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West Bengal

Consumer complaints and reviews about CESC

Sep 26, 2014

Correction of Name

Dear Sir,
Ref. Consumer No.08107036111
Sub.: Correction of Name

I, Mr Ranjit Majumder request your good self to rectify my name in your records as mentioned below.

Wrong Name: Ronjit Mojumdar
Correct Name: Ranjit Majumder

Request you to rectify my name in your record amp; do the needful.

Ranjit Majumder
Partha S Chakraborty
Sep 6, 2014


Dear Sir/Mamdam

I want to install 1.5 Ton Split AC ( 1 no ) in my house . Please inform me the procedure about installing . I don't know that how much I shall pay to CESC , please inform .

My details :--
Consumer No. = 10083087006
Consumer Type = DOMESTIC
Address = 136A , BONOMALI NASKAR ROAD , KOLKATA-700060

Thanx & Regards
Partha Sarathi Chakraborty
Rahul Agarwal
Jul 17, 2014


This is to bring to your kind notice that I,Gayetri Roy use this consumer no 02150005001(3 rd Floor,142/1A Picnic Garden Road,Kolkata-700039,LP 1/19) of CESC would like to inform you about your billing amount and meter read units which are fluctuating and increasing gradually for last months. No power consumable equipments being added to my house and usage are normal as before, but why there is so much difference of the meter reading? The meter reading is jumping up continuously for last few months. How can it happen? Why should I bear it?I had never consumed such huge units of energy. My last record of electric consumption will also proof the same. I have a doubt in my mind that either Electric Metre is not working properly or someone is doing Electric theft from our metre as we are unable to check what exactly happening because the metres are locked in a room.
You are therefore requested to kindly get my meter checked i.e. if it is faulty, do the needfu & adjust excess amount charged by you in last few bills,& make sure that I get correct bill in future. Please le me know, the action taken by at the earliest.Hope you will look after these matter and take the necessary action as early as possible for overcoming the consumer harassment.

Thanks & Regards
Gayetri Roy
3 rd Floor
142/1A Picnic Garden Road,
Contact- 9230432022
E-mail: rahul.agarwal0101@gmail.com
Mar 26, 2014

DOCKET NO 0314042516

Against above docket CESC men attended the problem on 25th March,2014. However, again somebody from CESC came and handled the system at 11 AM on 26th March,2014 although we did not make any further complaint. We have doubt that this man is not an authorized CESC man. We tried to intimate this through SMS at 56070 but SMS reply came that is number is not active and we should contact support services but no contact number was given. We want to keep this information under record.

sabyasachi bhattacharya
Feb 21, 2014

Erroneous bill generated and high amount charged for Consumer No. 76039066001 for Feb 2014/Dec 2013 and Sept 2013 bills


We had submitted a written application in April 2013 that we will not be residing in the above premises till Sept 2013 and so we should not be charged for any consumption
But we continued to pay the bills through netbanking but when we reached kolkata on 4th Sept there was no power and after complaining it got restored
Again on account of my daughters ill health I had to leave kolkata on 28th Oct and since then we are in Hyderabad
I am startled to find so much amount being charged
I can provide the train tickets as proof and even the bills doesnt show any present reading
Please rectify going forward and arrange for refund of the extra money being paid by me

Dec 8, 2012

new connection

Sir, in the year 2007, applied for a new connection,accordingly an inspection was conducted by the engineers who physicaly inspected and advised to build 10'' wall for fixation of meter and a L shape poll thereafter as per their security bill I submitted the payment after few days but when they came for meter installation, they wanted to install it in another shop, where the concerened shopkeeper objected which resulted return of meter, the personnel came for the purpose advised to get in touch with the the then district engineer Mr. Kirit Rana whom i visited on a good number of times, each time i visited, got advice thatb i personaly will go and make the matter solved.since then number of D.E. came adn all assured will see it and will talk with the previous D.E, but till date i am running from pillar to post but not getting the meter installed till date. so through you i want to draw the attention of the concerned deptt to please look into the same and take appropriate action so that i can get the meter imeediately installed.Please refer to my MA bill no-01/14366/06/8/1. Dated;27/03/2007. the bill was paid on 05/04/2007.All the letters written in this regard on a number of times had been given to the all the D.E. came after D.E Mr Kirit Rana.
s k atta
Dec 7, 2012

wrong bill

My cesc consumer no-76151074034. I have reeived a bill of rs.1530=00 for the month of Oct'12 which is totally wrong meter reding taken. In the bill meter reading shown previous-236 & present-520, reading date 03/11/12. But the actual meter reading was 243 on 23/11/12. I have made a complain to CESC vide sl no-29/11/12/175323 with a photo of meter, it shows meter reading.
Still I am waiting for a corrected bill to be paid to cesc.

sazid ali
Nov 26, 2012

not receiving bill last 3 months

my self sazid ali , consumer no.14088058013, address, 13/h/2 Mayur Bhanj Road, Kolkata 700 023, not recevied my electricity bill last 3 months.for this i am not able to deposit my current bill.
please send my bill to above address.
Ganesa Narayanan
Nov 21, 2012


CONSUMER NO. 11383126006

This is to inform you that the meter reading has not been done properly and during the month of September, 2012 and October, 2012 the Electricity bill has come for 3 Units and 0 Units respectively/

I afraid that because of the negligency of the CESC authorities, I afraid that huge burden will come on me in future and as such request you to take up the matter with the CESC authorities to take proper reading and charge me as per the Tariff for Domestic Consumers on monthly basis.

Hope to hear from you at the earliest.

Thanking you

Apr 23, 2012

Meter Reading

Dear Sir / Madam,

It is observed that the voltage supply is not remaining adequate (i.e. 220V) throughout the day in all CESC service area. As a result of this the ampere consumption is increasing which in turn increasing the Meter Reading of individual meters of CESC.

It is considered that this is a technical way of generating more electricity bill for all CESC subscribers.

May I request you to kindly look into this matter to restrict CESC authorities in cheating its subscribers and let us pay the actual amount as per actual consumption of electricity.

I look before you for your kind help in this regard.

Thank you.

Rajeev Karmakar, MCA
Ph: 8013909233
Mar 11, 2012

Required information

I want to a 1.5 ton split AC for my flat but I don't know what is the procedure to get connection for AC. Can anybody help to know can I obtained the connection for AC from CESC.
Jun 22, 2011

Supply breakdown remain unattended almost 6 days over.

My consumer No. is 09225086007. In our lane, supply breakdown occurred in four houses (My house and my neighbour's house-Mr.& Mrs. Mukherjee, Mr. Ghosh and another one) on 17-06-11 at about 10:30 AM. Accordingly, we have tried to made complaints/information over 1912/4403-1912 but failed to contact with such IVR number since the same is not working properly.However, through sms on 56070, I made it possible to inform CESE about the above power breakdown at about 01:20PM. I have been given docket No.0611029005 against my above complaint.

Now 6 days have already passed. Temprorary connection from other residence’s phase have been provided after 2 days but No one from CESC Authority attended the actual course of action till date. Mr. Mukherjee is a serious kidney patient. He is passing his days with very hardship. I have also tried to contact with CESC Authority's HQ, South-West Regional Office,Taratola over so many phone nos. but no one lifting the phone. As such I am visiting their office personally but of no results.
Jun 9, 2011

Meter reading not done in regular basis

My self Joy Ranjan Mukherjee am consumer of CESC supply. My Consumer No.09191050107.Now a days I face a problem that your billing department does not taken meter reading properly and regular basis. They sent me an average bill for current month (i.e.May'2011).So I feel worried about my electric bill.
So, my earnest request to you that please take my meter rate properly and billing properly that means on actual basis not on average basis.
Jun 8, 2011

excess amount of bill


I Sri Swapan Kr. Guha using the electric connection in the name of my self, the consumer number is 08137070005 residential address is Netaji S.C Bose Road, Ashoke Avn Housing Est, Block-A, Flat-8, Kolkata- 40 .In month of May 2011 bill was sent worth Rs- 3010/- . this was a excess bill as per my usuage.
I will get prompt remedy.

Sri Swapan Kr. Guha
Jun 8, 2011

excess amount of bill


I Sri Swapan Kr. Guha using the electric connection in the name of my self, the consumer number is 08137070005 residential address is Netaji S.C Bose Road, Ashoke Avn Housing Est, Block-A, Flat-8, Kolkata- 40 .In month of May 2011 bill was sent worth Rs- 3010/- . this was a excess bill as per my usuage.
I will get prompt remedy.

Sri Swapan Kr. Guha
May 25, 2011

excess amount of bill

my self vimal shadukhan using the electric connection in the name of late kesto sadhukhan, the consumer number is 07052054001residential address is 34 izzatulla lane kolkata 33.In month of april 2011 bill was sent worth rs 2080. this was a excess bill as per my usuage. many a time this kind of incidents were commited by cesc authorities. till the time no relief is granted for this error of cesc.... hope this time i will get prompt remady...

vimal sadhukan
Feb 25, 2011

Not getiing meter reading for last 3 months

Dear Sir / Mam,

With due respect myself Priyanka Chatterjee(Consumer No. 11197001044),meter no. 3925453 single phase,wants to convey that for last 3 months I am unable to get any meter reading as meter is not operational mode. Almost I made an approch to CESC office at Taratala,Behala,they advise that meter need to change & due to the shortage of device it will take some time.Finally on 09.02.2001 I made a complain to Asst Commercial executive who was really rude in nature though I waited for her for almost more than 1 hour.She advise to give that complain paper to Enquiry (Docket No.- 090211 / 1119700104 / 090211)which I had done.
Today only I got the bill for the month of January 2011 where the reading date as on 11.02.2011.
Under this curcumstances I am really preplexed to solve this problem.I am fearing the authority should not send the lump sum amount as arrear.As I am trying my level best to solve this problem. Need your sincear effort to replace the meter & install new meter on urgent note.


Priyanka Chatterjee
Feb 23, 2011

merging into BESCT,

Feb 23, 2011

merging into BESCT,

is being merging by BANGLADESH ENERGY SUPPLY LIMITED as part of INDO BANGLADESH ENERGY TRANSMISSION TREAT.CESC's 4200kv is being sucking out byBESL.CESC is being cut out of kolkata grid,and linked with their.So CESC couldnot supply energy in kolkata ,as before supplying they are sucking out energy and CESC is being energyless helplessly.By seeing this situation NTPC is linking in with their grid,cutting out from CESC and they are also extracting out energy from CESC.they are linking cables so they can supply energy in kolkata in place of CESC and CESC can never again supply energy.
CESC consumer
Jan 3, 2011


Sir, I Sri Surajit Manna cosummer no. 62140014031 of Flat No.B/1, First Floor, Ma Tara Apartment, 17/1, Fakir Chandra Pathak Lane, Bally, Howrah, Pin-711201,
here by state that my electric bill for the month of NOVEMBER 2010 has been PAID TWICE wrongly. Once by Cheque and once by Cash. As per standing instruction one time it is paid by bank and another time it is paid by cash by our neighbour as we were out of station during the period from 18.12.2010 to 31.12.2010. If you kindly adjust the excess payment of Rs.380 in the month of December 2010, I would be very thankful to you.
my email id is: surajit7211@gmail.com.
Dec 21, 2010


This is to inform you that by INDO-BANGLADESH ELECTICITY DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT'the power is in hand of bangladesh to seize all energy fromCALCATA ENERGY DISTRIBUTION CORP(CESC).they are taking up 1/4 of energy genarated by cesc.CESC is helplessly giving up all electricity to besc.infct they have unpluging CESC from kolkata grid and joining to bangladesh.CESC is being helplessly sucking into bangladesh energy supply.because they had no power to do anything and bescl has power to take how much energy they want,they can take all energy from CESC.so CESC is being helplessly suck out.nothing can be done except seeing.for this kolkata is having much load shedding . they are helplessly shedding energy so that bangladesh can take it.If this doesnt reduces(bangladesh can take enery but has to be a limit)CESC will be powerless .all on hand of bangladesh sucking and sucking,ending energy.
Nov 15, 2010


Dear Sir,

Ref.: Consumer No-61027100011.

Name & Address: Somai Baskey, P&T Quarter, Block-D-1, Room no-4
Dumurjola, Ichapure, Howrah-711101, LP-482.

Kindly note that I have recieved the bill of September-2010 for Rs.25 for Zero unit and adviced not to pay this bill.Now another bill for the month of October-2010 has been received for payment of Rs 1210 for 502 unit consumed and also mentioned in the bill that billed amount is for
bimonthly.Its may be true but I could not afford the bimonthly bill.This time anyhow I manage to pay the electricity bill of Rs 1210 for the month of October-2010 and from the next month i.e November-2010, I requested you to avail monthlybasis for payment of electricity bill with actual meter reading. I shall be obliged for this kind act please.
Nov 3, 2010


My self kesto ch sadhukhan, residing at 34ejzatullah lane, kolkata 700033, my consumer no is:60021078000in the month of Sep 2010. my electric bill was rs, 390 for 92 units.which was not correct at all .I have no due pending forany previous bill.I paid my bill of may 2010 as per the direction. i request you to check the erronoius bill .hoping 4 an early response.
Nov 3, 2010


My self kesto ch sadhukhan, residing at 34ejzatullah lane, kolkata 700033, my consumer no is:60021078000 in the month of Sep 2010. my electric bill was rs, 390 for 92 units.which was not correct at all .I have no due pending forany previous bill.I paid my bill of may 2010 as per the direction. i request you to check the erronoius bill .hoping 4 an early response.
Oct 26, 2010


Dear Sir,

Ref.: Cons.no. 18004185016

Sobha Bagree, A-7, 110 Hazra Road, Kol-700026,

Please note my September 2010 bill shows consumption of 1023 units. My avg. consumptn is 250-300 units. I have, however paid the bill but request you to please check the meter and give me credit of the excess bill charged by you.

Sobha Bagree

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