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Uttar Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about click2resume.com

Sep 8, 2013

Fraud by Click2 resume.com

Hi This is Vinod Kumar Malik another victim of Click2resume.com, I got a call from lady executive , saying I am calling from Naukari.com on 7th Sep,2013 at 3.22PM from 911203995900 saying that ur resume is being shortlisted by Jindal company & Cipla for post of GM Quality assurance and other MNCs in India abroad. Initially I refused to talk to him but she constantly mentioned that today 7th Sept,2013 Company is online waiting for Ur interview so U are requested to kindly logon on web sight www.click2 resume.com and register Ur self and pay one time payment of Rs 1615/-.

After some time at around 7: 08 PM , once I receive a call , this time another executive that HR personal of Cipla company are online with us but ur registration process is incomplete , so pl complete ur docs on www.click2 resume.com and once again I have paid Rs. 3297 /-

Then he transferred the call to another person saying that ur package will be 15-20Lac / annum in Jindal but on explaining him that I have experience of 21 yrs in Pharma sector and the company u are mentioning is not pharma company and how will be useful to them So he said Okay sir , I conduct ur interview with Cipla and he asked me to repeat the same process and this time he has taken Rs 9448/- online.

This time I got irritated what are you doing and asked him to cancel both the charges then and there he transferred the call to another executive named Aman. Now this person told me sir do not cancel otherwise it will wasted , u are getting handsome package of Rs/- 20Lac and its is mandatory to complete the process and this will be last payment u have to pay . This time I have paid 6748/-Rs. So the total amount Click2resume charged on my standard chartered and IDBI credit /Debit card on 7th Aug,2013 is Rs .21108.


7th August,13 at 7.08 pm www.click2resume.com 1615/- Rs

7th August,13 at 7.18 pm www.click2resume.om 3297/- Rs

7th August,13 at 7.24 pm www.click2resume.m 9448/- Rs

7th August,13 at 7.30 pm www.click2resume. 6748/- Rs

Click2resume.com running a trapping business to trap needy and innocent job seekers.These guys are fraud,for god sake don't pay anything to them.They start from less money and slowly and slowly take a person to pay huge money for there services.In order to take you in confidence they will say that your resume is short-listed in so and so organization.There services are hell and after getting money they will not provide anything to you

Look forward to hear from you..

Vinod Kumar Malik ,9815060806
gaurav dixit
Aug 26, 2013


Dear Sir,

I had a very bad experience with organization dealing (consultancy services for JOB) one of there colleague contacted me and asked that resume is shortlisted by requiters such as Philips and havells i was also good to hear it and then they asked me to come online and asked me to provide confirmation by doing a short transaction of Rs 1050 for registration and said there one more transaction you need to make for completing the profile of Rs 4368 and one more transaction of 3338 without which they will not forward my resume to recruiters in the whole confirmation they never said whats the total cost of product this all happened on 24-08-2013 and asked me send the scanned copy of my documents for certification from some US/UK body after the confirmation recruiters will contact you no further action needs to be done.
Then on 26-08-2013 one person call me and say the recruiters have viewed the profile and are will to have interview for that you need to come online to complete the formalities i asked them what are they they said its simple just be online and i checked and once more they were asking for transaction i refused to make any further transaction as day before yesterday they said i have made all the transaction.

First transaction
Merchant Reference Number : C2R204439
EBS Payment ID : 19217511
Payment Mode : MasterCard
Amount : 1797.00
Customer Name : Gaurav Dixit
Customer Email : grvdixit4@hotmail.com
Status : SUCCESS

Second transaction

Merchant Reference Number : C2R204449
EBS Payment ID : 19217785
Payment Mode : MasterCard
Amount : 4368.00
Customer Name : Gaurav Dixit
Customer Email : grvdixit4@hotmail.com
Status : SUCCESS

Third transaction

Merchant Reference Number : C2R204511
EBS Payment ID : 19218322
Payment Mode : MasterCard
Amount : 3338.00
Customer Name : Gaurav Dixit
Customer Email : grvdixit4@hotmail.com
Status : SUCCESS

I need to get my amount refunded as i am not satisfied by service and there process

Aug 25, 2013


Today morning on 25.8.13 between 11.30 to 12.52 hrs. one Mr. Mrudul and Mr.Ashok Goswami from your website contacted me for resume services. They said that your website had accessed my CV for a top management job given to some other job-site and offered to additionally offer your services free of charge, on the promise of collecting your job search fee amount from 1st month salary after selection.

Hence as per their telephonic step by step guidance, I was made to authenticate my identity through my IDBI debit card, but on the promise of cancelling payment, had charged Rs.7178/- from my account. When enquired why it was wrongly done, they said sorry that it was wrongly taken place and hence to refund the amount to my account they wanted any other debit Card for re=authentication, which when done with the same steps repeated had resulted in deduction of Rs.5297/- and Rs.7248/ from my ICICI bank account.

The service ID and order ID given was IB204926, pw job.1234/Order ID C2R204926; Payment ID 19239238/C2R204926 for a total amount of Rs.19723/- have been got paid by me through wrong and misleading information that too on the promise of refunding payment of first paid amount, and then next and then next without giving details of any job offers etc.

Thus 3 orders C2R204926, C2R205007. C2R205037 were said to have been created. As all the payments have been sent to your SBI PG account, you are hereby requested to recredit all the above amounts back to my account by 26.8.13 and inform the details of action taken to my email immediately.
Aug 23, 2013

Click2resume.com fraud company

Hi Guys,
i am Tarun, i have also trapped in the same manner. i have got a call some days ago that some companies are interested in your profile and you will get good hike n all so once you will be online then please give us a call and register for lifetime for very minimal charges i.e

Rs 2000 for india and gulf,
Rs 1300 for particular city and
Rs 1615 for all india.

i have asked if any other applicable charges but they said clearly NO.
i have ignored them for many days and one day i think to pay for India and gulf i.e Rs 2000.

But after getting call from call center by person named as Manoj kumar i told him to clear the procedure and all the charges but he was saying only one thing that "DON'T WORRY sir" after each word i will help you, you will get all the information just complete your profile.
even i have asked for total charges n all the services provided by the company, but he was saying same thing "DON'T WORRY sir".

after all i have made the payment of Rs 2000, then he has asked to pay for another 1797 for verification service, i told him not to opt for the same but he said it is compulsory to complete the registration. once again i have asked for total charges and he said no other charges need to pay.

after rs 1797 payment he told me to do transaction for 1500 for social network profile and i denied for same and told him i already have profile on linkedin but he told me this is last payment you need to made as this is compulsory as recruiter will call you directly via linkedin so need to do payment, so i have made the same after a long discussion and getting confirmation that this will b the last payment and he confirms the same that it is last payment i need to made.

now after 2000+1797+1500=5297 rs of payment he told me to click on some perfect combo pack which is of cost 6893 and told me to do this payment to complete all the procedure til now i have followed.

i was surprised that he is making the payment again n again after saying this is last and compulsory to complete the procedure/registration.

i have taken the stand and denied to pay now and told him to cancel my registration and cancel my transaction and send me cancellation mail of my transactions he drop the call.

i have call again and tell them all the story and ask the operator to connect to some senior guy so that i can talk to them about same.

after some time i got a call from person named as jyoti, she told me that you need to complete the procedure by paying the amount.

i said that you have not told me about clear procedure and the amount i need to pay, she just saying you are not small boy and you have made the payment yourself and we haven't forced you to make payment by holding your hand.

after these words i have loose my temper and she continuously spoke very rudely.
i was requesting her to cancel the transactions but she denies.
i told her that i will go to consumer court then she told me that you can go anywhere you want.

i have made the transactions through my credit card and
my transaction details are as:

Rs. 2000

Merchant Reference Number : C2R202809
EBS Payment ID : 19190123

Bank payment reference no: 323505711919

Rs. 1797

Merchant Reference Number : C2R202819
EBS Payment ID : 19190270

Bank payment reference no:323505714811

Rs 1500

Merchant Reference Number : C2R202840
EBS Payment ID : 19190793

Bank payment reference no:323505723846

Please help me to cancel the transactions.

Thanks & Regards,
Aug 15, 2013

Unauthorised charges on my HDFC Credit card by click2resume.com

Hi This is Saswati Ray, I got a call from your click 2 resume executive Nitin Marwa wherein he called me 4 to 5 times on 12th August,2013 saying that my resume is being shortlisted by Siemens and other MNCs in India and abroad. Initially I refused to talk to him but he constantly mentioned that tomorrow (13th August,2013) I might get an interview call from Siemens and he asked when can he call me to do the online registration which is absolutely free.

He again called me at 5 pm on 12th Aug,2013 explaining that its really important for me to go ahead with the online free registration for him to forward my resume to the MNCs. He told that he will guide me through the online steps in www.click2resume and the registration is free.Also he spoke about the registration I did with Naukri.com 5 months back and he asked me to use my same credit card details which I did in Naukri so that I won't get charged. I mentioned that if its free why do I need to give my card information wherein he told that I need to fill in my credit card details with the Activation refer code and pay only Rs.450 which I did. After that told asked me to click on few of their services online and asked me to give my card details again and he constantly kept on saying that the amount will not get charged wherein I denied a lot of time and he I mentioned that if it gets charged I can complain about it and the money will be refunded finally I saw the amount Rs.3818 is being charged and I didn't have any clue of why. Then I got irritated and asked him to cancel both the charges then and there he transferred the call to another executive named Aman. Now this person told me to go through the process again as I was not supposed to be charged and he took me through the process again and my credit got charged for Rs. 4385. So the total amount Click2resume charged on my HDFC credit card on 12th Aug,2013 is Rs.8653.

Then I really got angry and asked me to cancel all the charges and he started telling me that amount will not be refunded,so I asked to connect the call to the supervisor.

Now a person named Sahil Khan came on call and I explained the whole situation and I suggested him to go through the recordings where I have clearly said no to pay any amount or showed no interest to their services, also where the agents false promises will be prominent and evident along with the unauthorized charges in my credit card. After that the supervisor told me that maa'm please give me time till tomorrow (13th August) and if you have not agreed upon the charges then will send an email with confirmation of cancelling the charges. I said OK.

The next day I sent 3 emails to click2resume at accounts@click2resume.com,support@click2resume.com,service@ccavenue.com,info@click2resume.com and I didn't receive any response from them. I kept on calling them but the numbers I received the call from were not valid so I tried their toll free no and after trying for around 8 times I got to reach Sahil Khan.

When he came in the call he started telling me sorry and all after that he tried pushing me to take their services on which I said no quite a few times. Then he told it's his 100% guarantee to cancel the charges on my credit card and revert back the whole of Rs.8653 but it will take some time 4-5 days. So I asked him to send a confirmation mail on the cancellation but he said that his boss is out of town and he has discussed the issue with him so he can't send me a mail but he is definitely going to cancel the charges.

So I waited till 14th August and he still said the same story that he's going delete my profile from their system and give me the full refund, which I recorded in my phone.

Also in the meantime I have sent a Credit card dispute form to HDFC bank but I doubt they can block the payment now.

Name- Saswati Ray



12 August,13 at 6.58 pm www.click2resume.com 4385

12 August,13 at 6.34 pm www.click2resume.com 3818

12 August,13 at 6.08 pm www.click2resume.com 450

Also I have done some research on the company (www.click2resume.com) it looks like a fraudulent company,there have been lot of complaints against the merchant(Click2resume) which you can find online.

Please go through the link as it's a fake company.




I have sent 5-6 emails to click2resume still they have not replied to any of my emails. Today I saw that they have claimed Rs.450 from my card and the rest of 2 amounts are still pending which they will probably do in a day or two..

Please help me to to get my money back and authorize HDFC Bank to block the 2 transactions of Rs.3818 and Rs.4385 also publish Click2resume a fraudulent company as they have cheated many people.

Please take an immediate action for the

complete refund of Order Number: C2R196058, C2R196021 and C2R195995

Click2resume phone no- 01148780050

Look forward to hear from you..



Aug 6, 2013

taking money from click to resume.

Fraud company has cheated me.and i paid my15000 rs. I m intersted to money back from company. Pl. help me... My email id is jshoo12abc@gmail.com,,, kindly send me email i will give all proof if require to u.. Pl. support from complaint forrum.....
Aug 5, 2013

click2resume.com its a fake company

Dear Sir,

i have got several call from them in last 1 month but on 03/08/2013 they have called me again & gave me lucrative job offers that we will place you in big banking sector company like -ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank & Kotak mahindra bank & you will get package of 7 to 8 lacs & the persons was on phone First Sakil called me & told me that i have to pay him Rs. 1,615/- to get career flash service after making payment of that he said i have to take service of verification else my service will not be beneficial & they again asked me to make payment of Rs. 3,297/- than some other guy name Yogendra singh took than phone & he said he is a boss of Sakil & he said i have to take resume writing service else they will not give me service at all for that he said i will have to select International Resume writing i have to select & for that he said i have to make payment of Rs. 4,338/- before payment he said its last one after that i dont need to make payment. but after this payment he said now i have to take resume writing of India/Gulf else my whole payment will not useful if i will take this service than i started shouted on him but he said if i will not make payment of this they will not give me any service so again he force me to make payment of Rs. 4,068/- in this process i have lost my hard earned money of Rs. 13,318/-

i Need my money back from them so i sought help from my friend how we will stop them, in this way they will going to cheat all the job needy person plz come together & stop them to do these practices.
this is there link for the govt authority to act.


Awadhesh Kumar
plz contact me on my mail that how we can sue them in court & we will also loadge a police complain if possible. we will go together
Aug 5, 2013

Review of Click2resumes

Dear Job Seeker,

Click2resume.com running a trapping business to trap needy and innocent job seekers.These guys are fraud,for god sake don't pay anything to them.They start from less money and slowly and slowly take a person to pay huge money for there services.In order to take you in confidence they will say that your resume is short-listed in so and so organization.There services are hell and after getting money they will not provide anything to you rather than just emails of confirmation of orders.Please don't pay your hard earn money to them.
Jul 27, 2013


Pl do not get into this trap of assuring interview calls when you are in distress. Calls from such type of companies is to take away money from you

I also got a call stating to remit 1300 and assuring interview calls with 2-3 banks. The co is in Noida/Delhi and their contact no. 011-409580472

Alert! Awake!
Jul 25, 2013

Lets screw them

Guys!!! I have been cheated in a similar fashion by these bastards. 14000 from my account and that too by cheating. I am lodging an FIR against them in police station and consumer forum. Also, I am going to expose these motherfuckers on national tv.
I have contacts in media and very soon they will be unveiled on television and newspapers. Need help from you people. Dont let your hard earned money go so easily. Please contact me on 8141895419 or 9099067659. Lets nip them in the bud.

Jul 24, 2013

Fraud Service; Click2Resume


Click2Resume is a fraud service. One Mr ArunSingh called me, and asked to pay 1300 rupees. Earlier I got cheated by JobsIndia.com and they harassed me for further payments and threatened me not to prosess my resume if I don't make further payments. I explained the whole story to this guy. But Mr Arun Singh told me that Click2Resume is a genuine company, and 1300 is the final payment. After paying 1300, immediately I got calls from Click2Resume to pay for additional amount for additional processing. And I said it is unethical business practices not providing information and harassing for further payments. Mr Chauhan Senior HR Council threatened me that they shall not process my resume, If I don't pay additional amount. By his threatening gesture, I concluded that they are fraud. All those documents they send for filling towards HR company reuirement is hoax and fraud and manifested also. Never believe in these guys. I couldn't believe How I could I believe these guys instead of verifying atleast netizens views. Thier words of Job gaurantee is utterly false. No one in this world could provide the job gaurantee.
by sending 2 to 3 company details by mail (without requirement), no one can claim job gaurantee.

Here are my payment details.

Company Name: Click2Resume
Payment Amount : 1300

Payment Date: 24-07-2013

Mode of Payment: Pay via PG#1 by Credit Card / Debit Card / Net-Banking

Payment Status: success

Order Id: C2R183015

Service Id: RB183015

Package Selected: Career Flash Regional

Ganji Babu Rao
Anvit Awasthee
Jul 23, 2013

Cheater Calls from Click2resume

Guys ...please do not flush your hard earned money to these buggers. Have spoken to many sufferers including a friend of mine . Be cautioned ..government is sleeping .
Jul 6, 2013

froud company

dear friends i have also receved a call for job .suker hai god ka ki maine yaha par complaint massage board so mai ne in ko koi payement nahi ki
Jul 2, 2013


On 16th March at 2 O'clock I received a phone call from click2resume.com.The caller said that their company can help me to find the job for my son.He asked me to open the website 'click2resume.com' ,and told me that Rs1050/- I have to pay online as a processing fee only and to fill the form .When I filled the form and paid the said amount ,He (ROHIT ) HAND OVER THE line to another person name ROMI ,and also on web site, next page is opened and Romi asked me to filled the form and made me to pay another Rs2482/-.I asked him that I am not informed that I have to pay Rs2482/- in the starting .He insist that this is necessary to pay to complete the procedures.I again asked him HOW MUCH AMOUNT I had to pay? Can I had to pay further? He assured me that this IS the only AND LAST payment I have to PAY.But he was wrong,after the payment (online ) ,another page was opened and now again I have to pay another 6-9 thousand Rupees.Then I leave the page and disconnect the phone.I beacme fooled by this company and these people.

I HAD LOST MY Rs3532/-

Jul 2, 2013


On 16the March at 2 O'clock I received a phone call.He said theat theeir company can help me to find thee job for my son.He asked me to open thee website 'click2resume.com' ,and told me theat Rs1050/- I have to pay online as a processing fee only and fill thee form .When I had filled thee form and paid thee said amount ,He (ROHIT ) HAND OVER THE line to anotheer person name ROMI ,and also on web side next page is opened and Romi asked me to filled thee form and made me to pay anotheer Rs2482/-.I asked him I am not informed theat I have to pay Rs2482/- in thee starting .He insist theat theis is necessary to pay to full fill thee procedures.I asked him HOW MUCH AMOUNT I had to pay? Can I had to pay furtheer? He assured me theat theis IS thee only AND LAST payment I have to PAY.But theis was wrong,after thee payment (online therough credit card ) ,anotheer page was opened and now again I have to pay anotheer 6-9 theousand Rupees.Then I leave thee page and disconnect thee phone.I became fooled by theis company and theese people.

I HAD LOST MY Rs3532/-

Jul 2, 2013

i am fooled

i am fooled-deposited an amount of 1050/- on 29th june 2013 for a job. click2resume-SHAM PAUL- waysms -sent to deposit amount -1050/- a/c no. -32284799952. to SBI. PH nos given 8860638845 and 8860638845 said it is personall no.
proof i have counter file of amount deposited in state bank of india.
found article of Digant- to join hands to fight legally complaiant against them. digant_dk@yahoo.co.in

Jun 30, 2013

Click2resume is a fake company.

I got a call from click2resume on 13/6/2013 from an executive named Aditya/Prem,they told me that my profile has been shortlisted by Axis Bank for the position of Operations Managers in Kolkata and the CTC will be between 4.5 to 6 lacs p.a.I was further told that this is a closed vacancy and to avail this offer I’ll have to register myself with click2resume and the registration amount will be 1050.This registration will be valid for life time and whenever I want to switch in future they will help me to get placement in my preferred location,preferred job profile and preferred CTC.

As I was looking for Job change, so I told him that I want to apply for this Vacancy .As per the direction of executive I registered myself with an amount of 1050 the executive further directed me to the next step that is Verification and documentation I was again asked to pay 1797.I stopped and then immediately asked that I was told to pay only 1050 then what is this. After long discussion and unable to convince me the executive told me that he is transferring the line to his superior, who will be able to answer my queries. It was already 8:30PM the person told me that their office is closed and since its late night my executive will call tomorrow and sort it out. As committed the executive called me next day i.e. on 14/6/2013.He told me that I need to go through this verification process because this is requirement from my next employer they want to check my tract record with previous employer before recruiting me. I was not very convenience with him I further questioned him, if any company wants to verify my tract records why should I pay for it, the company should bear the cost, to this the executive replied that the company is not asking me to pay, they have asked click2resume to verify the records and forward it to them and as click2resume is an interface between candidate and employer so they ask the candidate to pay the charges as they are providing better job opportunity to the client. I also asked the executive that the disclaimer on your website clearly states that “they do not guarantee any job or interview call” then how come you are assuring me job in Axis Bank, to this he replied that this is an online portal and any one can apply so the disclaimer is applicable to then. It is not applicable to those who get call from the company directly (in this case the unfortunate one is me).

I proceeded to the verification request on 14/6/2013 and the executive guided to the next step resume writing I was again asked to pay an amount of Rs.3938.I stopped once again and questioned him now what is this for, the executive told me that my resume needs to be updated as per the company’s format so I have to bear this cost as well. I told the guy that I have some financial problem hence I will not be able to proceed further. He told me that if I do not proceed with it I will not get any benefit it’s just a matter of few thousand. I am away by few thousands from I next desired job in Axis Bank.

I am cheated by your company and the executive. I have been robbed by Rs.6785.I want to cancel all the orders which was sold to me on the basis of fake promises. Kindly refund my hard earned money.

It’s shameful for an organization to have such employees (Aditya/ Prem) who sell company’s product/service by via unfair means and fake promises. I truly understand performance pressure and sells target, however this is not the correct way. This represents incorrect picture of a company amongst General Mass Market and a company will not be able to sustain in long run with such practices.
Jun 27, 2013

gaurav abhishek and rahul are rapist

gaurav dubey is idiot and illiterate donkey working in click 2 resume. he killed his parents for money. raped 6 girls. robbed wifes jwellery and killed her daughter. if any1 knows his personal address do write it here. he is cheater and lier. may god give him the worst life to live.
Neha Sharma
Jun 26, 2013

cheaters & Frauds

my complaint is for company Click2resume.com. they are a big fraud. Ashok Goswami & Manoj Sharma called me up to register & pay rs 1050/- so that they can send me job alerts for branded companies like karnataka state tourism board, yatra.com, etc. but after registering they also charge additional rs 10,000 for other services which are of no use & if we deny then they warn us in that case they cant provide us jobs... they have cheated me for rs 2800/-.. there are several other complaints on Facebook page click2resume.com frauds...pls look into the matter asap....they are real thugs

payments made by me

Merchant Website : click2resume.com
Date : 2013-06-25 18:41:35
Merchant Reference Number : C2R165655
EBS Payment ID : 17756384
Payment Mode : VISA
Amount : 1050.00
Customer Name : neha sharma
Customer Email : nehasharma1983@gmail.com
Status : SUCCESS

Merchant Website : click2resume.com
Date : 2013-06-25 18:47:53
Merchant Reference Number : C2R165663
EBS Payment ID : 17756539
Payment Mode : VISA
Amount : 1797.00
Customer Name : neha sharma
Customer Email : nehasharma1983@gmail.com
Status : SUCCESS

Company Name: Click2Resume

Payment Amount : 1050

Payment Date: 25-06-2013

Mode of Payment: Pay via PG#1 by Credit Card / Debit Card / Net-Banking

Payment Status: success

Order Id: C2R165655

Service Id: RB165655

Package Selected: Career Flash City

Add on selected:

Name: neha sharma

Email: nehasharma1983@gmail.com

Referred By: C2R3

Your resume would soon be blazed to the top Head Hunters, Consultants, Prospective Employers and Top Recruiters (Region wise, City wise, across India, across Gulf and across both India & Gulf) as per the service opted by you. You would get the best suited job offer matching your profile from the Consultants and Recruiters as and when they appear.

Executives from Click2resume who contacted me

Ashok Goswami
Manoj Sharma
Yash Srivastava

pls look into the matter asap.
Jun 21, 2013

Fake Company

I have also received calls from this company. With the help of their way of talking I understood these are fraud cheaters, motherfuckers. I want to give a free advice to click2resume.com Pl arrange some good representative which can help u in Ur bloody business. A lady talking me in a illiterate way. Pl do something with Ur hard work otherwise someday if we all caught u u will be fucked hard.
Jun 13, 2013

gaurav dubey is a rapist and murderer ,click2resume

an employee named GAURAV DUBEY of click2resume.com is rapist and murdered. he killed my friend shruti last month. firstly he threatened her for registering,when she refused of paying amount, he started calling to her parents and made fake story, Gaurav threatened her and took away 30,000 rupees from her account. at night 8 p.m. he called and visited her home to kill.
i hate this company and these employees.as she told us that gaurav, abhishek, rahul, divyanshu were drinking and abusing on calls daily. she was mentally harassed by all of them. gaurav should be hanged to noose. he should be killed immediately,strict legal action should be taken against them, they are terrorist existing in India. if any1 knows about gaurav dubey who is working as sr.executive in click 2resume, plz do write here his address or any contact no. of his family.
gaurav has no right to live now. they are murderer and killer.
Jun 4, 2013


.they explain me all condition to get a good job.and said to pay 1300 rs only.i agreed but after payment process.they said to otner compulsary process which hv also a lot of amount.but i paid.when i paid 17228 rs in a day.

Please help me to recover this money

I got a call from your company representative on my cell no. From: +911353040100 & he said you are looking for a job I will
provide you 30 to 40 % hike in your current salary if you take my service.

He also said we will provide you granted job where you want. I said i am looking job in the Dehradun area only then he said confirmed job
we will provide you at the only Dehradun location.

He said you have to pay only Rs. 1300.

I came to your website (www.click2resume.com) & made the first payments than he said sir you have to pay one more payment of Rs. 1797 than I told you earlier told me only one payment of Rs 1300 require than why this payment than he said no no sir, this is required for better services & granted job in your location.

Anyhow I made the second payment also. After that he called back me again & said sir come to my website check your details and pay for verification than i denied & i told why you are taking money fro every step than he said no you have to pay otherwise your services will not complete, that time
i have not made payment for verification. & your representative aggressively tried to take payment for this but i denied.

I think this is not fair game for company like you.

Then I called to your toll free number 1860 200 2828 to register complaints but again your people cheated me. They said sir just you pay we will give you job in next 5 to 6 Days in your location also they told me when you will be able to join please provide a date. I have given the date to him.

But anyhow I made payment twice again of
-Payment Amount : 8143
-Payment Amount : 5988

It mean's I paid 4 payments to you


Total paid Amount:17228
May 27, 2013

fake company


i have also being victim of such fraud company.they have arranged such process to take a money from the people..i fell that i should have read before about such fraud comany.we have to get to gether and make complaints against such fradu comapy so that no other innocent can be trapped by these bastard people
May 22, 2013

Click2resume.com fraud company

I also had similar experience and they cheat us by telling lies that they would process our interview for good opening in good company but we have to pay to avail their services compulsorily if they have to process our interview. I paid in total of Rs. 17820 and it is just a total waste. They refuse to refund since they say they are providing services but they are all fake and provide fraudulent service. Not genuine at all and trap customers to fetch money by force by calling 4-5 times in a day until we pay them. They are not even satisfied if we pay what they say initially and go on asking for more and more money to avail their different types of services which are totally non-professional and badly written resumes for their resume writing services, verification services, cover letter etc.

Anyway, I am planning to file a legal complaint against them through consumer court to get back my money. Everybody should do that.
May 16, 2013


I got call from them regarding job opportunity. So 5 time I ignored them. But at last I think that let see.

So first I paid 1300 then 1797 then 1500 at last I shouted on him then he told me this is a process and this is last transaction you must have to get it done after that you will get a big salary job. But last time realised that he is making me fool.

So guys dont believe on CLICK2RESUME BHIKARI site.

If any one want their money then we must have do something against this company. Feel free to call me.




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