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Consumer complaints and reviews about BBMP

Nov 17, 2012

Brahut Bangalore Mahanagarapalike


I am a resident of 10th cross, 3nd Main NGEF Layout Nagarbhavi 2nd stage Bangalore 72. In the said address, at site no 39 next site no 149 an un authorised shed and a toilet was constructed and it was let out. Sanitary connection was also taken with out the permission of BBMP or BWSSB. Since illegal connection was taken, BWSSB officials have disconnected the sanitary line. After disconnection the inmates of shed, used to allow the sewerage water and the water from the bath room and kitchen to run through the rain water charandi. Rain water charandi is meant for flowing rain water only and not to flow the sewerage water. Since it was allowed to run through the rain water charandi, the bad smell is being spread allover and since the rain water charandi is blocked due to accumulation of dry leaves and other materials in the charandi, the sewerage water is stagnant at one point. Since the water is stagnant in one place, it has become in house for the mosquitoes. Since we are scared about dengue and chiken guneia, we had taken up the matter with BBMP by loding a complaint after complaint. We had requested BBMP authority to take immediate steps to stop the sewerage water running to the rain water charandi. But even after complaining several times no action is being initiated by BBMP. As we the residents of this area are sufferring due to sewerage water flowing to the rain water charandi. Though Rajaneesh Goel openly remarked that if BBMP comes to know about unauthorised construction , immediate action will be taken as per BBMP rule.But in the instant case the BBMP authority failed to take any steps with regard the unauthorised construction of shed. Hence we the residents of this area request to take immediate action to stop the sewerage water running from the shed to rain water charandi and also with reagard to unauthorised constructin of shed.
Nov 17, 2012

Unattended Drains

I am a resident of Cambridge layout 1st cross Bangalore - 560008. I am writing this email complaining about how the work on drains had been started and left midway after uncovering the slabs. This has been unattended now for over 5-6 weeks now causing serious mosquito problems,bad stench and obstructions in what is otherwise an already a busy road.

All the residents are facing a lot of problems getting in and out of their houses as all the slabs have been removed. The silt and dirt from the drains have been thrown out on the road and left out in the open even without having this cleaned or removed letting the residents of Cambridge layout 1st cross to put up with this.

I urge the officials in-charge to take this matter up with a lot of urgency and take responsibility of this and have this fixed as soon as possible as it has been over 5-6 weeks already since this has been unattended to.

Nov 16, 2012

Stray Dog Menace


Nov 16, 2012

Stray Dog Menace

Stray dogs have increased tremendously in Domlur Layout, Off Old Airport Road (pin code 560071). They terrorize anybody walking or on two wheelers after dark. They even jump into residential compounds and have killed my pet last. My pet was inside the compound at the time of the incident and was attacked by a pack of 5 dogs.
Wild animals should not be allowed to roam freely.
Nov 9, 2012

No Roads

This is one of the biggest challenge we are facing in Bangalore, I don't know whether this is related with Politics.

There are no Roads in Munnekolala, Marathahalli area...and Bangalore is always with rains...when it rains a 5 inch of dirt forms in and it is causing very difficult to drive, I saw many people had got skidded and fell down.

If asked they say this is because of the government incharge..This area is closed to sarjapur and it is getting developed very fast, and definitely people will expect better infrastructure as we are all paying huge taxes to government.

I think we should call the department of Roads to this area whenever it will be...because when it is not raining the roads are like fully formed with Dust..and I enquired with few people regarding the Dust in air that is causing them allergies...

Many people felt sick due to this situation here...don't know when the government will takeup these things seriously and act positively...

Day by Day its getting sick over here
Nov 9, 2012

lot of disturbance from the PG in Munnekolala

I want to first understand if in the Layout Paying Guests are allowed, if allowed how many.
If the department who every is looking these issues can come to Munnekolala Marathahalli, a lot of PG are there than family...All the new buildings that are getting constructed are given to PG as they get huge rents in return.
But they are closed by buildings and the families residing in are getting disturbed a lot...a lot and a lot really.
I guess the department should take some serious steps to stop this.
Nov 4, 2012

Garbage Menace on 23rd Cross Ittamadu Main Road

I hope times of india takes up this issue. The garbage on ittamadu main road, especially in the 23rd cross has been lying around for days now. The guys don't clean the place well... pick only some of the garbage and only on some days. These guys need to be changed as they don't listen to any of us. Another dog died this friday eating the garbage on the street. The garbage collecters come in small rickshaws, and pourakarmikas come with small bags & without any proper tools or equipments to clean the garbage. It is a waste of time and effort if people aren't equipped well to do their job. Bigger trucks (not the ones with grills) which are closed well from all sides are required. Devices that can easily transfer garbage from streets to the trucks without dropping them on the road (which happens when the trucks/Rickshaws are closed from all sides) are required as the open trucks often drop about 10-15 % garbage along the way. What steps need to be taken to change the bbmp officials or suspend them from their posts? we as residents of ittamadu are ready to take action based on suggestions from a responsible group like times of india or jagruthi etc.
Nov 3, 2012


Dear sir,

In our area no clear garbage dumping places & Even BBMP peoples also not coming properly to collect garbage. If they come also they will come in the afternoon and they will collect 20 RS per house.

Please say them to work properly
Nov 2, 2012

Garbage not collected for 8 days from 23rd Cross Ittamadu Main Road

I am a resident on 23rd Cross, Ittamadu Main road, BSK 3rd Stage, behind Vinayaka Enterprises. There are 2 places right in front of my house where Garbage has been accumulated. The BBMP folks haven't collected Garbage from one place since 8 Days. around 24th of October 2012, someone from BBMP came and set fire to two piles of Garbage which was rotting for abour 8-10 days. Since then the a small Rickshaw had come to collect the Garbage. The Rickshaw had big grills and was not big enough to collect the garbage from even one of the 2 piles. 25% of it fell within the first 200 meters after it started. They removed about 80% from one place and then left about 4 days ago. The other place wasn't cleaned up even a bit and the garbage has been rotting for 8-9 days now. The situation got worse since it rained during last 2 days. The stench is unbearable, the are thousands of mosquitos and flies in all our houses. So many different ANIMALS are trying to PARTY here... Unfortunately 3 dogs and a few birds died yesterday near the garbage, probably they had an overdose. Someone took those animals within 2 hours from here probably to sell the dog and bird's meat as Chicken or Mutton. Good Luck Meat Eaters in Bangalore. It's good business for everyone... The meat sellers, Doctors, Chemists... All THANKS TO IRRESPONISBLE BBMP and the Govt... Still trying to make some bucks without adopting to worldclass standards and going the SURAT way. Cheap politicians should be put behind bars for wasting our money which they collect in various taxes etc. It's time for a Change... I wish there were more organizations like India Against Corruption, Jagrithi etc in Bangalore who could fight this Menace. All the neighbours have decided that if the garbage is not collected immediately, we all will dump this garbage in BBMP office/Bangalore One/BBMP officials' houses. Well time will tell what's going to happen.
Oct 25, 2012

Street Dog Manace

Sir In 7th Cross Krishna Nagar, Chikka Devasandra, K. R. Puram, There are as many as 20 dogs which are barking, howling, chasing elders and young people and making our life miserable. People especially in nights are afraid to come out of there houses because of these use-less dogs. I humbly request bbmp to remove these dogs immediately, Thanks
Vinodh Kumar
Oct 23, 2012

Bad platforms and Roads

I live in madiwala, bangalore. The footpaths are so bad and there are lot of shops which is on the platform and I really see people suffering. Its really very hard for pregnant ladies to jump between roads and footpath when ever there's a holes/Drainages/Shops. Please take some actions, I really feel bad to cross the road everytime. When it rains its impossible to walk on the road.

Please take necessary action.

Location: opposite road to ayyapan temple through wipro office
Oct 18, 2012

Urgent attention road

This is regarding the condition of Road in Jakkur. this road is from NH 7connecting to apartments like Renaissance exotica, Sobha malachite and Nitesh ITC. This is probably less than a Km. There are hundreds of families living here and there many school children. The condition of the road is very bad hence we face lots of difficulty commuting. There was some work started but now everything has come to a standstill. Please do the needful immediately.
Oct 16, 2012

Street dog menance

Dear Sir,

Iam a common Indian citizen,residing in Devasandra main road,K.R.Puram. Banaglore-36. The street dogs have created the lives misserable. Its very hard to walk on the main roads only especially after 9'o clock at night. and late hours no words, its there territory which creates more of noice and attack every one weather he is walking or driving vehicle. Please put an end for this Havoc from the steet dogs. The fate of the main roads itself is this cant imagine in the interior parts of the area. Please I beg to action by the concern authority on the same and maintain peace and secured in the area.
Thaseen Kouser
Oct 15, 2012

Garbage not Collected on Daily basis since 2 weeks.

In 7th A cross Kanakanagar RT Nagar Post, Garbage has not collected from past Two Weeks. A lady used to come and pick the Garbage from the houses which was in practice but she is not at all coming to this particular Lane. Recently she had come and demanded money which got paid by all but she did not turned up after this. Whenever she need money she come that particular day and collect the money rather than Garbage. We do not want to pollute the atmosphere and Request the BBMP Officer to look in to this issue and ensure that Lady comes on daily basis and collect Garbage.
Oct 10, 2012

construction of temp shed

Dear sir,

in site no 39 2nd Main Road 10th cross, NGEF layout Bangalore 72 a temporary shed has been constructed and attach to the same a temporary toilet has been constructed and the same was let out. Now the sewerage and dirty water from the kitchen and the toilet is flowing to the rain water charandi which is accumalated which is causing to formation of mosquitoes. Immediate steps to be taken to stop the dirty water running to the rain water charandi. Further in the same site four big ponds were digged and when it rains these ponds will be full of water and it would be a place for generation of mosquitoes, This ponds should be filled up immediately

shashidhara Senior citizan forum
Oct 10, 2012

Storm Drain blockage

1. The sewage system is overflowing into the storm drain on 3rd Cross opposite to Vidya Jyoti School, in front of my house The storm drain is choked fully and stagnated due to blockages created by a contractor who removed the covering stone slabs and put them back without removing the blockages. The stink and mosquitoes are flying all over including the school premises where more than a thousand children come to study.
2. The storm drain cover slabs are removed in many places allowing insensitive people to dump wet waste into the storm drain. Cockroaches, rats and mosquitoes thrive on this breeding ground to cause health hazard to the public in this area. There are large openings between the stone slabs allowing rats to be housed in the storm drain.
3. The storm drain on 31st Main in front of my house has been damaged by moving vehicles due to the poor quality of cement work done by a contractor six months ago.
4. The storm drain on 31st Cross in front of my house has not been connected to the main storm drain on the 3rd Cross. This was done deliberately in spite of my repeated requests to the contractor supervisor in-charge of the works. He took care to complete the work when I am not present to verify.
Request: 1. Please arrange to remove the blockages on the storm drain
2. Please Arrange with concerned agency to repair and fix the overflowing sewerage into storm drain
3. Please Arrange to replace the storm drain cover slabs of appropriate size and seal them properly as per BBMP Specifications.
4. Please Arrange to repair the dislocated storm drain cover slabs on 31st Main in front of my house
5. Please Arrange to remove the debris fallen into the storm drain due to damage of the cover slabs
6. Please arrange to connect the 31st Main Storm drain in front of my house to the main storm drain on the 3rd Cross
Oct 1, 2012

Debris and Garbage monds next to SRS Transports in Wilson Garden

There is huge monds of debris and garbage adjacent SRS Transports on H.Siddian Road.IT is an eyesore for those who visit BMTC Nusstation on K.H.Double Raod.BBMP Garbage contractos have been using this place for garbage dumping.SRS Transports used the place to dump debris of old demolised building in their compounds.What is Prahari or Area health inspectors are doing.They all trouble common People and leave big persons turning a blind eyes.
citizen savy
Oct 1, 2012

Garbage Menace

BBMP has to transfer pourakarmikas in Wilson Gardens.They have been there for thelast 20 years or 25 years.They do now Sweep the roads properly.They only litter garbage on the roads.They also dump garbage mounds into storm water drains.Drains get blocked due to regular dumping of garbage both by porakarmikas and also by residents of Ist cross incidentally some porakarmikas also stay there.

There is no descipline.God knows who is the superviso or who are the porakarmikas.In Wilson Gardens garbage is not being cleared at all.Where where you go you see mounds of garbage. BBMP has to take serious note of the behaviour of porakarmikas in Wilson Gardens. They hardly do any work and simply loitering here and there.
Sep 30, 2012

Street dogs in Begaluru

Dear sir/Madam,

I am residing in JP Nagar 3rd phase near Delmia circle in Bengaluru city. We are facing lot of problem due to street dogs in our area. Even we are afraid to walk on roads as the dogs follow us. Also, In the mid night there is a lot of disturbance due to the noise and shout made by these street dogs. small children in this area are literally frightened to walk alone.

Request you to please take appropriate action in this regard.

Thanking you

JP nagar 3rd phase.
Sep 25, 2012

No Garbage collectors..

This is regarding the new waste management policy that you have come up with. Happy to know that u have taken some action for waste management and I read the penalty or fine details also. I am residing in Hongasandra, 10th Cross, Bommanahalli..I would like to inform that from the last 2 months nobody has come properly to collect the garbage from this area. So, we are forced to throw the waste outside. Before finalizing the fine rates and approving this new policy, pls look into this matter and DO SOMETHING. Because we don't want to pay any fine amount unnecessarily. You can keep some bins for a particluar area, so that all the house in that area can dispose their wastes. I have already registered a complaint with BBMP. Complaint No: 101171. Hope you will look into this matter before coming with the new rule.
Sep 25, 2012

No Garbage Collectors....

This is regarding the new waste management policy that you have come up with. Happy to know that u have taken some action for waste management and I read the penalty or fine details also. I am residing in Hongasandra, 10th Cross, Bommanahalli..I would like to inform that from the last 2 months nobody has come properly to collect the garbage from this area. So, we are forced to throw the waste outside. Before finalizing the fine rates and approving this new policy, pls look into this matter and DO SOMETHING. Because we don't want to pay any fine amount unnecessarily. You can keep some bins for a particluar area, so that all the house in that area can dispose their wastes. I have already registered a complaint with BBMP. Complaint No: 101171. HOpe you will look into this matter before coming with the new rule.
Sep 23, 2012


The number of stray dogs roaming freely at Kadugodi and Whitefield have increased in the recent times. They are a big threat to pedestrian walking and come barking at them from nowhere. They attack passersby even if they are not harmed or chased. Cases of dog bites are becoming common. Many times, people just escape by luck or guts. But, elders and children cannot do so, if they are in such a situation. Without fear of them, it is difficult to walk down the streets.
I humbly therefore request BBMP is to organise a Stray Dog Catching campaign in Kadugodi area (from railway station to Shell Petrol pump catch these dogs. Please also leave appropriate instructions to the numerous butcheries and chicken/fish sellings shops to not throw away waste on the road side or feed these dogs, as they tend to attract more of them.
Srinivasa Rao Vysyaraju
Sep 20, 2012

Payment not paid for Census work


I worked to do census and enumerator jobs. I was not paid for the work I have done. Not sure what the designation of the employee who according to The Tax Inspector, ARO is responsible for paying money - Geetha (Mob num - 9741332235) is making me take leaves and roam behind the office of Ramesh Nagar for money. At least I was forced to go to and forth for 15 times.

My ward is 81 and block 96 for which payment of around 6000 is pending. I am fearing it has been taken on my name by Geetha and or her assistant.

Pls help me.

Sep 14, 2012

Garbage problem

We are in maruthi Nagar 5th Cross (Madiwala Extension behind Ayyapa temple), There the Road Cleaning Workers are not coming. It is hard to dispose the garbage. Auto comes but not daily and in regular time. Working women are the real sufferes. We have to leave before 10:00 am ,but where to put the garbage, I am not convinced to put in road, whichis unhygience to all. I humble request the BBMP and Corporators of Maruthi nagar to check the Cleaning worker are doing their job properly. Government is paying tax money of the public to these workers, but they are not dong the work properly. It is the duty of the Corporators to make sure that the Workers are doing the work properly.
Sep 13, 2012

Not collecting garbage from resdiential area

Dear sir/madam,
Area sanullah layout of sultanpalya .bbmp authorities not collecting garbage from past one week.pls we request u to send conern person to collect the garbage in our area.

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