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BSNL Calcutta Telephones

West Bengal

Consumer complaints and reviews about BSNL Calcutta Telephones

Jibananda Sur
Aug 29, 2014


Aug 21, 2014

Generating bill though it's already paid

Customer Id-3005885334
account Number-8005892855

I have paid bill of Rs-10011/- in March',2014 for Tel No- 24166352, Vide bill no-128027622 Dt-09/03/2014 for 1 full year under
Broadband Plan-BBG Combo ULD 900. Consequent upon my shifting of residence at Ramlalbazar, I have transferred the Telephone
vide tel no-24150050 (Roypara/Dhakuria). Surprising I observed that monthly bill is being generated for Modem Type-B1 Vide
Bill No-135321039 Dt-09.07.14 & 137275282 dt-09.08.14. although I am entitled to get discount of monthly modem charges
according to the said plan (BBG Combo ULD 900).
Please look into the matter and act accordingly,

Barun Kumar Ghosh
e-mail Id-bg5979@gmail.com
Aug 12, 2014

Excessive bill amount

Dear Sir/Madam

Surprisingly my bill amount is mounting since two/three months. I have unlimited Broad Band connection of Rs 650 together with my land line and my payment status is on monthly basis. Usually it stays between Rs 750 -Rs 800. But last bill which I have paid on July was Rs 860 and current is showing in my mobile message Rs 1043. It is impossible according to my opinion. Please verify and if it is so please send me detail call list with my bill.

Moreover my broadband was off in several occasion where my complain numbers were 12659698552( on 2nd Aug) and again 12668825062 (on 8th Aug) For which I will certainly get some rebate during broadband off time.

I do not find where to mail and complain for grievance hence mailing you. Please be kind and send the mail to proper place to consider my problems and send correct bill to my address. Regards

Mrs Piu Mallik
A/C No. 8006243242
Phone: 033- 25736119
santanu paul
Aug 12, 2014

Bill of my land line no 033 26383789

Dear Customer care,
Please note that I have given an application for disconnection of my Broad band connection given to my landline number 033 26383789 on 03.07.02014 and it was accepted by you on the same date. The application was deposited at your BSNL office at Satyabala, Howrah on 03.07.2014.

Now I am surprised to see that you have again sent me a bill for Rs 991.02 Bill period (01.07.2014 to 31.07.2014), due date 28.8.14, where you have again charged for the broad band connection for the month of July 14.

Please look into the matter and please do the necessary correction and advise accordingly.

Santanu Paul (for Usha Paul)
santanu paul
Aug 12, 2014

Broad band connection 033 26383789

Dear Customer care,
Please note that I have given an application for disconnection of my Broad band connection given to my landline number 033 26383789 on 03.07.02014 and it was accepted by you on the same date. The application was deposited at your BSNL office at Satyabala, Howrah on 03.07.2014.

Now I am surprised to see that you have again sent me a bill for Rs 991.02 Bill period (01.07.2014 to 31.07.2014), due date 28.8.14, where you have again charged for the broad band connection for the month of July 14.

Please look into the matter and please do the necessary correction and advise accordingly.

Santanu Paul (for Usha Paul)
Aug 11, 2014

Phone line dead

My phone line is dead for last 25/26 days. I have complained and registered it online as I stay outside kolkata and only my parents stay in my place. I have lost the complaint number and when trying to re register my complain, it says complain already lodged and forwarded to ITO. My number is 033 24421076.

Kindly help.
Aug 6, 2014


ASOK 7769
Jul 29, 2014

Surrendr Broadband connection No. 03326347769

I have submitted an application addressed to SDO, Serampore, Hooghly alongwith dully filled up application form and all requisite documents to Customer care center, Chinsurah, Hooghly on 25.07.2014 at 10.40 hrs. for disconnection of Broadband connection in respect of telephone No. 03326347769. However, no action has yet been taken for disconnection. If the disconnection has not been taken place I have to pay the rental of Broadband for the month of August 2014.
Asok Nath Mukherjee
Jul 29, 2014

Surrendr Broadband connection No.25023093

I have submitted an application form for closure/ surrender of Telephone of Broadband connection of Telephone No. 25023093 at Bhatpara BSNL Office on 23.07.2014 along with desired Copy of Telephone Bill with money receipt with effect from 28.07.2014 but till date connection not yet closed. Kindly look into the matter and take immediate action .

Subrata Bhattacharyya
63/2 Nayalanker Thakur Road,
P.O. Bhatpara, 743123, 24 PGS (North), West Bengal
Jul 24, 2014

Bad Telephone , no action

Dear Sir,

My land phone no. is 033-24162682. Most of the time the phone is unusable, since the begining, due to faulty telephone set given to me. Once the set was repairs without any improvement. Several complaints have resulted only in replacement with repaired sets as new sets are always out of stock / not available. I am making payment everymonth for my connection without using the telephone. Very surprised to see the total inaction for such prolonged time.

Arijit Sen Gupta
Jul 14, 2014

Waiver of charges as per admissible rate

The Divisional Engineer
Calcutta Telephones
Lalkuthi Telephone Exchange
Barrackpore, Kol-700120
Sub:- Waiver of charges as per admissible rate.
My Land line no. is (033) 2535-1833 and also having Broadband connection. Often my telephone remains completely dead for which it appears like a useless article . My telephone along with Broadband connection was completely out of order from 26.06.2014 to 10.07.2014 i.e. for 15 days.
I, therefore, request your goodself to kindly issue necessary instructions so that I may avail the necessary discount in my next bill for not providing the required service from your end.

Jul 13, 2014

Broad band not working frequently

My BSNL tel. no. is 24188856. Have been repeated disruption of broadband connection. On this occasion, the line is down for last 15 days. No response to my earlier post. In spite of non availability of broadband, the tel bill has got inflated.

Kindly attend at the earliest.

Anupam Dass
Jul 10, 2014

BSNL Broad band

I subscribe to Calcutta telephones in the Rs 650 pm.
My telephone line dead for the past 2 mnths.
Broadband is not working for over 1 month.
Jul 10, 2014

BSNL Broad band

I subscribe to the Unlimited Broadband Rs 650 pm.
My landline is dead for the past 2 months.
Broadband is not in a working condition.
Jun 30, 2014

dead land line telephone

Respected Sir,
I have the honour to inform that my telephone No.033-24776603 is dead since 23.06.2014.The complaint was lodged vide docket No.12589387902. and on 28.06.2014 a message was received from BSNL-Care that the above complaint has been resolved but practically the telephone remained dead. Again on 28.06.2014 I lodged another complaint vide docket No.12599111752.But till now the said telephone respond dead. Kindly look into the matter and do the needful.

Yours faithfully,

Kamal Kumar Chakraborty
Jun 25, 2014


This to inform you that,very often my telphone lines get dead.As,every body is aware that why a telephone is required for us.Do remember that its not a game that whenever we will feel we will play that,but this is such a thing for every one which we need in steps of our life.So,if it gets dead very frequently the service provider should be very carefull about this matter & should take very fast & neccessary actions to recover for the same.And the service provider should also maintain a proper steps so that it can reduced as fast as possible.Inspite of this we the user are getting such a pathetic service from the no.1 tele communication service in India ( as bsnl is clamed ??? is it called no.1 they beleive ??? ).

I am a BSNL Calcutta Telephones customer. My telephone number is (033)-24029236.My phone is dead since last 15 days.No action being taken despite repeated reminders,even I have not receive any docket no.also !!!

Please let me know how I can escalate this issue if it can not be resolved.Should I release this service ??? please guide me.
Jun 20, 2014

telephone bill-printed copy

not receiving printed copy of telephone bills for more than 6 (Six ) months .
Dr.Timir Baran Roy Ph.No. 2405 1495
170 Sarat Ghosh Garden Road .
P.O. Dhakuria. Kolkata.
Jun 12, 2014

Landline dead for more than 6 months

My land line No#(033)25386428 is not been repaired/ attended, after giving repetative complains through auto complain booking since last 6-7 months back,complain has been registered & assigned to ITO,I am unable to register complain again as "work in progress"i personaly visited Madhyamgram telephone exchange several time to take action as early as possible but alas! till date nobody has came to attend it.but sheamlessly BSNL sending rental bill and deducting the amount (through ECS) regularly without any fail. This is very sad to get this type of service from calcutta telephones.
Jun 11, 2014

Phone tapping, Hence Bill is too high

We have taken BSNL land line connection for receiving calls only. We do not like to make calls from Land like since we all have our own mobile. last 2 months we are getting unexpected high bill. Our scheme is Samadhan 2 where our bill should be monthly Rs.150/- . We are not making out going calls but we realize that some one is tapping our connection and misusing it. Result bill is too high. Requesting you to look into that immediately. I need to know who is tapping?????? My telephone no is 033-24169063.

May 17, 2014

Cross connection in telephone

My mother in law is 85 years old.&she is widow.She is staying alone at DHAKURIA..Only communication with her daughters is Land line telephone. But for last 15 days. instrument is not working properly. Actualy her telephone is cross connected with aother telephone Some times she is speaking& some times she is not able to speak. complaint was booked on 07/05/14.But still now problem is not solved. My mother in law land line number is 03324236185. It is cross connected with 03324236067.

please look into the matter so that she can communicate easily.Otherwise telephone to be surendered& opto for private telephone.

chaitali kundu
May 15, 2014

Phone Dead since 1 & half months

Hi, myself Wing/Commander R.N. Kundu (Retd. I.A.F.) & I would like to inform you that my land line no- (033) 2514-1131 is not been repaired after giving repeated complaints through onlines but once my complaint has been registered & assigned to ITO, I am unable to register my complaint again. I lodged the first complaint on 30th April 2014 but till date nobody has come to attend it. This is very sad to get this kind of services from Calcutta Telephone Services.

Thanking you
Yours faithfully
Wing/Commander R.N. Kundu (Retd. I.A.F.)
Sarat Colony, Chandpur Pally (Bagan)
P.O.- Rajbari, Kolkata-700081
May 12, 2014

Interrupted Broadband connection

My broadband connection gets disconnected several times a day. At night the connection gets disconnected every 10/15 minutes. I've complained several times in CHANDANNAGAR BSNL CUSTOMER CARE(PIN 712136) but in vein.
I lodged the first complaint on 12th October, 2013. Today is 12th May, 2014. After that i lodged complain about 2/3 times a month. Every time i tell them the issue, they solve it, but after 2/3 days the same thing happens.
Aniket Samanta
May 1, 2014

broadband not working

My broadband connection is not workibg for more than 2 weeks now... I logged a complain on 24th April(logged complain some days earlier also) but yet to receive any service from BSNL. land line no is 24802135.
This is really frustrating and worthless service what bsnl is providing.. I have been following up the problem constantly but with no result.
Supriya Roy Choudhury
Apr 24, 2014

Calcutta Telephones

My Telephone (033) 2459-4683 during last couple of months is go on hibernation in the major portion of every day but telephone bills have jumped to more than double. I apprehend that my telephone is being used by any miscreant, may be in connivance with any expert, at my cost. please help me.
Apr 22, 2014

Immediate restoration of my landline service

We have landline 03325253661 which has been cross connected to a private company Mahindra motors ,Koyla vihar,vip rd showroom with possibly 03325254322', we have been requesting them to disconnect from our line ,they are utilizing our phone service for which we are giving big amount every month.We repeatedly complaint to do remedial measure to tel authority ,but they are not hearing.My wife is a high official in DVC,kolkata and apprehend these company might be tapping phone and pilfering Internet services from our line.Your line men mr ghosh and mr Bishnupada both are aware of these...so you are requested to correct immediately this cross connection and provide us proper service without any buzzing.We solicit your early action and book that company for their malpractice after an enquiry.
Dr K P Dutta

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