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Consumer complaints and reviews about BSNL Bangalore

Mar 29, 2016

Non Availability of New connection

I had applied for a new connection with BSNL on 16/3/2016.I was given a receipt no 6963117 and told to contact the Gottigere BSNL exchange.I contacted the exchange to day and spoke to Mr.Kumara Swamy SDEon mobile 9449058900 to day.He said that it will take at least three months to get the connection since the are no lines existing in the area.Can some concerned authorities help me to get a connection earlier.My mobile number is 9961843122.
Yours faithfully,
Nov 4, 2015


DEAR SIR/ medam
i have applied new BSNL CONNECTION on 31/10/2015. bsnl people promiss me thy will do the instillation on 2nd Nov Till now i have not got any respond from BSNL PEOPLE IN RECHARS TWON bangalore-560005
and one person how has made bill he took 700 rupees he give 500 rupees payment receipt

i have taken connection in the name of jaffar sadique
my mobile number:9902489872
new bsnl number which mention payment receipt :25469872 first only i request them i need urgently.
please help me out in this

Oct 6, 2015

new connection delay

i applied for new connection on 26-9-15 and on 28-09-15 i got my new number but till now i havent got my connection . when i visit they say there is no space in dp or there is fault in your area. i have visited them many times but no result .
now i am unable to understand what should i do . plz some one suggest me.

Anubhav Singh
Sanjoy Chakrabarty
Sep 10, 2015

Land line not working

The residence telephone of Ms Polly Aiyappa(Ex MLC) 080-25361213 is not working.KIndly look into this urgently.
The residence address is "NIshant"46/3,Promenade road,1st Cross,Bangalore-560005
SAnjoy Chakrabarty
Sudheer Kinathi
Sep 2, 2015

Non shifting of landline/broad band connection

Dear Sir,

I was a resident of JC Nagar till 08 Apr 2015 and shifted to 1- D/2 Ground floor, Assaye road, Ulsoor on 09 Apr 2015. I was having a land line/Broad band connection at previous residence and No was 23630303. Before shifting my house I have given an Application for shifting of the connection to new location at commercial office RT Nagar and a receipt given by them vide No 15 dt 09 Apr 2015. The Authorities told me that the shifting will be done within 10 days. I approached Ulsoor Exchange many times on this regard and they told me that new number has been alloted as No 25572470 and shifting will be done within few days. Now almost 5 months have been passed no shifting has been done till today and I am not in the position to use the broad band connection since 09 Apr 2015. Now I am humbly requesting that the connection may please be cancelled permanently so that I can obtain a new connection from any pvt net provider who can give better service.

With Regards,

Sudheer K
Jun 17, 2015


Apr 13, 2015

Landline Problem

My BSNL Telephone No:-080-28379815 we are facing a severe problem in both landline and broadband so kindly try to solve the issue and your people
in Peenya branch are not trying to solve the issue so please take an severe action to solve the issue soon.

Salian Thilak.
Dec 2, 2014


Refusal to provide internet connection
I stay at the following address and have been told by BSNL, Makali that they are not going to provide me land line &internet connection. When BSNL can waste so much of money paying salaries to its waste employees, why can't they lay a cable to provide me internet connection? BOOKED TELEPHONE # 080-23719800

MOBILE # 9060045511
Email :- cenamurthy@gmail.com
Nov 19, 2014

Dead phone for 10 days second time in a month

Hi all,
I have raised a complaint for my factory phone connection complaint number being :112288544792,112214897422 , one was for first time which was fixed and other second still under processing even after 10 days .when I called the customer care number they gave me a mobile number of underground work officer number. When I spoke to him today morning he gave the same answer they have sent the line men for the same. I being an telecom engineer by educational background did some checks from my end , it looks like the next door guys had some construction work and it looks like they have removed the connection from the main box. I called up the same guy to say this is the problem but he's betting around the same bush again and again . When I got angry he took things personally and replied saying it will not get fixed today and might take days.

Tried the DGM contact details looks like DGM is changed for Bangalore NW .
Please fix the issue ASAP .
My landline number is 080-28360760

Oct 28, 2014

telephone line dead

Landline number 080 28454291 is dead for year and half . Insisted of several complaints, none attend to the problem.
Joke is that bsnl sends the rental bills .
Oct 13, 2014

Demading Bribe for Rectification of Telephone Line of BSNL

Dear Sir,
This is to get to your kind notice that the I am running a business (Provisional Stores) at Tippasandra (Ragam Stores). I use the line for the transaction of my Card swiping machine, I had complained the line is not working on the 07.10.14 (The Line was Dead without any dial tone) & I had received the message with who would be attending the complaint from BSNL. The name provided was Mr. Sait Moblie no 94487703299, i tried reaching him on the 8th evening but in vain he came on the 9th Morning but denied rectifying the complaint without paying him a bribe. I as it is lost my business for the last 2 days unable to swipe the cards of my customers who came for buying products from my store.

I would regret to inform if this is the attitude of any individual towards the services to be rendered from BSNL the how do you expect the public to take / opt your services. I would like to take this to the consumer court as well since the line is yet to be get rectified since i denied paying him the bribe.

I would request you to intervene & get the corrective measures done since after my inquiry about the said person i have received the similar opinion on the said person from the said locality.

Kindly take strict action against the said person for better relation ship with BSNL from several people.
This number exist for the past decades (080 25917728).

With Regards

Ragam Stores
Bangalore 560075
Jul 24, 2014


Application given for local shift of my telephone No 28389002 from 45/3 Opposite Gangamma Temple Jalahlli 560013 to No 28, Opposite st Michel School Jalahalli 560013 on 09 july 2014. Also create a lead id request on 16th July 2014 on UDAAN WEB site (KABAN16071400004) .My present location is just 200 meters away from old location and a 10 pair DP is available in front of my house out of that only 3 pairs are in use.Otherwise a don8 wire can be extended from old location to new location.No positive response from BSNL Jalahalli exchange bangalore.I urgently need broadband for children education.So kindly do my shifting as early as possible

by Sajive PV
Jun 10, 2014

Complaint: Amount deducted but recharge not done for Mobile Number: 9481117688

I am a regular BSNL customer from the beginning. I used to recharge my mobile (9481117688) through online. But yesterday (09/06/14) I have recharged twice for the amount Rs. 150 each. The amount got deducted from my account but recharge not done.
Kindly take this as high priority and resolve in the eariest.

1) Transaction Description INB/108494701/AXIS MOBILE RECHARGE/

2) Transaction Description INB/108492203/AXIS MOBILE RECHARGE/

Best Regards
Manjunath Bhat
bhaskar banik
Apr 24, 2014

broadband issue

The broadband connection is really appalling. Not even a single month I have faced where the connection was fine for the whole 30 days. Every month there are issues which lasts for atleast a good 5-10 days which means I am paying for 20 days of internet but I am charged for the whole month. BSNL also doesnot have a dedicated 24*7 customer support where we can log complaints during the night. The customer care number just doesn't work at night. Its a matter of shame that even for writing this, I am using my mobile internet as the broadband is again not working and I can't enquire about it now as its 3 AM. Last time I checked for disconnection of line, I'll have to go to a bsnl office and submit a written application and this just does not happen online!!! Well, I'd rather not pay the subsequent bills and get my line disconnected than to run around and face office bureaucracy. I am planning to switch over to airtel as they have a decent customer care helpdesk available 24*7. I am almost sure that writing here also won't improve the quality of service however I am momentarily relieved of the frustration which had built just by looking at the fast colour changing and ever flickering lights of the broadband modem (i really wish that i could've uploaded the video i made of the modem lights which tells the internet story).
Bhaskar Banik
Jan 25, 2014

Refusal to provide internet connection

I stay at the following address and have been told by BSNL, Vidyaranyapura that they are not going to provide me internet connection. When BSNL can waste so much of money paying salaries to its waste employees, why can't they lay a cable to provide me internet connection?

39, 2nd cross, Subhash Chandra Bose road, Sai Layout, Doddabettahalli, Vidyaranyapura post, Bengaluru - 560097.
Dec 23, 2013

Telephone Complete Dead

First I Registered my complaint with Docket ID No.110132858792 Dt.9-12-13.The complaint closed without rectification.Again I Registered my Complaint under GRIEVANCE CELL with Docket No.KRK/CO/2013/8589 Dt17-12-13.Till Date there is no follow-up action.So I request early remedial action by the Concerned Officer without further delay.
Nov 11, 2013

Complaint Docket closed without rectification

Respected Sir/Madam,
I have Registered my Complaint twice vide Grievance Docket No.KRK/CO/2013/6581 Dt 18-9-13 & again vide Grievance Docket No;
KRK/CO/2013/7655 Dt 04-11-13.My nature of complaint is:WIRELESS MODEM NOT WORKING.But the Department people had closed the Dockets WITH THE REMARKS THAT MODEM CONFIGURATION CHANGED Dt 14-10-13 & with the remarks THAT
INTERNAL WIRING DONE.BOTH ARE WORKING OK. Dt 08-11-13. In this connection I wish to point out that WIRELESS
CONNECTION OF THE MODEM IS REQUIRED URGENTLY SINCE MY SON IS USING TWO LAPTOPS ONE OFFICIAL & ANOTHER PERSONNEL AT A TIME.So Working of the Internet with Cable Connection will not serve the purpose for which Wireless Modem has been purchased & installed.SO I REQUEST EARLY REMEDIAL ACTION WITHOUT FURTHER DELAY.
PHONE NUMBER:-080/23578801
ACCOUNT NUMBER:-9034499658
CUSTOMER ID:-4020637467
Aug 7, 2013

Regarding problems of internet

Respected sir,/madam.

Iam Dr subbappa k No 15, 7th main binnylayout vijayanagar bangalore,I have taken BSNL landline and broadband connection on 06/06/2013. since the day of instalment internet is not working properly. I can use the net only for 10-15 min,after that there there won"t be connection. I have given comlaints in vijayanagar bsnl office.they gave me docket no 19104985732, like that 2-3 times complaint was given,but there is no use.once one persion came and he checked the instrument and went.after that nothing has been done.nobody is telling where is the fault, every time they are giving me docket no, but net is not working. kindly consider this complaint and do the needful.

Thanking you
Dr subbappa k
Phone no 08023153844
Account No 9035447138
Custmer ID:4021547567
Joy Paul
Aug 5, 2013

BSNL Broadband

Respected Sir/Madam,
Name : Joy Paul K.
Telephone Number : 080-2563 9529.
Address : Ramachandrappa Building, Kariyammana Agrahara, Opp. Intel, Near Patel Public School,
Bellandur, Bangalore 560 103
Mob : 8904304908 / 9844752558

My phone and internet connection dead on 17th July 2013. After One Week, 22nd the connection is ready. But the internet speed is 50kb. Again I made complaint up to Divisional Office.
Last complaint was to Divisional Officer on 25th July 2013. But the result is same and it became more cruel. Now 1st August 2013 I have no internet connection.
Who is the responsible person? Last month bill I didn’t pay. I wish to stop because you please read and check all the previous history of this phone connection.
Any of the officers can offer or guide me for a good result; I am ready to continue this connection.

On 2nd August 9:40 am, after making so many complaints to all, got the connection with 57.20 kb speed.
My connection speed is 4MB (4000 kb). I am paying 1100/- minimum.

Every month It will work properly for 20 days only. Some days my phone will disconnect at night at 9.00 pm, morning It will connect again after my complaint.

On the same day I sent email to all senior officials. Today 5th August the result is 50 kb speed. The email addresses are given below.


cc: sujavenkat@bsnl.co.in,

bcc: dpparihar@bsnl.co.in,

Previous history ------------- of my NEW phone and internet connection.
I applied for phone and internet connection together on 06th March 2012 at
Prestige Building,
near Marthahalli,

Booked on 6th March 2012.
Message received on 10th March 2012. NOYT General Category order no. 45052190
Got phone connection after 39 days 14th April 2012
Got the internet connection after 86 days 30th May 2012

I applied phone and internet connection together.
I contacted several times Mr.Muniyanthappa. Finally Muniynthappa told me It’s applied through other person and give his Mobile Number. I called him several times and he says the software complaint of BSNL and so many other reasons. Finally I got the Phone Connection after 39 days and Internet connection after 86 days.

Complaints on March 2013
1st Complaint --- Fault of Internet Connection. On 12th March 2013
Connect the Internet connection and Disconnect the Phone connection on the 2nd DAY.
2nd Complaint --- Fault of Phone Connection. On 13th March 2013
Connect the Phone connection Disconnect the Internet Connection on the 4th DAY.
3rd Complaint --- Fault of Internet Connection. On 16th March 2013
Connect the phone connection and Internet Connection on the 4th DAY. (On 19th March 2013)
But After 6 days.
4th Complaint --- Both (Internet and Phone) connections are dead. On 25th March 2013
After 2 days The connection is ready.
5th Complaint --- Fault of Internet Connection. On 1st April 2013
May 23, 2013

fraud DSA

few residents from our apartment booked for BSNL connection through a DSA Prashanth. After few days when we tried to contact him, his mobile phone is switched off.. when contacted BSNL, we found he was a fraud.. he had collected close to 15,000/- from our apartment complex..He has provided receipt to all, from a mobile device, similar to the ones used by BMTC & BESCOM. he has put BSNL STAMP as well on the receipt.. BSNL confirmed that none of their employees or DSAs are carrying such devices for providing receipts..moreover BSNL accepts only Rs500/- for new connection, rest of the charges will be in the first bill, after the service is provided... we will be taking legal help in traking down this fraud.
Mar 26, 2013


Dear Sir,

I had requested to Area Manager (west) BSNL, Vijayanagar,Bangalore to shift my Telephone No 23182437 on 26.12.2012 vide their acknowledgement No 9 dt, 26.12.2012 to my new residence in same locality.Till today they have not taken any action about the matter. I had contacted our telephone exchange in charger, Lineman and Head of the cable department of the said division. All these people are give simple reason and escape from their duty.

Thanking you

Ajithkumara Shetty
Sdivya16 Send email
Oct 18, 2012

Direct Selling Agent fraud

Hi Abhinav,

I had given Rs. 500 to the same guy (Raviraj) for a new BSNL connection on 04 Oct 2012. I called him up some days later and he gave me a work order number. This WO number seems to be fake. His phone is not reachable now. Did you get your connection?
Akshay Tatiya Send email
Aug 23, 2012

Very poor service

we have 850 rupees plan then also speed is very poor . So i request to you what is problem please tell me. my no.02562225548
Abs_pc1 Send email
Aug 23, 2012

Direct Selling Agent fraud

I think Iam few hours late in reading this blog. I have given Rs 500 to Raviraj S(9448408507) in the morning only. He also gave me a receipt I wonder If I am also duped like you guys. He has promised to me that I will get a call from BSNL by This Saturday and Monday I will get the connection.
Abs_pc1 Send email
Aug 23, 2012


Find email Id of ministry of telecom and senior officers of BSNL send a direct email to them, this may help

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