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Election Voter ID cards


Consumer complaints and reviews about Election Voter ID cards

prasanna kumar sodadasu
Apr 19, 2014

Not received voter ID card

My self, my wife and my mother-in-law have applied 3 time in 3 months for the voter I.D cards. We have attached Aadhar card xerox for residence proof. Till today we haven't receive our voter ID cards.
please look into this matte and do the needful.
Thank you.
Apr 17, 2014

Voter ID is not received

I am amit khandelwal. I have applied for voter id but I did not received my voter id card till now. I have applied more than one year ago and I have given vote 2 times because my name is shown in voter list ever.

I request you to kindly give your precious time to look into this matter & send my voter id card as soon as possible...

Thank you...
Apr 17, 2014

Voter ID not received

I have applied online 21st Nov, and submitted hardcopy of docs thru my company(Infosys) where BBMP officials came and collected, not yet received my voter ID, when i checked online, still showing that Under Process, very very poor service of electoral commission.
Apr 17, 2014

voter card rejected

Myself Venkat .. applied twice in the past 4 months and haven't received any updates/ either the card / sms ..i heard others were receiving the same card twice and thrice.. what's happening .. on my 34 years i have n't voted for single time.. this time i decided to vote for AAP.. but my bad.. no voter card.. no name on list .. no vote... atleast they could have inform what's the reason its been rejected...nothing... damn !.. awaiting atleast the government change can make the difference .. lets C.. all the best....to all INdiaNs.. Jai Bharat !
Apr 16, 2014

NO voter ID card received

My wife and myself applied for the voter ID card in the Panchayat office of Electronic City (near Infosys Gate 7) on 15th March, 2014. The last date was 16th March, 2014 for the electoral registration for the upcoming lok sabha election. We both are working in reputed IT companies but still whenever they asked us to come we went for the collection of our Voter ID card but everytime they sent us to different places to collect the voter ID card and to check our names in the electoral list. Today is 16th April, 2014. Election at our place is on 17th April, 2014 but still we have not received the voter ID card and no traces of names on the voter list. This is a shame for the Karnataka Electoral Officers as inspite of promising people the place in the electoral list, no result. Is this because we are not Kannads? The list they gave us to check was written in Kannada Language and they were making fun of us of not being able to read the list. Is this some kind of joke? The people who were present there were hardly class 6 passed outs.
Is this the level of our electoral officers in our country?
Vineet Agrawal
Apr 15, 2014

Voter ID is not generated after 4 months

I submitted Online application for my Daughter 4 months back (Application ID 591146). There was no update except status as "under Process" So I submitted again on 9th March as per the news paper updates. Till date I did not get her name included into voter list whereas day after tomorrow is election. What to do? How can Govt/EC expect people to participate in Voting??????
Apr 15, 2014

Voter ID not received

Its been almost 4 months that i and my family had applied for voter ID's. Does it take 4 long months to even get our own right?
Apr 14, 2014

voter id card not recive

I had for applied for voter Id card which got successfully generated in Electoral Roll but till now i didnt get my id card.

voter id card no.=YKL1412311
Phani Kumar K
Apr 14, 2014

Citizen rights are been carelessly suppressed

Dear Concerned officer,

My Name is Phani Kumar. I am a resident of Electronics City, Bangalore. I have applied for my voter Id card through online on 19-Nov-2013. I have taken the print of the acknowledgement and sent to the mentioned office through registered post and got the acknowledgement for the same. This all got completed by the month of december 2013 and I am expecting that I will be recieving my voter card through post. April 17, 2014 is the voting date for our constituency and till 11, Apr, I didnt recieved any communication regarding my voter id card. I went to local panchayat office, ZP office, somehow found the person, who is having the list of voters in our constituency. I didnt found my card in the bunch of cards they have. I also verified in the large lists they are having to check if my name is present. I didnt found my name in the list and hence I am not eligible to vote for this elections. The status in the ceo karnataks website still shows that the application is "under process". The irony of the whole story is that along with my application, i have applied for my wife also with another online registry process with the same address proof. She didnt recieved the card yet, but her name is present in the voter's list. How should I take this. Is there some problem with my application, or some delay in the processing. I tried calling 08022242072 which was mentioned in the website for complaints and concerns but nobody responds to the calls. Somebody gave 1950 as a tollfree number for enquiries. But this also doesnt work. The lists with the panchayat people seems to be in a discontineous order and few pages are missing aswell. And they say that there is someother ward series for which the list is not present with them and i need to check with the panchayat office day before the elections.

Even the people are interested to make use of their right and cast their votes, we are not allowed to do so. If there is some descrepency in the applications been submitted, they could have got back to the person to resubmit the same. It was almost 6 months past since i submitted the form. I could have resent the application 10 times in this mean time.

Whom should I raise this concern to. The most important right of the citizens has been given a least value and priority that this all depends on our luck..? I could see lot of people in our locality who is facing the same issue. And the panchayat officers are making fun of it by saying that "better luck next time". Is is not my right to fight for casting my vote.? Somebody please suggest me if there is someother way i can verify this or somehow cast my vote?

Government keeps on showing big celebrities in the tvs and news papers to get the awareness in the people to cast their votes.What should we do to get awareness in the officers that the applications should be treated with utter value and importance as this is the most important right of the citizens. One should slowly get rid of this system and stop bothering about the voting and just ignore it from the next time? Then how can we ever achieve 90 + % of voting?

District : Bangalore
Assemby Constituency : Bangalore-South
Parliamentary constituency : Bangalore-Rural
Ward Series : 290/291
Apr 10, 2014

Voter id card not received

I had applied for my voter id card in September, 2013 for which i was to receive my voter id card by end of the year. Even after waiting for long i didn't get my Voter card so i visited and called the registration centre near me multiple times.
After various calls and unproductive visits, I was told to reapply for the voter registration, so i did the same in February, 2014. This time i was told that i would get the voter card by the mid of March, 2014. Again this time too i didn't get my voter card and due to it this time i will be unable to vote in the elections. I have tried multiple times to find a way to lodge a complaint of the same but all my hard efforts have gone in vain. GOD help this system!!
venkatesh v
Apr 10, 2014

Voter ID Status

I have enrolled my Voter ID in the respective ward office through form 6, and i have checked the status its showing the voter ID details, but still have not received hard copy of my Voter ID.
17th April is the election at bangalore.

Is it possible to vote by showing them a soft copy??
Please help me.

Apr 10, 2014

Name not yet in the voter list

I have submited my and my wife application same date and send the documnet in same envolup My application is ID is till 643945 till is process. Yeterday i call the ERO and help line 1950 they told me they did not received the hard copy of my documnets.
I was surprise as my wife's application is through that means they receive all the documemts as both are in same courier.

Now ERO telling me I can not vote this time.
Any one have any solution to fix this issue.
Apr 10, 2014

Voter ID Card Not recieved

I had applied for voter id card 6 months back and it was supposed to come by Jan 2014 , but till date I have not recieved it neither I was able to vote . When I inquired at the polling booth they said all the cases which were part of Delhi have not been entertained . While my other family members were part of Kalkaji Delhi constituency and could vote there but I don't have any voter record as per the internet search. Then how are they saying I was part of Delhi. Also if we had applied 6 months back they should have communicated that these forms will not be entertained but they confirmed we will recieve out voter ID card by Jan 2014. I feel my right to vote has been refused to me .

My Name is Tanu Gupta (residing in Sec 93A ,Noida)
Apr 9, 2014

voter id

Sir, MY Name is ramesh from bangalore, I Have applied through online (application no-541856) 5 months back, but i have not received as of now. In application status in online showing field verification completed for the past 3 months.
Apr 4, 2014

No voter ID card received... Name also not included


I and my family applied for Voter ID card in Bangalore Nov 2013 but still I haven't got any information about it. Neither our name is found in the voter's list nor we received EPIC Card. While checking the application status on ceokarnataka web site, it says 'Field Verification Completed' since many months.

Below are the App / Ack Nos of our applications:
569243 - Self
574225 - Father
574240 - Mother
For All status is - Field Verification Completed

Atleast our name should have been included in Voter's list. ----------------This is highly impractical---------

If no name inclusion even after 4-5 months of completion status what is the point of going for Registration Drive just a month before the election.

We being citizen of India are feeling highly cheated by not allowing us to Vote for our country.
Apr 1, 2014

Voter ID Card Not Received

Hi I Ravi V Bagare and my wife Varada R Bagare both submitted the Voter Id applications with the photo and address proof in the month of Jan 2014 in my area at a application Enrollment booth set at kattebalaga Basavanagudi but so far i have not got any clue of phone call any thing as such kindlly let me know how to get my voter id other wise my vote will be missed this election.
Mar 31, 2014

Voter Id card not received

Hi I have submitted the form 6 on July 2013 , to add my name in the Electral roll and the current status from past 4 months say the same "Your Assembly constituency : 172, Part No : 182, Section/ Street : 19" When I enquired to the office they told me that Eid number will be generated online then they will be able to issue the voter Card, please let me know does it take that much time to generate a voter card.

Also I have seen in the portal that lot of quries are posted regarding the voter Id card but sory to say I have not seen any reply from concerned person till now. Is this website is really monitored by anyone or not or just for the name sake it is open.


Mail me sandeepsaha48@hotmail.com if you have any reply to my query please
Mar 25, 2014

Application Recived-pending Enquiry

i have applied for a voter id card online before 2weeks and my application is supmitted successfully.my application id is EI14016842.yet not my application is processed.i track my status,it says "APPLICATION RECEIVED-PENDING ENQUIRY"".when the concern officers come and enquire me?where and when can i get my voter id card??Is it possible to get my card before the election?
Mar 23, 2014

voter id card not recieved

Respected Sir/ Madam, I am Mr. Stephen Sampath Raj working for railways, residing at railway quarters opp. to cant. railway station. Years back a lady who came to do the senses work took the details of me and my wife along with photo. But the voter id card was not issued. After that again last time a man who came for the checking of the names in the voters list, checked and found that the names are there in the voters list but voter id card was not issued. He asked us to give the change of address, we immediately gave the xerox copy of the address proof. But so for the voter id card is not issued. After that we went to the corporation office on the thimmaiah road filled the form attested the photo's and submitted the same, but so far nothing is issued. When we go to this office, they say go to the Jayamahal ward, there they say go to the Thimmaiah road ward. Now kindly tell us the solution for the same. How to get the voter id card?
sudha s rao
Mar 15, 2014


I have Applied for voters id on 03/04/2013 and the Application was submitted at BBMP office Bilekahalli Bangalore .I have visited the said Office for the Voters ID not less than 15 times till date I have not received the same.
sudha s rao
Mar 15, 2014


I have Applied for voters id on 03/04/2014 and the Application was submitted at BBMP office Bilekahalli Bangalore .I have visited the said Office for the Voters ID not less than 15 times till date I have not received the same.
Mar 13, 2014

Voter id issues

I had submitted voter id application through online but some problems i have not submitted that printed application to the corporation. now i enquired in corporation but dey r not giving response to me properly so wat to do for get voter id means shall i apply again new application or shall i submit that printed form to corporation?
Mar 9, 2014

Voter ID Card not recieved

Hi there,
I had for applied for voter Id card which got successfully generated in Electoral Roll but till now i didnt get my id card. now i have shifted my house next to two streets please send me my voter id to the current address.

ID Card No:

new address
Eklavya Jain
Feb 28, 2014

Voter ID Card yet not received

Dear Sir,

I would like to inform you that I have applied Form-6 my wife's voter ID card not yet received please do the necessary action & please send immediately on my Address Detail as under:

Name -Pinky Jain
Husband Name- Eklavya Jain
Mohalla-Kashiram Street
Uttar Pradesh
Mobile No. 8979200929
Address- Eklavya Jain C/o Mr. Nem Chand Jain (Sarraf)
H.N.74, opposite Gita Bhawan, Mohalla Kashiram Street, Khatauli-251201, District- Muzaffarnagar (U.P.)
Yanamandra Srinivasa Bhaskara Rao
Feb 24, 2014

epic no & votor id card not received

Yanamandra Srinivasa Bhaskara Rao D.No.10-3-24/3,Nehru Nagar,East Marredpally,Secunderabad-500 026.Age 44 years Male
Yanamandra Lakshmi SaroJA D.No..10-3-24/3,Nehru Nagar, East Marredpally.Secunderabad-500 026. Age 43 Years Female
Yanamandra NVS Sivakamesh D.No.10-3-24/3,Nehru Nagar,East Marredpally,Secunderabad-500 026. Age 18 years Male
The above mentioned 3 members form 6 have been filed on 08-12-2013.
Please send epic nos sms send to my mobile No: 07396866345.

My e-mail id: bhaskaryanamandra@gmail.com

Thanking you,
yours truly,
Y.S.Bhaskara Rao.

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