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Consumer complaints and reviews about BBMP

Frustrated Citizen
Oct 21, 2013



The road which we take to travel to Jalahalli cross via Sunkadakatte is pathetic. Every where we find potholes but here we find craters, feels as though a meteor has crashed and upon that its a muddy road giving you an experience of a dust storm.
I don't know what the so-called representative is doing???? Itseems the road is in the same condition from ages.
Request the concerned authorities to address the issue and make the travel safer.
Sep 27, 2013

uneven road in old airport to marathalli

Uneven road in marathalli

Recently potholes are filled, due to this road as become uneven which is effecting my backbone resulting severe pain if i drive in old airport road to marathalli.
Same issue will be felt whoever travelling in this road from last few years. I kindly request to put proper road for smooth travel.

If you not able to provide proper road, don't ask any road tax or other means of tax which is very high in Karnataka compared to other states.
Anup Chandrashekar
Sep 27, 2013

Bad roads

Doddakammanahalli road - Begur road i.e. passing through Nobel residency and Nandi woods was made ready for tarring by putting in stones past 2 weeks back. However there is no tarring done yet and with this delay, now all the stones are scatterd and would again need cleaning up. While 4 days is the deadline given, I wish this sould have been taken care while the rain stopped couple of weeks back. BBMP team - Would you please take care of this immediately.
Also the stretch from Meenakshi temple to Nobo nagar is a death trap for two wheelers now and the 4 wheelers tyres go deep into the pothole and that is the size of potholes there. Please see to ready this stretch too on urgent basis.
Arun Kr
Sep 21, 2013


Ward no 119 No.54/2, Sunkalpet Main Road, Cubbonpet Area, every day we struggle garbage collection. The garbage is pilled all over the roadside..!! By the same we are falling sick by harmful diseases like dengue, malaria etc..!!
Arun Kr
Sep 21, 2013


Ward no 119 every day we struggle garbage collection. The garbage is pilled all over the roadside..!! By the same we are falling sick by harmful diseases like dengue, malaria etc..!!
Sep 14, 2013

Large potholes


The Borewell road in whitefileld is filled with large potholes. It is one of the preferred route for whitefiled residents to go to ITPL and other office nearby. The situation is getting worse by each passing day due to poor drainage and continuos rains.

Please take immediate action as it is impacting people movement and also possesss risk to personal and vehicle safety.


Sudhanshu kumar
Sep 8, 2013

garbage clearance

The Commissioner,
BBMP, Bangalore.

Dear Sir,
I have constructed a new house plot no..1484 of HSR layout, 7th sector , Bangalore. Garbage is not being collected in and around that area.
Sep 6, 2013

illegal dangerous building

No 51,3 cross,omkarnagar,arakeregate,bannergatta road,huge structure is coming up without any offset,he has jammed to adjecent building without expansion joint,no agency will allow such deviation ,it will be a news someday when serious collapse happen and bbmp officials face music at the cost of damages we fear.
Aug 24, 2013

Roads are in bad condition

Dear sir,

Road leading to BCC Layout busstand from west of chord road is in bad condition. Roads are cut to lay the electric line or drainage pipes and not filled properly which leads to worse driving conditions. Please look in to the matter on priority. Also near the parks, there are lot of auto garages have come up which has damaged vehicles parked on the road leading congestion.

Aug 23, 2013

stray dogs


just wanted to know if there's a number i could call for stray dog menace. These dogs roam in a pack of 12, and they've started jumping compound walls and have killed two of my cats. Im really upset with the state of affairs. Why has bbmp let the stray dog population grow? At least spay the dogs so that they cannot reproduce.

upset resident.
lic colony, sector X, jeevan bima Nagar, Bangalore 75
Sunita Yadav
Aug 21, 2013

Barking of dogs at night

Hello Sir/Madam

This is Sunita, resident of Cauvery Layout, 3rd Main, GM Playa, New Thippasandra, ( Behind Bagmane Tech park) Bangalore - 560075.

There are number of street dogs in my area and those start barking continuously for hours at night. We are not able to sleep properly and have to come down to the lane to make them escape a couple of times during mid night. The dogs keeps barking and chase people at night. People are afraid to walk on the streets due to the street dog menace.

I would kindly request you to take proper and desired action in this matter.

Appreciate your immediate action.

Thanks in advance

Aug 17, 2013


sandeepunnikrishan road damaged due to reliance company cabling work, after cabling work also they have not repaired, they left the pathholes as it is. so kind take the action and do the needfull.
Aug 15, 2013

Irregular schedules of BMTC Buses to/from Hulimavu.


The Managing Director,

Subject:- Irregular schedules of BMTC Buses to/from Hulimavu.

Respected Sir,

During the General Body Meeting of our Association, many of the residents complained the following inconveniences of the BMTC bus service to/from Hulimavu;

1. There are very old buses likely to be condemned are plying for Hulimavu and they are breaking down often, besides the seats are torn and the glass windows are broken. (Bus No. KA-01-F1145 is one of the example).

2. There is no time table for the arrival and departure of the BMTC buses at Hulimavu. The Buses are stranded for a long time for 30-45mins and the crew of the buses say that is the scheduled time when they start. Many buses depart at their own timings one after the other while there are no buses at the hour of need. There should be a proper control to regulate the buses at hulimavu bustand.

3. There is a need for direct bus to Shivajinagar, Yeshwantpur, VijayNagar, Marathalli, ITPL Whitefield for this also we requested earlier. But no action.

We request kindly to provide us a timetable of all the buses plying to/from Hulimavu to/from KR Market & Majestic Bustand. We also request introduction of some more new buses for Hulimavu.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Aug 4, 2013

waste not collected from one week

I am a resident of Ramanjaneya nagar, Chikkalasandra. Waste is not collected from one week. Due to rains waste thrown outside is getting wet and insects are spreading every where. Not only this time, but always the waste is getting collected for every 4 or 5 days. Please take the complaint and do the needful.

Ramanjaneya nagar,
Jul 28, 2013

Drainage block

We are residing at 16th Main 16th Cross , AECS Layout, A Block, Singasandra, Bangalore. There is a big time drainage block in our street, The drainage water started flowing into our home.. Which is creating total unhealthy environment ..

Requesting the respective authorities to necessary steps to create a healthy environment

Jul 25, 2013

Raod Damaged in Ulsoor

Road is damaged very badly in our area because of drainage pipe which was changed 7 months back by the corporation. Residence are finding very difficult to commute in this road. This road is the primary road for the people living in this area and two wheelers frequently skids and 4 wheeler get struck in between the drainage manual.

Address: 4th Main Road starts from main channel road Saraswathipuram and connects to Jogupalya in Ulsoor.

Request BBMP authorities to lay the road as soon as possible to reduce the inconvenience caused to the public. Please fix the issue as soon as possible.

We voted for Congress in our Area Ulsoor but until not MLA Harris has not taken any repair or development work in our area.
San Ra Kru
Jul 23, 2013

A Scaring Dog in our Area


The concerned
BBMP Bangalore


I am a resident of No. 1314, 'INDIRA', 1st C main, 9th Block, 2nd Stage, Nagarabhavi BDA Layout, Bangalore - 560 072,

Near next 2 houses of my house towards north there is a scary dog, it is stray dog, defended by some surrounding residents which gives a lot of trouble by its unusual behavior. Initially it barks on some passers in a very scary way and move towards them, if they respond to it in any kind of self protection, it increases its attack mode, it never bulge for any kind of act of chasing it away. Some people also tried to scare it by throwing stone and attempt to hit by club, as I observe it never took the hit instead it increases its attack.

Trouble never ends for single time, it repeats every day, every movement they pass in that way on such people. It also extends to the people who accompany them, even children. Every body can not practice tactical way to handle such problem. That too particularly children can not do such tactical act. The defending people (almost behaving like rowdies) of that dog also quarrel with the people who are trying to do some protective act.

Non of other stray dogs behave like this. Only this dog act in such way that no body who get targeted should pass through that way. We feel are we in a cultured land where in we are leaving by scared of stray dog. By unable to learn some tactical way to handle such dog. We should not send our children out even for their joyful play if they get targeted by this dog.
This dog is Brown colour with hell a lot of hair and fully hairy tail. with shreeky bark sound

I expect concerned authority to take action to get this dog away from residential area. I don't bother even if they null it down as such dogs are unfit to be with human.It is still its wild mode. Please do not bulge to its defenders of animal sympathizer.

With regards
Mobile 9449054761
Jul 19, 2013

Bad road condition in Deverabisanahalli

Hello Sir/Madam,

This is to bring to your notice the pathetic condition of the road in Deverabisanahalli especially at the entrance of the
road from Marthahalli outer ring road.The road was in a not so bad shape few months back.After some digging done on the road for drainage the road was never repaired back and resulted in such a pathetic situation.This is leading to conjusted traffic

I Humbly request you to take care of it.

Jul 4, 2013

Road dugged up and left

The 80 feet road near kalyan nagar was dug very deep and was left uncovered in the middle of the road, with no precautionary sign boards. There was no proper lights on the road which could have revealed the dug pit. Due to this my brother was injured while driving on the same road. I request the concerned department of the government to take immediate action and thereby stop others from getting hurt. Please again i urge you to take immediate action. Thanks
Ashish Kapoor
Jul 4, 2013

unfinished footpath- open drain

Before the monsoon, the footpath, storm water drains were repaired, however it remains incomplete as on date. A big gap between the newly replaced concrete slabs and the existing stone slab remains. This gap over flows with fecal matter and garbage along with unbearable stench and mosquitoes. The drain is getting deposited with garbage, dust and stones from the road and making it in effective as a storm water drain. Please repair this ASAP.

unfinished footpath- open drain

Jul 1, 2013

pathetic roads

The so called garden city of India and also the IT capital of India which we all know as Bangalore has one of the worst government administrations. The basic amenities which people crave for are neglected to the maximum extent.One of them whivh i want to highlight is the absolute pathetic condition of roads throughout the city. To travel a distance of 30 kms from Vijayanagar to whitefield area, we take about 3 hrs which is just outrageous and this is under normal conditions. If it rains, then it easily stretches to upwards of 5hrs. The main roads like old airport road, vijayanagar road,mysore road etc are in the worst condition possible and shit government just doesnt care to properly tar these roads inspite of knowing that lakhs of people use these roads to commute from work to offices. Its taking a serious toll on the peoples physical and mental health, rise in pollution levels to alarming levels in these areas and loss of precious time spent on travelling on pathetically maintained main roads. The satellite bus stand on the mysore road is also badly planned in terms of entry and exit of buses. They enter and exit the bus stand at right angles to the main road which is a mjor hindrance to traffic flow. If the buses enter n exit in parallel direction to the main road, then traffic flow would not be affected that much. This is just a small part of the everyday problems we public face. Please take some necessary action to resolve these problems at the earliest.
Jun 24, 2013

Grabage dumping in front of my house

Dear Sir,

We are resident of 8th A Cross, Opp. S R Apartments, MSR Nagar, Bangalore 560054, living in this locality for the past 24 years. This is to complain about the Garbage dump which is right in front of my house with my family struggling to breathe and menace of flies, mosquitoes, stray cows and styray dogs. Though we have been diligently telling the garbage collectors to clean the place properly, there has been no response to over kind request. We have been falling sick because of the Garbage dump and the stench the fills the air and our house. My Parents are old and it is difficult to live in an environment like this.

Please address our complaint immediately. For we have lost our level of tolerance and spending our money for closing our hospital expenses.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Sheena Samuel
Jun 12, 2013

Vacant site breeding ground for mosquitoes

Dear Sir/ Madam,
The vaccant site next to my house in Chandra Layout is full of bushes, grass & garbage. Since onset of rains, It has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and insects.
I got Dengue fever and suffered for more than 10 days. Now my son also has got fever for last 3 days and can't go to school.
I request authorities to take urgent action for cleaning & dis-infecting the site.
Moreover this problem I am facing since last 10 years and it becomes worse during rainy season. Apart from my loss due to leave from work and my son's absence from school, there is physical pain & trauma also. Hence there should be a system in place to take care of such vacant sites becoming nuisance to it's neighbours.
Though it is the legal duty of the site owner to maintain the site in proper higenic condition, but they are not even traceable.

Please take action on priority.


Arun P.
1265, 7th Cross, 3rd Main,
(Behind SBI)
Ph: 23396080, 9449869643
Jun 2, 2013

Bad Roads

Since the flyover is getting constructed at the railway track on Sarjapur Road, Bangalore, there is route diversion to approach various schools beyond the railway track like DPS East, Greenwood High, Harvest International and several other schools. While it is a good thing that the flyover is getting constructed, the alternate routes leading to the schools are extremely bad, narrow and dangerous. In fact the alternate routes are potential disaster/accident prone zones. Once the schools reopen one-by-one in June, the school buses will find it extremely difficult to pass through those bad roads. There will be total chaos and children will unduly suffer. I request BBMP to please repair the alternate roads, since flyover construction will continue for probably 6-8 months or even more and children and other citizens will really suffer.

May 30, 2013

Garbage cleaning


Once again we are knocking the door of BBMP ……please wake up dengue is spreading in Karnataka with full momentum….please initiate some measures to control before it become epidemic….please send your officials in and around Madiwala Market areas of Koramangala, Bangalore…see the garbage’s, rain water spreading everywhere..Full of mosquitoes with stinky smell…..how long you want to ignore this situation…?????

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