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BSNL Bangalore


Consumer complaints and reviews about BSNL Bangalore

Aug 23, 2012

Very poor service

we have 850 rupees plan then also speed is very poor . So i request to you what is problem please tell me. my no.02562225548
Aug 23, 2012


Find email Id of ministry of telecom and senior officers of BSNL send a direct email to them, this may help
Aug 23, 2012

Direct Selling Agent fraud

I think Iam few hours late in reading this blog. I have given Rs 500 to Raviraj S(9448408507) in the morning only. He also gave me a receipt I wonder If I am also duped like you guys. He has promised to me that I will get a call from BSNL by This Saturday and Monday I will get the connection.
Aug 3, 2012

Phone Dead and no response from BSNL


My phone 25743234 has been experiencing disturbance (Noise) and slow internet connectivity for past two months. It was dead in between, which got repaired when I raised many complaints through 1500. The noise issue is still not repaired.
For last week the line is dead, and I raised another complaint, and there is no response for these.
The number 1500 is not working always, it says, number doesn't exist.
I called all the numbers int he BSNL bangalore district web site. Wvery time either there was no response, or I was promptly asked to call another number.
Kindly address the issue. I have been a loyal customer of BSNL for the past seven years.
Because of the bad experience for hte past two months, I am now thinking of disconnecting the BSNL land phone and depend on mobiles completely.
Aug 3, 2012

Broadband not working

I have 4mbps BB line and the internet is very slow. It is not even opening properly. When contacted customer care, they are not attending and not responding properly. The only answer I get from the customer care representative is the modem is not provided by BSNL so we cannot support. If that is true why you do give BB connection to customers? I had asked for modem to be provided by BSNL while taking connection they told the modem is not available and we have to purchase out side. The line men who came the give connection told he will provide the BSNL modem for a high cost and un-authorized. If BSNL is not having modem how come the line men is getting the modem? How is giving the modem to the line men when the BSNL itself is not having the modem?
Aug 1, 2012

Direct Selling Agent fraud

Hi, I Regret to say that people are loosing trust almost every day in the name of service, in the end what they get is fraud.On June 07/ 2012 I called Just dial to inquire about BSNL service.I received a call from a person named Senthil (8553723619), he claimed to be a BSNL agent.He came to my house and took 1000 RS, for service and security deposit and informed me that I'll get the service in 7 days.Before week I called him and asked him about my service order number, he said BSNL has some trouble find my area for service.I wondered and told him that this not a remote place but posh area in Bangalore .I worked in telecommunication sector for 5 years and I knew how things worked.When I tried to call him for the second time, his cell phone was switched off, to my luck there was one more person who came along with him on 7 th June 2012, his name is Mr Elangovan(9035877127)I called that agents friend and he told me that MR Senthil is in Chennai.I waited for 2 more days and called him, he told me that his friend has left a message stating that BSNL service is not possible in my area.I later asked him if service is not possible, what do they do with the money which they receive from the customer, he informed that they will credit my money with in 5 days.As usual I waited and called his friend again.this time same story.Nobody is picking up the phone now.I went to BSNL service station and enquired about my service order, they said no service order exist.I called his friend again, he gave me his friends new number(9611759293).I called the number, he mentioned that the number is incorrect, I verified the number with this friend again, the number was right.
Jul 10, 2012

Very poor service

I am existing BSNL customer my number is 080 -26784689,

I am facing problem with the BSNL internet connection as it's getting disconnected frequently. The technical department doesn't know what the problem is because they don't want to know. No one is ready to resolve the problem. They sit in their office and say everything is fine and they close the call, every do i will raise the complaint and they will close the call, but nothing really works.
Jul 7, 2012

Nidagal Marammadevi Prasanna is a fraud BSNL DSA

Hi All,
I too applied for BSNL Landline + Broadnand connection online and the following people called me and collecetd cods and 550 Rs, now their numbers are switched off, on enquiring the BSNL off they say they are Fraud, so beware of these bastartds cheating on the name of GOD and spoilling the name of BSNL.

Raviraj : 8050455582
Rajesh : 9448408507
Jun 18, 2012

Direct Selling Agent fraud

Couple of days back I applied for new connection through http://udaan.bsnl.co.in. To my surprise, within 2 days a person called me and inquired about my application and asked me for couple of documents and photo for the connection. He called me for almost 50 times till he come to my home and collect the necessary documents along with Rs.500/- security deposit. He promised that I'll get a call in couple of days from BSNL for the connection. Finally he gave me a receipt for the cash payment bearing the name "NIDAGAL MARAMMADEVI PRASANNA". Now from the next day, the mobile from which I received 50 calls is switched off and when I verified in BSNL, they say that no application is submitted yet. This guy called me from the mobile 9448408507 and his name is Raviraj. Attached is the receipt provided by the DSA agent with code 1376.
May 24, 2012

No Service


This is Ravikiran.K with BSNL Landline with number 080-25226291. My location is Belur Nagasandra area after Spandana Appartments. This area is under Vimanapura/ Indiranagar exchange.

Every Month the telephone and broadband will be dead for at-least 2 weeks and even after repeated complaints also, there is no improvement in the service. Request you to please look into this problem and provide us break-free service. The Main problem is JTO :Venugopal with mobile number 9449850803 will not even the pick the customers call at all. I would have tried reaching him atleast 1000 times till now.

I am not left out with any other option but to complain this problem here. The complaint numbers : 3031- registered at BSNL call center, last week.

Another complaint number : 16316357891, this complaint is raised in BSNL customer service portal.

May 21, 2012

Telephone dead from last 10 months

I am Suresh living in Ananthanagara Huskur gate belongs to Bommasandra Hebbagodi telephone exchange. I had lodged complaint so many times from last 10 months by phone complaint #13/18 and personally complained to concerned officials, JE and by letter also. But till today it has not repaired and no feedback, If they told it is not possible to repair then I can surrender the phone do alternate. In the middle of this they collect the some months payment also only rental meter not run. When the phone is not usable is this correct to collect Money. What I have to do, please concerned official take action to get repair or if not possible let me know immediately contact phone: 9480592288
with kind regards
May 5, 2012

delay in shifting of phone

My request for shift of phone No. 25678274 from G 202, Jagriti, Old Airport Rd (under Whitefield) to F 703 in the same building was submitted on 9 April 2012 and receipt obtained. This has not been done so far despite a formal letter of complaint and two personal visits to the officer in charge at the Brookfield Exchange building.
I was told that work order No. 25002653 was issued on 11 April 2012 and the shift shoud have been carried out, being in the same building where wiring exists. I was advised to follow up by phoning the following numbers: 28541457 and 9448386464. I have been dialling these numbers several times daily but get no response.
This is very disappointing.
I request action and response to my complaint.
I am a 86 year old senior citizen who has spent 56 years in the field of Telecom and Electronics and feel sad to see the gains of technology being squandered by such gross inefficiency.

- Col BK Rai (Formerly Secy to Govt and Chairman Uptron Group HCL etc.)
Apr 27, 2012

Messy meter reading/General indifference

Bangalore BSNL landline users had an excellent facility to ascertain their phone meter reading 24x7 - an IVR service by calling up 1679. Evidently BT (not British Telecom) could not spare a line & got one of its minions to respond to calls from subscribers - strictly on weekdays & within working hours. Why discard an excellent system & fall back on a tired churlish live response system? Only another minion somewhat higher up the pecking order can explain.

Broadband: BSNL's has been the best broadband service - pricewise & in terms of reliability. But let the port that serves your connection at the exchange develop faults & you are in trouble. It'd be months before they trace & set right the problem.

Modems are never available & The Minions' advice is "buy your own". That would be the only option if you don't have a more competitive ISP serving your area. The newest ISP in my area offerst a fibre-to-desk service at a more competitive rate - with no installation cost if 3 months' subscription is paid in advance.

And then the antiquated phone instruments. Only BSNL still issues instruments without messaging or caller ID displays. The few such instruments that are available are handed out to those favoured by The Minions.

No longer makes sense to stay with this PSU service anymore.
Apr 10, 2012

Direct Selling Agent fraud

Yes same has happened to me also . I am also really confused, how to track the same him as he is either not picking up the phone or it is switched off.
Mar 30, 2012

Direct Selling Agent fraud

Couple of days back I applied for new connection through http://udaan.bsnl.co.in. To my surprise, within 2 days a person called me and inquired about my application and asked me for couple of documents and photo for the connection. He called me for almost 50 times till he come to my home and collect the necessary documents along with Rs.500/- security deposit. He promised that I'll get a call in couple of days from BSNL for the connection. Finally he gave me a receipt for the cash payment bearing the name "NIDAGAL MARAMMADEVI PRASANNA". Now from the next day, the mobile from which I received 50 calls is switched off and when I verified in BSNL, they say that no application is submitted yet. This guy called me from the mobile 8050455582 and his name is Raviraj. Attached is the receipt provided by the DSA agent with code 1376.
Mar 26, 2012

Mismatch Name in the Bill

Dear Sir/Madam,

Recently I have taken BSNL broadband connection.In the generated bill I found my name is mismatch with correct name.

My consumer number : 54667500
My Actual Name: Aswini Kumar Hotta

Could you please change my name as mentioned above.
Please change name from "Ashwini Kumar Hotta" to "Aswini Kumar Hotta"

Best Regards,
Aswini Hotta
Feb 16, 2012



I am residing at dubasipalya kengeri upanagar. Bangalore.
And my lland line number is 080 26751318 it is very sad say
That BSNL peoples are shifting my phone from last three years

Before that I staid in Mysore road new guddadahalli
I have asked in kengeri telephone exchange 4 to 5
Times regarding this issue but no one provides satisfied answer
They just say ,their is no new lines to provide.

Its OK but 3 years is very long time.

Please do the needful as soon as possible.
Aug 19, 2011

Telephone is dead since a month

I am a BSNL telephone subscriber from almost four years. My telephone(080-23620448)( Hno 108,11A Cross,Bhuvaneshwarinagar,Hebbal-Kempapur) is dead almost 30 days now. I registered complaints over phone which hardly yielded much result. The normal reply was "cable fault". I have been registering
complaints almost everyday and my has been begging everybody in the department including Top Brass at Sahakarnagar and Coffee Board Layout Kempapur. No body is cared about the complaints here.The service is in such poor state that I just want to change to other pvt service provider. I am Using landline for accessing Internet for my official work and private work. Now I have to go to Internet Parlors every day.Can this complaint will fall on deaf and dumb officials and expect any speedy action.
May 21, 2011

delay in shifting of phone

old phone number- 080-23456974
old consumer id - 53831497

Dear sir,

I have requested for a transfer on 7th May 2011. Its is not yet shifted to my new address.

I use broadband ona regular basis.

new address: 211/2A, 10th D cross, Sanjeevappa layout. Nagavarapallya. CV Raman Nagar.

I had registered 3 compliants from bsnk site.

complaints no: 13111331105210014
complaint no: KRK/CO/2011/2413

Please look into the issue.

Thanks & Regards,
Mar 13, 2011


our landline no 08025436150 is not working from 3 days
Dec 13, 2010

BSNL Bangalore - Delay in Shifting Landline-Broadband connection

Hi Sir,

I have applied for shifting my landline and broadband connection (25358663) from Domlur to 9th block of Jayanagar on 27-11-2010. I have submitted application for local shift on Nov 27th, 2010 at Indiranagar exchange office.

Then I approached the local office at Jayanagar I got answer the connection will be given in 3-4 days time as our new house area also comes under the same exchange but even after 18 days, there is no action against this.

Every time I call a person from BSNL exchange he will point out some other person and give other number. Likewise I have called some 20 numbers over this period. The worst part the officers at Jayanagar does not respond for telephone calls.

Being a software professional I need to take up late night calls because of this issue I will have to stay office late nights for my calls.I am really fed up with the service.

Concerned people please look into the issue and help the dependent users with timely service.

Thanks in advance,
Muthuraman S
Consumer No: 49794900
Nov 1, 2010

Delay in shift of landline

I had given a letter if shifting of Ph. No. 22106732 on 2nd of Sep.10. But no body bother to look into that.
Ours is an apartment, which had provided conclead wire to every flat. Once on lineman came and said that he will provide the connection through KHIDDKI only he would take wire all the way to terrace (next to 4th floor and hang the wire upto 2nd floor, and give the connection through windo to our Hall and then to our bedroom.
We spoke to the JE, that when concealed wire is available, then why to go through all the building, just give a connection to the junctionbox, and phone will work. But the JE never bother to attentd to this.

We have already surrendered two phones this will follow the third suit . Our Telephone dept. is run by poor Lineman only. Our all the ofificer are born and braught up in AC Roos only. Because of these lazy officers the department suffer huge losses, but they are least bothered, they get their salaries and perks. If same thing had happened in any Private telephone service provider, the conceren executive would have been sacked on the spot. But in BSNL they enjoy on tax payers money.

I think the time has come the public should asked the Question ? these lazy and corrupt officer should be questioned . and Honest and Hardworking officers should be allowed to take over.

I demand to the authority, Each and single Phone surrendered Be probed and the loss occured should be recovered from the salary of concerened officers.

I request to the Public also . If phone is surrendered, because of lac of service or other such reason alongwith the letter mentione the name of the responsible officer and send a copy to the Ministry of Telecom.
Oct 18, 2010


My telephone number 28483422 is dead since 4 month. three time compliant made to KENGERI exchange but no action for solve the complaint.

Kengeri exchange is not ready to accept written complaint.

Balbir Singh
Oct 18, 2010


Jun 19, 2010

Drastic decrease in Prepaid mobile balance

There has been drastic decrease in my prepaid mobile balance. I need to know the outgoing and incoming calls from the number - 9483161300 between 01-Jun-2010 and 17-Jun-2010.

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