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DELHIVERY Courier Service


Consumer complaints and reviews about DELHIVERY Courier Service

bhumika garg
Feb 6, 2016

Return Package missing

I have placed a full return request (worth INR 5600) for one of the myntra order. The guy from Delhivery courier came and collected the items and packed them in box and affixed a bar code. He didn't give me any receipt but told me that I would receive the acknoledgement number via SMS. I have not received any SMS and now Myntra is saying that refund cannot be initiated since they are unable to track the package.

Delhivery is not helping me to track the order, instead they keep saying that I should to talk to myntra. And myntra saying that as per delhivery records they are unable to track the package or was never picked up.

Please help me.
Jan 12, 2016


i am requesting all eCommerce company please don't use Delhivery Courier services, if you don't want loose your valuable customer.

I can't tell you in words. How bad or pathetic.. Delhivery Courier Service .

@Delhivery business(profit) is Important, but you should also deliver Service,
ranjeet k sharma
Jan 11, 2016

I have not received my device

Reference Ticket id: 1780611


It was genreted 16dec2015 but we have not received my cell yet always customber care only saying that it will delivers soon but still suffering with problem
varinder singh dhaliwal
Jan 6, 2016

wrong status delivered

My Shipment is not delivered to me or status shown is delivered tracking no is s204225075550
now i want to errase complante in consumer court other wise i want my shipment ...

Varinder singh
Jan 3, 2016

night time delhivery

i have received at night 8:00 pm what is this timing delivery time is before 6:00 pm
Dec 20, 2015

received the courier

I received my order no 15244094292
Dec 19, 2015

Very Urgent delivery wb# 195084000636

Your support team not responding
Aman Soni
Dec 5, 2015

Still product not delivered

Tracking number: S204219158310

Still product not deliver. On daily basis got fake commitment by Client Query support i.e, we will deliver the product by EOD.
It's a worst service. If anyone have exact information than let me know.
Asif Ansari Jodhpur
Nov 6, 2015

Parcel yet not to be received

My AWB no. is 354511241435 parcel yet not to be received. And please update your contact number for any querry.

Mohd. Asif Ansari
+91 9460107556
Nov 5, 2015

Delhivery Courier Poor Services

AWB: 343510976522 booked on 23rd Oct 2015. Picked on 1st Nov 2015. Now from 3rd Nov multiple time status is misrouted.

Worst people and services. Even they are no calling to receiver if any doubt. No local number.

God save from such horrible services.
Navdeep Mann
Oct 29, 2015

Delhivery is delaying the delivery and producing false data on tracking ID

Worst delivery service. By delivery. Online shopping companies should reject delivery. In my case they took 03 days for the tracking number to be active. Forget bout the delivery time. Delivery is giving bad name to few good online shopping sites like flipkart, snapdeal and surpluss.in. their tracking service is pathetic. Ur items only move in tracking but actually it is in same place only. For example the order which is shipped on 23 oct its in the origin center only for 4 days
vered In Transit Oct. 29, 2015, 12:17 p.m. Consignment received at destination city Hyd_Hub ( Pradesh) Delhivery

Undelivered In Transit Oct. 27, 2015, 3:26 p.m. Shipment Recieved at Origin Center BLR_UtharaliSouth_CP (Karnataka) Delhivery

Undelivered Manifested Oct. 27, 2015, 2:19 p.m. Consignment Manifested
BLR_UtharaliSouth_CP (Karnataka) Delhivery
Undelivered In Transit Oct. 26, 2015, 8:06 p.m. Shipment Picked Up at Origin Center but Data Not Recieved BLR_UtharaliSouth_CP (Karnataka) Delhivery
Product shipped on 23rd order number 173074440 .

While in contrast amazon courier gives the delivery next day only
Oct 26, 2015


I have ordered in ask me bazar.that order is send threw delivery courier with track in number:363422656571.
But there is not intimate and returned to that roduct.I want my order.
Oct 24, 2015

Worst service

Delhivery gives the worst service
I have ordered something on flipkart and the seller is shipping from Hyderabad on 20 of October my courier is received by deliver and is shipped to origin centre in Hyderabad and it is to be shipped to Delhi the delivery dispatched my courier from Hyderabad on 25/10/15 after five long days.
Oct 17, 2015


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Thank you for shopping at ShopClues.com

Your order 70139183 has been shipped and your tracking details as given below :

Carrier Name: Delhivery-Surface
Tracking Number: S204215402681
Track your Shipment: To track this package go to http://www.delhivery.com/ and enter the tracking number shown above.
Expected Date Delivery: Tue 20 Oct

Here're your Order Details:

Order Date: 5 Oct 2015, 08:09 AM
Image Product Quantity Unit price Discount Subtotal
Mini Foot Meter
Code: 81856947
1 Rs.676 Rs.507 Rs.169
Subtotal : Rs.169 Shipping Cost : Rs.0 Total : Rs.169
On Order Completion, You Will Earn Clues Bucks: 3 THIS ORDER TILL TODAY NOT RECIEVED TO ME
Rakesh Kumar Jha
Oct 14, 2015

Not received my documents.

My Courier has been sent through Ex-Express Courier, AWB 4189349 on 07-OCT-15. No one has come for deliver. Almost called them 20 times, still there is no response.
My AWB Number: 4189349.
Oct 1, 2015



todayi.e, 1 oct 2015, i have recd second time message they( yu yureka customer care ) have provided me the ph no1244718900, this also no response, then y do u provide these unnecesssary no, just to eyewash people, as the first time the shipment is not delivered and moreover returned to the merchant, this i came to know thru tracking NO but no one contacted from delhivery, where no ph no works and all wrong information they r providing without contacting us. kindly tell us the status of shipment immediately,

where is the shipment and when it will be delivered, kindly letus know.

Scheduled NEW
Status Date2015-10-01T17:53:00

Status Date2015-09-22T16:21:16.009
when the order will be delivered to him,

i am trying to contact u on the no given on ur bill and site+91 (124) 6719500 where it is getting you r not allowed to call this no,
could u pl tell me where is the order n when it will receive, and do u have any other ph no,

343510672873 (YUDI33280) / Delivered DTO
Status / Scan Details
Status Type Status Status Date Remarks Location Updated by

For further details / clarification on the remarks / additional instructions please contact us at +91 (124) 6719500 between 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM on Monday-Saturday and or write to us at customer.support(at)delhivery.com
Delivered DTO Sept. 22, 2015, 4:21 p.m. RETURN Accepted | KN_RPC (Delhi) Delhivery Picked Up Dispatched Sept. 21, 2015, 1:57 p.m. Dispatched for RTO KN_RPC (Delhi) Delhivery Picked Up Picked Up Sept. 15, 2015, 4:25 p.m. Flyer number Delhi_Mohammadpur (Delhi) Delhivery Pickup Pending Dispatched Sept. 15, 2015, 8:56 a.m. Out for pickup Delhi_Mohammadpur (Delhi) Delhivery Pickup Pending Open Sept. 14, 2015, 5:35 p.m. Received soft data for consignment. Kirtinagar_PC (Delhi) Delhi
Sep 14, 2015

Didn't receive the product yet

I ordered a product a week before having Delivery tracking no. AWB- 195057992792 through paytm and after some days the status of the courier shown me that your product is out for delivery but instead I didn't receive the product. they called me on my mobile no. but due to some reason I haven't not answered the call.further they didn't call me back.Please resolve my issue by delivering the product to my desired destination.if possible please contact me on alternate mobile no.- 09835684859.
rishav jha
Sep 12, 2015

YU adaptor & data cable

I have ordered YU adaptor and YU data cable.
Today I got my data cable taday I.e 12 sep 2015.but I didn't get my YU adaptor.so kindly check status.why I didn't get my data cable.

And my YU adaptor shipment no is-343510656294.

Kindly provide me taday i.e 12 sep 2015 my YU adaptor any how.and kindly give me revert on my mail id.

Email I'd:rishavjha2014@gmail.com

Rishav jha.
Sep 7, 2015


I want Delivery kadapa address pleas replay
Sep 1, 2015

Delhivery has no control on its employees.

Delhivery has no control on its employees.
Once again within 2 days Delhivery deliberately returned the package.
Previously on 29.08.2015 Paytm order number 1183321632 and Delhivery AWB No. 195056292293 was returned with only one delivery attempt and updated the status as 'Duplicate order'
Today on 01.09.2015 Paytm order no. is 1183343563 and Delhivery's awb tracking id is 195056107003 was returned without any attempt to deliver.
One can see from the attached image that Delhivery's employees deliberately cancelled the order
11:44 am =>Out for Delivery and 11:45 am => Cancelled the order.
This happened only because of my 12th May, 2015 Paytm order no. 961684070. When Delhivery's courier boy named Sonu Saxena and forcefully asked for the copy of ID proof and when I show him in original, he started taking its photo with his smartphone, I objected and asked, which Government agency gave you the power to collect resident's ID proof, as it can be used in any kind of fraud and crime, you can only check the valid ID proof (because he is collecting both ID proof's image and signature in its receipt slip), he burst and said that he was returning my Paytm order, collect your refund from Paytm. This statement clearly meant that Sonu Saxena had already returned all other people's packages whoever objected to gave him the copy of ID proof (because it is unsafe to give anyone his ID proof).
I several times called Delhivery's customer care and mailed Paytm on this issue, they done nothing, only refunded my amount to Paytm wallet (what a joke) without taking any strict action against Delhivery's courier boy, like they have no control on their employees.
I requested them to take stringent action on the nexus of Delhivery's staff who deliberately returning packages, whoever objected to deposit the copy of ID proof and also in future they not even out for delivery and cancel the order within minute when they came to know, that they will not get any photocopy (or click an image) of ID proof (this happened in the present case).
Aug 31, 2015

Delhivery's courier boy's super power

After so many written and telephonic complaints, Delhivery's super courier boy who deliberately return items to the seller only after single attempt, giving some false inputs to the technical team, only because some customers like ask for the Government's order to collect someone's ID proof and signature (Delivery boy named Sonu Saxena, forcefully demand for photocopy of ID proof or take photo from his smartphone, whereas he only has a power to check ID with a maximum limit to note down its detail). Asking for the authorized paper only make him callous and return with package with a dialogue 'get your refund from Paytm', that means he knows how to return item giving false inputs, and his tone suggested that he not only have more experience of returning the items to the seller, but also have some technical support from Delhivery.
It's a serious matter because he forcefully ask for ID proofs photocopy or take pictures from his smartphone along with signature at his slips, without any Government's authority to collect anyone's ID. Any misuse of ID proofs and signature can lead Police and Investigation agencies to Sonu Saxena and his nexus in Delhivery, Till then, many innocent customers may suffer.
Vijay Dogra
Aug 31, 2015

charges of delivery

Flipkart courier boy demanded charges of delivery per items @50/-. Where else, delivery charges already paid in advance.

Please appropriate action needed to avoid such practice.

Vijay Dogra
Aug 29, 2015

Worst Delivery boy of Delhivery

I ordered dell's Laptop (pre paid) two months ago, Delhivery's delivery boy named Sonu Saxena came and asked me to come downstairs from my first floored flat. I asked him to come up and gave delivery as other courier person's do, if you don't have any physical problem. He came and asked me for ID proof, I shocked as no on in 5 years online purchasing ordered delivery man asked me for such. OK, I gave him my DL. He started photo-shooting, once my DL alone and again with parcel and also dialoging anap-shanaps. I only asked him, why are doing this photo-shoot, what you want to confirm, my mobile number is registered and verified by the eCommerce site and it is also mentioned in courier box including my address, if you have any document which show that ID proof is mandatory, as no other courier service and Delhivery's other guy ask for such. Then he burst and started all misbehaviors and I WAS SHOCKED THAT HE RETURNED WITH MY LAPTOP saying ask your eCommerce to refund, I am delivering this packet to you more.
Again last month, the same Sonu Saxena came with my D-Link modem. I again give him ID proof, he deliver me the item. After that he asked me for my salary, and 'jitni aapki salary hai, utna to mera pocket money hai, mere paas 24 BMWs hai jo mere drivers chalate hai..' me and my neighbors were shocked with his behavior.
Today third time the same person come with my Paytm order, I was not in home and wife failed to give him my ID proof (as I carry it with me), that Sonu Saxena, returned with the package and returned the pack to the seller saying 'duplicate order'.
Worst Experience with Delhivery.
Guys suggest eCommerce websites, to create a box for directions/ suggestions of customer when placing order and avoid cheap courier service provider like Delhivery.
Aug 28, 2015

Most third class courier service

Filpkart has chosen most third class courier service...who are providing wrong tracking information, I have provided my address correctly however they haven't deliver my consignment on time when i have asked they are saying product has been misrouted and due to which delivery getting delayed..... its my worst experince with Flipkart and Delhivery courier service.

I have decided not to buy any product from flipkart further.... & never chose Delhivery courier
Aug 13, 2015

Shipment delivered to wrong person

I have ordered moto g3 phn through flipcart n I dnt knw how they can deliver such a costly courier without any verification n call. I got a msg on 12 Aug that it's out fr delivery, later in night I received msg we tried deiveribg n it failed dnt know hw when I HD nt received single call from anyonee. Again on 13 th same msg was sent its out fr delivery as usual no call whole ay I calld nd complained at customer care they confirmed delivery by 7 pm. I gave another call at 5:30 pm again same comitmnt BT no call was made. I wanted in my office till 8:45 n when checked my mail I received a delivery confirmation mail n invoice.when I called flipkart they said its delivered at 7:13 pm to me....... I m shocked I had made 12 k payment n dnt knw where n to whom my courier is delivered n nt a single call. DELHIVERY courier service sucks n I won't ever purchase any thing knlinebif its delivered by this SHIT courier service.

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