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CDA Pension Allahabad

Uttar Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about CDA Pension Allahabad

nain singh
Jul 4, 2016


I ex JC 375855H Sub Maj &Hony Capt Nain Singh Kotwal was retired after completion of colour service on 31st May 2015. My PPO no. Is S/18413/2015 dated 04 march 2015. So far neither OROP arrears nor enhancement in basic pension has been credited in my pension account. Therefore you are requested to look into the matter and credit entitled enhanced amount towards OROP in my pension account. An early action is requested.
Thanking you.
Email id- kotwalnainsingh@gmail.com
Mobile no. - 09796266351
Shyam Sunder Behera
Jul 3, 2016


I, No 14257331A Ex ACP Nb Sub Shyam Sunder Behera was retired after 26 years of service and granted ACP-I wef 04 Mar 2008 vide Signal Records Part II Order No-1/1173/0179/09 dt 24 Dec2009. Accordingly my pension was fixed Rs10029/- and grade pay Rs4200/- vide corr PPO No S/Corr/036271/ 2011(ARMY). Now Signal Records has gtd me Hony Nb Sub vide Corr PPO No S/Corr/023800/2012 (ARMY).However, the arrers of OROP gtd to ACP Nb Sub has not been given to me till date.

In view of the above, you are requested to examine the fact and release my outstanding dues to me at the earliest and instruct CPPC Bhubaneswar (Odisha) to credit the amount in my pension account please.

Ex HonyNb Sub Shyam Sunder Behera
dibakar muduli
Jul 2, 2016


Dear sir,
I am a pensinor from Assam (TA) since 2007. I was drawing pension from SBI Happy valley, Shillong. Now, I have been transferred my pension acct to my nearest SBI i.e. SBI , ADB Hulursingha, Angul. I Enquiry at my nearest SBI that my acct have been transferred , but pension credit. My PPO No S/010429/2007 & Corrg PPO N S/corr/103346/2009. Pl do the needful and intimate me on Email ID No dibakarmuduli.10245253@gmail.com.
Jul 1, 2016

OROP arrer

One Rank One Pension (OROP) under estimated:
My service details as follows:--
Service No: 14576837m, Rank : Havildar, Name: Janmejai Pandey: Corps of EME
Date of enrollment : 15/Dec/1984 Date of Discharge 31 Dec. 2010 Total service : 26 Years
PPO No: S/039494/2010 (Army)
As per my service ,Rank and Group I am not getting my entaitlement pension as per OROP orders issued
present pension :- 17552/- As per OROP Group Havildar Basic pension 10029/- +DA( 125 %)=12537₹ Total : 22565₹ Commut ded 5014₹ and as per 6% DA January 2016 to April 2016 arrer cannot credited in my account.
Please... request your kindness that my OROPension may please be reguralised.
Contact :- 9621325873
Emai Id :- janmejaip@gmail.com
Thanking you
Jun 30, 2016

not received of ppo

my mother is a pensioner since 1976 but she has not received her pension last 4-5 months because lost of ppo by Syndicate Bank palam branch,new delhi. I have send many email to allahabad pension deparment they demanded Copy of Loss Of Certificate of PPO which is I have already send many time. The said bank already send that documents via email to the pensionn department but they again demand the loss certificate. I can;t understand why the document has misplaced, i have not received the ppo certificate. In that case my mother suffers so many problems for survive without pension. Please help her. She has no any other income sources.

contact "
Archana Dhawan
RZ-H-244 Raj Nagar Gali no.13
Palam colony,New Delhi-110077.
Jun 30, 2016

orop pension under estimated

My service details as follows:--
Service No: 6319179 X, Rank : Havildar, Name: K S Nagarajan: Corps of signals
Date of enrollment : 31 March 1963 Date of Discharge 01 April 1985 Total service : 22 Years
PPO No: S/C/14018/85 of July 85 ; Revised PPO NO: S/35869/86 of 04 Dec 86
Bankers : Bank of Baroda , Lalgudi Branch Trichirappalli
Savings A/C NO: 05400100000576
As per my service ,Rank and Group I am not getting my entaitlement pension as per orop orders issued
present pwension :- 17456/- As per orop Group X (B) Havildar Basic pension 9055/- +DA( 123 %)=11138 Total :Rs 20193:-
I request your lindness that my pension may please be reguralised
Thanking you
r k yadav
Jun 30, 2016

decbilities penson

Respected sir
My particulars
No .15361723w
Ex naik vijay bahadur singh
Tresury ditt-firozabad
T/s no-2651
Acct no_ 3111000300198874
PNB shiKohabad
Date of dischage-1 may 2004
Date of birth-25-12-1968
Sir as per resived OROP my decbilities penson become 2512.50 / but i getting old penSion rate 1755 per month
As per treasury clerk statement no chagend your decebility penson
Kindly change my decebility penson as per OROP
I ever greatfull to you for this act
Your-vijay bahadur singh

decbilities penson

Jun 29, 2016


Shri KJ Benadict, took BRIBE me Rs. 20000/- & raid-handed caught by CBI on 29 Nov 2012, A case was registered under PC ACT under section7, After 01 month Judicial Custody now under BAIL, On Dec-2015 his Suspension was REVOKED and posted to PCDA, Pension Allahabad, Sangam Cell, By misusing his Official capacity in PCDA Pad filled the RTI to my erstwhile Deptt. NSRY(PB), and signed as Sr. Accounts Officer, which is against the RTI Act 2005 as well as unbecoming of a Public servant. By signing fake bill, he drawn 50% of HRA (30% of Mumbai+20% of Port Blair) till Dec 2015. The matter may investigated.
Yours Truely
K. Bhattacharjee
Jagdish chand sharma
Jun 28, 2016

Non Settlement of OROP Case

With great regret it is submitted that the OROP case in regard of me has not been settled yet, resulting a great financial loss as well as being deprived of all type of benefits provided to me under the scheme. In this regard I approached to my bankers,” The Manager United Commercial Bank Branch Bijhari Distt. Hamirpur (H.P.) PIN 176040,” where I receive my pension vide A/C No. 1158. The record of my length of service as issued by you, that is 16 years 5 months 13 days is not recorded in the corrigendum PPO bearing No N/S/C/55/2003 Dated,17 sep. 2003 issued by CDA Allahabad. Therefore the Banker is still consider my length of service 15 years as it is previously given in the original PPO No N/S/C 3183/84 dated 16 oct. 84.Thenceforth it is also not clear to me whether the pension which I receive presently is correct or not.
It is therefore requested that the case of my pension in complete may be studied minutely and do the needfull accordingly as well as the OROP case may also be settled at the earliest please.
Thanking You.

Yours Faithfully,

Jagdish Chand Sharma
Ex. POR (TAC) NO. 094686Y
Jun 26, 2016

OROP arrears not gat tii date

With due respect i would like to pray that i have nether get orop benefits nor revised pension till date.My perticular are as under.
Name-Devram Motiram
Army NO-14285023 W
Group-Y date of birth -01-06-1951
qualify Servise-15Years 277Days
Record Office'Crop of signals Jabalpur
Ppo NO-Ts/2530/scorr/086174/85
Bank-Union bank of india chandkheda br ahmedabad
Please consider my case sympathetically and do needful so that i can get my benefits.
MO No +91 9427275403
Email add -devsharma.1951.ds@gmail.com
with warm regatds.
prabhakar mishara
Jun 25, 2016

Sub:-Rectify pension and provide arrears of ACP HAV , OROP & 30% medical pension: reg

Sir, I, Army No 14593100N (Trade – recovery mechanic) Rank ACP HAV Prabhakar Mishra am retired from army on 31.03.2008 (PPO No: S/ 059853/2007) on completing 22 years service. At present I am drawing pension Rs.14840/- But my batch mates, some co- retired persons have being drawing pension Rs.16000/- (approximately) My arrears of ACP HAV & OROP arrears, 30% disability pension not received till dated.
Hence, I requested that, kindly look into this matter and necessary steps may be taken to rectify my pension and provide the arrears at the earliest please.

MY Mobile No: 9643151591
E-Mail ID- pmishara11011@gmail.com
Chittaranjan Satpathy
Jun 24, 2016


Respected Sir,

With due respect I would like to pray that I have neither get OROP benefits nor revised pension till date. My particulars are as under.


1. Type of pension - SERVICE PENSION

2. Rank of the pensioner - HAV/ACP-1(NB/SUB)

3. Group of the pensioner (only for JCOs / PBORs) - X

4. Qualifying service (without weightage) - 26 Years 03 days

5. Record Office - RECORDS BEG ROORKEE

6. Date of commencement - 27 APRIL 2012

7. PPO No - S/041837/2011 (ARMY) dated 03 Nov 2011

8. Amount of 1st pension credited on 27 Apr 2012 - Rs.12436/-

9. Present pension drawn on 26-05-2016 - Rs.18924/-

10. Basic pension - Rs. 10813/-

11. Bank from where pension is drawn - SBI Moubhandar (1484) (Jharkhand)

11. Pension Account No. - 11524046879

Please consider my case sympathetically and do the needful so that I can get my benefits.

with warm regards

(chittaranjan Satpathy)
Ex Hav (ACP-1 Nb sub)
Jun 23, 2016

OROP fly pension arears

I am Smt. Saradmma, W/O late Kuttan Kurup, EX POCK(O) No. 36732.Indian Nay. after retirement , my husband died on 06.08.1978 Since then I am getting my fly. pension regularly. After the OROP decision no arears have been received till date. Sir, I am 80 yrs old now. I do not know I long I will be alive. I am drawing my pension through SBI Ramanattukara Branch A/C No.10286774224. Would be grateful, if you could kindly look in to the matter and pl. communicate any further information needed.

Thanking you

Jun 22, 2016

Non received OROP arrears

Sir, I am an Ex serviceman from Maratha Regiment (Army). I have not received any arrears of OROP & increased pension of them. My particular's are as under.

Army Service No :2788900H
Rank :Ex-Naik.
Name :Yamgar Aba Pandurang
Date of Retirement : 01 Sep 2008
Bank Name :Bank of India
Branch Name :Kharsundi
A/c No :160210100006203
MICR Code :415013509
IFS Code :BKID 0001602
Email ID : aba_yamgar@rediffmail.com
Contact No :09765470222

Sir, you are requested Pl do the needful to make my OROP arrears payment.

Thanks & regards

Ex Naik Yamgar A P
Army Service No 2788900H
yogender pal singh
Jun 22, 2016

not getting pension after revised pension in orop

I am wife of late ex havildar 6572929 .Now Iam drawing pension from pnb govidpuri modinagar. my a/c number is 1619000300089410 .No arears and no revised pension has come.my husband particular as ex havildar chander pal singh 6572929.he expired in 21/5/1997.As per corrigendum pension payment order no.S/JN/11754/95 drawing pension. As per my voter card no .UWTO143602 my date of birth is 1/1/1934.I have complete age of 80 yrs. As per govt. rules&regulation my basic pension must be increased20%. I have written a letter to you but no action has been taken so far .(SATYA VATI )
Alok Jain
Jun 21, 2016

Review of pension

As per Letter No 38/37/08-P&PW (A) dt: 06.04.16 issued by GOI, sub: Revision of pension of pre-2006 pensioners, I have been waiting for revised PPO. Till date I have not heard anything from CDA. I have sent multiple inquiries as below -

Letter dated 7/5/2016
Letter dated 9/6/2016

PPO No: ENG/PRE86/6491/99
Name: Digmender Das Goel
Rank: Superintendent B/R GRADE 1
Retiring Office: HQ 138 WKS ENGR C/O 56 APO

Please respond to alokdjain@yahoo.com


Digmender Das Goel
venugopal thaliyakkattil
Jun 20, 2016

Arrear amount of widow pensioner issued in mar 2016

I subhadra amma wife of late 2533255 T Narayanan Nair <pension book/24947/TCR> wants to know the amount<arrears> issued in Mar 2016 as per 2016<widow>. kindly send me a copy of the amount deposited to my account
Phone <Mob > 8943507684
Thaliyakkattil house,
PO; Madayikonam
Jun 20, 2016

Discrepancy in Basic pay Fixation OROP

I have noticed from the arrears I received under OROP that there is an error in my Basic pay Fixation under OROP table-1 circular 555.
I, belong to 43 Technical Gradate Course of IMA. I was commissioned into Corps of Engrs on 11 jun 1977 with ante date seniority of 16 jun 1975, being a engineering graduate.
I joined IMA, Dehradun on 22 jul 1976 and I was paid salary from the date of joining IMA ie from 22 Jul 1976.
I retired from service on 28 Feb 2010 in the Rank of Maj. Gen. Hence taking into consideration my date of service from 22 Jul 1976 my total Qualifying service works out to be more than 33 years and not 32.5 years as calculated by you.
My basic pension has been fixed at Rs 38182/- instead of Rs 38,763/- causing a huge loss to me.
Hence you are requested to kindly rectify my Basic pay fixation at the earliest and do the needful for paying me the difference amount.
Action may please be taken to inform the concerned to pay me the correct amount, at the earliest under intimation to me.
Jun 19, 2016

regarding non payment of orop arrear

sir I am an exserviceman from corps of signal (Army) my date of retirement is 31 March 1988 I am dreawing my pension
through Bank of Baroda Branch Buland Shahr UP . But so far I have not received
any arrear of one rank one pension
my particulars are as under

Army Service No 14214119P Rank Ex Naik Name Harsh Vardhan
Postal address H.No A 165 Lajpat Nagar Sahibabad Distt Ghaziabad U.P. Pin 201005

Mobile No 9560531333 email harshi1952@gmail.com

Bank details Bank of Baroda Branch Buland Shahr U.P

bank Accouint No 07730100014826

sir you are requested pl do the needful to make my OROP arrear payment Thanks
Jagan Nath
Jun 18, 2016

complain regarding to O.R.O.P. pension

I am Jagan Nath Mech No. 83819 ‘A’ grade. My P.P.O. No. S/C/870/81 and H.O. No. 43132.
I have served The Indian Navy from 18-10-1965 to 31-07-1981 (i.e. 15years and 287 days)
According to O.R.O.P. table no. 7 column no 7 (only for artificer 1-3 only) is Rs.9750, but D.P.D.O. Hisar (Haryana) is not giving this pension.
D.P.D.O. analysis the arrear and pension according to column no. 6 of the same table (i.e. 1572, 8740 respect)
It is requested that give my pension right and arrear till 29-04-2016.

My corresponding address:-
Jagan Nath S/O Sh. Beg Raj
V.P.O. Kaimri (near water works)
Teh. & Dist. Hisar (Haryana)
Pin. 125001
Mob. No. 9468372516, 9466072516
Rabindra Sharma
Jun 16, 2016

Non Receipt of One rank One Pension arrier

Respected sir,
I was retired from Army as MACP Nb Sub after completing of 24 years of service and was retired on 31/10/2009 with PPO No S/025231/2009 (Army) . I am receiving pension from SBI, Subhash Nagar Branch Bareilly (UP) in the Account No - 30651975020. I am not getting OROP till date. I request you kindly give instruction to SBI Bank so that they will give OROP as soon as possible.

contact details:
Rabindra Sharma Ex MACP Nb Sub
Kailash Kunj,
3rd Lane, Anupam Nagar
Badaun Road Bareilly (UP)

email id : rabiplusshashi@gmail.com
Sub/Hony Lt Bikram Singh
Jun 16, 2016

Orop arrears and revised pension not yet given

Dear Sir, I Sub/Hony Lt Bikram Singh have served 30 yrs service in the Army in Corps of Signals and retired as Sub/Hony Lt on 31 Dec 2012.Orop arrears and revised pension of Hony/Lt as per OROP has not been given to me. My pop number is S/CORR/37200/2013.Bank PNB Chhachhrauli,Dist Yamuna Nagar(Haryana). Regards:- Sub/Hony Lt Bikram Singh.Mob number:-9146003060
Rajender Singh yadav
Jun 16, 2016

Not Received PPO

My Army No -6918758-P Ex/Hav/Clk Rajender Singh from Army Ordnance Corps. Joining date 13 April 1983 & Retaired on 31 July 1999. PPO and pension not received against OROP. Please send a fresh PPO.
Jun 14, 2016

Non Receipt of corr PPO

महोदयजी, मैं, नं जे सी 258910एच सुबे (ओनरेरी कपतान) वेदप्रकाश, एस ओ एस 01 जून 2007, हौलडिगं पीपीओ न- एस/ 055996 / 2006। सर, 6ठे वेतन आयोग के मुताबिक मेरी बेसिक पेंनसन 14165/- थी, 1. इसके बाद सरकूलर 501 दि.17 जनवरी 2013 को रिवाइज करके 16145/- कर दिया और इसका ऐरीयर 24 सितमबर 2012 से लागू किया। ओर यह पैंसन रिवाईज होगई और ऐरियर भी मिलगया एजपर कोरिजेनडम पीपीओ एस/कैरेकस/104685/2012 दि. 07 /03/2013. 2. इसके बाद सरकूलर 547 दि. 11 सितमबर 2015 के मुताबिक रिवाइज पैंसन का ऐरियर 24 सितमबर 12 कि बजाऐ 01 जनवरि 2006 से देना लागू कर दिया | 3. सभी बैंको ने 2006 से पहले रिटायरमेंट वालौं को पेमेंट भी कर दिया । लेकिन 2006 के बाद वालौ को ऐरियर पेमेंट नहीं किया गया है वह कहते हैं कि सरकुलर 547 प्रि 2006 के लिऐ लागु । 4. 01 जन 2007 के बाद वालो को ऐरियर पेमेंट के लिऐ करेकशन पीपीओ चाहिए । आरटी रिकोड और पीसीडीए (पी) इलाहाबाद और सीजीडीए को कमपलेंट भेज चुके परनतु कोई समाधान नहीं हुआ । 5.. पिछले 8 महिने से लगातार ई मेल, फैकस, पोसटल, पीजीपोरटल, पबलिक ग्रिविंयस और कमपलेंट बोरड पर शिकायत दरज करवाकर थक चुका हुं। कृपया बताऐ कया करें। Email- vedp9596@gmail.com
Jun 14, 2016

ORAP not received to Widow

Sir , I am widow of late NB/Sub Sopan Maroti Kharche JC-81229W and my age is 72 years. My husband served in Army more than 22 years and expired in 1979. My PPO No is - F/1335/80 I have neither received any arrears and nor my basic pension is adjusted as per OROP. I am getting pension from Sate Bank of India, Motala Branch, Dist Buldana, Maharashtra. Kindly do the needful at the earliest

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