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West Bengal

Consumer complaints and reviews about CESC

Debashis Datta
Jan 23, 2016

Sealing of energy meter fuse box.

Energy meter replace by CESC Ltd., Kolkata but sealing of Fuse box not done by the co. which is must. My consumer is 54169024019. Complain over phone done on 1912 but no actin taken.
Sital Prasad Chattopadhyay
Jan 12, 2016

Abnormal Billing

Customer Id.:44000056911
Consumer No.:44027064008
Consumer Type:Domestic

Dear Sir,

I have already paid the bill amount - Rs. 250.00 for the last month, i.e. November 2015. Inspite of that, the energy consumed and the amount of energy charges for the month of December 2015 have been abnormally high (9945 units and amount-Rs. 94100/- respectively). I seek your kind help regarding this matter.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Aloka Ray
(Consumer No.:44027064008)

Address:6/4,Seals' Garden Lane,
Dec 31, 2015


Respected Sir,

This is to inform that we are facing issue related to excess bill amount on every alternative month. Would request to validate the reading if required and also the meter as our usage is not so much that the amount can deviate .

Consumer No - 48071214005
Customer ID - 48001044750
Name - Naren Ch. Roy
Address - 31 Roy Mullick Colony Dumum
Kolkata - 700 030

Please look into the matter .

Thanking You,
Naren Ch. Roy
md. irshad
Dec 20, 2015

Complaint against high electric bill

Dear Sir,
I would like to draw your kind attention on my excess electricity bill. Continuously month after month i am noticing that electricity bill is getting higher. On August ,2014 it was Rs 787, on October Rs 811 and now on November Rs 1050.No new appliances has been added in my home.
Please check for any kind of fault in my electronic meter//electric line //meter reading on a urgent basis.
Consumer no. 02240062025
Consumer ID - 02001245371

Thanking You
Md. Irshad
Nov 20, 2015

Invalid Bill Amount


Already PAID the SEPT'2015 electricity bill, please find the attached receipt. Please rectify and revert on urgent basis.

Customer ID-48001169370
Consumer No-48230044037


Invalid Bill Amount

Ganesh Chandra Sen
Aug 21, 2015

Irregular meter reading

Sub : High Meter Reading
This is for your kind information that I, Sri Ganesh Chandra Sen, have a Domestic electric connection from your company. My consumer no is 48374067001.I complaint to you very sadly that my Previous Meter Reading was 10897(For the month of June) and now I have just received my electricity bill for the month of July,stating that I have consumed 186 unit and there is no Present Meter Reading mentioned in this bill. Where as, I checked my meter reading today i.e., on 21/08/2015, the reading is 11053 that means I have consumed 153 units till today.How is it relevant that I have to pay the bill for 186 units i.e.,Rs. 1240/- for the month of July,rather consuming only 153 units till 21/08/2015.
Therefore, I request you to kindly look forward to my problem as early as possible and give me a quick relief from this painful problem.
Thanking you
Your faithfully
Ganesh Chandra Sen

Irregular meter reading Irregular meter reading

Somnath Chattopadhyay
Jul 31, 2015

Non-Receipt of Money Receipt

I had paid the Electricity Bill for June,2015 online through my Debit Card for Customer ID : 46001216628(Consumer No. 46451070012) of amount Rs. 910.00 and for Customer ID : 4600189189(Consumer No. 46451070021) of amount Rs. 400.00 on 25.07.2015. The amounts have been debited from my bank account. But till today,ie. 01.08.2015,I have not received any e-mail or other correspondences online giving the acknowledgment of Receipt of the said payments. Kindly arrange for the same.

Somnath Chattopadhyay
Sanat Kumar Banerjee
Jul 23, 2015

Receipt of payment of LT Bill JUNE2015

Date : 24.07.2015
Dear Sir,
Ref: Customer ID : 46001162198
Bill No. : 4614218201106155

I have paid Rs. 1010.00 for CESC LT for June 20015, bill no : 4614218201106155 on 21.07.2015. The transaction reference issued by S B I is DSBI 3916675515IGOAJUNG17. The amount of Rs. 1010 has been transferred to the account no.3199587162090. It is regrettable that the receipt of payment yet to be received. I would like to request you to look in to the matter and take suitable action at an earliest date.
Sanat Kumar Banerjee, Consumer No. 46142182011
Jul 10, 2015

Excessive Billing

Sub : Excessive billing of Consumer no.50225103151[Cust ID-50001496808]

Dear Sir,
I would like to bring to your notice that the electricity bill for the month of June, 2015 as received amounting Rs 3070/-(387 units) as found to be extraordinarily high compare to my average monthly electricity consumption pattern for last few months. It is also to inform you that there are no additional electrical appliances is added during the period.
I am quite surprised to receive such a heavy bill for domestic power consumed by me during the last two months. It was just not possible for me to have used so much of power during this period as I was out of station with my family for more than a week and the house was locked.
Please arrange to make necessary amendments and oblige.

With thanks,

Yours truly,
Raghabendra Paul
Consumer No.50225103151
Customer ID-50001496808
Atul Agarwal
Jul 3, 2015

high bill for may 2015

Dear Sir,
Kindly take note of this that I have received a very high bill for this month. My aggregate gross bill for April 2015 and May 2015 is Rs. 23070 where the bill for April was Rs.8475/- and May is Rs. 14595/-.

In April, I was in home most of the time so I might have consumed more units and thus I am not raising any complaints for that but a bill of Rs.14595 for the month of May 2015 is a shock to me since in May, I was out of home most of the time, so how could I consume such a high unit. In no way I could have consumed 1521 unit in a particular month which your bill is claiming.

There must be a mistake either at your end or with the meter installed by you.

In May 2013, I have consumed only 651 units and in May 2014, I have consumed 956 units. But consuming 1521 units in a particular month is just impossible for me.

I am using the services of CESC since my birth and have never raised any question on the bill issued by your concern but this time I am very much sure that there is a mistake at your end.

Kindly rectify the same at the earliest and issue a new bill with the actual value so that I could pay it at the earliest.

Thanking You.

Saroj Kumar Agarwal
Manoj pasari
Jun 28, 2015

Excess billing

My details are as follows:
Consumer No. - 36049173001
Consumer Type- Domestic
I have received an unexpected excess bill in the month of May 2015 as comared to previous months although it was calculated on average basis.We kindly request you to kindly look into the matter seriously and take serious steps. This is my humble request. I am looking forward to you for future support and I also kindly request you to check our meter and take necessary actions as soon as possibe.

Thanking You
Your Customer
Pankaj Pasari
Jan 28, 2015

Excess Billing

Excess Billing
I have received an unexpected excess bill in the month December of 2014 although it was calculated on average basis. The details as follows: Consumer No 53032017062. We Kindly request you to kindly look into the matter seriously and take serious steps. This is my humble request. I am looking forward to you for future support and I also kindly request you to check our meter.

Thanking You

Your Customer
Ashok Gupta
Jan 28, 2015

Excess Billing

I have received an unexpected excess bill in the month December of 2014 although it was calculated on average basis. The details as follows: Consumer No 65009043157. We Kindly request you to kindly look into the matter seriously and take serious steps. This is my humble request. I am looking forward to you for future support and I also kindly request you to check our meter.

Thanking You

Your Customer
Ashok Gupta
Oct 20, 2014


Ref : Consumer No : 46559129398, Customer Id : 46001499416,
Mobile No 9434345744, Email Id: souravktps@gmail.com.

With due respect I, Sri Sourav Biswas a customer of CESC Ltd. with above Consumer no and Customer no would like to inform you that as per the Bill No. : 4655912939808148 I have paid the due amount through Internet Banking on 12/10/2014. But I do not get any receipt against the payment.But the whole amount is substructed from my bank account. So there is no document of payment with me. Please help me from your end.

Thanking You.


KOLKATA 700079
Oct 11, 2014

Complaint against high electric bill

Hello Sir,
I would like to draw your kind attention on my excess electricity bill.Continously month after month i am noticing that electricity bill is getting higher. On July,2014 it was Rs 910, on August Rs 880 and now on September Rs 1050.No new appliances has been added in my home and specially no AC present.
Please check for any kind of fault in my electronic meter//electric line //meter reading on a urgent basis.
Consumer no. 50034080005
Consumer ID - 50000047351
Email ID -: tupai_soumya@rediffmail.com

Thanking You
Anjali Ray
Jun 18, 2014

Faulty Bill

Consumer No. (48098091002).
Meter no. 3376594

My meter reading today shows 9996. Your bill no 4809809100205143 shows previous meter reading as reading taken on 27th May 2014 as 10102 with 103 units being consumed. Bill amount is Rs 620 which I have already paid. I understand that your meter reading was faulty and thus ask you to return amount paid of Rs 620 immediately.

Barnali Dutta
Jun 4, 2014


Sir, My consumer no. is 50056044168 and this is to inform you that my electricity bills for the month of April AND MAY 2014 are very high compared to last few months or the last five years. we have not used so much of electric supply in our home but in spite of that there is a very high bill and i am not satisfied with it.therefore i want you to take some necessary steps to look into the matter as soon as possible. I DON'T HAVE ANY TV,AC AND ONLY 3 STUDENT MEMBERS LIVING YET OUR BILL IS HIGHER THAN OTHERS IN OUR APARTMENT WHO CONSUMES HIGHER ELECTRICITY THAN US, I SUSPECT THERE MUST BE SOMETHING VERY WRONG. PLEASE HELP. MY PHONE NUMBER IS 9475816974 WHICH ALSO SHOWING CHANGED ON THE CESC WEBSITE AS 9830204711. I'M BAFFLED BY THIS.
Apr 2, 2014

meter running in name death person

Late Biralal Sah, of 3D, M.M. Feeder Road, PO +PS - Belghoria, Kolkata-700056 died in 2011.His connection is still active and being used in same house regularly.,Do we have to change the owner's name after death or the rule is not in effect?

Krishna Ray
Nov 3, 2013


Not receiving electricity bill for the month of Aug for which i had to pay in green bill ,please could you help me out with this matter.Hope i receive my next bill .
Mr G.D.Pal
Rashiklall srimani road
Sep 16, 2013

bill amount is very high

Dear sir,

This is to inform you that my consumer no is 56007052256.my average billing is rs2000-3000.I have got bill for june july of rs 5340 and my consumed unit was 110 units in june and 219 units in july .As per your bill my bill should have come approx rs 2000.I have got bill of rs 5340 which i have paid.i have oaid bill of may also.In the month of august i have got bill of rs 10630 and its un ethic.so kindly look at my reasons and i need feed back as soon as possible.

Thanking you

Rina devi shaw
Debarati Roy
Mar 29, 2013

exorbitant electricity bill

It is observed from the last three months' electricity bill that the bill of the present month is double that of the previous month without any change of electrical appliances and also duration of usage.I have no AC or geyser or immersion heater or pump machine or electric heater. The elctrical appliances I use are a refrigerator, TV, two ceiling fans and CFL lights. I use a washing machine once a month. The electricity bills for the last three months are as follows:
December 2012- 88 units - Rs. 470- (Date of payment- 28.01.2013)
January 2013- 150 units - Rs 850 - (Date of payment- 25.02.2013)
February 2013- 276 units- Rs. 1670 -(Date of payment 28.03.2013)

In my estimation the average monthly consumption should be 100-120 units. But unfortunately every month the bill amount keeps getting doubled.

My consumer no. is 46317001848, meter no. 4350305
Please look into the matter and take necessary cations to stop the inconvenience this is causing me.

Siddheswar Roy

Flat no. 3C, Block D,
New Shrachi Garden, Satgachi,
251/1 Nagendranath Road,
P.S. & P.O.- Dumdum,
Dist.: North 24 Parganas.
Kolkata- 700028
Nov 14, 2012

CESC Electricity Bill of October 2012

The electricity bill of October 2012 raised by the CESC to me (CONSUMER NO. 50130200001) for domestic electricity consumed amounting Rs.2470, and paid by me online, is utter exorbitant and unjust.

During the month in question 354 units has been shown to be consumed, when the fact is that (1) we were out of house for more than 7 days and (2) the air conditioner machine too was in less use.


Oct 30, 2012

Inflated Electric bill for the month of September 2012

I humble submit you that September 12 electric bill is hiked tremendously. Such amount that is absolute impossible for me to pay the same. I can show you and also same record last 10 month electric bill so it is impossible for me to pay. total 7 points are existed are my house but they are not ruining regularly. I would request you please do the need full.
Consumer number is : 48424057008
Oct 21, 2012


This is to bring to your kind notice that i this consumer no 32011174004 of CESC would like to inform you about your billing amount and meter read units which are fluctuating and increasing gradually for last few months. When I was close my all light and fans then however meter watch is running? So kindly please visit someone at my home.You are therefore requested to kindly get my meter checked i.e. if it is faulty,and kindly do the need full.Hope you will look after these matter and take the necessary action as early as possible.

Thanking Yours
Sincerely Yours

CONSUMER NO-32011174004
May 23, 2012

Power Cut

There had been a power cut in my area for more than 2 hours now. I lodged a complaint with CESC at 03344031912. The customer supper person gave me a complain number and said a technical team will come, check and fix the problem within one hour. After waiting for more than 2 hours I called back to check the status. One of the customer service person named Debjani ill behaved and refused to pass on any information. Another person named Priyanka, said they do not have any information apart from what the automated system tells them.

Is the customer service people are always unable to give any proper information, then what is the use of keeping one such department at all?

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