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Consumer complaints and reviews about BBMP

Sep 20, 2010

more number of dogs in streets

I am from ashwathnagar. There are lot of dogs in our street.If they are home dog,they should keep it in there home. As they roam in streets 24/7, it will bark at us simply and it will try to byte the 2 wheelers. These dogs are very huge,they are heavily built, if it attacks we are dead,because in only one man street of ashwathanagar there are 20 to 25 dogs. If u come at 10 to 11 in night u can see still many more around near to 40
Sep 13, 2010

Vacant sites cleaning

Dear BBMP & Health Department,

Sir i reside in Virupakshapura, kodigehalli, vidyaranyapura post, ward number being 9, In 11th & 12th cross & sorrounding virupakshapura, a lot of vacant plots are seen with weeds grown causing mosquito breeding & heaven for snakes, Several times the owners were requested to clean their vacant plots, but they are deaf to our requests. I kindly request BBMP to take action & get the sites cleaned at earliest

Sep 8, 2010

Lack of Garbage Collection

September 08. 2010

The Commissioner BBMP

Dear Sir,

I reside at 553, 8 th Main, IV Block Koramangala.

We have a continuing problem with the Garbage Collector lady refusing to pick up bagged garbage left in front of the house. Now to make the matters worse, she had demanded a sum of Rs. 40/- to clear the garbage and upon refusal, she tore the garbage bags and littered the garbage in front of the house.

Our repeated attempts at informing your Office Mr. Keshava have failed to change the situation.

We request your immediate action to sort out this problem.

Thanks & Rgds

Jayant S. Bheda

98450 26017
Sep 6, 2010

Clogged Drains in Thimma Reddy Layout

This is regarding the perennially blocked drain in our locality. As a result the problems of mosquitoes has increased exposing us to dengue / malaria etc.
There is absolutely no action take by anyone for the last year. This issue has cropped up only after the storm drains were put in place – where it is supposed to make life better it has made life worse.
Request you to please take this issue up seriously.
Sep 1, 2010


Dear Sir/Madam,

I stay in JP Nagar 9th phase and would like to request you to come down on the Kannakpura road just to see the condition of the roads there. I also request you to calculate the time taken to travel between Banshankari signal to Konnankunte signal. The condition of the road is not bearable and it results in huge wear n tear of the vehicles. Moreover due to construction of Metro the roads have narrowed down but the bus stops have not been shifted to broader stretches on the road which results in complete halting of the traffic when the bus stops at their own will.

I request you to just travel through that stretch so that you can feel what the citizens of that area are going through daily.

Its a humble and very important request that you take proper steps to repair the roads as early as possible
because after few more days of rain the road will not be there at all.

A Victim
Aug 20, 2010

Stray Dogs Menace


There are a lot of stray dogs in Lakkasandra and Wilson garden area. These stray dogs rob your sleep and peace of mind. Will BBMP ever do something with regard to this problem. Are they sleeping? Stray dogs are a menace. Please make Bangalore free of stray dogs.
Aug 20, 2010

Stray Dogs

Hello Sir,

Even after frequent complaint from our residence who have posted over 10+ complaints in Spandana portal of BBMP - there has been no action taken.

Today my Son who is just 1.5 years has become a victim of the stray bite.
Request you to take necessary action against BBMP for not doing thier duties even after repeated complaints from our neighbours and self.

My address is
Ramesh SA
#337, Royal Lake Front Residency Phase 2,
Kothnur PO, J P Nagar 8th Phase
Bangalore 560076.
Phone no 9886117350
Aug 17, 2010

Water Problem in Millennium Habitat

Dear Sir,

There is no kaveri water supply from last 7 days to Millennium Habitat- Kundalahalli. After repeated attempts , we got to know there is an issue with the filter and the engineers are working on the same but there is no time line mentioned by when it will be corrected. All the Resident welfare association is buying water at an exorbitant rates and it could be mafia running that BBMP must expose as soon as possible.
Aug 12, 2010

Pasting of pamphlets on trees

Called up BBMP Control Room and Registered the complaint for the above issue.
BBMP Complaint Number: 35843
Dated: 12/8/2010
Complaint Time: 2:12pm.

As per the Customer Support Executive, within 24hrs this issue will be Addressed.
Aug 11, 2010

Dog Menance

The stray dog menance has become too much to bear in J.P.Nagar, 7th Phase area. There a pack of 10 -15 dogs on road attacking the people coming on road, children also fear to go out, they are also attacked. There are no authorities to catch these dogs and set some relief to the people around this area.

Concerned authorities please contact Secretary, Wilson Garden House Building Cooperative Society, Opp RBI Layout, J.P.Nagar, 7th Phase for further info on dog menance in this area.
Aug 9, 2010


Dear Sir

The vacant ground at Munuswamappa Road, near Jackfruit tree adjacent to the Indian Oil flyover is the real garbage ground, creating nuisense to the neighbours around. Similarly Kammanahalli Main road at Ramaswamypalya near Corporator's office is another Garbage nuisense.

Seva nagar near the Raghvendra swamy temple is the great garbage dump yard affecting the peak hours heavy traffic. We did not see any of these areas corporators bothered off such a prolonged nuisenses,.

Please take immediate action to serve the public

Thank you
Aug 9, 2010

Potential health hazard due to drain overflow

Dear Sir,

I am a resident of Muniswamy Gowda Layout Extn, Hebbal Kempapura, Bangalore-560024 (Opposite Presidency/Sindhi college).

I would like to inform you that the drainage water is overflowing and is allowed to pass outside to the residential road from a residential building No. 18, which has 4 floors with nearly 7 houses in it.
This is causing trouble for people to walk on the road. It is the road which connects to many houses around this area.

If ignored, it could lead to a potential health hazard to the residents. The owners of the building have not taken any action to clear it in spite of repeated requests.

Kindly look into this matter and do the needful.

Residents of the layout.
Jul 30, 2010

People make their pet dogs shit on the road

I stay in Malleshwarem in Bangalore. It is difficult to walk on the roads as people make their pet dogs shit on the road. Where ever you go you see shit on roads. This is such a nice place why to make it shit land. This worsens if it rains and there is no electricity. You will take loads of shit at your home and then my wife scolds me daily.
It so unhygienic.
I think BBMP should do something and ask people to allow their private toilets for their pets as well. We need to learn for west and do someting.
BBMP has to do something sooner or later better start thinking.
Jul 18, 2010

Taking Money for avoiding challans

BBMP is trying to take off vehicles even on those areas where still parking is allowed.

Actually they are seeking form money and for that they can do anything.

Today also they did the same thing for this they were trying to take off vehicles behind Bocsh without any notice. Also no parking slogan was not present still they took 100 Rs to avoid challans.

This is really bad.
Jul 18, 2010

Taking Money for avoiding challans

BBMP is trying to take off vehicles even on those areas where still parking is allowed.

Actually they are seeking form money and for that they can do anything.

Today also they did the same thing for this they were trying to take off vehicles behind Bocsh without any notice. Also no parking slogan was not present still they took 100 Rs to avoid challans.

Their truck number was : KA 17 61333

This is really bad.
Jul 18, 2010

Taking Money for avoiding challans

BBMP is trying to take off vehicles even on those areas where still parking is allowed.

Actually they are seeking form money and for that they can do anything.

Today also they did the same thing for this they were trying to take off vehicles behind Bocsh without any notice. Also no parking slogan was not present still they took 100 Rs to avoid challans.

Their truck number was : KA 17 6111
Jul 16, 2010


Dear Sir

Clean Bangalore is fortune for people living in Bangalore. Suddenly we can see Garbage dumped everywhere irrespective of the daily garbage collection. Please put fine as well keep posters no litter area whereever garbage dumped at presently. It is literally people misbehaviour and inviting trouble for one and all in and around their area.

Better keep the garbage collector in those areas where garbage is thrown to trouble the public. Next day lift the Garbage collecter itself and bring back and keep after emptying it. It will save time/people consciousness and manpower.

Please do consider and help to keep impeccability to worship Mother Earth.

Thank you
Jul 16, 2010


Dear Sir

Between Maruthi Seva Nagar and Bharat Nagar, near Priyanka Residency, Garbage dumped hugely everyday on the road affects the traffic heavily. It is heavy traffic area and garbage occupys half of the road, 2 wheeler commuters cannot ride etc,..

2. Lot of vehicles parked from Bharat Nagar To MAruthi seva nagar without bothering about the heavy traffic on the narrow road. Nobody to question them and public is the ultimate sufferer for the irresponsible behavior of fellow beings.

Please do the needful to have normal traffic just by eradicating thses simple hurdles.

Thank you
Jul 12, 2010

Pasting of pamphlets on trees

Jul 10, 2010

No Drinking Water Supply

I am a resident of No 18, 1st Main Muddamma Garden Extn, Bangalore - 560046. We are facing a major problem of drinking water supply. The Drinking water comes once in a week for about 15 - 30 Mins. It is very difficult to manage without the drinking water supply.
Jul 9, 2010

Road & Water

Though our area has been covered under the corporation we don't have pucca tar roads in our area.
You can see tar roads and good facilities in Rural bangalore but Ramesh Nagar is neglected.
We also face severe water problem after investing money on getting connection we don't get good supply of water. Please do the needful
Jul 8, 2010

road partly repaired

Jul 7, 2010

Pasting of pamphlets on trees

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sub: Pasting of pamphlets on trees.

It is very disappointing to notice that few advertisement agencies of a reputed telecom company have resorted to very disgusting/cheap method of advertisement. This is disturbing the Bangalore environment. It is noticed that BBMP have resorted to very efficient method (Beautiful paintings of the rich culture of KARNATAKA on the walls of government buildings to prevent pasting of posters across the so called Garden City (Namma Bengaluru).
The advertisement companies have started to nail the pamphlets on the trees. This is something very annoying. When there are visitors (foreigners) to the city who sees, it is very shameful to us and also to the telecom company. The company though is spending crores on advertisement through TV, sport agencies, Paper retail outlets etc., but the method of nailing pamphlets on tress is something which should be stopped immediately. As it is the city is losing large amount of trees in the name of development, Imagine the numbers of trees that are being felled to prepare paper that is being used to manufacture these pamphlets. Though the telecom company mentions in there website to prevent paper bills and opt for message notification, they should see this method of advertisement is a natural waste. BBMP and Forest department considers felling tree is illegal and one has to procure permission to cut a tree, in that case how can one use tree for their personal use (use them as display boards) by nailing pamphlets on trees. Going forward we would see trees in the city being covered with papers, advertisement, cinema posters etc.
Few snaps of the pamphlets are attached in this mail. I hope concerned authorities will stop this disgusting act. Please help to save trees and prevent the beauty of our city.
Jun 26, 2010

Garbage Collection

Dear Sir,

We the residents of K A S Officers Layout, 35th Main 7th Cross, BTM 2nd Stage Bangalore would like to bring to your notice that the Garbage collector Nagaraj, Garbage Collection vehicle bearing no KA 51 3994 is demanding exorbitant money to collect the garbage from the houses/apartments. We understand from BBMP officials that its their duty and and to be done free of cost.

He claims not to collect the garbage if not paid to him. Please instruct us or please inform the officials to take necessary action.

Jun 16, 2010

Issue of NOC for felling of two trees at MF 8/1, BTM SFHS Flats-dangerous to life and property

K.V.S.N Rao
MF 8(1), Ground Floor,
2nd Stage , 1st Main,
Bannerghatta Road, Near Shoppers Stop,
Bengaluru- 560 076

1. Shri Bharat Lal Meena,
Commissioner, BBMP
2. Deputy Commissioner Development(2),
3. Zonal Deputy Commissioner (South)
4. Additional Commissioner(South)
Commercial Complex,
2nd Block, 9th Cross,
Jayanagar, BBMP, Near Sonata Software,
Bengaluru. PIN- 560 003
5. Horticultural Superintendent(South), BBMP
6. Deputy Conservator of Forests, BBMP
7.The Asst. Conservator of Forests,
2nd Block, Jayanagar,
BBMP- Sub Division II
Bengaluru- 560 001

BTM_SFHS/Welfare/MF-8/32 16 June 2010

Subject: Issue of NOC for felling of two trees at MF 8/1, BTM SFHS Flats-dangerous to life and property (PERTAINS TO WARD NO 65)
1. Please refer my earlier letter dated 16 Jun 2009 on the subject. I am humbly approaching you on behalf of the residents of MF 8 block.
2. Two trees had been planted by BBMP in front of my flat, MF 8/1. One tree has been eaten away by white ants and has become hollow and dry. This tree is dangerously perched and liable to fall down anytime, causing collateral damage to electric lines, communication lines, property and life. The second tree is causing damage to the very foundation of the MF 8 building housing six flats. The roots of this tree have entered into the foundation of the building.(Photos taken have also been attached herewith for your kind perusal)
3. Despite repeated reminders on telephone for issue of NOC from forest department, no action is forthcoming from your end. As a retired officer and a senior citizen, I fail to comprehend the inertia on your part and total callousness to the problem.
4. Pertinent to mention that, a few months back, a branch dislodged itself from the dried tree and fell on the electric wires, disrupting electricity and traffic for more than two days.
5. I have already approached your office by way of letter and several telephone calls, but to no avail. I have, however, kept a record of my reminders to your office.
6. In the event of any catastrophic damage in future, the onus and responsibility of the same entirely lies with your department. I will not, at that point of time, hesitate to convey to the concerned authorities, about my repeated reminders/transmissions to you and your office to initiate necessary action for felling the dangerously standing trees, and that your response left much to be desired.
7. I again humbly request you to issue NOC and requisite orders to the Horticultural Superintendent(South) for immediate action in this regard. I hope it will not be asking too much of you to keep me and the residents of MF 8 block updated on the action you propose to take and when.

Yours sincerely,
K.V.S.N Rao
Phone: 080-26684185

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