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Consumer complaints and reviews about BMTC

Jul 26, 2014

Lost Wallet

Lost Wallet
I left my wallet behind in BMTC Volvo on July 25, 2014 5pm. Bus was going from Marathahalli to Hebbbal.
I have my western union card , some money and Sudanese ID in it.

please If you find it, please call me at 9632275065( Osman )
Jun 26, 2014

Forcing me to get down at the wrong stop and charging extra


Bus number KA01F3949, 26th June 2014 at around 9 40 PM at CPWD quarters, HSR Sector 1 stop.

I got into the bus and told "Jakksandra". He issued me ticket of Rs 19 saying that he misheard to "Lakksandra". On asking back to return the change and charge Rs 12, he started abusing and asked me to wait. After some time, he exchanged the ticket. But the main problem begins now.

HE FORCED ME TO GET DOWN AT THE STOP BEFORE ACTUAL JAKKSANDRA, SAYING THAT IF I HAVE TO GO FURTHER I HAD TO PAY RS 6. He argued and abused again (in Kannada, I am not too familiar) , and I was forced to get down and walk till Jakksandra. This is TOTALLY unacceptable, and I urge you to take action against him.

He is around 5 feet 10 inches, very short hair and not too thin or fat. The bus driver was a senior person and wears spectacles.


--Atanu 9986017434
Bhawana Bothra
Jun 11, 2014

Lost wallet


I have lost my maroon coloured wallet on a bus from whitefield to Koramangala. The wallet contains my ATM card (INDIAN BANK), PAN card no. AMWPB3547K, my driving license (maharashtra govt.).

If found please contact:

Bhawana Bothra
Jun 7, 2014

No change and Insulting behaviour


I boarded a bus(F1218 which is a KBS bus) today morning at 7:40 from Ruppenagrahara till FORUM mall. The ticket costs 12 Rs but i did not have the change so paid 20. The conductor shouted at me and pushed me and did not return change and told me to collect it from majestic bus stand. Finally he wrote it on my ticket, i have uploaded an image. I don't know kannada and could not reply, but he was only talking with me in kannda although he knew hindi. this i came to know when finally he told me "change nhi hai, leke aana nhi to next time bus me nhi chadhna" which translates to he wont allow me in bus if i dont have change next time as if he is the owner of BMTC. And We say incredible India. Hoping to find some action taken against him.

Details :
Date - 7 june'14
Ticket no. - KC201437425
Time - 7.40 am
Bus no. - F1218


No change and Insulting behaviour

Jessica Janet
May 29, 2014

Harrasment by the conductor

Dear sir,
I am a female commuter and was travelling this morning at 09.45 am ,29/5/14 from ramurthy nagar to BEL circle via Bus No MBS17,(KA01FA1828), i was standing in the front portion of the bus, the conductor was issuing tickets at the back portion and did not turn up front to issue the tickets, and it was crowded to move around the bus for the commuters, When she finally did, i asked for a ticket, but instead she started yelling rudely and screaming for not taking it before,my profiency is kannada is not that great, and she harrased me for not knowing kannada and publilicly molested me in the bus like i am a culprit for not knowing kannada,and i had given 50 rs for a 20 rs ticket and she tendered me back only 20 rs, and did not return my 10 rs, who is the real culprit, She harrased me throughtout the entire journey and commented about me even while i was getting off the bus and literally made my life hell.Please take action against the respective conductor, travelling with such crew is a nightmare for the passengers.this incident has emotionally scarred me i want necessary actions to be taken against the concerned persons for causing me such emotionally permanent damage.
May 28, 2014

Not returned change

The buses going between Kengri and electronic city
Nearest bus stop: State Bank of India
Bus: 378 (All the buses in this route)
From the day the ticket price has increased to 12 Rs. between Nigliris stop to SBI bus stop, bus conductors has stop giving the change in return. I gave 15Rs. and asked for 3 Rs. change he gave me 2Rs. This is one day incident but this kind of not returning the change is happening daily. And if anyone asks for change they will abuse them. It is not necessary that everyone will have change all the time. I ensure almost daily that I should have 2Rs. change. But daily we can't have from where will we bring 2Rs daily. We lost so much money at the month end due to this. And BMTC is getting so many corrupt money from our pockets. Or moreover I should say conductors fill there pockets through this amount. And moreover I ask them to write the amount due at back of the ticket but they don't do so and say we remember it. And when we go to ask for change they will say we don't have the change. And we have to get down without change as they do not return us our money till the stop we have to get down.
And this abuse by conductors (lady as well as man conductors) is very common.
May 22, 2014

Re Regularization of 279F Busrout

we need to have the BMTC Bus rout from Bhophasandra to Chikkalasandra .,
We are regularly travel from bhopasandra to chikkalasandra in BUS ROUT No.279F and suddenly it was stopped from almost One month, we commuters from Sanjayanagar nearly 25 people use to travel almost 3/4th of this rout every days in the morning & evening & always these buses use to have more passengers we wonder why BMTC is Suddenly stop this rout buses.,Now we are facing lot of problem by changing 2 to 3 buses in a morning rush & we are getting lot of time loss due to changeover of too many buses to reach Chikkalasandra.,

We request BMTC Officials to consider to Re Introduce this Bus Rout (279F) & help the sanjayanagar & in between travelling Commuters ti Avail this Rout Bus Benefit & Save our Precious Time with your Patronage.
May 21, 2014

Very Less Bus Frequency

Hi Team,​
For your information this is the 3rd complaint I am writing and hope that I will see some response now.​
My name is Shyam and I used to live in Hulimavu.
As an IT professional at Electronic city, I daily board bus from gottigere to Electronic city through bannerghatta road.
The only bus that's run through this corridor is No- 378 and below are my complaints about it:-​

1. Very low frequency between 1PM to 2PM(sometimes I had to wait almost 1 or 2 hours for it).
2. No proper running co-ordinations between following buses(Many times two buses used to run simultaneously, Keep long waiting time after it).
3. Why there is no AC bus available on this corridor????.
4. Because of the less bus numbers I always find so much rush that I hardly remembered to ever find seat in it.

​As an sincere citizen I really disappointed by the BMTC bus services here.

Kindly look into this complaint as soon as possible and I hope for better service in future
Shyam Singh
Infosys Employee
Suresh Bangalore
May 8, 2014

Bus seats are not cleaned regularly

I am a regular BMTC user, travelling since 7 - 8 years regularly (almost everyday) and recent times I am seeing that the buses are not cleaned regularly. Today (08-May-2014) I boarded the bus (with number plate KA-01 F-3063) in Thanisandra around 11:50 AM and was shocked by the amount of dust layered on the seats. The last seats were even dirtier and none of the passengers even dared to go near the seats and it looked like the bus was not cleaned at least for 20 to 25 days. It is not because of the rain as the dirt were dried up and completely sticking to the seat. I haven taken the photo of this, but here upload photo option is not available.

I wanted to check the route number of the bus after getting down at Nagawara, but the number board was even dirtier (completely brown in colour) and I could not even see the number on the board. And I am sure that no passengers can make the Number board dirtier and this is completely a case of not cleaning the bus regularly.

Please take care of this, as the ticket cost is increasing almost every six months, as a commuter we are entitled to get some good service including the cleanliness inside the bus.

May 2, 2014

rude and disgusting behaviour of crew behaviour

Crew of route 335E Volvo bus, vehicle no. 972. Every day I alight at IBM stop after satya sai baba hospital. Volvo buses give stop at IBM for passengers to alight, but this driver is so arrogant he says that " so what if other buses gives stop at IBM, I'll not give stop do what ever you want. He uses bad words like go n lick someone's penis " to passenger , is this what bmtc has taught their employees. When said a complaint will be lodged, both the crew got out of their seats by stopping the bus in the middle of the road and came to me who was walking on the footpath and started arguing. Is this the kind of behaviour the bmtc drivers and conductors have ?! Shame on bmtc.
Apr 16, 2014

NO buses to Market or Majestic from Veerbhadra nagar

There is no Contentiously BMTC buses to Market or Majestic from Veerbhadra nagar BSK3rd stage its very ridiculous to travel from
here, i do not understand there are so many buses from other stop why cant they have facility here.
Example: 1.morning time if want to go for work and need to catch bus for market then we have to go hosakarehalli single by private bus or luckily BMTC buses towards banashankari. after hosakarehalli signal again we have to walk till hosakarehalli cross from there will get bus. but during this situation i have to spend extra money, time waste and feel energy waste. so please start extra some buses to Veerbhadra nagar its my humble request to you.

2. Bus fares are very high ex: if want to go from hosakerahalli to market 15 RS and hosakerahalli to majestic 16 RS but from market to majestic 12 RS so what calculation does by BMTC. please take less fare in bangalore there are some they wont afford fares and they go by walks. please provide the bus fares for all stops.
bharathi r
Apr 14, 2014

401 k

i boarded a 401k bus and paid rs 55 for a daily pass, but was issued an old pass with today's date and month mentioned, i had to again pay the normal farre for travel the details of the pass has been attached kindly look into the matter.

401 k

Apr 4, 2014

Rude Behaviour n False Ticket

Hi ,

I got into the bus# KA FA0886 from Belundur to Iblur . Conductor gave me a ticket of 12 Rs (Ticket# -KC195 712369) , whereas everyday I travel in 10 rs . When I told him that , conductor was yelling and asked the driver to stop in the middle of the flyover .
Please help us . Everyday we face this kind of problems and since we are unfamiliar with the language it becomes difficult for people like me to travel on public transportation. Bus conductors give tickets as per their wish . Is there any list , where we can know about the actual fare .

Apr 3, 2014

Driver did not pay compensation for the damage caused

Bus driver hit the vehicle from backside when the signal was on and even before movement of vehicle. Zen vehicle's back glass was completely broken and the backside had to be replaced.

Bus driver agreed for negotiation and after the incident not willing to pay anything and talks rudely. Have the recorded conversation of his speech. He is asking me to go and complaint in police station and he is not bothered.

Bus driver name : Kari basaapa, Chandra layout depot
Bus number : KA-42-F1692
Silja Kishore
Mar 24, 2014

Delaying for getting buses

Getting buses from (Mejastic or Shivajinagar ) to Kavalbyrasandra is veyr difficult ,At a time 2-3 buses will come if we are missing that buses then we have to wait for one hour till that no buses ,then especially in night time (not even 8:00Pm) most of the kbuses halut in R T Nagar Dippo without going till kavalbyrasandra bust stand , its not like there is no buses to that area ,day time most of the buses are taking long from Kavalbyrasandra bus stand ,they are more rest time in that bus stand ,and we all have to waite long time,Even getting chage aslo diffcult fro conductore ,same way getting tickect also we have ask more time ,some conductors will behave with us rudly to issue the tickect ,if suddenly checking comes it will come on our head,Kindly take a strict action on this .
KR Dasharathi
Mar 23, 2014

Rude behavior of drivers

I am a senior citizen and was travelling by my scooter following traffic rules and discipline on the sanjaynagar main road on 23.3.14. in the forenoon. At the Bhoopa sandra, junction two BMTC buses in opposite directions took turn suddenly disregarding all other traffic on the street and I was strangely in between the buses without help. The Driver of the bus bawled at me in rude language to go out of the way and knowing their culture I had to keep quiet. One more bus followed the first one in the same fashion and again the driver of that bus also angrily shouted at me and this time I told him that I was not at fault. I am bringing this to the notice of higher authorities of BMTC and requesting them hereby,to civilize their staff properly. Once they occupy the Drivers seat, they think that they can abuse any person on the street in whatever language they like without any consequences. They should be made to realize that they are employees of the government and as such governed by conduct rules and behavior is most important. As stern action is lacking, they go haywire and enjoy speaking in foul language directed atrespectable senior persons let alone others. It might be a tough job to drive in heavy traffic, but that doesn't mean that they have to be impolite. I think proper training and disciplinary action will stop such incidents at least in the future. Such incidents are most common everyday and people are getting hurt helplessly, but because they have to face more important day to day problems they are not able to complain. Will the authorities wake up now as the adage goes "better late than never"
KR Dasharathi
Retd Jt Dir,CPRI
Mar 18, 2014

Request stop

I am a Resident of Judicial Layout phase 2 ,Thalaghattapura post. the distance to the BMTC bustop of thalaghattpura is close to 1 km. which is very difficult to commute. the frequency of buses towards interior of Judicial layout is very rare. Most of the buses travel from Kanakapura road towards Market /KBS.
Could you allot a request stop at Jnanasweekar Public school which is the entrance of judicial layout. for all the BMTC buses so that the distance between the thalaghattpura stop and next stop is reduced.
It will be of great help for the people who resides interior of judicial layout.

shruthi nagaraj
Mar 17, 2014

Rash driving

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is regards to complaint against bus Driver and Conductor.

Bus Details;
Bus No: KA 01 FA 1433
Bus Route: Shivaji Nagar to Yelahanka.
Journey Date:14th March 2014
Time : 7.30PM

Driver was driving very rude. He was least bothered about the Passenger’s and who were driving on the road.
He just hit three members and he was happy doing that. Both conductor and Driver were happy.
Conductor was very co-operative to do such crime kind job. We girls feel very unsafe to travel in BMTC buses these days.
Why there is no proper action taken against such drivers and conductors. We look forward proper action has been taken against this conductor and driver.
We appreciate your co-operation towards this.

Many of the times we’ll have to struggle with conductors to get the tickets. Even after paying correct fare conductors will not provide us the tickets.
They will take 2 or 3 rs and don’t provide the ticket and they will give back the remaining change. If we ask them a ticket they behave rudely with us.
Please look into such cases.

Here is our humble request to BMTC please give strict and proper training to Drivers and Conductors. Please hire sensitized person.
This will help all the passengers who uses the BMTC transport.

We are very much thankful to some of the Drivers and Conductors. They make us to reach our destination very safely.

We look forward your positive response.
Devaiah KR
Mar 13, 2014

Bus doesn't stop at bus stops

Ka 53 F 202
tymngs around 8:20 am
329 C Markt to varthur
Bus doesnt stop at Bus stops (townhall) in the morning ..
Conductors and drivers acts as Rowdies and behave rude to commuters.
Similar incident took.place today ie 13-03-2014
Whn v asked the driver y bus has not been stopped he started shouting and the revenge he took.was druving slow even tge road was clear
and stopping bus in between roads so as to delay the travel.
This s become daily routine .

These people should realize the importance of time. Strict actions should be taken against drivers not stopping at bus stops.
Please make this complaint worth and come wth an action.

DevaiaH KR
Mar 11, 2014

We dint get a single Bus to ITTUMADU,AGS LAYOUT


There is no bus available from ITTUMADU, AGS LAYOUT & BUS NO :45D,45K,13H,600FB,to reach the any were , the only mode of transport is auto and the auto drivers misuse the situation and demand double or Thrice the meter charges because they know that there is no other alternate mode of transport to the our area .

Kindly leave some bus services as it will help a lot of People.

Mar 7, 2014

Misbehaviour by the Bus Conductor and the Police

I am a regular BMTC commuter and have been using this bus service for the last 25 years, but unfortunately an incident took place today evening when I was returning home. I was terribly disappointed. Firstly I urge all the conductors and the checking inspectors to know how to behave with elderly women.

I boarded bus no. 335A(KA01 F9532) from Brooke Bond bus stop, took a seat. The conductor passed by and I called him out (2-3 times) to issue the ticket. But he was ignorant. In the meantime the next stop came (Kodi bus stop) and inspector got in and the conductor immediately handed over all the remaining tickets to him. In fact I was holding the bus fare in my hand, but the inspector was of the view that I was travelling ticket less. I tried convincing the inspector that it was the mistake of the conductor by not issuing the ticket in spite of me calling him twice and being ready with exact change in my hand. But the inspector was not ready to listen and was hell bent on charging me with a fine of Rs.150/-. He also mentioned that if I don't pay the fine, I will have to go with him to the police station. I was fighting for justice, but they were not ready to budge. So I had no other choice, but to pay the fine for no mistake of mine, but that of the conductor.

I am terribly disappointed and this is not the way the commuters should be treated especially the honest and the elderly ones.
Mar 5, 2014

Complaint against the bus conductor for his misbehavior and his offensive language.

Respected sir,
I would like to lodge a complaint against a bus conductor who behaved in a very bad manner with me and used some offensive language either. The story is as follows. I hopped into a BMTC bus no KA-01FA-1919 in the bus route 285 at Rajanukunte on 5th march 2014 around 12:30 pm. The bus conductor is asking for the tickets and he got near me and issuing a day pass to another person on the other side of the bus. So, the conductor’s backside is facing me, and I asked for a day pass twice and he did not listen to me and is going back, then I asked for the pass in a bigger tone, and then the thing started. He started arguing with me that I should have asked for the pass before as the bus has come to a checking station now. I said, I asked twice and you didn’t listen, now why are you shouting on me as it is your fault. Then he started abusing me, speaking in kannada (thika muchuko), and there is the worst part of offensive language. What right does he has to use such an unparliamentarily language upon me? The conductor did not even issue ticket for the person sitting beside me till I asked him for a pass in louder tone. There is a best part to this story, and that’s the great other Indian passengers and the co employees of the conductor who were present in the bus were saying that this is my mistake and I should keep my mouth shut. What crime did I commit? The only one who is supporting me is the guy beside me who did listen to me twice while I am asking for a day pass. I even asked the conductor to give his name, so that I would complaint against him, he denied and repeated the same curse words (thika muchkondu, koothko). As I said before, no other passengers came to my rescue and in turn were saying me to sit down.
I am humiliated and utterly disappointed with such a worse behavior from a public servant, who is having his wages from the taxpayers of this country. It is something like we are paying to our servants, so that they would abuse us elegantly.
I expect a sincere apology from this guy and there should be a protocol that every bus conductor should address the passengers as “sir” and “madam”. When we call them, “sir”, doesn’t they have the responsibility of calling us, “sir”? Another rule should be made that if the co-passengers speak anything against or behalf of the passenger in such a situation, then they should be taken into the contempt of law.
I am attesting two photographs. One is a snap taken inside the bus, and unfortunately it doesn’t depict a clear picture of the conductor. The other is the number plate of the bus.


Complaint against the bus conductor for his misbehavior and his offensive language. Complaint against the bus conductor for his misbehavior and his offensive language.

Feb 12, 2014

Irresponsible behavior of Driver

Date: 12 Feb 2014
BMTC Route No: 201 (Srinagar to Domlur)
Vehicle no.: KA57 F160
Time: Around 9:15 AM

Today morning the bus is stopped at a narrow main road near Halasuru Metro station (between Halasuru & Trinity circle) for taking Break fast parcel for 5 mints. Causing traffic block in the road. When i aksed the driver, he is abusing me with the worst possible words. Can the Bangalore Metro Transport Corporation (BMTC) official take appropriate action against this driver?
Jan 30, 2014

Lost wallet - blue

I lost my blue colored wallet containing a few inportant documents. Lost it on 356CW on 30th Jan 2014 by 7PM while travelling from electronic city to silk board. The ticket number is KW 902535 (Rs/- 22). If found kindly contact 9449855535.
Jan 26, 2014

complaining for using rude words with passengers by conductors

Dear Sir,

I travelled from cosmos to marathalli, when the conductor of the bus is abusing at the passengers.
before even she reaching me she is yelling at me saying its been 50 times coming and asking for u and what kind of ppl and use abusual language thinking that I don't understand kannada. when I started asking her when did u ask me, ur still issuing the tickets for the previous seat so she is saying this is how u people will behave. when I asked her to mind her language her reply was just "if u wanna complain do it, nothing is going to happen to me".
it is really disgusting to argue with them as they use all possible kannada slangs thinking that people from whitefield does not understand kannada and they thing they are doing some charity free of cost.
Please take the necessary action on such kind of conductors to behave properly to professionals.
no:KA01 F 4602
travelled at 2.20 pm
Lady conductor.

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