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Dreamz GK Infra India Pvt Ltd


Consumer complaints and reviews about Dreamz GK Infra India Pvt Ltd

Mar 11, 2013

DreamzGK Fraud

Dear All,

I am Jyothi. Last Saturday ie. 9th March 2013, my husband & myself visited DreamzGK silk board office. We enquired about kormangala project. A sales executive took us for a site visit, they showed 2 projects in Kormangala. We like newly launched project ie. Sankirthan. Then we went back to silk board office to talk about the price, manager told this particular project is not yet confirmed. Our Lawyer asked some clarification blah blah blah....He tried to convince us to take other kormangala project. We clearly told, we want sankirthan & will wait till the lawyer final decision.
Then sales executive told different story. The land owner is demanding more money so it’s on hold, wait for a week. In this case, manager version is different from sales executive.

Totally fishy, everyone talks differently. Initially they told other kormangala project if fully booked, no availability. Later manager tried to convinces to take in the same project.

Be care full & take a decision.
Mar 10, 2013

Need help!

I have booked a flat in their HSR project(Shloka). Please let me know if anyone had any bad experience on that as well.

Thank you very much.
Mar 6, 2013

Deamz GK Infra Big Frauds

They are the biggest frauds..I booked a flat in Hennur and payed 3 lacks booking amount Aug2012.
They also said construction will start in next 3 months. During that time they were also displaying adds about other projects near Manytha Tech Park which they were saying sold out. :

During a regular status check of my status of my booking and after verifieng the legal documents , I came to know that land is not yet registered to their name at all. Also one representative was saying it is Joint Venture with the builder and the other person is saying complete land is outright purchase from the owner :) :)

After calling many times they opened their mouth and said this project is going to be cancelled, Brothers not willing sign the agreement with Dreamz . How can they take money from a common person without registering a land to their name ?? They should go to JAIL...

So then I called them and said I am going for the cancellation. Again they are convincing me to switch to different project ..I said NO. Finally my cancellation is accepted. But They said they need 60 days refund the money !!!! Who is gonna accept this.. After the cancellation they never picked up your call. They always say my MD is not there for the signature, he is out. MD is a big fraud he never speaks to you properly , he never respond your call.

After a great straugle and going to their HEAD OFFICE ( silk board ) several times..Finally I got a cheque. Again MD intentionally did a correction in the cheque which made me to go again to they SILK BOARD office to get the new cheque..Finally I was able to encash the money from the cheque..( I thought it is going to bounce ).BUT I wasted lot lot lot of time and lost money as a interest for 3 Lacks for 4months.

Today March ( 2013 ) I just called dreamz just to see if the displayed projects started or not. None of the projects started ..I started laughing at them.I was feeling so happy that I came out from Dreamz.

DO not think they are giving a flat at very low cost. You end up only in a dream. No one can give you flat at 18lacks ( if you pay 100 % money ) ...if you calculate the construction cost..

Feb 25, 2013


Received SMS from DREAM GK Team at 24th Feb 2013, as I have Own Mixer Grinder and Woven, Only thing Have to Visit their Office to Avail the Offer and Lowest Flat Price at Bangalore.

Once I visited The Place, Its Reminded Me of "SPECIAL 26" Movie and FRAUD Tricks. Once I entered Their Office Lot of People Inside, So many were welcoming me, So Many already Busy in Flat Booking, Offering Juice, Chocolates and Many more items. Its Like FRADU Fair was Going On.

Once They offered Flat PRICE List in front me, i was started Laughing inside by seing The Price and Project Details...Its BIG Faurd Nothing Else, They have arranged Satisfied Customer in front of me, that was too funny really.

The Kind of Approach they showed India's BIGGEST Builder also will not DO. Its Phishy......


Special DREAM GK 26 was Nice Exp For Me....Set and Office Gals were Nice......lol
Only Good Thing Was, I got 1 Mixer Grinder and 1 OTG( Oven Toaster, Grill).....
Nov 28, 2012


DBS made my day.Their associates are very professional & supportive and co.operative & understand the problem easily. Its very lost effective and i would definitely performed your service to others.
DBS infosoft soulation was very helpful with great knowledge availing of an associates,the services provided and must say about the experience. One must go and avail the problem with in a short of time.
Oct 10, 2012

Biggest Cheats

Guys, you might have read hundreds of good review about Dreamz. Some basic Questions,
1. How can any buyer write a review if he has not received the product (in this case flat)
2. Not a single project got completed and still so many flashy (i would like to call poorly designed 3rd grade add in the newspapers.
3. While searching for the reviews there were only two category either very good experience or bad, any perspective buyer should ignore good review as tooo much sugar is not good.
4. Most of the bad review that i read had one thing in common that after you pay your money its who are you. Clearly just bothered to collect the booking amount.
5. The business model which the company talks about is bound to fail in long run.

My opinion pay little more money and live a peaceful like rather than taking undue risk
Aug 21, 2012

dreamz will never make your dream to come true

Hi everybody,

i had booked the project silk board sarovar then i had shown my intererst in the other project of suvidha supreme which is near to wipro office sarjapur road, I had confirmed the ground floor in that supreme and next day i had visited their office for the confirmation they said that it is already booked and dont have any availability. then i had just asked them a question saying that yesterday they said it is available then the answer what i got is that sales person doesnt know anything about it. why there is lots of confusion between their sales person.

nobody is clear about the projects and they say that they are regional head, business head, zonal head and e.t.c there is no meaning for the positions.

Dont beleive them...

dreamz the real fraud in the real estate market. i am not a competitor , i am a genuine customer who got saved by god.....
Aug 14, 2012

Dream that will convert from sweet to horror if you go with this company

Hi Everybody,

Please be careful, these guys are very big chitter and fraud. initialy they were running with different name "Square Foot Properties" they we booked a flat then we found they are selling our flat to other people also even we have done sales agreement. They have commited that we will give you flat within 2 months later they took almost 2 years and I did lawayer then atleast builder supports us then we got registration of that flat. This is my story if you want take same pain full life then welcome to this night mare life to book your flat with this company. Whatever good message you are seeing for this company that is entered by their representative. they will conviced you that wrong message entered by their competitor. but this is not true. So beware....


Good Luck
Jul 20, 2012

Dreams are only selling dreams :))

Dear all

I dont want to disclose who I am. This is very genuine. The Dreams Swagath Project is very close to a project in which I have bought a flat. I had called to enquire about this project.

the lady who spoke said this is BBMP approved already. Please note that, this project is in BMRDA Zone. Since I have been visiting my current flat for the last year or so, I have got close to some villagers in the vicinity.

I was told that, the land they have proposed to construct is under litigation for the last decade or so. recently when Dreamz had installed the board, some lady villagers had come to chase them away.

Inspite of this, i wanted to know how they sell. I called them, the lady says, construction will start in a month. When the land is in litigation and no clear titles, how did they get approval and when would they start construction.

I also asked about the available list, the lady says they have sold 80% of it. ha ha ha
This guys are laughing stock to other developers.

they will be beaten up and chased out of bangalore soon.

So many innocent people have given them all their lives savings. This fraudlent builder will run away with everything.
Act before its too late.


Wish you luck
Jul 19, 2012

Dreamz Fraud

All, Please be careful, these guys seem to be frauds. To my experience this is what happened

* I saw an add in the paper stating that flats are going out at a very affordable rate, I was interested in investing @ Horamavu.
Hence I called them and arranged for a site visit, the day came and they should me a vacant site (Near Dav Mata School), They told me that this was the site and upon booking you could occupy it within a year.

I however felt something fishy with the deal. The Deals are listed below.

Option 1 - Pay Full and get a 2 BHK for only 18 Lacs
Option 2 - Pay 50 % and take a 2 BHK for only 24 Lacs
Option 3 - Pay 25% and take a 2 BHK for only 28 Lacs

The deal was juicy, but I was damn certain that this was highly impossible as I was very sure about the Rates in Horamavu.
Hence, I had a check in the complain forum and based on some of the complains I was able to understand that these guys are frauds.

Out of curiosity, I went yesterday to the site, and I saw a sign Board Stating "Court Order #, This site is under litigation".

So, to whom so ever reading this, Please think twice before you invest with these guys.
Jul 18, 2012


Hi There,

I been to see the flats in Dream GK. They told me baout many flats. I read above comments. Please let me know whether to proceed with them or not.

Jun 8, 2012

Enjoying customers money.

Dear all,

Please beware of this company, this company collecting money from customers by showing empty land that in this place there going to construct the appartment but they dont even have floor plan, approval from bmrda or bda or bbmp.

this company MD name fraud sachin nayak, he was started his first company in the name of Square foot, now that is no more, he closed that & people came to know abt square foot then he closed that & he opened this Dreamz GK, in this company were having more than 250 staffs in 2 floors, which real estate company has this much strength for sales? but this is very clever, they are having more than 18 projects accross bangalore that too in hot places, I am requesting all before you are booking any flats with dreamz gk take the legal Doc's to the lawyer.

this bugger(MD) he terminated 150 staffs in june starting.
Jun 8, 2012


Dear friends ,

i m an ex employee of this company , and i would like to tell u some thing special interesting things which u ppl dont know about this company.

first of all in above posts the id BHUSHAN SHASHI who has posted postive thoughts is president of this company , then RAVI is a Vice president of this company , now u must have came to know y they have posted positive thoughts . . . .

this company dont have any proper documents for their properties , their all land is in litigatitions, what ever documents they r showing u are fake documents which has been prepared by their own lawyers . last month on they have launched a project exactly opposite to MANYATA tech park ( hebbal) the time when they launched that time in the walls the owner name was K. RAVI , but now if u ll c the name has been changed in MANJUNATH. This person has given police complaint for this and from that day they have stopped taking booking for this project , and for all customers they r telling that it has been FULLY SOLD OUT.
After this recently they have launched 1 more priject in RAMMURTHYNAGAR their also the land owner has removed all their board and throwed it in 1 side.

I SUGGEST u DONT purchase any properties from this company , here all frauds.

when u will ask them in office about their company complaints , that time they will give u 100s of reasons and they will examples of prestige , wipro and many other companies and by using their marketing techniques they will just divert your mind.

ITS a biggest fake and fraud company , they will even show u some fake documents of ISO certified, these al r fake .,,, when ever u will ask sales agreement or land registration documents they will show u some other lands document.
so be very careful in this.

If you are well educated , then once just go in their office and and just speak with any of their higher authorities in little high level English or normal English only , u will automatically come to know about their level from their sentence formation......
they don't know simple basic sentence formation or grammar also
If u don't believe me then u can check out with any of their general manager or vice president or presidents, ... most of them r illiterates except few . . . .
May 20, 2012


The offer which "DreamzGK Infra India Pvt. Ltd." company is giving is the sign of the fraud company. On 19th May 2012 I visited their office and found they are alluring the customers by providing some prelaunch offer for 800 sqft 2BHK flat at SILK BOARD area at affordable price 19.8 Lac and on 20th May 2012 offer got revised, which is on 25% down payment 16 lac and 50% down payment 15 Lac only for the same flat, I didn’t find any genuine company who is selling 2BHK flat at this rate.

I visited to enquire more about their land registration document and floor plan approval document and found that they don't have any documents with them and it is under process and they will get this land registered by end of June this year.

This is totally a fraud company because without land registration and BBMP/BDA approval how come a company sell their project.
You may get some positive feedback about this company mentioning this is a genuine company all are posted on same day with different id. More over this is a complain board why they have put the positive feedback about this company on this website, it mean they know that after their fraud everybody will come to this site and log the complaint against this company, so they placed positive feedback on this site on 6th April 2012 but did the mistake by posting all at same time (That is also impossible)
So please beware of this company...
May 15, 2012

Dreamz Infra - convinced that they are here for fraud

Wow, the fact that the builder is posting as customers to negate the complaints raised itself showhot heir intent. I was browsing thru to chk their reviews are and happened to come across this post.

Look at the name format chosen - singhhemadri340, Neerajsingh680, Ravikharbanda58... (name followed by dob..LOL) All of them so fake and madeup.. Chk the contents of the post... My 8 year old can write better

I really hope this builder is taken to task and the poor investors find some justice.
May 14, 2012

Dreamz Infra review

MR sachin naik MD of dreamz infra. He has even changed his name. he had company called squarefoot properties. then he closed it its now called dreamz gk infra india pvt ltd. he is also starting company called master mind properties. His girl frnd Disha a kannada actress is 65 % stake holder in the company.he keeps hiring employees make them work for 2 months and fire them without salary. he sells appartment to customers where he wouldnt have even bought the land. nothing is his own. he makes fraud money from customer with 18 months of construction period . he doesnt own any land. he has criminal record against his real name in australia as well.
May 14, 2012

Dreamz Infra

Squarefoot properties are real home makers
SQUAREFOOT PROPERTIES - Thieves, Cheats, Frauds
DREAMZ INFRA is another name of squarefoot properties.

Goondas - Squarefoot Properties / Dreamz infra.
Thieves, Cheats, Frauds, Killer - Squarefoot Properties / Dreamz infra.
The Squarefoot Properties / Dreamz infra is a BROKER.
They will book one flat to MULTIPLE persons.
One dump who pays highest at end will get the flat.

Sometimes they sell single flat to MULTIPLE people too with FAKE papers.
They will RUN like a DOG for getting your booking money.
Once your cheque is cleared, they will AVOID you and search for another booking the same flat.

They will CHEAT you.

I booked a flat in Dreamz Infra.
They have taken 12 lacs rupees as booking amount.

Can you think how many days savings will make TWELVE LAKHS rupees?
I took 10 years to make this money. But these FRAUDS took it at a single instant.
I have paid them in July, but no refund so far.
I have lost my MENTAL stability and so I have lost my JOB too.

I am writing this to make aware all the People NOT to get trap with such squarefoot properties.
I am SURE that someone will surely comment good thing on my review,
bcz they have HIRED excellent guys only for putting good reviews on internet.
Because of many bad reviews over mouthshut.com, they have DELETED that thread.
Sachin and Kanhaiya- are the MD of Squarefoot Properties / Dreamz infra
They have served JAIL for many times.
And they are out with the help of one of their police relative.
But how long they will survive in this world.
Their main targets are the Software/IT people or non-Karnataka persons.

Because Software/IT people are very busy in their life.
Software/IT people are very good, innocent,
and will always fear to walk to Police station.
So they will ask your procession casually while taking the booking amount.
Once you say any software comany or your profession,
they will run behind you like a Dog for booking amount.
Then you are trapped.


Please share this information through Facebook / Google+ / hi5 / Orkut, email etc.

Thanks to all for reading this.
May 13, 2012

Dreamz GK Infra

Dear All,

Beware of Dreamz GK Infra company since they are big Frauds and cheating innocent people like Software Engineers, etc. It is is into Real Estate and selling Flats at very low price in Bangalore. They have earlier cheated many people to the tune of crores of rupees. They take advance 25% to 100% depending on the Bakra they find. Once you pay they will never get back to you.

When you step into their office they will try to impress you by offering free snacks, dry fruits, soft drinks etc... They also take you to a site in posh Taxi. They will run behind you till you pay the advance and after that they vanish.

Don't get fooled by these people. Earlier they had company named Squarefoot properties which they closed down after cheating many people. Very soon they will close Dreamz Infra as well and run away.

Be Alert and never ever fall in their trap even if they offer you at dirt cheap price. If they keep on following you report to the Police.

Many complaints with the Police have already been registered against this company and they are going to run away very soon.
Apr 30, 2012

Real Estate Fraud by Dreamz Infra

The above statements are absolutely false. Dreamz Infra is a biggest fraud in the history of bangalore. They have not started a project then how would these above said guys can get their flats.

I visited them yesterday thinking about getting a really good deal, but the moment I entered inside, I got to know that its a real fraud. Think about this, the office so called head office is a commercial complex (which can be vacated over night) with just one board and there is a staff of atleast 50 male salesman. My first question is why a real estate company need that many salesman. I have visited construction company giants who have township developed for 300 Acres per place but no one has more than 5-6 guys staff in office. More over the so called GM of the company is a 23-24 year girl and VP who looks like her brother is another chap of 25-26 years old can't even speak fluently and lastly the major one, they confessed that they are selling properties on a land they have NOT even bought yet and from the 25% money customer will pay, they will buy that land. The last thing through which you can get 100% fraud is that the booking receipt terms and conditions says that they can move the project site if the project is not feasible on the site they have shown and customer cannot complaint about it. I am thinking to lodge a complain in public interest against them.
Singhhemadri340 Send email
Apr 6, 2012

Dreamz Infra Sells the Best Properties In Bangalore

I too agree with both of you guys. I too got a flat from Dreamz Infra and they have helped me out with all the possible means. They are very honest also to their business. Thanks a lot Dreamz Infra for making my dream of my own home true.
Neerajsingh680 Send email
Apr 6, 2012

Dreamz Infra Sells the Best Properties In Bangalore

You both are totally right. I too agree with your statements here. And really like to thank Dreamz Infra for helping me out of the problem of my rented home.
Ravikharbanda58 Send email
Apr 6, 2012

Dreamz Infra Sells the Best Properties In Bangalore

Hi everybody. I too got my new flat with Dreamz Infra and really I would like to admire their way of business and handling the customers after and before purchasing the flats. Really they are awesome and unmatched in the Real Estate Industry of Bangalore.
Bhushanshashi387 Send email
Apr 6, 2012

Dreamz Infra Sells the Best Properties In Bangalore

Hi my dear friends. I am really happy to say that I have bought a flat from Dreamz Infra and I am enjoying the world class living in my new home with my family. This became possible only because of support and great service by Dreamz Infra. Thanks to all team of Dreamz Infra who helped me lot in getting new home in Dreamz Infra property.
Amitshekhar538 Send email
Apr 6, 2012

Dreamz Infra Sells the Best Properties In Bangalore

Hi every body. You all are speaking and sharing really the truth about an emerging star in the Real Estate Industry of Bangalore and i.e. Dreamz Infra Pvt Ltd. This company is superb and the deals offered by them and unmatched in all aspects like prices, amenities, quality etc. Dreamz Infra is also providing the best service in the field of Real Estate to their customers than any other builders and developers.
Singhhemadri340 Send email
Apr 6, 2012

Dreamz Infra Sells the Best Properties In Bangalore

Really you are true Mr Ramesh. Its really true that there is no match for Dreamz Infra in Real estate Industry of Bangalore.

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