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Sep 24, 2014

Drainage Overflowing

Hi, I am Srinivasan HS residing in 35/15 Thanga Vel St, Vetri Nagar,Perambur. For the past 10 days, Manhole in front of my home is overflowing continuously and it is creating the lot of problem to the people residing around. We are not able to sleep because of its filthy smell and it is breading ground for mosquitoes which will in turn creates lot of epidemic. I have raised the complaint with Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board, Compliant # 1409220104 on 22 Sep 2014.
Still no action, I have contacted AE and other number who are very kind enough to direct but we are not getting any solution.
I would request concerned team to please look into it and help us to live peaceful.
Hoping for solution.
HS Srinivasan
Victoria Raj
Sep 16, 2014

Drainage facility

Respected Sir,
I am staying in Kottivakkam, Annalakshmi nagar, Venkatesapuram in, 9th cross street,

Recently the waste water drainage facility is constructed and connected to the common drainage system
for all streets in my area, But my 9th cross street only left with out any work. having no reason for leaving the 9th cross street.

The drainage water is spilling all over the road and paddled on road, people facing problem for walking on the road and making the atmosphere for development of Diseases.

We already petitioned many times to local Corporation Office but no response has been taken so far.

Kindly look in to the matter

Thanking You.
Sep 12, 2014

No proper Road

No Proper Road
Hello Sir,
I'm living in Sundaram street, Vyasarpadi, Chennnai 600 039. There is no road laid in our street and after the rain, the road is filled with mud. It is very slippery even for the residents to walk. Bike riders are having difficulties in accessing the street. Children have difficulties while going to school. It would be of great if necessary action is taken soon to lay a road. At least filling the road with gravel avoids slippery. Expecting quick action on this compliant.

Thanking you
Sep 9, 2014

Stray dogs in streets

We stay at no 17/1 , Ayyappan Nagaer, Periyar Padhi, Choolaimedu , Chennai – 600094, . There are so many stray dogs on the streets which makes huge fuss, dogs try to bit when any vehicles or any peoples walk going to that way during night from job to home we are facing more problems and also poses diseases threat for young children, Please take necessary action to resolve this.
Sep 7, 2014

no dustbins

Dear sir,
I was residing in the below address for the past three years. There is no proper dustbins in our street, due to that all the people dumping the wastes in the road which cause unhygienic condition in the surroundings and also spoils the beauty of the city. Kindly take the necessary actions to solve the problem and help us to maintain the hygienic and pleasant environment in our locality.

Thank you,
44/46,Devaraj street,

no dustbins

Sep 1, 2014

Pathetic Roads, drainage opens and mixes with Rain water

Dear Sir, There is no road In our street. Every week the shape of the road gets changed. This is due to the local authorities who is least bothered to do the regular work post rainfall. Now, all the drainage are open, and gets mixed with the rain water. All kids and old aged people have to walk in that drainage water which is the main reason for mosquitoes to live happily by infecting all of us with malaria and dengue. Even swineflu has been reported in our street. Several complaints have been given till no action yet. We live in Arunachalam nagar, Bharathi Salai 2nd Street, Karambakkam, Porur, Chennai 600116. This place is very famous for low voltage and every day power cut in the morning and night without fail. This is not a scheduled power cut. If a crow sits in the transformer it bursts and we have to make hundreds of call before it is fixed. The above mentioned is the least of all we face in this area. Not sure why the authorities are least bothered. Request appropriate action and immediate fixes so we live with basic facilities for the money we pay as taxes.

Pathetic Roads, drainage opens and mixes with Rain water Pathetic Roads, drainage opens and mixes with Rain water

Aug 31, 2014

Dust Pollution

Dear Sir,

We are residing at No: 4, Thirumalai Nagar Extension, Sasthri Nagar Main Road, Kolathur, Chennai - 600099. The owner of the vacant plot located opposite of our flats recently dumped broken building dust powder over the plot. The dust that emerges from that causes lots of health issues to the people residing in our flats. We requested him several times to remove those powder dust but he is reluctant to do the same. The men, women and children residing in the area inhales the dust and this leads to lung diseases. We kindly request the corporation to intervene this matter and take some serious action.


R. Udhaya Prakash
govind ramesh
Aug 30, 2014

occupying roads

We are residing in chennai Ramapuram, Karpagambal nagar,2 nd Street.
The road is 24 feet road, but it is now only 10 feet because of occupying cars.
some Car broker person staying in the same street , That’s what the cars are parking in the Road sides , this is the reason other street persons also parking in the same street .some person take advantage of this situations they are misusing We Can’t walk the road and if emergency time also we can’t take out our cars from our house. Sir To avoid such things in future, chennai corporation must take severe steps and to road.
Aug 26, 2014

Encroachment of Road and illegal building construction

we are residing at Sardar Patel Road, Guindy, Chennai - 32 (Opposite to Raj Bhavan Telephone Exchange), that is a small lane of 10 feet road behind the main road and next to Aavin. One of the resident Tr. Loganathan and his brother Tr. Thirunavukarasu, S/o. Arumuga Naicker occupied the 10 feet road stating that they have purchased the land which is in the main road as well as the property located in the small lane and thus blocked the way, as the public should not enter inside their campus. If any body of that street asked for that they use abused language. Further, at present they are trying to occupy the other residents pathway by parking their vehicles and also their tenants vehicles, without parking in their place. Because of their encroachment, another resident the other neighbour also occupied the 10 feet road and constructed the building with proper approval from the department. Apart from that, the palm tree belongs to the abovesaid persons has fallen on the car of the neighbours and damaged, which leads to lots of mental agony to them, but they never asked for any claims, as they are politically influenced person. But the aggrieved neighbour asked the above said persons to cut off another tree, which is in a bad condition as it may fall at any time. But that fellows refused to do and also creating lots of trouble to that street people. Hence, it is requested that the concerned officials of Chennai corporation and CMDA authorities should take action against the encroachments and demolish the buildings on the benefit of the street people.
Address :
Sardar Patel Road,
Guindy, Chennai - 32
Land Mark : opposite to Raj Bhavan Telephone Exchange & next to Aavin Depot.
Counselor : Mr. Palani - Ward No.170 / 171.
Jeganath G
Aug 23, 2014

Improper Open Drainage System and Mosquito issues

Dear Sir,
We are living in Parvathy Nagar North, Madambakkam, Chennai-73 near Reddy's Cricket ground.6 months back, they constructed a open drainage system across the streets.Drainage system is improper . Waste water from the houses were sent to this drainage system. Since the construction is improper, waste water is getting stagged and not moving.Due to this, we were facing mosquito issues. Kids are much affected by this. Day by Day , this place is getting worst and not comfortable to stay.Please take appropriate action .

Thanking You,
Jeganath G
V. Gobinath
Aug 19, 2014

Tree branches falls and disturb the power lines removal requested

Dear Sir, the tree branches falls and disturb the Street and houses power supply lines in Bharathi Salai, Ponni Nagar, Karambakkam, Porur, of Zone No. XI, Ward No.150 of Chennai Corporation. Vide Complaint No. 794 AHH dt.17.8.2014, of Chennai Corporation, it was replied that the completed, vide dated 19.8.2014, without taking any actions to remove the branches of the tree either by Chennai Corporation or by the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board.
Since the rainy season has begun, request to take urgent action to save the damages to the lives and to the properties by removing the tree branches which affects the power supply lines atonce.
Thanking you Sir, , awaiting for the early action.
V. Gobinath, 4/4, , BharathiSalai, Ponni Nagar, Karambakkam, Porur, Chennai 600 116.
Sumathy Rajkumar
Aug 18, 2014

Sewage problem

Dear sir,

The drainage is blocked, water is stagnated in Saidapet Abdul Razack 1st street & Market Road, Saidapet, Chennai-15 Tamil nadu. So far no action is taken. Please take action to clear the block.
Jul 7, 2014

Drainage Water Overflow

Drainage leak/overflow


We are living in 25th poombuhar nagar , kolathur, chennai 600099. Drainage door is over flowing of past 1 week and compound which is really irritating, we have raised the complaints several times but we have not received response and also the issue not yet completed. Pls look at into this immediately,

Jun 22, 2014

Road encroached by hardware shop by Keeping brick for sale which covers almost 20 feet of Road

Dear Sir,

The above said Hardware shop Covers 20 feet of road by Bricks

This Velachery main Road is a 60 feet one way always Congested Bus route near by Rajiv Gandhi Statue, Opp K K Complex

Storing of red Soil Bricks causes Huge traffic and health Problems to the surroundings

I couldn't able to understand a traffic police stationed near by Rajiv Gandhi statue to maintains huge traffic why he or department is not taking any action to remove the encroachment which is a big hazard for traffic and pollution in total

One may not understand the reason of this such a busy traffic one way main road road ( BUS ROUTE ) is allowed like wise encroachment which cause accidents on regular basis and health problem

This complaint also taken up by the times of India on their edition on 17/06/2014

Hope for the positive

K R Jain
+91 9840761335
Jun 14, 2014

corporation of chennai

sir i am residing at no 13, third cross street east shenoy nagar chennai 600030 ,close to my compound wall a tree which was planted years back by coc has grown in a slanting manner and now when i noticed it has slightly uprooted.I request the corporation authorities to take urgent action and do the needful to prevent any untoward incidences . this may be treated as urgent.
Jun 12, 2014

Garbage cleaning

Respected Sir,
We are the residents of kattabomman street in rajamangalam 8th area in our street there are
around 30 residents and we are highly suffering in disposing our garbages becouse of the man who is
collecting our garbages as he was not at all coming to our street for the past two weaks and nobody came to collect the garbages in our
street and all house holds persons as to carry their garbages to long distance where the corporation bin was placed.
hence i kindly request you to arrange a proper garbage collecting facility to our resident .please treat this request in emergency sir.
Thank you
Jun 6, 2014

Ait Pollution

Address : 1/2591, Ambethkar Street,
Sivanthi Adithyan Nagar, (Opp to Karthikeyan Modern Rice Mill)
Redhills, Chennai - 600052.
The above mentioned area is residential area. Here, 1 - plastic company. 2 - Aluminium Company. 3. So many Rice mill. These factories are pollute the environment and also our people facing CANCER disease nowadays. So many children's and people are there here... Day to day they are inhaling the plastic and aluminum BURN Smoke.
Please take Immediate action to preserve so many people life from CANCER.

Thank You.
May 28, 2014

Illegal construction of ganesha temple in 14th Main Road annanagar

Dear Sir,

There has been a illegal construction of ganesha temple in the 14th Main road( 12th Main road Junction by AM-7 house ). More over there is a tea shop when has come all in the platform. This shop has resulted in unnecessary gathering through which the near by areas are probeld by illegal peoples. There has also been a burglery happened last week just opposite to this shop.
Both of these has to be removed. Kindly take necessary action for this. I wonder how people give EB connections to this temple.
They has also moved the garbage bins kept in that place for more than 5 years.

This has to be attended very immediately.

Thanks you.
Hemanth Raj
May 21, 2014

leftout arrears

My father Mr.P.N.DEVARAJAN who is working in Chennai Corporation was not paid his actual salary for the past 3years and now also the arrears as well as actual salary is not given to him .As he was suspend now we can not pay fees to school also so please help me for my up coming studies by giving him the actual salary and also the arrears left over as soon as possible.Thanking you
Nelson Clive
May 16, 2014

Garbage cleaning

We are the residents of 5th Street, M N Nagar ,Kolathur Chennai- 99, the person collecting garbage from the house holds of the streets in area , is not at all covering our streets. All the residents had to carry the garbage, every day to the main road to dump it in the bins. We should appreciate the civic sense of our residents in that area, they are not dumping the garbage in the streets .Can something be done so that the person who comes to collect the garbage, from other streets, also made to cover our 5th street, M. N Nagar ( Mangali Neethiman nagar) Kolathur also.

We would be grateful

Thanks ,
May 6, 2014

No road laid since many years

Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm living in 8th street, Rajalakshmi Nagar extn, Ranganathapuram, Pallikaranai, Chennai 100. There is no road laid in our street and after the recent rain, the road is filled with mud. It is very slippery even for the residents to walk. Bike riders are having difficulties in accessing the street. Children have difficulties while going to school. It would be of great if necessary action is taken soon to lay a road. At least filling the road with gravel avoids slippery. Expecting quick action on this. Thanks in advance.
Gopal Nanganallur
May 6, 2014

Drainage leak/overflow

We are staying at No.1, 5th Mainroad, Nanganallur. Our next door is bakery cum medical from where DRAINAGE WATER being overflown to our compound which is really irritating, we told several times to them personally which is of no use. We guess they don't have drainage connection at all... I appreciate to intervene to sort out this issue.

May 5, 2014

Dogs problem


I am from kolathur, Siva Sakthi Nagar, near Lakshmi Nagar ration shop.
In our area we have many street dogs which troubles kids and women. Some dogs are seriously injured and bleeding.
with that injury they are roaming in our area. These dogs rests in front of all the houses in our street with that injury, wherever these dogs goes we get a very bad smell and the blood stains are in our path. it is creating an unbearable smell. we have lot of kids in this area, these dogs might create a health problems to people in this area. So please save us from these dogs.

Thanks in advance.

Apr 29, 2014

Cleaniness,Drainage overflow on road,CMRL workers

Dear sir,

We are residing in Narasingapuram, 3rd cross street, Maduvankari, Gunidy,chennai-32.
We would like to bring to your notice,our area is not clean,even the corporation workers are cleaning regularly due to the Chennai Metro rail project working andhra peoples it is polluted again & again.Illegal actions are going under the Maduvankarai fly over.Safety is major issues,Childrens & ladies are not able to walk alone in the road due to CMRL workers blocking the road.Even some theft also happened last month.It would be better if the workers are shifted to other place.Family can be lived freely..
The garbage generated here also is very high and it is flooded heavily in the road.Drainage also flows in the road,due to this many people are severly affected by disease.we have complained many times,but till now no action has been taken.So Now Pls take necessary action.

Narasingapuram People.
Apr 17, 2014

chinna Neelangarai beach polluted

Chennai Neelangarai beach (opposite to tangi resort.. I'm pleased to bring this compliant that the beach is getting polluted by building demolishing rubbish .. So people are finding hard to go for walking in the morning and evening .. It is been throwed by tangi resorts them self itself .. There is a modification work is going on in tangi resorts nod the waste are been fed directly in the sea sand .. So I kindly request you to take necessary action as soon as possible ..
Zone 15, ward 192

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