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DELHIVERY Courier Service


Consumer complaints and reviews about DELHIVERY Courier Service

Sep 4, 2015

Delhivery (first good review I suppose)

When I found out my phone is shipped through delhivery I searched for reviews of delhivery. Apparently the reviews were quoting the same " Worst couries service ever". So I was in dilemma that if i would get my phone or not. Trust me I didn't expect this from delhivery. When I contacted the chat support the person said I'll get it on satureday that is sep 5. Actually I had given my office address which is leave on saturday. It's my first smartphone. I wanted spent the weekend with my phone. When I saw that it came to kolkata only on friday I lost hope.

The reality was my I got my phone exactly at 4.30 on friday(4th sep) itself. See the out for delivery was at 3.44. I can't believe after all the worst reviews about delhivery I got my phone this sooner. In an article I read that 'delhivery got it growth 5 folds in 4 years so that it 's not able manage increased number of deliveries. They're making arrangements to sort out the issues'.

I think it has happened in delhivery in my case. Since most of the online e-commerce sites ship through delhivery, I hope everyone gets good experience with delhivery like me. From the below details it is like next day delivery..

AWB : 354510992460

Dispatched Sept. 4, 2015, 3:44 p.m. Out for delivery CCU_SaltLake (West Bengal) Delhivery
Pending Sept. 4, 2015, 3:31 p.m. Received at destination city CCU_SaltLake (West Bengal) Delhivery
In Transit Sept. 4, 2015, 3:16 p.m. Arrived post cut off at DC CCU_Beliaghata_DPC (West Bengal) Delhivery
In Transit Sept. 4, 2015, 11:13 a.m. Consignment received at destination city CCU_Hub (West Bengal) Delhivery
In Transit Sept. 4, 2015, 7:21 a.m. Consignment dispatched from origin city Bengaluru_KGAirprt_HB (Karnataka) Delhivery
In Transit Sept. 3, 2015, 2:35 p.m. Shipment Recieved at Origin Center BLR_HegdeNagar_PC (Karnataka) Delhivery
In Transit Sept. 3, 2015, 11:40 a.m. Shipment Picked Up from Client Location BLR_HegdeNagar_PC (Karnataka) Delhivery
Manifested Sept. 1, 2015, 5:54 p.m. Consignment Manifested BLR_HegdeNagar_PC (Karnataka) Delhivery
Sep 1, 2015

Delhivery has no control on its employees.

Delhivery has no control on its employees.
Once again within 2 days Delhivery deliberately returned the package.
Previously on 29.08.2015 Paytm order number 1183321632 and Delhivery AWB No. 195056292293 was returned with only one delivery attempt and updated the status as 'Duplicate order'
Today on 01.09.2015 Paytm order no. is 1183343563 and Delhivery's awb tracking id is 195056107003 was returned without any attempt to deliver.
One can see from the attached image that Delhivery's employees deliberately cancelled the order
11:44 am =>Out for Delivery and 11:45 am => Cancelled the order.
This happened only because of my 12th May, 2015 Paytm order no. 961684070. When Delhivery's courier boy named Sonu Saxena and forcefully asked for the copy of ID proof and when I show him in original, he started taking its photo with his smartphone, I objected and asked, which Government agency gave you the power to collect resident's ID proof, as it can be used in any kind of fraud and crime, you can only check the valid ID proof (because he is collecting both ID proof's image and signature in its receipt slip), he burst and said that he was returning my Paytm order, collect your refund from Paytm. This statement clearly meant that Sonu Saxena had already returned all other people's packages whoever objected to gave him the copy of ID proof (because it is unsafe to give anyone his ID proof).
I several times called Delhivery's customer care and mailed Paytm on this issue, they done nothing, only refunded my amount to Paytm wallet (what a joke) without taking any strict action against Delhivery's courier boy, like they have no control on their employees.
I requested them to take stringent action on the nexus of Delhivery's staff who deliberately returning packages, whoever objected to deposit the copy of ID proof and also in future they not even out for delivery and cancel the order within minute when they came to know, that they will not get any photocopy (or click an image) of ID proof (this happened in the present case).
Aug 31, 2015

Delhivery's courier boy's super power

After so many written and telephonic complaints, Delhivery's super courier boy who deliberately return items to the seller only after single attempt, giving some false inputs to the technical team, only because some customers like ask for the Government's order to collect someone's ID proof and signature (Delivery boy named Sonu Saxena, forcefully demand for photocopy of ID proof or take photo from his smartphone, whereas he only has a power to check ID with a maximum limit to note down its detail). Asking for the authorized paper only make him callous and return with package with a dialogue 'get your refund from Paytm', that means he knows how to return item giving false inputs, and his tone suggested that he not only have more experience of returning the items to the seller, but also have some technical support from Delhivery.
It's a serious matter because he forcefully ask for ID proofs photocopy or take pictures from his smartphone along with signature at his slips, without any Government's authority to collect anyone's ID. Any misuse of ID proofs and signature can lead Police and Investigation agencies to Sonu Saxena and his nexus in Delhivery, Till then, many innocent customers may suffer.
Vijay Dogra
Aug 31, 2015

charges of delivery

Flipkart courier boy demanded charges of delivery per items @50/-. Where else, delivery charges already paid in advance.

Please appropriate action needed to avoid such practice.

Vijay Dogra
Aug 29, 2015

Worst Delivery boy of Delhivery

I ordered dell's Laptop (pre paid) two months ago, Delhivery's delivery boy named Sonu Saxena came and asked me to come downstairs from my first floored flat. I asked him to come up and gave delivery as other courier person's do, if you don't have any physical problem. He came and asked me for ID proof, I shocked as no on in 5 years online purchasing ordered delivery man asked me for such. OK, I gave him my DL. He started photo-shooting, once my DL alone and again with parcel and also dialoging anap-shanaps. I only asked him, why are doing this photo-shoot, what you want to confirm, my mobile number is registered and verified by the eCommerce site and it is also mentioned in courier box including my address, if you have any document which show that ID proof is mandatory, as no other courier service and Delhivery's other guy ask for such. Then he burst and started all misbehaviors and I WAS SHOCKED THAT HE RETURNED WITH MY LAPTOP saying ask your eCommerce to refund, I am delivering this packet to you more.
Again last month, the same Sonu Saxena came with my D-Link modem. I again give him ID proof, he deliver me the item. After that he asked me for my salary, and 'jitni aapki salary hai, utna to mera pocket money hai, mere paas 24 BMWs hai jo mere drivers chalate hai..' me and my neighbors were shocked with his behavior.
Today third time the same person come with my Paytm order, I was not in home and wife failed to give him my ID proof (as I carry it with me), that Sonu Saxena, returned with the package and returned the pack to the seller saying 'duplicate order'.
Worst Experience with Delhivery.
Guys suggest eCommerce websites, to create a box for directions/ suggestions of customer when placing order and avoid cheap courier service provider like Delhivery.
Aug 28, 2015

Most third class courier service

Filpkart has chosen most third class courier service...who are providing wrong tracking information, I have provided my address correctly however they haven't deliver my consignment on time when i have asked they are saying product has been misrouted and due to which delivery getting delayed..... its my worst experince with Flipkart and Delhivery courier service.

I have decided not to buy any product from flipkart further.... & never chose Delhivery courier
Aug 13, 2015

Shipment delivered to wrong person

I have ordered moto g3 phn through flipcart n I dnt knw how they can deliver such a costly courier without any verification n call. I got a msg on 12 Aug that it's out fr delivery, later in night I received msg we tried deiveribg n it failed dnt know hw when I HD nt received single call from anyonee. Again on 13 th same msg was sent its out fr delivery as usual no call whole ay I calld nd complained at customer care they confirmed delivery by 7 pm. I gave another call at 5:30 pm again same comitmnt BT no call was made. I wanted in my office till 8:45 n when checked my mail I received a delivery confirmation mail n invoice.when I called flipkart they said its delivered at 7:13 pm to me....... I m shocked I had made 12 k payment n dnt knw where n to whom my courier is delivered n nt a single call. DELHIVERY courier service sucks n I won't ever purchase any thing knlinebif its delivered by this SHIT courier service.
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Aug 9, 2015

UNRULY Delhivery courier rules!

I ordered some goods through indiatimes, snapdeal and payTM. All were to be delivered through Delhivery.com courier company. Since I am working, I am never at home when they deliver. The courier boy never calls to confirm if I am at home to accept the delivery, nor does he ask for any identification or even a confirmatory call at the time of the delivering the parcel(s) at my home with one of my family members, who always accept the prepaid orders on my behalf.

However, today being Sunday I happened to be at home. Again no previous phonecall but the courier delivery boy demanded to see my photo ID. I was taken aback since what he was delivering was body lotion and moisturisers, not my bank cheque books or cards! When I asked him to show this rule to me in writing, neither he, nor his area manager in Chandigarh, nor Delhivery.com HO, nor their website, could provide this rule to me in writing, OR explain that if this rule is so important, then how come the previous 4 deliveries were made in this month, in my name, in my absence, at my home!

They took the parcel back for which I have already paid thousands to payTM.

It is a company being run in a completely unprofessional manner, on the whims and fancies of some people sitting in a cuckoo land.

I buy plenty online but would NOT be using any online portal, if their delivery is to be made through Delhivery.
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Aug 9, 2015


Jul 31, 2015

Non delivery and non cooperation

Delhivery never ever delivers. They log in numerous excuses daily on their tracking site for non delivery none of which are true. If you keep calling them they ask you to pick up the parcel yourself. Why are we paying delivery charges if we have to travel to their office to pick up? This courier service is the worst in the country and should not be patronised by businesses. They probably offer cheap rates thats why people use them. But the consignee is the one that suffers.I hope they shut down soon.
Jul 29, 2015

print land / photo printed coffee mug

I have ordered a printed coffee mug from print land since 20 days. They have informed that it will be delivered by 20th of July. Delivered through DELHIVERY courier services. But till now it has not been reached. I had call to the customer care number but no sincere response is revealed.
Jul 29, 2015

worst logistics policies

I had ordered a pair Of shoes and it has been nine days Since. Though I was happy to know through sms that the logistics guys are going to deliver it to me on yesterday but its not their policy to call the recipent on first delivery attempt. And they can't keep you on priotity as well not even on request.

Honestly delhivery sucks
Jul 29, 2015


Worst experience for the second time and dont know why vendors are considering the shipment through DELHIVERY. Last time they shipped the parcel this time I dont know why my locality slipped in to non shipment area. Its seem GOJAVAS and Ecom has delivered many online orders to my same location.

What happened to these guyz I dont know. I got a call from delivery boy that he will come tomorrow but to my surprise they called me and informed that we cannot shipped the parcel and asking me to collect it from their location. If I would have that much of time why the hell i paid for the shipment. I know this will not shoo away a fly from your nose but the people will consider my suggestion/
Jul 20, 2015

Delivery Boy Refusing to Deliver Courier at Destination - DELHIVERY Courier Service

I got a call from delivery person to collect my parcel. The courier is supposed to be delivered to my office address, which is located on 3rd floor of the building. Due to leg injuries I couldn't go down and I requested your delivery boy to deliver it in my office. He is not ready to deliver it in the office. Now I'm calling him since last 1 hour and he is not receiving my phone call and the customer support number is also busy since last 1 hour . DELHIVERY Courier Service is the worst courier company I've ever seen.
Jul 18, 2015

Request online sellers to stop shipping through Delhivery

I wanted to post a review against Delhivery, but upon realizing that many have already done so, I will post a humble request.
I have been shopping online for a long time. In most of the occasions, products were delivered much before the estimated delivery date. However, any shipment that is shipped through Delhivery seem to take a humongous amount of time to reach. As many have already written, there are innumerable problems with this company.

My proposition is that Sellers at online stores should mention the courier service they use while shipping products. That way the customers will be able to choose which seller to opt for and stay away from sellers using Delhivery as their preffered courier.

We have been a victim of the pathetic service of Delhivery and request the online stores to understand our concerns.
Jul 17, 2015

Poor service, dnt u have 1 rupee to call customer after coming to gate

Worst delivery service. Shipment was out for delivery, got a message for that and after 3 hrs i get a message saying consignee was not available. i placed order at company address which is an MNC. How will it be closed. Customer care totally unresponsive.
What u ppl dnt have a single penny to call customer after coming to main gate.atleast give a miscall, we will call u .. U suckers. Learn from amazon and flipkart courier service..
Do not fool customers saying u were not available...
Jun 26, 2015

DELHIVERY Delivery problem

Delhivery guys don't even visit customer place and mentions that the door is locked.

i always place orders at my company address and infact i was shocked to know when i called customer care and came to know door was closed.
what a rubbish thing, how come company door be locked when its working 24 hours a day?

moreover they don't even care to call to inform about customer delivery and we have to follow up and what results is they send back the shipment and sometimes even says that this is not their DELIVERY ZONE

it's that so, can't they see at the time of the booking? I have faced this problem exactly 7 times with this DELHIVERY COURIER company
Jun 26, 2015

delhivery not even responsing and delevering properly :(

sir they take 3 days to just process only and then they disphatch from origin city it has 3 days before but not recieved/deliverd till now it has been allover 8 days im eagerly so sad and helpess that product is so important to me as iam waiting in hope that it will come soon......sir i kindly requesting you to rectify my problem and i request you to do me so...... im facing lot of pblm by this

my waybill no is - 343510382281
Prince MK
Jun 26, 2015

delhivery not even responsing and delevering properly :(

sir they take 3 days to just process only and then they disphatch from origin city it has 3 days before but not recieved/deliverd till now it has been allover 8 days im eagerly so sad and helpess that product is so important to me as iam waiting in hope that it will come soon......sir i kindly requesting you to rectify my problem and i request you to do me so......

im facing lot of pblm by this
Swarnim Apparels
Jun 25, 2015

no pickup came

I am merchant of shopclues and rediff i am having orders but no pickup came, please arrange pickup soon

Thanks & Regards
Swarnim Apparels
Jay Singh Sisodiya
Jun 19, 2015

Pathetic Courrier Service Provider- A big time cheaters

Not really sure whether their system or the executives are so lazy to update the Tracking status of the items delivered.......
Would like to narrate the complete experience with Delhivery Customer Support...
Order was successfully delivered on 17th of June 2015 (Wednesday), but till now Saturday it is not updated in their system as delivered. I need to exchange that item to Flipkart and until and unless they update I cannot exchange it. Called them thrice but everyday m being fooled saying that it will be updated in another 24 hours and this way they took my 96 hours (still not updated)....An hour back i called another executive (Rupendra), and i was being told that he sent me a doc that will prove that the item is delivered to me but no.. i havet't yet received any...I mean..is it again??or does an email takes more than an hour for you to be delivered(Again fooled)....and neatly pushed the entire issue to Flipkart as its their fault..Hello if you cannot resolve the issue then atleast please do not push to the other party.... As i asked the executive to make me to speak to his manager...another awesome job u did their man...put me on hold and then again..manager is busy...u have to wait and not at all sure how much time....Ohhh hello...customer is what u should always prioritise in any customer support office..and how can you have another so damn urgent work then to attend a complaint or is it like u are busy taking another escalation...

Again the delivery boy( whom i paid cash at the time of delivery) disconnected my call when i tried to speak to him and thereafter his ph was not at all reachable....Do u have all frauds over there???? And after this being told to the executive he told me that he might be driving somewhere as if i may not be knowing how does it sounds when someone on the other side of the ph is driving or else please tell me that road in Bangalore where you cannot find any traffic...I will be definitely honoured..

Everyone please check before ordering anything (no matter from which site), your courrier service provider is not "The Delhivery" (A Big time Fraud)...Delhivery u should be completely banned...Had it not been an issue with exchanging the item, I would have never know the real face of this service provider.....Thanks....
Jun 18, 2015

ASK ME BAZAR - Worst service

AWB 363417086332 problem not resolved, have to come for reverse pickup since 30 days, no one has come. Almost called them 20 times, still there is no response.
My order Number: AB2783971
Jun 18, 2015

ASK ME BAZAR - Worst service

AWB 363417086332 problem not resolved, have to come for reverse pickup since 30 days, no one has come. Almost called them 20 times, still there is no response.
My order Number: AB2783971.

I think its a fake website. I got a wrong product.
Jun 18, 2015

Pethatic Service

AWB 363417086332 problem not resolved, have to come for reverse pickup since 30 days, no one has come. Almost called them 20 times, still there is no response.
My order Number: AB2783971
Jun 14, 2015

product not receive

Dear Sir,

Following items not received please conform & send following address.

Tracking no. 1) 15229104632
2) 15229104643
3) 15229038342

Dinesh R. Patel
97,sidheswar residency,
Adipur - 370205
kutch (Gujarat)

Mo. 9925455241

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