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West Bengal

Consumer complaints and reviews about CESC BILL

debashis pal
Mar 16, 2014

Excessive charges for 0 unit consumption

I am a consumer of CESC and this month(February'2014) electricity bill I see couple of irregularities,like you add up energy charges and adjustments of 2012 despite the 0 unit consumption of electricity in this meter(meter no 2756262 and consumer no 50133076000). Why add up energy charges despite not using electricity? Why add up adjustment of 2012 despite we already paid all such charges in 2012. That time also we paid much higher charges due to adjustment. This does not make any sense.
Could you tell me how you add up this charges?
Mar 3, 2014

No Payment acknowledgement

My CESC consumer number is 46317001599. I ad paid the bill for Jan 2014, but not recd any acknowledgement and the bill is still showing as unpaid.
Mar 3, 2014

Bill showing as unpaid inspite of Payment

My consumer number is 46317001599. i have paid the bill for Jan 2014, but it is still showing as unpaid and i have not recd any acknowledgement od payment.
Feb 7, 2014

Unused Meter Due to Death

I am Sri Kishore Sarkar son of Late Baidya nath Sarkar of 25, Chandra Kumar Banerjee lane, Howrah 711102 LP-23/25
Consumer No.59050138002. I am requesting you to please STOP to sending BILL because the METER are keeping
stop due to the DEATH OF BAIDYA NATH SARKAR. At present the Meter reading are shows that 630 Unit consumption,
which I have already paid by Net Banking on 16.12.2013.

Requesting for stop to send Bill atleast 3 month and then send Bill in the Name of KISHORE SARKAR because I am
the Owner after my Fathers death. This is for your Information and Record.
Jan 6, 2014

Excess Unit Reading

Dear Sir,

I Suman Kumar Dutta would like to complain against CESC about excess meter reading and my consumer number is 47179269000, In the previous month I have paid Rs. 17,000 as average counting, I didn't complaint about them but this time its a kind of Reading Theft, I have shown my meter to an Electrician and he said the reading is showing 2772 Unit on 1st January whereas CESC had shown 2868 Unit and the reading date was 12/12/2013. Till date the Unit did not covered yet so is this kind of joke or what? I am gonna complain to Police this time with meter reading proof, If they are not going to recheck meter again I will complain for Electricity Theft on them.

Suman Kumar Dutta
Consumer : 47179269000
Dec 7, 2013

None come to read meter for last 2 months

I, kaushik Dutta, regret to complain you that none came to read our meter for last two months (Novemver & December).
We were inform by you that our meter would be read on 07/11/2013 and 07/12/2013) and we were in our home but none came to read our meter. We got bill for October 2013 on average basis. We strongly object for average reading and harassment made by you.
We request you to look into the matter and solve the matter.

Thanking you


Kaushik Dutta
30A, Jannagar Road
Kolkata - 700014
Consumer no. 26063081007
Dec 6, 2013

Excessive billing in cesc

Dear Sir ,My consumer number number is 20046139185 in the name of Yasmin Begum.From last 6 months onwards there is a excess amount of bill has been charged to me which is not acceptable to me.Please look in to the matter & send cesc person to check the meter & get it solved as early as possible.My Residence Address is Shabuddin Ahmed,T/10/D Miajan Ostagar Lane Kolkata-700017.

Shabuddin Ahmed
kumar industries
Dec 6, 2013

billing Problem

We (Kumar Industries) receive bill last 3 months. meter no. 2161241 & 2967294 . But this meter remove on 5/9/2013. and replace new meter. last month November bill are receive no unit consumed.

please do the needful and oblige.

Thanking you,

yours faithfully,
KOLKATA :- 700039.
CONSUMER NO. 02171003009
Nov 28, 2013

Exhorbitant electric bill

My Meter no.3997067 and Con no.08218032051 Last month also I made written complaint that without usage so much of billing has effected i.e. Rs.840/- (for Sept 2013 bill) and this month against actual use of 24 units that too till 27.11.13 how so much of metre of Rs.490/- has generated? Please verify the meter immediately. Before coming please give us a ring at both mobile numbers 9007953204 and 8697129001.

Please take immediate action for verifying the electric metre reading as I should not be held responsible for payment of Rs.490/- since my usage is very minimal at this winter.

Prabhat Banerjee
Mob: 9007953204
bilal ansari
Nov 22, 2013

theft of electricity .

dear sir ,
i mujibur rahman residence of 4 chamru singh lane kolkata-700011, customer of cesc consumer no.47119239001, want to let bring this crime to your notice that from the meter box of my given address thieves were doing their job and i am unable to do anything as i have no knowledge of electricity and i became to know this theft by the monthly electricity bill . since before 4 months everything was going fine but from now 2 months the bill exceedes much more than i expect .
i hope sir you will look into the matter soon as this is not only my matter but a threat to my neighbour also.

thank you.

yours faithfully
mujibur rahman
Nov 15, 2013

Irregularity in sending bill

I am not receiving my monthly electricity bill in time. Every time I have to collect copy bill to pay in time.

Please look into the matter.

Consumer No. 17029014008.
Nov 14, 2013

Excessive Bill

Dear Sir/ Madam,

My consumer no. 75046057000 I have receive unexpected extra bills (423 Units) than my average bill it should as per usage (70-80 Units), when asked to the meter reader how to read the meter, unexpected and surprised reply I got, he said as it is very old it takes a training session to read this meter and he is unable to train me.

I request you to kindly look at the matter & oblige.

Thanking you.
yours Trully

Consumer no. 75046057000
Soma Saha
Nov 14, 2013

Request for Meter Reading

Dear Sir/madam,

I Soma Saha a Consumer of your CESC and the no. is (48081044007) at Present I have a problem that
The Electric bill is increasing day by day. If you look at my sixth month consumption you will be seen how it is increasing I think there is some errors’ are happening in the meter box.
So I will request you to kindly check out the problem and short out it as early as possible. If you like to send any technician in my house for checking purpose you can send any of your suitable days.
I hope you will short out my problem as first as possible.

Soma saha
Somnath Banerjee
Nov 11, 2013

Excessive Bill


I am an existing consumer of CESC ( Cons. No. 54087066005 ). Sir, my complaint is this, Ref. Bill No. 5408706600510134 generated on 11/11/13. My complaint is this in the column of Present reading is nil. I think you approximately charged the units consumption is 112 units. But, I am sure this is totally bogus and false. Why you are doing such type of wrong thing. Please check immediately. And one thing is no one of your company representative those who had checked the meter were come on than day i.e. 26.10.2013.

Please rectify immediately my bill and send me a fresh bill immediately.

Kalpana Banerjee
Gopal Bhattacharjee Lane,
Nawabganj - Ichapur
LP - 5/5
24-PGS ( N ) - 743144
Consumer No. 54087066005
Mobile No. : 8420185145
Ajit Gupta P.M
Nov 11, 2013

billing more than uses

I ajit gupta consumer no. 69029095111 I have receive extra bills due to irregular reading of meter , more than uses and other causes.
I request you to kindly look at the matter & oblige.
Thanking you.
Ajit gupta
Con. No.69029095111
Ajit Gupta P.M
Nov 11, 2013

extra billing

dear sir,
I sri shiv sankar gupta consumer no.69029095102.I have received extra bills every month due to irregular reading of meter, more than of my uses and other causes.
I request you to kindly look at the matter & oblige.
Thanking you.
Shiv Sankar Gupta
Con. No.69029095102
Oct 31, 2013

Sub: Fabricated Bill for the month of SEptember-2013 against Consumer No: 76164014024

Dear Sir/Madam,


1) Kindly refer to the above consumer number and our subsequent electric bills for the month of August and September 2013 respectively.

2) Myself on behalf of my landlord would like to inform you that I am in receipt of our last two months bills in a confusing fashion which are not inconformity with past consumption records in the last many years.

3) The facts and figures enumerated in the last two months bills are totally synthetic and fictitious which are totally beyond our imagination.

4) To reveal the last few month’s records you could easily observe the trend of consumptions on the same meter did not match with the last two months bills.

5) Bill for the month of August-2013 does not bear any amount due to low consumption.

6) But observing the bill for the month of September -2013 ( Rs. 11,040/) we have become astonished that how this month bill would become so high without using any highly consumption oriented household gadgets or electrical devices in our accommodation.

7) So, you are earnestly requested to intervene the matter and arrange to issue the fresh bill to make the further payment.

8) Your earliest action in this regard highly solicited so that bill amount for the month of September-2013 can be paid within the due date.

Thanks and Regards
Sanjay Ghosh
lalmani dubey
Oct 30, 2013

billing amount almost 2.5 times the average


I, consumer no:36016037005, want to state that my electric bill for the months of sept2013 and jul2013 were almost 2.5 times my average consumption(bill amt), whereas my elctric usage has decreased in last few months.
Please, look into the matter and take necessary steps as its really becoming tough for me to have that much higher bills.

Thank You
Oct 24, 2013

unexpected cesc bill amount for Aug,13 and Sep 13

My Consumer no is 75221111076. For the last two months my bill is increasing by 100 rupees every month , whereas there are no additional electrical equipment that has been added and moreover the entire day our flat remains closed as both me and my wife are out for our work. From evening 7.30 to next morning 10. 30 , there is consumption. I will request to accept my complaint and look into my bills and it seems a bit suspicious.

Nirupam Roy Chaudhury
Oct 21, 2013

Consumer no-13113082002 Receipts of Bills for Aug'2013 and Sept'2013 without units and 'NIL'' amount

I would like to inform you that I paid the bill for July 2013 for Rs. 580.00 on 24.08.13 -- total unit charged 110units. But in the bill of Aug'2013 and Sept'2013 no mention of units through meter reading was carried out on 27.08.13 and 24.09.13 respectively. My meter is in renning condition and the units consumed are displayed as 3974 on 20.10.2013 as aganist 3872 in Aug'2013 and Sept'2013.
I futher state that in my meter box threr are other two meters and bills are being sent regularly.
Therfore, I request you to instract your person in the field to get the exact reading units and send the bills accordingly.
Thanking you
your faitfully
Alok Kala
Sep 25, 2013


I would like to draw your kind attention to the Eletric bill for Rs. 76000 in July and Rs. 76740 for the mounth of
August,2013,issued in f/o Narendra Chandra Bhattacharyya , which is unbelivable ,unimaginary, rather you can
say impossible.
generally the range of my electric bill is from Rs.60 to Rs.100 every mounth from the begining of
issuance of the above meter.In every alternate mounth i use to receive Elec. bill against above meter stating
"pkease do n ot pay this bill".
Please note that i only use one tube light of watt 40 and one ceeling fan for one hour from 9-30 pm to 10-30 pm
Please take necessary step to make correct bill for the mounth of July,2013 and send the same to me for
Your early action in the matter is solicited .my consumer no. 63210062021 and meter no. 329543801,meter
situated at L.P. 112/6 , H.C Banerjee Lane. Konngar

Yours sincerely
Narendra Chandra Bhattacharyya.

Sep 20, 2013

not receiving bill last 2 months

this is to inform that i, Smt. Sadhana Chatterjee, address,GR-FR;FL-4
HOWRAH 711102 , my consumer no.-59123114131,
am not getting my bill since Aug'13.to my above address.so my deposit problem my bill amount.
i request to send my bill every month perfect time.

Sadhana Chatterjee
Surendra Jalan
Aug 27, 2013

Missing of all bills

My all bills have been misplaced and from last 5-6 months I havent received any bills from your side.
Meter is in the name of Surendra Kumar Jalan
Address :- 63, S.K Deb Road, KolkATA -700048
Email:- jalan.surendra@gmail.com
Mobile:- 9836900391

Please either send all the bills of last 5-6 months or please convey my consumer number so that I can generate the duplicate copy of bills.
Surendra Jalan
Aug 27, 2013

Missing of all bills

I have missied all my bills and i havent received any bills from last 5-6 months. The meter is in the name of Surendra Kumar Jalan.
Address :- 63, S.k.Deb Road, Kolkata - 700048. Email :- surendra.jalan@gmail.com.
Mobile no. :- 9836900391.
Jul 22, 2013


I am writing on behalf of my Brother, Jobraj Singh, consumer no:63022119014


This is to inform you that my consumer no.:63022119014 and i had not received my bill for the month of june 2013 and the meter reading had not been done.
I had Cleared all my due in the last bill. Please send someone to make the meter reading and the bill on the Address: 31, Purohitpara Lane, Uttarpara, Hooghly, pin:712258.

Your quick action will be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,
samarjit singh
Email: samarjit1981@in.com

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