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Consumer complaints and reviews about CBSE

Devi subra
Oct 18, 2016

Regarding SA1 marks

My daughter is studying in class 8 and she is always a topper in school. And in present SA1 in math she scored A2 and in FA1&FA2 activity she scored A1 and overall grade they put A2. No one in our school in math in 8th standard as scored A1 in math. But they took 3 students who got A2 in math as A1 topper. This is really unfair. And kids who scored B1 in SA1 in math and FA1&FA2 activity A1 got overall A2?... This is really unfair. Already gave 2 letters to the principal and still never got any response back. My daughter is totally upset and school is not responding. Thiis is like they are demotivating the toppers.
Oct 18, 2016

Don't pick the call up and don't even reply to the Emails

I have been trying to contact CBSE board panchkula since yesterday 11 AM for an extremely important query. Either the phone is saying 'currently busy' or they are not picking the call up (if the bell rings). They are not even replying to the emails sent to them 3-4 days back. So basically the question is, what are they doing over there in the offices of general enquiries? What is there job ? Is there job just to get the salary while sitting in their chairs? What are they doing there ?
Worst communication system. They don't have any affect on them if their is someone seeking for their help in emergency. #disgusting CBsE board.

By the way my name is Amrit pal singh
Contact infor- 9690424294
Oct 10, 2016


PLEASE EVERYONE THAT LIVES IN UAE DON'T TAKE YOUR CHILD TO HABITAT ACADEMY AJMAN IT'S THE WORST SCHOOL EVER. Teachers never show up to class. The principal is very stupid. They discriminate so much. The boys supervisor beats little kids. Principal is flirting with boys. YES FLIRTING. they make the school look nice but is a ver bad school. Teachers if they come to class can't even teach properly. I am a boy studying in 9th grade. Habitat school gets 2/10
Adesh Kumar2979
Oct 10, 2016

Why the strength of our class is 60+?

Respected sir / ma'am
My daughter is studying in 6th standard. The strength of every class in this school from 1st to 10th is 60+. This means highly improper teacher student ratio. All the teachers are very well qualified but the dragon of this population explosion is engulfing the charm of study. The school is known for best infrastructure and superb faculty.... But how can this MAJOR FACTOR BE IGNORED ? I spoke to the class teachers and other officials but they seems to be helpless.I did every effort i could do as a parent but all in vain.
Why the school management is not hiring adequate staff. Whatever fees or anything else they expect from us we did, but what we get in return ... empty hand. The study at this level is quite crucial. Kids are highly emotional. They expect individual attention...which is not possible with such a high strength.
Can you please do some favor in this highly critical issue?
Oct 8, 2016

Change in exam pattern

My daughter is in 9th. I knew that the board will change the exam pattern from 2018. But it is difficult to adopt in 10th because till 9th they practice CCE system. So first you will implement this system on 9th onwards. ie. 2018 9th standard. This year 9th standard students follow CCE system and they suffer a lot in sudden change in 10th. Till 9th students will practice the new system and they have to manage it. Sudden change will affect the students future.
Gyanendra Kumar Jaiswal
Oct 6, 2016

My Accounts Teacher

I am a student of ABC Public School ,Divyanagar Colony , Gorakhpur .
I have a complaint related to my accounts teacher (Ramesh Kumar Chaudhary) . Here , the problem is discrimination. He discriminate between girls and boys .
This is good that he is supporting them but he is unseeing their mistakes and faults . He had targeted the boys of the class and he talks to them very rudely and some times abuses them .
One discrimination problem is their . He also discriminate between the students of his tution classes and the others. His behavior is not accordingly.
So.please help us .....
Deepanshu kk110
Oct 5, 2016


My English teacher is not good becouse my sa1 English paper is not properly check so I request you can fast action for my English teacher class 9 b school government boys senior secondary school my teacher name is sourabh school code 1104010 dayal pur
Raihan sk
Oct 3, 2016

Using 'D.A.V' illegally

I have an another complaint about our school Netaji Subhas D.A.V Public School which uses 'D.A.V' illegally.

Now, I just want to you to have some actions on our school.

Thank u
Unknown 123
Oct 3, 2016


We are not getting holiday every one is having holidays form 3 to 12 and my school is giving me from 8 or 9 till 12 pls take a action
Anmol Pattnayak
Sep 30, 2016

question paper

Some boys of other schools are selling SA-1 question paper of class-9.
1 paper is 50 rupees.So i request you to take action against it.
01. harsh tomar
Sep 27, 2016

teacher related

I am asking a problem related to teacher our SST teacher give TUTION students related paper of exam of 10 class and 10 to 15 question are match from this paper so I request you to take a action against
I am student of new lancers sen sec school
Vaibhav Nikhil Martin
Sep 22, 2016

Promotion rules for students upto a certain class

Dear Sir / Madam,
It gives me emense pleasure to be a part of education sector and implant in kids knowledge and capability. But there still exists certain issues that disheartens me.
It is when we are asked as teacher who should be an idol of just behaviour and ethics to promote students irrespective of their marks or knowledge.
I request you dear sir to kindly make certain guidelines that will promote only the deserving student to the next class.
Hearing from you will be a pleasure.
Kiran Satish
Sep 22, 2016

Won't allow senior secondary boys to have moustaches

It is very rude for the school management for not allowing the senior secondary boy students for not allowing us to grow our moustache. No rules have been imposed since yesterday but today the school principal have ordered all the boys of the school to remove their moustaches the next day. I know this makes the person who reads this but it actually is a great concern for us students. I write this as the student as well as the headboy of Sivagiri Sree Narayana Senior Secondary School, Sreenivasapuram, Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. We have been following the school's rule for that forbids us from growing beards. We have been following this rule ever since. We discussed this situation to the principal that this rule so mean. But the principal have refused all the aftereffects that we put forward. So kindly please allow the boy students of our schools to keep their moustaches.
Sep 19, 2016

not get the marksheet of compartment class 12 and about sarvoday kanya vidayalay nandnagri E block

sir i am a student of class 12 i have given this year board exam but unfotunately i got comp so i give comparment exam also and i have passed the paper of economics but sir till i dont get any maksheet and certificate i ahve given exam from sarvoday kanya vidayalay Nandnagrib E Block ma koi system nhi ha har kaam dheere dheera or sir yaha tak ki koi contacts number bhi nhi jisse hum koi enquiry kare sir plzz meri marsheet and certificate dilane ki kripa kare my roll no is 9621362 school no is 60201 and My contact number 9873803308 sir plz resolvbe my problem immediately
Sep 17, 2016


I am deeply disheartened by the way my school teachers are forcing me to join extra classes. The criteria they decide is any student getting below 50/100 would be pushed to tutorials which take place till 5 15pm. As being in DAV GIRLS and Boys chennai gopalapuram , our question papers are very tough. And unfortunately i fall under 50 for 4 subjects. I have paid Rs3200 for all the 4 and also i reach home by6 30. When Am i supposed to study? This system is completely draining the students. Though I feel there is no use of such tutions and teachers are also tired and do not teach anything. PLEASE TAKE A STRICT ACTION AGAINST THIS. MAKE CBSE RULES EVEN MORE FIRM.
( My school is ranked in the top 3 in india for getting the best 12th results)
Sep 16, 2016


Sep 16, 2016

Poor Exam structure (lengthy)

In our school L.F.P.S.S.S Shahdara Delhi -32 .
The 10th class board paper was so lengthy and difficult that it was impossible to complete it in JUST 3Hrs.
Students work hard to get the best still they failed to do.
5 Statistical questions ???? How?? Whhyyy! Moreover 3 parts of each. Really disgusting and disappointing don't know whether it's CBSE or schoo board who chose the questions but surely they didn't want us to score.

Aman Gupta
vibha jain
Sep 7, 2016

so many exams in a year like F.a.1,F.a 2,s.a.1,F.a.3,F.a.4,s.a.2 ,

i have two daugher,both are studies in cbsc school .before sometime you did exams sadule change this is not good for any child because of this student giving exams in all year and going weak because this age is also growth age but because of your exams patterns they cant play because of examms stress .and all time suffer for exams .and because of full time exams students have no craze for exams .so i have humble request to you sir pls. change this full time exams pattern .F.a.1,F.a.2,S.A.1..... please doing as it is shedule like 2001, 2002.
Sanjay shamra
Sep 5, 2016

St Anselm Ajmer

I am ever seen this worst school ever in Ajmer at Anselm's the teachers are worse principle are not good and beetan child
St Anselm is worst ever Ajmer Raj
Sanjay shamra
Raihan sk
Sep 3, 2016

School Canteen and my holy festival

My name is Raihan Sheikh and I am a student of Netaji Subhas D.A.V Public. My school is affiliated to CBSE. I don't like anything about my school, especially my school canteen and exams on my holiest festival Eid-ul-adha, 2016. The canteen sells everything in 10 rupees which we should get in 3-8 rupees or more in very less quantity. Suppose, think about 'Puris' which is famous in our locality getting only two pieces in 10 rupees with tasteless vegetables and of equal size which we get in just 5 rupees. Some food of the canteen is tasteless and some of them are not good for the health. Once my friend use to take one food daily for which he got food poisoning the next day when he ate that the last time. Peoples from the local areas use to sell something in low cost, tasty and healthy food had been forbidden to sell these in a cruel manner without thinking about their poverty. Not only these our school had announced SA-1 examination during the time of Eid-ul-adha. The examination is happening before and after the Eid.

So I just want you to pleazzzzz solve these problems those I and any other students don't like. There so many problems in my school like school on Saturdays, less holidays,etc,. and I hope some other students will also send complaints about my school.

Thank u
Sep 2, 2016

No PTM , No resume

My kid is student of Alwin Memorial Public school, Chennai and standard IX. Long back FA-2 exam completed but till date (3rd September) we are not able to know about our kid performance and number. SA-1 exam is about to start but school not yet declare exam schedule. Maths teacher not check class copy on regular basis, sometimes that not checked 1 month to 2 months. School toilet is also not hygienic and school authority not concuss about student health. As per my knowledge every month PTA should be schedule, so that parents can share their concern to teacher and teacher also can share their views to parent, but till (3rd September16) school not organize any PTM
Mamta mahey
Sep 1, 2016

Teacher not allowed me in a 11th class SA1 examination bcoz m suffering from tuberculosis

Hi sir.. My name is Mamta Mahey..my school name is S.K.V no.1 sarojini nagar..principal name Mrs. Alka Aggarwal..m suffering from tuberculosis..last 1 ½ month se mai davai kha ri hu..n mere doctor ne mjhe alloud krdya h classes attend krne k lye..n according to my doctor tuberculosis 15 days ki medicine khne k bd fail a bnd ho jta h..but meri principal mam mjhe exam Nhiii dene de ri.. N vo mjhe SLC de ri h..kuki..unka manna h ki AGR mai school aaungii to unko tb ho jyga..n mai science stream se hu..n vo mjhe bar bar force kri h..ki mai arts le luck..jise mai baht paresha. Hu.

Plzzz sir help me...kuki mjhe apnea ek saal waste Nhiii krna plzz sir help me..maine 1½ month se puri tyarii ki h..ache se exam ki..vo b ghr par reh kr..thank uh sir..
raj kumar singh 123
Aug 31, 2016

registration fees

Hello, sir i am student of happy home english school,M.A road khajuri varanasi.... sir mera school me har saal regustration fee bolkar paisa manga jata hai aur is school me koi bhi teacher B.ed pass nahi hai aur jo hai unha thoda bhi padhane nahi aata..... facilty se jada yaha par fees mangi jati hai yaha koi play ground nahi hai sir plz take strictly action against the school....yaha par koi bhi teacher permanant nahi hai...is school me sirf student se jitna ho sake otna fee liya jata hai yaha par library bhi sahi nahi hai..
Sir plz take action....ham log ki feature ka sawaal hai
Aug 26, 2016


if i am not wrong then the cbse teachers are not allowed to teach tuitions but in our kv bkp (A.F.S) its a common thing, teachers openely ask for tuitions and if we refuse they deduct marks from unit tests and those students who study from teachers they get test papers earlier than exams. I want to tell a case which happened in our class , a girl which gets 4 marks out of 40 in maths and she gets 36 out 40 in science .This is really strange and that girl teachs tuition from science teacher .Some teachers says that if you will study tuition from others you will not get marks.They give us offers like they will teach us in chairs low fees etc. Sir i want you to take actions beacuse of that my class 9 got rotten . so please take actions against them and it is the problem of many students.
Aliya Sharma
Aug 21, 2016

Abt cbse

Hello sir and madam
I am a student and I apperd for cbse class 10 th board exam because I trusted on it I got compartment this year 2016 in maths I did it well but still NIOP for the 2nd chance and not only we unfact everyone please do something it's abt our futures full time it's abt depression only please cbse help us make every student pass I still have hope this result is fake cbse u can save the students life it's in your hands please we beg u please

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