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Beam Telecom

Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about Beam Telecom

May 22, 2013

Please rectify my internet issues

I am Using Beam Telecom Broadband Connection from about an year. Since the past one week I am unable to browse internet as there is some problem with the internet. on 16th May 2013, I called Customer care and lodged a complaint. I was given a token number 8478219 and was told that the problem will be rectified within 24 hours. Their Technician visited my home and said that there is a problem with the internet cable and it needs to be replaced. Since that day noone has even cared to come back to my home and rectify the issue. It has been 6 days till today and still no action has been taken. Instead, I get calls everyday asking if the issue is rectified and when i say that it is not done I am told that the technician is informing that the issue is resolved or otherwise an even more bizarre thing is that the technician is saying that there is a problem with my computer which I had bought just a week back. They keep reassuring me that the work will be done each and every time i get a call but no action has yet been taken.
I request You to do the needful and "Beam Telecom, Please resolve my Internet Connectivity Issue Now"
Sreeramulu Putta
May 22, 2013

Tickets closed without being resolved

BEAM Telecom has stopped sending statement of account over emails from April 2013 onward. I had raised a request for sending my April 2013 SOA on Thursday, 16th May but my ticket was closed without it being resolved. I had to raise the ticket again and again and in total six times so far, and they have sent me SOAs for March and May and not for April, the one i asked for.
May 16, 2013

There is no arrangement of promised speed

I am from hyderabad.I took a package of 3mbps till 20gb of data use.But i noted down only 8.2 gb i have downloaded but the download speed came to 700 kbps.This is very bad.Beam cable is not keeping its promise.
Feb 5, 2013

Shifting not done

4218618, 4201695, 444375, 429445, 4308764, 4308729, 4354929, 4407382, 4721274, 4969826, 5029171, 587108, 587150, 587198, 587172, 5096908, 598252, 5096908, 5148942 Above are the list of Compaint Numbers available. I had applied for shifting connection on January 25, 2012 and till date there is no response on it. With the above Complaint Numbers one can imagine as to how much time I've spent on phone wasting my money and time with Beam Executives. None of them have been responsive. Moreover, Beam has my rental from Jan 25th to Feb 28th which they are not even refunding. I am exhausted with their service and response. Also, one of the TL at the call center shouted asking me to file a case a Consumer Court if I wish to and they don't know whether I'll get internet or not. Team please please look into this issue and get my rental and calls money refunded. Regards, Murali
Jan 18, 2013


Dear sir/ madam,
Myself P.Durgeshwar Res of H.NO:8-59,Shanthi nagar colony, Chandanagar post, Hyderabad-500050 have installed your internet connection on 21st december 2012 with user name as
chandeshwar0612@gmail.com, mobile 9908738557, package B-MAX 660, Receipt number 458713
Since the connection has been installed we are not getting the promised speed by you and have registered the complaints regarding the same with ticket numbers received in my mobile as
7026337 dated 23-dec-2012
7035734 dated 25-dec-2012
7105679 dated 1st jan 2013
7126167 dated 3rd jan 2013
7105679 dated 4th jan 2013
7145693 dated 5th jan 2013
7146955 dated 6th jan 2013
7148367 dated 6th jan 2013
7174228 dated 8 th jan 2013
7204111 dated 11th jan 2013
7207171 dated 11th jan 2013
The technician belonging to the beam telecom have disconnected our internet access for two days in the middle and after severe discussion he has re plugged the same. I have given permission to the agents to set up the beam internet in my home since he said some stories that we are getting slow speed due to some disparities between their beam team and the home which your box was previously there
on giving these many complaints also we are not getting the promised speed by them and the agents are not taking any response and they are not at all solving the problem
In my last conversation I have asked to the beam telecom personnel regarding the phone number of their supervisor . He replied that he don't have any supervisor or head. If this is happening then whom did I paid the money for, Is such plan took by me exist. Hardly I haven't downloaded 2 GB of data also through the internet from the date we have installed the connection


faisal nizami
Jan 13, 2013

Inconsistent connection , bad customer complaint response !

The customer service department in beam telecom has always been frustrating , in the beginning of every month i loose my internet connection every now and then for the first 5 days due to "faulty box" problems , when i call beam telecom customer service center they keep assuring that this issue will be resolved within 24 hours , but it never does , it takes them 10 days to completely resolve a problem , it has been the same this year as well but its gone a little further now they connect me to the internet during the day and disconnect it in the night when obviously i cant call them , when i call them the following morning they respond and fix the connection , this has been going on for a while and it has frustrated me beyond my senses ! the following are the ticket numbers registered for this particular problem
ticket no : 7056896 on 27-12-2012
ticket no : 7135874 on 05-01-2013
ticket no : 7164748 on 08-01-2013
ticket no : 7203744 on 11-01-2013
tcket no : 7215127 on 12-01-2013
it looks like all they can do is register a lot of tickets and give false assurance to its customers !
Jan 2, 2013

Beam doesnt care to resolve Issues ever after several calls

This is really frustrating....

I have requested for router configuration on 27th Dec but so far none of
from Beam bother to contact.. the service is really getting worse day by day..earlier they took 15 days time to provide my connection while shifting and after repeat call every time,, i am only getting bullshit answer from all excutive that my ticket will be address by today itself.. this is really
pathetic service i ever come across. and was never expected from Beam as I have been using it since more than 4 years..but now its worst service.

also on 29th Dec i requested for no connectivity but none of them address
such issue either....how irresponsible you guys are.

There are 2 tickets which did not answered so far
Tkt number: 7058506 - 27th Dec - For router configuration
Tkt number: 7073264 - 29th Dec - For no internet connectivity (that i resolved myself but nothing from Beam)

Dec 7, 2012

No connection set up yet


My name is Sashidhar and i am a brand new customer of beam, who is baffled by the tedious and the most unreliable service that you guys provide.

I never thought that my very first experience with beam is going to be so bad that i already started regretting my decision of taking your connection.

Its been 10 days since i made a payment and i was promised the new connection within the next 48 hours.... But that never happened , after atleast 10 calls or so simultaneously to the support team and also the sales rep near my house, i finally got the cabling done yesterday afternoon that is the eighth day!

And now i found out its just a dead cable and am not even able to see the portal page nor i received any additional information about what to do next.

Unfortunately the promptness in taking cash from me is not shown in providing me the basic initial service. This kind of behavior from a company like beam saddens and frustrates me.

I called more than 30 times for a resolution. Do u guys at least now care to help me out and set up my connection ASAP!! please!

Ticket No:6825407
Mobile: 9989437000
Nov 21, 2012

Bad Customer Service

wrost and very bad customor service, since 20 days i am not getting the connection roming here and there, and rasied n number of complaints still problum not got resolved. I suggest people do not take Beam cable services. I have paid 6 months package at a time and after one month only i got the connection problum. They were not even responding properly and not paying my money back. Pleae pleae do not go for BEAM connections.
Nov 21, 2012

Worst service

Yes Beam is worst company internet provider they dont have coordination between them. Once if we discuss our package with one of their customer service representative and next time we have to argue with other customer representative of beam about our package. I Have taken a six months package and also paid the total amount and after a month they are calling me up for payment stating that mine is a one month pack then where the hell my money given to six months package have gone i have receipt of payment the collection boy name is ramakrishna and mobile number is 9505508178. Here the thing is beam cable is perfect in collecting over payment but worst in providing services. My sincere request is to please go for any other company other than BEAM TELECOM. You dont know how i am fed up with BEAM Worst services this is not the first time this is my third worst experience with BEAM. And i am also going to educate people about BEAM services by distributing pamplets about BEAM Telecom instead paying payment twice
Nov 6, 2012

pending new connection

I have registered withe beam network on 27the -October- 2012 and was given commitment theat withein 48 hours theey will come and install thee connection but theey did not do anytheing before 48 hours when I tried to contact thee concerned person and intimated theat thee 48 hours are completed theen he sent a person to install thee cabling on 29the-October-2012, theey installed thee cable but did not give thee connection by saying theat thee connection box is not present in my apartment.

Account number:437537.

I request you to take an action against thee concerned person as soon as possible so theat theey provide better service and improve your service in my area.

Sep 23, 2012

Failed to give broadband connection within time and NO RESPONSE

Beam Telecom seriously has to improve it's customer care and after sales service. if not, going forward, I don't think it will survive the likes of Reliance or Tata.
Sep 3, 2012

no net connection

Dear Esteemed Customer,

We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused at your end. Please provide us the details (Registered Mobile Number/Account No./Ticket No) to address the issue.

Thanks & Regards
Aug 28, 2012

no net connection

Iam not able to browse internet connection from last two years at midnight hours between 1:00am till next morning10:am. waste net connection. After raising this complain if no action taken so refund half amount back or give instead sevice..
Aug 8, 2012

Worst service


Could You Please Suggest Me, Which ISP is Best In Hyderabad For Work From Home Use?, , I Am Expecting Good customer service and Without Frequent interruptions...

Thanks & Regards
Aug 4, 2012

Cable Cut Issue

User Name: samraj.raj7@gmail.com

I have made many complains from the 25th of june till to day ie, 4 August and even many tickets were issued but nothing till date has been done or no action from beam telecom has been taken.. its really disgusting from your part of services you promised to provide and you ought to be providing. I hope that immediate action will be taken to fix the problem..

Aug 1, 2012

Worst service

Yes I agree... I am following up on internet disconnection for the past 5 days and I am still facing issue. Today also a ticket was closed even without asking me about it.
I am very disappointed with the service and I am planning to close the connection and opt for a new one.

No cooperation in resolving a issue no executive has ever come to see/understand the problem. I dont even know what the problem is till now. The only reply which I get from them is that we have rectified the problem and the next day i see the same problem again.

Aug 1, 2012

Extremely annoying service

Same I have also faced...
Jul 30, 2012

Worst service

Dear Mr.Vijay,

We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused at your end. Please provide us the details (Registered Mobile Number/Account No./Ticket No) to address the issue.

Thanks & Regards
Jul 23, 2012

Worst service


Earlier beam was providing good service but now from last few months they are not attending customers issue on priority. I suggest not to choose beam as internet service provider.

Customer representatives/ technicians will simply harrash you. They just call you only to tell that your last date for bill payment is blah blah and make sure you pay on time. Otherwise they are very busy guys when it come to provide a good service.

I request consumer court to make a note of this and do the needful. Thanks.

telecom nagar, Gachibowli
Jul 18, 2012

Wrong Billing and not responding

Dear Esteemed Customer,

We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused at your end. Please provide us the details (Registered Mobile Number/Account No./Ticket No) to address the issue.

Thanks & Regards
Jul 15, 2012

Wrong Billing and not responding

I live in Himayatnagar I'm using 1 mbps...the connection is extremely slow below 100kbps but the upload speed is very high upto 11 mbps...I don't know what the hell is going on with this service!
Jul 12, 2012

Wrong Billing and not responding

Hi ,

This is Sunil Kumar P from Hyderabad residing in Moulali Area and fed of up wrong billing and poor response behaviour of Beam Telecom.

They have stopped providing Service to a 2 years old Customer with Pre Paid Account having Enough Balance to provide service.

When I raise a ticket in there system even after 2 days there is no response from billing team and sleeping eating customer money and enjoying with Falling Beam Reputation.

I Sincerely Request Beam Management to just have a look with billing team making false bills a for months which have not been used and when asked for re connection playing cunningly promising service and then give for 10 days and then suspending
Jun 7, 2012

Irresponsible Department

Dear Esteemed Customer,

We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused at your end. Please provide us the details (Registered Mobile Number/Account No./Ticket No) to address the issue.

Thanks & Regards
Jun 5, 2012

Irresponsible Department

why still using that isp man, , , shift to another isp know...

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