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Consumer complaints and reviews about BBMP

G Krishnanand
Aug 18, 2014

Street Lights Not Working

Dear sir,
I would like to inform that,I have given several complaints to BBMP for Street Light is not working in our area.But unfortunately still now they are not bothered to rectify the issue,so,now i am forced to give complaint here for the same.Hope that your good office will do the needful accordingly.

No.144,11th B Cross,
Vidyaranyapura P.O.,
Bangalore-560 097.

Thanking you,

Aug 13, 2014

Garbage and draingae on streer

Dear Sir,
I am Abdul Shariff residing at No1, 1st Cross Motingar, Padavattamma Temple Street, Banagalore-560002. I am writing to inform that MP Street current situation which has not cleaned from last one month. However the other next behind street Padavattamma Temple Street is swiping on daily basis. When I requested her to sweep at the M P Street, she said a dedicated people are slotted for each street. But for the MP Street no one is swiping the street from last one month. Please visit the location, you can find the current situation of this street. Garbage, papers, plastics are thrashed over the aisle and towards one end mud accumulated due the recent drainage work. All these make the street messy. Due to this high level of mosquitoes are generated. Frequently people are getting disease like viral fever, malaria, Pneumonia. I would request you to look the issue and taking right action as soon as possible.

Aug 12, 2014

More Monkey in Anantapura (Yelahanka)

My Name is Prabhu. I residing in Anantapura (Yelahanka New town), which is located after Ramanashree California resort.

Residents in this area facing much problem by the monkeys which are roaming freely to all houses and scaring the people. The monkeys stays in the nearby trees just adjacent to Anantapura bus stop and unfortunately we are near to that.

Today it happened to my wife, holding an 10 month baby she was alone in home and some monkeys entered into home from the window and threatening her for more than an hour. Even though the window is completely fenced still it has managed to enter into the home and made her scaring.

She couldn't recover from this incident and scaring to be alone further.

I sent email to respective department with email ID: rfoyel@bbmp.gov.in but it is bouncing back.
I made phone call to PPMP Cattle & Monkey catching number (080 2227 7789) but the voice says " number does not exists"
Again I tried calling control room 080 2210 0031 but the same issue.

I dont to whom I can inform and get rid of this issue. It looks nobody is responsible in Govt Muncipal.

Please let me know the right person/contact no./email ID if some one knows.

Thanks in advance.

satish Reddy chinnappanahalli
Aug 9, 2014

save my village. do some developments

omplaint against BMTC, BBMP, BDA, BWSSB

I had posted a complaint in September 2013, problem not resolved till date does this really work??? Maybe I typed in kannada you dint look into it. My name is satish reddy resident of chinnappanahalli since 35 years where more than 5k people live here. Many poor students, office goers, residents walk 2 kms to catch a bus even though we have a bus to our village 333 D KBS to Chinnappanahalli. We have complained several times to the depot manager about this issue they say they will rectify the problem, but not done since 5-6 years. We have also complained to our local corporator sri. N. R. Sridar Reddy and our MLA and ex minister sri. Arvind limbavali ji regarding the same even they called concerned person but not resolved. Same like this we are struggling in our village without basic amenities, we don't have better roads if some ill patient has to reach hospital in emergencies it's very difficult. All the Itpl going vehicles are creating problems to the villagers. Without following rules, they drive very harshly hitting the pedestrians many times. Even though we have complained both traffic law & order P S to take some initiative, they say they don't have enough men. Are we living in BBMP city limits or in some villages in panchayath limits. I pity my village. There is no enough water for the poor. There is no grave yard. We have a small school where 120 students study in three small rooms sitting on floor. There is no proper drainage system. Storm water drains have been encroached. Many are obstructing public roads. If construct a house after buying with a huge burden of loans engineers rush to the site saying that violation according to the law. Where is justice, where should poor people go. It's better to go to jungle, but we are not used to it. Even there animals will be there, even here. Where is the safe place. God bless our poor villagers.
Aug 6, 2014


Respected Sir,

The road from Meenakshi temple on Bannerghatta Road towards DoddakammanaHalli is in pathetic condition from past almost 2 years.
None of the citizen representatives nor any officials are showing any interest to repair this road.
A tender was called for, 2 years back and no progress was shown by the authority.

Recently, due to huge protest, the work started. But it stopped because of the rock found while digging the road for sewage.
After that the work is again stopped and it is very difficult to commute on this road.

When we call the BBMP officials, they give many reasons and escape from the responsibilities.
2 months ago, a young lady died as a huge truck went over her, because of the condition of the road.

Also, many trucks with/without permission travel on this road in huge number, causing too much of dust for fellow travellers.
Please take this action at utmosr priority, and provide us a qualitative road.



Jul 26, 2014

Requesting street lights and sewage collection facility for kariobanah‚Äčalli(Ward no 40)

We residents of kariobanahalli revenue layout request BBMP to install new street lights and sewage/wastage collection facility for kariobanahalli revenue layout attached to SLN Enclave (backside of niligiri trees).

People are dumping waste on streets and vacant sites.It is difficult to walkout during night as there is no proper street lights and lot of snakes around the area.Also it is required to clean the roads and drainage atleast once in month to keep the area disease free.

Ward Name:Doddabidarakallu
Ward No:40
Locaton: Kariobanahalli revenue layout attached to SLN Enclave (backside of niligiri trees).
Jul 14, 2014


The Executive Engineer
Byregowda lay out,Mallthalli
Bangalore - 560056

Respected Sir,

Sub:- Street light Without lights

With respect to the above subject, would like to bring to your kind notice that we would like to lodged an online complaint in the Nagarbhavi, BBMP office. at Ward Number 128 for the street light bulb been off in our street for the past 2 months.
Would request you to do the needful to the below address

102,Byregowda Layout,Mallthalli,Nr.HMT Water Tank,Bangalore,560056

Thanking you
Yours truly
Suhas Joshi
rajesh singh.12
Jul 7, 2014

water shortage

Iam a resident of abbigere in Bangalore and Iam facing water shortage because few people in out layout have installed a valve on government water supply line.
and they control the water supply,I don't think its legal.
please help us.
Jul 5, 2014

Garbage Dump troublesome to residents

I stay in BTM Layout 1st Stage, 9th Main, 5th Cross, Ward No: 171. Since the past couple of years, people from both BTM and Gurupannapalya have been piling their garbage in front of our house. because the junction is quite wide, it has become a dumping spot for everybody. A large truck comes to pick up the garbage at around 10.30 am in the morning, and as soon as the truck goes people continue to put out garbage throughout the day. It is the biggest menace ever. The smell is so unbearable and it stays indoors for almost the whole day. Forget leave the house, you cannot breath. The dirt flies and settles on the roads, and in our residential property. There are also at least 10-15 stray dogs that wander here, and you can always find them itching themselves from a host of skin diseases. Now that the rainy season is here, we are prone and vulnerable to a host of water borne diseases. Yesterday, after a long struggle in trying to tell the residents to not dump their garbage here. We have cleaned up the space and put up a notice to avoid dumping here. But, we had to keep watch all day to ensure that nobody does. and even inspire of these instructions, the people, particularly those of Guruppanapalya refuse to avoid dumping and further create arguments with us and say things like 'we will dump here only. What will you do?'. This is where our efforts will go futile if we don't get help from the Government.

Our locality was once so serene and beautiful, now it has become a morbid menace. The dirt continues to pile on despite our watch.

We are well meaning residents of BTM Layout 1st stage and cannot stand this atrocity. How can fellow residents, people from far away come in their bikes and find it convenient to dump their garbage right in front of our house. We didn't buy an expensive plot and build a house in this area to find our quality of life affected. This is atrocity and needs immediate attention.

We are trying our best to keep people away from putting garbage there but we have jobs and we can't do this forever. We need a long term solution. Door to door garbage pickup is the brightest solution. We request you immediate attention to this matter!
Jul 4, 2014

Roads are not clean

i stay in M.s.Palya the streets here are not being swiped and the garbage collection by bbmp people is not happening on daily basis. It is very difficult to walk on this streets with so much garbage pilling up. the cleaning is not happening in this road
SawMill Road M.S.Palya IInd Stage Bangalore-97
Jun 25, 2014

Dog menace

Stray dog barking whole night in Someshwarnagar, Yelahanka New town

In our area there are approx. 50 dogs. They run after the bikes and cars if someone is returning from office in late night and really its very scaring.
At night time all the dogs cry and make very scary sound full night. Sometimes they bark too much which causes sleepless night for the residents.
Also kids find it very difficult to move around alone.

I kindly request you to please look into this issue at the earliest.

3rd A Main Road,
Yelahanaka New Town,
Jun 19, 2014

Illegal activities happening in the Dark- NGV Park Lights not working for the past 2 months

Very very poor maintenance of National Games Village (NGV) complex & PARK after BBMP has taken over from KHB. Park lights are not working. Lot of illegal activities are happening in the park in the evening/night in the dark. Plants are dying, no cleaning of the park. Security guard not available near the park gate. Wondering why BBMP has taken over when they can't maintain.
Can you please put some dustbins near the playground area and all the gates in the park? Not sure if my complaint would be heard. I will be grateful to BBMP commissioner if action on my complaint will be taken within a week (if not 24 hours).
Jun 18, 2014

Garbage dumping in front of our house

From :Shiva enclave, 6th cross, 3rd main, konena agrahara, HAL airport road Bangalore.

Infront my apartment where people keep on dumping garbage all ways.. Even I have seeing every morning daily corporation cleaner ladies dump their trolly full of the garbage ...there duty is to clean the area but they ate the main culprit behind this and this pile of garbage remain be their for 15 days and also increases day by day and after 15 days small auto come to clear it but still at end of the day people dump garbage ..Please start Penalize people who are dumping garbage.. Its Stinks so badly and Spoiling environment. please help

Please consider this request and do the needful earliest possible.


Jun 13, 2014

Street Dog's menace

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to inform that we are facing severe issues with street dogs in our area, we can't walk with small children in the street.
If we go in bike it attacks and if small kids are walking they come in a group and attacks. We have already complaint but there is no action taken yet.

This is our humble request to catch these dogs from our locality.

Near Vivekananda Sadhana Kendra Trust
Gokul Layout, Devesandra Main Road,KR Puram,Banglore-36
Sarah Hilal Ahmed
Jun 12, 2014

Install dustbins and tar the roads please

Govindpura main road has been dug up from past one year it is in a very bad condition.Accidents have become common here. Garbage is another problem please install large dustbins so that people can dump garbage in it and keep the area clean.
Jun 5, 2014

Garbage dumping on road

I am a resident of Mathikere (near subbaya hospital). There is a garbage dump yard near to 7th main, after crossing the 3rd cross. It is there since more than 2 years(when I came Bangalore) and some times it covers the whole road and extend more than 10 meters in length and making it unusable. With rainy season about to come this will be worsen

The whole road will smell bad and I sincerely believe there are inverse health implications on the residents.
Kindly take the necessary action to obviate the worse and acknowledge this mail and provide the status updates.

Garbage dumping on road

Gayathri Cm
Jun 4, 2014

Stray dogs

There are several stray dogs in my street and can't describe the barking disturbance caused by them , address is as below.
No 143a, 10th cross, 4th main, bapujinagar, bangalore-560026

pl do the needful.

Jun 3, 2014

Doddakammanahalli road completely tornout

To BBMP Commissioner,

The road leading from Meenakshi temple at Bannerghatta road to Dodda Kammanahalli is in very bad condition. The road tarring was picked up 2 months back, but it was tarred only for about half a kilometer and was left. There are many apartments along the road, but the condition of the road is very very bad after the first half kilometer. This needs immediate attention as the road is used by many people and it risks motorists in it's present condition.
May 31, 2014

Non removal of garbage

Classic HallMark Apartment
2nd cross ,Nanjappa Layout
Kaveryappya Layout
Panathur new extension
bangalore -103

Garbage not collected for last 7 days and condition is very bad now .
May 29, 2014

We are not having water pipline nor sanitary nor tar road.

I don't understand we are leaving in city or village. There is not water pipeline nor sanitary pipe line nor there is road in our private road. How is this that all the areas in 4/2, Private road to 1st Main road, Near TVS Showroom, Tavarekere Main Road, S.G. Palya, DRC Post, Bangalore - 29, near Forum Mall Koramangala. We are facing water Problem from long time. Please solve this issue by putting a water and sanitary pipeline in our road and tar road for our road.
May 27, 2014

worst roads

This is to inform you that the govindpura main road of Arabic college post has been dug for the past 1yr. The road is so worst that it is very difficult to walk also. And recent a biker fell down and his wife was sitting behind him carrying a 1 month old baby. It was such a worst accident to see. The councilors or mla has just come at the time of elections and no one till now
May 27, 2014

worst roads

This is to inform you that the govindpura main road of Arabic college post has been dug for the past 1yr. The road is so worst that it is very difficult to walk also. And recent a biker fell down and his wife was sitting behind him carrying a 1 month old baby. It was such a worst accident to see. The councilors or mla has just come at the time of elections and no one till now
May 22, 2014

Non refund of excess tax paid

On 30th May 2013, i made online payment of tax..first time it showed an error & said payment successful.So i repeated the process..I checked my bank A/c both times amount had been deducted so i have been making repeated request to BBMP to refund the excess amount for which there is no respone..Kindly help
jagadish bl
May 22, 2014

Re Tarring the road

Re Tarring the Road

We, the residents of J.P.Nagar 1st phase, 7th main, Sarakki, Bangalore - 560078, have been suffering from the dust after the road was dug up for laying water pipes. The road is in a very bad shape and the dust from the road is causing health hazard to the people especially to children. we cant ride the vehicles properly because of pot holes, and also our road have not been tarred for more than 5 years.We kindly request the concerned authorities to re tarred the road immediately.

Yours faithfully ,

J.P. Nagar 1st phase,
May 20, 2014

garbage not cleaned

dear sir, my house is in jaynagar,opposite to my house garbage is dumped ,but corporation people are not cleaning it, I have complained them to pickup the garbage ,but they don't pick it up,there is lot of smell and lot of mosquitoes,we have to keep our doors and windows closed . my address is no11,3rd c main ,jayanagar 6th block,near siddaganga water supply,bangalore-11.

9844236760 arvind

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