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Delhi Jal Board


Consumer complaints and reviews about Delhi Jal Board

beena rani
Feb 11, 2013

development charges in respect of connection number 93832

i am the resident of 1883/139 shanti nagar trinagar delhi 110035. my connection number is 93832 in the name of bharto devi. i am somehow unable to trace the development charges receipt paid to your department, i have gone to all your concerned office at kanhaiya nagar, punjabi bagh, karol bagh, ashok vihar, but they all are refusing to tell me the amount of development charges already paid on this connection.i have applied for new connection but the problem is of development charge. please help me in this matter i am under lot of tension in this regard

beena rani
9999238453 9891114175
Jan 30, 2013

Impure Water

We are getting really smelly, dirty and impure water in East Patel Nagar since last 2 days. It is really creating a lot of problem.
Please resolve it by today afternoon so that people get fresh and clean water atleast today evening.
Thanks and Regards
Shikha Jain
26/13, 1st Floor, East Patel Nagar, New Delhi.
Dec 16, 2012


I am a resident of A-1/69, Janakpuri and have been facing an acute problem of a blocked sewer line which is causing a back flow of sewer water into my residence and thereby addressing the issue to you. This drastic situation has occurred due to the Shree Makan Restaurant and the Cloud’s Banquet Hall, as the sewer line which had been laid for the Residential Complex is not designed to undertake the heavy load of effluents (ghee, plastic glasses & cleaning dusters) which is discharged by these Commercial Complexes, it regularly gets blocked causing acute problems for the residents. Despite repeated attempts at getting the sewer line cleaned at a local level, complaints to the Delhi Jal Board and requests to the Management of these Commercial Complexes, there is no solution in sight. The Sewage Water back flow into a residence has become a matter of grave health concern for the residents and can lead to spread of diseases like dengue. Keeping these aspects related to municipal and public welfare including Health and Hygiene in mind it is requested that this sewage blockage be cleared along with the cleaning of the sewer line at the earliest.
nita vij
Nov 16, 2012

Water Bill not coming

I, Nita Vij, resident of A-13/1, Golden Park, Shivpuri, Delhi-51, am not receiving the water bill for the last few months. No regular bills are coming to our premises.

Therefore, we request to authority please tell the concern department to wake up and send the bills regularly.

My Water Bill details are as follows:-
Name:- Sh. Ghanshyam Dass
Meter No. :- 308594
Area Code:- A-14
Meter Reader Code:- 272

Please do the needful as soon as possible. I shall be highly obelized to you.

Thanks and regards

Nita Vij
E.mail : nitavij@yahoo.com
Nov 15, 2012

Dirty and stinky water supply


I am a resident of F-163, Mangal Bazar, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi. I have to complain regarding the dirty and stinky water supply for the past one month in my house, the water is contaminated with sewer water containing foul smell & suspended dirty particles. It is like sever water we can’t even use this water for bath or any purpose. It smells like it comes from some dead bodies. As it is a known fact that most of the hazardous ailments are water borne, the problem of dirty & stinky water should be looked into immediately. As it is many people are complaining of stomach ache and vomiting sensations due to the same.

We cannot drink the water that is coming from the tap. It is disgusting. We are forced to purchase bottled water to drink and to cook with. Although it is not ideal to bath in the water or do our washing, we are left with no other choice as bottled water is too expensive to be used daily for all our varying needs.

Keeping in the view the above letter, I hoped that an early action will be taken to solve this problem.


Pankaj Kumar Pandey (9711915200)
F-163, Mangal Bazar,
Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi.
Vijay ruhil
Oct 31, 2012

illegal water connection

Respected sir,

This is regarding our neighbors who taken illegal connection from there one house to another. Actually they have one water connection with water meter and getting proper water supply through that but there they will take another water connection from there next house which is in different colony.And now when water is not coming in there other house where they even don't have meter they creating so many problems for other Society members also. Even water supply connection are coming in there Colony but they create problems for water authorities members and don't allow them to send water supply PIPELINE comes in that particular Street of that colony and that is due to this illegal connection. As per them they have water connection from our colony and if Separate water pipeline comes it will cut there water pipes which are unauthorized and there money going to wastage. And due to that two particular colony members are suffering. They are threating people and showing there money power.

Also one more thing i want to tell you they have 2 pet animal i.e. cow which is not allowed in Delhi colonies. what these guys do they put all wastage in Nali(i.e. Sewage system where all colony rain water goes) and block the same. And now whole water is stuck in that Nali due to which Malaria and Dengue Mosquitoes are developing and creating health issue for near by Society. So,
Please Take serious action against these complaints.
Address of that particular house which creating these problem for all society member of two colonies are as follows:-

Mahender Singh S/o Shri Mauji Ram
House Number--G-38,Gulshan Park,
Near sabun wali gali
Landmark Sonia Altius Hospital,
Nangloi, New Delhi-110041
Oct 12, 2012

Billing Complaint

as above
Oct 12, 2012

Billing Complaint

Aug 7, 2012

wasting pure drinking water million liters daily

Respected sir

I want to say that there are thousands of liter pure drinking
Water are wasting daily by the people of mayapuri chouk.
no one have the proper fittings in there always open pipe
lines.Each people have their own separate unfitting pipe
line connection from major water line of Delhi Jal Board.
THE Water comes & wastes there 24 out of 24 hours.
illiterate people don't know the value of water wasting
in nallas gutters.
generally speaking they if they use water 100% daily
then they waste 10000% (ten thousand % daily)
I wonder / unhappy to say that there is no inspection by the
authorities no one is in-charge of there area .
pleas stop this wasting sir
please inspect this crime .
May 9, 2012

Impure drinking water Color and smell

I am a resident of Jeewan Park, Uttam Nagar. Our colony receives impure & dirty water, which is unfit for drinking, even after repeated filtration. The water we get through our taps, completely defeats the inherent properties of water. It is usually brown, contains visible impurities & horrible tastes. At times it smells so badly, as if it's coming directly from some drains or sewer.
We don't even feel like washing our clothes from that water, let alone drinking.

We are facing this problem from last 6months or even more then 6months.

I want to know that, if DJB cannot provide safe water for drinking, what can a common man do?

Please help.
Apr 28, 2012

dirty unhygienic water supply

We have been getting VERY DIRTY AND UNHYGIENIC WATER SUPPLY which SMELLS LIKE GUTTAR WATER. We are having this problem since last 1 month. We have even complained many times but no one seems to pay attention to our complaint. One more problem is that, we get water only at night around 2 a.m. to 3a.m. , which is totally unearthly time to give water supply. Request the authorities to take action immediately. We have been complaining to DELHI JAL BOARD OFFICE REGULARLY.
Apr 28, 2012

Excess amount of bill without reading

Hi I m pushpinder singh, grandson of Shri Ajit Singh, residence of F-218, Vishnu garden, New delhi - 110018.

Our complaint is toward Excess amount of bill without Meter reading.

Today on 27.april.2012, we got our water bill of Rs. 1802 without any meter reading. Our water meter is working properply but the word ''Defective'' has written on that bill. As we know none of your employee come here in our area and check the reading of our meters.

On the other hand, last year we had a bill of approximately Rs. 6000 without any meter reading and defective is written on the bill.

Our water connection no. - 4639-J
Our k no. - 1362555437

My mobile no. is 9899494159 if you want any description of bill.

Kindly take some action. we will be very thankfull to yours.
Beenu Kumari
Apr 9, 2012

dirty & smelly water not supply in our block is clear water

I R/O Beenu enclance uttam ngr informing u on behalf of our block and street that dirty and smelly water is being supplied in B Block Sehyog Vihar JJ Colony Matiyala Crossing, Near Barat Ghar o . We don't even have safe drinking water. Water supplied is not provide. plz look into and resolve the problem.
yours one
Apr 9, 2012

The non working of the jeevandelhi website.

The non working of the jeevandelhi website leading to a great deal of hassel in doing the payment of water bill. Its very annoying that the website option is mentioned on the bill & it's not working just like some of our govt. dept. Showes how much our govt officials are concerned.
Apr 5, 2012

Stinking Water

I am a resident of C block Mansarovar Garden. From past 4-5 days, we are having dirty and contaminated water supply from Delhi Jal Board. I registered a compalint also against it and my complaint number is 1132. nobody is taking responsibility and answering upto the satisfaction from Pujabi Bagh office. We are suffering a lot for the same.
Mar 9, 2012




Feb 21, 2012


Dear Authority,

This complain is regarding the faulty Water Bill of Delhi Jal Board. Can any one believe that a water bill for a month is whooping INR 11,000. Now the story starts when one of the DJB employee who comes to our place and took the wrong meter reading which leads to a faulty bill of INR 11,000 which we recevied in the month of Nov 2010. And when we objects the same and went to DJB office we were treated like beggers my 65 years old grand father been to the DJB office in Tagore Garden and in Janak puri "N" no. of times but just to listen that "uncle ji ho jaega aap chinta mat karo".

We gave some 3-4 written complaints to them but of no use, and time goes on... To my awe and shock we receive a Water bill of INR 22,460 on 18th Feb 2012 stating that your last day for making this payment is 24th Feb 2012.

Can anyone from DJB explains me how come a bill of such a huge amount is generated for a fault which occured by DJB and to my best of the knowledge such amount can be paid for 10 years and they are asking us to pay on such a short notice.

This is really disappointing and now i can proudly say that "sarkaari mehakmo ka kuch nahi ho sakta.

"I am very sad and my grand is in the state of shock and we really don't understand what to do and which door to knock".

I hope through the medium of this website my complain against the DJB will be resolved and the rectified bill will be provided to us.

Thanks !

A very concerned Citizen of India.

Pradeep Samaria
R/o E-288, J J Colony, Nagafgarh Road, New Delhi 27.
Feb 3, 2012

Water supply Problem

We are residing in West Patel Nagar in 26 Block. In our area water supply is too Less. Water comes only in the early morning around 4-30 a.m. once in a day or that is also sometimes 1 hour, sometime 45 minute and from the last 2 days only for 15 minute. how can any family can manage with this much of water supply. We are reciving bills from Delhi Jal Board reguarly but water supply is not regular. We all resident of 26 block are very much annoyed with the services of Delhi Jal Board. Please look into the matter and try to reslove our this major problem.. Hope to receive positive reply / solution from you soon.

Thanking you.

Sincerely yours

Resident of 26 Block
West Patel Nagar
New Delhi -110008
Dec 21, 2011

dirty&smelly water

I alok kumar goel, Resident of M-Block, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi complaint against dirty, contaminated water supplied in Delhi Jal Board drinking water pipelines from the last one month from 15.11.2011.

The water has a lot of smell, the residents of M-Block are unable to consume the water due to smell, dirtyness and may be mixuture of soap like content.

People of this area are suffering badly with Juandice, Hepatisis B and Hepatitis C, liver problem and stomach ache every day.

I request Delhi Jal Board Authority to look into the matter otherwise M-Block, Uttam Nagar will face a epedemic situation.
Aug 10, 2011

Dirty Smelly Water | Area Shiv Nagar

Dirty Smelly Water | Area Shiv Nagar

Respected Sir / Mam,

I am one of the residents of Shiv Nagar, Gail No 14 which comes under the West Delhi area. Our area is suffering from highly dirty and smelly water from past 10 days, which is not even suitable for washing and cleaning purpose, no one can even think of drinking the same. It smells like it comes from sewer and (gutter) man holes. Please help us in this matter since it has become a serious issue and already made some persons hospitalized.
I and other fellow residents hope that our hounerable government will take necessary action on this matter.

Robin Singh
WZ 250 Shiv Nagar, St No 14
Mobile No :- 9811119821
Aug 8, 2011

water supply

For last one week our street has been almost without any water supply. If ever there is any supply for a few minutes its very dirty and smelly. I happen to reside at WZ / J 34, arya samaj road, uttam nagar, new delhi 110059. I sincerely hope that publishing complaint here would have desired result and the problem shall be rectified soon.
Aug 5, 2011

Non-reading of meter

We have complaint against Delhi Jal Board. Their employees never took reading from our meter, irrespective of the fact that our meter is working properly. We have been receiving bills on actual average due to negligence of their employees and non-performance of their employees. Government is wasting money on such officials out of our hard-earned money charging us high bills.

Paramjit Kaur
Jul 2, 2011

dirty&smelly water

Gautam Dhruv
Complaint reg supply of dirty and smelly water was posted 20 days back but still no action taken by yr dept as dirty water still continue to be supplied by Delhi Jal Board. Consuming the same one of my neighbour contracted juandice is still sick and unable to walk. Will Jal Board authorities look into the problem and solve it or leave it unattended as done in case of my earlier complaint. Hope that people of B-1 Block of Sanjay enclave, Uttam Nagar will get rid of this. This is my second complaint in this reagard.
Jul 2, 2011

dirty&smelly water

Gautam Dhruv
Complaint reg supply of dirty and smelly water was posted 20 days back but still no action taken by yr dept as dirty water still continue to be supplied by Delhi Jal Board. Consuming the same one of my neighbour contracted juandice is still sick and unable to walk. Will Jal Board authorities look into the problem and solve it or leave it unattended as done in case of my earlier complaint. Hope that people of B-1 Block of Sanjay enclave, Uttam Nagar will get rid of this. This is my second complaint in this reagard.
Jun 29, 2011

not receiving bill till date

not receiving bill till date
Respected Sir,

I got the new water connection no. 74140-A dated 10.1.2007 I had received my first ad-hoc bill no. 358914 dt. 1.3.2007 and the same was paid by me on 15 Mar 2007 but after that I have not received any bill till date . I have already given written complaint to Z.R.O. Preet Vihar, Delhi-92 on 31.1.2011 & 31.5.11 but no reply received from them till date . please do the needfull at the earliest please.

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