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Consumer complaints and reviews about BBMP

Apr 16, 2014

Action against stray dogs

Locality- chunchaghatta main road, JP Nagar 7th phase, Bangalore- 560062
BBMP ward- yelachenahalli

In this locality, there are lot of stray dogs. Approximately the number is more than 15 dogs on this street. It has become very scary and dangerous situation for any pedestrian while walking on this street. In case of any attack by stray dogs, it will be a life threat to common man. I kindly request you to take a serious action against these stray dogs, so that the dogs are moved out of the locality and surrendered to concerned dept. Please treat this as my sincere request and take immediate steps on priority
Apr 10, 2014

Improper Garbage collection

Dear Sir,

I am a resident of 15th, cross, channakeshava layout,
Kacharakanahalli, bangalore 560084.

The garbage collection and disposal in this area is pathetic, secondly even the burning of leaves and other garbage is done without considering that there are telephone junction boxes nearby, which causes the telephone lines to be down.

The place where Garbage is collected is a health hazard, since garbage clearance is done in a irregular fashion, thus accumulation of garbage.

Please take necessary action.

A Resident.
Apr 3, 2014

Vehicles parked on road


I reside near BBMP ward office of Sampige Layout, in Vijayanagara, Bangalore 560079.
Schoool vans cannot enter or come near to our house & pick/drop the children for most of all park their vehicles on road itself.
Please take action.

Mar 31, 2014

Garbage Collection in Sanjay Nagar

I would like to inform you that Garbage collection in Sanjay Nagar is not happening regularly . The lady who picks the garbage collects every month money from me but fails to do her Job . The day she is pon leave , the person who substitutes for her refuses to pick the garbage . It has become so stressful to me as I segrrgate Garbage as per BBMP's instructions but am not abn;le to ensure Garbage is collected .

Please do the needful in helping us keep our streets clean .
Mar 25, 2014

Garbage Removal

There is no proper Waste Management System in Electronic City Phase -2 , KIADB Layout.
There are no dustbins and people are throwing waste on the roads and in empty places which has turned the area as a whole into dustbin.
It is very dirty and this is causing a lot of problems and health issues to the people.
Request you to kindly install dustbins for every street and they should be cleaned regularly and strict action should be taken against those who throw garbage on the roads.
Mar 20, 2014

Street Lights

Dear Sir/madam,
There are currently No street lights in our street-2nd cross,2nd main papareddypalya,Nagarbhavi 2nd stage.The lights were removed for a reason not known for us.It has been causing great difficulty for the commuters especially during peak hours. Kinding replace the removed lights.
thanking you,
Radha Nagaraja
Mar 20, 2014

road to be repaired, tarmac


road to be repaired, tarmac

Mar 20, 2014

Shampura Main road worst condition

Shampura Main road , R T Nagar hold one of the bangalore prestigious institute "Ambedkar Medical College" , but road is in worst condition . Now a days it has become heaven for Sand lorries parking lot. This is residential layout how come this is allowed . What BBMP & its representative doing for this?
Mar 18, 2014

BBMP poor planing of garbage collection

BBMP planning of garbage collection has become punishment for senior citizens. The tempo auto come viziling and parks the tempo in one corner of the street, some of the old ladies cannot walk shall carry and walk the garbage to the tempo auto. Why don’t the BBMP think wise and plan accordingly, place the dumping drums in specific locations in every street?
Manjunath R
Mar 13, 2014


In 11th cross, there will be always drainage problem for every 15 days once, we have to go to BBMP office & give complaint and again it will not be solved when we give complaint, again & again we have to go to them & has to request them, it will take at least for 3 to 5 days, & this drainage water will come to our house & its getting bad smell, in our house we have 4 years baby, if some thing happened who will be responsible, we are fed up of this BBMP people, Y cant they clear this drainage properly, & if heavy rain comes then water will come inside our houses, not only the rain water comes even drainage water also comes into our houses.

So Plzzzzzzzz Munirathnam sir do something for us, we all are requesting you to get solved from this problem, & even i have tried to your number also but ringing no response.
Mar 7, 2014

non removal of garbage

Dear sir,

I have been residing in 3 rd cross marappa garden seshadri road benson town post for the past 10 years.
For past 1 week the garbage is pilled up and no body is lifting or caring on it. There are lot of Cows and stray dogs pulling up all the garbages to middle of the road and the entire area is stinking and unhygnic, tried to contact teh garbage contractor and the BBMP, no body is lifting the phone and contractor are rude.

pl. take action for clearing the garbage urgently.

S.Muthu kumar
Mar 3, 2014

Blocking of our Road at the dead end

Dear Sirs,

Sub : Proposed Water Purifying Plant at Royal Avenue Street , Ward No. 12, Shettyhalli,
Jalahalli West , Bangalore-560 015 – Please arrange to stop the installation

The location identified for the purpose of above installation by BBMP is on the Royal Avenue Street dead end which is incidentally in front of our House ( # 37, Uthara) and our opposite neighbor house ( #38). Neither the BBMP officials nor the 3rd party contactor who has been deployed by the BBMP is disclosing the full details about the installation.
As per the information gathered by us, they will be making a fully closed structure of 10’ Length x 20 ‘ Breadth & 10 “ Height , which will have a Motor for the purpose of Water purification and a Storage Tank capacity of 8000 Ltrs. Such a huge structure on the Road- let it be the dead end, will create a havoc and difficulty in our life on the following counts :
1. This will completely block the ventilation to our houses which is a primary right of every tax paying individual.

2. In the identified place, there are PITS installed by us (before the Banawara Panchayat came under the jurisdiction of BBMP) and removal of the fillage from these pits becomes impossible when this structure comes up with a height of 10’ in front.
3. Road accessibility to us and our opposite side neighbor will be fully blocked for making any bigger vehicles to turn/ reverse, if the BBMP go ahead with this installation of such a big size which would occupy more than half of our plot size on the street road. Moreover, for the entire Street which is consisting of more than 50 houses on both sides of this street also, this is the only area which gives some space for reversing the bigger vehicles, be it a private 4 Wheeler vehicle of Car or Lorry or an emergency Ambulance or a Water Tanker during extreme summer, as this is a single stretch street road from the main road and there is no side roads in between.

4. With the Electric Motor running 24 hours , there is also a threat of permanent Noise Pollution to our households, besides there is no clarity on the Waste management while purifying the Water.

5. Once a permanent structure of this size comes, we will be completely denied of our legitimate right of doing any renovations to our houses in future.

6. Above all, if a permanent structure of this kind comes up and occupies more than half of our plot size on the road, it would eventually diminish the value of our hard earned investment.

It is therefore, humbly requested and appealed that the above installation be advised to stop and arrange to plan in some of other BBMP owned Public place in shettyhalli without causing inconvenience and hardship to the residents.
Yours faithfully,
No.37, Uthara, Royal Avneue Street,
Ward #12, Shettyhalli, Jalahalli West,
Bangalore -560015.
Feb 27, 2014

Worst Road Condition


This is to bring to your notice of a worst road stretch. This road which connects Shampura Main Road to Arabic College main road is in a pathetic conditions for nearly a year now. The road was dough and was left in that state causing a lot of inconvenience to commuters. There is also a water leak somewhere in the road which cause a lot of stagnant water on the so called road resulting into huge water filled craters. I wonder why is this not being repaired. Please help in laying proper roads and help us make our daily commute easier. Hoping this complaint will be registered.

(Location : From Shampura Main Road bus stand continue towards the Railway track, cross the railway track and take a left. That is the entire stretch which needs to be repaired before someone get seriously injured.)

Abhishek Sharma
Feb 23, 2014

Stray Dog Menace

I am a resident of Skylark Sapphire Nest, Near BEML Hospital, Jagdish Nagar.
I have to register this complaint regarding the issue of nuisance caused by the Stray dog population in this Area.

The population of stray dogs has risen sharply in the last one year and now its a common site to see a pack of 30-50 dogs, barking, fighting. Particularly in this area where I am residing, toddlers have often been bitten and wounded by the Stray dogs and this Issue has been mentioned in the Newspapers too.

Although this Area falls under the BEML administration, so it is very natural to expect more cleanliness and management regarding such Issue but that does not seem to be the case.

People are often chased/wounded by dogs, litter is available everywhere, making the place highly un-hygienic.
Walking or Jogging early morning or late evenings is a nightmare and there is always a scare.
Its more of a problem for Senior citizens whose reflex actions are not quite as fast.

Getting enough Sleep at night is a bigger issue with the continuous barking and howling which happens in sessions overnight.
In all i request the concerned authorities to take a note of this and take the necessary action.
Citizens of the Society are even ready to pay for solving out this Issue, so please let us know.

Many Thanks!
Skylark Sapphire Nest
Jagdish Nagar
Bangalore - 75

Stray Dog Menace

Feb 15, 2014


The commissioner
Subject: Regarding garbage disposal.
Respected Sir/Madam,
This complaint is to bring it to your kind notice that our area suffers from serious garbage disposal problem. People from our area discard their garbage daily in front of our house. The rack pickers spread out the garbage and it will be covered by street dogs and it has become literally difficult for us to stay here. As of now we are facing severe mosquitoes problem and their is a threat of spreading sickness in this area become of unhygienic condition.
we stay in 233. 3rd cross, jakkasandra new extension,ward no 151, Bangalore.
sir, we humbly request u to reciprocate to our problem and make sufficient arrangement on the same so that we lead a healthy life.
Thank you


Feb 9, 2014

Stray Dog Menace

This is to bring to your urgent notice regarding the stray dogs menace in Vidyaranyapura, Bangalore. The stray dogs in my house road has increased too much. There are around 15 stray dogs i find daily on my way from Vidyaranyapura last bus stop to my house.

Request you to please send stray dog catcher team to immediately catch and clear these dogs. These dogs bark and howl the whole night disturbing the sleep of our family elders. Also these dogs attack in groups on children playing on the roads, elders taking walk in the colony.

Request you to please clear the dogs in the following area.

Behind Nativity Church, AMS Layout, Near holy faith public school, CB Halli, Vidyaranyapura, Bangalore.

Thanks in advance.
Feb 4, 2014

waste management

I am living in 2nd Cross, Jai Bhema Nagar, BTM layout I stage. In this street there is no common trash can or waste disposal persons are not coming. Then where can we dispose the waste.
Feb 2, 2014

Stray dogs

We've stray dogs menace. Because of this children are very scared to play outside. The dogs have chased children couple of times. On complaining to the local authorities , the only way is to see that the dogs are not fed. But our so called "dog lover neighbours " feed them. The dogs are creating havoc by jumping into the compound walls and shitting ....
Kindly help.
12th A main ,
Classic paradise ,
Bangalore 560068
Jan 28, 2014

Neighbour sanitation menace.

My neighbour, which is an apartment (Manandi plaza, jain apartment, chamrajpet), has left their sanitation (toilet) pit open, from which we get very bad smell. The pit is next to our living room. In spite of repeated request, they are not closing the pit. Kindly help us to resolve this issue. Since this has very bad implication on health, kind help us out.
My mobile no.: 9900499310
Jan 23, 2014

richmond road very worst

Richmond road flyover is very worst and dangerous to drive at nights,road dividers are broken and not placed properly,every day one car and bike will always be having accident due to road dividers not placed properly.u can see car wheel cover broken and oil leakage on the road with broken dividers.Road tar is broken with pot holes from years.
this is my fourth complaint to BBMP, still no one is bothered to take responsibility in doing proper work,Shame on you BBMP
Godhi R S
Jan 15, 2014

Road digging by Cable company

An underground cable company is digging ( instead of using road boring machine) at the following spot today (15-01-2014):

Junction of 11th cross, 5th main, 3rd block, BEL Layout, Vidyaranyapura, Bangalore 560097

Please take action to stop destruction of the road immediately.
shankar vidhya
Dec 28, 2013

Street Light Not working properly

Street lights not blowing
Street lights near by 16th A Cross Road, HSR Layout, Bangalore 102, area
I would like to bring to your attention that from past few months, streets lights are not working properly around. It would be very difficult to walk on footpaths past 6 PM; though street lights are fixed they are not in working properly.

Please take necessary action at the earliest. Thanks.
Dec 26, 2013

Basic amenities not provided-Ward no 54


Ashirwad layout, Varanasi, K R Puram, B-36 Ward no 54. has got 5 lanes (each 200mtrs) of total 1km length. which is not been asohalted. Howevere rest of the Varanasi & marugondanahalli village roads are asphalted recently. Our layout was left out. add to the frustration, it was left out after the work order was done, because the local BJP leader has a clash with the entire area land lord, heard that leader wanting to get the vacant land attached to same landlord. So the 80 individual houses owner's are at the receiving end for this. no development is not happening, because of this. all the 250 people staying in that area are missing the Basic amenities, no drainage system, no water supply, no raods, no sewage system.

This was even brought to MLA notice and we were happy that he is approachable & had patience to listen to us in one of the RWA meeting. However the people who are hands of hiim are in favor that local leader. who is stopping the development of the area for personal GAIN.

Are there a honest official who can resolve this & provide the basic amenities to us, which is due. We are a paying property tax without fail.

Residents of Ashirwad Layout - Varanasi-Ward no 54
Dec 22, 2013

Bad roads

This is a complaint about the pathetic road condition and action required from the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara palike. The details are listed below.

This is to bring to your attention that the road leading from Delmia circle junction (J.P Nagar 3rd phase) to Arkere Mico Layout via kalyani magnum are filled with multiple/unnecessary/ unscientific road humps at every 50 mtrs and pot holes. This is causing not just inconvenience but also are a health hazard. I request you to immediately take action and remove these to allow free movement for all vehicles travelling through this stretch everyday which includes school vans which ferry children from the various schools in the vicinity.

Nov 28, 2013

Street lights not blowing

Street lights near by 10th Main, NRI Layout Kalkere, Bangalore 16, area
I would like to bring to your attention that from past few months, streets lights are not working around. It would be very difficult to walk on footpaths past 6 PM; though street lights are fixed they are not in working.

Please take necessary action at the earliest. Thanks.

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