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Consumer complaints and reviews about BBMP

Jul 10, 2012

Action against the garbage ladies who demands money all the time from the residents

I am a resident of 4TH B CROSS,36th Main,Btm layout 1st stage,Dollars scheme,The garbage collecting lady demanding money from all the residents to collect the garbage, also she is threatening to get a money from all the residents.without money giving If we are putting garbage in the garbage cycle, she is used to talk very badly. Also she is visits our locality once in 2 or 3 days and very often she does not come for 3 or 4 days. The garbage bags are kept piled in front of houses in the hope that the workers will come and collect the same till they start stinking. I request the authorities to take urgent action against this lady for unnecessarily collecting money & so that the garbage is picked up regularly. So its my humble request to you to please take some strict action against the garbage ladies who demands money all the time from the residents.
Jul 8, 2012

demolition of the illegal construction of a temple built inhe footpath

hello sir , whomever it may concern , somp people has illegally constructed a temple in the footpath near #4180, 12th main 2nd cross e block 2nd stage rajajinagar b'lore-10. and creating a great havoc in the surroundings. according to the supreme court order , it has directed to demolih all the illegal temples to the concerned states authority. so i kindly request you to take the stringent action and demolish the temple by directing the concerned department and officials.
Jul 3, 2012

Garbage menace

This Complaint is Regarding Plastic Covers being Dumped in front of Residents Houses Purposely being Dumped along with Garbage, Plastic Covers Containing Garbage being Carelessly Purposely being Dumped in front of Residents House in Residential Areas near Hebbal - Kempapura, Bangalore, Karnataka. We Residents feel that the Residents Associations her have failed to Control Plastic Cover Garbage Dumping Menace. Plastic Covers along with Plastic Covers containing Garbage are Found Carelessly Purposely being Dumped in Front of Residents Houses In Spite of Having Door to Door Garbage Collection here. Inspite of Repeated Complaints addressed by Several Residents, We Residents find Careless Dumping of Plastic Covers & Plastic Covers containing Garbage.

Jul 1, 2012

NO Garbage Collection

No Garbage collection has been picked up from our apartment for the last 5 days and this is happenings regularly once in every month and when we ask the vendor he says NO payment happened from BBMP hence we have not picked up the garbage. If the BBMP has been provided to 3rd party vendor they have to make sure the payment part and it should affect the service and we have been affected.
Jun 28, 2012

Garbage Collection

I am a resident of Brookefield near Ryan International School.The BBMP garbage collectors are uselesss.The garbage collected from the houses are either thrown on the roads or in the corner opposite to the BESCOM office.There are no garbage bins in that area and the whole place stinks.The same thing near AECS layout(near Nandini Milk Parlour,opp Brookefield),the garbage collectors emptied many bottles of Coke on the road and next the whole area kept stinking.The vehicle no is KA-53 2639.Hope something needful will be done regarding this menace at the earliest.Thanks.
Resident of Brokefield,Kundalahalli.
Jun 23, 2012

Garbage menace

Plastic Cover Menace here in Residential areas Hebbal - Kempapura, Bangalore, Karnataka Residents here see that Plastic Covers are being thrown in front of Our House Gates & Our House Compounds, also Plastic Covers are being thrown beside our House Compounds & beside & in front of Residents House Gates. This has become a rampant Nuisance here, Though There is Garbage Collection door to door, there are Plastic Covers being thrown in front of Residents House gates & House Compounds, This Nuisance is happening even at night time when Residents Switch of the Light, Plastic Covers are being thrown in front of Our Houses, We hope the Residents associations here will take a Serious Look into this Nuisance.
Jun 22, 2012

Roadside vendors


Some Roadside eateries have come in the following place:

Entry to II Main Road, Arakere, Bangalore from the Bannerghatta road. This has caused a huge problem with people always standing in the road and with their vehicles. This is causing such a nuisance for vehicles and for people who walk along this road. Especially, the employees from the adjacent Honeywell office are using this eateries and it is always a big group of well qualified people standing out there without any concern for the vehicles entering and exiting the road. There is a problem waiting to happen in this place.

Please look into the issue to clear the illegal roadside vendors and a strict warning to the Honeywell HR of having their employees behaving indecently in public places.

Jun 10, 2012

Garbage Collection

To The BBMP Bangalore

Though there is Door to Door Garbage Collection in Residential areas in North Bangalore Hebbal & Surrounding areas, Vacant Sites are being Used for Dumping Plastic Covers & Garbage laying on the Vacant sites in such Residential areas. People converting Vacant Sites into a Garbage Dumping Site along with Dumping Plastic Covers. I request the BBMP to Conduct an Inspection in all these areas and Fine People who are Dumping Garbage & Plastic Covers on Vacant Sites.
Jun 10, 2012

Potential health hazard due to drain overflow

The Road Connecting Bhuaveneshwarinagar park till the MK Ahmed Mart has been Dug up & damaged and made into a Muddy road. It is more than a month since the Road Dug up and Covered but still the Road has not been Tarred. It is still Damaged
Jun 5, 2012

Bribing Water Man

Iam a resident from C N Palya(Chennanayakanapalya). We are facing lot of problems from the current waterman(Krishnappa s/o SiddeGowda), who keeps on bugging people for money. Apart from getting his salary from government, he is demanding money from all the resisdents. If we fail to give the money he is tourchering by not letting the water to that area. Also he keeps on demanding thousands of Rs for small repairs which he does in BBMP's money.

I request the concerned authority to take suitable action against the waterman and help the people regarding same.
Jun 5, 2012

f resident are facing the problem of water some people will put there pipes to public taps

myself residing in DWARAKANAGAR 3RD MAIN ROAD near YELAHANKA BANGALORE-560063......................
Our locality comes under the byatarayanapura ward no 7...........................

people of resident are facing the problem of water some people will put there pipes to public taps..if anyone going to ask them they violating the people.........
i complaint to water supplier in our area but he is not taking proper action against him........ i think he is taking some money from them........
from this major people are affected by this ...........
please take proper action against them and also collect the fine .....
Jun 2, 2012

People extending their homes and occupying conservency

There is Encroachment of Several Properties by Lower Class People in the North Bangalore region, Several Lower Class People have Encroached Several Properties in The Entire North Bangalore region, Also There are many Encroachments in this region due to the New Airport, A Majority of the Encroachments are by the Lower Class People who have Illegally Occupied Several Properties - Neither Paying Rent, Nor Staying on Lease, Neither Legally Owned & Not even Paid Property Taxes but Illegally Occupied. I Hope the BDA/ BBMP will take Necessary Action.
Jun 2, 2012

Garbage collection

To The President,

Residents Associations,

Sir, This is the Second Complaint by Residents against Plastic Covers/Empty Plastic Covers/Papers/Cardboard Pieces/Empty Plastic Bottles/All Sorts of Trash/ Garbage/Thermocol pieces/ Garbage stuffed into Plastic Covers laying on the Roads in front of Residents Houses in Residential Areas near Hebbal - Kempapura, Bangalore, Karnataka. In-spite of having a Door to Door Garbage Collection, There is Dumping of Plastic Covers in front of Residents Houses, and also on the Roads in front of Residents Houses. Plastic Covers containing Garbage dumped in front of Residents Houses. This only attracts Pests like Mosquitoes & Rats.
Jun 2, 2012

Road Conditions

Roads connecting Bhuaveneshwarinagar to the MK Ahmed Mart damaged due to Road Repair, There is Road Digging on this stretch which has caused Residents to take Diversion, Also the Road in Hebbal Kempapura after Bhuaveneshwarinagar has been dug up and made into a muddy road.
Roads in Hebbal - Kempapura starting from the Sterling apartments has been filled with Potholes. These Potholes are not at all properly Filled, Moreover there are two to three Big Potholes not at all Filled properly, Not Tarred Properly.
May 29, 2012

Dog Menace in Bangalore


There is no Kaveri Water supply in our Krishna layout HULIMAVU of Ward NO 193. The pipeline is laid and many residents have paid the required charges to BWSSB and anxiously waiting for the supply.Now all sources of water supply are dry and there is acute problem .Hence solution prayed.
May 29, 2012

Dog Menace in Bangalore


The Managing Director,
BMTC, Bangalore-560027.

Subject:- Irregular schedules of BMTC Buses for & from Hulimavu.
Reference:- Your reply letters; BMTC/KS/TM/ADM/1687 dtd.11/08/2011 &
BMTC/KS/TM/ADM/3079 dtd.12/12/2011.

Respected Sir,

During the General Body Meeting of our Association on Sunday 20/05/2012, many of the residents complained the following inconveniences of the BMTC bus service for/from Hulimavu;
1. There are very old buses likely to be condemned are plying for Hulimavu and they are breaking down often, besides the seats are torn and the glass windows are broken. (Bus No. KA-01-F1145 is one of the example).
2. There is no time table for the arrival and departure of the BMTC buses at Hulimavu. The Buses are stranded for a long time for 30-45mins and the crew of the buses say that is the scheduled time when they start. Many buses depart at their own timings one after the other while there are no buses at the hour of need. There should be a proper control to regulate the buses at hulimavu bustand.
3. There are no buses between 12 noon and 3 pm for Hulimavu. All the buses meant for Hulimavu, 369, 369C etc., directly go to the Depot-34 without coming inside and then closing for the Depot. For this we requested the proper watch by your traffic personnel, but nothing fruitful action is taken so far.
4. There is a need for direct bus to Shivajinagar, for this also we requested earlier. But no action.
We request kindly to provide us a timetable of all the buses plying for/from Hulimavu to/from KR Market & KG Bustand. We also request introduction of some more new buses for our place.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

S.M.Sampath R.K.T.Shastri K.G.Vilop
Ex President President Jt Secretary & Advocate
Ph. 8710976581 9740211277 9886342035
May 29, 2012

Dog Menace in Bangalore

Stray dogs are a lot of nuisance in HULIMAVU---BEGUR Main Road linked to our KRISHNA LAYOUT HULIMAVU. They chase the vehicle riders and the children. The riders are scared. There is no action by the BBMP in the matter except to castrate them.The residents want total eradication of these stray dogs. Pray action.

Residents Welfare Association Sri Krishna Layout
Hulimavu B.G.Road BG 560076. Phone 9740211277
May 29, 2012

Choked drains

Respected Sir,

In our layout almost all the drains in all the roads are choked and there is no flow of rain water. There is lot of danger of mosquitos and the overflow of rain water causing health hazard to the residents of our locality, besides flow of rain water in to the low level houses. We have been requesting the Engineering and health staff of the BBMP, but there is no fruitful action in the matter. Many of the residents in our Sri Krishna layout, Hulimavu, Bannerughatta Road, Bangalore-76 are aggrieved and pressing the association to solve this problem. We are helplessly approaching your honour, kindly take immediate action to clear the blocked drains immediately to solve our problem.
The above is the priority and urgent action for the solution, but our demand is to upgrade the roads and all the drains in a systematic manner as a permanant solution. This may be considered as early as possible.
The letter addressed to Comm., BBMP & other concerned officials is not fully materialized. Hence this Approach.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully.

Ph. No.65682371 Ph. No. 9740211277 Ph. No. 9986930810.

HULIMAVU, Ward No. 193., B.G.Road, Bangalore-560076.
May 23, 2012

Dog Menace in Bangalore

Dog Menace is increasing in Bangalore. I stay in Mico Layout, BTM 2nd Stage, Bangalore. Yesterday I was coming back home after dropping my wife at 1130 PM, I came through my normal route and I see 3 dogs and I turn back and try other route and here I am welcomed by 10 dogs, I returned and praying to God try the last option and see 2 dogs but luckily they were near my home and I could just park and move, Its a torture for bikers. cant we kill these dogs
May 23, 2012

Road Conditions

The Road condition is worst in Bangalore in India. I daily travel from Jayadeva Hospital ( Home) to Cunningham Road (Office). The road throughout worse, its worser from Diary circle to Thule circle, the roads has deep trenches which is taking more toll on Bikers. The back and spine is going for a toss. When are we going to have proper roads atleast fill the trenches and have some kinda smooth ride. Please suggest why should we pay so much tax and suffer, who will pay for my back aches. Kindly advice.
May 23, 2012

Stray Dog Menance

Even i face the issue. I stay in Mico Layout, yesterday I was trying to come home after dropping my wife at around 11 PM. I came through normal route i see 3 dogs waiting i go back try a different route and alas i see 10 dogs, i then try a third and the last option and I see 2 dogs but luckily it was in front of my house so I could park my bike and just get in. But what can be done... if its 1 or 2 still ok when its 10 what will happen to us.
May 22, 2012

Encroachment on pavements

To the BBMP Bangalore,

This is Regarding Unwanted Vendors/Sellers/Hawkers entering into Residential Areas in Bangalore, especially Unwanted Icecream Vendors Local Icecream Vendor Ringing Bells & Distrubing Residents by this Ringing Bells. What is the Point in entering a Residential areas & disturbing Residents & also it is a Disturbance for Children less than 4 years. This Should Be Banned. Ringing Bells & Selling Local Icecream should be Banned. It is a Nuisance in fact a Noise Pollution in Residential areas.
May 22, 2012

Garbage menace

I am a resident of 9th cross, Magadi Road Bang-560023(Near aiyappa Temple). The garbage pick up vehicle visits our locality on weekdays days and very often it does not come for 1 or 2 days. The garbage is dumped in from of our house by the locals and during rainy days mosquitoes are bread. After several complaints, BBMP is yet a take a action to stop public from dumping garbage on the road and are kept piled in front of houses in the hope that the BBMP will take some action and corporator at least visit the area once in their tenure to address the issues.

The condition of the road is pathetic and has allowed vehicle garage, vegetables cart to operate on the streets(they park the vehicles all over the road) which cause the local residents to take out their vehicle. Every time, we have to request or quarrel with the local to take out their vehicles from the road so that other vehicles pass easily.

I have attached few photos for your reference. I am hoping this compliant would fetch some positive result and help us in having green environment and demolish slums.

Please take some corrective actions and help us lead healthy life (which we deserve).
babu r
May 19, 2012

old building garbage dumping & used as open toilet

Sir, the building No.384/1, HAL II Stage, 12th Main, Bangalore is presently vacant, the owners of the building is also not traceable as it is in judicial custody, the building is now vacant after SBM was vacated by the High Court order. The present position is very bad as we are residing next to the building, the building is now used for toilet and garbage dumping as this is posing great health problem for us. An immediate action by the BBMP or any competent authority would be greatly appreciated

May 17, 2012

Drainage is dumped on the road

Inspite of Several Repeated Complaints against Plastic Cover Dumping/Garbage Dumping on the Roads in front of Residents Houses & in front of Residents Houses in Residential Layouts near Hebbal - Kempapura, Bangalore, Karnataka. There is always Careless Dumping Throwing Plastic Covers containing Garbage, Garbage stuffed inside Plastic Covers Purposely Thrown on the Roads in front of Residents Houses Purposely being Thrown. Plastic covers containing Garbage Purposely & Carelessly Thrown on the Roads in front of Residents Houses here.

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