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Consumer complaints and reviews about care---irctc.co.in

Dec 13, 2014



My user id moldtek512. I have forget password and security answer. So, please send my password to my Email Id or sms to regesterd Phone No.


Anurag Pandey
Dec 12, 2014

forget password

Please new my password

User name jaysukh32

E-mail Id. Jaysukhvaghani32@gmail.com
Dec 8, 2014

Reactivation of account


I am a registered IRCTC agent. I did my registration through yatrapartner (Mr. Abhisek).
Due to net problem here i could not transact as a result my account has been deactivated.
How to reactvate my account.

With regards,


mob; 9436041860
Dec 7, 2014

state change

state change
Dec 7, 2014

passenger address change

my state is Tamilnadu, but in my irctc login address my state is mentioned as arunachala pradesh. please change it
vinay sars
Dec 6, 2014

complaitn about refundation off acount balence

I am vinay saras from kotma i have just booked a tatkal ticket in chitrakoot exp from katni-KTE to kanpur-KAN but ticket was not booked and it was also not showing in history but amount of ticket booked of rs 761.24 has been diducted from my acount balence and the Ref no is IG00HCZHK0 . so please help me that who i get my money back i am very thank full about this help.

vinay saras
email id;- vinay.saras@gmail.com
mobile no.. +91 9301907100
babban singh
Dec 5, 2014


rturt6uj ruj r
babban singh
Dec 5, 2014

forget my password

dear sir,

i forget my irctc password please reset my password
irctc id:-ABHAYJUL12

babban singh
Dec 5, 2014

forget my password

dear sir
i forget my irctc password please reset my password

user id:-ABHAYJUL12
MAIL ID:-abhaysb@kent.co.in


abhay singh
vinay sars
Dec 4, 2014

complaint about refundation of tatkal ticket

I have booked a tatkal ticket from KTE to MMR in train mahangri exp. train no.11094 on date 19/11/2014 at 10:02:32 AM but unfortunately it was undone thats mean ticket was not booked at that time but the process of deduction of my account balance is processed and the amount of ticket RS-1586.24 has been debited from my account.
so please help me that how i can get my money back because it is getting so much late from ticked booked.

TATKAL ticket detail:-
ticket booked to:- katni (KTE) to manmad(MMR)
booked date:-19/11/2014
Time:-10:02:32 AM
Ref no(ID):- IG00FJEJS7
train no and name :- mahangri exp. 11094
amount deducted:- 1586.24 rs

thanking you
EMAIL ID:-vinay.saras83@gmail.com
Manish Mourya
Dec 4, 2014

transaction failed but amount debited


am booking tatkal ticket and i fill all detail and in transaction process i fll my all details but in between transaction is failed but my money is debited form my A/C ....today is 3rd day i didn't got my money return form IRCTC

Plz do something

Manish Mourya
Nov 20, 2014

Allottment of Berth

I am a Senior Citizen Age 63 years Male, I am registered with IRCTC, my user ID is a_miti . I booked e-ticket on 20/11/2014 at 08.29.46 Hrs, the particular of journey date is as follows :

PNR No 6734769282, Transaction ID 100000120362668
Train No & Name 12262 / HWH CSTM DURONTO
Dt of Journey 02-Dec-2014, Boarding at Howrah Jn (HWH), Resv upto CST (CSTM)
Booking status / Current status : CNF /B6/32/ SIDE UPPER
Concession SRCTZN

I had entered my preference for LOWER BERTH and Food Choice VEG.

Now I am surprised to find that I have been allotted SIDE UPPER and Food Choice NON VEG. There are still 111 berths available on the said date ie 02/11/2014. Being a Sr Citizen I request you to re-allott me a LOWER BERTH and change my Food Choice to VEG.

Please send me the confirmation on my registered Mobile Number 9820821774, with you.

gitika chakraborty
Oct 29, 2014

TDR filled , but not refunded.

TDR filled , but not refunded.

I had purchased the E-Ticket, as per the following details :

- PNR No. 6422585042 & 6618371564
- Train No. 18645,
- Train name : East Coast Express
- Journey date 14.10.2013
- From Vishakhapatnam to Hyderabad

Due to heavy storm (Phailin) in Andhra Pradesh, the train has been cancelled. Accordingly, I had submitted the TDR of the above tickets, the details of which are given below :

1. PNR No. 6422585042 – Transaction ID : 0742197745. Ref : EKT 2013101909818198 – Total Rs. 1961.24.
2. PNR No. 6618371564 – Transaction ID : 0742202409. Ref : EKT 2013101909818174 – Total Rs. 336.24.

I would like to inform you that I have not yet received the refund amount of the above mentioned cancelled tickets till date.
Matha Venkat Rao
Oct 27, 2014

wrongly send SMS

Dear Sir / madam,
One SMS came to me today(27/10/14) at 05:04:46pm & PNR status mentioned as 6434951286 in the name of Mr.Sinha. It has been WRONGLY send to me. This mobile no is belongs to me ( M.V.Rao ). again another message came to me at 05:07:05pm to day & mentioned PNR no. as 6733829225 and in the name of Mr.Sinha again .Please check & do the needful.

Mobile no : 09204058691
Oct 27, 2014

not received yet my reset password

Dear sir,
Last one week followup for my new reset password till now i am not received .

Dear Customer,We would like to inform you that your below enclosed email has been forwarded to the concerned department.You will receive a reply in this regard .Thanks & RegardsDeepikaExecutive, Customer Carecare@irctc.co.inwww.irctc.co.inSave trees. Travel on SMS sent by IRCTC or with Electronic Ticket on laptop/tablet.---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------Subject: Re: Fwd: Re: Re: Re: User id rubesh 007 request reset passwordFrom: rubeshkumar007@yahoo.comDate: 2014-10-24 21:42:45+05:30To: care@irctc.co.in--------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear sir,My password reset regarding mail send last four days back.Yours kind information my password not reset yet.Sent from Samsung Mobile-------- Original message --------Subject: Re: Re: Re: User id rubesh 007 request reset passwordFrom: care@irctc.co.inTo: rubeshkumar007@yahoo.comCC: Dear Customer,Kindly note that we have already forwarded your case to the concerned department.You will receive a reply in this regard shortly.Thanks & RegardsRajesh k anandExecutive,Customer carecare@irctc.co.inPh: 011-23340000www.irctc.co.in[#392976]____________________________________________________________________IRCTC never asks your personal bank account details throughcall. If you received any call in this regard, please do notshare your bank related credentials.____________________________________________________________________---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------Subject: Re: Re: User id rubesh 007 request reset passwordFrom: rubeshkumar007@yahoo.comDate: 2014-10-22 16:52:44+05:30To: care@irctc.co.inCc: --------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Sir/ Madam,Kindly reset my password user id rubesh007.My name RAVIKUMAR PMobile no 9944100886Date of birth 12/05/1982Mail Id rubeshkumar007@yahoo.comAddress 77 Krishnamachari road. Virudhunagar 626001.Sent from Samsung Mobilecare@irctc.co.in wrote:Dear Customer,We would like to inform you that your below enclosed email has been forwarded to the concerned department.You will receive a reply in this regard shortly.Thanks & RegardsPreeti TutejaExecutive,Customer Carecare@irctc.co.inPh: 011-23340000www.irctc.co.inSave trees. Travel on SMS sent by IRCTC or with Electronic Ticket on laptop/tablet.---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------Subject: Re: Re: User id rubesh 007 request reset passwordFrom: rubeshkumar007@yahoo.comDate: 2014-10-20 13:42:23+05:30To: care@irctc.co.in--------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Sir/ Madam,Thanks for yours valuable reply and advice.Kindly deactivated user id Ravi_tamil.Request to reset password for user id rubesh007 Sent from Samsung Mobilecare@irctc.co.in wrote:Dear Customer,In response to your grievance, we wish to inform you that your id rubesh007  is inactive from our end because you have registered more than one user IDs with us.ravi_tamilNOTE:- According to the terms and conditions, an individual customer can use only one user-id at a time. If a user violates the terms and conditions of use by registering more than one userid and or booking tickets on such multiple userid's, IRCTC reserves the right to deactivate all such user registration without any notice. Please confirm us  which one you wants to continue. We will reset  password/activate that one and de activate others.Thanks & RegardsPreeti TutejaExecutive,Customer Carecare@irctc.co.inPh: 011-23340000www.irctc.co.in[#375894]____________________________________________________________________IRCTC never asks your personal bank account details throughcall. If you received any call in this regard, please do notshare your bank related credentials.____________________________________________________________________---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------Subject: User id rubesh 007 request reset passwordFrom: rubeshkumar007@yahoo.comDate: 2014-10-19 18:06:13+05:30To: care@irctc.co.inCc: --------------------------------------------------------------------------My irctc user id rubesh007.Contact number 9944100886.Kindly request to reset my password.Sent fress
Oct 25, 2014

id issue

id is not working de68892667 forget the pass ..
Oct 22, 2014

e-wallet issue

I registered for e wallet in Sept. 2014. But e wallet option was not displayed on irctc portal.
As per irctc customer support my account has to transfer to old server to make use of e wallet. I m ok with that.
but it has been more than one month that my account has not been transfered. I sent reminder 3-4 times.

Please suggest solution...

Ticket no is 219826
User name amandip84

Oct 18, 2014

Difficulty in booking e ticket

I have already registered in IRCTC. My user name is T.P.Raju and my pass word is rii382. my Mobile No. is 9447097870. My e-m,ail address is tpsasthamangalam@gmail.com.

Now I have faced a problem that not book any e-ticket through IRCTC stated that "Your user name or pass word not exist." At the same time I have approached to register a new account the remark says that user name and pass word already registered. In short, I can not book any e-ticket . Kindly do needful at the earliest.
Oct 17, 2014

i forget irctc password

i forget irctc password please provide new password.
Oct 16, 2014

Ticket Booking.

I have booked online a ticket in Kolkata-Rajdhani express on 15th December, 2014 through internet banking. The amount has been deducted from my SBI account, but still it is showing that the payment has not been received by IRCTC and the booking is pending.
The reference number is:
100000098725605IG00BUOVH0 TRANSFER TO 33828387233 SBI I.R.C.T.C. COLLECT
Oct 16, 2014

extra money taken by agent

today i booked train YPR SKRANTIEXP 22685 from Bangalore to Chandigarh.the actual fee for booking was 9852.47 inclusive of service tax rs 244 but the agent took rs 7250.please help me to understand why they charge so much moreover they demand so much money and no one is there to check on them.
agent details-
PSP,s Name-Bird res
Corporate Name :Ex Serviceman Enterprises
Oct 15, 2014

I M TDR Entering but not refund my money

Oct 13, 2014

refund of wrongly deducted Rs. 1873.72

On 28-09-2014 following message was received on my Mobile No. 9452204609 which is transcribed as under :–
Thank you for using your SBI Debit Card 622XX2449 for a purchase worth Rs. 1873 on POS SBIRCTC at IRCTC txn # 427103727276.
Received: 06:02:51pm 28-09-2014 From: BX-ATMSBI (not available)
It was very shocking to receive this message as I had not purchased anything from my ATM-Cum-Debit Card. In order to ascertain veracity of this fact I went to an ATM on 28-04-2014 for Mini Statement and was surprised to receive this information that Rs. 1873.72 has been deducted from my SB A/C as POS PRCH while I have not purchased anything on that day.
I had already made a complaint on 29-09-14 and 07-10-14 to concerned Branch. So, it is humble request that you kindly look into the matter as who has purchased/used the ticket.
Thanks and regards,
Kamal Kumar Singh, Advocate
High Court, Lucknow Bench
Oct 12, 2014

IRCTC Agent Take extra ordinary Charge

Respected sir,

I'll booked one Tatkal Ticket through IRCTC agent ( Swagat Travels Solution Pvt. Ltd. Rajkot ) he charge more then ticket amount,

my ticket amount is around 510rs and he take charge 400rs extra how its possible?

So please let me know its seficent or not?

Hope you give revert as soon.

+91 9586627936

Thanking you
Pares Badrakiya
Oct 6, 2014

deduction of payment from my debit card without a ticket

We booked to fro tickets between Hyderabad and allahjabad for the days of 9th and 13 of October. I used the ICICI (No.4667 3163 0506 6561 Name. Victor Luther Paul Nakka ) debit card for payment for the two tickets we booked the payment was recieved three times on the day of 27th September 2014 for an amount of 1,648.71. for each ticket . Kindly see that the amount is debited three times for the Two Tickets we booked (From Secunderabad to Allahabad and on 9th Oct with PNR No.430057618 and the return ticket on 13th Oct PNR NO.6334107601 ) Kindly see that the amount without issueing a ticket be refunded .
at the earloiest for which act of generosity i will be thankful to you

Yours sincerely
Victor Luther Paul Nakka

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