole and causing bad smell and huge traffic jam in that junction. This can cause road accidents as well as some viral diseases.

There is no use to mention the poor Doddekkennali- kadubheesanahalli road condition.

I hope the concerned department will take a necessary action as soon as possible.
Sep 2, 2016

No tar after drain work

After doing the drainage pipes work some 3 months ago, the tar is still not applied in 3rd main, brindavan extension, arakere, Bangalore.

Very inconvenient. 2 wheelers are having tyre puncture often.
Suresh Chandra K
Aug 24, 2016

Improper Gokhake Road of RR Nagar leading to Flooding

The Gokhale Road of 3rd Stage BEML Layout Rajarajeshwarinagar Bengaluru 560098 is having a reverse gradient after site no. 1191 towards west. The road being at the lowest level of the area all the water comes on to this road which is not having smooth downward gradient.The rain water drain on the northern side does not function because there is no out let and is at a higher level than the road. Hence the road gets flooded whenever it rains. The DESIGN and EXECUTION of the drain and the Road is faulty.
As BBMP is clearing the encroachment the Gokhale road of 100 metres from site no.1191 towards west i.e. Jawaharlal Road may also be lowered so that rain water can easily flow off and the deluge can be avoidewd.
Aug 22, 2016

Half baked & accident prone road in Vishwapriya layout,Begur road


I am a resident of Vishwapriya layout,Begur road (Bommanahalli area). Until 2 months ago, our road was having atleast some movable space inbetween potholes. To our excitation, 2 months ago people came and started some road work. The road was completely dug and broken. After some days it was filled up with the gravel. Now while we are hoping for the LAST STEP of putting Tar, it is never happening ! Never !!!
Not sure if the funds are exhausted in the mid way or if it was forgotten that this road is still pending to be finished.

Whatever the reason, walking on this road is painful. Driving on this road is horrible. No private cab prefers to enter this road and starts scolding passengers as if we are stopping BBMP from putting the road !

To whomever it may concern, kindly take action on this road as early as possible.

Yours sincere sufferer,
Aug 21, 2016

garbage dumping in a vacant site causing trouble to residents

I am a resident of anjanangar ,muddinapalya main road, bangalore-560091. There is a vacant site owned by a person near 1st cross ,anjananagar muddinapalya main road . People have conveniently made this vacant site as a garbage dumping site.This is causing lot of problems to us residents and to my house as it is just above this garbage site. The BBMP workers set this garbage dump on fire on every alternate day. This is very hazardous as the fumes are not good for us. I expect the concerned authorities to take a look into the matter as it is a serious concern. This must be stopped immediately.
Aug 19, 2016

Venkateshpuram Garbage Cleaning

I am staying in Venkateshpuram, Nagwara Main Road, Bangalore - 45, and there is big space beside the road, its become a garbage place and stinks very badly this issue is been there for a very long time and no body is been bothered about it, i really request you to look into this issue very seriously and do help our area to be clean and neat.
Aug 16, 2016

Tar Road not put

Tar Road not put

BBMP started laying the drainage pipleline in Munekulallu Shiridai Nagar main road dead end left turn. Bangalore). For this purpose entire road was digged and pipeline was laid down. r that road condition became pathetic with lots of hump and pot holes. When it rains it become slippery and become quite dangerous. I have to ride bike for commuting to my office and I have no choice left but to ride. Already I have a slip disc and doctor has advised me not to ride bike. But looks like I have no choice. So, Our humble request to please lay good tar road so that life of ppl leaving in this area can be saved.

Jeeval Elite , syno 60/1
Shiridi sai nagar Mail road dead end left turn.
Jul 26, 2016

Over flowing drainage

Hello sir
We are facing overflowing drainage problem from the manhole on the road.Though we complained nobody turned up to resolve it.
Address is K R garden 1st main,Murugeshpalya,Bengaluru
Jul 20, 2016


drainage water blocked s
Hi Sir,

From last couple of days we could observed the drainage waters are coming overflow and it reversing into our houses. we verified it through plumber but there is nothing issue from our end.

looks like that there seems to be blocking from main drainage system it near to our house.


Please look into it asap.
Jul 20, 2016


drainage water blocked s
Hi Sir,

From last couple of days we could observed the drainage waters are coming overflow and it reversing into our houses. we verified it through plumber but there is nothing issue from our end.

looks like that there seems to be blocking from main drainage system it near to our house.

Please look into it asap.
Jul 3, 2016

ration shop

Hi, We are living 2016 now, still the old procedures being followed. For the people who come for ration there is seperate line for getting the the bill and also there is a big seperate queue for getting the rations..Why cant govt apppoint such which make easier to get rations for the common people. Easiest way is to make it systamatic...Unique number is available in all the tation cards, let the system generate the bill in seconds with the help of unique number in second instead of searching in the old register which will make really quicker in the billing process and as well as to get the ration.
Jun 23, 2016

Streat lights are not burnt and not working

Place: 3rd Cr, 3rd Main, Manasa Nagar, Nagarabhavi 1st stage, near Nagarabhavi circle and Govt Prim School, Bangalore-560072.
Yesterday evening (23-June-2016) Street lights are burnt with huge fire and non on the light is working in that road, its very difficult to commute in that area and road , please fix this issue as early as possible and do the needful.

Jun 18, 2016

potholes & bad road

We stay in 2nd cross shantinagar Bangalore.27 the condition of our road is very bad & full of potholes even adjoining roads of shantinagar is of similar condition, its been more than 5 years the new tar been laid and so request authorities to lay proper road.

ashok kumar,
2nd cross,Bangiappa gardens, Near Down Town Works
Shantinagar, Bangalore 560027
Ramu N
Jun 17, 2016

Tar Road not put since last 2 years

Dear Sir,

I am residing in 4th Main, Muniyappa Garden, K.R Puram, Bangalore -560036.
The road was digged to lay kaveri water pipeline in 2014, since then the road was not repaired.
Tar road repairs was done for almost all the crosses in Muniyappa Garden many times in the last 2 year. But It is missed only in 4th Main since last 2 years.
so our humble request is to lay tar road again.

Ramu N
Jun 14, 2016

Regarding CMC water

Respected Sir/Madam,

We stay in mariyannapalya near lumbini garden hebbal,we have sooo much of problem with CMC water.......water comes to every one next house only to us it doesn't come....The water man asks us money every month 500 rs for him, but still we don't get water ,we don't have any other source for water expect buy it ,we need to buy 6 tankers every month, water service which water is not good ...........
Kindly please help us !!!!!

Jun 4, 2016

No SANITARY and NO DRAINAGE past 15 Years

No SANITARY and NO DRAINAGE past 15 Years

Respected Sir / Mam,
In our road there is no SANITARY and DRAINAGE facilities from past 15 years. we are facing very difficult to living there...
* authority person no one has responding till now.
* in rainy season water will come direct to homes.
* snakes are coming to the homes
* no street lightn* 10-15 dogs are disturbing to public
kindly look into this and do the needful.

Thanks & Regads,
Anand V

Location : No.27, 4th Cross, Krishna Layout, Hulimavu, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore - 560076

No SANITARY and NO DRAINAGE past 15 Years No SANITARY and NO DRAINAGE past 15 Years No SANITARY and NO DRAINAGE past 15 Years No SANITARY and NO DRAINAGE past 15 Years No SANITARY and NO DRAINAGE past 15 Years

raghu thekahalli
Jun 2, 2016

bad road in simhadri layout uttarahalli

Dear sir,

2 roads in simhadri layout uttarahalli are not aspalted for several years now. The roads are so
pathetic that we cannot even walk as the stones roll over on keeping the foot. Children have fallen
many a times and have badly hurt themselves. Aged people with leg pains cannot walk and no auto
rickshaws come there. It is very difficult to balance and ride 2 wheelers. Please help us. There is a huge
hole in road and car wheel collapsed and got stuck there. This looks very dangerous. Photo is attached
Jun 1, 2016

Worst Roads

Dear Sir/Madam,
I just want to bring our road condition to ur notice !! I'm not sure how many of the above problems are answered/addressed!

I'm Sravanthi and I stay in 1st Main 2nd block of Ayyappanagar.
Since 1 year the roads are worst and nobody is taking any action for this! It has such a deep part holes that a car wheel can stuck completely inside of it!! It's very scary road.
Also the main road which connects K R Puram to Hudi has become horrible as the traffic has increased a lot due to Hudi flyover.. They always dig the road for some or the other pipes but doesn't feel responsible for closing it neatly..
Please take some action on this Sir..
Let's keep our Bangalore clean and green..

Sravanthi- 9731558799

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