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CBSE Class 12 board exams

Uttar Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about CBSE Class 12 board exams

rakesh mahata
May 28, 2015

recheck my physics copy

Sir/madam it is my humble request to cbse to checked my physics copy again because i expected 88 marks but i get only 76 marks my roll is 6632388
Nazish mohd
May 28, 2015

maths english chemistry physics

i have got only 68% in my 12 result which is very very low as per my expectation i am one of the topper of my school so i request you to re check my all copies plzz plzz
my roll no is=7610376 school code is=08124 center no =7032
May 28, 2015


i am totally not satisfy with the marks in math. They are playing with our emotions and our future i got good marks in all subject
but i got 57 marks in math which has not satisfied me. this subject down my percentage which has not supposed.
first they have played with us with out syllabus question paper and second they have not decided to take math's exam again
and now they give us this totally disgusting
name -suheena
arti rajput
May 27, 2015

re correction of maths paper

My average marks of 4 subject is 66 but my score in maths is just 13 which is very dissappointing.My paper was not so good but atleast passing marks were expected.Failing in one subject has close doors of colleges for admission.My marks in maths just can't be 13.It should be more than passing.
My roll no. is 1608179 and centre no. is 1045.
May 27, 2015

put grace marks in maths

respected examiners please reevaluate my maths paper i was expecting 70+ i got only 33 marks please dont play in my future i have attended all the questions and i have good marks other subjects and in english i got only 77 i was expecting 85 hear my plea my roll no. is 4610636 i hope for a good response from you i have been constantly blamed by my parents i cant eat,sleep and lead a normal life because of this sir/madam pleaserecheck my paper
Nikkon Banerjee
May 27, 2015

Physical education

I shall be highly obliged to you if you kindly recheak my physical education paper . I have got extremely poor marks .My of the below average students have got95 marks which is totally unjustified and unexpected.it is the question of my career as well as it will severly hamper my career.please re evaluate my paper
depress student
May 27, 2015

maths and PHE

ear CBSE ...

We came to know about PHE that u have given the average marks to PHE students .... because the copies were lost ....

And also no grace marks were awarded in maths ...

What is this yar.... dun't u think u r llaying with the students future.... how much this 12th marksheet mean to us ....

U r spoiling our future.... aftr all this I think that ISC is far better then CBSE .... !!

This is injustice and u know that we people cant do anything ....

Please re check my copies again for maths and PHE ...

I just got 60 marks in PHE and 65 in maths..

Name : asmita
Mob no. : 70732684818
Email : asmitatiwari912@gmail.com
May 27, 2015

The Marking Pattern

Is this how cbse does checking? Child leaving questions worth more than 20 marks is being awarded 95 and one who has written answers correctly for more than 95 is being given 85?
I have being scoring highest marks in physics in all the exams conducted in school, whatever tough the level used to be. And now it doesn't even match to the children who used to fail in the subject. Those failed scored 86-87% and we have lost. Want my physics, maths and physical education paper to be reCHECKED by some good teacher who is in correct mood.
May 27, 2015

Business studies

Aayushman Shandilya
May 27, 2015


Respected CBSE,

I want my maths paper to be revaluated properly because i have just got 13 marks in it! As promised by cbse that grace marks will be given, i dont think that i have been awarded with grace marks. in my class the most weak student, who has failed all times in mathematics in maths exam in school examinations has passed with 33 marks by only attempting the questions! i think students have not got the grace equally ! my 4 to 5 questions are wholly correct and attempted every question in paper and i have not got the marks for them too. I have been selected in 4 colleges. but the unfair and unequal corrections in maths exam and not giving the grace marks has closed all the doors of colleges. I want grace marks in revaluation because i have not been awarded by grace marks. as news in the websites , in set three of maths paper the question 26 of maths exam was incorrect so the for that should also be given. Atleast pass me in mathematics examination! My future is in your hands ppl! Please pass me and I will remember you people my whole life. I am writing you to you people for the 5th time! please do something productive by rechecking/revaluating the paper lenienty and award the grace marks! According to me i have scored good marks in other subjects and my whole result got spoilt by maths marks ! damn 13 marks! I know the work is done manually and mistakes can happen! so please look forward to this issue of mine! thats all i have to say!

A Sad Student.
MOBILE NO-9950343058
Roll no.-1668310
School No.-16069
Centre No.-1369
Revaluation Paper Code-041(MATHEMATICS)
$onal $harma
May 27, 2015

Revaluation of papers

Respected sir/mam,
I am really upset and cannot even get out of the shock of my result even after 3 days of the declaration of result.I have not even thought in my dream that I can get such marks. I am not talking of any particular subject it`s a case with all the subjects.I have only secured 83.4% whereas i have expected above 90% and may be more than that.I am the topper of my class, always got 1st rank but this time I don`t think that i am even being counted in top 10 .The students from whom I am 100 times better have got 89,90,91& so on. Is this fair?????no........never. Has CBSE really decided to ruin the future of them who are the future of our INDIA. My marks are as follows:
ACCOUNTANCY-expected 98 got 92, PHYSICAL EDUCATTION - expected 99 got 90, ENGLISH- expected 97 got 90, BUSINESS STUDIES- expected 99 got 82,ECONOMICS- expected 95 got 63.Is anything really now left to tell you that from which condition I am suffering nowadays.
It is my humble request to CBSE to please recheck my papers.I know it`s not that easy so please atleast get recheck my papers of economics and business. I am really disappointed and not satisfied with my marks.So please pay attention and send the reply fast on my email id mentioned below.
My details are as follows:
Roll no. 2710199
Area/city; malout, punjab
Email: sonalnksharma@gmail.com
Mobile no. 7508573408
Anupriya Chaudhary
May 27, 2015


I am not satisfied at all with my marks in eco.In preboards I performed really well then how can I get only 12 marks this is disgusting even my classmates who is not good than me in studies and always scored less marks than me passed the exam how can I fail I don't even understand your way of checking for some students you give more marks then they deserve and for some you don't even pass them when they have done the paper well I still can't believe I am fail so plz don't destroy my future because of one subject in and kindly recheck my paper and at least give me passing marks which I deserve plz save my future because of ur carelessness we have to suffer
My roll no is 5912266
Phone no is 9639912512
May 27, 2015


It's a humble request to you that please give me grace marks in maths. I don't think that I have been awarded any grace marks in maths, I have only got 43 marks , which is very low due to which I am facing problem in admission in even those collage's in which I have qualified they are asking for at least 60% marks in PCM but I have only 58.67% .
My CBSE roll is 4628762
Anu jain (annu)
May 27, 2015

hindi core/English core

Respected sir/madam I am not satisfied my marks of Hindi core as well as English core as per my perfomace I was expected more than 90% in above both subjects,but unfortunately I got 81 in Hindi & 84 in English every teacher does his/her best towards students but a little bit mistake gives sadness to the student so you are requested to please check again my marks of above both subjects I shall be very thankful to you

My Roll No.is 5908567
My phone No is 9897341262
May 27, 2015


i m really disappointed with my economics marks as i was a school topper in class 11 and continued to score above 90 in my preboard exams ...but cbse has given me only 91.........i expected atleast 96 and looking at my classmates result m doubtful whether the xam has been checked correctly or not...even those student who had committed mistakes of 6 or 7 marks have been awarded 95 ....i have put my paper on rechecking but find no hope...
May 27, 2015

No Grace marks in Maths

I appeared for CBSE additional subject exam this year & was awarded 13 marks in my paper,
Kindly recheck my paper as I feel I should be at least be awarded the minimum pass marks as the paper was very tough
Conducting an Improvement exam will be even better as most of the students are not satisfied with their marks
My Roll number is 6628686
chitrali paul
May 27, 2015

maths and computer

My daughter has never got so low marks in computer and maths.can it be rechecked again and if i give for review can you assure me that marks will not change?
May 26, 2015


CBSE im really sad ........In my school handicapped students got more marks than students who really studied well....if students who took extra time, if they are really handicapped is it ok we shud be kind to them....but actually students who took extra tym dey re not handicapped . schools really make u fool my dear cbse inorder to get more pass rating for their school . For schools to get 100% success and keep up the name of the school they made even non-handicapped students to attend the exam by claiming they are handicapped , and they scored above 80% and this makes us students who studied well "FOOLS" .Those students who got digit mark at the time of every model exam they scored more than 90 eventhough they re not eligible to score that much mark ..again making us "FOOLS". therefore students who studied well and thier mark doesnt come up to tht range which ,chances of getting admission is very low .so next time cbse be "CAREFUL"!! first cbse hs to evaluate the students who claim they are handicapped are handicap itslf..and dnt b soo liberal to them it really affect us.. if being liberal we also deserve it.

ECONOMICS - the students who scored digit mark at the time of model times...scored above 70 or atleast passed in the exam..but students who scored around 70 mark in eco during models thy evn failed fo ths board and i heard mny got just "14" mark..is there a problem with the checker? plz do consider it and dnt play with thier lyf.
soumya barve
May 26, 2015

re valuation of certain subjects answer sheet

Respected sir/mam,
I am really very upset and undergoing depression after seeing my 12th board results.Firstly I am shocked to see that I scored only 09 marks in chemistry and it is next to impossible and in biology I scored only 40 marks and as per I wrote my paper I was expecting 55+ in bio n 40+ in chemistry and also I expected 80+ in english but I only scored 73 which is hilarious.I mean how the board members and council authorities are doing such type of paper correction, you people should check papers keeping in mind that the future of lakhs of students are in your hands.Whole year we students study hard keeping everything aside so that at the end of the year at the time of board exams we can give our 100% which is the biggest turning point of our lives, but it seems that you people who are given the responsibility of our paper correction are taking it very causually, at the end of my comlaints which will never end I heartly request the board authorities and the council members to plzzzzzzzzz re-check my chem,bio,and english papers and plzz give me passing marks in chem. my future is in your hands please,please do the needfull and increase my marks in the subjects mentioned above.
I hope you will undestand my situation n will consider my perusal.My roll.no. is- 6645144


May 26, 2015


CBSE ..........I was expected to get more than 50 but i got only 14 im really sad .....dont make us fool cbse ......u re plying with my future ...becz of ure negligence nd cruelty do not destroy my life........those m who took extra times for exam got much more better than us .....y u do this y u re so liberal to them.....oll re students .......i want to get more marks.....
i dint expect dis mrk at oll.....DIS IS TOO MUCH....IM gong to do revluation ...pls pls i beg u be liberal to us .....
May 26, 2015

practical of sociologyand buisness study for private candidate

iam private candidate who appear through cbse for 12th class2015
my comlaint about practical of buisness study and sociology
cbse never given us date of practical now they are saying that practical marks already included in your total mark this is the procesor of cbse
in regular student they bi frigate the marks theory marks are seprate withe practical marks
but in private candidate cbse never show bifrication this is totaly wrong
you pl cleryfy this
ministry of education
z news
my email
naggar2222@gmail.com pn 9810627373
riya regina
May 26, 2015

class 12 chemistry paper

Dear sir, I request you to kindly recheck my chemistry CBSE paper. Its really shocking that i got just 007 marks in theory paper. This was the second time i had given my boards.
My future is there in your hands sir. I request you to recheck it as really i dont deserve so less marks, i worked so hard and prepared for it.Please , recheck my paper again carefully.
Abhishek Rajora
May 26, 2015

english & business studies

respected teachers....I am not satisfied with my marks in board exam so I requested to you please re-check my English & business paper.....my roll no. is 9688449 & my mobile no. is 8130074473......please
May 26, 2015


I Am Not Expecting My Marks Too Bad In Maths I Got Just 14 Marks In Maths I am Sure That I Scored More Than 60 Marks In Maths Pls I Resquest To Recheck My Maths Paper. And This Year CBSE Has Made Paper Very Tough I Request You Pls CBSE Atlest Give Me Passing Marks In Maths My All Future Depnds On Maths Mark I Scored Good In PHY & CHE Iam Just Requesting You To Pls Give Me Marks In Maths. I an Sending A Revalution Form For Rechecking Of My Maths Answer Sheet. PLS CBSE PLS REQUESTING YOU TO PLS ATLEST GIVE ME PASSING MARKS IN MATHS. REQUESTING YOU PLS CBSE PLS DO THIS. I WILL REMEMBER YOU ALL IN MY FUTURE AS MY LIFE SAVIOUR.

Roll No.-6635742
Name- Rohit Sahu
Deepak kumar Thakur12
May 26, 2015

recheck my math copy

Dear sir/madam I perform better in all subject but in maths not so i request to board,please recheck my maths copy...my roll no.is7601069...please sir give attention

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