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Beam Telecom

Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about Beam Telecom

Jun 16, 2015

Beam/ ACT Network

I was not getting internet connection since 10 days and when i tried to call customer care, the call is always busy or not responding. neither they reply back to the mails, hence landed up here to register an complain. Please take necessary action ASAP.
Jun 10, 2015


I was not getting internet connection since 5 days and when i tried to call customer care, the call is always busy or not responding. neither they reply back to the mails, hence landed up here to register an complain. Please take necessary action ASAP.
Jun 9, 2015

Connectivity Issue

Past one month internet is getting disconnected frequently and I tried to reach the customer care n number times when ever there is an internet dis-connectivity but unable to reach the customer care due to line was busy all the time. Even, I dropped n number of emails to customer care, but there is only one response “Thank you for contacting us we will try to resolve issue”. But problem was not resolved, still internet is getting disconnected frequently.

I am getting frustrated due to frequent internet disconnection; it is making my day to day activities worse.
I have raised complaint via an email Dated: 26th may 2015 and Ticket No generated is 17117553 ( I am not not sure whether ticket is still open or closed)

Account ID: 292429

Do look into the issue and resolve ASAP
Jun 8, 2015

Worst Service...Connectivity Issues

Internet issue from past two days, I had call to customer care and they said, resolve with in 24 hours, even after 48 hours no action has been taken, worst service I ever seen.Getting continuous engage when call to customer care. If you guys doesn't know how to resolve issues or handle customers, please ask your customers to shift some other service.

Ticket : 17271159
Jun 8, 2015

New Connection not provided

My account no is 934350 and I paid an amount of 1730 to get the service activated. Your customer care service number does not work and your one point of contact wont attend my call. Its been 10 days and I have not been provided with the new net connection I had requested for. This is complete harassment of customers. Refund my money please. This is not how you promote a brand.
Samuel reddy
Jun 5, 2015

double charge of bill

i paid the bill for the advance in the month of may and now they sent me a bill of 2230 again for may and june i aint paying the bill for any of that u want to take away the connection go ahead do it !!!! IM NOT PAYING ANYTHING ADDITIONAL
Jun 5, 2015

complaint against fucking beam service

Hello act fibernet your customer service is fucking bad as your ass...... I suggest you to stop harassing people and close your company...i guess yours is the first company to make people suffer by choosing your connection during installation you will be like sir/madam we are at your Service.....and once installation is completed your real side of your company starts showing us....i havr Customer service whole from 8am to 10pm even though no action is tak. And even service persons are very rude as they are doing favour on us...even by somehow I tired calling he says I will come within 15min but he will not come again if I'm tired calling no response from him....so I finally decided that to complaint against act fibernet soo I need support from current users of acy fibernet...
to contact me email at nani27895@gmail.com please contact me to sue this company and get justice for us this is the time to payback by them...
Jun 3, 2015

ACT Fibernet not activated

Dear Team,
I am staying in manikonda , 3 days back (i.e., 31st May 2015) i have taken connection and paid 6 month subscription bill but still that connection is not activated.
Please look into this. 9052556622 is my registered mobile no. please find the below alterbative number to reach me out.
May 22, 2015

server not connected

when i tried to connect to the internet system shows as unable to connect to server. we are suffering from this problem so many times in weekly.so please solve this problem as soon as possible otherwise i will change network provider.
ACT Broadband
May 17, 2015

ACT Fibernet Hyderabad

Hi Deepthi,

We have tried calling you, but were unable to get connected,
we request you to please share an alternative contact number or a feasible time.

Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet Hyderabad
Beam Fiber
May 15, 2015

ACT Fibernet Hyderabad

Hi Deepthi,

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, we will look into your issue.

Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet Hyderabad
May 14, 2015

not transferring the connection since a week

We have shifted the home with in Manikonda and have raised the service request #16920423 which is regarding transfer of net transfer is still pending. The normal charges for transfer of Beam cable is 337 which is confirmed from the customer case service of Beam. But the person who came home is demanding 550 giving the stupid reason that we are in gated community. When we have asked for reason why the have put on hold this request.

they might be the Hyderabad's no 1 internet provider, but it seems their service is becoming very worst day by day.
Beam Fiber
Mar 16, 2015

ACT Fibernet Hyderabad

Dear Mohammed Ayub,

Your mentioned issue has been resolved.For further queries you can contact us on 66272727 or support@beamtele.com.
Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet
(BEAM Fiber is now ACT Fibernet)
Mar 13, 2015




Mar 8, 2015

Connectivity Issues

I have been facing issues with connectivity since last few days. I first raised ticket with the customer care (Ticket #16095044), to which they said, that the issue would be resolved in 24 hours. However, to my utter dismay, the ticket was closed without any action being taken on it.

I again raised a ticket ( # 16101110) and since then, despite calling them, n number of times and requesting them to escalate and prioritise the issue is unresolved. The technicians have not bothered to look into the issue and the customer care representatives are completely unaware on how to handle the problem.

I am new customer, having got the connection just a week back. I chose Beam over Airtel, on hearing the good reviews about the connection and resolution to the problems. But one week into it, I am already regretting the decision to chose Beam.
Feb 23, 2015

Not changing battery for bachup

When ever the power supply gone internet connection is down and I am loosing all my transactions in the mid in my laptop because of this loss of internet connection.
My beam Account Number is 663010. I raised a ticket 15556129 on 23rd Jan and it has been closed without changing the battery. The person called me and said there is no stock in the store to change the battery and next day he will come and change it and the ticket is closed on the same day without changing the battery for backup.

I reopned the ticket as the battery backup is not there again created a new ticket with number 15937397. again the same story repeated the guy called me and said there is no stock and tomorrow he will change the battery and closed the ticket. Let me know why the ticket 15937397 is closed without changing the battery? As a big company dont Beam telecom have battery to change. Please let me know if I can help Beam cable by collecting the funds from our appartment to buy a new battery. Really worst services. Even after one month dont have a single battery to change it.
Feb 20, 2015

internet disconnection

they are not working , i will lose my money in thousands in gaaming because of only disconnection of these bloody fucking beam internet , i will give a complaint so many time , they will told no problem with internet connection ... they are doing this for a time pass role ... they are not worked sincely ... after i will choose another service provider i will perfect ... ever beam employe come to my house i will slap that person with my chappl ... bloody fuckers ... purely cheaters
Arvind Kumar Tarmakdass
Feb 19, 2015


I am Arvind Kumar Tarmakdas, having account with your net work, our User Id is tk.constructionss@hotmail.com and Registered Mobile No. 9966532679. I have been using beam cable services since 2 years in yearly package as we have office at Ground Floor, home at upstairs, we took Y5 connection. Since we have taken your y5 services, we keep on facing internet problems, often we not getting net connection at upstairs. Regarding this problem we have complainted many times to the call center, your technical people come and solve the problem after they leave we again facing the same problem. We just have 3,4 systems and laptops altogether at our place, if we are not getting net connection atleast for 3,4 system, having y5 connection is meaningless. Especially we are not getting net connection at home in the night hours, Please send your perfect technical people to solve our problem ,as we are feeling embarrassing to complaint every time.

Please do the needful immediately,

Arvind Kumar Tarmakdass...
Jan 19, 2015

Sending SMS (new way harass and extort money)

Hi, My name is Chandrashekar from Begumpet, Hyderabad. For the last 2 months, all of a sudden and from nowhere, my wife has been receiving SMS on her mobile stating that a representative has visited my apartment to collect the monthly amount for the Beam Broadband connection and that he has returned as he found our apartment to be locked.

It is surprising and shocking because we don't have BEAM BROADBAND connection and that too how come BEAM is able to send SMS to us. I feel that it is more like a threat and harassment for a woman. When similar kind of SMS was sent yesterday (Jan. 18, 2015) they had mentioned the name of the person (Mr. Raghavender) along with his contact number, who seemed to have visited our apartment and stated that the door was locked, when I called him, he was very rude and I felt that he was basically trying to threaten me by stating that had to pay that amount even without having BEAM broadband connection.

I think BEAM Telecom has started this new trend of sending SMS to a phone randomly (mostly ladies) and later send their representatives to the apartment to find out if anyone is available apart from the lady so that they can may be harass and something stolen from the apartment.

Also, when I told Mr. Raghavender that I will report to the Police, as both as harassment and illegal to send SMS to someone who doesn't have the broadband connection, he told me that I can go and report it to anyone (even to the Police Commissioner) and told me that no one can take action against him or against the Company as he feels that Beam Telecom has got the influence to handle these kinds of harassment complaints.

Chandrashekar S
Voice: +91 90323 55696
Swaraj Tati
Jan 14, 2015

Pending New connection

This is with respect to a new connection complaint that I raised with beam telecom. I have requested for a new connection on 5th January and paid 2657 for six month connection. I have requested the beam telecome representative weather I can get the connection by 12th January as I have to leave to my native on 13th. I was told that it will be completed by then. But it was not, I have placed several requests through beam telecom customer care number but nothing seems to be moving. Here is the event summary of the issue.

Event 1: Jan 5th: I paid 2657 to beam representative for 6 month connection. I was told by the representative that the connection will be completed by Jan 12. I have insisted that I would be leaving for Pongal festival on 13th and I don't want the connection if it can't get completed by 12th. The representative assured me that the connection will be done by then.

Event 2: Jan 9th: I haven't received any followup call from beam, so I called beam customer care to esquire the status of my connection. I was told that technician is notified they will come and give the connection that day.

Even 3: Jan 10th: I have called again for status. I was told that the technician is notified again and they will come and give the connection. Evening couple of technicians came to my home and fixed and empty box and left without even notifying me.

Event 4: Jan 11th: I have called customer care and informed them that the connection was not completed yet. The technician left without even notifying me. I was told by the customer care representative that I will get a call by technician by evening. I have waited till evening. I haven't received any call again. I called customer care again and notified that I did not received any call. the ticket is updated as urgent as told by the customer care representative.

Event 5: Jan 12th: I have asked to transfer my call to Escalation Desk. I was connected to Jagadish from Escalation Desk. Jagadish apologized for delay and assured that he will do a personal followup on the issue.Jagadish spoke to back-end team and informed me that I will get a call from back-end team. After couple of hours some one called me and informed me that at 4 PM they will call me and inform me the status of the connection I said OK. I did not received any call that day as usual.

Event 3: Jan 13th : I haven't got any call from Back-end team at 4PM on previous day. Jan 13th I have called again and asked to connect with Jagadish from Escalation Desk. Jagadish assured me again that the connection will be completed today EOD for sure. He said he will followup on the ticket personally.

Event 4 : Jan 13th: I have waited till evening, I haven't got any call as promised by Jagadish. I have requested to connect to Jagadish from Escalation desk. This time I got Chandrashekar from Escalation desk. He apologized for the delay again. Chandrashekar requested another additional day to complete the request and he said he will followup on the request personally just as Jagadish told. I have informed him that I have to leave home, But per his assurance I will wait that day. I have cancelled my travel tickets for Jan 13th just to get this task get completed.

Event 5 : Jan 14: I have called customer care and asked me to connect to Chandrasekar from Escalation Desk. I was connected to Manoj from Escalation Desk. I insisted that I need to speak to Chandrasekar on the followup on my service ticket. Manoj promised that he will work on the issue. Then he tried to connect to the back-end team after a while he came back and said he can't reach them. and he will call by 4 PM in the evening and will inform me what are the next steps
Which means Manoj isn't sure that my connection can get completed even on Jan 14th. I told I have to leave home and I don't want beam connection any more. I have asked for refund of the money payed, as I want to choose another vendor. Manoj neither confirmed that he will refund the money nor he confirmed that he is going to get my connection done

Name: Swaraj Tati
Ph: 9962555336 or 9966782586
Service Ticket No: 15355910
Dec 9, 2014

Internet don't work from 4 days


I am from kondapur area. There is Internet issue from last 4 days.I have contacted customer care and raised tickets,but tickets are being closed with out issue being resolved. I am frustrated calling customer service daily.Below are tickets raised :

Appreciate if you can work towards resolving issue and train your customer service to attain customer satisfaction.

Dec 3, 2014

Beam Telecom Not Shifting My Existing Internet Connection

I am existing customer of beam internet & I am very disappointed with their Service.I was requesting them from 5 days to shift my existing connection but they are not doing so. When we called them for new connection they turn up within an hour but for transferring my existing connection they are not doing anything. Regularly i am calling them 3 times in a day and they promise me to do it within 24 hr but they don't. It's hampering my work as i work from home. This situation is frustrating. I had done payment of 6 month already. But unable to use internet due to their unresponsive behavior. Pathetic service.
I hope .. there would be some genuine person who can help me in transferring my connection.

Beam Teltelecom Not Shifting My Existing Internet Connection
Nov 26, 2014

Rapid data usage

Customer ID:
Package: B MAX 615 (6 months package)

This is my last straw after battling the customer service and call centre staff of Beam Telecom in Hyderabad. Since 22 Oct 2014, I observed that my data usage gets used at the rate of 3 to 5 GB a day! I sent several emails and even met a Tech person in the Srinagar Colony/Kamalapuri area of Hyderabad. It is impossible for me to use that amount of data a day. I even keep changing the password.

My internet usage remains unchanged regardless of the threshold being reached, but once the 35 GB threshold is reached the portal shows minimal data usage.

The tech person says my MAC address is the same. I am 100% sure that this is an inside job of Beam who are manipulating or there is a data theft by some errant employee. Once my FUP was reset to "Zero" on 22 Nov, the same story repeated. Nobody is beam wants to respond because they probably know this is a 6 month customer who is locked-in and they can do whatever they want. Pathetic service - deeply regret going to Beam. Am considering other legal measures.

mohan dantuluri
Nov 18, 2014

Worst service i have ever seen

I have been a beam telecom customer for the past 3 years and you can check my record have never defaulted on my payment. I am complaining from past half month for limited or no connectivity issue but this has not been fixed. Before I proceed further here are the details of my complaints made

SMS which i got every time i complain
-------- ------------------------- ---------------
Dear Subscriber, The Service Ticket No 14768920 has been updated with your latest interaction. We will expedite resolution. --BEAM TELECOM - 16/11/2014

Dear Subscriber, The Service Ticket No 14768920 has been updated with your latest interaction. We will expedite resolution. --BEAM TELECOM - 17/11/2014

Dear Subscriber, The Service Ticket No 14768920 has been updated with your latest interaction. We will expedite resolution. --BEAM TELECOM- 17/11/2014

Also I want to point out few things more about the customer service people. They are very impatient and sometimes do not listen properly to what the consumer is saying. I have asked the customer service people so many times that I want to speak to higher authorities they always tell that they are really busy and will arrange a call back and this never happens. It is we the customers who pay for their jobs and they do not have time to listen to customer grievances. I have wasted lot of money on calls and they put me on hold for so long and also even though I have internet service at my home I had to go to internet cafe and use the internet thus paying extra out of my pocket. Lastly I want to say I m really fed up with Beam telecoms casual attitude if they cant provide me proper service they can let me know I will be more than happy to disconnect my connection and go to hathway who is providing 50 Mbps Speed for 1000 bucks with same download limit of 60 GB. I want someone from beam to contact me and let me know what is the progress. My name is Mohan Dantuluri. My mobile number is 9866289396
Nov 2, 2014

Internet connectivity

Every alternate weekend, the Internet gets disconnected.
After giving complaints, they give connection after 4-5 days. Sometimes Close the ticket without resolving it.
Half of my phone bill comes because of Beam.

Worst customer service.
They don't call back and update about the issue.
If they give commitment for 24 hrs means, they will contact you after 5 days.

Currently, there are 2 open tickets, #14562602 and #14587077.

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