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Consumer complaints and reviews about CBSE

Joel Pereria
Apr 22, 2014


I agree with most of the people who have written the complaints regarding Accountancy Question Paper Class 12 CBSE 2014....the question paper was too lengthy and it seems the one who prepared the question paper was thinking that we students use calculator in exam by seeing the socalled numbers that we students had to calculate!
Moreover Debenture Question which was issued at discount and converted into equity share was out of topic! We haven't learnt in our school! so who shall we blame CBSE or the School?
ajit mishra
Apr 22, 2014

for admission

Dear Sir,

I would like to share my complaint that I have recently transffered Khargone to Ratlam. So I wanted admission my children"s In St. Joseph Convent school Near Kalaka Mandir Ratlam.

When I met to Principal I was surprised she denied in straight way that we cannot give admission your daughter in 12th class. but we can think abour your sons which are in 7th and 4th class. you have come next day.

Next day she behave rudely and ask me to fill form along with deposit amount of 200 each. She denied to give me receipt of the amount.Only one child Atindra for 7th appeared in test. Another child Jay denied and ask me to conme at 25th. After giving test she tole me to check result on next day on telephone only(07412-230168) as per my child question was so simple and he has done very good.

I was shocked that he got fail when today i came to know.

Now further i do not want to for my another boy Jay Mishra because of I feel now that the do not deny directly they take 200 rs. from each student nothing else.

Please take action.

Ajit Mishra
Patel Motors
Apr 20, 2014

CBSE rule for promotion to class 10th

Dear sir/madam
My ward has given exams of class 9th.He has cleared all the subjects except maths. He has scored grade D overall in summative 1 and summative 2 and CGPA 4.2
Please suggest according to CBSE rule can he be promoted to class 10th or he will be detained.
thanking you
yours faithfully
My e mail id
Apr 19, 2014

math 65/3

Sir maths 65/3 was extremely tougher than other sets.... the questions were time consuming and tough.... other set had questions from ncert text and were comparitively easy too.... Sir I request you to do us some favour to establish equality with other sets
Manab mitra1
Apr 18, 2014

CBSE percentile score

Dear Sir,
Since Mathematics question (Set III outside Delhi) was very tough, I would like to request you to calculate percentile score separately for each different set of questions. Otherwise, the score of the students who got that set will suffer a lot not only for CBSE but also in JEEMains and their careers will be badly affected.a
Manab mitr
Apr 18, 2014


Respected Sir/Maam,
CBSE MATHS and PHYSICS PAPER for 2014 was too tough and time consuming. It is unfair and will harm our future. Too many questions needed more time solve them as compared to the prescribed timings in the sample paper issued.
This set was exceptionally tougher than the other sets. The last question in 6 marker was extremely hard and lots of time was lost trying to do it. Also the other six markers were significatly tougher than the other set's 6 markers.
CBSE has unfairly set the papers and those students who got 65/3 are at a disadvantage and will lose marks. This unfair.
Under the indian constitution every citizen has to be treated fairly and equally, it is the basic right. CBSE has neglected that,
I request CBSE to look into the matter and award 65/3 set's students grace marks for all those exceptionally hard 6 markers.

"so plz sir give the grace marks to the students otherwise they will losse thier one year
shweta y
Apr 17, 2014


It ws wrng at cbse's part to give such question for boards.....tht too in such a lengthy paper....:'(
Apr 15, 2014

re- examination

respected sir,
why CBSE is making too late..why they are not declaring that there will be re-examination of physics or not.As they already know that the paper was leaked ...soo why they are not conducting physics exam again...I got to know that mathematics paper was also leaked from this site http://www.100marks.in/News/cbse-maths-paper-leaked-12-hours-before/ . I think now its getting too late please quick action should be taken now.....The students who got maths and physics paper before the exam they will get benefit in jee main and du colleges also........quick action should be taken.........
a.k jain
Apr 12, 2014

complaining for a student gautam

I am writing this complain against a student who is studying in shree swaminarayan gurukul international school. He is beating to me and speaking bad words which is not applicable for a student of class 9 . His name is Gautam Patel . So, sir i am requesting to you to take an action.

Your's sincerely,
kapil 40
Apr 11, 2014


Rspctd tchrs
Actually m a brilliant studnt of accountncy i hped tht i wll get guarnteed 100 mrks in accountncy ..or evn mre thn 97-98 in d mst toughst xam of acc. .. I was vry hppy till 1 Apr bcs mah exams were going suprb..btt aftr acc. Exm i ws fllng in tears jss spclly bcs of the que relatd to cmpny... Sir i hv lot of intrst in compny n i cn slve d mst toughst sums crrcly at once..i hv also sme knwldge of cmpny law btt i had nvr hear dat type of tpic...m wid u that v cn pay off d excss mny thrgh bank btt d que iz dat if all d mney has been adjustd den hw d exceptn of some shrs can lft... Or hw cn tht forfetre or reissued.
I ws cnfidnt dat i wll solve d cmpny part in 5-6 min & save mh tym ..btt bcs f dat i wstd mh 25 mins which harm me a lot..i hd not cmpletd mh cmpartve statemnt sum & sme othr calculatns jss bcs of dat 8 mrks.. Sir almst evry stdentat dt lvl knw d clcultns n fnsng percentge...
Sooooo plsssssssssssssssss plss gve me d extra mrks frr dat bcs m damn sure dat que ws wrng or far away frm our sylbus.....n as i told u jss bcs f dat i hv vry mchh... Soo plssss its carrer mkng or dstroyng dscn sirr... Plssssss hlp uss gve mrks to evry neesy studnt
Roll no- 2620455
Tayyab 786
Apr 10, 2014

Accountancy paper wrong question 8 marker

I think the student who have just attempted the q 18 of any set of the accountancy paper should be given full marks as we student waisted around 30 minutes in that question CBS e can only compensate by giving full marks in that question or otherwise give 3-4 grace marks
Apr 10, 2014


Que no 18 in set 3 -(All India )was a wrong que...
moreover many people like me starts answering from more weight-age marks que ....i started from que no 18 tried both wasted almost 20 to 25 min in the same que and felt so tensed and flopped the whole paper...in fact i didnt get time to finish.....and i submitted the paper without checking...feeling so disappointed :(
I humbly request you to look into the matter.
Our future is in the hands of the evaluators please do advice them to correct liberally.
Despite of all our sweat throughout the year we look forward for some countermeasure for the same:)
Thanking you!
with expecting eyes!
Apr 9, 2014


Respected Sir/mam,
As you must be aware that I ain't the only one who is complaining about the accountancy board exam, As you know share capital has been one of the toughest concept for students, In SET-2 and in each set the question 18, That was worth 8 marks was totally shocking and disappointing for all the students who were appearing for it, What do you expect from us? Working so hard for 2 years to get a question paper like this? Wrong questions, bad calculations, Accountancy is all about concepts, not calculations, Sir. We have already being doing that since 11 years. So yes we request you to yourself go through the question paper and choose accordingly that how badly you wanna play with your students and their futures.
Call me if you're yourself able to do that question paper in three hours yourself.
Apr 8, 2014

CBSE Accountancy paper was very hard & time consuming

sir/madam,i want to tell you that CBSE has given very hard & time consuming ACCONTANCY paper as i am not getting passing marks. please give 10 grace marks as it will help students to get at least passing marks as if a student got supplementry this case will be worst than getting fail. so please give 10 grace marks.please
Apr 7, 2014

accountancy and economics

Respected sir,
we would like to make you realize that both economics and accountancy exam was very difficult,and we hope that you will be very generous and liberal with the marking system this year.It is very sad that their is substandard even in exams too,while other board students get more mark and easy questions,we cbse students are suffering......You shld realise that its our future and if you continue hard questions and marking system next year onwards u can count cbse students in u'r finger..........we hope for a good result.
Apr 6, 2014


Many have already posted many complaints regarding maths exam and its a shame from the part of cbse that still no action have been taken against it.....MATHS 65/2 have many WRONG QUESTIONS....please check..........
Apr 6, 2014


This is regarding the Accountancy Foreign set. I think the Foreign students always get a step motherly treatment. Every year mistakes are identified but nothing is done abt it

Sum no 17 in Set 2 and Set 3 of the Accountancy paper 2014 (Foreign set) is wrong. Amount transferred to Calls in Advance is
more than the Call due. Then how can there be a defaulter of shares and consequent forfeiture. Students spent long moments to solve the sum, tried, scored as was not getting it right, attempted the other option and this affected the performance of the remaining part of the paper.
Further Q no 15 such a long story question, for just an omission of interest on drawings... the interest on drawings for goods withdrawn and interest on drawings on capital was beyond the level of thinking of an average student, ( At least 40% of a question must be approachable to an average student... It was 60% difficulty level
What is the aim of CBSE/// to shock students??
Pl consider these grounds when papers are checked
Apr 6, 2014

Tough paper

CBSE Accountancy paper for 2014 was too tough and time consuming. It is unfair and will harm our future. Too many questions needed more time solve them as compared to the prescribed timings in the sample paper issued.
Siddharth Nair
Apr 5, 2014

Math 65/3

This set was exceptionally tougher than the other sets. The last question in 6 marker was extremely hard and lots of time was lost trying to do it. Also the other six markers were significatly tougher than the other set's 6 markers.
CBSE has unfairly set the papers and those students who got 65/3 are at a disadvantage and will lose marks. This unfair.
Under the indian constitution every citizen has to be treated fairly and equally, it is the basic right. CBSE has neglected that,
I request CBSE to look into the matter and award 65/3 set's students grace marks for all those exceptionally hard 6 markers.
Apr 5, 2014


for commerce students accountancy subject is equivalent to maths. so i request the cbse board to conduct accountancy exam as the second exam after english.
Shubham Porwal
Apr 4, 2014

accountancy paper

please check set 3 q.18 1st option in which aftr adjsting money on 1st nd final call how forfeiture can be done
i havent done a question of this type
akanksha pandey
Apr 4, 2014

wrong question given by board in maths

student from kv school
it is wrong to play with the future of any student
this time board has done a very bad thing they gavea wrong ques. in maths paper of set 65/1
as its question no. 24 was wrong and half an hour wasted in that particular wrong question i request you to give full marks in this question please if not given % of many bright students will go down please don't spoil our future by a single mistake
Hemangini Jairath
Apr 4, 2014


Students who appeared for all india cbse accountancy paper were victims of unfortunate lot. The paper was beyond the ability of an average skill. I heard that cbse is known for setting papers in accordance of an average student and it provides them a platform to perform the best of their ability. But its disappointing that cbse would be responsible for our pale score this year. I remember last year's account s paper was elavated upto the rank of a tough one and a lot of chaos was made over it, then you tell me where would our paper stand then. It crossed all the levels of difficulty. Its disappointing that our careers would be judged on the basis of a bullshit exam conducted and the two years of pain and hardwork we all have gone through would go in vain just because one of the papers was not upto the mark , our entire life is on stake .
Its shameful that the kind of trust we all had imbibed in the board seems to be broken now.
We demand high concession sir otherwise the board will be responsible for the worst happening with us.
Apr 4, 2014


sir its gud u put the concept of permanent drawing in the paper it tested intelligence of students.so gud tricky one.but this could be thought about.
BUT the real dissapointment was to get a question totally deleted frm course no teacher taught us this and we didnt know the concept for it was totally deleted frm the course.so please give full marks to those who normaaly passed entries fr interest on debentures.this is about our career and u cn be great or loose all hope we have in u.
Apr 4, 2014

Difficulty of paper

Respected Sir/Maam,
I would like to point out that the difficulty of maths board exam set 65/3 was abnormally difficult compared to the other sets.
It also does not help that 2 questions had answers which you could not be sure of. Though teachers are assuring us of a moderation of 5 marks for the 29th question, while correcting this particular code, it is not sufficient since the paper was tough on the whole. If a moderation has to made, then it would only be fair that a liberal moderation is made on the whole correction and not for specific questions. Our future is in the hands of the examiners.
I humbly request them to correct liberally.

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