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BSNL Bangalore Telecom District


Consumer complaints and reviews about BSNL Bangalore Telecom District

mahesh B
Oct 13, 2014


Dear sir,
my tele phone number 080-26422001 internet speed is very low... please see to it as soon as possible and rectify.
Sep 4, 2014

Broad band connection

Dear sir,
My telephone number is 080-25734343. The internet speed is very very low. Please rectify.
Aug 24, 2014

Phone Deed

Dear Sir,

My Land Line No. 23547456 is not working (dead) since 3 - 5 days. Request you to kindly rectify the same urgently to enable me to utilize the same.
Aug 21, 2014

Tariff Plan Conversion

Phone No. 080-23253425, Arrange to Change Tariff plan from BBG COMBO ULD 1050 TO BB HOME ULD 545.
EMAIL: mvc.2009@yahoo.com. Mobile: 7760993354
G Surya Prakash
Aug 7, 2014

Shifting of Landline

I have given requestion for transfer of my Land line baring No.26716031 from Kaverinagar to Bikasipura BDA layout ( ISRO Layout). Till date no communication received. Please do needfull at an earliest date.
Vijaya Nambiar
Apr 9, 2014

Repeat debits

My mother Mrs Janaky Menon residing at 140 V Block Koramangala Bangalore, has been away at Lucknow ,staying with her son since 30th April 2013, and a letter was given to the telephone dept to keep her phone 080-25532099, in SAFE CUSTODY from 1st May 2013 till further intimation. I had paid the min amt of Rs 420/ from May to October 2013 @ Rs 70/ per month and again in Jan 2014, I paid Rs 560/ for 8 months from Nov 2013 till June 2014, @ Rs. 70/ per month. But to my shock, when my mother updated her pass book in Lucknow, she found a continuous tel debit from her acct. as Rs 620/, Rs 66/, Rs 56/, Rs 56/ Rs.56/ , Rs. 56/ and so on till date. Why is this repeated cut being made when I have already paid the minimum for SAFE CUSTODY of her telephone , as cited above , IN ADVANCE. Is it not a duplicate cut that she is being subjected to ? There seems to be NO coordination between the receipt of funds section and the billing section. Pl adjust the repeat cuts in ALL future Bills and ONLY THEN utilize amt paid by me for future debits. I hope this will be taken up seriously and my mother who is over 90yrs of age , will NOT be unduly penalized.
Incidentally, the internet connection on her telephone No 25532099, which has been disconnected on request, also has a wrong billing in the month of FEB 2013, wherein the service was installed ONLY on 1st March, but bill amt of OVER Rs 2000/ was debited for FEB 2013, when there was NO INTERNET. How irregular can this get ? Pl rectify the error caused immediately and reimburse/ adjust the amt in future bills. However the internet facility SHOULD REMAIN DISCONNECTED TILL FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS.
Thanking you and anticipating an immediate correction to the errors made by duplicate cuts and hoping that caution may be exercised in future bills.

Dr Vijaya Nambiar ( Daughter Of Mrs Janaky Menon )
janaki ramani
Apr 7, 2014

Dead phones

Phone Nos 23422129 and 23329995 both the phones are dead hope bsnl are not having proper instruments and sufficient staffs please kindly do something past three months i have been registering complaint and the phone is ready for 10 minutes and after that god knows
Mar 11, 2014

caller I D not working

My L.L no is 080 2659 2233; caller id is not in display since inception of the instrument of any make inclHelp in gettuding the one supplied by the BSNL he gisplay.ing titself .
Mar 11, 2014

caller I D not working

My L.L.no 080 2659 2233 caller id is not displaying.Will you pl arrange to help .
Shanthi Badakere Janardhana
Feb 21, 2014

excess billing

We have a broad band connection installed in our house since 2 months. Land line number being 080-26394213.
The account number being 9035638505.
For the month of January 2014 usage charges for broad band has been mentioned as Rs. 843.52. Duration of usage being around 400 hours during day time and 129 hours during night time. This is highly impossible since we seldom used the broad band during the said month.
I request you to clarify: 1. If the modem is on does it amount to usage of borad band? or is it only on actual usage?

Shanthi Badakere Janardhana
Oct 23, 2013

repeated addition of one time charges in the bill

Dear Sir,
We got an internet connection during the month of August 2013 under central government 20% concession scheme and the telephone no is 25605440. Though we have submitted the documents for concession we did not get any concession during August bill. and paid Rs. 1250(onetime charges)+94 servicetax+11.61 monthly charges a total of Rs. 1355.74. consumer no. 315084194. we made the payment.

Now we received the bill for the month of September . We were shocked to see the one time charges again of Rs 1200/- + monthly charge 924.33+service tax Rs 145/- - Rs 24/- a total of Rs. 2,276/- The bill has not even considered the 10% discount as applicable for Central government employees.

Now my doubt is that why bsnl is charging the one time charges repeatedly?
though we have submitted the required documents why is it not considered for the 10% concession atleast in the 2nd bill?

kindly help.
Sandhya Bheemasena
Sep 16, 2013


We had a landline telephone bearing No.26665200 working at 73rd Cross, Kumaraswamy Layout, Bangalore. In December last year we shifted to 81st Cross in Kumaraswamy Layout itself. We gave application for shifting of telephone from 73rd Cross to our new residence at 81st Cross on 20th December 2012. We understand from BSNL office at Kumaraswamy Layout that the order has been issued on 26th December 2012 for shifting which they have put in WAITING LIST. Since 9 months our telephone is not shifted.
When we approached K.S.Layout exchange they say, there is NO CABLE and hence it is in waiting list. We are visiting the K.S.Layout exchange regularly and also approached D.G.M. office at Banashankari and Chennamakere exchange but without any positive response. When we call their landline or mobile, they wont respond. Since 9th months we have no landline nor internet facility. My son is getting notes, assignments, etc., from his college on internet and he is finding it very difficult to manage.
In December 2012 we had also given application for change in Broadband plan to Unlimited plan which has been done immediately and they charged Rs.1000/- and debited the amount to our account thru ECS but still we don't have the telephone connection at all.
Another thing I would like to bring to the notice of BSNL that, our present neighbour who have shifted in April and got the landline in May !! HOW IS IT POSSIBLE WHEN BSNL DON'T HAVE CABLE FOR OUR TEL. CONNECTION, HOW COULD THEY GET IT !! When we visited K.S.Layout exchange, one of the lady staff advised to go to some other connection like Airtel or Tata or Reliance, etc. THIS IS HOW OUR GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION WORKS. With this heavy competition, BSNL is not bothered to lose the customers while they get a hefty salary and every benefit a Govt. organization gets.
I request the concerned officer to look into the matter and give me the landline connection with Broadband facility.
Jul 17, 2013

landline complaint

for the past 20 days our land line 2352290 is not working i have given the complaint via verbal but till date no retification was done from your department. kindly solve the matter & do the needful.
Jul 17, 2013


for the 15 days telephone # 25353653 is not working but i have given lot of complaint via telephone but till date you have retify the problem
Lokesha R
Mar 11, 2013

Phone is not working since Oct-2012

I Want to lodge a complaint about the unsatisfactory working of my telephone having number 080-23636782 (it was not working from past 5 Months).

Some time bell starts ringing & we rush to attend the call. By the time we lift the receiver, the telephone is dead it is most of the time dead at the receiver’s end. We are unable to hear even a single word of what he is saying. I have registered many complaints and till now nothing is happened.

I am getting the bill everymonth even though phone is not working and I have paid all the amount to avoid late payment charges.It is hoped that you will take prompt action to redress our grievance.
Mar 7, 2013

Telephone dead

Telephone line 25353653 is not working
Thangam Ramachandran
Feb 10, 2013

telephone no. 080 23322648 not working

Tel. 080 23322648 has never properly worked. Whenever complaint is made, they will close it without attending to the complaint, as they cannot keep the complaint pending. Then why do not they repair it properly. On 7th Feb. 2013 they called to say that they are closing the docket number 17990869562 as from their side it is attended, but still not rectified. I do not know why BSNL is not privatised, when the staff do not want to work.
Samiulla Khan
Feb 9, 2013

Shifting of Broadband Service Pending More than a Month

Dear Sir/Madam,

My Landline No is 23417621. I shifted from Bhoopasandra to Kanakanagar. I have applied for shifting the services of Broadband and it is more than a month. In spite of several visits there is no sign of relief and we are living without a landline and Internet services since a month.
Only once a Technician visited home and told that the house does not come in their perview someone would visit. But no body visited so far. When we visited the Office they claim service is not possible. I would like to know why not possible in a thicly populated are (Just behind Gautham College of Pharmacy).
Since I live in Dubai, my son can be contacted at 8861083251.

Will someone respond positively and clarify the reasons??

Samiulla Khan
O T Mathunny
Jan 29, 2013

application for shifting of land line080 257036pending for more than 1 month

I submitted application for shifting of my land line 25703626 from bangalore ejipura to bangalore viveknagar All my calls remain unanswered please help
Jan 21, 2013

Phone dead

My name is Vinodkumar M, My telephone number is 080-26721869 and it is dead from last two weeks. I really find it difficulty to find ways to complaint, then I got this 198 but that would disconnect while punching the options to log requests! finally after few trials I did register complaint. But the guy who had come to repair has told that the line is correct and modem is not working and the phone (Hardware) is not working, and went off.This Saturday i went to Hoskere halli branch and got the replacement of phone device (Very old) by requesting few there!. They told me that some one would come in the after noon and correct the internet but no one did come. Now no one picking the call, I think I need to visit them in the coming week end!

Jan 20, 2013


My mother is senior citzen aged 72 is a BSNL landline subscriber. 080-26675114. The phone is dead for last 12 days. On her perosnal visit to BSNLBangalore Shankarapram exchange, she experienced ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSE from anyone. the contact no. given was Mr. Antony -9448852744 (BSNL Staff) always switched off. Another complaint reciving No. 08022420300 - nobody to lift. Our Complaint No.17844523442 Dated 14.01.2013 on automatic complaint recorder 080-23152198 at 12.00pm is not attended.at all.
The entire BSNL staff attitude is to torture a customer but obtain monthly bill payment without service, They are solely responsible to MURDER the company BSNL which suffers continuous loss, when they all take home hefty salary for no work why they don't show sincerety with work/ customer ?.
We fee like throwing the telephone instrument on theit face and cancel their service, we record our protest against BSNL attitude with Customer.
Dec 31, 2012

shifting of my landline 23531623

Applied shifting of land line 23531623 from R T Nagar ,Bangalore to Whitefield Bangalore and alloted New no 28451666 and I have not get the connection .Please do needful and take necessary action.Why the delay even after 3 weeks and we are getting connection within 24 -48 hours from other telephone service providers and this the function of BSNL and being a public sector company showing inaction after visiting the WHite field ,Bangalore ,BANL customer service center and still they have not given the connection. Further whom do i contact for the help.
Dec 31, 2012

Deposit taken without any intention of providing Internet Services

I had applied for a broadband connection for my residence on 25th October 2012. After 5 days, 3 visits
and payment of a deposit, I was denied of the service, reason being the unavailability in that area.
The lengthy application form that I personally filled on the first day clearly mentions my residence
address where this connection was required. If the company is unable to provide service there, I should
have been told about it on the same/next day by email or phone which is also mentioned in the form.
Instead, the deposit was collected first without the knowledge of whether it is feasible or not. When the
company had no intention of providing the connection why was the money collected?

I had to visit BSNL’s office thrice at various locations and deal with your sickeningly rude staff. I wasted
my precious time, energy and money because of your company’s unprofessional ways. And now, I
have to follow illogical and inconvenient policies of writing a letter to cancel a service that was never
provided to me and expect me to wait for 60 days to get my refund.

I have made several written complaints to the Nodal Officer in Bangalore but no action has been taken till date.
Dec 27, 2012

re installing the phone line alondg broad band

I am costumer for BSNL broadband NO.25239193 past two months i am not able to get my re installation a line in the same area the related officer and line man is so relax in this matter they act as its is not concern to them.the way they act is irritating me to through the phone back only concern is i am also a public sector employee.I will respect the bsnl but not the related employee try to resolve soon but we compare with other private telecoms they work and get the service in the terms of hours not for the months.i am again requesting to get my service back as earliest
Dec 3, 2012

brad band net connetion not working

my telephone no. is 22262051. my bradband net connectin is not at all working for the last one year. every time i give complaint the the line-man, or the JE comes and meddles with the modem and do some patch up work and go. for few minetes it works, then again the same fate of not working. this is repeated time and again and i have no solution at all. having fed up with this, and suffering mentally and work-wise, i am lodging this complaint.
i expect some permanent solution at least now.
5, Race Course Road,

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