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Consumer complaints and reviews about BBMP

Jun 30, 2015


Even the most careful drivers will meet with an accident. One needn't go to moon to see craters, you can get a glimpse of it on our road to hell. Wish the CM take his convoy on 4th main, Sir MV Nagar, Kalkere main road, which is 100 meters from Ramamurthy Nagar main road, Bangalore. Over the years despite complaints to the Ward Councillor and the BBMP no action has been initiated. Many people have had serious accidents and have broken their limbs, still counting... With the announcement of the BBMP elections we sincerely hope that our road gets its share of asphalt.
Jun 30, 2015

Vacant site filled with lots of garbage and wild bushes

Helo sir,
Vacant site filled with wild bushes, lots of garbage and not maintained.
The site next to "Childrens Education Centre" school is not mainatined and due to which lots of mosquito's and health related issues.
It has wild bushes and is now infested with snakes and scorpions which enter our premises as well.
Can somebody help us at the earliest.
As the school is next to this open land and childrens are get infected by diseases
Please get it cleaned as soon as possible.

Next to "Childrens Education centre schoo"
VR garden, Near LIC colcony
Jun 19, 2015


What is the reason for BBMP not picking up the garbage? It's been almost 15 days & the garbage truck has not been seen in the locality at all. Who is responsible for this? DO you want the residents to litter & throw the garbage on the roads? Indiranagar 17 Main Road, HAL 2nd Stage hasn't seen the garbage collected neither sweepers on the roads.

Any other forum that I can complain???
Sunita Stalin
May 14, 2015

Vacant site filled with wild bushes and snakes

The site next to our house is vacant and not maintained. It has wild bushes and is now infested with snakes and scorpions which enter our premises as well. Can somebody help us at the earliest.

Sunita Stalin
+91 9845679288
Vaddarapalya, Hennur
May 2, 2015


Officials of BBMP were taking bribes from individuals for getting work done.
Don't they get Salary paid in time?
Mar 6, 2015

Encroachment of conservency

This pertains to encroachment of conservancy road between 6th and 7th cross Malleswarm,(BBMP ward No.77) by Mr.Srinivas and Mr.Muniyappa for running cow farming. I filed a complaint with Deputy commissioner BBMP (West) on 17th May 2013.It is almost 2 years that BBMP is reluctant to take action against these people. This activity is causing lot of problems like unhygienic surrounding,environmental pollution, and noise. Residents are denied their right to peaceful sleep and living. The matter was brought to the notice of local councilor who has expressed his inability to act. Till date the encroachment continues. On behalf of the people who are silently suffering for no fault of theirs I request you to get this encroachment removed. The lane is blocked by cows and public is not able to use this road.
Feb 13, 2015

Poor road condition

4th Main Road, Raja Industrial Estate, Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560022 is in a pathetic state. Two wheeler riders are facing hardship in negotiating the damaged road. Please repair the road for easy traffic movement.
Jan 17, 2015

encroachment satya sai layout

At the back of my house (107 supreme residency) one sri venugopal has encroached the conservany line by the side of his house aand in front he also encroached the dead road in satya sai layout by growing trees like mango, cocoanut, drumstick etc By groeing many trees at the back of my house the roots are penetrating into the foundation of my building thus damaging mybuilding.He also put up a car shed at theback of my bed room i.e. in encroached land, dampness, fungus formation has taken place in the ward robes and the roomhad become unfit to live due to chillness and dampness. For this reason, all costly clothes are damaged due to white ants. From the begining i told him not to grow trees instead vegetable orflowe trees, but t he doest not care. When i told him that the roots are damaging my building b his answer is "what can i do"? He gives irresponsible answers. His neighbors are also aware of the encroachment,

I shall be grateful if spot inspection is made and necessary action taken to evict him from encroschment and also for removing the trees at the back of my house. Thanking you.

purushotham 107 supreme resi kodichikkanahalli
Jan 16, 2015

Streets Not working since past 6 - 7 Months

I am a resident of HBR Layout 1st Stage 1st Block 2nd Cross. Its been 6 - 7 Months that the street lights in our lane are not working. Though repeated complaints were given the problems is not yet rectified. The HBR 1st stage is so called a BDA Layout with no proper roads, street lights and services. It is an open ground of dust and garbage filled with snakes and other rodents. Night times it becomes difficult for the ladies to leave their houses. Hence , I request the concerned personnel to look into this and rectify the problem at the earliest.
Dec 28, 2014

Garbage dumping

Sites number 228 and 226 on 5th Main Road, 2nd Block, HRBR Layout, Bangalore have become garbage dumps. Half the site area, the entire footpath and a portion of the road are completely covered by stinking piles of garbage. The garbage contractor's lorries and collection vehicles use these sites as a transfer point. They don't clean up properly, leave most of the garbage as is and, seeing them, several members of the public assume this is a collection point and dump their waste here. The whole place stinks and is becoming a health hazard.
Dec 13, 2014

Stray dog menace in ittamadu, bsk 3rd stage

Dear Sir,

There are too many stray dogs in this area.
The residents are unable to sleep peacefully as these dogs start yelling in groups during night times.
Pl. remove the dogs at the earliest.

Vijay P
Resident, Ittamadu, 11th Cross,
Banashankari 3rd Stage,
Oct 30, 2014

Garbage collection

We stay in GM Palya, 2nd Main, 13th Cross, Cauvery Layout.
A year ago, the garbage lady would collect garbage from all the houses and lanes daily. She would also come at regular timing.
Nowadays, she does not turn up for days together.
Many times, she collects only from the Main Road. Could BBMP arrange for garbage collection on a daily basis as before?
Oct 29, 2014

Stray dogs causing danger to pedestrians

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I undersigned, Rakesh Prasad is resident of Coffee Board Layout, Hebbal Kempapura would like to bring into your kind notice that residents here are facing problems due to stray dogs in the layout.
It has caused serious concern to all the residents and kids are scared even to step out of the house in the late evenings.
These stray dogs even chase all the vehicles.
There atleast 2/3 dogs in every street causing havoc to pedestrains.

Request to kindly take up the matter with the concerned authority at the earliest.

Rakesh Prasad
Oct 23, 2014

Cleaning of vacant site at Ilays Nagar Bangalore 78

Sub : Cleaning of vacant site at Ilays Nagar, J.P Nagar Post Sarakki Gate Bangalore:78
With reference to the above subject, I would like to bring to ur kind information that there is a vacant site next to my house no. 82, 4 main, Ilyaz Nagar Bangalore 78. Land Owner does not keep the site clean.Also the site is full of plants, weeds and also it has become a breeding place for mosquitoes.During night times the scavengers urinate in this vacant site and it causes stinking smell to the neighbouring houses.The neighbouring houses also dump garbage onto this site.

These vacant sites have become a big menace as they are seen as haven for poisonous creatures like snakes and scorpios. They also help mosquitoes breed. Now I heard from the newspapers like Deccan Herald that the BBMP has decided to exercise power given to it for the maintenance of vacant sites. As per the Karnataka Municipal Corporation (KMC) Act, it is duty of the owners to keep the sites clean but if they fail the municipal bodies have the power to clean up the site and charge money from the site owners.

The BBMP has decided to charge from Rs 1.10 to Rs 3.5 per square metre to clean up the site in the event of site owner refusing to clean the site. If the site is uneven, BBMP would landfill it and would charge up to Rs 68 per cubic metre of soil.

Palike has decided to levy cleanliness charge while collecting property tax. In case if the owner refuses to pay, Palike would file a case in the court and make the site owners pay the charge with penalty. The Health Department has been asked to take care of the cleanliness in their respective area and take up cleaning vacant sites.

So I hereby request u to kindly instruct the concerned person of BBMP to get the site cleaned at the earliest as monsoon season has already started. Hoping for an early action from ur side. Inspite of me lodging the complaint several times to BBMP control room & Health department so far no action has been taken from them. This is for your kind information & further action.
Oct 18, 2014

Road damage not laid after digging for drain.

We have been resided in 4th cross,Manjunatha layout,Kodichikkanahalli,BTM 4th stage,Bangalore-560076. In this area road has been laid a year ago but after 3 months they dug it for underground drainage construction from then they have not laid the road,Due to which we suffer of mosquito bites during rain caused of stagnant water and mud slush that dirties the whole street and the resident premises.
Kindly request you look into the issue and have our road repaired with the new road with the tar laid for us.
Thank you.

Road damage not laid after digging for drain. Road damage not laid after digging for drain.

sudarsanam sampathkumar
Sep 11, 2014

vaccant site very hazardous to childern

HI Sir,

In 6th F cross, Kagadasapura, adjacnet to survey number 231/1-2, Swagat kuteer, there is a vaccant site which is not properly maintained and is being used as dump yard for all the wastes and become very hazardous. Also, sankes and rates are all over which is life threatening. Rats most of the time spoling the cars by cutting the wires.

Request to you to initiate action against the owner and clean the vaccant site.

Aug 20, 2014

Roads are worst in Kundanalli signal to shiridi sai nager

HI Sir,

We are facing lot of health problem's because of very bad roads from Kundanahalli signal to Shiridi sai nager, munnekolala,Bangalore.

Tried to complaint many but no one is responding to our issues.

We are facing lot of pollution and dust across all the roads here
Lot of digging happened and not putting tar on those roads and become our life too worst
Also this line is very narrow and causing many issues, please make one way at least and help us to have safe travel

May 22, 2014

trouble from dogs

Dear sir
In my place their are lot of dogs specially in my street in 17th cross govindapura arabic college post .im an engineering student have to study a lot but by the loudfull braking of this dogs im not able to study plz do help and pass this message to dog catchers of bangalore city .I hope u will solve your area problem.
thanking you
yours faithfully
May 20, 2014

Street dogs stray

Dear sir/ madam,

We are the residents of magadi road kp agrahara 4th cross down,

We are seriously sick and tired of street dog stray near to our locality due to which we are unable to sleep at nite times.. My parents are aged n they cannot sleep peacefully at night times..

My details :


Phone: 9945489266
Suman Kar
May 15, 2014

Local businessman put file on Garbage, Kundanhalli Gate Area

Hi I am work in a software company. I leave at Kundanhalli Gate area. Each and every day i see in this area local small business man collect all the garbage and put fire on that. That continues to burn all day. The smoke comes out all over the day and it spread in the air for very long time.

My concern is that the temperature of Bangalore has been increased in last 3 years,lot of trees has been destroyed,population has been increased and lot of vehicle which cause lot of change in the environment of the city. It almost changed the climate.
I am afraid to say Bangalore is no longer a green garden city.

If we people do not take care of the city and don't take necessary action, very bad days are coming in near feature.

My request to BBMP authority to circulate strict rule that no one can burn the garbage and clean the garbage each day.

Plz save the city and the environment.
Noella Cresence
May 3, 2014

Garbage Collection

The service road near the New Hennur Police Station in Babusapalya has been increasingly difficult to walk down because of the expanding garbage dump. Garbage trucks dump trash collected from the residential buildings in the area on the service road and leave, moreover there is a large amount of chicken carcasses disposed off over here from nearby restaurants making it very unsanitary to even walk down the road. For those living in the area without any mode of transport it is necessary to walk through this garbage to get an auto. A local MLA promised the clean up of the Chelkere lake (which is no more than 200 mts away) and the garbage on the service road prior to elections however there has been no action taken yet. Is there any way I can get the BBMP to actually do their work and clean up the mess.
Apr 29, 2014

Harassment by BBMP

30th April'14: Harassment by BBMP (Birth and Death Department, Near Upparpet Police Station)
Receipt No. for the correction application is: 1424

I have been trying to get my father's death certificate corrected for a long time now. I was never given clear information on the procedure, and had to run around to get all the documents submitted. I finally submitted the notarized documents on 5th April'14, and was given 24th April'14 as collection date. I went on 26th April'14, as 24th was a working day. I was told that Ms. Nagamani, who is the only person who can issue the certificate, is on leave, and was asked to come back on Monday. When I asked if anyone else could do it, I was told that only she can do it. The same was re-iterated by the Manager. I went back on 29th April'14, after work, and was told the same thing, that she is on leave, and I should come back tomorrow. When I asked if anyone knows when she might be back, I was once again directed to the manager, who again told the same thing, that only she can issue the certificate, and I should come back tomorrow. When I told him that I have to come all the way from Seegehalli, he asked me to take her phone no. and check with her before coming. Today, I had one of my colleagues call her, as I was told that she can only converse in Kannada, and she told my colleague that the certificate is still pending approval from the Manager, and I should come to the office to seek clarification with him. She also informed that in her absence, anyone else could issue the certificate, if it is approved. I am now frustrated with this harassment, and would request someone to please address this. I have been to the office multiple times now, and have done everything as told. I am not sure what else I can do, to get the correction in the death certificate done, so my mother could start getting her pension.
Feb 17, 2014


I have a neighbour who has been constructing a house for the past one year. Cement and debris from the construction has been constantly flying into our house, onto the walls, gates, chajjas, rooftops, etc. I have to constantly keep telling them to clean the debris which they do as they want. The cement has stuck onto surfaces and dried off and scraping off the cement will destroy my paint and etc. Repeated pleas and warnings that I will go to the authorities have not been taken seriously which leads me to file a complaint. Small children reside in our building and it does affect the health of us. Please look into the matter.

The house is behind the Karimariamma Temple, Bhuvaneshwari Road, adjacent to Greenwood High Playschool, Whitefield, Bangalore 560 066
Feb 11, 2014

Stray Cats and dogs

We live in BTM stage 2, Bangalore. There are 4 stray cats near by our house keeps roaming in our garage area and in our balcony. Sometimes they enter in our house and creates nuisance. Once cat tried to bite me. They make lot of noises through out the night and do not let us sleep.

Because of cats, stray dogs started visiting our and neighbors house in order to catch them.

We are very scared. They bark and growl when we try to hush them.

Please send someone so that they can catch these cats and can take away with them. Please, please we are really scared even to get out of our house.
Jan 19, 2014

vehical parked in front of house

Mahadevpura, Chinappa layout, Kr-puram- Marathalli outer ring road.

There are vehicles parked in front of house and there is only one apartment from where it passes through the lane where there are individual houses. The individual houses do not have in built parking and they park in the main road in front of house hence causing lot of traffic issues. Today i just happened to touch the mirror of one vehicle while taking my vehicle and i was at no speed. The responsible owner manjunath by name came up and started the lecture and started telling about the authorities and norms where he himself has not followed norms i feel. i apologized for my action as it was inevitable still the person is invincible with his lectures. I wanted to know if i need to correct any issue if his vehicle had any because of the incident which was nothing but he was restless and ready to abuse the authorities. Please put in a system here and try to have this residents also know that they are creating problems for normal traffic in the narrow road by parking there vehicles in front of their house.

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