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BSNL rajasthan


Consumer complaints and reviews about BSNL rajasthan

arun kumar2402
Nov 7, 2016

unable to do outgoing

since last 15 days i am unable to do outgoing calls and even incoming calls also hampered. please try to resolve this issue as soon as possible. my number is 9413187102
thank you
Oct 14, 2016

Telephone not working

Dear Sir,

I am suffer with my landline telephone in the name of Gurubachan Singh as it is not working around 10 days and I have already lodged my complaint my number 02932-280543

Please look into the matter and rectify the problem as early as possible.

Hope this online complaint will work immediately.
Gurubachan Singh.

85,Sardar Patel nager ,Pali Rajasthan
lokendra singh hada
Sep 29, 2016

not working landline and broadband


my telephone no-01475-233551 is not working from past 25 days i had also complained in toll free no 198/1500 also but no solution of my complainants .sir kindly do the necessary action as soon as possible as my office work is totally done in online basis as both the landline & broad band are not working

Sep 27, 2016


At Zawar Mines, which is only 45 km away from Udaipur; coverage of BSNL mobile often vanishes for 2 or 3 days.
It is a matter of concern. Residents of Zawar Mines feels very helpless due to this. Kindly look into the matter and take necessary action to permanently resolve the issue.
Sep 19, 2016

Phone not working

Dear Sir,
My land line phone no.-01475-235496 is not working from 2 months. Please look into the matter.

Rameshwar Lal
H5A/3, Vikramnagar
Rawatbhata (Raj.)
reedaram choudhary
Sep 13, 2016

landline is dead from two month

Sir,my landline no is -02975-233045 and i am a regular customer from last 15 years from last two months the phone is in dead conditions we called so many times to local bsnl officer (Mr Rajesh kumar ) but their is no satisfactory result. i am requesting you to resolve my problem.

Name krishna kumar u choudhary village jalampura post raipur tehsil reodar distric sirohi (rajsthan)
vivekanand pareek
Sep 8, 2016

land line dead for almsot one month

dear sir
It is a shame to be the consumer of bsnl land line phone. I hope this letter can be read by the deaf and dumb employees of bsnl. My landline no. 0141 2521547 is dead for almost one month. When I complain of this number I received the message that your complain is resolved but actually it is not. I do not know whether I have to please the line man for this problem. One should know that employees are paid from the tax of hard earned money of income tax. When I contact the line man he replied that I have got lot of faults so i will not attend. I am also surprised that fault of telephone is not resolved but the message is that your complain has been resolved. Although my mother is admitted in fortis jaipur so importance of communication can be felt.

If this problem is not resolved i will cut my bsnl land line. I wish the bossess of bsnl could read it

vivekanand pareek
laddha .rc
Aug 21, 2016

Phone dead and broadband non functional when phone working

My Name : Col. RC Laddha (Retd.) Phone : +91 1482 247989. My phone is dead for almost two months . when working proper broadband services are not available.Besides I am not able to call the following two mobile numbers ( BSNL - 7597132989 and Vodafone Delhi No. 8447631639) from my landline.

Kindly see record of my complaints and call details in last two months and refund the money charged for the months mid june to mid August.
Also please activate the phone and rectify the defect as I am not able to speak to my wife presently in Delhi on the two numbers stated above.

Please do not compel me to surrender the land line connection for which Iam paying Rs. 1200/- per month including rent w/o getting any service.
yogendra gill
Jul 13, 2016

phone dad

our land line number is 01594-286707 and this number is not working from last 60 days.i have already face this problem many time.i need the proper solution for this problem,

kindly do the needful as soon as possible.

thanks & regards,
sukhveer singfh
vill.gilln ki dhani
vaya-bhorki pin 333032
manoj soni sunny
Jul 10, 2016

land line not working

Dear Sir,

I am suffer with my landline telephone in the name of HARSH JAIN as it is not working around 15 days.NUMBER IS 01552244444.

Please look into the matter and rectify the problem as early as possible.

Hope this online complaint will work immediately.

manoj soni sunny
Jul 10, 2016

land line not working

our land line number is 01552244444 and this number is not working from last 15 days.i have already face this problem many time.i need the proper solution for this problem,

kindly do the needful as soon as possible.

thanks & regards,
manoj soni
paras hyundai
riico phase 1
hanumangarh jn.
Jul 5, 2016

lineman haressments

Out of Order
Dear Sir,

I am suffer with my landline telephone in the name of malay agrawal as it is not working around 30 days and I have already lodged my complaint , there is one line man named phuskar who intensenly not doing due to heavy bribe demand , need to take action or let infor so we apply for disconnection

Please look into the matter and rectify the problem as early as possible.

Hope this online complaint will work immediately.

asarwa house
02974 238642
Jun 22, 2016


I got a sim 0n 8 JUNE2016 no.9413313228 pin no. given to me 3850950 for my request confirmation/
till today I have no network activation
I doubt misuse of my documents by franchise
Rakesh Sethi
Jun 15, 2016

Landline phone out of order

01552268048 remains out of order almost all the time and when a complaint is registered regarding this on 1500 a message is received to attend it shortly and then next day a message is received that the complaint is resolved but actually the complaint is still unreceived... Please suggest what should we do... Where to go..
ram mahehswari
Jun 10, 2016

for zero sim

sir, my sim number is 9461586408. i use it since 2009. know its broken, when i go bsnl office for zero sim. they say this number in not submitted in your name. what can i do because this number it distibuted in all circile area. and i give my id to shop keeper in 2009 in kota if he change my id than what can i do. i not remember in which stall i purchess. but now this number is importent for me. how can i get it. i regulary use last 7 year.
so plz sir help me to get this number again me. u can contect on 9414588927.
thanku sir
J P Gupta
Jun 9, 2016

Land line telephone and broad band connection lying dead since May 2016

My land line telephone no. 0141-2763034 along with broadband ,is lying dead since may 2016. I have lodged the complaint to the Manager,BSNL, Bajaj Nagar ,Jaipur office on 24th May but there is no response receive till date.Kindly resume the services urgently.
Jagdish prasad Bansal
Jun 7, 2016

Land line 01412395669 is lying dead since last week of May 2016

My land line no 01412395669 installed at 152/50 shipra path Mansarovar Jaipur 302020 is lying dead since last week of of May 2016 for which two time complaint have been registered over 198. Last complaint was registered over 198 on 27-05-2016 and I personally visited BSNL Shipra path office on 4-6-2016 and official assured me to remove the default to day itself. But till date my above phone is lying dead. Please remove defect of telephone no 01412395669 From J P Bansal 9530141535
Jun 5, 2016

my net and phone is not working

sir, last five day my net and phone is not working .I have complained many time but my telephone and net both are not working .my telephone number is 0291-2980095 and Account Number 1022624999. kindly solve my problem.
May 28, 2016

mob.no. 9414685546 not top up whatever account has been debited

Dear Sir,
With reference to above, I have top up my mobile no. 9414685546 with Rs.100/- on 26.05.2016 through ICICI bank net banking. My account has been debited but my mobile not recharge with aforesaid amount.. Kindly look into the matter and arrange to recharge my mobile.
I am highly oblige to you.

Mukesh Kumar Verma
Mob. No. 9414685546/8003994930
May 11, 2016


Apr 27, 2016


सर मेरा फ़ोन काफ़ी लम्बे टाईम से ख़राब है आज दीन तक चालु नही हुआ है मैनै आप से broadband केनशन है कृपा ईसै चालु करवाये या बन्द कर मेरा बिल का पैसा वापस करे
नरेन्द्र पारीक
Apr 21, 2016

malfuncationing of telephone no.0150-2203063

no. of times complaints has been lodged but no response from bsnl office bikaner, a contineous noise on calling & recieving calls,ID Coller is not responding since one year on telephone no.0151-2203063

giriraj soni
Apr 16, 2016

रिचार्ज के लिए

मेने अपना मोबाईल रिचार्ज किया 36 रूपये का पर सेकण्ड प्लान लेकिन लागू नही हुआ और बाद में 13अप्रैल को 135 रूपये 300 मिनट का वो भी लागू नही हुआ और ग्राहक सेवा केंद्र पर बात की तो संतुस्ट जवाब नही मिला और फोन काट दिया |
36प्लान वाले पर बोले2पैसा पर सेकण्ड ह और रिचार्ज में लिखा ह पर सेकण्ड प्लान
135 प्लान 300 मिनट का किया तो बोले आप बदल लो एसटीवी_sub kuch बता रहे थे मेने बोला आप वहाँ से कर दो तो महेश या महेंद्र नाम के आदमी ने बताया की आपको न.बता रहे ह करना ह तो करो और फोन काट दिया मेने फिर फोन किया मेने कहा आप मेरे को messege कर दो तो कोई प्रतिक्रया नही हुई
मेने अपना रिचार्ज फ्रीचार्ज से किया ह और बोले आप ने टॉपउप कर लिया होगा
टॉप उप ही करना होता तो हम 100,200 या 300 का करते
अतः आप क्रपया मेरी समस्या का समाधान करके मुझे संतुस्ट करे और मेरा रिचार्ज सही करने का कस्ट करे
आपका उपभोक्ता गिरिराज
Vimlendu Kumar Sharma
Apr 12, 2016

Modem from BSNL

Dear Sir,

We have been allotted BSNL Landline Connection no. 0141-2601900 through Exchange of JPR JPG on 28.2.2016 with a Mordem of Rs.1500/- under the scheme of BSNL with a plan of Rs. 675/- per month and under the said scheme Rs. 100 would be reduced every montrh for next 15 installment.

We had faced the lot of problems for an access of internet in the computer which had been continuously followed with the concerned department even we went four times to the BSNL Exchange at Sanganeri Gate, Jaipur for resolving of the problem since 10.3.2016 to 7.4.2016. We had also been informed that Mr. Dinesh - Technician had met with an accident. Hence, they are unable to send the technician at my residence.

We had also met to Mr. S.K.Jain ( 0141-2568484) and Mr. Meena - A GM who had extended their support to resolve the aforesaid problem and after that Mr. Dinesh had also visited at my residence two times.

In conclusion of the above experience, the internet was not access-able to my computer almost a month after many time chasing the same problem with the department,

I deposited the first bill of Rs. 2780 on 5.4.2016. I got a SMS on 10.4.2016 for depositing of Rs. 3615 on due date of 25.4.2016. I spoke to Mr. Prem Prakashji - Junior Accounts Officer and other gentlemen who did not disclose his name on mobile no. 9414001124 today i.e. 12.4.2016 about the billing of Rs. 3615 which they have not considered the deposit of Rs. 2780. Further, I requested to him for reducing Rs. 100/- per month of modem under the scheme from the Monthly bill of Rs.675 ( Plan ) which they do not have clear instruction from the concerned authority.

In conclusion of the above experience, the internet was not access-able to my computer almost a month after many time chasing the same problem with the department through telephone calls and personal visit at BSNL Office Sanganeri Gate, Jaipur.Bill generating is not clear as well as instructions of the appropriate authority.

Hence, we request you to kindly focus on promised services to the customer for enhancing the experience.

With Kind Regards,

Looking forward to customer orientation services.

Vimlendu Kumar Sharma
Apr 7, 2016

Broadband speed & Phone noise

My landline no - 0141-2231840 We are suffering this speed related issue & phone noise from approx 6 months. And i have complained many time to near exchange & related officer mr. D.R. Chaudhary . But we did not get any response from there .Our active plan is combo 1495/- per month.

Please look into the matter and resolved the same

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