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Consumer complaints and reviews about CBSE

Aug 3, 2015

related to ctet result feb 2015

Sir/mam i give ctet feb dated 22/2/15
the result also come on 1/4/15
and im qualified getting 100 marks when i check my result on your website but my result and certificate regarding result not come at my address which i filled in form so i have to face a lot of problem due to this uncertanity i request cbse official to brought this result at my address h no 956 sec 3 rohtak haryana pin code 124001
my roll no 03028572
reg no 50141918
dob 14/11/1992
contact no 8570063906
Jul 23, 2015

Complaint against Sub Standard of K.T.S Public School, Solan, Himachal. Affiliation code is 630064

It is to draw your kind attention towards Sub standard of K.T.S Public School, Solan, Giri Hills, Rajgarh-Sultanpur Road, Post Office-Oachghat,Solan, Himachal Pradesh, (India) 173223Himachal Pradesh.

1. No computer knowledge is imparted to students. They have computers which are very old and are not in working condition. Computer Lab is used for Official Purpose only and not for teaching.

2. Even a +2 student doesn’t know how to operate the computer.

3. Principal Dr. Mena sud has very poor knowledge of English. She has problem in using Has or Have.She doesn’t know the difference between Diary and Dairy. Her written English is very poor. She can’t even write proper Circular for the school herself independently. Surprisingly she is Triple M.A(Hindi, Sanskrit and History),B.Ed., and Ph.D.

4. Vice Principal Shupreet Singh is M.Phil, Ph.D. in Music but he is also having very poor English and ironical to say that he makes mistakes in writing about his Degree i.e Ph.D and M.Phil. He can also not write or Speak correct English.

5. Spellings are poor of both students and teachers. Junior class teacher Anjana has very poor spelling knowledge.

6. No regular or old teachers in the school. Even no teacher is there for full academic session. Because of rotation of the teachers , students’ base is poor.

7. No yoga there. Only Volley ball game is there where only a few senior students participate and same is with karate.

8. School is lacking in Sports, Academics and computers.

9.Even a +2 student can’t write proper English and can’t speak Proper English. Give them any topic and they can’t write themselves. Grammar part is very poor.

10. One Month’s salary of the teachers is retained along with their cheque book signing all the leafs. The Chairman Mr. Jatinder Singh Nindhi doesn’t let his teachers to work in his school for more than 2-3 months. He keeps their 1st month salary without signing any agreement or bond. He has a clever way in which the management pays salaries to the staff.

The clever practice is that the chairman Jatinder Singh Nindhi opens separate bank accounts for school teachers in a bank of his choice ,operate the individual accounts of teachers by retaining the cheque books of teachers by signing all the leafs of the cheque book. The teachers are asked to pay rs. 500 to open the account. The administrator Divesh himself goes to the bank with all the cheques. Withdraws the salary of the teachers and Chairman pays them salaries through cheques. But the amount credited in the individual accounts of teachers is actually withdrawn by the Chairman by getting cash cheques signed by the teachers simultaneously. The Chairman after withdrawing the entire cash pays the low amounts to teachers and others as salary and pocket the balance amount.

You are therefore requested to kindly investigate the matter to improve the standard of C.B.S.E Affiliated Schools. Test should be conducted for Teachers and Students along with Principal and Vice Principal Shupreet.

Thanking you and Looking forward to your timely action. I also request you to kindly with held my identity while processing the complaint.
Jul 23, 2015

Complaint Regarding Low Salary paid to the teachers in K.T.S Public School, Solan

My name is Vijaya, ex Residential teacher of K.T.S Public School, Solan , Giri Hills, Rajgarh-Sultanpur Road, Post Office-Oachghat,Solan, Himachal Pradesh, (India) 173223, worked there from 16th April 2015 -11th June 2015, as an English and Computer teacher foe classes 7th-12th.I want to draw your kind attention towards the fraudulent act of K.T.S School affiliation code is 630064 and Center Code is HP04391 for paying low salaries to its teachers. Even I didn’t get any salary till now.

Nursery Teachers are paid Rs. 1500 and Senior Teachers are paid upto Rs.7000 .The worst thing is that they charge Rs. 500 from the teachers to open their salary account and retain the passbook with them after getting it signed from the teachers. The higher amount is written on the cheque book and their administrator draws the salary from the bank and the teachers receive it in cash.

This is just a fraudulent act. And worst thing is that the teachers are not issued any appointment letters and no bound is signed from them and despite this they keep first month's salary as a security and also after 2-3 months they themselves create such adverse circumstances that their teachers are forced to leave the job. They keep their 1 month salary and then new appointments are made and again same procedure is followed.

As we know that CBSE gave strict instructions that the present method of school management and the principal operating the bank accounts of teachers must be stopped. Such methods would be viewed as criminal offence. In some private unaided CBSE schools, the management makes the teacher sign a bond to operate their accounts. When the cheque book is issued to teachers, the management will make them sign all leafs. When they remit the salary as per rules in the account of teachers, the management will withdraw the extra money. The teachers would be left with only meager amount of salary. CBSE warned of stern action against such managements. The teachers can open account in the bank as they wish. .

The affiliation of such schools should be cancelled. I also request you to kindly with held my identity while processing the complaint.
anjali chauhan 1009
Jul 23, 2015

complaint about result

Jb 10th ckass mai koi bhi schl 50% se km marks mai pass baccho ko admission nhi deta to unhey itne km marks mai pass krne ka mtlb hi kya hai
Jul 18, 2015

related to extra classes conducted in integrated programes

sir/ madam ;

we students are facing lot of problems regarding class timings in fiitjee integrated programmes. please give us a solution by reducing our class timings because they are making us stay till evening 8.00 pm. please help us in good will bases
Rakesh Kumar
Jul 17, 2015

related to ctet result feb 2015

I am Rakesh Kumar s|o mahadev mahto mother badamiya devi reg no. 50672436 roll. No. 00908953 d.o.b 15.02.1994. Exam date 22.02.2015 paper ii .my ctet result not be send by CBSE board. Due to this I will have to face a lot of problems so plz send my ctet result at the mentioned address. Rakesh Kumar s|o mahadev mahto .bill. Bhoktadih .p.o. Pandaypura.p.s. hunterganj dist. Chatra. Jharkhand . pin code.825401
Jul 16, 2015

wrong result

sir i had appeaared regional sports meet but then in my result i got b grade in sports and i had A1 in sst from fa1 to fa3 then why my final grade is a2 whyyyy my roll no is 5330804 please suggest some idea sir it is my life sirrr my phone number is 9410581359 . i know u cannot even take it seriously but please sir it depends on my life....
Aditya Sangvi
Jul 13, 2015

No Reason to Complain

This is just Ridiculous!!!!! the math paper was very easy.(math 2015) I don't understand why people are crying so much about the paper. I think they all want questions only from Ncert books only. That is the mentality of the so called 'brighter generation". I would like each one of these people who read this message to carefully analyse the questions in the math paper and compare them to our NCERT level concepts. The thing in life is to be able to face a challenge in the most demanding situation.
BUT on the other hand , there is definitely a gamble in the CBSE. My own friend got 95 in physics after attempting only for 70 marks . Here is the joke, he also made plan to suicide if he didn't pass in physics. He was just too lucky. This is definetely unfair to those people who worked their asses out and studied
saumya gupta
Jul 5, 2015


Sir my revaluation result come yesterday with increase in 10 marks in maths paper.It is mentioned in the result that mistake letter is sent. I just want to know when it will come and what is the procedure for getting new mark sheet.I am already a little late to get admission in delhi university.Will they give me admission without my new marksheet?. Also,jee main rank has come on the basis of old marks.It is my humble request to take this issue on priority and revise(update) jee main ranks and make provisions of uploading the new marksheet as soon as possible. My future is at stake.
My particulars are-
board roll no.-2672950
jee main roll-no.-13936288
email address-sweetsaumya18@gmail.com
Jul 3, 2015

Obsolete Syllabus

It is incomprehensible why the board continues to teach an archaic curriculum even in a subject such as web technology which is ever evolving. Please get over your anachrophilia, html 4 is decades old, it is not even supported anymore on many platforms. This unfortunately renders it's knowledge purposeless wasting 2 years of a students life Please update the syllabus.

N.B. For obvious reasons please DONT change the syllabus DURING ACADEMIC SESSION! It is extremely cumbersome and painful for the students.
Jul 1, 2015

teachers are like God so no problem

Now am satisfied so no problem.
I shouldnt be against my teachers....any thiny they do is for our welfare..
Thank you fir my teachers.😊😃😉
Jul 1, 2015

pl this is my life...10th..partiality by teachers ...out of portions

Jyothi Kendriya Vidyalaya-
Yelachenahally, Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078 Phone: 080 2632 1237
Sir this is my life sir
Teachers in our school do partiality in giving marks......give good marks to their favourite students...this is a problem of our whole class10th C...
Qnother problem is that teachers et paper which includes out of portions.
Ex- in science for Fa1 they have given maltose,fructose,proteoses,etc. Which is not even there in the NCERT book.
Just check yhe fa1 aper-2015-2016
This my life..........
Jun 30, 2015

cannot give exam due to fractured hand

My CBSE Roll no.2762631 Akshat Gupta recently appeared for +2 examination want to reappear in maths exam but cannot do so due to fractured hand so provide me some advise so that i can appear for my exam .
With regards.
Akshat Gupta
GMSSS Sector 23
Ketan Jatakia
Jun 30, 2015


Why is the CBSE board silent on the matter of JEE mains rank list? At least they should give a fix date and follow it. A message on the progress of the work can decrease the confusion it has created.Students are passing through various admission processes at state level, NITs , IITs and other private institutes. Understand the mental stress that students are facing and release the rank list AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!
Jun 30, 2015

JEE Main 2015

Why CBSE is delaying the ranklists again and again?
You people can tell us a fix date so that we are prepared for it and take admission in other colleges
unknownboy (mistyrious)
Jun 29, 2015

Bullying in school

Accordind to cbse bullying in school is strictly punishable. And many cases of bullying in schools can be observed in indian cbse schools. How i can file complaints against such situations?
akshay bhatia
Jun 26, 2015


मे सुनील भाटिया (advocate), मेरे बड़े भाई राकेश भाटिया ने आपको 4/6/2015 को एक मेल वैभव भाटिया के संदभ मे भेजा था मेरा भतीजा केन्द्रीय विद्यालिया नासीराबाद मे पड़ता हे उसने 11 science का final exam दिया था उसे chemistry के पेपर मे 1 marks से fail कर दिया था हमने R.T.I. के तहत chemistry की final paper की copy मँगवाई उसमे कुछ answers सही थे जिसमे marks नहीं दिये थे जिसका mail हमने 4/06/2015 को आपको भेजा था जो question हमने सही बताए थे उसमे teacher ने marks दे दीये ऑर पहले दिये marks मे से कुछ marks काट लिए पहले 1 marks से fail किया था अब 2 marks से कर दिया हमारे child के साथ अन्नाये किया जा रहा हे कुल मिला कर उसे fail करना था सो कर दिया क्योकि teacher तो अपनी गलती कभी नहीं माने गा क्योकि अगर teacher अपनी गलती माने गा तो फस जायेगा sir क्या यही न्याय हे ? 1 या 2 marks के कारण किसी बच्चे का साल खराब कर दिया जाए ! हमारा बच्चा इतना depress हो गया हे की आज तो उसने suicide करने की भी कोशिश् की हे अगर हमारे बच्चे को कुछ हो गया तो -----------------
मे सिर्फ इतना जानता हु की हमारा बच्चा pass हे ओर उसे जबर्दस्ती fail किया जा रहा हे मे सिर्फ इतना चाहता हु की हमारा बच्चा 12 मे ही पड़े क्योकि वो fail नहीं हे sir आपसे request हे की आप कुछ भी कीजिये जल्द से जल्द उसका सही result भेजिए नहीं तो मे कोट मे जाओगा ओर इस साल जीतने भी बच्चे केन्द्रीय विद्यालिया नासीराबाद के 11th science से 12th science मे गए हे उन सभी की copies R.T.I. के तहत मांगवा कर कोट मे जाच करवाओगा तभी पता चलेगा के CBSE board मे कितना corruption हो रहा हे साथ ही जिन teachers ने copy check की हे उने भी कोट मे जवाब देना होगा !
So I request you please do something as soon as possible within 2-3 days.
Sunieel Bhatia (advocate)
Contact no. 9829527947
Jun 25, 2015

Incorrect checking

The checking has been totally incorrect this year.
Some people are getting wayore than their expectations and others are getting way less than what they expected. I was expecting a 90 in chemistry and I just got 71. On top of that verification results say no mistakes found. How is that possible?
I got wrong grades too! Even those weren't changed. Then what had been verified?
shikha bajaj
Jun 22, 2015


respected mam
my son has ADHD so that no school give admission of him. i m vry disappointed with surat education system. he is only eight years old after some time his hyperactivity decrease .and he can cope with other learners. please i request u take step for such learner who have disability.and help me in my son admission procedure i m vry thankful to u.and try to make bright future for my son.
unhappy boy
Jun 21, 2015

thank you

thanks to those teacher who checked my board copies and gave me more marks then what i desreve
Jun 21, 2015


its not at aii fair with us i have recently passed 12th class when result come i was not satisfy with my marks and decided to check by marksheet by filling the revauation form when i chek the rechacking date on cbse site it was 21 days after result but its was not 21 it is 2nd of june and my all hopes was broken its not gud its our future so i wanted to request to cbse that plse apdate ur datas so that the future does not suffer by your faults
Jun 21, 2015

rechecking of maths paper of sa2

i saurav ailwar of kv bhandup my maths paper sa-1 was not re checked given to prove marks are not given so iwant tell that shouldh re checked and marks should give properly plzz
ashish raj 12111997
Jun 20, 2015

correction in fathers name

Sir i have given my class 12 and 10 in the year 2013 & 2015. My fathers name is abhay kumar but it was forwarded as abhay kumar singh from my class 10 school. Now the T.C which they had issued is also having the same problem. In all my marksheet it is incorrect. When i am trying to get admission my forms are rejected in college due to this conflict. Sir it is my sincere request to please tell me appropriate process which i should follow in order to get my fathers name correct.
My class 10 roll no - 7209326
My class 12 roll no - 7672283
Name kriti raj
Class 10 - jvm shyamali ranchi
Class 12 - tender heart sr sec school ranchi
Phone no 0651-2283575
Mobile no 9835502317
Jun 20, 2015

Regarding affiliation

Dear sir
With due apology I would like to say that Some schools in Odisha they don't have their proper building and Laboratories for practical classes for Higher secondary classes xi &xii. They operate their schools far away from their main site. One of the Schools is TAKSHASHILA RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL,Ankushpur, They have their main site in Ankushpur but they do their classes in Ganghi Nagar , Berhampur. I, therefore request you to stop these kind of tutorial classrooms affiliation. They run after only money without having any building criteria as per the cbse norms.Why shouldn't their norms as per the cbse criteria be investigated and taken proper action?

With regards
Swati Karn
Jun 19, 2015


My roll no. Is 7633630

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