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Consumer complaints and reviews about BMTC

Dec 17, 2014

lost purse

I lost my purse today 17th dec 2014 in 335E bus which travelled from majestic to marthahalli bridge .
It has my HDFC & SBH debit cards and PAN card.and some monet in it.

Please call me on my number (8095380102)
Dec 16, 2014

Driver speaking over phone while driving

BUS NO: KA 01 FA 608

I boarded bus from Banashankari towards Kanakpura Road (METRO STOP).
Driver was talking over his cell phone through out the journey.
Irresponsible behavior.

Please do take action against him.
Dec 11, 2014

driver slapped me and grab my neck

Time: 6:15pm
Date 10/12/2014
Bus No: 334E
Today when I was traveling from Marathahalli to Whitefield, there was some argument between one guy and conductor regarding signature on bus pass. Suddenly at Kodi bus stop conductor took that guy near to the driver seat. After that driver started hitting that guy. So I stand up from my seat and tell the conductor how they can hit someone. That moment driver came to me also and slap me and grab my neck. Somehow I was able to came out of that bus otherwise they might have hit me more. I was so scared that I left the scene without saving the bus registration number. This driver can even kill someone. I want to file a FIR against this driver and conductor. Please provide me the details of bus driver and conductor.
email id: navshiva12@gmail.com
Dec 11, 2014

Using rude words with girls

Respected Sir,
Iam the Student Of Christ University, persuing Bcom Evening Course. and my class starts from evening 4:30-8:30pm. On 10-12-2014, that is on wednesday. My friends ,and me from christ university bustop we boarded up in Chandapura Bus. And all our friends has a pass, in that only Bcom is mentioned and Evening is not mentioned and it is not mandatory also. When the conductor came back side of the bus for ticket, we as usual showed our student passes. He asked us the following questions:
1. The Student Pass is valid only from morning 9:00am to evening 6:00pm
2.All the students who has such kind of student pass , they should get out of the bus.
3. He asked us, in student pass Evening is not mentioned only Bcom is mentioned so the students are cheating the governament . i mean the transport corporation,

Other Thing is that in the same bus, one of my friend ,a girl, she was standing in the very front of the bus. The conductor went there and he asked for ticket and she showed her student pass. He spoke the following words to that girl:
1. You are not at all going to college.
2. You are cheating your parents and going for dating with some guys.
3. you dont have common sense, and showing the invalid pass.
4. Get out of the bus.
5. If you give police complaint also i dont care about that.
6. Iam not scared of any one.
7.Do what ever you want, i am not afraid of anything.

In tha gap between collecting tickets in the back side of tha bus and before coming to this girl, he asked other two girls also to get out of the bus , the reason is pass.

The reason is KAO8952

The Following are my questions?

1. Is there any rule called - The student Pass is not valid after 6: 00 PM. Then What is the situation of the evening college students?
2. Is that Mandatory to mentioned Bcom Evening in the pass?
3. Is that words spoken by the conductor is ok , according to you?
4. If Such Kind of Conductors are there in service , Then where is the place for girl's freedom?

I hope you will give a satisfactory judgement legally/

Thank you:
Dec 6, 2014


Dear Sir,

today ie on 6/12/14 ,@ 4:00 pm near magadi road tolgate bus number is 350 and KA-57-F-778 , The bus driver hit my swift car and the fault was with bus driver , he didn't even stop the bus for some 4 kilometer i followed the bus at last i blocked the way , but he not ready to accept the mistake and scolding us , if he as not done the mistake y shld he run and please inform them atleast to speak decently at public place itself thy use vulgar words, i can complain to police bcoz traffic police also saw wht he did , but i know later he has to face problem , i know thy serve public but thy have big responsibility when thy drive . please give them good training in driving , and to use proper words with respect to others.

Please consider
akash vp
Dec 5, 2014


when I was travelling to majestic in a bus today.The bus was stopped in Indian express signal.In the adjacent side another bus was standing peenya 2 stage to shivaijinagar (252A).The driver of that bus was smoking in the bus.The registration no of that bus is KA-01-2071(not sure whether its 2071 or 2017).I kindely request to take action.
Nov 25, 2014

Rash driving

8:20 Am November 25th. Bus with registration KA-57-F-389 was seen driving rash and overtaking on a single lane road on Lower Agaram road causing vehicles to have to stop and let him pass. The driver was seen using intimidating tactics and aggression on the road. Kindly rid our roads of such characters.
Nov 20, 2014

Introduce buses from Veeranaplaya to shivaji nagar/majestic

Please introduce buses from Veeranapalya, outer ring road heading towards Shivaji nagar/Majestic. At present there are no buses on tat route. People either have to take autos to sultanpalya or pushpanjali theatre and these auto drivers charges highly and sometimes misbehave with ladies or senior citezen.

I see there are lot of buses from Nagawara signal to shivaji nagar, majestic but NONE from Veranapalya.

This is an Humble request to BMTC to kindly intriduce some buses to and fro this route..

Thank you in advance
Oct 23, 2014

Looting public

BMTC (BANGALORE city bus) are looting the public with high bus fares and toll fares. I being an IT employee feel their fares difficult to afford then think about other people from lower class, will they be able to afford? Their calculation of fares are so illogical that some places just 1 km of bus travel will cost 12Rs. In the name of toll charges its a maha loot. They are not concerned about people but just worried about money collection.

Requests made with 100s of peoples signatures are just piece of paper to them and they do not entertain such public interactions. They do not have a proper complaint board from which we get proper responses.

Many routes just have Volvo buses leaving public no choice but to pay 100Rs for 10 kms. A depot manager denied arranging an ordinary bus in a route when hundreds of people requested because it affects their profit. Again no place for peoples problem. Trust me , for the wonderful weather conditions of Bangalore nobody wants so many Volvo buses running around.

Due to this many find car travel cheaper and commute by personal vehicle and causing traffic.

And what to tell about the staff behavior(drivers and conductors). The words they use to abuse even after paying "Corporate rates" cannot even be put up here.

I just want to meet the logic head behind all this BMTC planning.
On behalf of a female friend
Oct 21, 2014

Forced to pay fine for no mistake of mine

Today (21st October 2014) morning at around 9.10 AM, I got into a bus 324C at Marathahalli. I was sitting in the front waiting for the conductor to come from back. I had to go to Richmond Circle, which was at least 1 hr - 1hr30 min travel. Just within minutes after I got into the bus, a checking inspector came. She came and asked for tickets. I reasoned with her that I just got in a stop before and was still waiting for the tickets to be issued with 20Rs in my hand. She started arguing that it was not her fault and I was travelling without ticket and need to pay fine.

The conductor who knew that it was not my mistake also did not come forward. I tried my best not to pay fine for a mistake I did not commit. But the checking inspector was screaming at me like it was my fault. I was totally embarassed, I did not know Kannada and they did not know much English. It was getting very difficult to reason out with them and so gave in to the unfairness. I decided to pay 230Rs as fine to avoid me getting into any further problems. In the fine receipt also, she did not mention my boarding point. She just wrote some other boarding point in Kannada, which I did not understand. When I told her that, she refused to change that as well.

I have been a victim today, paying fine for the mistake I did not commit. It is not about the money, but about the plain unfairness. About forcing an innocent and honest person to accept that she is wrong when she is not. I am usually proud of our country, but when such unfairness happen, I lose a little bit of faith on fairness our country can provide.

The bus Route is 324 C. The bus number is KA 01 FA 1084. The checking inspector name is Suma. I am attaching the Fine receipt along with this complaint. If there is even a little bit of fairness left in the country, let it refund me the fine that I did not deserve to pay along with a simple apology for the embarassment that I did not deserve to go through.

A female IT professional yearning for Justice
+91 9962555497.

Forced to pay fine for no mistake of mine

Oct 15, 2014

BMTC driver and conductor Cheating passengers

I got into this bus number 500CA at Big bazar ITPL bus stop and asked conductor for a ticket till Kamakhya. As i knew some of these 500C series buses wont go till Kamakhya and will end the trip near Banashankari itself, i specifically asked the Conductor and he confirmed this bus makes it till Kamakhya and He charged me 95 rupees for the same. Surprisngly after reaching Banashankari, he asked every one to get down as thats the last stop. 6 people including me questioned why the far was collected till Kamakya but there is blunt reply that everyone should get down. I got irritated and took the picture of Bus registration number it is KA 01-F-9091.
Surprisingly i saw one more 500CA bus following this one and i got into that bus after conductor confirmed they are heading to Kamakhya. I went all the way to Kamakhya depot to complain. As it was already 9:45pm the depo manager left the office. One more incharge by name Madhu took all details from me patiently and to my dismay started asking for apology. He said he will ensure it wont be repeated again. I didnt buy that and asked for Depo manager details - he asked me to show up tomorrow morning by 8am.
I dont understand how can they simply skip the stops and force passengers to get down wherever they feel like, that too after collecting the fare too.
Oct 13, 2014

Rash Driving


Today when I was in Driving near Whitefield, I saw 2 BMTC bus were driven with heavy competition and worst rash driving. I have given the numbers of the buses, please take an action. Both are Hosakote Buses.

Oct 2, 2014

Misconduct of Conductor

I have boarded bus from Doddkasandra to bnshankari, conductor asked me to pay Rs.14 , i paid 20, he did not gove to ticket nor the change when i asked he said not to bargain and went off. Wen i asked again he asked to give the ticket which he did not give and shouted and abused in kannada. Please take action against this, they were acting like roudies.12:00PM approx bus picked me up from Doddkasandra bus stop, KA 57F 175.
Sep 18, 2014

Conductor Bad Behaviour

I want to bring to your notice the vulgar and sickening behavior of a bus conductor of BMTC(KA-01-FA-9442 Tinfactory- Silkboard 18th,sep,2014). Today, while travelling to my office by a BMTC bus, the bus got struck in a huge traffic jam leading to the traffic signal in front of my office. I then, decided to get down from the immobile bus and walk to my office. Therefore, I requested the conductor to open the door and allow me to get down from the immobile bus. The conductor refused to open the door, and instead, launched into a volley of vulgar words. He went on with his extremely humiliating and offensive behavior for a long time before opening the door. He was thoroughly abusive, loud and disrespectful. I am girl and an honest customer of BMTC, still I was made to hear a stream of abuses just for requesting the door to be opened when the bus was absolutely still and stuck in a traffic jam.
I also want to draw your attention to the behavior of the driver. I travel by the bus almost on a daily basis, and I have very often seen the driver abuse other passengers. He does not stop the bus at designated stops, rides rashly while changing lane and over-speeding according to his whims.

I request you ensure that the conductor and driver are administratively punished for their offensive and bullying manners, and that their behavior does not get repeated in the future. The experience has been thoroughly depressing and distressing, and I hope that you take appropriate steps to protect your customers and also the image of Bangalore from such abusive and brazen employees.
Sep 4, 2014


On 2/9/14 I got into a bus heading bommanahalli from majestic.I saw that though there were many ladies standing in the bus(including me), two of the ladies seats were occupied by police constables and kindly asked them to follow the rules by letting us sit, but to my horror what followed next was series verbal abuse directed towards me.It all started with those constables yelling at me that they wont be following any rules and me being a girl had to be docile and submissive and I shouldnt be questioning the authority,also they told me that they do social service and i'm being inhuman for not letting them sit to which i replied that its their duty to serve people and they aren't doing it for free,if they were really serving people they wouldn't have occupied ladies seat, and they are the ones who are supposed to uphold the law instead they are just crushing it under their feet. They also told me that they are not at all scared of any kinds of complaints against them and threatened to hit me if i back answered them, which was really barbaric.I was totally frustrated, deeply hurt and overwheled with anger because of their behaviour and it was so annoying to see that the conductor was just a dumb spectator of all these happenings.
Its my sincere request to the higher authority to take neccessary actions and steps to prevent the violation of rules. It will also be more helpful and kind of you if you made it even more clear that ladies' seats are meant only for ladies and not for gents, no matter whether they are police or just a layman(not to mention, rule is a rule even for a fool). And I ALSO HAVE A PHOTO OF IT INCASE YOU NEED A PROOF.I hope that u'll be taking necessary actions
ramya Raj
Aug 27, 2014

rude behaviour of bmtc conductors drivers

Hi tv9 team !!
I believe you can read and lessen the problem as possible respectively !!
I'm a girl who is travelling in bus for my studies and job from past 5 years in the same route !
I find very very difficult to do so .... not with the bus but with the cheap behaviours of many drivers and conductors .. They ll not give respect to anyone ! I agree that poor people ll travel too . But that doesn't mean that they should treat them cheaply . Speaking in a singular words like we are travelling for free . "Hogu .. eekade baa. .. mundhe saaibeda. . Lofer baro and all ...." .. scolding very aged man for not giving change . Please kindly take at least small action . I hope you understand. Everyone can understand if they think them self in that situation.
Aug 21, 2014

Increase frequency of the k-4

Respected Madam/Sir,

Please increase the k-4 bus frequency, as many people are travelling in this root, its creating problem
Root(chandralayout to C.V RamanNagar)

Aug 21, 2014

Rash Driving

Today 21/8/2014 at 10:20 AM near christ college koramangala i was travelling in my bike. A bus driver driving the bus number
KA 01 FA 1664 was very rash and was about to run on my legs. When asked why he is trying to squeeze when there is no place, he said this is what he does and he dont care.It was a matter of centimeter gap from his tyres and my feet.
I request humbly to educate these drivers of BMTC Bus on human live and how precious it is.
His behaviour was so cocky that he felt no system can touch him as he is a government employe
This is a serious shame on him and on our administration if no action is taken against him.
Aug 13, 2014

Rude behaviour of lady conductor and driver

I want to complain for the bus KA-01 F- 4395. I have forgotten the route number.

I boarded the bus from Gottigere to Meenakshi Mall today at 9.20 am. The ticket costs Rs 6. So I forwarded Rs 10. But the lady conductor rejected to give me ticket by giving the plea that she did not have Rs 4 change and forced me to get down at the middle of the road. I fell down in the bus due to sudden break the driver pressed to ask me to get down.

The behaviour of lady conductor and driver was too bad and they were laughing at me talking absurd in Kannada as I was talking to them in Hindi

My question is that BMTC bus conductors dont have even Rs 4 change to give?? OR they are in a habit to harass NON KANNADA people in the middle of the road?

I want strict action to be taken against the conductor and driver.
Aug 12, 2014

Rude conductors

Rude conductors, a shame for BMTC :

While taking the ticket from singsandra to Huskur Gate i asked the fare he Conductor didn't open his mouth so i gave Rs 20 i.e Rs 10 TWO Notes.The conductor took Rs 10 and another note he didn't collect as it was in my hand i took the hand back as he was started removing the tickets.Then all of sudden he shouted give that Rs 10 also in very rude way and told some bad word. I replied you are not aware of the fare why are you shouting first tell the fare so that i can give you the correct amount.

Then so many conversations happened and he kicked by his foot when i was sitting i the bus. As i told you don't have proper manners to talk.

Route No: Towards Ankle
Bus No : KA-01 F-9431
Date : August 12, 2014
Time : 8:15 PM
Stop Name: Singsandra to Huskur Gate

Kindly take the action on the concerned staffs how was on duty in that particular time.
Else this will be taken forward to the police control room.

Aug 12, 2014

not given change

Hello sir,

today 12/8/14 travelled in big 10 green bus G4 which comes from meenakshi temple via john son market to Brigade road.

i got in bus in toll gate bustop the ticket cost 6 rs.Have given him 11Rs. so that we would give back 4 rs change back.

But that conductor taken money but not given the ticket back.after sometime requested for ticket he didnt given later i pressurised then he gave 6Rs ticket but refused to give change back.when i asked him change he said he give after two days.

later he scratched something on ticket when my stop came near St.Patricks he didn't given the change rather he was giving to other communters change.

i hate this kind of third writer behaviour from the Conductor.I'd would kindly request you to take action on this.This G4 is reached Brigade road at 9.30 a.m.

Even 1 rupee also matters how can i give up my 4 Rs. and more over his behaviour was so rude towards me.

sir may be silly for 4 Rs, change but the way he behaved was so rude for refusing and speaking so funny with me as degrading me.

kindly please look into this matter and do the needful.
Aug 11, 2014

Rude Bus Conductor

Vehicle Number : KA-01-F3543

I am Senior Citizen boarded the above bus at BMTC Bus Station at 4;30 P.M & Purchased the ticket bearing number :KX-25096164
for Uttarahalli.I gave 20 Rs and the conductor issued ticket for 17Rs and return 3 Rs is payable on the back side of the ticket
at chikalasandra bus stop i requested him to give me 3 Rs back since i wanted to get down at bank colony to purchase medicines before uttarahalli the conductor spoke to me very Rudly and refused to give my 3 Rs back till the bus reaches uttrahalli Stop.
I am sorry to state that if this the tratement meted out the senior citizen like us what about the common man.in the curcumstances to take legal action against the conductor and do the justice .awaiting your kind reply and action initiated
satish Reddy chinnappanahalli
Aug 8, 2014

complaint against BMTC, BBMP, BDA, BWSSB

I had posted a complaint in September 2013, problem not resolved till date does this really work??? Maybe I typed in kannada you dint look into it. My name is satish reddy resident of chinnappanahalli since 35 years where more than 5k people live here. Many poor students, office goers, residents walk 2 kms to catch a bus even though we have a bus to our village 333 D KBS to Chinnappanahalli. We have complained several times to the depot manager about this issue they say they will rectify the problem, but not done since 5-6 years. We have also complained to our local corporator sri. N. R. Sridar Reddy and our MLA and ex minister sri. Arvind limbavali ji regarding the same even they called concerned person but not resolved. Same like this we are struggling in our village without basic amenities, we don't have better roads if some ill patient has to reach hospital in emergencies it's very difficult. All the Itpl going vehicles are creating problems to the villagers. Without following rules, they drive very harshly hitting the pedestrians many times. Even though we have complained both traffic law & order P S to take some initiative, they say they don't have enough men. Are we living in BBMP city limits or in some villages in panchayath limits. I pity my village. There is no enough water for the poor. There is no grave yard. We have a small school where 120 students study in three small rooms sitting on floor. There is no proper drainage system. Storm water drains have been encroached. Many are obstructing public roads. If construct a house after buying with a huge burden of loans engineers rush to the site saying that violation according to the law. Where is justice, where should poor people go. It's better to go to jungle, but we are not used to it. Even there animals will be there, even here. Where is the safe place. God bless our poor villagers.
Aug 1, 2014

Bus rate doubled by conductor

From kadbesanalli to RMZ ecospace (outer ring road), bus charge is " Rs 6 ".
I daily travel in the same route.

1. Today, conductor asked me "Rs 12".
Though I agrued with him that bus charge is 6 rs, he was not ready to listen.
2. Most of the times, for short distance passengers, conductors does not issue the ticket whenever we give the money.
They will roam here and there asking for ticket from other passengers to show off that they are busy.

If we ask., then only they will issue ticket.

Many a times i have collected ticket while getting down.

3. Non-electronically generated tickets does not have the "from - to" location information.
In such cases, I do not know how "ticket checking police" will veirfy.

This is a pure shame on our system. In this 21st century, we do not have proper system to track these things
and punish the culprits.
Jul 26, 2014

Lost Wallet

Lost Wallet
I left my wallet behind in BMTC Volvo on July 25, 2014 5pm. Bus was going from Marathahalli to Hebbbal.
I have my western union card , some money and Sudanese ID in it.

please If you find it, please call me at 9632275065( Osman )

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