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Consumer complaints and reviews about BMTC

shreekant jadar
Jun 25, 2015

About ticket

I forgot recollect my amount(80)from conductor,i have that ticket no (BE17 609404) please suggest me
Jun 3, 2015

Rash behaviour and

We were traveling from Banashankari to Yediyur today at 9.50 am from bus - KA01K4442. Then the conductor asked me to remove my bag and pushed me back. When we said we are moving back, and not to push in Hindi. He started abusing in Kannada and told us he is a local, and will hit me if I argue. He humiliated us saying we are north Indians and then removed us from the bus at the next stop. I suppose we are Indians first and then from a particular state. Hope to see some action against such people.
May 26, 2015

AC doesn't work in most volvo bmtc

AC wasn't in working condition of volvo bmtc bus KA 01 FA 1551 on 26-May-2015

AC doesn't work in most volvo bmtc

Prabhu Kannan
May 22, 2015

Safety to passenger and drivers attitude

Incident time: 7 am bus started from depot 10. Incident location: Hènnur depot bus stand. Driver name: Muthu . Bus number: KA -01-F 8948. Team, very upsetting morning with your BMTC drivers attitude got not stopping the bus stop until a lady passenger getting into the bus. When we stop the bus the driver says his parents has not kept name and he closed the door. When I told will complaint about the bad service and his attitude he just told do wat I want and didn't open the bus door. He argues stating when 2 other passengers got in why not the lady passenger so please tell the logic behind will the driver move the bus hurting a lady leg when he knows she is trying to get in???? I really want to raise a compliant and definitely need an apology letter or have the driver suspended for his harassment I will posting on social networks as well. Kindly take appropriate action. I went to bust depot 10 and got the driver name.
May 19, 2015

Wont stop in proper station

I usually travel from majestic to Domlur Bridge in 300 series busses and get down at domlur bridge opp to diamond district, but today as me and my friend were travelling the bus didnt halt at the domlur bridge even though we were requesting and it stopped at the next stop which is kodihalli, and when asked conductor why didnt they stop, he tells that if we stop there (Domlur bridge) they (I have no clue who) will fine us 500Rs and abuses saying we know how to do our job, I only got the bus last number 9577 and i have the tickets. While walking back i found couple of constables and a trafic police at the domlur bridge i asked them to confirm weather there was a stop at domlur bridge they confirmed that there is. In action of this event i would kindly ask the proper authority to action and kindly educate the bus drivers and conductors that which and all stops are there and how to behave with the people.
May 13, 2015

against driver bad behaviour

I had to travel from ecospace to silk board .i got 500na bus number ka01 fa-431 at 6:45 pm.space was there in the bus
But bus driver started shouting to us that go back...wen i said there is no space inside s bus and give us time just 1 min before I entered then d driver got angry I dnt know..n he behaved abusing..n said to me that get off from the bus.that was very bad .i got off from d bus n note d number.just wanna tell to these guys dat we came from offc..i was also tired .we r like their child.how can dey behave like dis.
May 4, 2015

driver stoped bus and slaped face from back wen i talking to condutor pushed me holding ma shirt

i got into bus in jhalahalli cross bus board number is 252 E majestic to laggre vehicle number KA 57 F 1156 timing between 5:30 to 6:00 pm conductor ask me where u need to go i said pass he asked me to show i showed ma travel as u like pass to him along with collage id card he gave back again asked me where u need to go i said him its travel as u like pass i can travel where i can go he stared at me hold ma shirt pulled me in bus and ask me to get down i asked y should i get down i showed u what your need pass along with id while talking with conductor he said stop the bus to driver and drive stop vehicle and came from his driving seat and slapped my face from back and said take my phone number call me i don't know y he said all this the bus has got cc camera i request consider ma complaint and take action on this conductor and driver is it bad to say i got travel as u like pass i got to travel to travel and do they have rights to hit me pull me holding ma shirt this what this bmtc done to paying ma valuable money to bmtc and get nice hits from driver and go back to home as if they can do anything we have to go home quietly i hope someone as to take action to this (if driver doesn't know to read and write y they r led to work as conductor and driver doesn't have his duty conscious stooping his vehicle in middle of road and hit the passenger y bmtc has to provide travel as u like pass to students for this we have travel in bmtc )
Rituparna Ganguly
Apr 29, 2015

harassment by conductor

This is a complaint regarding harassment by a conductor in the bus route KBS to ITPL (335A),
bus no -Ka-53 F-002
This happened on 28th april, between 4:0 - 4:30, on the race course bridge.
He said his name to be "shivkumar".
He wrongly accused me of using a student’s pass, which is accurate in everyway.
He snatched my pass away and threatened me to get down from the bus even though my pass was 100% valid. He tried to throw me out of the bus and abused me verbally. But what was worse was that he kept threatening to hit me.He insulted me continuously for 20 minutes.
And this is not a rare incident, it happens on a daily basis to a lot of people. I hav been harassed for asking my change back, for wanting to know the correct stop, for demanding the ladies seat be given to me… etc..
I cannot sit by and let this keep happening. This is a bigger issue than people are aware of. I have been harassed and I seek justice. Please help me get this complain through and also help more people participate because I am sure m not the only one.
Aishwarya R
Apr 26, 2015

robbery of my valuables inside 500d non ac bus at silk board

Today I boarded a 500D Non Ac bus at 11.30 AM.Two ppl entered the bus for ticket checking while getting down the bus. While doing so a woman with a baby at the back cut open my bag zip and stole the purse which had a debit card, money, bmtc id card, food card, and apollo card along with the bagmane tech park bus pass. So request your help in getting back all my valuables
Poornima Rajendran
Apr 23, 2015

hebbal bus stand requires organization

I have been observing the dis-organised way of buses been moving out of the bus stand. I understand this happens everywhere possible however today I was waiting for 507 at hebbal which is quite rare and he takes the other lane of the road than the lane where bmtc buses usually pass throughand this follows with 4 other busses to take tat route where in passengers are waiting on the other lane ..people try to catch tat bus forgetting there are other busses and vehicles which leads to accidents..These little things lead to bigger issue. We need to have this sorted at a ground level so that no one questions the person incharge at the bus stop..
Ank ITa
Apr 22, 2015

Moral harrasment:Discrimination on bases of States

Hello Sir,
This is with regards to an incident which took place yesterday evening i.e 22nd April,2015 at 7.40 PM when I was travelling from Sadashivnagar to Kuvumpu Circle in 276 bus with bus no.KA01FA1656. The fare of distance was Rs.12 and I gave the Conductor Rs.20, when I asked him for the change back he started shouting in Kannada. I replied "Bhaiya mujha Kannada nahi aati aap plz hindi may bolo", when I told this the bus conductor started shouting and abusing me and told me to leave Karnataka if I don't know Kannada. The bus conductor and the bus driver was shouting at the pitch of their voice and even went to the extent of telling me that I am just a girl and I should not speak so much. The bus driver stopped the bus in the mid road and started yelling and abusing me at the pitch of their voice along with the bus conductor. The bus driver along with the conductor harassed me Morally in public and also discriminated. The bus driver along with the conductor humiliated me, abused me, questioned my dignity. He asked me to leave Karnataka if I don't know kannada.
It is a crime to discriminate between people staying in India under the following law:
?Article 17 of the Constitution of India;
?the Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955,
?the Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013;
?Sections 354 and 509 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860; and,

Such incidents should be taken seriously and needs strict action to be taken in order to avoid it in future.
India is One Country and We are all Indians. People creating discrimination should not be entertained and strict action should be taken against them.
Request you to kindly take an strict action again the bus driver and the conductor.

Apr 21, 2015


Rash Driving
Dear Sir,

The driver of 378 bus Driver doing Rash Driving
I already Complaint to B M T C customer care. They are told 1;30 pm U can call same no we will take action.

The Vehicle number is : KA - 01, FA-847

This happened on 22-04-2015 around 8:30 PM. Please do something about this and take action.

Giresh. B
Amogha P
Apr 20, 2015

BMTC Bus Frequency

The resident's of ISRO Layout regret to inform that , there is no proper bus facility from ISRO Layout to ITPL.

There is only one bus 500-W sheduled, but it there is no proper frequency.
Apr 17, 2015

bus conductor misbehavior


17 apr 2015

Today when i was travelling in the bus i bought a daily pass for 70/-. Throughout the day we went with that pass....many conductors asked about the pass and we showed them the pass..they all were ok with that.we travelled from murgeshpalaya to bagalgunte,hesarghata main road.But while returning from bagalagunte we got into the bus 250AC...the bus conductor asked for the pass ,we showed it to him...then he started asking about the id card and voter id and aadhar card.we are students, went to see the cet exam center. we didn't carry all those...(daily pass means no need of id card).That bus conductor behaved so rudely and striked the wwhole pass with his pen...and made us to get down in between,near dasarahalli...we had no money...to go back home....how the conductors can be so rude...and full corrupted.Is this is what your system is all about?Just imagine our condition.Do you always behave like this..those who come to bangalore in search of job..they also don't have id cards and all....This is really bad....so bad.I really want strict action against the bus conductor.
If this is how the bus conductors will behave,then who will take bmtc buses again.Atleast they should think...simply troubling people for their own benifit is not good..you guys have to serious action against the bus conductor...otherwise somebody else might will suffer .

that bus conductor was thin ,wearing a specs.
bus no. was 250ac.
destination of the bus was yeshwantpur bus station.
we got into the in bagalgunte.

Apr 17, 2015

Lack of Buses from Richmond Circle to Jayanagar

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is regarding Lack of Buses from Richmond Circle to Jayanagar area in Bangalore
I travel from Jayanagar to Richmond Circle and back everyday for work. It is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO GET A BUS ON TIME on this route. People are forced to wait for a long time to get a Jayanagar bus from Richmond circle / Shantinagar etc.

CLUSTERING PROBLEM (Route no.13 series - Shivajinagar to Jayanagar to Banashankari):

Since many years, we are noticing that buses (route no. 13 series) always come at a time together in clusters. ABOUT 3 TO 4 BUSES COME TOGETHER IN CLUSTERS, WITH A GAP OF ONE MINUTE. Usually the first one would be overflowing with people with no space to breathe even. The buses that come after the first one are almost always half empty. After that they would be NO BUSES TO JAYANAGAR FOR ALMOST HALF-AN-HOUR!!

People wait at Double road / Shantinagar / Wilson Garden for long periods to get ONE Jayanagar bus (the first one which arrives overcrowded with people). Almost all the buses that come on that route are towards Dairy circle or Bannerghata road area.

There are absolutely NO VOLVO BUSES on JAYANAGAR route too, except the green Airport bus (KIA-5).

This makes it very difficult for common people to commute. PEOPLE ARE FORCED TO THINK OF BUYING 2-WHEELER OR CAR because of this, which will worsen the already BAD TRAFFIC PROBLEM in Bangalore.

Please please do INTRODUCE MORE BUSES on RICHMOND CIRCLE/JAYANAGAR route, or kindly instruct bus drivers to STOP COMING IN CLUSTERS and come with a gap of 3 or 4 mins.

A Helpless Lady Commuter
Apr 17, 2015



As an improvement, and for better GOVERNANCE, Bengaluru Transport Corp. introduced, conductor to issue electronic tickets.
This is far better system and good practice .
Now most of the buses issuing preprinted tickets as before. WHY! Gone back to old practices. room for pilferages.

Please make a research and do the needful.


Apr 15, 2015

Loss of valuable properties

I am Nooh P P, working in IBM at Manyatha Tech Park Bangalore. I lost my mobile phone on the way to my office today morning. Hence, I kindly request you to register an FIR on the same and help me to get back my mobile phone in an asap manner. Hope you will do the needful. Thanks for the understanding.

Name : Nooh P P
Local Address : No 24, Aashirvada, Kempapura, Hebbal, Bangalore 560024
Date of journey : 15 April 2015
Time of journey : 10:00 am (Approximately)
Lost in Bus No : KA 53 F 128 (not sure), BMTC Blue coloured ordinary bus.
Route of journey : Kempapura Bus Stop to Manyatha Tech Park IBM Gate Stop
Lost mobile name : Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM N900
IMEI No : 359092050573363
Telecom provider : Tata Docomo
Lost phone number : 7795436556
Available contact number : 09633195109
Apr 13, 2015

Rude behaviour by bus driver and conductor

Hello Sir/Madam,

On Saturday 11-04-2015 evening 5:30 ,Bus no Ka01 FA 1150 bus number the Driver and conductor threatened me to get out of the bus since i did not have Rs 5 change since i had given Rs 10/-.. They told me get down immediately and spoke rashly to me saying i am not permitted to travel in the bus.
Debajyoti Chakrabarty
Apr 10, 2015

Charge for travelling without ticket

Hello Sir,
Yesterday (09/04/2015) I board a bus rout no 201M from silk board to BTM water tank around 9:30 pm. After boarding on the bus immediately I was asked for the ticket from the ticket collector, I gave him 10 rupee note for the fair. He returned me Rs 5 with no ticket. When I asked for the ticket he told its ok you don't need that. After a few stoppage a group of ticket checker board on the bus and started to check ticket from the passenger. I told them that I have already given ticket fair and the conductor refused to give me ticket, whether the conductor also agreed that he has not given ticket to me. Still those ticket checker behaved rudely with me and forced me to pay penalty of Rs 120/- at those stage. Now please tell me what was my fault in this scenario where the conductor disagree to give me ticket although I was ready to give him proper fair.

After that I was took three stoppage ahead than my destination and able to get down after paying the penalty. After all of this when I asked for the receipt for the penalty they also disagree to give me and forced me to get down from the bus.

Sir My earnest request to you please take look on this matter and do needful.
Apr 1, 2015

AC not working and bus driven extremely slow

Today I boarded a 500D Volvo bus from Silk Board at 11:15 AM. Its really hot here in Bangalore in afternoon, but the ac was not kept on, only the air blower was working and that too kept very low. After some time, (as HSR layout passed), passengers including myself started complaining about the suffocating situation and rising temperature. The conductor, who was a fat person, very arrogantly responded that the AC was put on maximum and that it cannot be increased any further.

I repeatedly requested him and each time arrogantly shouted at me without helping me. Atlast I decided to get down at next big bus stop which was Tin Factory and board a new bus, after getting out of the bus it felt like I am back on planet earth, breathing fully. And the bus was purposely driven extremely slowly, there was no jam, no heavy traffic that time, still it took around 90 minutes to reach Tin Factory from Silk Board. What are we paying for, the bus fares for AC Volvo buses are more than 3 times that of normal buses, for example : Normal bus from Silk Board to Manyata Tech Park : Rs 25, Volvo : Rs 95. Still this service? I took a normal bus from thereon and reached destination.
bhushan kiran
Mar 31, 2015

not giving stop

ka 01 fa 2376 401 not stopping in yeshwanthpur toll gate.....the driver acts as if he is riding his own vechicle.
Mar 31, 2015

Took extra money for MONTHLY BUS PASS

Hi, Today it was around 12:00 Pm i went to bus stand ie, JAYANAGAR 4TH BLOCK , to take my monthly pass at counter no 1, pass fare is 1050 INR, but i gave him 2000 INR, in return he gave me 450 INR saying i gave him only 1500. In front of me only he hid the 500 INR note.Please help me in getting back my money or else i will proceed further .
Mar 27, 2015

Rash Driving

Dear Sir,

The driver of 401 bus from NES was driving the vehicle rashly as soon as he left from NES bus stop. He did not give stops for the passengers to get down at their respective stops and scolded the passengers also. One female was about to go under the wheel while she was boarding the bus. On the road he was about to crash into every vehicle.

The Vehicle number is : KA 57 F1126

This happened on 25-03-2015 around 7:30 PM. Please do something about this and take action.

Mar 23, 2015

Bus not stopping

Dear Sir/ Madam

This is regarding the BMTC bus especially 401 buses is not stopping in Rajajinagar 1st block because the bus stand has been destroyed, though it the stage for conductor for making entry, these 401 buses will not care to stop this is ridiculous and this type of attitude is non acceptable.

Please have mercy on common people we getting late because of this to office.

Here are photos of 401K bus which did not stop today morning. Please have a look at it and hope you will take serious action this issue.

Bus not stopping Bus not stopping Bus not stopping Bus not stopping Bus not stopping Bus not stopping Bus not stopping Bus not stopping Bus not stopping Bus not stopping Bus not stopping Bus not stopping Bus not stopping Bus not stopping Bus not stopping Bus not stopping

Mar 22, 2015

BMTC Ticket conductors and checkers charge for wrong reason, Misbehaving & Harassing Passengers

BMTC Ticket conductors and checkers charge for wrong reason, Misbehaving & Harassing Passengers.
Bus Route No : 500C
Bus Route : ITPL To Banshankari
Dated: 19.03.2015
Boarding point: Silk Board
Destination point: Mico Layout

My wife boarded the 500C bus from silk baord and the bus was jam packed, she got a seat at the back side.The conductor didnt
came backside for collecting ticket. After crossing udipi garden she got up from her seat and searched for the conductor, having Rs 20 exactly ticket price
in her hand. At that time the two gents ticket checker was there in the bus checking tickets.
When my wife was about to pay money to the conductor for the ticket then the ticket checker asked her to pay fine of Rs 500
without any mistake of her.They dont let her take the ticket and started shouting why she didnt have ticket.
The gents checker was so rude,misbehaved with my wife and even pulled her bag,they didn't hear to her as well.Though the commuters watched my wife was trying to take
ticket and realised it was the mistake of conductor indeed supported her but it was all in vain.
Ticket checking people ignored the voice of the commuter and asked her to pay the fine.
They didn't allow her to get down from the bus at Mico Layout Bus stop and didn't stop the bus.Then she called me and started crying as she was helpless and no one was
listening to her.After that I have to left office and chased the bus for 2-3 kms and rescued my wife giving Rs 500 without any receipt and after having a hot discussion
with the ticket checker and conductor.
It was not about Rs 500 to pay,but why we have to pay when we are not commiting any mistake.
Its the duty of the conductors to visit inside the bus and collect the ticket.
And the checkers didn't even undrstand whats the problem,they were corrupted and in a joint venture with conductors they are harassing travellers and looting them.
And how come a gents checker pulled a lady?Ther should be a lady checker.I dont have the bus no. or the conductor and checker name,otherwise i have lodged a complaint against them.
So I want BMTC to Inform all the conductors and checkers to do their duty properly then no one will suffer like this.
And BMTC management should monitor the checkers also.
Shame of BMTC!!!!!!


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