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EX serviceman welfare DGR


Consumer complaints and reviews about EX serviceman welfare DGR

Sep 2, 2013


1. with due respect I again brought to your notice that DSSA Board Gujarat Ahmedabad is not issuing Identity card to Ex APS personnel. To day on 02/09/2013 we five Ex Warrant Officer of APS Corps met with concern authority of DSSA Board Gujarat Ahmedabad and requested to issue Identity cards as issued to all ex Army personnel. But they denied to fulfill our requirement and told as under :-

(a) those who repatriated to civil department of post from Army Postal Service Corps and still in service are not entitled to
issue Identity card

(b) After retirement from civil department of post Identity card can be issued till time wait

(c) They told in 6 months service prior to 14 Apr 1987 in Army Postal Service is necessary.

2. I have done service wef 21 January 1987 to 31 Aug 2004. (Service done 17 years 06 months) My Army No is 8371614-H Ex Warrant Officer J D Patel.

3. Kindly Justify. Even ex Army personnel are also doing job in Banks, Railway, Post Offices etc but why injustice with Army Postal service personnel is not understood.

4. We are under Age 55 to more then 65 years. All are awaiting for justice.
Aug 24, 2013


Sir, Now order of Army Head Quarters is very clear, favourable and permitted in recent order available on Net that those enrolled in Army Prior to 14 Apr 1987 are treated as Ex Servicemen but DSSA Board Gujarat Ahmedabad is not issuing Identity Cards to Ex Army Postal Service personnel we all requesting them frequently and returned with empty handed.
Aug 20, 2013

Granting of ESM Status to Army Postal Service Personnel

Dear Ex-APS veterans, Dept of ESW, ND have approved status of APS pers of Ex-Servicemen vide their letters and Gazette from GoI from July 2011 iteself. If any one did not know about this sofar, please approach your nearest Sainik Welfare Office. regards
Majaor jai Singh
Jul 18, 2013

Major Grievances

Dear Respected Sir,

With due respect, I would like to draw your kind attention towards Refer to MOD (Ministry Of Defense) letter no. 1(B) 2009/D/ (POL) dated 17/01/2013.
The Govt of India, Vide letter under reference , has enhanced the pension of Majors Who retired between 01/01/1996 & 01/01/2006 Make it on par with
Lt COL .it is a welcome step, but it has created more anomalies as as described below :

1.) Pension of Major has been increased and brought at par with Lt. Col (TS) with a condition that a Major should have put in 21 years commissioned service.

2.) They have consider nothing about those Major’s who have put in less than 21 years commissioned service but more than 35 years pensionable service.

3.) Govt. is also silence about the Veteran Major who returned before 1990 when time scale Lt. Col. Was not in vogue at that time.

4.) All Major’s retiree’s before 1990 they have even commanded infantry BN. In the absence of Lt. Col. / CO. of the BN, and fought 1962 war, 1965 war , 1971 and 1984 Blue Star Operation. They all have totally left out for this financial benefit which they have given to major putting 21 years commissioned service.

5) The pension difference between Major between with 21 years commissioned service and other is approx. Rs14000/- to Rs15000/- per month including DA

6)Apart from the above a JCO who has been given rank (Hony. Capt.) who is a ranks Junior to Major the difference in pension is Rs. 2060. This does not look justifiable at all.

7) In view of the above factors Govt. Of India (M.O.D) should give – hearing to the grievances of all retired major and should reconsidered their grivances.

There fore would request to Ministry Of Defense kindly look into the matter and take necessary steps.

I pray for an urgent action and seek your kind assistance, for which we shall always be grateful. We thank you in advance for your kind action in this regard.

Thanks+ Kind Regards

Yours truly,

Maj. Jai Singh (RTD) C/O Sainik Marble

Pahra Road Panchrukhi The Palampur Kangra H.P 176103
May 21, 2013

Non issue of Ex-Service man card for Ex- Army Postal service personnel by the DSSA Board

I am Ex- WO 8367870 R.Premanandan who was on deputation to army postal service and discharged and sent back to civil post from APS Centre, Kamptee (Nagpur) on 02 April 1977 in category "Cee". I was on deputation from my civil post to the Army Postal service for 7 months and 8 days as can be evidenced from my discharge certificate. Following the new amendments in Ex-service definitions, when I approached the DSSA Board, Kannur District, for obtaining Ex-service identity card, the authorities concerned informed me that they cannot right away issue the card, as they are awaiting some clarifications from the Director General of Resettlement on the issue.
In this connection I would humbly pointed out that the Ex- APS personnel who are on deputation to APS for more than six months before 14th April 1987 are considered as Ex-service men as per the OM No 1(9)/2010/D(Res) dated 20/21.07.2011 of Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence(Deptt. of Ex-servicemen welfare) .This provision has been and published in Gazette Of India Extra ordinary Part 2,Section 3 sub section (1) of Govt. Of India, Ministry of personnel, public grievances and Pension as notification dated 04 October 2012 at sub para(iv) defining an ex- serviceman as quoted below.
"personnel,who were on deputation to Army postal service for more than six months prior to 14th April 1987"
I would further humbly submit that the Govt. of India, Ministry Of Defence( deptt. of Ex-service men welfare) has again reiterated the provisions once again very clearly in OM No 1(9)2010/D(Res-1) dated 10th April,2013, that the personnel who were on deputation to Army postal service for more than six (6)months prior to 14th April 1987 whould be considered as Ex- service men with all consequential benefits. This OM has been issued after taking into consideration several representations from similarly affected personnel as is stated therein.
I would appeal to the concerned authorities to take into account this grievance and grant men the favor sought for at the earliest.
Apr 10, 2013

date of birth in record are not same as matric cirtificte

sir ,
my name is sukhdev singh son of ex service man , and my date of birth in the service record of my father is 11-05-1979
but in the certificate metric is 11-5-1981
i have so need of dependent certificate for govt job
but zila welfare office can t gave me certificate by my document date of birth 11-5-1981
pls ...... help me and solved my problem
e mail id paryal_1981@yahoo.com
Apr 6, 2013



Sir It is to intimate that DSSA Board Ahmedabad Gujarat is not issuing Identity cards to EX APS personnel. At least those who have done service more then 15 years they should be issued Identity cards. We all Ex APS personnel facing great difficulties due to non issue of I Cards by DSSA Board.
RG Elangovan
Apr 5, 2013

Issue of fresh Identity Card in place of old one due to change in facial apprearance and residentiasl address

The Exservicemen Identity Card issued by Puducherry Sainik Welfare Board is required to be changed due to change in facial appearance and change in residential address which does not match with the Election Photo I Card, Ration Card and Adhar. I requested the Sainik Welfare Board office during Dec 2012, 24 Jan 2013 and today the 5 Apr 2013. The senior official present in the office told me during my first visit and second visit that the office is not having sufficient staff and that I am to come after a month. Today that same official is informing that the policy for issue of Identity card is changed and that they are awaiting for fresh cards from Govt., and that it will take some months to implement.

Sir, I request for clarification to the information given by the official that Ex servicemen I cards are designed afresh and that the cards are under issue to all Sainik Welfare Boards centrally.

Thanks & regards
RG Elangovan
Mar 24, 2013


Sir It is to intimate that DSSA Board Ahmedabad Gujarat is not issuing Identity cards to EX APS personnel. At least those who have done service more then 15 years they should be issued Identity cards. We all Ex APS personnel facing great difficulties due to non issue of I Cards by DSSA Board.
Mar 20, 2013

exservicemen married several timess


An army exserviceman has married four to five women illegally at krishnarajapuram,thoothukudi,tamilnadu.

No one is complaining against him.pls take severe action against him
Mar 14, 2013

about Nominee's Right

Respected Sir,

My Grand Father was Ex-Service man.He died in 1995,Grand father provide my mother's as Nominee. But she is illiterate & ignorant about the procedure want to be made for attaining benefits of Nominee.

Some Days back i got a nominee's letter from old records, i would like to know, now can i try to any thing for got benefit to my mother.


Date of Discharge:04/12/48

Kadheeja beegam.k
Mar 7, 2013

not receiving my dischage book

Respected sir,
I No.1344150-L Ex Naik Name - Margabandhu mudaliyar palani (M.Palani) retired from army on July 1984. I have sent my discharge book to APS record office, Kamtee, Nagpur at about 5 month ago. But I am not getting my discharge book. So, I kindly request to you about my discharge book.
Thanking you sir,

Yours faithfully,

Ex Naik M. Palani
Feb 21, 2013


DSSA Board, Gaurav Senani Bhavan, Drive In Road, Ahmadabad (Gujarat) is not issuing Identity cards to ex Army Postal Service Personnel even though who have served more then 15 years service in Army. We are approximate 30 pers visiting frequently to DSSA Board Ahmadabad (Guj) but returning with empty hand. Now rules are very clear however they always repeatedly told us that name of Army postal service not noted in Gazette of Resettlement Board, RK Puram New Delhi. APS is the part of Army then Why they neglecting us. Is is correct answer by DSSA Board Ahmadabad ? To do service in Army for more then 15 years is a Jok ? After death in Army, they are giving full facility but came back alive then they showing Thumbs Up is it correct ? My Army No is 8371614-H Ex Warrant Officer J D Patel. Please help me. I am not demanding Pension from Army (Repeat - Not demanding Pension ) but only demanding Identity card as issued to all ex servicemen. I have done job in Army from 21 Jan 1987 to 30 Jun 2004. i.e. 17 years & 06 Months and achieved four Medals from Army. Wear 24 hrs combat dress. Now I will return all Medals to President of India along with Discharge Book. To serve in APS Corps is a crime ? Then who will come and join in APS Corps? That means we all Lacs of APS personnel have wasted so much years in Army ?
lb patel
Jan 25, 2013

Non rec of ACP and med board pension

Respected sir,

I, No-14555314 A Ex Hav Lal Bahadur Patel was retired from Corps of E.M.E on 31 May 2007 after completion of 24 years color service and fully qualified for further promotion as med cat 'B' per, but i have not rec my Med pension and ACP iii till. i drawn my pension from SBI CHURHAT DISTT SIDHI M.P who is an backward area and there is no any information about such type of activity. pl help me for my med pension and ACP

MY Email ID Is:- patel.lalbahadur@gmail.com yours faith fully

Ex Hav lal bahadur patel
Gajender Pal Gangwar
Dec 21, 2012

non receipt of assitant teachers job in up govt. on plea of being over 50 years age .

1. I, JC-259330A Ex Sub Clk Gajender Pal Gangwar resident of Gali No 8, Adarsh Colony Nakatia, Bareilly was selected for training for BTC-2010 course under reserved quota for Ex-servicemen for District Institute of Education and Training Faridpur, Bareilly. The training commenced on 02 Jul 2010 and terminated in Oct 2012. My date of birth is 10 Aug 1960. At the time of commencement of training my age was 49 years and 07 month. I have passed BTC training course with 1522 marks out of 1900 marks. I have also passed UP TET test with 123 marks out of 150 marks and am fully eligible for appoint of a assistant teacher in primary school.

2. Recently during the counselling for appointment of assistant teachers, the UP govt has declared the ex-servicemen having over 50 years of age not eligible for the post of assistant teacher.

3. At the time of counselling for selection of candidates for BTC 2010 course during 2010, there was no such condition and neither this point ( ex-servicemen more than 50 years of age are not eligible for appointment of assistant teacher) was given in advertisement published for BTC 2010.
jagdish patel
May 5, 2012

Non receipt of ex serviceman status to Army Postal service personnel

Sir, I brought to notice my complaint to Civil Public Members as well as Army Officers, that I was enrolled in Army Postal Service on 21 Jan 1987 and served 17 years 6 months cheerful job in Army. Done service in far and Flung area. Wear 24 Hours combat dress. Also achieved three Medals from field service. My Army No is 8371614-H Ex Warrant Officer J D Patel. I discharged from APS on 31 Jul 2004. But ex serviceman status has not been given to me. Why ? Those who filed case in Court/CAT they all are getting ex serviceman status. Should I file case to Honorable court/CAT ? During service in Army I miss lot of things from Civil. It is very shameful that District Soldier Board of Ahmadabad (Gujarat) refused to give Identity Card to me. After came on discharge from Army then I applied for purchase of Refrigerator from CSD Depot. They return my form & told that you are not entitled & told that Aap Asli Fauji Nahi The. What is bloody Asli - Nakli ? President of India at that time It was Shri Gyani ZailSingh. They have given Certificate duly signed by them to me that Warrant Officer J D Patel you are appointed in Regular Army. Please advise me.
j d patel
Mar 24, 2012

Ex Serviceman Status to APS Pers

Sir, I am taking this opportunity to write you, regarding Army Postal Service Corps personnel those who are comes in Army on deputation from civil Department of Posts and after completing required terms of service or discharge from service and then they joined their Civil postal Department (parent department) after July 2004 could they comes in the definition of ex serviceman status or not ? I had served 17 years and 6 months job in APS (On deputation from Civil Department of Post) and then joined Civil Department of Posts. My Army No is 8371614-H Rank EX- Warrant Officer Name J D Patel In my discharge Book a Rubber Stamp affixed by APS authority as " NON EX- SERVICEMAN' in each page. Due to this rubber stamp Soldier Board told me that "Aap Asli Fauji nahi the" I had wear 24 hours combat dress in Army and done job in Field Area with cheerful job in Army. I have received three Medal during service. Please advise me.
Jan 11, 2011

status of exserviceman


PIN CODE 414110



Respected Sir,

1. I, No 14907909N Ex Hav (SKT) Ashok Kumar Sharma retired from army (Ex 2 MECH INF) on 31 Jan 2009 after completed of 26 yrs of service.
During service period I was posted various field/operational area but my name not forwarded to records MIR Ahmednagar by 2 MECH INF after asking by Record before 3-4 month prior from lthe date of retirement. At the time of retirement I was posted on ERE at 2 R & O Flt. The ERE unit clearly refused to do any type of correspondance regarding pension document or any other correspondance. The OC 2 R & O Flt write a letter to Record MIR for carrying out my posting as per para 2 given in advance pension warning order under which clearly mentioned that those person on ERE/Est will revert well on time to their parants unit for prepration of pension document. My posting carry out by records but unit was not send my relief up to Sep 2008. My resettlement course was started from Oct 2008 at Delhi, the unit was sent my relief one day prior (Hav SKT) Gautam Senapati) after completion of my course I was reported to unit last week of Dec 2008 but unit not informed me regarding my name asked by records for Honerary commission.

2. In view of the above subject matter kindly do needfull action on my problems and give justic when I can received financial benifit as per 6 CPC.

3. I, have sent a normal letter to the commandant of HQ MIRC Ahmednagar on 10 Jan 2011 regarding my problems and a complaint now has been lodged through consumer cell to COAS or DGMF.
Thanking you sir.

Yours faithfully,

Date : 11 Jan 2011 (Ashok Kumar Sharma)
Ex Hav/SKT
G-3 Shashtri Nagar
PO-Izzat Nagar
Dist-Bareilly (UP)
Mob No 9458689156/9456868966
Nov 4, 2010

status of exserviceman

Hi dear,
My name is Ruth, I am very interested to know you well, I came across your profile today at <www.consumercomplaints.in> lovely site and became so much exited on your profile, Please dear, If you don't mind and you really need to know whom i am, kindly contact me back directly to my e-mail contact mail box, which is <benruth94@yahoo.co.uk>, so that it will enable me to tell you more about my self including my pictures,

Thanks for your cooperation.

Nov 3, 2010

status of exserviceman

Defination of EX servicemanStatus of ESM

.According to Department of Personnel and Training definition of EX serviceman from time to time as applicable for the RetiredrelaeasedDischarged personnel &had been grated the status of ‘ex-servicemen’
must be pensioner of some kind

However NON pensioner -Ex ssco ECo released with Gratuity after completion of 05 yr of Term of engangement are also granted EX servicemanStatus
were in TERRITORIAL ARMY officers aare not granted Status of ESM
despite 05 yera or more service Equal Physical embodied service at par to SSCO
this is an open discrimination of TERRITORIAL army officer

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