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Consumer complaints and reviews about CBSE

raj kumar singh 123
Aug 31, 2016

registration fees

Hello, sir i am student of happy home english school,M.A road khajuri varanasi.... sir mera school me har saal regustration fee bolkar paisa manga jata hai aur is school me koi bhi teacher B.ed pass nahi hai aur jo hai unha thoda bhi padhane nahi aata..... facilty se jada yaha par fees mangi jati hai yaha koi play ground nahi hai sir plz take strictly action against the school....yaha par koi bhi teacher permanant nahi hai...is school me sirf student se jitna ho sake otna fee liya jata hai yaha par library bhi sahi nahi hai..
Sir plz take action....ham log ki feature ka sawaal hai
Aug 26, 2016


if i am not wrong then the cbse teachers are not allowed to teach tuitions but in our kv bkp (A.F.S) its a common thing, teachers openely ask for tuitions and if we refuse they deduct marks from unit tests and those students who study from teachers they get test papers earlier than exams. I want to tell a case which happened in our class , a girl which gets 4 marks out of 40 in maths and she gets 36 out 40 in science .This is really strange and that girl teachs tuition from science teacher .Some teachers says that if you will study tuition from others you will not get marks.They give us offers like they will teach us in chairs low fees etc. Sir i want you to take actions beacuse of that my class 9 got rotten . so please take actions against them and it is the problem of many students.
Aliya Sharma
Aug 21, 2016

Abt cbse

Hello sir and madam
I am a student and I apperd for cbse class 10 th board exam because I trusted on it I got compartment this year 2016 in maths I did it well but still NIOP for the 2nd chance and not only we unfact everyone please do something it's abt our futures full time it's abt depression only please cbse help us make every student pass I still have hope this result is fake cbse u can save the students life it's in your hands please we beg u please
shahanas hussain
Aug 19, 2016

Classes o saturdays

Its too rude! what CBSE is doing ! My son is a student of 10th std.All the students are very busy nowadays because they have lots to study but the most burden for students at present is classes on saturday.What is this. CBSE should understand the students difficulty.why CBSE dont have kind heart.Students have no rest .they have only a sunday holiday which is not enough for them to do works,activities and all.CBSE should change this rule.Its a humble request.Please dont kill the students what you are doing now.Please change the rule of working days on saturdays.
Nawab Faiz Ali
Aug 19, 2016

maths nd science

Dear sir/mam

I was given re exam in maths nd science but they have failed me in both subject result is showing NIOP but i give my full performance i give my paper good not only me all students are failed not even one person soooo what the CBSE are doing i cant understand what u all are doing.... we dont know my roll no. Is 1137075 Is we want justice ok.....

Aug 17, 2016

Maths 10 class compartment result

Sir or Mam my name is Hrithik parihar class 10 I give my compartment exam for maths it was a good paper for me and I guarantee that I would pass in maths then I calculate my numbers there was also a good marks then in 17 august I see my result it was same as previous result there was no change in my result I worked very hard for this paper please pass me Sir or Mam it's a humble request for you please.
Swati Riya
Aug 14, 2016


When i give exam in boards i got compartment and when i go for revaluation i found that my answer book was not corrected.....by CBSE then i gave compartment exam and in that i was not passed..........in my school all the students of compartment in science and and social studies was passed but all the students in maths were with the same grade......i had attempt full paper and i even calculated the marks and they are good.........please try and help me to give justice to me.........if you do not take any powerful step against this injustice then we all the students of compartment will commit suicide.................
Swati Riya
Aug 14, 2016


There is wrong checking in my maths exam....I came to know this by obtaining photocopy of my answerbook....I was very disappointed by looking at the way the checker has not checked the copies after that i was fill the compartment exam and the exam was easy i do all the questions that given in the exams but when the result is came i got NIOP. it's all CBSE fault not our.....CBSE is very cheater u spoiled OUR ONE YEAR due to wrong checking plz if possible than do something for us otherwise we all are decide to attempt suicide because there is no other option plz do something as soon as possible.....................
Aug 12, 2016

not get the marsheet of compartment class 12 and about patrachar office

sir i am a student of class 12 i have given this year board exam but unfotunately i got comp so i give comparment exam also and i have passed the paper of economics but sir till i dont get any maksheet and certificate i ahve given exam from patrachar shalimar bagh bl block sir patracahr ma koi system nhi ha har kaam dheere dheera or sir yaha tak ki koi contacts number bhi nhi jisse hum koi enquiry kare sir plzz meri marsheet and certificate 15 august tak mangwado kyuki sir sol ma online admission lena or waha sab chij ki hard copy chahiya my roll no is 9132705 school no is 90000 and contact number 9958045403 sir plz resolvbe my problem immediately

or sir kya comparment ka student ko do marsheet milengi ya ek
Aug 11, 2016

Result late of class 12th compartment

R/sir, I would like to tell you that I took my physics exam of class 12th compartment in the previous session. As the result is already declared on 5 August 2016. But still when I check my result it's showing RL (result late). Please help me to find a way, I shall b very thankful to you. My roll no. Is 9161121, and school no. Is 99999.
I again request you to please look at my problem, it affect my career..
amisha gar
Aug 9, 2016

bring again dami

respected sir
dami has been cancelled because of this our work load has been increased by 10times we are trying to manage it but we are failed. it is affecting our health very much which causing typhoid, cervical pain etc. my suggestion that you again bring dami please.
I hope you will solve this problem and you will less the stress
Aug 9, 2016

cbse comparmnt exm of physics

Dear Sir,
I have compartmnt in physics after lots of hard work i have appear for second attempt of physics paper but i cant believed to my myself when i saw my result i am really shocked.only 8 marks in results.my extreme request to cbse please recheck my copy again my roll no.is 1651816

Suraj Chandak
Aug 8, 2016

Maths Marks not given properly

Respected Sir , With due respect I would like to mention u that I Got 17 marks in maths Compartment Exam .. I expect much more marks as my paper was good .I'm sure their is some problem in correction of Maths paper .So, kindly grand me to get alteast the passing marks i.e., 23/24 .Kindly HELP me Sir ..My Future is at Stake .!! My Roll no : 4642031
ram chatterjee
Aug 7, 2016

Cbse compartment exam : students future at Sake

The mode of compartment exam is to improve weak students score who have been failed in board exams., but the cbse board is irrelevant and doing cruelty to students who trusted in cbse board. why are you tightening the valuation schemes for compartment exam ; we all know that they are weak in studies and they are not capable with these type of marking schemes. This is inhumanity and the CBSE board is ruining the future of thousands of students.i'm suggesting you to pass all the students who had appeared in compart exam. they are also humans, they also have dreams , please dont ruin their Dreams and future. It is a humble request from a Wise man !
Zameer talib
Aug 7, 2016

Miscalculate of accountancy comp exam

I got 2 marks Out of 80 in accounts in 12th SR. Secondary exam and I've given my accost comp exam, now I got 3marks out of 80 .. I just want to highlight my problem in your kind mind .
Sir plz allow your board to recheck my accounts copy.

Thanking you
P Krishna
Aug 6, 2016


Sir with due respect I want to say tha I got 31 mark in math but I m dam sure that I m pass so please help me for 2 marks otherwise my future will be spoiled can I have rechecking please help mesir my no. Is 7205722949
Aug 6, 2016

Class 12 compartment exam valuation is wrong

i appeared my class 12 compartmental exam on sub-maths.I got 26 marks out of 100.I need 10 more marks to pass.but i am sure that there is some mistake in giving marks.i did very well that i can easily get passed mark but i get only 26 in exam. So, pls grand me this requst that mark 26 to 36 passed mark pls.my roll no 4817788.MAY THE GOOD GOD BLESS YOU.

my future is in ur hands...pls i got an oppurtunity in a reputed colege....but only due to my maths mark.....i'll be rejected......other than maths...i get good marks in other subjects....

pls dont play with our future...pls pass me in maths pls pls pls.....my contact number is 8089789018
rng nungtha
Aug 5, 2016

to put marks

With due respect, i would like to state that i appear my class 12 compartmental exam on sub-(chemistry).but i am sure that there is some mistake in giving marks.i did very well that i can easily get passed mark but i gat only 17 in theory. So, pls grand me this requst that mark 17 to 22/23 passed mark pls.my roll no 3636149.MAY THE GOOD GOD BLESS YOU.
Parmod Raj
Aug 5, 2016

Greenland convent school sec 32 Ludhiana orginized teej maila

Greenland Convent School Sec. 32 chandigarh Road Ludhiana has orginized Teej Mala in school campus. But school managment organized paid game in school campus.
Type of game is student purchase a ring with 10/- Rs. When Student purchase a ring then ready to play. The student threw it on the table and when the ring cover a prize then student gotten the prize. How can school play gambling with student.
Aug 4, 2016

about old dated and mismanaged site

ya cbse is a well known renowned organisation or i should add for namesake in between coz i myself have experieneced so many issues related to cbse thaat i am simply irritated by this board so called board of central education now lets talk about cbse site it is one of the most mismamnaged sites ever seen yeah i wanted to give improvement this year but there is no column nothing called as improvement seen on cbse site all i have to do is make assumptions that whaen will be the forms avalaible on google it is given that we can get these forms from any of the syndicate banks but banks are claming ki" sahab hum toh yha 6 saal se kam krte h ajtak toh humne cbse ke forms dekhe ni" ..now what should i do there are no traces of the forms online and agar offline ki bat kro toh bank m employees are like ki "6 saal m abtak ni aye toh ab kab ayenge" ..u should make your site more effective and easy to operate we have to spend alomst 1 hour just to find any one topic on your site and secondly almost all numbers that are provided on the site for conatacing cbses are wrong numbers that means why dont we start calling cbse a secret society "jha tak na ap pahuch paoge nd woh loh toh apko kabhi approach krenge hi ni "coz they are damn busy in spoiling our lives its my humble request pls do make some improvements beacuse its not funny to make error while cheking dude its class 12th board u cant simply give the papers to stupid teachers for checking nd let studenets fail becuse u pepole are doing nothing but playing with the lives of students !! u cant descide or take this matter so lightly beacuse we will be the future of india woh india jha 12th ki percentage sab kuch hoti h nd u people never know when u become the reson for ruined lives of STUDENTS so called future of india so thanku !! nnd do improve that site becaues its good for nothing
Raj Kumar Mohana
Aug 4, 2016

Many unaffiliated school making their students appear through affiliated school with money power

Dear Sir,
This is to inform you to save the image of CBSE Board,in this area(Rayagada) many unrecognized and unaffiliated schools making their candidates to appear CBSE 10 Examinations since many years by paying lump sum money.Further they are also allowing unfair means to get good results.Hence,this practice is affecting badly to the affiliated schools of this region.Some affiliated schools those are practicing this illegal work for minting money made it a money earning business.The schools will not bother to take affiliation because they are getting this easy method to make the students to appear and pass the examination.This also tarnishes the image of CBSE Board.As per my knowledge in some exam centers of this region they are allowing students of 10 and 10+2 to do malpractices so that they can get high percentage of marks.This is done in order to please the parents,students and to build the recognition of the school.Many parents have this impression that CBSE Exams are very easier to fetch more marks in compare to other Boards.Therefore,i would like to request you kindly look into this matter seriously and do the needful to teach a lesson to such schools.I am well confirmed about this complaint and i am aware of some schools those who are practicing this illegal practice.
Thanking you.With regards.

Yours' sincerely,
Anonymous(A well wisher of CBSE Board)
Let us save the image of CBSE Board
Jul 30, 2016

Action against school and auditing of teaching in schools


I have my son is a well-known popular school. But after joining, class 9 went worse because of lack of teachers or teachers using PPT from slideshare and claiming social teaching for the chapters are done, Maths teacher teaching just one problem and giving the whole of that exercise as homework, Hindi - teacher is ok, but have 40 students in the class and unable to control and hence not able to teach effectively, Science - teachers have left for Bio and Physics is about to leave, English - teacher does not teach full.

I was always fascinated with CBSE and wanted my son to do in that. Secondly, I am not a native of this state. Hindi is not my mother tongue either.

The school people also send all the activities to be done at home and very few are done in class. Offlate, they have lot of classes wasted as one teacher or the other is not there.

We spoke to the Dean a couple of weeks ago, who is also new to this school. He said that he needs to know and then take actions. But till now, the same thing continues and the tests also are not conducted providing proper time.

When I see the syllabus, I see that there is a systematic division of time for each chapter and topic.

How can CBSE help parents like me (rather us) ?

This is 10th and the school, since it is famous out here, they do not seem to take any action.

Could you please help? Thanks
Soutik chakraborty
Jul 28, 2016

Narayana school

I am a student of narayana school new town kolkata, it is newly opening at kolkata it is not affilicated from first only they are taking admission till 11 there are not a single school like that.. they are taking fees 8,000 per month & school timing is 8:30-4:30 worst school no discipline no rules,no classes are going properly they are only taking money,i request please tale one serious action for this school, many of teachers are counting money..and on exam time they are giving marks from school we are not gaining anything please i request you sir please take one serious action for this school thankyou hope you will do something good for us
Jul 28, 2016

Jee rank

I am Shantanu (JEE Mains roll no. 10903416). I and my classmate Rishi Raj (JEE Mains roll no. roll no. 10905287) both have same marks in boards, even then my percentile is given lower than him. That why my jee rank in poorer than what it should be, so please make correction.
aditi nigam
Jul 28, 2016

about study

i am Aditi Nigam in this year why we not get the date sheet +syllabus . please only this year provide us syllabus + date sheet

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