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CBSE Class 12 board exams

Uttar Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about CBSE Class 12 board exams

Apr 28, 2015


Dear cbse ,
Every Child aspires to do well. By studying and performing well in the exams!
But we are not born with that fate !alas!
Since the start we were told that ncert is your bible and practice ten year and you are there .. For sure!!
But how many of us could imagine that things shall be upside down !
Busines stidies , Eco , english. Maths were. Disastrous !
For a student whose sole ambition was to get into a good college .. I sorry to say you ruined it ..they were not only our dreams but with it were attrached our parents aspirations !
I hope there is someone among cbse to spare time and read this ! Otherwise ......what has happened till now shall continue !
#2015 batch #
Stressed Boy
Apr 25, 2015


please make all students pass in all subjects.
Vipul Adams Christopher
Apr 21, 2015

Psychology Board Exam 2015

Respected Sir/Maam

This is in refrence to the psychology exam held on 20/04/2015.

Question no. 14 & 25 from Set 4 were highly confusing, and most of the students face problems in understanding what the question actualy said . Question no. 25 in particular could have an open ended answer. With utmoast respect and lots of hope, I request you to show concern on the same. So that we all can be evaluated accordingly.
kaur simi
Apr 21, 2015

chemistry 2015

grave marks should be given in chemistry class 12
sarthak gaur
Apr 21, 2015

Psychology exam

Respected sir/maam,this note is in reference to the yesterday's psychology exam.sir/maam I want to show my concern regarding 14 que of set 4 psychology question paper .This question was highly confusing as lots of children get confused with characteristics and goal which is written under same heading and implying similar meaning.As asked by psychology teachers they also approved to the children's concern.so I would like that you should look upon it as a part of our concern
Thanking you

Yours truly
Psychology student
sarthak gaur
Apr 21, 2015

problem regarding 14 question of psychology paper

Sir ,with due respect I would say that in this years psychology question paper set 4 question 14 was highly confusing. As admitted by various students as well as psychology teachers too.
Students get confused and written goals which is similar to the question asked.
Thus its my humble request to u to please consider this answer.

Thankig you
Yours truly
A psychology student
Apr 20, 2015

Psychology exam cbse 2105

Sir this year two questions in psychology 2015 exam were confusing question number 14 and 25... I request the CBSE to please take a note of it and kindly do respond to it as soon as possible..
Apr 20, 2015


I'm happy DAT I HV chosen commerce stream.. I hav done my level best dis exam. BT still I do not HV d satisfaction fr either of d subjects.. I feel I could HV performd better. Accounts actually was too lengthy BT I could at least attempt all d questions. Please teachers do consider our papers properly. V don't wana loose hope. We all HV worked rely hard to go through d exams wel and v wana come out wit flying colours.. Thankq
tanya gupta
Apr 18, 2015

economics and physics

Dear cbse, I am a pcm economics student. First, the time table was harsh for us as we had only 1 day leave for economics and in the 5 days given to us for maths, we couldn't manage time for economics.Secondly, the paper has such twisted questions. Economics paper is anyways always lengthy and tough to complete and added to that we had to face such difficult questions! About physics, such a lengthy and tough paper it was! Please dont ignore our situation and do something that protects our interest! Thanks a lot
Tanya gupta
kaur simi
Apr 18, 2015


please give grace marks in chemistry class 12 as this year the paper pattern has been changed
Apr 17, 2015


well I am expecting 88 marks in maths ,i was badly in one integration question and had to drop it,other marks may go due to some silly mistakes which i had commited due to intense pressure of completing the paper,
So,i wanted to ask is there any grace markings for 80 above scorers as we guys have prepared for 95+ and this 80+ score will ruin our %
kaur simi
Apr 16, 2015

physics chemistry maths

sir/mam please give grace marks in physics chemistry and maths .please save our future.
Apr 15, 2015

Maths Paper 2015

Dear Sir/Madam

No doubt everybody felt Maths paper CBSE was tough, I would like to bring it to your notice that nobody looking at our marks in say, 2019 will ever know 'Class 12 CBSE Math paper was the toughest in the ten years and that the whole country found it tough'

They'll think 'You cant apply your mind'

Please keep this in mind. Also, a good student would've become jittery looking at the paper. How would you assess our knowledge of maths under such drastic change in paper pattern? (We expected it to be from the NCERT only)

Why should you consider my opinion?

The average age of a student is about 17 , when marks matter, we deserve it.
reenu bindra
Apr 14, 2015

physical education

Dear sir why so many changes with physical education syllabus.No book is available in market .lntimation of the changes is very late.cBse should print their pn book like ncert.sif please give 20mark game to write in paper so the children can score more .present syllabus is easy for science students bt difficult for others .changes should be in favor of the child no univarsity lnclude physical education as in best of3or 4.kindlh consider to it
Kartik .12
Apr 12, 2015


Enterpreneurship paper is very difficult to solve the paper .students does known about new patern . This unfair about cbse no students no about new patern . Their playing game with students life . All the fault is cbse patern . Kindly in future rember to tell students about patern of paper will come in boards will help them to get good marks. I am very annoyed cbse patern this year. Please check the liant checking .
Apr 7, 2015

the difficulty level varied enormously from one set to another!

Humanities students need to score really very high marks to get into a good college. However the papers this year were so tough that almost everyone is complaining! What seemed to be unfair is that the difficulty level varied in papers like political science. Speaking about political science, one of the 6 marks questions(Q.23) was sketched from the 'boxes' from within a chapter...which was OK had it been the case in all the sets. But what CBSE did was wrong! only in one set(3rd) that particular 6 mark question had an option which was ALSO from another box from that very chapter (I mean is that how options are given....from the same chapter..?....... in a subject with 19 lessons?!!!!!) .All these years questions from those 'boxes' have come only for 1/2 marks...but this year it came for 6 marks! What hurt most is that the other sets had the same question BUT the options there were from plain text of that/some other chapter! Now, as obvious the case is, the ones who got 1st/2nd set could answer that question while we who got the 3rd set were the unlucky ones! CBSE was expected to be fair enough! Plus, why put Sociology the very next day after physical education??? For a subject of 15 chapters we didn't even have 10 hours to revise! sociology is not a subject where if one knows the concept one can appear for a test without studying even for a day! no matter how much we study the entire session we need atleast one day to revise a theoretical sub like sociology! We would be obliged if answer scripts are checked keeping in mind the above stated issues!!!
Apr 7, 2015


Accountancy Board 2015
God why did I choose CBSE? I just wanted decent percentage and wanted to do animation, multimedia and all that stuff as my profession but after giving my pre-board exams in my school I felt that my performance is ok and I am doing fine in my all subjects (Accountancy, business studies, economics, computer science, English)..then after giving the 2st board exam of commerce “Business studies” I realised something that CBSE main aim is to refine the best and dispose the rest they want all the average and not to mention the below average student to just fail or hardly pass them if they are lucky enough to obtain 30% or so, but otherwise they have no future no life…they are worthless youth of our nation! That is what they think and want. The business studies exam was not only 70-75% H.O.T.S Questions it was also a surprise for many student in our school,(B.K.V.V,Nagpur) we weren’t informed or told CBSE neglected the fact that India is a developing country and everybody doesn’t have internet facility or check online 2 months before exam about the stupid ***ing change in the Question paper pattern !!!!!!!!! and top of that they Killed me in accountancy…the subject is already difficult for me but I put my all strength and studied hard for my board exams then the paper was again a surprise for me very lone, tricky and very difficult and I hoped to have a decent life in my country doing a decent job nothing much but they took my smallest dreams and trashed it because there are millions of student Appling the exams and they just want the best of them they hate rest of them that makes their parents hate them ,that makes there family hate them, that makes there friends hate them, that makes there teachers hate them, that makes themselves hate them…if I had chance to go back in time I would not choose to study harder because I know my capacity I studies hard my level best still could not achieve what I they wanted I would fix the biggest mistake of my life choosing CBSE for my 11-12th It’s all my fault I choose I suffer I live till the day of my result because till then it like a time bomb ticking, countdown, till then I can still enjoy, happy in my life knowing the everything is going to change I live for seeing the happiness in my mom, dads eyes that there son has grown up, researching for best collages and best future and to see him succeed in his life but the truth they don’t know that all the happiness and there beloved son will be no more in few days ….sorry mom,dad,my all loved ones I made a bad decision now you all have to suffer with the concussions , sorry it had to end this way, sorry for my unforgivable mistake….but remember one thing C.B.S.E KILLED ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Prashasti SIngh
Apr 7, 2015

Physics Board exam 2015

Regarding PHYSICS EXAM (2015) - 12th SCIENCEDear Sir/Madam,I want to bring the miserable conditions of 12th class - SCIENCE students in limelight. This year's physics question paper was just like a nightmare for all of us. The questions were not tough, but it was quite lengthy, which made it tough. None of us could complete it in 180 minutes. Well, the paper cannot be called "scoring". It's not like we didn't study. Who won't study for boards? All of us knew that the pattern had been changed. But, none of the sample papers provided by you (CBSE) match with the type of questions that were there in the question paper.You must have given us at least one sample paper which included the so-called application-based questions.We had no idea regarding the type of questions that were there in our hands at 10:15 am on 9th March, 2015.Please think about us, too. Despite of worrying about the war between INDIA and PAKISTAN for KASHMIR and the tie-up between INDIA and AMERICA, consider our situation. You broke our dreams - that we had in our eyes when we were in 11th class. Either conduct a RE-TEST (with "SENSIBLE" questions) or give us at least 5 grace marks.Please stop harassing the students mentally. Wow! Did you ban physical punishment of students to give a start to a new kind of punishment, MENTAL PUNISHMENT?Physical punishment can be treated, but mental punishment, WILL LEAVE US PARALYSED, mentally!
Richard Rajesh
Apr 6, 2015



This year's Accountancy paper was extremely difficult and too lengthy. Most of the students could not complete the paper. An average student surely needed more than four hours for completing the paper.

Please consider giving grace marks and correction/marking should be very lenient.

Apr 6, 2015

Easy Accounts paper

All people complaining about accounts clearly didn't study properly. It was a good difficulty and a bit long. Not long that you can't complete it. No need for grace marks. Thank You. #YOLO
ajit raj
Apr 6, 2015


Cbse should set the accounts question paper according to the time given to students as it was too lengthy and time consuming to answer hope copies would be checked leniently and grace mark would be given
Deep 007
Apr 6, 2015


Sir today exam was so difficulty & too lengthy only 40 marks paper was attempted by most of the students so I request plz conduct exam again or give grace marks if it doesn't than conduct exam again plz it's humble request
Apr 6, 2015

tough paper of physics,chemistry and maths

dear cbse
this time due to pattern change we face a lot of trouble so plz do a linent checking
Apr 6, 2015


I would like to bring it to your notice that ACCOUNTANCY paper was too lengthy and difficult .
I couldn't complete even a single question . 3 - 4 marks question took about 15 - 20 minutes to complete . this was not at all expected ......

We need LENIENT checking ..... it really matters our entrance to good colleges .
Nayanditya Pradhan
Apr 3, 2015

tough commerce papers including bst, eco,!!

Shocked to see the business papers amd economics..too lengthy and too tough..I just want the cbse authorities to give grace marks and do linient checking for all the commerce papers..its not fair for the commerce students having too short gap and getting too lengthy and tough papers.,, english paper was also very lengthy..you all have to think about the average students too. How we all get the good colleges this year. You all ruined our dreams and our career.we are not able to get percentage in 80s only how can we get admission in good colleges.you alk have to give grace marks alobg with lineant checking otherwise this year many deaths will be commited by students.give due importance to business, economics, english as well as accountancy and msths.

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