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Consumer complaints and reviews about DS MAX PROPERTIES PVT LTD

May 27, 2016

420 builder ds max stonehill no power back up for fan

DS max stone hill not completed the project yet but they are starting maintenance charges even after meeting with michael.

all are useless people who are are harassing customer like anything especially CRm department Deepti Nair,Smitha,and site engineer nagraj all are behaving like they are the owners of flat and making their own rules.

in the brouchere they said they will give power back up but now giving for only 3lights no fan nothing maintenance charges is rupees 3 per sqft.

bastard builder and fully cheating to the customer like anything.please don't buy any apartment from this builder.
May 5, 2016

ds max stonehill

I have purchased a flat in ds max stonehill the quality of work is very low and cheap labour and co-ordination of site engineer mr nagraj is very disappointing and not at all helpful to customers.

Now they are harassing customer that they will start mantienence charges from this month without any amenities as promised in sledded and marketing guys,and they have collected 3years maintenance charges from all and giving bullshit reason.

zero amenities are provided and now starting matienence charges.

if you want your money in dustbin then throw to this builder.

stonehill residents.
A2 block residents stonewall
May 4, 2016

DS Max stonehill

Hi Team,

DS max stone hill is still not ready to occupy and not provided any of the amenities till now but even though they are starting 3 maintenance charges with immediate effect.

No amenities are ready which were promised by the builder and now they are harassing customer that they will start maintenance cost from this month.

cheap and 420 company looting customer like anything.
amit pandey044
Feb 12, 2016

ds max seasons lift never works

I have been staying in DS MAX Seasons for past 6 months..... Lift never worked when ever needed..not even once

Its near Hal postoffice.....you can come here and verify yourself

Only one advice in case u r planning to purchase

Pls ignore this builder if you want to sleep peacefully
Feb 7, 2016

DS Max Seasons - Lift never works

I am living in DS Max Seasons, just to give one example of sorry state of affair, Since the time I have been here the lift/elevator hardly works for 10% of days. There are two elevator, One of it have been never brought to service in the last one year. The 2nd one which is in service, well not in service, doesnt work 28days in a month. After repeated complaints DS Max never bothered about the old people who have to take lot of pain in climbing up the stairs. On Jan 2016 DS max finally commited to fix the elevator/lift by 25th Feb. Well, its a joke I know. Comeon how many days as a commitment for lift repair? 30 Days? isnt that a Joke? In Jan 2016 the lift/elevator worked for 2 days, the engineers tried to fix it but it seems DS max provided them with duplicate spares, so they couldnt make it work for a day.

DS Max havent yet done anything substantial in last one year to solve this problem.
Feb 7, 2016

DS Max Seasons, Lift(Elevator) never works

I am living in DS Max Seasons. Since the time I have been here the lift/elevator hardly works for 10% of days. There are two elevator, one of it have been never brought to service in the last one year. The 2nd one which is in service, doesnt work 28days in a month. After repeated complaints DS Max never bothered about the old people who have to take lot of pain in climbing up the stairs. On Jan 2016 DS max finally commited to fix the elevator/lift by 25th Feb. Well, its a joke I know. Comeon how many days as a commitment for lift repair? 30 Days? isnt that a Joke? In Jan 2016 the lift/elevator worked for 2 days, the engineers tried to fix it but it seems DS max provided them with duplicate spares (thats the talk in the society that DS max is not providing material for the lift), so they couldnt make it work for a day.
We have to carry old people in our arms upto 4 floors, DS Max never bothers.
Guru Murthy
Jul 15, 2015


Dear All,
I just gone through all the above and literaly confused which is correct and wich is wrong.

Please do post any leagul notice which is issued to these guys(DS MAX). infact am tring to take one of the flat from there DS MAX Splendid (Magadi Road)

Guys please do replay to this...
May 4, 2015

Passing water pipelines via space between kitchen and balcony

Dear sir,

This is to draw your kind attention towards my earlier complaint through modification@ds- Max email address and further to my tale talk with in charge of modification Mrs.Rabhiya,and followed by talk with Mr.Deelip general manager, in charge of uttharahalli swastk project,I the co owner of the house wish to bring two things to the higher ups of the DS Max as follows:-

Firstly, I wish to draw your kind attention towards,the water pipe connection taken in between kitchen and back side balcony space with out the permission of us, and secondly the rude behavior of Mr. Deelip ,with my brother in law and my wife, when they brought this matter to his knowledge,and requested them to put thing in straight prospective manner.

Sir, I do hope and trust, middle class people of having a house,flat in place like Bangalore is dream come true,and they will put their entire life saving,and some time sacrifice all the enjoyment in the life.

Even I too had tale discussion with both of said concerned officials,and requested them to take these water pipelines from out side wall like they done it in other flats, as we are planning to utilize the space for wash basin and keeping washing machine.

Your immediate action in this regard with confirmation email to me will be highly appreciable.


Mohan kumar B.V.
St.kitts and Nevis
jay tanwir
Apr 24, 2015

ds max fraud and cheaters

I have booked a flat in stonehill they are asking 3years maintenece cost and vat in advance and interior we need to get it done by dsmax very pathetic no builder will tell or force you take interior from them only.

cheaters and bastards of ds max company


Apr 22, 2015

DS Max Fraud

I booked the Flat one year back, they said they will give in 6 months. at that time only I knew that they will not give.

But actual part will come here, Now my Flat is ready after 1 yr, they are starting registration. But the shocking news is, We have to pay 3rs/SQ ft maintenance per month and need to pay 3 years maintenance bulk amount fee before registration and that too we have to give it in CASH. They will not accept any check/DD because they want make it a black money.

Our flat is not having any amenities like swimming pool, Jogging Track, community hall, but still we have to pay 3rs per SQ/ft. When I booked my flat Marketing person dint told any thing about this.

we have to make interiors with DS Max only, if they charge 3000 also you have to accept. Please be carfull when you are taking apartment with DS Max. First we thing that DS max will give little cheaper rate compare to other builders but they will take all amount.
Most Unhappy Customer
Feb 23, 2015

DS Max Worst Staff

I usually don't write any complaints against any one, this is my FIRST review in my life time and the reason is DS Max Staff's.

DS Max working staff in office are the most "STUPID" people i have ever seen. They try to argue and they don't understand customer problems. There are many such instances i have faced and letting you all know couple of instances.

1. DD Amount for Registration:

I received an email from DS Max registration team to prepare DD's in the name of Subregistrar for the said amount. However after preparing the DD's and submitting them to DS Max on the evening of day before registration, the concerned person from DS Max registration team calls me and say that the amount is changed and need to prepare DD's with additional amount. (Please note this was said before the guideline value was increased in Karnataka). Hence our flat registration was cancelled.

2. MOTD:

After couple of months, i took some loan for registration and gave the DD's with the increased amount (which also includes the increased guideline value, for which i have bear an additional amount of Rs.60,000/-). Inspite of following it with the staff since Friday morning, On a Saturday evening at 4:45 pm the DS Max staff calls me and informs about the MOTD which needs to be submitted for registration (Bank will be operational only half day on a Saturday).

DS Max is only concerned about making money and not meeting the customer requirements or care about their customers. Once they get their money they don't bother about the hard earned money from a middle class customer. Upon all these their staff will never agree that they are committed mistake. They still feel that they are RIGHT!
sanju singh
May 25, 2014

Modification in construction

I have booked a flat in your ongoing project in bharthur flat no. 302 (A block) and i want following modification:-
(a) a slab for luggage in both room and kitchen
(b) a partition in hall to make third room.
kindly advise me in detail for above developments.
thank you.
Apr 9, 2014

DS Max Builders 420

Ds Max Builders swindle the buyers money. They are very big fraud threatening to Bangalore real estate market . They have come with new ideas in Indian real estate market, how to cheat the customers and escape from the legal actions, I will explain you the truth how they are cheating customers. First they will take your booking amount and start their construction, but it will be delayed and no legal approvals for the projects. Once you find all this stories and want to cancel the flat. But they will tell you to wait for 90 working days to get your payment. They will start selling the same flat to other customer and take booking amount. Then if you force them by legal notice to give your money back. Then they will return your money. It could have taken at least 8 months to return your money. You have lost your rate of interest on the money, but they have taken the rate of interest of yours. What will happen to them if every one comes knows truth ? They are using many new tricks in Indian real estate market to cheat the buyers. One important note: Till now none of their projects having legal approvals from BBMP or BMRD. But still they are selling their projects and fool people are buying. end of the time the constructed property will be destroyed from the government authorities. You will loose all your money. Now its up to you….
Ken Shirik
Mar 14, 2014


Dear Sreenivas Rao,

The issues that you have brought to the forum are very alluring. Also, you did not mention any details of your apartment and your flat number, which automatically undermines your baseless allegations. As per your claim on the poor quality, we would like to bring to your notice that DS-MAX Properties is an ISO certified company and “Quality” has always been our top priority and it is a known fact in the market. We follow stringent measures when it comes to third party intervention as it affects the overall activity in the project. If your statement about our company is factual, we will be glad to address the issues at the earliest. Kindly come down to our office within 3 days of receipt of this mail.

If we find that this is an unethical attempt to tarnish our brand’s image, the company will leave no stones unturned in finding the person behind this hideous behavior. Further, the company will file complaint against the person and take necessary action in filing cases before the competent Court of Law, both in Civil and Criminal Court, under Section 499, 500 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

For a strong affirmation, we are always there to help you. For further interaction and assistance kindly contact:
Ken: +91- 9008940500
Email: cbo@dsgroupworld.in
Mar 11, 2014

DS Max cheated

I too was cheated by DS Max. I had purchased a flat in 2007. The flat is in fourth floor but they have approval for only third floor. Even bank has approved the loan. Probably both are hand in glove. Now Iam runing up and down from pillar to post to get the issue settled. soon the matter will be going in to court and I am having sleepless night worried about my future and my hard earned money. Beware guys...we are experienced with this guys and we request you to stay away from them or you will also join our team of sleepless guys.
Mar 11, 2014


Doubly beware of these people from DSmax.They are the biggest fraudsters in Bangalore. I purchased a flat thru them in 2007(yet to get the possession).They gave colourful brouchure promising, interalia, gymnasium, power backup for all flats, covered car parking, 24 hour security and so on.Nothing came thru. When asked they point towards builder and builder points to DSmax.Both are not available for contact and the marketing guys donot lift the phone.finalyy caught up sez do whatever u want.
Adding icing is that they have collected 8 percent sales tax and 4 percent service tax and have not remitted to the government nor are they issuing tax invoice.
now the matter is before the Consume redressal Forum at Bangalore.
How many of u are trapped in similar fraud??
Mar 11, 2014

Ds Max beware

Beware of DSMAX properties.they are just marketing people.they are not builders nor developers, they are just commission agentson behalf of builders & developers who will jackup prices & con the customers into buying the apartments at fancy rates.be watchful & read all the fine prints before signing the agreement.beware of their rep's sweet talk & empty promises.
Amrendra Raj
Feb 13, 2014

Bad experience with DS-MAX

This is very bad experience with DS-MAX. I booked the flat on MAY, 2011 in DS-MAX Sprinkles Sarjapur Road Bangalore. But till now construction is going on. Even modification department is really very-very bad. After sending mail for modification they don't bother about the customer. What they want they do.
I am really stuck and think it is waste to go with DS-MAX. Even i have given entire prove for modification they don't take any action. Even DS-MAX management looks very bad. They asked to pay the 50K to do the modification for my bathroom. I wanted in my bathroom western commod at one side. But plan is very very bad they puted in centre point. Looks bathroom is wasteless. Now they are asking to pay big amount.

They are very-very big cheater. Advice please don't go with DS-MAX for any property.
Nov 12, 2013

DS MAX illegal buiding land

I had also canceled our booking from hear after knowing their illegal land registration. In last year I booked a 2 BHK flat by giving the one lack rupees as booking amount to DS MAX sigma nest. After booking I met to their some old customer who were explained me about their land registration. And when I discussed to their sales manager about this from there also I didn’t get the positive answer. In June 2013 I cancelled the booking. Not only I many people had canceled and they had loss their money here.
Rao Sreenivas
Oct 30, 2013

DS Max Property Private Ltd - Horrible Construction! Faceboo, Youtub

DS Max Property - Horrible construction! Facebook, Youtub, testimonial.

I bought a DS Max property recently. The construction material used by them is of road side quality.
The entire common area looks cheap.

Terrible bathrooms have raised floor of over a feet than the rest of the rooms. One must bend or crawl to enter the toilet because the door height is only 6ft for the bathrooms.

Recently the all the rooms got flooded and water gushed out through electrical conduits. Flooding resulted in the walls getting soaked up. Now the plastering has started falling off. The rotten quality wood used for the door frames have now swelled up. Laminated doors are just cracking up.

One of the balconies is jutting out from the rest by 6 inches. Can you believe it? Many window sills are out of shape.

DS Max also forces upon to do cheap carpentry at higher price to from customers at the time of registration. The kitchens have raised platform which make it difficult to install modular kitchens of factory finish.

Recently DS Max bullies tried to pull out the fuse from one of the residents who were doing some furniture installation. They backed off only when the owner of the apartment threatened to file a police complaint.

Lifts installed at the projects are of inferior quality.

Do not recommend any apartment from DS Max Properties.

Do not fall for the marketing gimmicks, videos, and testimonials. The testimonials are from DS Max Marketing team. The marketing team keep changing their mobile nos and disappear as soon as you have paid the booking amount. It is not worth the money you spend.

Penthouses/top floors are generally built without any approval. No rainwater harvesting and solar water heaters as per the new norms.

Raised bathroom floor by 1 foot to save the construction cost.
They are reluctant to do any changes like electrical, plumbing, etc., even at the time of construction. Even if they do it, they charge huge rates and it has to be followed up at least a thousand times.
The customer is put on to different departments, their contractors and their sub contractors and their painters, granite cutters, tiling people, electricians, plumbers, so on and so forth. Overall quality is very cheap.
And there is absolutely no resale value for any of their apartments.
The basement parking roof height is so low to carry goods by tempo. It is ridiculous to see toilet ducts running so low in basement area that you can touch.
Be careful. Talk to the neighbours before you buy any apartment from DS Max.
Beware of them. Keep away from these fraudsters.
Crooks. Do not fall for their publicity stunts!

DS-MAX Properties Pvt. Ltd.
Aug 3, 2013

DS-MAX Properties Clarification

It’s disheartening to know that some people are misusing this platform. As an organisation, it is our duty to address these issues and get to the root of the problem. We would like to invite genuine people who are not satisfied either with the quality of construction, customer services or the organisation itself to come down to our Corporate Office and discuss the matter concerning you.

Among thousands of happy and satisfied customers, 10 or 20 people raising their concerns is understandable. Every individual has their own personal taste and choice. We are trying from our end to solve these issues; however, if people don’t approach us or they remain hidden we cannot help them. We are putting every effort to solve these particular issues.

We would like to help you and clarify these problems because our top priority is customer service and we strictly adhere to corporate ethics governing the organisation. We would like to take your feedback and refine our organisational processes to offer better products and services. However, if you don’t show up and use fake Ids to disguise yourself as other person, we will be forced to investigate and file complain against you and take necessary action in filing cases before competent Court of Law, both in Civil and Criminal Court, under Section 499, 500 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860; and further under Cyber Law’s rules and regulations.

We feel privileged in delivering dream homes to over thousands of happy and satisfied customers. You can visit our website and read those customer testimonials about our quality and services. Due to our high-quality products and excellent customer-centric approach, our organisation stands as an award-winning company in the market today. Excellent customer service will always be a top priority for us.

Please view our customer reviews at:
Rajesh Gowda Send email
May 23, 2012

Thank you DS MAX

Just Shut Up Subramanya Thantry (which is not your real name).. U are clearly from DS Max Fraud Group.. If u have any courage, just come out and stand infront of any buyer of DS Max Flats and I am sure that would be the end of you.. Biggest Liars and Fraud.
May 23, 2012

Thank you DS MAX

Just Shut Up Subramanya Thantry (which is not your real name).. U are clearly from DS Max Fraud Group.. If u have any courage, just come out and stand infront of any buyer of DS Max Flats and I am sure that would be the end of you.. Biggest Liars and Fraud.
Mar 2, 2011

Appreciate the service of DS MAX

wat kind of fool your man, you taken a flat with out approvel stupid bloody idiot ... we taken flat and suffering from last 2 yrs...
Mar 2, 2011

Thank you DS MAX

dont believe ds-max they are cheaters, they only posting all this statements...

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