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Consumer complaints and reviews about CBSE

Shivashish Bhargava
Oct 9, 2015

not giving migration certificate

I am Shivashish Bhargava, I am student of Kendriya Vidhyalaya Rajgarh i have passed my 12th class and when i had arrived there to receive my migration certificate so, they said we dont have your migration certificate. After that i fill an application form for my migration certificate with DD of 250 Rs and send it to CBSE Ajmer Region and around 18 days are passed till now i dont get migration certificate from CBSE Ajmer Region.
Ankiey sharma
Oct 9, 2015

not getting right education

dear sir/madam
date : 10 oct 2015
i am studying in the school rk modern and there i am not getting the right education they are chargin fees too higher but as fees education is not given to students they charge unnecessary charges every month they are charging exam fees And if any one pay it late then they will not let that students to sit in exams this school only needs money they dont worry About students future students are torchered for fees please take a strict action behind this our future is in danger
Sep 24, 2015


Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to bring to your notice that even though CBSE has the provision of dropping Maths as a subject if a child is consistently doing badly in it or has got some sort or phobia etc. The child can then take some other subject offered by the school.

However, this dropping can only occur if the child is termed medically unfit to do Maths by a designated hospital.

This is an unnecessary step in my opinion because the schools know how well or badly a particular child is doing and should be in a position to take a call on whether the child is fit for Maths or not. In addition, going through a battery of tests can be extremely demoralizing for the child.

This is to request you to take some steps to smoothen this process.

Thanks and regards,
A concerned parent
santoshi bisht
Sep 21, 2015

फोन नं0 22041808 द्वारा अपशब्द व मारने की धमकी

Chairman C.B.S.E.
Plot -2 , Shiksha Kendra,
Preet Vihar, Delhi-110092

विषय- फोन नं0 22041808 द्वारा अपशब्द व मारने की धमकी
आपके प्रीत विहार कार्यालय में फोन नं. 22041808 जो सैकेट्री सी.बी.एस.ई. प्लाट -2. ग्राउन्ड फ्लोर ,शिक्षा केन्द्र,प्रीत विहार दिल्ली-92 के नाम पर है। इस फोन से दि. 13/7/2015 को शाम 7 बजे मो. नं. 9716443452 पर दर्शन सिंह मेहरा जो इस भवन के ग्राउन्ड फ्लोर पर कार्य करता है, द्वारा फोन किया तथा मेरे पति को गाली,अपशब्द तथा जान से मारने की धमकी दी है। जिसकी रिर्काडिंग मेरे पास है। क्या यह सैकेटरी साहब की अनुमति से हुआ है या सरकारी फोन का दुरपयोग किया है। कृपया इस पर कार्यवाही करें तथा मुझे 15 दिन के भीतर अवगत करायें। मुझे तथा मेरे परिवार को इस व्यक्ति से खतरा है।
सन्तोषी बिष्ट
Sep 17, 2015

waiting for maths revaluation result

Sir ,
Can u please tell me that when will the class 12 maths compartment revaluation result will be announced??? .. When i type the application no and roll no it shows run time error .. I dnt knw what to do . This result decides my whole life ..
This is too late that all colleges will start closing their admission .. So sir pls tell me the date . Pls help ..
Roll : 4818182
Application no : T70005R
email id : zorion990@gmail.com
Nirai RK
Sep 11, 2015

Mismanagement of school

I am currently doing my 10th in All India Modern School (Code no:46168). I feel that my talents would vanish in this school. This school has got e-affiliation for 10th std, but they lack in basic knowledge of CBSE pattern. In fact, Principal of the institution herself is not qualified. They stress us a lot regarding exams. No co scholastic activities are conducted here. Also, teaching staffs are the major problems for us. None is well qualified and they just treat us as their puppets. I face a lot of mental problems due to this. I was an active and healthy child before doing my 9th. But during 9th and currently 10th, I'm mentally vexated and physically very weak. I request your related action because this is the time in our lives to lay a good base for our higher educations. But they are mis guiding us and we feel alienated from the original advantages that CBSE is providing us. This is our future and I request your guarantee for that. They threaten us that they can even fail us in Internals. We are hopeless and considering this as the only platform to help us. Please we don't want our juniors to suffer in the same way as we do. Please take this to our kind considerations.
Nisha gupta27
Sep 11, 2015

Accountancy Compartment

Roll no. 9106027
I appeared CBSE compartment accountant exam on 16th July. I had prepared well and I was sure I will pass with goods marks.I have expected more than 50,marks out of 80. But I was shocked after I saw that I got only 14 out of 80 .I cannot believe at all .
Please help me sir
Please give me steps howto revaluate or recheck my answer sheet .
Contact: +9779813777195
Email: ndragon63@outlook.com
muddassir ansari
Sep 6, 2015

partiality on the basis of religion

I was student of Skomiya Academy boodhpur canal road naubasta Kanpur. I was studying here from about 6 years, and continuously getting 2nd or 3rd rank in my class eventhough the principal of the school, Mr. Shivnath Singh Yadav has told me that you will not get 10 cgpa in your tenth.
And the students belong to Yadavs got 10 cgpa even they got failed in FAs and SAs. And the another student who was also meritorious was below from them.
Because the reason is we are Muslim.
My roll no. is 5066197
So please take severe steps towards these discrimination so that in coming days no one get hurt from this.
Thank you
minesh bhatt
Sep 6, 2015


sir your answerkeys of paper 3 most of the answers are wrong. And I have also clear my net education by ugc . chalanging process of answer at that time are very easy and not single rupee charged by ugc at that time . why u collect 1000 rupee charge for one answer key .this is a collection of money in a different method by u.some one should challenge u in court for wrong behavior.
Sep 2, 2015

not issue leaving certificate

sir , my child is studying in class 10 delhi public school ,lagma sitamarhi(fake dps) bihar . as this school is running on the name of fake dps and not giving the quality of education to student even at taking huge amount ,i want to put my child in other school ,so for that i need a leaving certificate, but the school management not issuing me a leaving certificate and also giving me a threat to ruin my child carrer . sir kindly help us.

mob: 9765134319

email: rajasharma9344@gmail.com
Aug 29, 2015

CBSE school base exam

CBSE schools are forcing to opt for school based exam as both school and board exam are equivalent. My son opted CBSE school base exam for X class and he failed in XII in maths. Now he is not getting admission to diploma in Maharashtra. He is demoralized due to failing in Maths and we decided to get admission in Diploma Maharashtra as we are domiciled in Maharashtra. Now My son is not getting admission for diploma and facing difficulty in passing XII.
Why you are not taking actions for allowing admission for diploma in Maharashtra.

I am serious for my Son career.

Pls. do needful
Aug 28, 2015

Not issuing the right information on enrollment number.

Respected sir/madam,
My granddaughter, Tanisha Taneja, enrolled in Prag Jyoti Public school (Karala, Delhi-81) recently received her CBSE enrolment certificate for 10th standard. The certificate had her date of birth written as 15/5/99. But her real date of birth is 6/1/2000. The school has a tie up with Sidharth public school (kanjahawala, delhi-81) where the exams were conducted. When we contacted Prag Jyoti school, they told us they would fix it, but it has been 5 months and they haven't taken any action. Also, Tanisha's father Tajinder Taneja has passed away. Kindly add Late Tajinder Taneja on the certificate as well. Please look into the matter as Tanisha is not able to take admission in any other school and might lose a year due to this issue.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Mahesh Rani
(Grandmother of Tanisha Taneja)
Aug 25, 2015

Please give atleast pass marks for MATHS COMPARTMENT exam on jJULY16th 2015 ..

Sir ,
My daughter who wrote maths compartment on 16th july got only 20 marks and two of her friends got only 16 and 18 .They thought they would get atleast pass marks..But they couldnt . Due to this students are not able to get admission .. And we the parents only knows how much stress they suffer each day .. Some students get in entrance ,unfortunately because of this they are not able to join .. Pls Just think about their situation ..
So kindly please give students atleast pass marks and save their one year ..Or else please give them an option that they can change their compartment subject when they write for 2nd time...
Sir this is a request for all children ... Please help them !! ..
Tushaar Tha Kur
Aug 19, 2015


I am a student of class 11 of cbse board and i want to tell u that there is a mistake in my name actually my surname is missing and on every important paper my name is with my surname which can create a problem to me in future. This miatake happened while resistrating for 10 and i want to rectify it as soon as possible as i have to send my resistration for 12 in September or in October.
So i request u sir please help me out with this proplem or tell me the step that i do to correct my name.
Thank you
Your turly
Muskan Manhas
Tablu tushar
Aug 19, 2015


Sir i have been well prepared for my economics compartment exam sir ....... bt sir result is completely exceptional sir ......... sir its very lesss sir ....... i had prepared very well sir ..... i was very much sure that i would but the outcome izzz very opposite sir ......
Sir i kindly request to check it sincerly my rechecking Application no izzz (B60104) nd roll no izzzz 6600401 sir plzzz do kindly check it ...... its for our future ..... sir
Aug 18, 2015

regarding to wrong answer keys

hello sir

just 1 day before u have publish cbse net 2015 official answer keys ....but most of the answer keys are wrong in commerce paper 3 u r also displaying the notification that student ll challenge this answer keys by paying Rs.1000/- for each question ...but near by 5 to 8 answer r wrong ...and this is not economically possible for the student to challenge this answer keys due to the financial reason ...this is totally unfair activity performing by u ...
Aug 14, 2015

Loss of my passing certificate

I lost my 12th passing certificate. I already lodge a FIR to nearest police station. What should i do for duplicate Passing certificate.
deepa jacob
Aug 13, 2015

TO GIVE pass mark or grace mark for compartment maths exam held on july 16th 2015

Dear sir

im writing this for my niece who wrote her maths compartment on july 16th 2015 and unfortunately she got only
21 marks and same with another child too who got only 18 marks.both of them believed that they will get through this time.They have applied for revaluation .please give these children atleast grace marks as given for the maths board exam.Earlier times cbse was student friendly and each and every students has a blind belief that cbse will never ditch them.But now it has become a nightmare .please dont consider this as a complaint bcos im no one to critisize the pool of genious in the board.I kindly request the board to give just pass so that they too have a bright future.My niece has scored quiet good marks in other subjects.Please please consider. THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT SIR JUST A DOWN HEARTED REQUEST TO GIVE A JUST PASS MARK.

my contact no.09037057003.
Aug 12, 2015

Cant recover from the mental shock of maths compartment failure ..Pls help me ...

Respected sir ,
I roll number(4636418) appeared for exam in 2014. I got more than 50% for all subjects except maths .. I failed for maths .. I wrote compartment that time but couldnt get that too . I got only 16 marks .. Then again in this march 2015 as a private candidate roll number (4818182) i gave my exam . I knw how much i worked hard fr that exam .. The question paper was damn tough . I expected above 55 .. But again it was only 16 marks .. I m 100% sure that i would get more than that because the whole year i was studing only maths .. I think my paper was not corrected and that shows same as 16 ..
marks ..
And on this july 16th i wrote my 3rd chance exam .(Compartment exam of 2015).. I was sure that i would get more than 60 .. Bt it was an unexpected result .. I got only 20 marks .. I can never accept that in my life ... I really did well this time .. I had given for verification ..

Due to this i m not eligible to join any college .. I got BDS merit seat in kerala .. But i cant join because of this reason..

I already lost my one year.. Due to this now i m mentally and physically weak .. I beg u .. Kindly pls check my paper (roll no : 4818182) .. I need only 13 more marks to pass.. I jst need to pass only .. Pls do help me cbse ...

I lost my career .. Ruined my one year .. My merit seat and all ... Totally depressed .. Pls accept my request .. Pls recheck my paper ...
Pls save my life ... PLS BEG U CBSE !! ..
ROLL NO : (4818182)

Email id -- zorion990@gmail.com
Aug 11, 2015

My compartment mark is Impossible..

I gave my cbse compartment physics 2015...and was damn sure that i will get more than 50....i had attended all the questions ...almost 67 marks out of 70 marks.....but my result was 14 which i can never accept in my life...In the xam ...4 marks are value based and 3 marks came from internet which means 7 marks are compulsory...so my result tells me that i only scored more 7 marks...which can never be true...bcoz i had attended it perfectly...so i want photocopy of my answersheet...plz tell me the steps
Aug 11, 2015

math compartment

Respected cbse board ,

I will definitely sure that i score 50+ in math in my compartments exams 2015 .
Nd it was totally unexpected for me . i was shocked after watching my result fail in maths compartment .
So plz help me sir i just paid my fees in engineering college and it was non refundable and now i am helpless now plz sir recheck my math compartment exam paper otherwise my year nd my fees Will be destroyed or spoiled totally ...
Plz cbse help me .i am so depressed ....
My board roll no is 5894925.
Nd my contact no is 9412887033..
shivam 12345
Aug 11, 2015

Maths compartment complain

sir myself shivamdeep singh.... my roll number 9122845 My compartmental cbse maths copy was wrongly
I was very sure that I will definetely pass in the
compartmental exam because i have prepared so
well and I counted my marks it was above 60.
But my cbse comparmental result says that I am
fail again and got only 13 marks and this same
thing happened with my friends
I want justice. I want to please recheck my
compartmental copy. There is a surity if gamble
in cbse checking. Even ur site is not working properly for registering of rechecking .... aftr entering all my details its showing records not found....
kindly work over it and take imidiate actiom.
shivam 12345
Aug 11, 2015

Maths compartment complain

sir myself shivamdeep singh.... my roll number 9122845 My compartmental cbse maths copy was wrongly
I was very sure that I will definetely pass in the
compartmental exam because i have prepared so
well and I counted my marks it was above 60.
But my cbse comparmental result says that I am
fail again and got only 13 marks and this same
thing happened with my friends
I want justice. I want to please recheck my
compartmental copy. There is a surity if gamble
in cbse checking.
Aug 11, 2015


Just now I have given my compartment mathematics exam and I have expected atleast more that 45 marks. But after the declaration of my result I was shocked after watching that I got just 17marks.
So please help me sir I just paid my fees in college and it was non-refundable and now I am helpless please tell me the procedure of recheaking of compartment exam otherwise my year and my fees will be destroyed. Please help me sir please I m so depressed.
my roll number is -2763556
Banti bhai
Aug 11, 2015

Computer science

As on 16july i was appeared in cbse compartment exam and its result on 6july is that i got only 10marks .i no satisfied by this results .
Please give me steps hwo to be i revalute or recheck my copy
Plz reply on this
Email. Shivampatel322@gmail.com

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