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Consumer complaints and reviews about BMTC

Jul 24, 2016

balance amount is not given while travelling

Dear Sir,
whenever wherever go to bangalore by using bmtc bus the conductor change is not ready give the people when buying ticket.one time i am asking the balance amount he revert back to me and change is not given.
Jul 22, 2016


Today morning (5:20 AM), we have seen rash driving and unexpected step (Tried to run over tata winger) taken to harm the tata winger driver or damage the tata winger vehicle twice. I was heading to office and was behind these two vehicles (BMTC Volvo Bus - RED and Tata winger) and it is very unfortunate that BMTC driver behavior on public road was unacceptable.

If this site complaints are viewed by BMTC officials, I would request to BMTC officials to take appropriate action and make sure this driver follows driving etiquette while on public road.

Where this incident took place?
* Outer ring road towards madivala from Marath halli (opposite to JP Morgan company).

What time this incident took place?
* Today morning (23/07/2016) at 5:20 AM.

What was the BMTC Volvo (RED) bus #?
* KA-01 FA-2124

What was the vehicle which BMTC Volvo driver tried to run over?
* Tata winger (White)

What action or result you're expecting from BMTC department?
* Driver should be either suspended for six months or fined with a penalty of his whole month salary.
Jul 20, 2016

Conductor misbehaviour

Conductor misbehavior - bus SBS-1K KA 01 F 9364

I got in at domlur bridge bus stop. Missed to hear when conductor asked for ticket as I was on an emergency call. But even before the next stop I requested the conductor to issue the ticket. But she behaved very badly used abusive words and asked me to get off the bus. On my insistence to issue the ticket. She forced me to get off the bus where it was dark and it was raining heavily. Also there was no bus shelter at that placed. I had to stand in rain for half an hour at 9:00 pm in the night being a lady. This is intolerable and strict action has to be taken against the lady conductor.
Debdeep Bose
Jul 19, 2016

Rude behaviour and Harassment

The bus conductor is sitting idealy on his seat and wants the people getting up on the bus to walk up to him personally and pay him the money for their destination. Despite of being rush and a lot of people inside the bus.and if you pay him a 100rs or a 50 RS note will shout at you in front of everyone and will be forced to get off the bus.
Kindly take some strict actions against the same.
Bus no: KA-01 F-3911
Date: 20-july-2016.
Akanksha Shetty
Jul 15, 2016

I lost my clothes bag

The color of the bag I lost is a plastic red bag. Inside the bag there was a black and cream salwar kameez along with white formal shirt and black formal pant. The bus I lost it was headed to hoskote. If the bag is found please contact me on this no. 9481458909.
Jul 14, 2016

Not providing change to travellers

Iam a regular commuter of BMTC Bus, I take my bus at C.V. Raman Nagar bus depot and get down at Jeevan bima nagar, petrol bunk. Yesterday (13/07/2016) i travelled in one such bus, i have noted its number- KA57F66. The travelling charge will be of 14 Rs, I provided the conductor a 20 Rs note. He told me he will provide me change, but when my stop got neared i demanded him my exact change, the conductor behaved very rude and said that my money is taken from one of the co-passenger, and that im supposed to provide her 4 Rs of change to the young girl, who is getting down before my stop.
Finally the conductor did not provide me change and i was forced to give excess fare to my Co passenger and Instead he behaved very harsh.
My sincere and kind request, Please monitor these route buses as they do not provide change and behave very indecent with woman. Take the action immediately.
Jul 13, 2016


I am a frequent traveller in Volvo. We pay extra and board Volvo, for convinent travel and better travel, but Off late it's been noticed that the Volvo bus driver of majority buses do not switch in the AC, after telling they will on for sometime but again stop, this is really irritating and bad and irritating, we travel for comfort and quick travel, but that is not the case. Please look I into it.

Jul 12, 2016

Conductor took money more than the ticket amount


It was sunday(10/07/2016) afternoon , I was travelling from Innovative multiplex, Marathalli to Mahadevapura along with my sister. The moment we boarded the bus, conductor asked us to give 30 Rs, I asked him to give tickets 3-4 times but he didn't give, he was not even bothered to listen, he ignored and moved towards back.

At Kalamandir stop I again asked him for ticket, he gave me ticket for 24 Rs then I asked him to give me 6 Rs back neither he gave back money nor he gave ticket for 6 Rs. On asking him again and again he started shouting at me in Kannada, I requested him to talk to me in Hindi as I don't understand Kannada then started shouting even louder.

Bus No : KA-01 F-9503

Please take some action.

Thank you,
Jul 8, 2016


BMTC Bus No MF2 route to HAL MAIN GATE cancelled
Dear Sir / Madam,

Sub : MF2 -Hal main gate route cancelled.

Only this MF2 Bus was direct bus from HAL Main gate to Swamy vivekananda metro station. Everyday Many people are travelling during the peak hours like 8 am to 10 am and evening 5.30 pm to 7 pm. But from past 3 days we did not get this bus. We heard that MF2 Bus Route has been Cancelled. We kindly request you to provide MF Bus Route again to our area.Many of them are struggling due to shortage of bus to our area.

We are expecting good reply from your end.

Thanking you,
Nishi Deepthi
Jul 7, 2016

No BUS from 7 to 8.30 @ Rajanukunte towards Hanniyur

Dear Sir,

There was no bus from 7pm to 8.30pm @ Rajanukunte to towards Hanniyur. exactly @ 7pm Kakolu 285E will go from via this route, but there was 7.30 or 7.45pm there should be 285RA and it went off by before 7pm only and also 407B and 406 also went.

And we got bus @ 8.30 285R chellahalli bus. I really regret we have sufficient bus , but the driver won't follow the timings, according to there wish the will reach the destiny . this is the way its happening every day.

We request you to please look into the issue and rectify the same at the earliest.

thanking you,
Nishi Deepthi, Kakolu
Jul 6, 2016


BMTC Bus No MF6 route to TC palya cancelled
Dear Sir / Madam,

Sub : MF2 -Hal main gate route cancelled.

Only this MF2 Bus was direct bus from HAL Main gate to Swamy vivekananda metro station. Everyday Many people are travelling during the peak hours like 8 am to 10 am and evening 5.30 pm to 7 pm. But from past 3 days we did not get this bus. We heard that MF2 Bus Route has been Cancelled. We kindly request you to provide MF Bus Route again to our area.Many of them are struggling due to shortage of bus to our area.

We are expecting good reply from your end.

Thanking you,
Jun 28, 2016

Volvo and BMTC Bus Rash Driving on Outer Ring Road

Dear Sir,

A real Incident happened while i was driving along Outer Ring Road, Near RMZ Eco Space around noon time, a Volvo bus No. "KA 01 F 9110" ride very rashly and overtook my bike, It was a very close encounter.

As you are aware of your killer bus which took the life of people every now and then, a recent incident happen a day before when a bus rammed a bike rider and his life Gone.

I feel really sorry for the departed soul, May God Rest Him In Peace, However, Please instruct your driver/conductor to drive carefully on city street, for them its just an accident but for the people who lost his/her life its All Over for him/her and family.

Please give a severe punishment to the driver so that he should not play with the life of others.

Jun 15, 2016

monthly 20 days only come route bu

hi sir/madam

Jun 13, 2016

harassment by the conductors


There is one particular bus plying from hoskote to Varthur. It reaches Kadugodi around 9AM. I was unable to able to note down the bus number but i can provide the date - 10-6-16 9AM( at Kodi bus stop).

This Conductor seems to misbehave with the female travellers intentionally and no one is taking a stand for it. My friend warned him but he abuses the girls and walks off. This is not the behaviour we expect from a public official. Please remove such emplyees for the safety of the citizens in the city.

Thanks in advance.
Jun 8, 2016

Rude Behavior of Condutor

Respected Sir/Madam,
I really shocked with the behavior of BMTC Conductor for MAN HANDLING and

ABUSED ME for asking the change.He behaves street rowdy.
He spoils the image of BMTC,I request you please take immediate action on this

fellow.please find the following details
Bus No. KA 01 F 9410(333/G) | Ticket No. 39 [333/15]
09 06 2016 Time:08:23:09 ( I get HAL police Station and get down Marathahalli)
Ordinary 325703106
Tkn No.5657
T 0 1.0.3.
Thanking you
Jun 8, 2016

irregular service

bus rout no 291g2 from govindpura to dikenson road .this rout bus service specialy for school college timing only for girls.
morning 8.10 am from govindpura to dikenson road then shivaji nagar bus stop
evening 4.15 pm from dikenson road to govindpura
rout no 291g2 running incial days very promply .most of the school and college girls travelling in this rout bus very nice and reach in time for school and college.but know this bus service irreguler in time and also some days is not comming specialy in wednesday
know all students is facing problem to reach in time to school college . like two buses chainging but also those not attending the classes in time .and loss his education .in this rout no any ather direct bus from govindpura to dikenson road.
kindly do the needfull and oblaige.with regard from yunus ahmed shariff Gen Sec nagawara residents welfare association bangalore
cell no 9448001411. email. nrwassociation@gmail.com
Jun 7, 2016

rude behaviour

Hi, i was travelling in bus no 600f KA 57 1203 onward to attibele , faced verbal abuse from the conductor .I demand the authorities to take this matter seriously and take necesary action . thank you
Tara Hj
Jun 6, 2016

Bus No KA 01 F 9093 conductor taking advantage of recent fare hike

Bus No KA 01 F 9093 conductor charging more for ticket.
Conductor taking advantage of recent fare hike, charging whatever he wants, he took 40 Rs from Kadu Bisanahalli to Mahadevapura(outer ring road) whereas he should charge only 37 Rs when asked he says "Airport bus".

When another passenger asked he says "its because of service tax", he is giving random answers.

He keeps only 5 Rs booklet along with that ticketing machine
May 25, 2016

BMTC buses not stopping at a regulated stop near Silkboard Bangalore

I have been commuting in BMTC from past 3months. Route silkboard to electronic city. Bus route number 356CW. Every single day I observed that the buses coming from HSR side do not stop at a single point. Even though bus stop is marked, buses either stop 100 metre before the bus stop or 100 metres ahead of bus stop. There are pregnant ladies who travel and it is so difficult for them to even come and catch the bus. Leave apart getting a seat. Today when I asked a bus driver with bus num - KA-57 F-944 why are you not stopping at the regulated stop he is giving all unmeanigful answers. Who is to blame here. Want BMTC to take strict action and ask buses to stop at the regulated stop.

BMTC buses not stopping at a regulated stop near Silkboard Bangalore

May 23, 2016

Conductor not giving Tickets


I used to travell daily from Graphite signal to KTPO bus stop. Bus charge in normal bmtc is Rs.5 and in volvo is Rs.15.
In both most of the time conductor will not give ticket. When i will ask for ticket he will say something and all.And finally he will not come front. sometimes they made fun of me also. i know the amount is less but its our right to ask for ticket and his job to give ticket. This is too bad. And once i told checking officers will be there so give me ticket that time conductor is laughing and telling in this stop they will not be there dont worry and all. I scared to travell in bmtc buses now.

sarkari kelsa devara kelsa antare adre dud mado kelsa agbittide.

this is also one of the bus today i travelled conductor didnt give ticket when i asked he laughed and went back side.Please help us from these conductors.

May 19, 2016

Not coming proper timings

Respected sir..

We are Student the bus not coming proper timing in last Month Onworlds.. the Bus no.KA-01 F-3772 (245H). We are all Kenganalli,Hulagowdanahalli,karekeganpalya...... village Students the above bus first coming an 8.15 to 8.30. but now days that bus coming an 9.30 to 9.45..we are all reach the collage late dailay Please change the bus timings an previous Timings(8.30)... Via Market TO Nelmangalla.

Pls Consider We are all Request... I hope you will give a satisfactory judgement.

May 13, 2016

BMTC roles

Respected Sir/Madam,

Today I got into BMTC majestic bus from Indiranagar double road , and I wanted to get down in corporation. But driver closed the door & he has not ready to open the door & he said there is no stop in corporation either we have to get down in pallavi theater stop or Mysore bank stop. Daily I am travelling this is the the 1st time happening like this.
Plzz let me know whether majestic bus can give stop in corporation or not ?

Waiting your response

Thank You
May 12, 2016

Conductor's misbehaviour

Place- Bangalore
Bus number- KA-01 F-3605
Route- Hebbal to Silk Board

I felt really horrible seeing the conductor speaking to customers. He was not ready to provide change even if we requested him while getting down. For asking him twice, he started using Kannada slang words like "Shaata, muchkond hogo boli magane, hal udarastini, sule magane" and all.
Is this the way he speaks to a customer?
People will get bad opinion about the government seeing such conductors. He should be warned to behave like a human.

Serious matter. Please kindly look into it and resolve.

Thank you in advance.
Rakesh 999999999
May 2, 2016

Rude conductor

Hi Team,
Today I had a bad experience with one of the BMTC G3 conductor. I had to travel from Ecity to Adugodi. Gave 101 rupees to conductor helping out with change , he stared shouting and abusing for not getting the change. I travel on the same route every day and provide the change when I have it. How will I get the change everyday. I agree if it was small change than its difficult. I also told him to give change later as there is a long way to go. Then he told told to get down and pushed me. Again he had change with him.


Rude conductor

May 2, 2016

lost bus pass with ID card

lost bus pass with id card

I Roopa S G lost my current month (May 2016 )bus pass with id card on saturday 30.04.2016 while travelling from nagarabhavi 2nd stage to sunkadakatte. If you found please contact 9008107400 please.


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