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Consumer complaints and reviews about Coimbatore corporation

Aug 23, 2015

drainage system failure

Dear Sir /Madam ,

Sub : Drainage water entering inside home due to rainfall (Attached Photographs)

Location : 30/23 Ramanuja nagar ,3rd Street, Varadharajapuram,Coimbatore-641015. Ph No : 9176661212

Please be informed , due to the rainfall today (Dated 23/08/2015 – Rainfall timing 2.10 to 2.25 pm ) drainage water entered into our home. The main purpose of writing this letter , though we informed several times to the counselor regarding the same issue several times. This problem exists in front of my home.

Recently the drainage pathway was re constructed in our Ramanuja nagar in all the areas expect in front of my home. I had informed this issue several times but no any action taken still now further related to the present issues, I visited the Coimbatore municipal website and found Mrs. Bhuvaneswari (Who is in charge for rainfall duty officer list ph no : 9442104100 ) however I could not able to contact her .

I kindly request you to involve in this issue and ask to concern authority. Why the drainage was not re constructed in front of my home alone. This causes serious health hazard to my home and my neighbors also. Expecting your kind action immediately so that this will not reoccur again. (Attached Photos for your info)



pradeep kumar r
Aug 11, 2015

not getting water properly

sir i am residing at ganeshapuram olmbus now a days i am not getting drinking water properly i dont know where is the problem happning but houseowners are filling their tanks for3 times a day, an they are saying water dint came here an also asking water usage charges , i am paying everymonth Rs.100/-for my drinking water but we dint getting water properly ,i dnt know where can i complaint .so please take needful action againt them
Jul 26, 2015

Water connection issue

I am a resident of Ghugan Garden in Lakshmi Nagar at Vadavalli, Coimbatore. We have purchased an individual house from M/s. Venkateswara Builders three years back. On purchasing the house, the builders assured all facilities including water connection. Whatever documents required by the builders for new water connection were provided to them at the right time for processing at Coimbatore Corporation. Last year water connection was provided to our house after two years of struggle. We thought it was a regular connection. But in March 2015, authorities from Coimbatore Corporation disconnected out water connection along with other several individual house connection in the same line (Most of them constructed by M/s.Venkateswara builders). On enquiry, it is stated that these connections provided were illegal, the required amount including deposits were not remitted by builders in proper time . But these facts were not known to us till the time we approached Coimbatore Corporation authorities. Ultimately we are suffering without water. We approached various higher authorities of Coimbatore Corporation for getting water. But our efforts are still in vain.Though we are least connected with the illegal connection issue, we are ready to remit the amount stated by the authorities, required for water re-connection, including any fine and penalty.

Is there any option to get the water connection back?

Concern authorities may kindly be looked into our case and help us for speedy getting water connection.

Thanking you,
Jul 23, 2015

damaged water pipe line system

Im a resident of Coimbatore , in my locality 7th street extc (rail way gate) new bridge construction works are going on, On the process of construction the drinking water pipe line system has been damaged in my house before a month , there is no source of water for my home so In order to that I have filed a complaint many times regarding the damaged pipe line to the local ward councillor and the water corporation employee in a post of (AE: 9443799219) , but yet no response from any of the department so I kindly request you to take required steps regarding the damaged pipe line , thank you..

41, sp kannu samy gounder street,
rathinapuri post,
Coimbatore -27 ,
david priya
May 17, 2015

salt water is not supply properly


water not supplied properly for past 6 months

Dear Sir,

Salt Water is not supplied properly in our street Tatabad, near six corner Dr.Radhakrishnan Road , Coimbatore - 641 012 for past 6 months.
we have to inform you there is street salt water in our street we have given a complient to counceller ward 51 Mrs Ranganayaki and who opens the water that person no responce in the area who was an admk party plz look into this matter our people are suffring for salt water.

why coimbatore corporation is so irresponsible like this. we published coimplaint so many times in the News paper also but no response.

Please dont ignore these complaints and try to do your work .

Hope the corporation will show some interest to solve all the above complaints.
May 4, 2015

Reg Street Light

Dear sir/madam,
As aim residing at lakshmi nagar 8th ward, periyanaickenpaalayam. Our site is dead end for past 7 years we informed for street light but still now we din get any response. Many times inserts were coming inside the house. Due to darkness we can't find it also. So please kindly consider this and make arrangement.

Yours faithfully,
7E Sri lakshmi nagar,
SRKV post,
George Tharyan
Apr 27, 2015

Shifting of the Garbage Bin

I am a resident of 47, Dr.Radhakrishna Road, Tatabad, Coimbatore 12 of Ward No,51. For more than a decade, garbage bins is being kept near our house and this is creating health problems. The stench is too much as well as the fleas and other insects are inumerable. Our earlier request to relocate this has not met with any positive reply. Most of the concrete blocks that were put over the drainage have been removed by miscreants and these are now left open for mosquitoes to breed. The entire ditch is full of rubbish that fly from the overflowing garbage bin. Added to this, there is at car workshop in the corner of 9th street gandhipuram extension and there are almost 4-5 cars that are being parked near the compound wall on the road for months together. This helps to create a coverage for passersby to use the open drainage for answering the natures call. The whole area stinks. Men are not wary of the school children and women who use this road. We request your good office to depute some officer to inspect and to do the needful. There is another bin which is kept very close to the shops when you turn from 9th street gandhipuram extension to Dr, Radhakrishna Road towards the left. This is creating health problems to the people in the shops too. Moreover, the bin leaves the road users blind when they make a turn on the left. Please do the needful sir. There are a lot of Banana Mundys in this area and it is their wastes that is being dumped. Strangely, these bins are not being placed near these banana mundys.
Thanking You,
J. George Tharyan,
47, Dr. Radhakrishna Road,
Coimbatore 641 012
sargunam subramaniyam
Apr 21, 2015

Dog disturbance

Sir with kindly iam requesting u to control street dog population its irritating. No can go move freely coz of street dog. children's are not far to play in front of areas, in this area dog bittened one or more persons recently and more dog also died in vehicle crash so take a immediate action with pleasure pls....😌
Apr 4, 2015

street dogs

Masakkalipalayam maha lakshmi nagar 1 street coimbatore. Sir pls take action immediatly to kill two street dogs they all catching peoples in nite times. We have so fear to walk outside. Pls come on evening time r nite. So please remember sir
Mar 13, 2015


I am residing at No.11, Subbiya Thevar Layout, Thiruvalluvar nagar extension.There is a Vencoff Chicken outlet adjacent to my residence .In this outlet chickens are processed without proper procedures ending up in a huge foul smell in and around that area.It creates a vomiting sensation to the local residents.The matter was taken up to the regional head Mr.Selvakumar (9842522500) for the past three months but no fruitful results.
So, I kindly request you to intervene in this matter to prevent the foul smell from the outlet.

Earliest action is highly solicited
Mar 13, 2015


Respected Sir/Madam,

I am residing at No.11, Subbiya Thevar Layout, Thiruvalluvar nagar extension.There is a Vencoff Chicken outlet adjacent to my residence .In this outlet chickens are processed without proper procedures ending up in a huge foul smell in and around that area.It creates a vomiting sensation to the local residents.The matter was taken up to the regional head Mr.Selvakumar (9842522500) for the past three months but no fruitful results.
So, I kindly request you to intervene in this matter to prevent the foul smell from the outlet.

Earliest action is highly solicited
Feb 23, 2015

Garbage disposal issue

Hello Sir,
I am living in coimbatore,Ganapthy,4th street nehru nagar,Behind CMS school.Near to my house people are putting their garbage waste.And corportaion ppl not cleaning them on regular basis.and also draingare is fully in stagnant mode.And we have two kids under 3yrs in home.It is very much smelling and full of mosquitoes near my house.Please help us in resolving this problem.Hoping for quick workaround for this.

Feb 2, 2015

Nuisance due to street dogs

Dear Sir,
Subject: Notification regarding Nuisance due to street dogs and requesting their removal - regarding.
We are the residents of Thasami park residency,State bank colony, green park avenue located in Vasanth nagar (Opposite to Uzhalavar Sandhai, Singanallur, Coimbatore - 641005.
There is a group of 5 Stray street dogs staying at the road leading to Thasami Park Residency Appartments - with high infection similar to rabies and disease which roam around the area all times and they are chasing old age people going for walking, kids going in bicycles for school, late night office goers and home comers, early morning office goers all are getting scared by these dogs and their chasing and biting. The create lots of noise and barking all night, they also kill cats and other small beings and cause problem during day and night.
We cant go for walking also.No children can go alone in the street. we are very very afraid.

Kindly take necessary action immediately. Looking forward for a quick and prominent action.
We would be grateful and delighted if our reguest is fullfiled
Thanks and regards
Residents of Vasanth nagar, Singanallur, Coimbatore.
JM Raman
Dec 30, 2014


Dear Sir,
I and my wife are senior citizen's aged 75 and 66 years of age residing in House No - H 807, Ganapathy Maa Nagar, Ganapath Post, Coimbatore. Of late the tenants of the neighbor house have started giving us too much of trouble by flaming the wood for heating up water early morning near our window adjoining the compound wall and as I am already old age person with high BP and heart problem I am unable to breathe.
Many requests of ours to them has yielded no results and hence I am forced to write this complaint. Request you to kindly intervene and resolve this nuisance created by them.

Mr Raman
Dec 12, 2014

disturbance of street dogs


I live in M M Garden, near petrol bunk,opp to ashram school,kovai pudur,sundakkamuthur post.our ward no:89.In our street, there are around 8-9 stray dogs which remain constant nuisance all the time.since this is a female dog more male dogs coming from near by area,and breeding continues.small children who cannot walk alone in the streets. Please do take the necessary steps to remove these dogs from our street.
Thank you.
with Regards :
Dec 11, 2014

Drainage problem in Ward 72

Main drainage in ward 72, Park Street (near Ashwin Lodge) , Kattoor, Coimbatore - 9 is overflowing. Sewage water is flowing on the road. Kindly take necessary action.

Thank you.
Dec 10, 2014

Stray dog and Pet dog, Garbage


The garbage collection is not being done regularly in the ward number 42, Thirumalai Nagar. The corporation people collect the garbbages on alternate day or weekly twice. But the residents throw the garbbages in front of our house (vaccant site of others) dispite of repeated request not to do so. Also nearby Pet owners are also let urinating their pets in the vaccant land and polluting the environment.

I request the Corporation to take some suitable steps for the above.

Thanking you,

Kalyani, Thirumalai Nagar, Coimbatore
Dec 1, 2014

dust pin

sir ward no 55
near gowtham apart ment
i am soma sundaram door no 1 chandragandhi lay out
dust pin problem
Dec 1, 2014

Air Pollution from nearby Companies


There are 2 to 3 Companies in No.2, Mariamman Kovil Street, Ganeshapuram, Podanur, Coimbatore - 641023 (Opposite to Pothy Stores) running without proper registration and nameboard. They are grinding cast iron. Smoke and dust from these companies causes severe problems to the residents nearby. There are many houses with small children residing there. This area comes under ward 100. Even the workers in those companies are also affected healthwise.

Kindly take necessary action immediately.

Nov 30, 2014

Dogs heavy disturbance

We are from Dr.Radhakrishna road, tatabad, Coimbatore -12.
Near Sengottayan hospital, a lady has more than 5 dogs as pets. She never trains them. It barks through out day and night creating heavy sound pollution to all in and around her house. She gives food for street dogs every mid night around 1am. All street dogs settle through out this street every night. She creates lot of disturbance in feeding them and shouting till 2am. She is least bothered about the street walkers and neighbours. Anyone can find her on the road at around 1am daily. Kindly do something to control this. There are patients in the hospital, students and heart patients who really suffer due to this.
Nov 29, 2014

Stray dogs disturbance


I live in Jaya Garden, Ambal Nagar, Maniakarampalayam. In our street, there are around 5-6 stray dogs which remain constant nuisance all the time. The whole night they create noise pollution (every single night) and chasing people during the day time, especially early morning. There are aged people in almost every home who are not able to sleep in the night and also small children who cannot walk alone in the streets. Please do take the necessary steps to remove these dogs from our street. Thank you.

Ph: 422-2534973
Bavithra s
Nov 24, 2014

Street Dog Menace

Dear Sir/Madam,

Im reside at Kaveri Nagar, SIHS colony, Civil aerodrome post,Coimbatore-14. In our area there are many Street Dogs roaming around all the time and killing the home pets. Also barking and chasing the peoples walking on the road.Please take immediate action as soon as possible.
Nov 23, 2014

water supply

sir, i am from east car street ,karamadai, coimbatore(dist).here 3 to 4 days once at 1.30 hr water coming in our home pipe on that time here some familys r using motor to suck the water in home pipe. for that others home pipe water r coming very slow. always v taking water from road pipe with the ricks. if v didnt have water supply in my home means not a problem . but v paying water tax and having home pipe. but still v taking water from road pipe only. if they didnt switch on motor mean that 1.30 hr water is more than enough for us. but no. so many times v tell to supplier person but no use . please try to solve this problem sir.

i didnt have camera to take photo r videos so i cant have proof . but if the officer come at the time of water supply to our home pipe. they can see directly .
Oct 30, 2014

Drainage problem in Ward No, 72


There is a drainage problem (main connection) in Park Street, Near Ashwin Lodge, Kattoor which comes under Ward 72. It is overflowing for past 10 days. There are many houses and shops nearby. Inspite of many complaints it is not yet corrected. Due to foul smell and scare of spread of diseases residents nearby are scared. Kindly take necessary action immediately.

Thank you
Oct 26, 2014

drainage problem in our ward No.49


In our street drainage is blocked and the drainage water is coming into the house, lot of grass is there. corporation people are not noted this. please take action and clear the block in the drainage. The land mark is maruthakutty street cross end nearby laundry.


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