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CBSE Class 12 board exams

Uttar Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about CBSE Class 12 board exams

Feb 21, 2017

Denied of Admit card

I am the student of 12 standard bio group, silver line school Ghaziabad. I have been a regular and dilligent student. Exams are round the corner. But school administration has shown a poor standard by denying me of my admit card. They told me you are not allowed to take admit card as your performance is not upto the mark. It is bullish. I am the second topper of my class. This all developments is going on due to some personal grievances. Please take cognizance of this matter kindly contact school administration to dispense my admit card as soon as possible. Ritika Singh
Feb 20, 2017

School harassment for admit card of class12

Guru Nanak mission public school at Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh is harassing several students by not giving them admit card.
One psychic teacher wants money from students.
Jan 27, 2017

insufficient time for revision

I am student of class 12 from science stream. Exam of chemistry is held on 25th March,2017 and next exam held on 27th March,2017 of computer science .

Only one daye leave for prepration .It's very difficult for revise two books of computer science in one day.Every student of computer are upset for the the insufficient time for prepration.

Please change the date of computer exam for good prepration of all student.

Thank you
Jatin Sapra
Jan 27, 2017

accounts exam- no sufficient leave

Sir please change the date of accounts exam as we the non maths students of commerce section are only getting 1 day leave for its preparation. We have our ip exam on 27th march 2017 and then accounts exam on 29th march 2017. 1 day leave is not enough. Even the revision of all 3 books of accounts is not possible in one single day.
Please extend the date of accounts exam. And i think there will not be any problem for extending it because the next exam of commerce stream will be on 12th april i.e. of physical education. And then on 17th i.e. of eco.
so u have plenty of days to extend the accounts exam.
Please change it.. please.... dont ruin the future of computer students of commerce section!!
Dishant thakur
Jan 12, 2017

Requesting to change date of cs exam

I am from tc dav public school, Babrala. I want amendment in date of class 12. Since we are getting only one day holiday in comp sc exam so we are not able to focus on other subjects. Due to which we are very much stressed and not able to concentrate.
So, I request you to increase holiday in cs exam.
Jacob jose
Jan 11, 2017

Cbse computer board exam date

Sir,I am a student of xii grade ,studing in St Alphonsa English medium school ,Aruvitra ,kottayam kerala.
I am filing this complaint as a representative of the whole computer science students in our school.
The computer science exam date was really disappointing as we get only a Sunday for revision . We need to concentrate on chemistry ,maths ,physics on February and wou't get any time for computer.
Please extent the days to minimum two days.
I hope that the board can understand our situation and will take immediate action.i. Believe that you could help us.
Jacob jose
Jan 11, 2017

Cbse board computer exam date2016

Sir,I am a student of xii grade ,studing in St Alphonsa English medium school ,Aruvitra ,kottayam kerala.
I am filing this complaint as a representative of the whole computer science students in our school.
The computer science exam date was really disappointing as we get only a Sunday for revision . We need to concentrate on chemistry ,maths ,physics on February and wou't get any time for computer.
Please extent the days to minimum two days.
I hope that the board can understand our situation and will take immediate action.i. Believe that you could help us.
Oct 5, 2016

St.xaviers school wrote in leaving certificate not good in conduct and problematic child in remark.

Respected Sir,

I am a student of St.Xavier's school, age 17 years old. I have a major problem regarding my education. My need is urgent.

I used to study in St. Xavier's High school, I have completed my 11th grade from there and I was in 12th grade. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish my 12th grade in St. Xavier's because I was kidnapped FROM the school. School has no security

Before I got kidnapped, The kidnapper used to blackmail me using social networking sites. He was a skilled hacker. In the beginning, there was mild blackmailing and with the time, it got elevated. They became severe and life-threatening soon enough. Since I was so humiliated and frightened by his blackmailing, I didn't have the courage to tell ANYONE. Not even my own family. He also told me to act normally, and he said if I failed to do it, then he would know and he would try to do something against me. That's why, I told my friend at school indirectly about his hacking, but no one took it seriously. They thought I was not serious about it. Maybe because of my indirect tone.

But where did that truth get me? My life has been ruined. I couldn't go my own school because of humiliation. That's why, we went to the school administrative and principal for acquiring a leaving certificate. They gave it to us, but they wrote "problematic child" in the remark and "not good" in the conduct section. What is this? Does the school think I will get an admission anywhere with these statements in my leaving certificate? If yes, then they are delusional. They know that I won't get admission anywhere.That's why, they wrote it. What will they get by ruining my life? I am not getting admission anywhere.

I thought everyone has the right to get an education. Am I right? Even mentally retarded kids are encouraged to get aneducation.Then why am I held back? I hope you get the point. You can ask around and ask my friends and family about my academic skills. I am very ambitious about my goals and career. Now, all I can see is my dreams falling in fragments.

The main thing is that the culprit is not getting affecting with all of this, but the victim is. Is it right? I have not committed a crime, but Aman has. He's going to school regularly and his education is going just fine. Here I am at home without a source of education. Why? Is it because of my gender? Just because he's a boy and underaged, he's living his life normally. Just because I am a girl and underaged, I can't live my life normally and being at home without an education. I hope you see these to spectrums of life. There's a huge difference between these two life. Do you think this is lawful and right?

Please help me. It's about my whole life. So, please assist me.
Sep 14, 2016

Not received the Mark Sheet of Class XII of Private Candidate 2015-16

Respected Sir,
I am a Private Candidate of Class 12th, session 2015-16. My Roll no-5648247 and School no-99999. I have received the Compartment Mark Sheet of class 12th via post in June, 2016. I gave the Compartment Exam and I have Passed the Exam, the result of it declared on 5th, August 2016. but the Regional office of CBSE Allahabad did not send my Mark Sheet and Pass Certificate because I checked the Post Office and confirmed that they did not received it.

I hope you will look at the Problem and Provide me the Mark Sheet and Pass Certificate so that I can took admission in Graduation for which I am already very Late.I request the authorities to provide me the Information.I shall be highly grateful to you for this act of Kindness.

Email ID- singh.vivek1094@gmail.com
Aug 7, 2016


I never expected 39 in economics i was given my paper for rechecking in 2013 but nothing could happened i wanna recheck my paper in front of me otherwise i'll call to cops i'm totally disappointed by cbse... School code-65329
Roll No=9127470
Manav Public School
Aug 4, 2016

Wrong grading in +2 DMC

Respected Sir
My following grading is wrong in DMC.
042 PHYSICS 68 C1

My Board Roll No is - 2686827
My School Code is - 04593
Palak Bajaj
Jul 28, 2016

marks upgradation

Respected sir,
I Palak d/o Ashok Kumar want to complain regarding my economics marks upgradation. I applied for re-evaluation and my marks increased from 75 to 84 . I submitted my marksheet at cbse office,Panchkula by hand and received the new one.But I came to know that u still have not upgraded my marks on your website. I have to face so many difficulties in my admission so I request you to please upgrade my marks in economics within a few days. I hope u'll understand my situation and take action as soon as possible.



Roll no. 2623540

School affiliation code 20533
Ramesh ladhe
Jul 16, 2016

By money some people pass

Respected Sir,
Some people by giving a lot of money they can pass the exam by giving freedom from the teacher side.So the Student by cheating pass the exam.
So, I request you to take an action on it which is done in Cbse comparment paper in korba region.
krish agarwal
Jul 3, 2016

Not recieve the photocopy of answer book

Respected Sir/Mam I Krishna Agarwal s.o Rajeev Agarwal i have applied on 6th june,2016 for three sub.i.e Economics,English,Informatic Practices{12}class but till date 3-7-2016 i have not recieve the photocopy of above mentioned subjects.
Roll No=5604616
Application No=R51457
email id=rajeev.06.agarwal@Gmail.com
47 varun singh
Jun 29, 2016


I got 30 in my practicals from school
but thers 24 written in my result
tell me
to do now
Jun 29, 2016

Regarding Marking by School


My son Dev Joshi, appeared in 10th CBSE exams, in March 2016, his Roll no. 4142728, date of birth 29/05/2000, school no. 06866, centre no. 4698, Mother name: VANITA JOSHI. We want to know about the copies of the exams appeared, as my son is eligible and by mistake he has not been provided the grades SA correctly by the school, he cleared FA all exams. Please let us know the marks given by the school, as they did not disclose.Even he got 39 in maths, why is he

My another complaint is whether he has to appear for FA and SA both or only SA


please reply,


my email- joshi.vanita@yahoo.in
Satendra Pandit
Jun 29, 2016

Correct father name of student

I am Sunny Kumar bearing admit card roll number 2614158. I did 12th examination in 2016 and my result published on May 2016. Sir, there was a great mistake in my marksheet. My father's name presented on the marksheet is Satyender Pandit but the correct name of my father is SATYENDRA PANDIT. Sir please rectify this error as soon as possible.

Thanking You,

Sunny kumar
roll no-2614158
Navya Bagga
Jun 24, 2016

Cbse revaluation

I gave my economics and english paper for revaluation. When I compared my answers with the marking scheme , I was elated as all my answers matched with the marking scheme.
But to my suprise no change was made in my engliah paper. Whereas only 2 marks increased in my economics paper.I was expecting a 95 in english and 99 in economics.
But now all my hopes are shattered and I feel betrayed by cbse.Often less meritorious students are awarded extra marks and students who seriously study are not awarded the marks they deserve

It is really very very disheartening!!!
Pls do take some remedial action cbse, it is high time!

Save the future of India!
Ayush Juneja
Jun 24, 2016


I have given my class 12th exams in 2016. I am not satisfied with my economics result. I was expecting 95+ in Economics but got only 85. I had applied for photocopy of answer sheet and I was surprised to see the evaluation done by the teacher. There was one numerical of 4 marks, that numerical is 100% correct and is matching with marking scheme but the teacher has given only 3 marks for that numerical. How a teacher can cut marks in numerical when it is 100% correct. And in some other questions also evaluation is done like this only. Economics marks ruined my overall percentage. I don't know how the teacher had checked my economics exam. Totally unsatisfied with CBSE evaluation of economics. I request you to please take some measures. I will be thankful to you.

Cbse Roll No.- 2600240

School Code- 20451
niharika singh 31
Jun 23, 2016

correcion of year

respecter sir/madm...
i have completed my 12 class last year ie 2015 but ive got compartment in one subject and ive cleaed that exam in 2016... in marksheet year is 2016 but online it is showig my result in 2015.. whats this?? i dont get it..... have you put wrong year on my marksheet.......
Jun 20, 2016

regarding grades

Repsected Sir,
I inform u earlier that My grades are wrong but no action taken place .
Its my humble request you to please check and correct. it.
roll no.- 7627202
school no.- 08206
Jun 19, 2016



The entire reevaluation process has proved to be a money-making process.Students are being cheated into spending 2000 rupees in a reevaluation procedure that is fake. Having seen the photocopy of my English class 12 answer book, I was convinced of getting at least 95 instead of 80. In my entire career as a student I have never scored below 93 in English: in class 10 ICSE, I scored 95.4 with 94 in English. The answer book that I see before me confirms the fact,against any student's expectation, that it was checked by a Science drop-out who, in an attempt to vent his depravity, sought to disparage my deserved marks. But the most appalling fact is that the entire re-evaluation process has turned out to be a means for a group of avaricious, self-insinuating and callous people in authority, to extract money from innocuous students; for, the only message the the re-evaluation window displays is- "NO MISTAKE FOUND IN SUBJECT(S) APPLIED". As many sites express, I am merely amongst the thousands of students who feel themselves cheated by a supposed sacred educational body. The complaints lodged in Save Education have been deleted in an attempt to suppress the truth.
Jun 17, 2016

want to recheck my answer sheet now

Sir ,
I got only 86 marks in english which is not upto my expectations. I want to recheck my answer sheet. But
I was not aware about rechecking last date due to some reasons. I want to recheck my cbse answer sheet class 12 of english now. Please help me. I shall be very thankful to you. Please sir this will affect my future. Hoping for a prompt and positive reply .

Name- saloni
Class- 12
Roll no. -2611299
Jun 17, 2016

want to recheck my answer sheet now

Sir ,
I was not aware about rechecking last date due to some reasons. I want to recheck my cbse answer sheet class 12 of english now. Please help me. I shall be very thankful to you.
faiza aden
Jun 16, 2016


Dear cbse


I would like to register for appearing re-exam with the compartment students. But,I did not fail but wanted to improve since my marks are considered as fail according to the rules of the country that I am living in. I got 48 in Accountancy. Please look after this matter at the earliest. Reply as soon as possible .
Thank you .

Faiza Aden Abshir
My roll no- 9106715
email- laizaaden15@gmail.com

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