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Consumer complaints and reviews about DS MAX PROPERTIES PVT LTD

Oct 23, 2016

DS Max tortures to customer and squeezes your money

DS MAX is No-1 Fraud Company. Please dont encourage these kind construction company by buying. Buy at your own risk.

Funny thing is that, I looked for a ready to move flat, made agreement in February 2016 and not yet moved into it(Even the flat is ready) because of this cheaters and their worst customer service/Process.
Almost loss of 5 months of my accomodation expenses, Maintenance charges like 3*1200 sqft*9 months = 33000 ie., 5*18k = 90000
Total loss of 1,50,000 including non refundable 15k for interiors.
DS MAX will not pay all these losses and instead they want to find the ways on how to squeeze more money from you.

Please read my story below with brief experience with each department step by step.
I am looking for ready to move flat in bangalore and found this cheaters with ready to occupy flat in DS MAX Sterling - Varthur.
We have seen the flat and liked it unfortunately without knowing about this company.

1. Marketing
Met the marketing person Mr Dasarath and fell for his flase statements/promises. He said the property is A-Katha with OC, CC, with 3 bore wells, Intercom, also showed solar panels upstairs which are dummy etc for 136 Flats
When we asked about interiors, he said we can start it after registration and he also suggested to go with outside vendor which he referred, however we said we have our regular vendor who does for our earlier flats.
He said we should pay 100000 booking amount and can get the documents to verify from office. We paid booking and went to office for collecting the documents.

2. DS MAX office CRM
We went to office and asked for documents. The story went different there, they said they will not give the documents outside for verification and also said OC will be applied, but can't confirm on providing it. Also, added that we need to pay 3 years maintenance and corpus fund of 25k, which was not mentioned by this marketing person.
We had a thought and proceeded further as SBI is providing loan for this property and few other flat owers said the documents were clear only, when they verified.
My Bad, after knowing that we are keep on getting false or partial information, We still went made agreement on 20th Feb, following the words from Mr Sudhir Joseph that it will take a month for your loan process with their DS Max Agent and after that we can make registration.

3. Loan Process.
Started Loan process and submitted the documents to Shiva Kumar. He said we will get the process done within a maximum time of 1 month. We followed up with him and asked the status. After a month i received a mail from SBI saying that they didn't received any documents and asking us to submit ASAP.
I called DS Max persona said the same, he said i already forwarded and will send them again anyway. It got mail again and followed with ds max person. He said he is in bank now and will check with them and come back to me. He called up and said everything setup for you and you will get a loan approval call with in two days.
I was believing his words and waiting for a call from bank. Its been a while and i was also busy with my office and other stuff. After some days i received mail from bank asking for documents submission. This irresponsible person didn't send the documents to them.
I called him and blasted for giving wrong information and after that i think he submitted the documnents and finally got the loan approved on July. Hell wiith this guy and thought luckly came to end following up with this guy.

4. Flat Registration

I have planned to go for registration in next week and asked DS Max to arrage for it. they said we need to take DD, Stamp Charges etc and clear all outstanding amount before registration.
I was in the process of doing it and suddenly got to go out of station and asked DS Max to postpone it for 3 weeks. Mr Sudhir said its been already late and owner was asking for amount and asked me to release the amount firtst from my Loan and we can plan for Registration and will arrage your flat ready by the time i am back.
He convinced me to release the full amount and did so.
I am back after 4 weeks and planned for registration on august 25th. I relaxed for a week and called them for posession. They gave another person to contact. Same things repeated like calling them everyday for status.
They always says it will be ready by tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes.
Finally got it ready for posession on 20th OCT, nearly after 2 months.

5. After Posession
I planned to make my interiors start and got to know that we need to get NOC from DS MAx to start it. I called them and said we need to pay 15K non-Refundable amount.
If i go with DS Max, then i should be fine. But if we are going to hire ouside vendors we need to pay 15K. I argued with Mr Maksood and Sudhir on this as it was not communicated earlier and marketing person said we can do woodwork after posession along with suggested vendors from his end.
I really feel worst experience buying a flat in this company and asked sudhir to atleast give me satisfation in choosing my own designer for my Flat.
They just want to eat all your money, no matter what it is. They will think only about how to sqeeze money from customers before we are out of their hands.

Waiting to see what happens after this and i am not going to pay it at any cost. Its a owner share flat and why the hell i should pay 15k to them for making my flat after owing it.

Funny thing is that, I looked for a ready to move flat, made agreement in February 2016 and not yet moved into it because of this cheaters and their worst customer service/Process.
Almost loss of 5 months of my accomodation expenses, Maintenance charges like 3*1200 sqft*9 months = 33000 ie., 5*18k = 90000
Total loss of 1,50,000 including non refundable 15k for interiors.
DS MAX will not pay all these losses and instead they want to find the ways on how to squeeze more money from you.

Please mail me if you need any other clarification.

Oct 15, 2016

DS-Max Properties Clarifications

Dear Kondama,

Thank you very much for your esteemed evaluation, which shows us clearly that you have been associated with DS-MAX most probably as an employee.

Though your feedback holds extreme importance to us, but do let us know in detail about your complaint where we would like to understand the specific incidents you might want to highlight; on the number given below.

It would have been even better, if you could bring these in our notice during your working tenure/interaction with DS-MAX, then we would have understood the reason better than now.

We have been in this industry for more than a decade and have completed over 65 projects and have a customer base of 8000+ satisfied customers. With over 1000 direct employees and over 3000 indirect employees working with us, sometimes their behaviors are also accountable for such kind of incidents which has definitely gone without our notice and we are very much grateful to you for bringing this incident to our attention.

But anyway, we are open for discussion on anything which might have bothered you even now, if you can gather your precious time to contact us or give us your detail so that the undersigned can contact you on the same.

Contact Person: Mr. Supratip Ghosh
Mob: +91-7259137665
Email: supratip.ghosh@dsgroupworld.in

CRM Helpline - +91 8880009009

Thanking You
DS-Max Team
Oct 15, 2016

DS-Max Properties Clarifications

Dear Mr. Kumar,

Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback; we appreciate you being generous enough to post about it in this platform to inform us. We would have a better understanding about it in case you had have contacted us directly regarding the same.

Though we have taken your comments/feedback very seriously, for further clarification; we would like to request you for your contact details. So that, detailed discussion can take place, based on which further course of actions can be decided by the management.

We are constantly working on refining the system by removing those who don’t follow the norms laid down by our management. Such an incident has definitely gone without notice and we are very much grateful to you for bringing this incident to our knowledge.

As for a reputed brand like DS-Max to act promptly on your valuable feedback, we request you to contact on the number mentioned below; in case you would not like to share your details on a common platform like this.

Contact Person: Mr. Supratip Ghosh
Mob: +91-7259137665
Email: supratip.ghosh@dsgroupworld.in

CRM Helpline - +91 8880009009

Thanking You
DS-Max Team
Sep 29, 2016

ds max cheats

People at Ds max ensure u r life is turned to hell.uncivilised crooks are working under them who expect bribes for their sexual fantasy. Never fall into prey.
Sep 28, 2016

ds max cheats

Beware. They are big cheats giving low quality construction. They ask for bribe at every stage. Big public money eaters. Never ever buy the property.
Sep 28, 2016


woring in DS MAX IS HELL ppl who are working there are bitch and bastards they dont value any family relations but they say we are family but nothing works there until u also fall in the same drinage and mingle with them and say yes for all thier illegal activities .
to name sathish so called chairman of the company dont have any idea of whats going on inside the company but he listens to wll those idiots who call them as GOD in fornt and treat him not even as DOG in back and he reacts to all the issue and speak vulgar language .

NO incremnt from past 2 yrs and they pay very less salary compared to all the builders in the market , the person who is worth taking of 1 Lakh salary , in DS Max he/she will be paid only 20 K .but they expect work from us which is valued more than 2 Lakh.

Dayanand the great CEO of the company so cheap fellow dont even know english but he will talk all vulgar english which a common man cannot understand .

CSR team named by K ,P ,D . M cant neme in Forum all are 30 plus aunties acts like just now 16 yrs for them .

many more to complain about it but this forum is not sufficient .

Please dont join DS MAX And spoil ur carrieer .

instead of working here u can work as house keeping person in any family.
Sep 23, 2016


Dear all, I had planned to book the flat at DS MAX STONE HILL in jp nagar 9th phase ( Anganapura ) , can u people please suggest me whether can I book the flat or not??? And after booking can I get legal approvals like CC & OC from bbmp???? Whether the DS MAX comes under A-KATHA or not?? Please guys suggest me.
Aug 28, 2016

DS-Max Properties Clarifications

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

Greetings from DS-MAX Properties

With reference to your review, we would like to inform you that, we won't be of much help to you because, you have neither mentioned your name, contact number or flat number in your post. Request you to kindly provide the before said details so that we can connect with you and get the issue resolved.

To answer your query, this is an agreement between the company and the clients and all the terms and conditions are mentioned in it. Request you to kindly refer the same. Since the meter transfer is not under our scope of work, we had intimated that to the concerned. We are not aware about whom you approached for this task and you might be right about the actual cost, but please do understand that the bribes are more than the actual cost of getting a task done.

If our service was as mentioned in this review, we would not have been able to be such a well-known builder with over 6000 happy customers across Bangalore. Facts don't lie, which is why we would like to tell the public to visit our projects because "*Seeing is Believing*" and then take a decision as there are many happy customers staying at this project from the last 6 months to 1 year.

You can always reach out to us on the below mentioned coordinates or visit our HO for a face-to-face discussion with the concerned.

CRM Helpline: 8880009009

Thanks & Regards,
Aug 26, 2016

ds max stonehill false promise/harasment to custumer

Dear Sumanth,

Kindly cancel the flat which you have booked because ds max stonewall builder will do false promise for example it is mentioned in the brochure 24 hrs back but giving during night time that to 3 lights which is also not mentioned in the brochure.during daytime they are not switching on even for lift. site engineer mr Nagraj is not allowing security people to do this.collected rs 3/square feet from customer.

Mr Nagraj is creating new sense and not completing the project in time.it is almost 3.6years still the project is not completed it takes another one year to complete minimum.

the way CRM team will address the issue is also very bad and un professional way.Never listen to customer issue they will make money by seeing opportunities for example for electricity meter transfer in owners name they are collecting 2500 per customer actual cost is 710 rs.

guys,please don't trust this 420 builder.

stonehill resident
Aug 3, 2016

Roof top Water leakage

Dear Sir/Madam
I am the owner of flat at DS MAX Status, 402, it has been seen that the roof in the hall has been leaking heavily due to the recent rains
i request you to look into it and do the needful.
Same has been informed to your CRM Ms. Sandhaya .... pl may take up the matter
2. Still my EB bill carries the DS MAS Status name, the same is not changed, this matter has been informed many a time to you representative. Pl may transfer and inform.

Thanks in Advance


Jul 29, 2016

DS-Max Properties Clarifications

Dear Ms. Sumathy Kumar,

It would be appreciated if you had approached us for a clarification before having posted your concern on a public forum. As an organisation, it is our duty to address these issues and ensure that the customers are satisfied.

We would like to invite you to our Office for a cup of coffee to discuss this concern and ensure that all your queries are answered, and you can be rest assured that your decision of owning a property with DS-Max was never wrong. We would like to help you and clarify these problems because our top priority is customer service and we strictly adhere to corporate ethics governing the organisation. We feel privileged in delivering dream homes to over thousands of happy and satisfied customers. You can visit our website and read those customer testimonials about our quality and services. Our high-quality products and excellent customer-centric approach, has made us as an award-winning company in the market today.

We ​value your association with DS-Max Properties. Looking forward to having you here, and a long lasting relationship with DS-Max Family.

Alternately you can reach out to us on the below mentioned co-ordinates.
Contact Person: Mr. Supratip Ghosh
Contact Number: +91-7259137665

DS-Max Team
Jul 22, 2016



I have booked a flat in DS MAX stone hill. Paid an advance of 5 lakhs. Though I have a pre approved loan, I do not want to go for the loan immediately since the project is not completed. I expect a decent rent. Reading all your complaints I am really worried. Anyone pl let me know whether it is a good choice for renting out.


Sumathy Kumar
Jul 19, 2016

dsmax stonehill cheating beware of DSMAX

Dear Deepti,

In ds max stonehill why power back up is given to only three lights and no fan.while purchasing flat in the brochure it is mentioned as 24 hrs power back up and not mentioning anywhere in the document that you are giving 3 lights.usually all builders will give power back for all points except power plug.the power back is why it is not automated as soon as power goes it should with on the light.were as in ds max stone hill it is manual every time security will go and with on.
As mentioned 24hrs power back engineer Nagaraj is not allowing security people to switch on the DG during day time.nagaraj is paying from his pocket or ds max people are paying already collected rupees 3 per sft and started maintenece charges without discussing and without completing the project.
Now, why are you sending us mail to pay Rs 10000 for each flat to provide power back for 24 hrs with full back up.this is the way ds max will cheat people by collecting 10 k for each flat. these are the means making money and collecting around 25lakhs of 250 apartment.

before this ds max stonehill project collected 15k from each flat to get NOC for doing our own interior from outsider.when the fact is registerd by us we ill go for any interior.cheating people by collecting various means of money.

very painful and pathetic situation created by ds max stencil project engineer,crm department.

don't go to this builder full of lies and cheaters.

stonhill resident group.
Jun 30, 2016

Re: Online Complaints / Reviews about DS-Max Properties

Dear Sir / Ma'am,

We apologize for the inconvenience you are facing. We are always available to sort out issues such as this, but for us to be able to serve you better; we request that you please provide us your contact details along with the project name and flat number so that we can look into this concern at the earliest.

Alternatively, you can reach out to us on the below mentioned coordinates,
Ms. Deepthi - +91-9900366044

Looking forward to hearing from you at the earliest.

Thanks & Regards,
DS-Max Properties
Jun 26, 2016

Ds-Max Only lies noting is real

Hi All,

Dont trust Ds-Max, they construction and all fine,worth for money but they will lie for many things.
1.I have bought one apartment in Varthur,Ds-Max sterling project,they handed over me after 6 month than committed.
2.They said me they have 3 BoreWells where full of water,once i got pocession i come to know they they have only one working borewell for 140 apartments.
3.They said project will be A-Katha ,but now they says Land is A-Katha ,Building is B-Katha,because they have so many deviations on their constructions according to standered Govt terms.
4.No Occupancy certificate.
5.They said all the apartment is sold out but now around 50 Apartment is holding by building owner and full of nonsense.

this is true,any one can go to Varthur ,DsMax sterling project and verify it.
This is my real life incident,where spend my whole saving. Dont trust there is easily can find good small builders.

reach me on chinnu.mathew86@gmail.com
Jun 22, 2016

ds max

They are fraud.The cos is very high in these company.They will not show the approved documents also.
Jun 19, 2016

DsMax apartment - Made in china

DS Max properties are same as made in China product once you purchased no warranty and guarantee for your apartment.
They are not ready to listen your complaints and requests. Nobody bother about customers complaints.
I purchased flat inDsMax supreme ready to move apartment. registration is completed 15 days back but still now I'm not received possession letter I'm struggling to get it.their work is not yet finished .initially they agreed to change broken interior fittings and accessories but now they are not ready to do that .bcoz now full amount transfered to their account now they not giving respect to the customers I'm still staying in rented house.
They are big cheaters sales persons are cunning and big cheaters
Don't buy any property fromDsMax.cheap quality of materials used for construction. Full crack found entire building
Jun 18, 2016

ds max

They are fraud and cheating the common people.When we booked the flat they will not give the documents and approvals.They are not using the good standard of construction materials.
Jun 17, 2016

ds max

In the Bangalore it is a fraud company.I booked the flat they did not give me the any information about the flat details.
Jun 15, 2016

Ds max

They are cheating and doing the business.The flats are also not good.Recently my friend told that he booked a flat last month but he has not get the project up dates also.
Jun 14, 2016

DS-MAX Cheat Peoples.

DSMAX the worst company and their staff in office are the most fraud people i have ever seen. They don't understand customer real problems. Please do not buy anything from these cheaters. Even if you have paid some advance, just leave that and go for some other property. Believe me, I found most of the projects are illegal, so be aware from this kind of scam Builders.
John Kls
Jun 9, 2016

DS Max Reviews

After readings this feedbacks I never go to the DS Max builders.Thank you guys, your suggestions helps you to people to aware about this DS Max builder how they are playing with peoples money.
May 27, 2016

420 builder ds max stonehill no power back up for fan

DS max stone hill not completed the project yet but they are starting maintenance charges even after meeting with michael.

all are useless people who are are harassing customer like anything especially CRm department Deepti Nair,Smitha,and site engineer nagraj all are behaving like they are the owners of flat and making their own rules.

in the brouchere they said they will give power back up but now giving for only 3lights no fan nothing maintenance charges is rupees 3 per sqft.

bastard builder and fully cheating to the customer like anything.please don't buy any apartment from this builder.
A2 block residents stonewall
May 4, 2016

DS Max stonehill

Hi Team,

DS max stone hill is still not ready to occupy and not provided any of the amenities till now but even though they are starting 3 maintenance charges with immediate effect.

No amenities are ready which were promised by the builder and now they are harassing customer that they will start maintenance cost from this month.

cheap and 420 company looting customer like anything.
amit pandey044
Feb 12, 2016

ds max seasons lift never works

I have been staying in DS MAX Seasons for past 6 months..... Lift never worked when ever needed..not even once

Its near Hal postoffice.....you can come here and verify yourself

Only one advice in case u r planning to purchase

Pls ignore this builder if you want to sleep peacefully

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