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BSNL Ernakulam / Kerala Complaints


Consumer complaints and reviews about BSNL Ernakulam / Kerala Complaints

Jul 14, 2015

Land phone not working

Dear customer service team,

Please don't ignore below request,

My mother land phone (4842473333) not working since May 2015 and she compliant to concern our BSNL. Still no action on that and I am only one son for her to caretaker and working far away from home and she is most of days alone. I could not contact her and she could not contact anyone. Therefore please fix the problem ASAP.

Your better service will be appreciated.

Kurumassery P.O.
Ernakulam Dist.
Jun 29, 2015

rajeev sankar

Dear Sir

The phone no. 0484 2542448 is not working since 2 days Kindly do the needful.


Rajeev Sankar
Jun 16, 2015

Phone No.0484-2800352 not working

Dear Sir,

I would like inform you that the landline number 0484-2800 352 with internet connection is not working since 27.5.2015..I have made a complaint to the the BSNL office vide docket No.113439302732 and again on 9/6/15 vide docket 113518294672 and several times I have contacted the Edappally North Exchange and personally visited the exchange.,.But till date there is no response from them. Now it is more than 20 days. When I contacted them they says that there is cable fault in that area due to the cable laying of Reliance. It is not our fault. If there is cable fault it is the duty of the Department to rectify the fault. To say very frankly, in every month we are able to use the phone 10 to 15 days only due to various technical problem of the exchange.

I therefore request you to kindly do the needful and issue instructions to the concerned to solve the problem. A positive reply is awaited (kviswanathamenon@yahoo.co.in

Yours faithfully

K.Viswanatha Menon, Edappally North, Cochin 24
santhi raji
May 28, 2015

Broadband excess billing

PAMCON IMPEX (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED, Appackel Building, No. 26/316W, Bye Pass Road, Thankalam, Kothamangalam P.O., Ernakulam had obtained high speed internet broadband connection for 0485824015. No calls are made from the land phone. The connection is used only for internet purposes. During the past 3 months we received exorbitant bills compared the earlier bills. The bill amount used to be static at Rs. 3800/- per month, which rose to Rs.10,000/-. Even though several oral complaints were made, no positive response was received. The internet connection has been disconnected and we are not availing the service now. On inquiry it is understood that there is some malfunction going on in the BSNL office. Even when there is no usage of internet, the meter is running at high speed. Obviously, there is some foul play. Immediate action is solicited.
k p varghese
Apr 18, 2015

internet not working

Our internet is not working.when we informed to BSNL EXCHANGE in ARAKKUNNAM, .Those peoples don't know what is the actual problem.
still we don't internet connection.kindly need necessary action for this case. we are paying RS 800 Something PER MONTH but internet is not working.
yours faithfully
Esabella Johnson
Mar 25, 2015

BSNL Land phone(0484 2468799) not working

BSNL Complaints Section
Ernakulam Division &
Head Quarter BSNL Kerala..

Dear Sir,

My land phone ( 0484 2468799) is not working more than 20 days. Many times I inform to Malayatoor exchange and send written complaint to Angamaly customer care. Still I did not get any feedback from them. If they can not repair my land phone & net connection , I am going to disconnect my land phone and net connection. Every month I am paying Rs 800 . I am waiting for your feed back as early as possible.

Esabella Johnson
Kannampuzha Arikkadan House
Malayatoor P.O. (Chammani)
Ernakulam (dt)
Mar 9, 2015

Land phone not not working more than one month

Karippai House

Dear Sir

My telephone 0484 2621606 is not working last one months. I already gave complaint to Aluva BSNL office many times and I personally visited and talked to the officer (DE-Mercy and Johson) . but I did not got any response from there.Nobody take the responsibility.Who is the responsible person to contact for complaints.So I humbly request you to take necessary action against the irresponsibility of BSNL staff of Aluva and also requesting you to resolve the complaint.

Thanks & Regards
Dec 10, 2014

LAND LINE not working more than 20 days

BSNL head office



I would like inform you that the landline number 0484-2626139 not working. We informed and gave complaint to the the BSNL office at more times.But they don't take any response in our complaints.

Please, take it as a request and solve the problem as soon as possible.


Johny Punnassery
Jul 10, 2014

2617540 Land Line not working

From 11th July,2014
Johny P.P.
Punnassery house
Thuravoor P.O.

BSNL Complaints


My telephone land line number 0484- 2617540 of Thuravoor Exchange, Angamaly, Ernakulam District is not working for the last two weeks. I already gave complaint to Thuravoor BSNL office many times but till now the problem is not yet solved. Please not that this same telephone number was not working for 3 months continuously and recently only it was repaired. Now again the same problem started.We are just paying the the telephone charges without having any use to us.

So I humbly request you to take necessary action to solve my problem. Also please take necessary action against the irresponsibility of the BSNL staff of Thuravoor Exchange.

Thanking you

Johny P.P.
Apollo Sindhoori Capital Investments
Apr 15, 2014

Out of Order

Ref: Telephone No (0484) 2630861

Please be advised the above telephone is not working. Kindly do the needful.
Thanks & Regs
Apollo Sindhoori Capital Investments Ltd
(Aditya Birla Money Ltd)
City Towers, Market Road, Bank Junction, Aluva
Tel: 9847293807
Apollo Sindhoori Capital Investments
Apr 15, 2014

Out of Order

Ref: Tel No (0484) 2630861

Please be informed that the above mentioned telephone is not working. Kindly do the needful.

Thanks & Regards
Apollo Sindhoori Capital Investment Ltd
(Alwaye Aditya Birla Money Ltd)
City Towers
Bank Junction, Aluva
Tel: 9847293807
Feb 4, 2014

0484-2763890 not working

Dear Sir,

Please note that 0484-2763890 not working for the last 1.5 Years. Still the complaint not solved from Telephone department.
Every Bill received & payment made only. If you are not willing to rectify the same I will file case against telephone department.

Awaiting your reply.
Jan 24, 2014

Telephone tapping neighbor

I (Shajumon Joseph 0485 2831267) would like to inform you that my telephone cable possibly attached with my neighbour phone cable.I am living now in Australia .Whenever I call to my house, my call was picking my neighbour first, then she cut the call then the call has forwarded to my house . Some times I cannot connect, possible some body is using the phone line. I reckon ,this may not good thing,first safety,privacy concern and secondly the bill. I have complained in muvattupuzha telephone complaint section and also I talked directly to engineer , but still have same problem.I would greatly appreciate,if you could do something on this matter.My mail id shajumon@btinternet.com

Thank You

Yours sincerely

Shajumon Joseph
3/4 Yaralin Avenue
Klemzig SA 5087
Nov 29, 2013

LAND LINE not working more than 10 days


I would like inform you that the landline number 0484-2495549 and 04842496285 are not working since 17/11/2013.We informed and gave complaint to the the BSNL office at Jnaarakkal,two or more times.But they don't take any response in our complaints.

Please, take it as a request and solve the problem as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully

Oct 30, 2013

call drop

many of the time i cant neither call nor recieve incoming call on my mobile due to call call drop and some times when some one call to my mobile he will gets the voice that this no was ported out
Oct 25, 2013

Telophone No:0484-2699038 not working more than 20 days


The above mentioned phone is not working for more than 20 days, and made online complaint three times. Complaint No you may checkup with concerned department.My phone No.2699038 comes under Kalady Exchange.I am 80 years old and staying alone in my house. My only son is working in karnataka, this land line is the only source for communicate with my dear and near in case of emergency also. Therefore request your kind office to do the needful immediately.

Thanking you,

May 19, 2013


Kerala Circle - Ernakulam.

My Land Line Number is 0484 2677268, I'm Chellappan Pillai, I am regular customer of BSNL for the past 30+ years. Just because of the "National Integrity" I am still continuing with BSNL L/L and other facilities like BB (combo) even the service from BSNL is very poor.
Last year I have changed my BB combo to avail more free calls (BB - BBG COMBO ULD 900) and internet speed 1 year package. From the date of activation I was complaining about the speed but no use yet. Since January 2013 I am told to pay extra call charges even after having balance free calls in my credit. When I checked the detailed bill I understood that the outgoing calls to networks other than BSNL are not entitled for free of charges.
Since it is an outgoing call what is the justification for BSNL to collect charges from the customer? for the customer the outgoing call to BSNL or to any network is same. If BSNL is advertising that 400 free call free thaey should give that much and further call they can charge to the customer. What justification for BSNL for us in this matter?
I have assessed my calling rates and decided to go for upper tariff, and again I need to pay this on monthly basis is really ridiculous.
Every one in the nation is running behind the private networks because they are getting good service and facilities, still I was sticking on my BSNL connection (and I am proud to have that connection still with me) that is why now I have to pay for that.

Can BSNL give the justification why you want to collect the extra charges from me since I haven't called even my free calls?
I have already remitted some bills by not knowing the real things, what shall I do to get the refund of those bill amounts?
Thank you,
Chellappan Pillai
0484 2677268
Oct 29, 2012

Online Payment not working

BSNL head office

Ahammed Kutty T
ph 0483 2724636

Am Ahammed Kutty Thacharakkavil My phone number is 2724636 It is not working last one month.Because there have a water authority using JCB .We had complained several time in your office in Edavannapara telephone exchange but their response is very bad they had angry to us and said we canot solve your problem soon you want to wait if not you remove your connection and they give to us refund form also . Same thinks was happend while we give complaint in Malappuram head office.Sir please I inform to us we also using your Broadband facility of 700 package and I also gave money for one year
If this like you continue we no need your connection we go to complaint in court
I hope you will accept our this request soon
with faith fully
Ahammed kutty
Aug 22, 2012

Online Payment not working

My telephone number Pandappally 0485-2256344. Last 1 year my telephone not working properly some time it is dead and creating disturbs noise . Sincce July this not at all working, I had placed complaints many times to local exchange Pandappally Many times my complaint closes your call center without visiting the line man at my residence. So please give me a solution for proper working of my phone at your end .

please give me a reply to me.

Jun 5, 2012

Telophone No:0484-2302637 not working more than one month


The above mentioned phone is not working more than one month and made online complaint three times. Complaint No you may checkup with concerned department and also made complaint with the Vyttila Exchange office many a time.My phone No.2302637 comes under Vyttila Exchange. Today I spoke to JTO of Vyttila Exchange (Ph:2303400) her reply was very rude and non-cooperative. I therefore request you to do the needful immediately.

Thanking you
Jun 4, 2012

0484-2436701 not working

Jun 1, 2012

Password not working

मि वैभव हितेंद्र पाटील, मु. पो. केळवे, ता. पालघर, जि. ठाणे, पिन ४०१ ४०१, माझा फोन नं ०२५२५-२२२१६१ आहे माझा माझा फोन गेली ५-७ महिन्यां पासुन बंद होता तरी मला त्याचे बिल येत होते सदरचे बिल मि भरले असुन तरी माझा फोन चालु होत नाहि,

केळवे गावात टेलीफोन ऎक्सचेंज मधे ३-३ दिवस कोणीही कर्मचारी हजर राहात नाही, ३ दिवसां नंतर एक दिवस हजर राहुन नंतर पुन्हा २-३ दिवस रजेवर असातात, हे सर्व कर्मचारी फुकटचा पगार घेत आहेत, तरी सर्व कर्मचा-यांवर योग्य ती कारवाई करावी .. .
May 21, 2012

Not shifted our BSNL land line inspite of several request

We would like to lodge a complaint that we have shifted our shop from Jews Street, Flower Junction Market Junction, Ernakulam 682035 to our old shop last month 29.04.2012 due to maintenance woks and we have submitted an application to shift our land line no.0484-2364269 and 23 63219 as ours is a whole sales/Distribution of hardware implement items, with out telephone no business is possible. Apart from our written requests, we have communicated and requested to the following person about our grievances. 0484-2355555, JTO-2353900/2367033, SBD-2367200 & DE -2393400. It's almost 21 days passed, we are facing difficulty in communicating to our customers and customers are unable to communicate with us.. We got registration number from their office 44023500450/44023501283 but there after nothing is happened . Request you to kindly do initiate to shift our telephone connection with out further delay.

Ferro Agencies & Hardwares
Flower Junction
Mar 27, 2012

Password not working

my number 2443946 this land line not working last 4 month every month i have paying bill still my line not working [properly

Please look into the matter urgently.

Sarvodaya appartment,
room no 3, ground floor,
ajade gaon, dombivli (e)

Natarajan Liju Rajan
Nov 29, 2011

Password not working

I had registered with http://www.ernakulamtelecom.gov.in but the password does not seem to work . There is no option to retrieve the password or re register with my landline and consumer # . Its so pathetic that a national service provider like BSNL does not have a uniform site for all its subscribers and there is no much payment option for its users to make online bill payment . Shame on BSNL for the customer service they provide . The toll free 1500 is useless as you are directed to voice mail when you want to speak to a customer support agent.

Hope the concerned authorities would not turn a blind eye to this complaint rather i hope there would be somebody in whole of BSNL who will look into this and do the needful . Only then the perception of people will change towards BSNL .

With no hope of resolving my issue .
04842343808 .

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