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Consumer complaints and reviews about BBMP

Jul 1, 2013

pathetic roads

The so called garden city of India and also the IT capital of India which we all know as Bangalore has one of the worst government administrations. The basic amenities which people crave for are neglected to the maximum extent.One of them whivh i want to highlight is the absolute pathetic condition of roads throughout the city. To travel a distance of 30 kms from Vijayanagar to whitefield area, we take about 3 hrs which is just outrageous and this is under normal conditions. If it rains, then it easily stretches to upwards of 5hrs. The main roads like old airport road, vijayanagar road,mysore road etc are in the worst condition possible and shit government just doesnt care to properly tar these roads inspite of knowing that lakhs of people use these roads to commute from work to offices. Its taking a serious toll on the peoples physical and mental health, rise in pollution levels to alarming levels in these areas and loss of precious time spent on travelling on pathetically maintained main roads. The satellite bus stand on the mysore road is also badly planned in terms of entry and exit of buses. They enter and exit the bus stand at right angles to the main road which is a mjor hindrance to traffic flow. If the buses enter n exit in parallel direction to the main road, then traffic flow would not be affected that much. This is just a small part of the everyday problems we public face. Please take some necessary action to resolve these problems at the earliest.
Jun 24, 2013

Grabage dumping in front of my house

Dear Sir,

We are resident of 8th A Cross, Opp. S R Apartments, MSR Nagar, Bangalore 560054, living in this locality for the past 24 years. This is to complain about the Garbage dump which is right in front of my house with my family struggling to breathe and menace of flies, mosquitoes, stray cows and styray dogs. Though we have been diligently telling the garbage collectors to clean the place properly, there has been no response to over kind request. We have been falling sick because of the Garbage dump and the stench the fills the air and our house. My Parents are old and it is difficult to live in an environment like this.

Please address our complaint immediately. For we have lost our level of tolerance and spending our money for closing our hospital expenses.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Sheena Samuel
Jun 12, 2013

Vacant site breeding ground for mosquitoes

Dear Sir/ Madam,
The vaccant site next to my house in Chandra Layout is full of bushes, grass & garbage. Since onset of rains, It has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and insects.
I got Dengue fever and suffered for more than 10 days. Now my son also has got fever for last 3 days and can't go to school.
I request authorities to take urgent action for cleaning & dis-infecting the site.
Moreover this problem I am facing since last 10 years and it becomes worse during rainy season. Apart from my loss due to leave from work and my son's absence from school, there is physical pain & trauma also. Hence there should be a system in place to take care of such vacant sites becoming nuisance to it's neighbours.
Though it is the legal duty of the site owner to maintain the site in proper higenic condition, but they are not even traceable.

Please take action on priority.


Arun P.
1265, 7th Cross, 3rd Main,
(Behind SBI)
Ph: 23396080, 9449869643
Jun 2, 2013

Bad Roads

Since the flyover is getting constructed at the railway track on Sarjapur Road, Bangalore, there is route diversion to approach various schools beyond the railway track like DPS East, Greenwood High, Harvest International and several other schools. While it is a good thing that the flyover is getting constructed, the alternate routes leading to the schools are extremely bad, narrow and dangerous. In fact the alternate routes are potential disaster/accident prone zones. Once the schools reopen one-by-one in June, the school buses will find it extremely difficult to pass through those bad roads. There will be total chaos and children will unduly suffer. I request BBMP to please repair the alternate roads, since flyover construction will continue for probably 6-8 months or even more and children and other citizens will really suffer.

May 30, 2013

Garbage cleaning


Once again we are knocking the door of BBMP ……please wake up dengue is spreading in Karnataka with full momentum….please initiate some measures to control before it become epidemic….please send your officials in and around Madiwala Market areas of Koramangala, Bangalore…see the garbage’s, rain water spreading everywhere..Full of mosquitoes with stinky smell…..how long you want to ignore this situation…?????
May 24, 2013

Garbage problem

N.C Sudhir. B.E
92/1, Trivikrama nilaya,
6th “C” main road, Ward no:33
Appanna block , HMT layout ,
R.T Nagar, Bangalore -32.
Land mark : Opp. Bombay Tailors.

The commissioner,

Dear Sir,
SUBJECT: Garbage problem near our house.

We live at the above address near HMT layout RT nagar our neighbouring vacant site has become a garbage dump. It is also used as a open urinal for all and sundry. Since we live at the next building the stench is unbearable. We requested the site owner to put a compound wall and stop people entering and using it as a open toilet, but he has not done the needy. In front of the vacant site all the garbage from the locality is collected everyday by push carts and loaded into a truck by BBMP workers. They never bother to clean the area after loading and people start throwing garbage throughout the day and night and it looks like a garbage dump. We are enclosing the photos showing the condition of the road as well as the vacant site.
We request you to kindly change the garbage loading point to some other place, since this road is very busy and has got a bakery, hotel, provison store, chicken stall within few feet from the dump yard.
The vacant site should be immediately cleaned and should be enclosed with a proper compound wall, so that we can live peacefully without the stench. There are also about 30 dogs have made their home near the dump.
We request you to immediately solve our problem.
Looking for a positive action from your end.

Yours sincerely,
N.C Sudhir.

Garbage problem Garbage problem Garbage problem Garbage problem

May 24, 2013

tree trimming

please will someone send this to the right person/ department.
thank you.

Subject: waiting for a disaster to happen...

This is an open letter to Mr. Roshan Baig and corporator Mr. Gunashekhar regarding Nandidurg Extension, near Jayamahal. It has been over a year now that i have been requesting you to please address the issue of these old, old eucalyptus trees in the bwssb/bbmp park in the extension. There are many branches just ready to fall and break someone's head, something you could come and verify yourselves any time the wind blows or rain falls.

(please see pics)

Please notice the wires running across from under these branches. A lot of them are dead, just waiting to fall. Are the authorities waiting for disaster to strike before action is taken...???
Please do tell...

Its bad enough that you have allowed the Archbishop to ruin our little colony by letting him cut healthy trees, build buildings so high (and so ugly) so as to even stop the sun from shining into our colony, allowed them to remove garbage bins and make no alternate means of garbage disposal, allowed them to have weddings etc. and make our colony into their personal parking area, allow them to shut down Hopcoms and the Janatha Bazaar and make life miserable for residents here, including many many senior citizens.

Its bad enough that the main road is ruined and has been for a long time and that you don't seem to care. And now that the foothpath towards Jayamahal is relatively nicer to use, we have bikers riding there who try and run over pedestrians, with the blessings of two traffic policemen on the job.

Apparently you are capable of getting work done if you want to. The work on the storm drain was done just during the election period and now that success is yours, my guess is that we will see you sometime during the next election.

Or when someone or something gets badly hurt/destroyed when a dead branch decides that that is the only way to get your attention.

Would love a response from you please...?


tree trimming

May 21, 2013

Major garbage collection in our area


I am not sure whether complaining here would really work or do any good, but still would like to bring in notice regarding the garbage and sewage collection 3rd Main, 4th Cross street of Malleshpalya area in Bangalore.

The scene is pathetic as all sorts of garbage is being dumped from years here and no one is even bothered to take an initiative to clean it. This is getting worse day by day. if possible, please do immediate actions as this will spread epidemic diseases around very soon. People make their children sit for their toilet and urine there itself.

Please take some corrective actions very soon.

Thanks and Regards,
Well wisher from 4th Cross, Mallleshpalya.
May 18, 2013


The raj road and the parallel road are in very bad shape after drainage and sanitory work in that area. Few surrounding roads are tarred. There are big potholes. please can the authoritities look into this.
thank you in advance.
Apr 25, 2013

Tarring the Road

We are the residents of Samhitha Rainbow Apartments, just opposite to VIBGYOR High School (Thubarahalli, Whitefield, Bangalore 560066). The road in front of our apartment leading to Varthur Main Road is not yet tarred. There are lots of infants and toddlers in our apartments who fell sick because of the dusty environment. Commutation is extremely difficult, especially during the rainy season. VIBGYOR School Management as well as the residents of the nearby apartments such as Samhitha Rainbow and Shriram Samrudhi have taken initiative and have made many requests for tarring the road. But no changes yet. Please do the needful as early as possible.
Apr 24, 2013

Property tax for 2012-13 not credited by BBMP

I have deposited property tax on line through ICICI bank for my apartment in Purvasunshine on line on 20 April,2012. I have already received the receipt as well same day.
Now when i want to deposit property tax for the year 2013-14 the maasage shows that i have not deposited the tax for 2012-13!!
This is surprising as the amount of tax has already beed deducted from my ICICI bank account and BBMP had issued the receipt as well.
I need to know what is the e mail ID where i can send the scanned copes of proof of deposit. My deposit shows ARO-Bellandur under Marathaali region.
Apr 23, 2013

road repairs / tar

I am a resident of raj road, chikkabommasandra.

BBMP has not tarred the raj road and surrounding roads after the sanitory and drainage work. please can the authorities take liitle pain and do the needful.
Apr 21, 2013

stray dog problem

I stay in a layout called SJR Park vista on Harlur Road ,off Sarjapur road, Bangalore. I am facing a lot of problem with the stray dogs about 6 of them which have occupied my garden area and started living there. They have been a menace not only to the people of my house but for the whole locality. They start chasing kids while playing and shout throughout the night. I need some help on how to get rid of this problem.

Thanks and Regards
S.r. Subramanian
Apr 18, 2013


Subject: Re: pls help for on line payment of property tax for the year 2013-14
To: bbmpsas@bbmp.gov.in

We are having following problems at Rohan jharoka aooartment
Khata. for Rohan jharoka, We do not see an immediate solution to this in near future. people living in Rohan jharoka got frustrated we are not able to pay prop tax on linne. its frustrating to pay bribe every time to do their normal duty

what's the actual form charges ? Do we really need to pay Rs.100/-... can we negotiate for a better collective rate for the "service" ?

PID number is something which the govt. allots to each flat, No PID number for Rohan Jharoka So nobody can do anything about it,

So, for those of u who did not get their name changed, it is still showing Fern Builders.These people cannot make the payment for propertyTax online.

following are details of property and preveious year 2012-13 property tax paid receipt.

Please Enter The SAS 2008-09 Application No.3028458 Or PID No.: Renewal Appl. No. : 551019025
SAS Base Application No.: 3028458 New PID No. :
Property Address 20/1 TO 7 , VARTHUR HOBLI kempapura marathalli,
for my flat F-701 Rohan Jharoka behind hal airport, yamlur bangalore 560075
sr subramanian
owner of flat
F-701 Rohan Jharoka behind hal airport, yamlur bangalore 560075
chandran moses
Apr 10, 2013

Street lights are not working

IN Bangalore, Ward no:25, Esther Enclave, Horamavu Jeyanthynagar, street lights numbering 20 are not working for the past 4 months. I made the complaint to the concerned officials of the BBMP/Bangalore but nothing happened. No one is interested to rectify the lights ie to replace the fused bulbs, chokes etc, I request the mayor, and the commissioner of BBMP/Bangalore to rectify the lights as early as possible since lot of inconvenienced caused to elderly people in the absence of proper lights.
Mar 29, 2013

Monkeys trouble residents in HMT Layout (NagasandraPO)

Dear Sir,
I, Chandramouli SR , residing at 478 1st Main, 2nd Block HMT Layout (off Tumkur Road) , Nagasandra PO, Bangalore-560073, is facing lot of problems from monkeys. I request BBMP / Corporation authority to catch the monkeys and take them away from the residential area. They are spoiling all the items such as overhead tank, solar geyser, outside electrical panel boards, water pipings , windows etc. Pl do the needful at the earliest.
-Mouli [9980510800]
Mar 28, 2013

Garbage non collection

Garbage non collection
Lack of Garbage Collection
28th March'2013

The Commissioner BBMP

Dear Sir,

I reside at Virupashapura Near Hebbagilu.

We have a continuing problem with the Garbage Collector refusing to pick up bagged garbage left in front of the house. Now to make the matters worse, They are demanded a sum of Rs. 500/- to clear the garbage and upon refusal,

Our repeated attempts at informing your Office no action has been take place.

We request your immediate action to sort out this problem.

Thanks & Rgds

Mar 28, 2013

Garbage non collection

Lack of Garbage Collection
September 08. 2010

The Commissioner BBMP

Dear Sir,

I reside at Virupashapura Near Hebbagilu.

We have a continuing problem with the Garbage Collector refusing to pick up bagged garbage left in front of the house. Now to make the matters worse, They are demanded a sum of Rs. 500/- to clear the garbage and upon refusal,

Our repeated attempts at informing your Office no action has been take place.

We request your immediate action to sort out this problem.

Thanks & Rgds

Mar 27, 2013


The speed breakers in the city roads does not have any cross lines or reflectors on/besides them, as its very difficult in the night to identify a speed breaker from a distance, which leads to sudden breaking of the vehicle and eventually accidents.

Kindly look into this issue and do the needfull.
(Mostly in Marathahalli-Silkboard route)
Mar 23, 2013

Roads are not getting cleaned regularily.

Dear Sir,

I am a resident of 10th Main, 11th Cross, Maruthi Nagar, Malleshpalya, Bangalore-560075. Though the lane cleaning staff is coming till Shakti Enclave, further to that, I have never seen them coming and cleaning our lanes, as a result of which there is garbage everywhere on the road, inviting ants, cockroaches and rodents.
Last time when they cleaned the lanes was more than 6 months back. I request you please ensure that our lanes are getting cleaned regularly or at least twice a week.
Mar 13, 2013

Stray Dogs which are Bool thirsty

I am a specially abled woman . What if the Stray Dogs which have Habitat in Basawa Bhawan , 45/01 Palace Road , Miller's Road I.G.'s Office Bangalore , BBMP Pay Bill Building Vasanth Nagar , High Grounds Police Station - Please note these are all Govt. Buildings and safe haven for packs of dogs which attack in groups. I have suffered humiliation when I am helpless and can easily lose balance and got torn into pieces by these Pets of miscelleneous people who feed them and let them be civic nuisance.

How do you deal with this situation , whom to call or inform before meeting a dreaded end to this everyday affair ?
sami sharieff
Mar 4, 2013

Roads not tarred

2nd Main Road,Kanakanagar railway post,Nagavara junction

The roads after the railway post are in a very horrible condition.These roads muddy , not tarred since many years. The people around are facing many issues.Every time there is some or the other construction work that will be going on and after which roads will be left without correcting them , which leads to heavy traffic jams and dust pollution.
These roads are left without being taken care.the people are facing many issues.

Please have these roads tarred as this will reduce the chaios people are facing every day.
Salim Rai
Feb 19, 2013

Slow progress of the construction of sub way, its been more than 6 months the site is just left deserted.

LKoramangla 1st bloc, road near st. Francis school. Bangalore ocation - Koramangla 1st bloc, st. Francis school road. Bangalore 560 034.


The road near koramangla 1st bloc is under construction from the last few months or we can say almost a year and its left half done. It was suppose to be subway or intersection in order to lessen the traffic but the incomplete work is causing more traffic to the commuters. main road is closed and its dug'd deep so, commuters avoid using the patch of road leading to traffic snarls on this particular patch. As there is only half road for a smooth passage to commute, vehicles are seen struggling to pass through.


Traffic congestion during such encounters leads to an ugly sight. Only two wheeler can pass by without any hurdles.Drivers find it very difficult to drive their vehicles on this rough road. It damages the vehicles.The work of this road was started more than 6 months ago. So much commuting problems have been caused because of this road. Even if one has to attend some program in the school, they can not park our vehicles outside the gate in the parking area. The surface is in a bad shape. Four wheeler drivers can somehow manage to park their vehicles here but it is very difficult for two wheeler to park the vehicle on this uneven road. The main road is blocked and instead of that the service road is made the main road which is congested.
since then The officials have been giving reasons and flouting their deadlines to complete the construction work of this site. If a single road is taking so much time, then how are they going to reconstruct the main roads? This work is going on more than a year.
Feb 19, 2013

no water supply for 2 weeks

I stay on Dwarakanagar temple road near overhead water tank. We have not recieved water supply for past 2 weeks. water supply is there for all the roads except of ours. Person collects money from every house on monthly basis ( no meters). we stay in Gov provided site and there is not meter for this.For past 2 weeks excpet for our roads the water has been suppleied abandently. Request the kind attention of Govt. officials for same.
Shweta Tiwari
Feb 15, 2013

Garbage dumped in lake by the garbage collector truck

Respected Sir/Madam,

My name is Shweta Tiwari and i am a resident of Marthahalli, Purvankara Riviera Apartment complex. There is a lake called as "Munekolala lake" behind our apartment complex.This lake come in the AECS layout area. It is a very beautiful lake which is seen from my balconies but what i see happening to it is not good at all. I notice, that every day the truck that collects the garbage from the nearby area dumps the garbage in the lake and because of which there is a lot of garbage laying at one side of the lake and spoiling this natural resource of water. This is not just becoming an attempt to unknowing trying fill the lake but also is making that area dirty and unhygienic considering that there is park right in front of garbage and people come for their morning walks and kids play in the same part as well. Please consider this as a humble request to stop the process of throwing garbage in the lake.

This is not only to save the natural resource of water but also to have a clean city.
Thank you,
Shweta Tiwari

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