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Consumer complaints and reviews about BBMP

Jan 1, 2012

encrochment from a neibhour not following the by laws

Dear Sir,

I am a senior citizen aged 72, residing at No 33/22 , 17th cross, KanakaNagar, RT Nagar Post, Bangalore 560032 along with my wife aged 63, having a house on a 30' x 40 ' site and I have left more than 3 ft all around . But my neigbour on the left side has constructed a house encroching 13' 10 years back. Now he is continuing the construction for additional 2 floors , where in he has encroched total 28ft and even after repaeted request from us he is continuing the construction blocking the necessary air passage (eventhough he is having a site measuring 60'x40')

As we are aged and difficult to approach the different departments and hence we request you to kindly look into the matter and ensure that bylaws are followed as per the rules for a 60 x 40 plot

Thanks and regards

Narayana Hebbar
Dec 19, 2011

Road construction held up for years

Shortly BBMP dug up all the roads for laying water pipes, leaving no way even to walk for weeks. After lying the pipes, deep holes were filled back with loose mud, leaving Vignan nagar once again in mud and pollution.

Roads have become so slippery that its is risky to drive two wheeler or walk on it. Water pipe laying work got completed some 6 months back but roads are left un-tarred in same poor condition since then.

Im not sure what the coporator of this area is upto and why he can't see the poor condition of this ward and take some action.

Why BBMP work is so un-planned that shortly after tarring the road they damage it for some thing and then leave it to its mercy . Why government can not take any action on this?
Dec 1, 2011

Stray dogs biting harmless civilians

Myself Dr. Kalpana Praveen am a resident of Banashankari,3rd stage. It is very unfortunate that inspite of being a residential area having schools, parks in this area there are about 14-16 dogs in both the roads of 7th and 10th main. Though some of these dogs will be lying at all times near shops over a period of time their numbers have increased. They are attacking people unexpectedly and it has become difficult even for adults(let alone children) to walk from homes to near by MILK BOOTHS, PARKSetc. Also there are many complaints over past 6 months of over 4-5 adults being bitten( some of them bitten twice at different roads) which included some courier boys, harmless residents. These dogs at times follow/rin behind the vehicles of Youngsters/adolescent girls at bite them which even lead to accidents. My earnest request is to solve this problem immediately and find out the reason for sudden increase in the number of dogs suudenly over a short span of time. Inspite of so many telephonic/written complaints to BBMP, banashankari and written complaint to Corporator Sri.Srinivas residing at apartments at 3rd cross of Banshankari 3rd stage, no action is yet initiated. Kindly provide relief to the residents of Banashankari-3rd stage.
Aug 19, 2011


Aug 6, 2011

Street Light

Dear Sir,

I am a Hemanth,resident of Rajamma Garden(2nd cross - only mud road present in the area),Jaraganahalli, J.P.Nagar 6th Phase, Bangalore-560085. On next road of where Rajkumar stature is present a 2 street lights are not glowing.

I request the concerned officer to instruct his good offices to make necessary arrangements regarding the street light immediately.

I hope atleast my comment is answered through my mobile number given below:

No:6, Gurudeva Nilaya,
Rajamma Garden, Jaraganahalli,
J.P.Nagar 6th Phase,
Bangalore-560 078
Aug 1, 2011

violation of building bye law

In kavalbysandra(near RT nagar) on 3c main road.a plot was bought by two people and one of them has not left the required space around the house on first floor. the house is still under onstruction. we tried to tell them that they are breaking the law. but they are not listening to our words. this has caused a lot of inconvinience to No.35, 3c main road. i request the authorities to pay a visit and inspect the building as soon as possible as we've problems with ventilation because of them.
Jul 29, 2011

street lights

the street lights in 6th cross c.i.l layout c.n.halli R.T.Nagar not functioning for last 1 months. Repeated complaitns with authorities have fallen on deaf ears. Can we have some help coming.
Jul 25, 2011

Garbage Collection to be done immediately: Horrible Condition, Sanjaynagar

Respected Sir,

I Nagendra Prasad (9886682603), resident no .44/1 next to marthas english high school, 3rd cross, 3rd main road, Kasturabai Nagar, pipeline west, Mysore Road, Bangalore 40 would request to clean the garbage which has been dumped by the people in the area. We request so many times the person who daily cleans the road. but so far nothing as happened. Garbage has been dumped which is very next to school. entire environment has been polluted & have become a heaven for mosquitoes & flies. if the same condition continues in next 3 or 4 days people & school children may fall ill and lead to other diseases.

kindly do the needful asap
Jul 24, 2011

Bad Roads: Kamakya to Hanumagiri Lyt road

I would like to bring your kind notice that the roads are in bad shape in front from Kamakya to Hanumagiri Layout.Almost a year back, BWSSB dig the road for sewage work and after that the road did not underwent repair. Now there is no proper road to communicate to ring road. Please look into it and get it done as soon as possible. If possible for some press representative to come and visit the area and published it the news paper, i will be highly thankful.

I would request government and higher authorities to look into as soon as possible. This area is the hell to use road. I would request higher authorities concerned to visit the place personally and spent time and have some rounds in gali and feel the inconveneance caused to the residents here. School going kids, ladies and old people are unable to walk even.

We use to pay the tax but to no benefit out of it. Now i am getting in mind as to why to pay tax!! :(

Shrishail V K
Hanumagiri Layout.

B'lore - 61
Jul 24, 2011

Tremendous noise pollution by Stone chushing machines in JP nagar 7th phase- Due to Stone Crushing machine

Dear Sir,

Please take some action against it . it is also contempt of Supreme court order.
Please visit this area once and see the level of pollution they are spreading,
Jul 23, 2011

Garbage scattered over the road

I stay in Banaswadi 5th D main Road, 2nd cross (HRBR Layout) near the Police Station.
I have few similar complaints which needs immediate attention to keep the beautiful area healthy.

a) Site no: 213, 5th D main, 2nd cross, Kalyan Nagar (II nd Block)- This plot is vacant and never is cleaned by the owner. We do not know whose the responsible authority to get it cleaned. The site is full of trees, garbages, which promotes unhealthy environment. People use the plot for throwing garbages. Please help to get it cleaned.

b) Garbage collectors from BBMP are useless.Moreover there are no Garbage storage places in the area and people use the corner area of the beautiful park and vacant sites for throwing all garbages. Its such a pity for the civilized society to overlook these and BBMP to not take any actions since years.

Since i do not know where exactly to point these for complaints, putting it in the notice with the hope that something will happen.

Reident of Kalyan nagar.
Jul 21, 2011

Stray dogs menace

I am a resident of Mahdevpura, Behind Hunuman temple, Bangalore
This area especially behind hunuman temple seems to be the 'adda' of dogs and continue barking/quarreling till morning. It's so disturbing all the night that i can't even explain in words. It's so unsafe to go out in the night as sometimes they are so violent. Please guys do something.
Thanks in advance.
Jul 21, 2011

Increasing Stray Dog Menace

Dear Sir,

In hoodi circle lot dogs we cant able to walk cant cross the road we are fear to go on night times a huge population of stray dogs.

please do the need full from BBMP
Jul 10, 2011


Stray Dog attacks are increasing in Mahadevapura area-48 near 3 cubes elil abode apartment.Please do something on it.This is hightime.Dogs astarted attacking small babies also.
Jul 6, 2011

noisy neighbourhood,untidy

6th main appu rao road chamrajpet area is too noisy and untidy which affect residents health, elderly people in particular
(1) lot of musquitos
(2)stray dogs nearly 6-10 in the muniswamappa garden road which is towards right when entered from 6th main road. and behind our house keeps barking continuously in the night (stats at 10 pm till morning 7.00 a.m),
(3) vehicles like bikes,vans sound in night times every 30 minutes
(4)main road is very busy in the evening and night times
(5) place where we live by has 6 independent old houses in the same compound, tenants living in the front house do their part of business at home. they have nearly 25-40 visitors daily at their residence. This makes place too crowded. This is a residential area where noise levels are to be kept minimum.
(6) undergoing construction work in next door houses makes it further noisy to an extent
Noise in addition to air pollution due to Bangalore traffic and mosquito bites makes residents to lose their health much earlier in their life.
Due to this the life expectancy comes down. Already there are other challenges like work pressure, family tension to cope up with in cities like this. BBMP revenue Dept collects tax on a yearly basis. It is the responsibility of BBMP, Muncipal Corporation to look into the matter and take appropriate action.
It looks like mini fish market more than a residential area.
Jul 6, 2011

violation of building bye law

I wote to BBMP commissioner complaining owner constructing new house next to my property in bangalore HBCS layout has violated residential building bye-law. zero feet set back when it comes to upper floors.
this has lead to insufficient air and ventilation.

I did seek BBMP Bangalore commissioner asking concerned authorities
to inspect his sanctioned plan and take immediate action. But I had reply fom BBMP office stating the area cited in the complaint is not coming under the BBMP limits. This is a matter of conecern. But I pay property tax regularly to BBMP and their website www.bbmp.gov.in clearly shows construction plan sanction comes under their jurisdication. Their depatment people should handle such complaints and check violation of laws.
Jul 5, 2011

Tremendous noise pollution by Stone chushing machines in JP nagar 7th phase- Due to Stone Crushing machine

Dear Sir,

I am the resident of JP nagar 7th phase bangalore . There are 5-6 Stone crusing units in this area machines runs for 24 hours and makes unbearable noise and also enhaling dust. its is very difficult ot even sleep in night. Sir please look into this.

Jul 5, 2011

Garbage cleaning

Dear Sir,

We the residents of 2nd B-Cross, 1st B-Main, 1st Phase, Girinagar, would like to bring to your notice that the Garbage collector Bhagyamma, is demanding exorbitant money to collect the garbage from the houses. We understand from BBMP officials that its their duty and and to be done free of cost.

She claims not to collect the garbage if not paid to her. Please instruct us or please inform the officials to take necessary action.

Jul 2, 2011

Stray Dogs Menace

there are too many dogs in judicial layout yelahanka, Pls do act immediatley
Jun 20, 2011

Garbage Collection

The Same issue in 1st Cross, Appaiya Garden, Halasur(Ulsoor).Because of this other people throw their garbage on the roads.Let BBMP fix a fee in case it wants us to pay for the garbage.Now, I do not think so that BBMP has never heard of this, they should make statements in bold on newspaper: whether we should pay or not.And also the garbage collector should maintain some timings, the one we have maitains erratic timings. Sometimes comes at 8:00, 10:00, 12:00 etc..
Jun 15, 2011

Garbage Collection

Mr.Sharad Chandulal Tolia
S/o Chandulal J Tolia(Founder Of Udani Layout)
#12 (Udani Layout), Cambridge Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore-8.

I would like to bring to your notice that the Garbage collecting van for our layout is creating a nuisance while refusing to collect household garbage giving flimsy and irreasonable excuses. Prima facie, it seems he believes that he is empowered / qualified to classify / segregate waste. Latest being a false and wrongful excuse that ''commercial'' garbage cannot be collected by him.

The very reason I'm wish to file this complaint is because, TODAY, it has come to the extent of him shouting upon my maid across the road in another language in a verbally-abusive tone when she went to give the garbage, then the man indecently throws back the garbage in the middle of the road and arrogantly refuses to collect our household garbage. This kind of behaviour with us and women in our locality shall NOT be further tolerated.

The corporation / authorities must understand that it is highly likely that WOMEN would be disposing household garbage and brief / tell the garbage collectors to behave politely with them.

Also, I want to know, that though Solid Waste Management Cess has been collected for my property, what authorises the garbage collector to refuse to collect the minimal(whatever kind it may be) garbage that the 4 members of my family could altogether generate???

Hope to hear back at the earliest.

Extremely Disappointed,

Jun 13, 2011


I am residing in H.M.T. Layout, 9th cross,5th block,3rd main near Nagasandra. The garbage collectors are not coming since last 3 weeks.
The garbage is piled in the house since there are no collecting bins outside. Please do needful.
Jun 11, 2011

Garbage Dump


There is a patch of grassland behind Challaghatta village. Recently (last 2 months) truck loads of garbage is brought to this land and dumped there. I initially thought it was being done on a temporary basis but after observing the continuous inflow of garbage, I conclude that it is being made into a private garbage dumping area.

This is to bring the issue to BBMP/concerned body's notice so that it is stopped and the culprit booked.

Jun 9, 2011

Stay Dog Menace

There is lot of stray dog menance in the below street in Avalahalli BDA Layout. BSK 3rd Stage, Bangalore
6th Main, Avalahalli BDA Layout. BSK 3rd Stage, Bangalore - 560085

Actually the watchman of #61, 6th Main has kept 2 stray dogs which are attacking by-passers and causing lot of problem. When the BBMP officials had come to catch the dog, the wwatchman took the dogs inside her compound. Yesterday because these dogs attacked a boy, he ran and fell on my bike and my bike got full of scratches.

#58, 6th Main, Avalahalli BDA Layout. BSK 3rd Stage, Bangalore - 560085
Jun 6, 2011

Drainage system

This is to bring to your kind notice that the road which leads to Munnekola(SGR Dental College) is dumped with garbage and the since the drainage is blocked with garbage,it is over flooding in rain which may cause very serious health issues and will spoil underground water.Kindly take measurements to clean the drainage and close all the drainages before monsoon starts.

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