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Consumer complaints and reviews about CPWD

nk naagar
Sep 1, 2015

Sewar jam

Asst Engineer (Sh Yadram Meena)
Central Public works Department
New Delhi 110003.


Please refer my discussion dated 31 Sep over telephone and comp no 8747907 and 8708428 dated 22-08-2015 assigned to S.M (1314) Sep 2015 regarding above mention compliant.
It is submitted that I am resident of H.N.1013 Lodhi Road complex New Delhi further its submitted that due to water logging and main sewer jam resident of Pocket-III mainly ground floor people are facing lot of difficulty and some time life become hell due to sever blockage.
I want to draw your kind attention that since six month due to out side sewer jam and toilet are overflowing that we have lodge number of complainant many times and when ask personally then the AE and JE stated that I am not supposed to go personally and clean the sewer this type of reply can not be expected from government official and after identify the phone number both official switch of their mobile or let the bell ringing and bothered at all both the JE and AE are sitting with Thekedar from where and how to earn extra money
That when I ask regarding when it will become permanent clear both official told that at present we have no tender when I insisted Asst Engineer mr yadram Meena he further threatened that do not visit again otherwise we falsely implicate by lodge complaint in police station that you are obstructing govt person discharging his duty that behaviour of official of CPWD are totally ridiculous.
That there is no provision to ask them to do the Job or for further clearance of this logging water, as Impediment erected in main sewer, that toilet overflowing and lot of foul smell coming from that if appropriate step are not taken and due to upcoming season of rain there will be apprehension of spreading of epidemic disease and that will become breeding centre of mosquito. That matter has been reported no of times to CPWD but no action has been initiated by department and knowingly with malafied intention allowing the epidemic disease which is an offence and punishable u/s 269 of IPC Negligent act by official CPWD likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life and being a public servant disobeying law with intention to cause injury to any person. That forth coming monsoon season it can become more hazardous and official never take appropriate action.
New Delhi Applicant
NK Naagar
Lodhi Road Complex
New Delhi-03
Copy to-
Aug 31, 2015

For new connection of water

My H. No. 22 road no 8 type-1 ANDREWS GANJ. In this quarter water supply no well and give a new connection for smooth functioning of water supply
Aug 23, 2015

Regarding Illegal Occupancy

Subleting of Govt accommodateion
Directorate of Estate
Nirman Bhawan
New Delhi-110003

Sub:-Govt.Qtr. No.F-335/3, Ground Floor,Road No. 3, Andrews Ganj, New Delhi-49, On Rent this house,

Dear Sir,

This is for your kind notice that above said qtr. number F-335/3, Ground Floor,Road No. 3, Andrews Ganj, New Delhi-49 alloted to Smt Veena Singh w/o Sh. Dalip Singh but subletting to other person. This quarter is always on rent. So, we are requested kindly take immediately action about this matter.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,
R/o Andrews Ganj Occupants
M. Swaroopa Rani
Aug 21, 2015

shifting of cables

We are residing in Qrt no 129 new, Sector 26,near TV tower,
seminary hills. Cables of TV net work & related junction box
are lying in frint/ nearer to our maindoor. it is very inconveenience to us.
we requested so many times to cable operators and service centre people
but there is no proper responce from them, moreover they dont want to shift the cables
to terrace.requesting to look in to the matter and do the needfull action.

M. Swaroopa Rani
Aug 12, 2015


My complaint no is 8578398 dt 31/7/2015

Dear Sir

There is no needfull action against my complaint dt 31/7/15

till to day. CPWD is collecting maintenance charges from

occupiers, but ther is no proper maintenance inside of the quarter

think to do needfull action whenever such type of coplaints.

we are very much disappointed about the service provided by CPWD.

waiting for favourable action


Swaroopa Rani
Aug 10, 2015

House Renovation

Renovation of new house accomdation
Hello Sir,

I have been alloted B-52, new house at Moti Bagh-1, new delhi on 15 Dec 2015. There are so many issues related to furnishings, tiling, wiring, painting(white wash) & repair, for which we have complained many times to JE, Moti Bagh-1. But as per them they are not allowed to do so as these buildings are newly alloted & they have no budget. But i would like to inform you that our flat condition is so worst, hence we cant shift to our new home yet, however my HRA has been charged from this month only.

I hope you will look into the matter and do the earliest. As i want to shift with my family ASAP in my new home.

Arun Singh Rawat
B-52, Type-2, Moti Bagh-1
New Delhi-110021
Sarat Chandra Sahoo
Aug 9, 2015

Severe Seepage

I, S.C. Sahoo, occupant of Flat No.Type-III/87, Kendranchal Colony, Aliganj, Lucknow. I am fed up by severe seepage in my quarter for about 2 months. I had never seen this type of seepage. Just the water comes to the floor through the wall in the rate of flowing in many portions. My first complaint was registered vide No. 8516217 dtd.17.07.15 via CPWD Sewa. the work attended without rectifying the defects. On same day, I got an SMS from CPWD Sewa that my complaint has been converted to Major Category and likely to be completed by 16.08.15. That means till 16.08.15, I can never make registered any complaint for seepage. I have contacted twice the locak A.E. & JE. On 6.8.15, I also got an SMS against Major Complaint No.1151137 assigning to BRIJ MOHAN. But the seepage is still persisting. I hope the CPWD Authority may look into the matter without any further delay.
Anant kappya
Aug 3, 2015

lickage in kitchen

Lickage in our kitchen many complents or written in civil department plz do the work the lickage is create many problems
Thank you
Jul 26, 2015


My husband was allotted Quarter No. 71 E, in vasant Vihar Type-2 in General Pool on medical ground on 24.04.2015 and accepted the said quarter on 30.04.2015. I have taken technical acceptance on 01.05.2015 and was given 60 to physical occupation , since the quarter was not in habitable condition.
The said quarter has not been handed over whereas almost three month going to lapse. At present all windows are broken/rusty, wall is getting seepage as water of toilet emanates from upper quarter. Also there is electric point in that wall which wiring has been done with iron pipe through which there is possibility of getting electric current flow through wet wall which is dangerous for life. At stage I have requested several time to Junior Engineer, CPWD and contractor to sort out problems and give possession of said quarter. But they are not in a position to reply in this matter and not responding properly. At this stage I am facing lot of problems as we have already intimated my landlord about vacating flat hired on rent. I have also booked packers for boarding /de boarding of my household. At this stage I am facing mental problems and not is a position what to do what not to do, this has only occurred due to negligence of Contractor and Junior Engineer.
I therefore request to initiate enquiry against official and take punitive action against the person responsible for the delay and making harassment .
Jul 22, 2015

Painting work not done after 6 months of plaster work

Painting work has been not done after 6 months of plaster work .(complaint numbers are 123 dated 31/1/15 , 553 dated 9/3/15 , 781 dated 31/3/15, 1503 dated 27/5/15 , 573 dated 4/7/15, 644 dated 7/7/15 , 688 dated 9/7/15

many times i have visited the office and talked to the JE and also have gone through the complaint register ,but there is no response in it.

online complaint given before also complaint no 206 and 207 dated 11/6/15 and 12/6/15 respectively

so please see into this matter
Jul 18, 2015

Civil work

I am residing at CPWD quarter at G-39 Mirdard Road, Govt. Quarter Type -II, near Mata Sundari, New Delhi-110002

Civil Work
Bed room wall, Kitchen and corridor wall plaster have fall down I have lodge complaint online in Dated : 11-6-2015 at 10:05 Hrs. and which C.No. 8450306 in the complaint registered in CPWD Office, but no one can this short out problem .
So, I requested to you that kindly look into the matter of the above and please be repair at the earliest.
Anup Chanda
Jul 5, 2015

CPWD Civil

Anup Chanda, Qtr No. IC-735
Sec-3, Salt Lake, Kol-106

Please refer to my only representation dt. 19-4-2015 regarding replacement of broken glass in few of the windows. No remedial action in this regard has been taken yet, neither the complaint has been attended by at least courtesy visit. What more should I do so that the ibid compliant will be attended ? I with my family is facing problem, specially in the monsoon. Please take earliest action.

Yours sincerely
Anup Chanda
Anup Chanda
Jul 5, 2015

CPWD Civil

I am residing in Qtr No. 735, IC Block, Sec-3, Salt Lake, Kolkata, facing the following problems :-
1) Kitchen sink has been cracked and needs to be replaced.
2) One slab at the kitchen has also been cracked with a measurable part and some of it has been broken down and therefore, needs to repaired,
3) Latrine flash has become out or order and remedial action should be taken

Thanking You Sir,
Anup Chanda
IC-735, Sec-3,
Salt Lake, Kol-103
Jun 23, 2015

installation of exhaust fan

I have allotted house no 223 block B sarojini Nagar new delhi 110023 in the month of august 2015, I have lodge many complain from last 6 months to cpwd call cenetr and cpwd seva kender sarojini nagar near polliangi gown to JE (E) Mr. Sanjay Kumar Prajapati regarding installation of exhaust fan in kitchen but no action has been taken so for. Due to extreme hot it is not possible to do kitchen work without exhaust fan, But the said officer is so careless and does not hear any problems, a suitable action is required to taken against him.

house no 223 block B
sarojini Nagar new delhi 110023
Jun 20, 2015


There is heavy seepage in Type-V, A-28 Ekta Vihar, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai. Matter reported, but no action yet. There might be Electrical short circuit. Mr. Murkute is supposed to look after. Will he please?
Jun 19, 2015

CPWD Work against Enviorment

Dear sir/Madam,

I am draw your kind attention towards CPWD work at sadiq Nagar which is against Environment. They are doing lots of work as

1. Remove footpath for parking cars.
2. Remove ground floor Plantation or green area to make boundary wall
3. Remove water absorbing tiles on road.
4. Making parking for Srifort batminton stadium at our ground.
5. Making parking for Generators, Cars and tourist Vehicles.
6. Cutting trees and plants for more space on road

Please take action all these activities immediately.
om shanti
May 26, 2015


May 12, 2015

No water in the whole building

Sir, I am a resident of K-148, Kali Bari Marg (TYPE-I) Qtrs. Sir, I am to state that for the last four days in my whole building water supply is not in operational and for which I am made the complaint to Shri Mourya, JE (Water Supply) as well CPWD Sewa Kendra but no action is being taken so far. Kindly look into the matter to resolve the problem as we are facing lot of problem due to non supply of water in my building

Ajay Bajpai
May 8, 2015

window mason work

I have lodged online complaint about windows mason work in cpwd since 2 years. It is not completed till date. What should I do to solve the complaint???
P.S. Prabakar
Apr 24, 2015

pig breeding in side the building

I am P.S.Prabakar Sr. Audit Officer in Indian Audit and Accounts Department, Mumbai. I am residing at Sector IV with a single building (no.154) of central government staff colony, Antop Hill. My quarter no is.1364. This building has got 7 dwelling units and a central government aided school on the ground floor is surrounded by slums on all sides. Of late, pigs have started entering the rear side of the building through the broken fence. It has become a big health hazard. Though I had brought this to the notice of Shri. Venkat Executive engineer and Yadav Asst. Engineer, no immediate action could be seen for repairing the fence and preventing entry of pigs. There is nasty smell coming due to the breeding of the pigs. As it is a big health hazard due to breeding of pigs, I request CPWD higher authorities to intervene immediately and direct the EE/AE CPWD Antop hill for corrective action.
jal singh meena
Apr 23, 2015

Window need to be changed

Repected Sir My quarter No 529 pushp vihar sector-3 New Delhi-110017.

(1) 4-window is changed

I have lodged complain for the window change it is converted into major category 3 years are passed but still it is pending i have approached to the JE it is not solved kindly take appropriate action on this
Apr 20, 2015

Repair of Sever line and kitchen drain bloked

Dear Sir,
Kitchen sever pipeline blocked since one month but nothing has been done after so many complaints. Water supply is also not proper and requires repair in waterline.Pl do the need full.
Block 8 Flat no. 522, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi
Rabindra Nath Rout
Apr 16, 2015

Civil & Electrical

I am residing at CPWD quarter at Block-G, Flat No.4, 68-Purnadas Road, Kolkata - 700029.

Civil Work
Bed room wall damage plaster of rooms and dinning wall plaster have fall down I complaint in every week in the complaint registered in CPWD Office, Lake Area , Kolkata -29 but no one can this short out problem .
So, I requested to you that kindly look into the matter of the above and please be repair at the earliest.

Electrical work

Bed room Fan regulator and calling bell are out of order . It is requested that please be repair/replace at the earliest.

Rabindra Nath Rout
Block-G, Flat No.4, 68-Purnadas Road, Kolkata - 700029.
Mar 29, 2015

heavy wpc leakage in the celling of toilet and Kitchen

There is heavy WPC leakage in the ceiling of the toilet and kitchen, Room No. 2820 Bldg No. 207, Sector 3, Kane Nagar, Mumbai. I have written complaint several times and even personally met the Jr.Engineer. But they told, my above floor allot y Room No.2824 dose not allowed to do the repair work. But one Sunday my above flat allot y allowed to enter with lot of conditions to the labor but the labors of contractor has refused to do with his conditions and went away and the Jr Engineer is also not taking any action for that.
Due to these leakages of dirty water from the above flat my house has become inhabitable and smells badly and my small children are falling ill continuously. I request you take very urgent step to prevent the leakage completely
Thanking you in anticipation.
Your faithfully

From: G.Elango, Flat no 2820. Bldg no. 207, Sector 3, C.G.H.Colony, Kane Nagar, AntopHill, Mumbai.400037,.
puran chandra
Mar 19, 2015

Painting & Repair in new house accomdation

Hello Sir,

I have been alloted C1-618, new house at dev nagar multistories, new delhi on 27 feb 2015. There are so many issues related to painting(white wash) & repair, for which we have complained many times to JE, dev nagar. But as per them they are not allowed to do so as these buildings are newly alloted & AXM has approved them as ok. But i would like to inform you that our flat condition is so worst, hence we cant shift to our new home yet, however my HRA has been charged from this month only.

I hope you will look into the matter and do the earliest. As i want to shift with my family ASAP in my new home.

Puran Chandra Pathak
Allotee- C1-618, dev nagar, new delhi

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