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Feb 19, 2015

Fraud of Country Vacation

My Mail for around 40 days.
Below is the response after 40 days.
Suggest next step.

Dear CV,










Dear Sirs, I am sorry to say that I have to escalate this issue to you as your staff is neither capable of answering my question nor capable of refunding the money. They don't even have courtesy to treat me as customer. It is worthless to speak with your staff. So, Please go through the below matter and help me in this.

I called CV on various no. on 18 Feb 2015. I spoke to Mr. Manoj and Mr. Vinod several times and they both ensured me I will be getting a response by end of day and till now I have not received any call or mail. As usual Mr. Imran or concern person for refund is never available.

I called CV on 08042077301 on 17 Feb 2015 and Mr. Manoj has picked the call and told me as usual Mr. Imran it not there and he will come in evening and he was not present yesterday. He ensured me that I will receive a call by 5 PM today.

I am trying to contact CV through mails and call and I have not received any response from their side till now. Whenever I call to your Koramangala Office, people pick the call and misguide me by saying the following reasons from last 1 month:

1) At the moment the concern person is not there when he comes they will call me. I have not received any call till date.

2) Refund is handled by Mr. Imran and he is not there. He is not in office from the day he returned from Hyderabad.

3) Please take the contact no. of Imran 9986371236. This no. is always switched off for me.

4) Most of the staff of Koramangala come after 2:30 and Mr. Imran after 4 this is the info I got from CV staff.

5) People like Ushma, Vinod and receptionist of telephone no. 08042077301 always misguide me saying above reason.

It is requested to Country Vacation seniors to audit the timings of Koramanagala Staff. After above all reasons, Is the absence of Mr. Imran and staff is the concern of customer or CV?

If you are not able to refund my money that you got by making fool of me than answer the below questions. You people are still repeating the same thing. Why you could not answer the simple questions by a customer? If my questions are not answered then also it is denial of services from vendor and I am again eligible to get my money back. Each time you delay the refund I have one more question to be answered by you.

After my mail of 27 Jan 2015, I received a call from Mr. Imran when he was in Hyderabad. He told me that he is having his return flight to Bangalore on Monday morning (2nd Feb 2015), so he will be working on refund on Monday. He requested me to not to send further mails because he will responding on Monday. Now the day has ended and I have not yet received any response from Mr. Imran. Please respond on the below matters.

I have been trying to contact CV through mails and calls. It is almost more than 40 days and there is no response. No one is picking up the calls and no one is replying the mails. What should I consider with this response of yours. I have not received any response on my past mails which need lot of explanation on various points.

This is one of the reason I was looking for AIRDA over CV. CV people presented a false image while sales and now look at your services you don't even have courtesy to respond to your customers.

I already know the details given by you. As you already know Mr. Imran I discussed the issue with you in your office like what was told to me is different than what is on agreement. The details given by you are the reason of refund because your executive told something different from what I written in the agreement. As a customer it is my right to ask below questions to my vendor and as a vendor answering the quires of a customer is also considered as a service and is your duty.

Please give your explanation CV/Mr. Imran on all the below quires else you are forcing to take a legal action for mental and financial harassment and against Mr. Kartik for misguiding me regarding AIRDA. I was avoiding this Police for FIR and Consumer Court for case because I don't want to get into the police and court related issue. But now you are compelling me to do so and very less time is left now. If I went to consumer forum I will claim for the money, mental harassment, financial harassment, fraud by you, all my time, each mail and each call.

Below are the list of points which need your explanation Mr. Imran. Please elaborate on following points, so that I can take my next action accordingly on this issue.

1) You started with fake statement that there are only 100 winners for this offers. I visited 2-3 days back at the same basement of country club and found that the same thing is still going. It felt like this is your regular business of saying people that you are the lucky winner. You people tell the same thing to every one.

2) I was told that this offer is only valid for today. I was even forced by one of your executive by saying that "If you leave this hall, this offer is not valid for you". When I visited the same place after 2-3 days back I found that the offer is still going and I was fooled again.

3) On 19th Jan 2015 I visited Central Mall, Bellandur. There also I fond a CV member in the parking lot while parking my bike. He was also explaining about the lucky draw process as I was explained in month of December in Total Mall on Sarjapur. If it is lucky draw then why this process keeps on going for the whole year.
I have been seeing this lucky draw process when I ever I visit Country Club or when ever I park my bike in a Mall.

4) CV executive told that you are member of AIRDA and this was the foremost reason to take interest in you because there was someone to whom I can go in case of any discrepancies. You can see there are lot of discrepancies and there is not any disciplined and reputed authority over you. How CV can use name of AIRDA for their marketing and sales.

5) As per your executive I would have received the welcome kit on Tuesday. I have not received it by today.

6) Your executive told me that I will be getting 13 Nights and 14 Days every year for holidays but now they are telling me that I am only eligible for 6 night and 7 days.

7) Your executive told me that I will be getting of accommodation of any type (not limited to studio) but now it turned to studio only.

8) You executive told me that I can go for holidays in any season but in when I tried to book it online and through their mobile app the holiday booking button is not working and I am suppose to contact again to the executive.

9) Your executive told me that 6 adults and 2 children can go for a vacation but in your agreement it is written that 2 adult and 2 children and an extra bed of Rs. 500 if applicable.

10) There is a clause accommodation depends on the availability of room even this was never mentioned by your executive. If you go through online blogs and site no one is getting rooms. You people keep on celebrating your anniversary whole year, that is why no is getting the availability.

11) I sent one of my Friend to Hyderabad office with refund request on below mentioned address. The person on the front desk did not even spoke properly, misbehaved with him. He did not even submitted the application. Any ways I have sent it trough a registered post. Instead of submitting the application he said I do not belong to this department and gave me a number 04061484444 of the concern department. This number is not a valid number. I don't even know how many departments do you have. Every time I call there is someone who says this is not my department and he gives me a new number.

12) Now you people are misguiding me by giving various email ids for refund. That is why I am sending mail to all email ids I came to know while my misguidance.

13) Tell me the timing and concern person to call or give me call regarding my concerns.

14) If you people are very fare with your processes then why did Mr. Imran asked that he will arrange free ticket and free stay at Dubai for 2 person.

15) Is the absence of Mr. Imran and Koramangla Staff from last 1 month is concern of customer or CV?

16) If you people are so face then why you could not answer the simple question of a customer?

These are the few examples which I found only after reading the agreement. The most important reason that I opted for CV was because of AIRDA. Now I came to know there is no AIRDA so I don't want to continue with this kind of company. So it is requested to refund the money earned with lot of efforts and time.

Anyhow it is again a requested to you to refund the money as soon as possible along with the compensation of call charges and time devoted to you. Please let me know about the progress of request and the time of refund.

Below is the response after 40 days,

Dear Mr.Abhishek Kumar Singh,

As per the terms of the agreement i would like to give few points as per agreement signed by you.

1) As per the clause no. 21 of membership agreement which signed by the you THE VACATION CHARGES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES and that THE VACATION FEE IS NOT A REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT.

2) As per the clause no. 37 of membership agreement which signed by you "Second Party understands that this agreement (in the printed form ONLY) SUPERSEDES any communication whether written or oral or any variation or hand written remarks rewriting the printed Agreement made by the agents and/or representatives of CCIL or second party to this agreement and /or any other written communication issued by CCIL representatives(Including on Company Letter Head or STAMP PAPER). Further second party understands that the benefits and terms of the vacations as set out in this agreement are final and binding on CCIL, and second party.

3) Apart from the agreement clause for your information The product which has been bought by the member is a non timeshare product and does not come under cooling off period.

4) We do not have any service default against this particular your membership and for your information we have released card to you within stipulated time. For your reference we are here by attaching the screen shot of the same. If you further requirement of documents we are ready to provide.

NOTE: As earlier i mentioned about complementary holiday which includes Flight tickets for Goa, Hyderabad or Kovalam to utilize the services from our Country vacations.
Jan 10, 2015

Country Vacations

Jan 10, 2015

Country Vacations

Phone Number = 0115992999

Country Vacations a big Fraud
Dec 8, 2014

Country Vacations scam calls

This is cheating company. They collect customer details from some major promotions by showing it as a raffle draw, and then calling us to come to collect the voucher.Then they ask us to come with spouse, and take photos ( wonder why), We have to listen to their fake presentations for about 90 min to get the voucher.

If its a gift voucher, why a presentation? Full of cheating... why no one is taking action against them? DONT TRUST and go there..
Nov 18, 2014

Holiday Gift Voucher

While in Goa on vacation, I was persuaded to see county club apartment where i was grilled to become a member for a fee. I refused and indicated I needed time to think. They gave me a Holiday gift voucher which i tried to exercise but seems seems like a fraud as I am unable to access the web site they provided to me to book the holiday. Suggest log the complaint with police or tourist authorities in respective location.

Hind sight - a gift voucher for 6 nights in Goa or worldwide, its too good to be true

As the saying goes no free lunch.
Col G S Reddy
Oct 24, 2014

Country Vacations a big Fraud

It is obvious from the various complaints posted in the above blog that the Country Vacations is a big Fraud and cheating many innocent people every day and making huge money. The Local police is also aware of it and found to be very complacent when approached them with complaint.No action is being taken against them by the local police. The cheating is going on for years together. Yet no action initiated by any authority.
Why can't police take appropriate action to stop this.
Humbly request the concern police officials to crack this Organization from the roots and save innocent public from getting cheated.

Col G S Reddy
Sep 22, 2014

Big fraud-- country club

I have attended the 2 hour session in Madina mall.As usual tried to trap into the membership.Luckily escaped.with lot of pain,gave a redeemable holidays gift voucher.Tried to book the hotel...

BIG FRAUD.......

Be careful
Sep 14, 2014

thank you all for informing those experiences.

Thank u all, today I received a phone call that I won a LKR.60,000/= and come to for the presentation, on next Tuesday.
I told that I’m unable to come on that day, then they asked me to send my family.
After I discussed with my family, I thought to search the about this and there I found all of your comments.
And those are really helped me.
thank you all for informing those experiences.
Jul 24, 2014

No news of Country club

Hi , Me and my husband to had a similar experience where we were invited for a presentation were given a glass set. On opening it at home we saw that it was chipped in many places We too paid an hefty amount of Rs1,40,000. They promised to send us our cards. I have been repeatedly calling them and there seems to be no response form them. They are just not bothered.
Jul 19, 2014

Got refund from country vacation fraud

I am also a victim of country vacation. I paid INR 30,000/- to CV through Axsis bank debit card.
I got refund as follows:
1. I dropped the membership cancellation mail to country vacation within 10 days.
2. I called Axsis bank customer care.
3. They mailed me a transaction dispute form.
4. I filled up that and mailed to debitcards@axisbank.com .
5. In this mail I mentioned about cooling off period of CV, void agreement etc .
6.Then after around 50 days I got the refund.
In between I got several calls from Country Vacation but I refused all their misguiding offers and didn't accept the membership card.
Manoj Tandon
Jun 27, 2014

Big Fraud Country Club world

I received voucher from Country Club world, and they tried hard for 1 hour and insisted me to go for membership, but i ignored
when i checked the voucher in their website.... came to know they are big Fraud company...
- They dont have their owned hotels and only have contracts with few Hotels in India
- And if you will plan to visit those few hotels, then you have to plan 2 months in advance
- And Once you call the hotel reception for booking rooms, they will double charge you and give nothing against your voucher/payments you made as member

Thank God, I was saved from these Bas.......d company
siba prasad behera
May 3, 2014

not availabal room

please arrange room at puri on june 2014. i was still searching for it...................................!

please arrange it for me and confomed me as soon as possible (2day & 3 night)

my mob no- 7381199184
Mar 18, 2014

Overcharged amount as per vocuher

Unlike others even i recived call and got voucher and it is not allowing to book. Though the voucher mentioned 4000rs they are charging 6300. then what is the use of such voucher.

I dropped mail and followed up several times but even after 6 days not single reply.

Can this company be closed and make sure they never use such marketing and do not open new company and start fooling again.

Who is going to taken action on such company???
Mar 8, 2014

Country Club Gift Voucher Miss-Selling Concept

Country Club Gift Voucher/ Membership offer purely miss-selling. They don't have proper management just make false committments, During booking only message shown - No result available or sold out. Purly business of make people fool.
dhruv kamal
Mar 7, 2014

not having available rooms

if you don't have vacant rooms why do you give gift vouchers
bindu kohli
Jan 2, 2014

poorest service and sheer harrasment

We are unable to log in and when we tried to contact customer care Os nobody answered.just becozbeing a member of country club this year we could not go on holiday.we regret throwing our precious money in country club. We thought we will have better holidays but to our dissapointment....NO HOLIDAY.
response team
Nov 22, 2013

Response Team CV

Hi there , We just viewed your posting here & we feel bad about it. However please be assured that this isn't a fraudulent business.This is a public ltd Company registered under the Companies Act of 1956, listed in various stock exchanges across the country & is renowned for providing World class facilities at modest price-ranges, with a vast array of owned and affiliate properties.It may be possible that the gift voucher you received may have expired. Please E-mail the complete grievance as well as vouvher details, along with he name, contact details & the branch visited, to response.team@countryvacationsmail.com. we shall strive to put a smile back on your face. Thanks
Aug 12, 2013


Received gift voucher but i do booking it shows date expiry so they are cheating us
Jul 21, 2013

Country club recent fraud 2013

Hello All, Can one help me how to get amount back which I payed for country vacations.
My name is Jagan and having membership id :DT62BLR2ZING5L15 which I took registration in country club in Bangalore near by Forum mall 2yrs back.I have invested 70,000rps for more than 2yrs and unfortunately I didn't utilized vacations due to financial problems.

Can any one help me how to get back my money.

Please call me @7204323848
raj bhatia
May 31, 2013

fraud no i

i hve received a callfrom mr hemant and later from his senior mr prem from country vacations v3s mall laxmi nagar. tyey told me about that my mother has won a gift of a dinner set and a holiday voucher free of cost but they have to attend a one hour presentation from us..but when we went there and ateend the one and half hour presentation and refused to take the membership then they behave rudely with my parents gave them only a holiday voucher. after coming to home when we check the same voucher code in their site that showed a wrong code no....this is really a fraud company.....PLEASE BE CAREFULL fron them.
May 16, 2013


Ms. Anjali called up me to join one hour training programme to use our voucher which will be given us by her after that training, at GRAND MALL 1ST FLOOR, OFF: 116, NEAR METRO STATION MG ROAD, GURGAON, CONTACT NO: OF MS. ANJALI IS 7838981087 on 14th May, 2013, I reached there and join that programme, Mr. AAMIR took me as a trainee, after one hr. he gave me a wrong voucher code no. which has been already used by some one. that OFFICE IN GRAND MALL AND THOSE PERSONS ARE TOTALLY FRAUD. I WILL SOON TAKE A LEGAL DICION AGAINST THOSE CHEATERS AND ALSO FOR THE COMPANY -" THE COUNTRY CLUB".
Oct 23, 2012

starcj totaly FRAUD

starcj,fraud no 1, i rqst not to bye anything from starcj.they are fraud.i have a bad experience with them.starcj send me a defective cooler,even aft more then 1 year and hundard of my calls no body took care for product.starcj cheating peoples
Sep 22, 2012

country club

i have been cheated in the same here in Dubai. They told me the same thing. But the site is not opening at all and no body is lifting the phone also.EVERYBODY BE CAREFUL.DON'T PAY A SINGLE RUPEE THEM.
Debashis Bose
Sep 21, 2012

Unauthorised use of my credit card

On the29th of June 2012 I attended a group discussion at V3S Mall Delhi. During the discussion I was promised a plot, 1 week complimentry stay in Thailand with return air tickets. But when it came to putting the deal on papers they backed out on certain items. In the mean time one Mr.Sayad Nawaz took my crdit card to take the initial payment of Rs. 50000. When I declined to sign the deal because of wrong comitment I asked him to return the amount. He promised to do so the next day as he was having problem with his machine. He also said the same would automatically be refunded as they would not claim the same within 15 days. However when I got my card statement in August I was surprised to see that the 50000 Rs had been converted into 12 EMIs. When I went back and cnfronted Mr.Nawaz he promised to look into the same and would revert back which he never did. I again went back to him and have given him a weeks time to revert the amount back to my credit card and also gave him a written complaint which he got received by his receptionest. If the same is not resolved within a week I will be forced to take leagle action against the company.
Debashis Bose
Sep 5, 2012

continue cheating people

Same here guys, i received this code 27501057 from Goa, been called to their office stating that i have been selected in a lucky draw to get 7 days holiday gift voucher. i have been to there office and wasted 1 hour to listen to there membership plan when i refuse to take membership they became rude and gave me the code to avail the offer, when i tried this code it says incorrect details
just dnt trust on them.. and dnt waste ur time...

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