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Consumer complaints and reviews about BMTC

Abhishek Acharya
Feb 9, 2016

Rude Behavior of the Bus Conductor

I was Travelling in Bus KA01F4607 and boarded the bus from Sarjapur Junction. The Bus had a seat available at the last corner so I went to avail the seat. The conductor came and began to collect ticket fair, by the time it was my turn she did not realize and went back, and did hear to my numerous calls. And after that she did not come to the upper sitting area till Marathahalli, when I gestured her with 100 rupees note to come and collect the ticket fare. She asked me where did I board the bus from and I said Sarjapur, then she started screaming in local language which I did not even understand. The fair from Sarjapur to Vyedehi Hospital is 60 but she did not give me any change, instead she gave me two tickets of 50 each. This absolutely nonsense and should be taken care of, because its bad behavior and incompetency of the conductor to collect the pass fee on time (I would have easily lied and said that I boarded the from Marathahalli instead of Sarjapur, but I did not because I believe in honesty).

Rude Behavior of the Bus Conductor

Jan 25, 2016

Lost lunch bag in BMTC Volvo bud

I lost my lunch bag ( colour blue and white check ) with steel set lunch box inside in BMTC Volvo bus on 25/01/2016. Bus number is KA01FA1552. I boarded the bus from ITPL and go down at BEML layout around 9: 45 pm. Bus started from ITPL around 9:30 pm.

Ticket screenshot has been attached.

Please contact me @ 7829418944
Please help

Thank you

Lost lunch bag in BMTC Volvo bud

Jan 17, 2016

Ilogical Implication of Fine

I boarded Bus 335P on 18th Jan 2016 at 10.40 a.m. As usual the bus was heavily crowded, i managed to stand in one corner. The Conductor was in the other side of the Bus and I was waiting for him to come so that I can take the Ticket. Maximum crowd got down in the next stop and i took a seat. The Conductor was still in the back side of the Bus, suddenly a Lady ticket checker boarded the Bus and started checking tickets of every passengers. She came to me, i told i boarded the Bus just one stop back and was waiting for the Conductor to come this side as it was not possible for me to go back in such a crowded condition. The lady started speaking in local language and told me to give Fine. I tried to explain her again in English that i was in no fault as i was waiting for the Conductor to come this side while carrying the rupee note in my hand from beginning, moreover its duty of the conductor, and i boarded just one stop back. The Lady was no way listening and both the Conductor and that Lady started speaking in Local language. As i am new in Blore and not a localite, they were taking advantage of that and i paid Rs 170 and asked for a receipt for the same.
I want to escalate this issue as people are not aware of their Job and try and harass the people for no reason. The fine charged to me was totally illogical as i was not in a faulty position. Its never possible for the passengers to go to the Conductor and take Ticket in such a crowded condition, job of Conductor is to do that, if anyone was liable for Fine then it was the Conductor and not me. But the Lady official was not ready to listen a word. This malpractice need to be stopped
Kalaivani S
Jan 5, 2016

Complaint against a bus driver

Complaing about the bus driver BMTC bus number KA-01 FA: 0763. Happened in ESI

signal just before Brigade Metropolis.

It happened today 06 Jan 2016, The Bus driver of BMTC bus number KA-01 FA: 0763

was rashly driving in the traffic at 9.50 AM. I do not know his name, please give

the name board for them. while going to office we were moving in Car, we were

before him, when he was over taking and the guy was not listening to the sides of

the vehicle he was driving. Our car got damaged with due his assault. Who will pay

for that? I am very much worried the behavior he had when I was enquiring. Let him

know how to drive the bus and then he can be placed as driver. He was not

realizing what he had done wrong. After We stopped he was not even slightly moving

vehicle for not to touch us. There is a damage in our car. He is the worst driver

I have ever seen. I had my 2yrs child sitting on the car, we were shouting. He

hasn't stopped the bus. Non sence and worst behavior, I would like to see some

actions against it.

your's faithfully
Kalaivani (Public)
Jan 1, 2016

lost bus pass and identity card

I lost my purse ( small black bag with 2 zips)containing my BMTC bus identity card along with my monthly pass for Jan 2016 while travelling in BMTC pass from hebbal to Maharani college. The bus was a market bus via vidhan soudha which reached maharani stop by around 10am on 2-1-2016. The purse also contained my pensioner ID ( Govt. of India) , election ID etc. If that purse is not stolen and happened to fall down in bus, I request if the driver or conductor or any one el;se has got it may return to me - Remadevi

EMPRI phone no 080 26490746
Dec 27, 2015

Miss behavior of Conductor

Bus No: KA 57 F 87
Bus Route: 129 From Vijayanagar to Shivajinagar

I boarded bus at Vijayanagar at 9.43, bus was full rush. In that conductor came front and going back to end of the bus. In that he was touching all ladies in the bus. Initially we thought it because of bus overloaded he is not having space. When bus reached Magadi road, Conductor stood in middle of the way. He was taking ladies support to start. I f any humps and all.... he was falling on ladies. When bus reached K.R circle. still he is standing in the middle even though he is having enough space to stand in the corner. He was starting girls very badly.

Please take action on that conductor.

Or else I will raise complaint at Police station, I need response for this Complaint
Dec 18, 2015

Conductor used abusive , racist and sexually explicit gesture


I was walking on the sides of the road at around 1.20pm near madivala ayyapa temple road Bmtc bus KA 57 F 478 came from behind a hit me the bus didn't even horn to alert that it's coming from behind. When questioned about it, the conductor of the bus became very aggressive and started abusing used racist comment like you are not from Bangalore and many such comments in Kannada . The most painful event was when he raised his hand to hit and used sexual explicit gesture in full view of public its very difficult for a girl to take it . How can a man use such gestures to a girl that too a public servant I am very hurt mentally for getting Insulted in public for no reason because the bus hit me.
Dec 16, 2015

behaviour of conductor and driver

The bus number is ka-01f-4569 as on 17/12/2015 timing is around 7:50 route from hebbala to silkboard driver is not giving stops allocated by govt I.e 80feet road it is very difficult to travel from one stop to other the conductor behaviour towards women is very bad he always shout at ladies the driver is not giving full stop like wise before we could get out of the bus the bus moves on which leads to minor accidents so before any one would lost there life kindly take a strict action
Dec 16, 2015

behaviour of driver and conductor

Respected sir or madam as on 17/12/2015 timing is around 7:50 am bus route from hebbala to silk board bus the conductor is very rud and doesn't know how to behave with ladies the driver is not giving stops allocated by govt to give stops also the say that there is no stop to 80 feet road it is difficult to travel from one stop to other more over they wont even give a full break which is leading to minor accident we are facing many problems in future it may take lead for a death
Arya premaraj
Dec 8, 2015

not stopping hebbal ringroad

Hi Sir,
Bmtc bus coming from yelanka to kr market not stopping in ringroad.. i know there is no bus stop in ringroad but due to heavy trafffic bus moving from hebbal ringroad to the fly over. Condictor told me to get down on hebbal signal but that moment signal is on & buses are moving.. bmtc buses for people seak so in much traffic block they can give one stop instead of keeping us to make wait. This is 4- 5 time im facing this problem. Bmtc bus # Ka 01 FA 1584.. pls take necessary action to give stop at hebbal ringroad to save time from traffic jam.. hope will understand people problems & take neccessary action. Thanks

Nov 29, 2015

Bus Conductor behaviour

I have been travelling in BMTC buses for last 5 years.

I got into bus KA01-F-1032 on 30/11/2015 around 9:30 AM from eZone stop in Marathahalli. The bus has crowd. I was ready with fare in my hand for ticket. The conductor was talking with other passengers and did not take the ticket. We were approaching next stop. When I called him for ticket, he started shouting on me rudely. Finally I got down the bus in next stop and took another bus.

We are paying very high price the BMTC buses compare to any other cities. We do not expect this of behaviour from BMTC staff. My day started with bad experience. This left me with bad impression on BMTC.
Nov 23, 2015

Misbehavior of G4 Bus conductor

My ticket no - AE31 579688
Date - 23Nov15
Time - 9:30 am
Bus - G4
Ticket taken from Ashrama stop till Johnson market.

Today I took G4 bus from Ashrama (Sagar Hospital) stop at 9:30 am and took ticket for Johnson Market worth Rs 14. I gave him Rs 20 and as usual the conductor wrote Rs 6 at the back of the ticket. He asked me if I have change of Rs 4, and I told him that I have only Re 1 change. When the bus crossed Anepally toll gate stop (One stop earlier to Johnson market), I asked the conductor to return my balance change in a very polite manner. He started shouting at me, saying he does not have change and if I want to get down from bus I can get down now. When I asked him to talk politely, he started shouting more and asked me to shutup. When the bus reached Johnson market stop, I asked the conductor again for change, he asked me to get down of the bus. He gave one fellow passenger (who also got down in Johnson market stop) Rs 10 and asked him to give me Rs 6, then he got into the bus and the bus moved. The person did not have change, hence I did not get my Rs 6 back.

My problem is not that i did not get my Rs 6 back, but it is the behavior of the conductor. Is it how we ladies should be treated? I would not have mind if he would have said he does not have change in a humanly way. He was shouting at me, so that I should get scared and not ask him back the balance again. I am not sure if you will be able to track that conductor. If you are able to track him, just educate/teach him how to behave with the passengers. And if he cannot handle the pressure of the morning rush, then ask him to resign as I do not think Government is begging him to do this job.

It will be really appreciated if anyone looks into this.
Nov 19, 2015

No bus stop

Sir, there is no bus stop in bank colony but buses stop there.. Kindly establish a bus stop which a little amount of seating facility for old people.. Everyone stand there like a Mob which in turn is not good.
Nov 19, 2015

No proper bus stop in Jalahalli cross

Jalahalli cross has no bus stop to go towards Yeshwanthpur. Buses will not stop at all and there a 200 m place where they can stop anywhere and you have to run from pillar to post to catch a bus with no luck. Not even a single bus stops there in peak hours. Traffic polic say the bus stop is shifted near to the metro station and if you stand there, all you can see is the crowded buses pass by in the parallel main road. I have spent more than 30 min to jus board a bus. A major junction like this one should have a proper bus bay. Please look into this issue.
Nov 19, 2015

Corruption in tickets

1) Whats happening in BMTC?? None of the bus conductors seem to issue tickets and pocket the money we give to buy tickets.
Its not a one-off case to ignore. I am a regular traveller on the BMTC and I see this issue has become very rampant and I am sure this is hampering BMTC's revenues and ultimately it is the public who suffer with poor public transport services. Please look into this and make at least public transport corruption free and reliable by improving the service

2) No proper boards on the buses.. 90% of the buses do not have boards on the back and sides of the buses making it really difficult for commuters.

Hope the higher authorities look into this and bring about a change sooner than later.
Nov 18, 2015

Route Deviation

This is to bring to your kind notice that BMTC bus 500CA series buses doesnt come to ITPL area in the evenings.They take diversion at marathahalli bridge itself instead of coming to ITPL side.
After 5pm the frequency of buses are very minimal roughly 1 or 2 buses per hour.
In the mornings every 5 mins there are 500CA buses entering ITPL but the same is not seen in the evening.Even one of the conductors of 500 CA series bus told that they normally take U turn at marathahalli to avoid traffic and get more rides.
Oct 31, 2015

About unnecessary charge for urinals in bmtc bus stand

Respected sir,
There is free urinals facility in all glycolic bus stands..but in jaynagar 4th block bus stands he charges for urinals a also..instead of 2 rs he Will take 5 rs..if we ask abt it he behave indecently..so plz do take car of it
Oct 30, 2015

request for a new route

As there are many people travelling from kalyan nagar towards electronic city and also chandapura,we request to add a direct bus from kalyan nagar to chandapura or attibele via madiwala,which will easy for the commuters in the route.

Already there is bus "MBS 8" and 412 travelling from kalyan nagar to banshankari via madiwala ,why not introduce another service in the route which also covers electronic city and chandapura........

it will be good if it is considered............
Divya Sampath Kumar
Oct 26, 2015

Left signoraware blue color lunch Bag on bus engine, next to driver seat.

Hello, I Have left my signoraware Blue Color lunch bag on bus engine, next to driver seat in 500D Banashankri to Hebal bus arrived to devarabeesanahalli bus stop at 9.05AM on 27th Oct 2015. That stop is also called as Intel stop next stop of Eco Space.
If any one found that please call me on Ph: +91 9663624063.
Oct 26, 2015

Conductor charged extra in BMTC Bus Bangalore!!

Me and my husband was travelling to Banaswadi from Bellandur in BMTC Bus Number: KA01-FA 2053. I have a ITPL BMTC bus pass on which the conductor issued a concessional ticket for me of Rs.35/- After issuing the ticket conductor asked for ID proof which I was not carrying that time. The conductor said that the pass wont be valid without ID proof and I have to pay full charge, to which we agreed. However, the conductor then forced us to take another ticket of Rs.70/- instead of extra Rs.35/- saying that concessional ticket is now waste.

The conductor could have issued another concessional ticket or the ticket for right amount. I don't see any valid reason for overcharging me. The conductor should have first asked for pass with ID proof and then issued the concessional ticket.
Oct 20, 2015

thefts in bmtc buses

Today I was travelling in bmtc bus 342s and a lady theft has cleverly stolen my purse from my bag.I realized it after getting down at Kannelli stoppage. I really felt bad that the lady was carry ing a baby with a shawl and using that she did her work very cleverly. I was having my pan card and other cards inside my purse.
Oct 12, 2015

Pick Pocket

Bangalore Anekal / Banerghatta route has a Pick Pocket Mence.

Bangalore Anekal / Banerghatta BMTC bus route has a Pick Pocket Mence has been there for a while. The driver/conductor, few regular commuters know the people identity of these ppl but are afraid to complain. What are the Law Caretakers doing? It is a threat for the fame of Banglaore.

Oct 4, 2015

misbehaviour of conductor and keeping money as change

Dear Sir,

I was travelling from kartic nagar to marathahalli multiplex.I asked for the ticket and ready to pay 12 rs as fare. But conductor refuse to give ticket and took 10 rs only. I gave total 12 rs and ask for ticket. He misbehave and said continuously in kanada though he know hindi. I asked for ticket, But he didn't give. i can't chase him for further. Because I have to get down. This is ridiculous and frustrating. after long argument he gave me a 5 rs ticket but take 12 rs. I asked for 12rs ticket. This is not the first time i have experienced bus conductors behaving indecently with me. I request you to pull up the bus staff and verify this incident. Every conductor is not like this but most of them keep money as change. didn't give. If they do so how much money they took from public just think. Stop this hilarious and making public suffer.

Bus no. 500L KA 01 F-9548
Ticket no. Al57 038324

Sep 28, 2015

Non availability of G4 bus for more than two hrs from 5.30 pm

G4 bus not available for more than two hrs from 5.30 from Brigade Road .
Punitha Anil
Sep 22, 2015

Busses not on time

hi.. In Bangalore From Ullal Upanagar to Vijayanagar Via Chandraloyout buses are very less.. The C4 Bus Which was introdued is not at all On Time.. Morning from 6.30 to 7.15 there is no bus which goes to vijayanagar via Chandralayout.. all buses go via modalpalya only.. It is verymuch effecting our daily routine.. pls look into this & Do the needfull

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