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Exalt Consulting Placement Services Pvt. Ltd


Consumer complaints and reviews about Exalt Consulting Placement Services Pvt. Ltd

Oct 28, 2014

Ass holes

Big Frauds....never ever go to this place....
Better than cheating unemployed these people can go for begging or roberring.....
I pitty on you the Gandus Managing Director Or Owner of this fraud company......
Oct 28, 2014

farud company

chutiya still didnt leave your business fuckers assholes cheating peoples give amount back or send your office call girls .
Oct 20, 2014

Exalt has cheated

I have received the call from Nisha who is working with this firm on June 20th 2014. She told me that she has some openings with very good company and she would be able to place me in no time. Also she told me that I can expect a hike of approximately 50% with good company and good position. I also told her about the complains which people has filed against them. To that she has responded that "Mouthshut" is trying to defame them and also "MouthShut" is asking for money to clear their name from their site. I was sold to her and paid the money the same day. Once I paid the money here is what I have noticed: 1. There was no call which I have received from them in 4 months. 2. They are very rude on calls (when i called them) 3. Every time they cook some new story and does not gave any solution to the problem. 4. They have kept me in dark about the progress which is made on the profile candidature. 5. As per the contract after 3 month of taking their service if I am not placed then they were suppose to provide me the refund, however for past 1 month there is nothing from them. 6. They are asking for un-necessary details which is frustrating. 7. I don't have any idea when i would get the refund and how much that would be. 8. They could not send me for a single interview. More from the money part they have harassed me mentally and I think this is the time to take some action. I have paid money for the service which I never received. They have not spend a single rupee by even calling me.It is quite brutal for the people who are looking for the job and falling as pray to this company.I have never imagined that this would happen to me and it is quite sad that companies in our county is trying to make money by fooling people. This is sad.
Oct 4, 2014

Exalt Consulting placement

This complaint is about Exalt Consulting placement a placement firm which is working from Bangalore and they are really cheaters.
They are promising many things before in you get registers, once registered you should not expect any calls from them for any interviews. You will get junk mail where you are in BCC just to prove that they are working, but those mail are irrelevant and useless.

Additionally they will never attend you calls. and once agreement period is complete you will expect refund, which you will never get.

Today i am initiating any fight against this consultancy. I am experienced professional so money cheated from me is not my concern my concern is that I cannot allow others money to be looted so easily.

for proofs visit the links https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5jt7xbiojlwhqed/AADaRb8KbCVPd8AXpbowVQVLa?dl=0

You will get other details from sent by exalt which they will send to prove their ingenuity, but still don't believe them they are not fake, they are real cheaters, Very soon I will put things on Social media and so that it can reach to HRD ministers so that other students are not being cheated by Exalt or such consulting firm.

Request to other complainer please send your details to mbedval@gmail.com
Sep 11, 2014


Hi friends I'm also cheated by these ppl so I just wanna call u ppl to contact me my mail I'd is meetavi007@gmail.com I'm in talk with my lawyer and we have a good chance to make dem pay 4 wat details r doin I request you all to contact me ASAP as more v r stronger vil b our case plz contact me I'm in no mood to leave des ppl to play wit others plz do respond 2 my mail I'd I vil contact you
Sep 4, 2014

Exalt Consultancy Placement Services LTD, has the internal Connections with the Companies and also they refuse to refund my full amount of Rs. 4500.

Friends, same thing has happened to me. Few months back i registered with "Exalt Consultancy" as i was not getting job as per my requirements. Akshata (Executive) was the person who called me and said that they have vacancies with reputed companies like Accenture, IBM, Capita etc. She urged me to register with them by paying Rs 4500 (Refundable amount if services not provided) with the surety of providing me a job with one of those companies. This services was for the term of 3 months. Further She told me that if I get a job through them, then I will have to pay Rs. 5000 PM for 3 months from my salary. She orally explained me the terms and conditions of the services and also assured me a hike of about 55% to 60% in my salary. I influenced by Akshata's (Executive) words and registered myself paying Rs. 4500.
The day I registered with them, they stopped receiving my calls and replying my mails. After many mails which i sent to them, they arranged my interview (which was walk-in interview) saying that they have personally arranged it for me, with the Company named ("Willis Processing Services India PVT LTD") (Willis). When i called to Willis HR to confirm my interview slot as Exalt Co. has scheduled my interview, they refused any tie-up with Exalt and said its a walk-in interview you can come directly. Same scenario happened with Syntel and other Companies also. Again the salary which they were offering was not as per the negotiation happen between me and Exalt (i.e 55% to 60% hike) and in this situation if I attend the interview and get selected, any how I have to pay them Rs. 5000 PM for 3 months which is unfair as my Salary growth will not be as discussed before. Just to skip from the refund they were sending me the jobs which were not as per my requirements.
Now after the expiration period of 3 months in the month of July, i applied for the refund of Rs. 4500 (full refundable amount), but I received only Rs. 500. When i asked to Executive (Kalyan) from Refund team about my remaining amount of Rs. 4000, he told me that "We scheduled an interviews but you did not attended any interviews so its not our fault" and that is why we cannot pay you full amount. Again he told me that WE have "INTERNAL CONNECTIONS WITH CERTAIN COMPANIES" where even if the walk-in interview is conducted, you will get selected.
Now this is the real root cause of unemployment. Friends I lost my money, I will fight for it but again i would like to bring one thing to your notice, that friends because of these type of consultancies we people are not getting jobs and unemployment is increasing day by day. They have "INTERNAL CONNECTION" with the companies because of which a talented candidate is not getting job.
Friends, Please please Share this Message to each and every person...... So people can be saved from this type of TRAP.....
Aug 20, 2014

Exalt Consulting Placement Services

Dear All,
Please don’t fell into the trap like me and others. I paid to this agency without checking the reviews and on friend’s confirmation. I tried for refund but in vain. So I decided to take this to consumer court. Whatever the names they tell are all fake like Madhu in sales, salil and john in refund etc….
I know it’s a small amount (INR 3500) for me but decided to take ECPS to court now. I know lot of people have suffered and don’t want others to suffer like me and others in future.
I decided to form a group of min 10 and max (no limit) and in process of approaching to consumer court. We need to teach them a lesson now.
Whoever have suffered thru ECPS and interested in teaching them a lesson, please provide me your Full name, email address, mobile number, date of registration, ECPS receipt number to akmalmohd@yahoo.com or akmalmohd@gmail.com. Anybody has any better suggestion, please feel free to reply to my mail.
I already have four people’s details, more the number the stronger the representation. Once I receive communication from others, I will form a group and start communicating to them and update the status.
Hope this kind of companies won’t survive for long.
Jul 23, 2014

Wentex Solutions

Hello guys,
Fraud Placement Agencies
agency in karnal named wentex solutions . A HR called me and told me that my cv is short listed for Sony company and my interview venue is in karnal in a company named Wentex solutions. When i reached there, a girl is sitting there and she told me that she is HR from sony but doesn't showing her id proof . Then i got a doubt that they are fraud but they have taken my money before interview 3000 rs. Also they had taken sign on their fee slip which has some stupid terms and conditions .So please guys DO not deposit any amount to these consultancies before reading al terms and conditions and asked for a sloid proof.
Jun 17, 2014

Had sex with Exalt Girls

Guys, Exalt girls are bitches. I had sex with 3 of the Girls from Exalt and this is for the general information of all the guys who are going to marry an Exalt Employ that all the Girls who are working in Exalt are well in fuck and they will do anything and everything for money. So, once you have married an Exalt Girl, you don't have to go to work. As an Husband you can just sit back relax while your wife will get you money by doing some Midnight works, Blowjob and phone sex. LOL

I also have images and will be launched in Google with in a week or so................
Jun 4, 2014

Farheena Come Suck My Cock

Do it and take my money for granted you dirty Bitch.
May 29, 2014


ECPS they are really a fraud company. Taking money from unemployed candidates and not giving bak the refund after thaey couldnt get this candidate a job also. Please all candidates i tell you never go for this bloody cheating company. They are a big fraud company in whole bangalore. Like these companies making other good consultancy also in bad name. So please i would like the government or the responsible consumer protection in this state take care of this case and shut this company off please. Big fraud company in bangalore....ECPS Exalt consulting for placement services, shivajinagar, bangalore.

Big Frauds....never ever go to this place....
Better than cheating unemployed these people can go for begging or roberring.....
I pitty on you the Managing Director Or Owner of this fraud company......
May 5, 2014

if you want to pay with getting job.. Go to ECPS,they are well in fraud.


I paid 6500 Rs. for the filtering fake of fake profile as they told by the girls on that day especially (Aamina).. She only asked to register for both onsite and local interviews(3000+3500). when i was registering they told we will give all amount if you dont get job in the registration period.. 2 months back that 3 months period is over I did not attend interview call for the onsite jobs apart from the single interview call. So I asked for refund amount they said we give you if send all the mails which u have recieved from them.. So i copied everything i sent .. Now its been 2 months approximately after i applied for refund.. I got 2000 Rs.. After that i called to refund guys.. one guy picked up his name is john.. He is saying we have given services for you so we have deducted amount from ur money after that u will get that much money 2000 only. I did not get even single call for onsite.. How they will deduct amount from 3500.. This way they are cheating customers... Politicians are better than these ECPS guys.. What should we do now????????? can any body respond.
ansar hooda
Apr 20, 2014


Exalt Consultancy near Shivaji Nagar Bus stand, is one place where you are definitely losing money without getting a job. The money that you pay them will be wasted along with your confidence.
Job consultancies do not charge fees for getting you a job. Their fee is paid by the organizations or companies. They may charge fees for their services like resume writing, interview trainings wtc
Following are the names of their HRs, phone numbers, emails of ECPS (which I know are fake and they keep changing)
Names : Hunsa Ara, Chaitra(the ugly), Sahil (the deaf guy), Juveria Firdaus, Sanjana, Sana/Sania (the fat lady), Alekya (recently added name) etc.
Phone: 080-40689595
Emails: firdaus@exaltingconsulting.in, updates@exaltconsulting.in
ECPS process goes like this…
• You call them or visit them at their office and after a slow n decent discussion in which ECPS HRs utter words like Accenture, Hyundai, Tata, IBM, Infosys etc.
• You make up your mind to pay the money (Rs.3500/Rs.4500/Rs6500) and fill the form
• They ask you to update your details on the website.
• After updating you wait for their call or email which comes to you after a while but as given in the reviews previously, they are either small companies or these companies don’t exist.
• In between you realize they are fake/not helping. Now you want your money back and you write them an email asking for refund or you call them, none of which is answered. You repeatedly call them but answer doesn’t come.
• You may also receive an email saying that ECPS has made its efforts but you were not eligible candidate to get the job. Hence, refund cannot be made.
• You keep calling them and send emails. But no reply comes.
Anyways, you ll never get your money back.
And please IGNORE the positive reviews as they are written by EXALT PEOPLE.
Apr 1, 2014

fucking fraud consultancy

Fucking fraud consultancy,100% fraud....females call her to get ..ked and collect money after 90 days they wont receive calls,other people like ramesh,Husssain,Imtiaz,rakesh are all big bastards,no interview calls,....................big suvars here building will fall anytime.......please dont visit exalt a fraud consultancy......

i lost my 5050Rs pls dont make a mistake,if any call Husna,pls ask her to come to your house but dont visit and pay and lose your money like me....
Mar 7, 2014

Lanjakodukulu wont refund amount

Hi frnds please dont pay to the ECPS Bleady bastuds they wont give u any type of service and they wont give u r money as per terms an conditions, those people will suck our money like prostitutes, dont pay to the ECPS bleady ass holes people.. there are no1 fuking people .....they will fuck there won mother ass also for money,those people can fuck any ass for money..so kindly dont pay to them friends ....
Mar 6, 2014

100% frud consultency

Dear all ,

Dnt pay a single penny to this this frud consultency. I reg this consultency on july 2012 and paid 3250 for getting a job n they assure that they ll send 3 interviews per week but till date i didnt recv any cal from them finally my due date got over but still they didnt return my money back,almost 1.5yrs got over finally they are saying ur account has been cancelled . i dnt know for wat reason they hav cancelled the application. I called more than 500 times n i visited their office 4 times but they didnt giv proper response. they are just screwing the money and life of unemployed candidates. pls be aware of those people they ll take money from us n giv salary for people who are working over there r they ll put money in bank ang get interest.
Feb 7, 2014

Cheating with Unemployement Youngster

My Dear Friend,

I Dont want much talk about fraud fraud fraud company is " ECPS EXALT CONSULTANCY".

Please humble request to you, dont never ever registerted with them.

Really if you want see how one company is running with cheating manner, please visit to ECPS Exalt consultancy.

They ae No. 1 fraud consultancy playing with our unemploylment youngster life. If i would of President i will call them

giving No.1 in th world fraud company is yours.

The God is watching them. Allah is not allow this people to survey them long.

Thanks, i hope atleast i saved one person through my message.
Jan 23, 2014

ECPS _Sreekumar K R

Hi guys ,

I really feel , why only the negative feedback is been saved here , Im doubt if they are genuine .. I have registered with ECPS nov 2013 and they have taken 4500 from me with the same promises that they have given all . Im 7 years exp and was looking for mid level management . As per they promised i got the first interview call with in 1 week from Dell India . and unfortunately i couldnt clear .. they have again got another interview in 3 weeks scheduled with IBM and I have cleared it .. Now im a PM with IBM India .. This is my personal experience . I doubt on the genuinity of the feedbacks provided here . Im Happy with the service that they have provided . Thank you Parveen and Nisha who helped me to find my desired Job

Dec 27, 2013

fraud consultancy

ther r pure fraud.
Dec 9, 2013

Official Response From Exalt Consulting Placement Services Pvt. Ltd

Dear all,
We have come across your comments posted on this page
As per your statements we understand that you were not satisfied with the services offered by Exalt Consulting Placement Services Pvt. Ltd during your tenure of services (applicable only to our registered candidates only). We have introduced special team of customer care to resolve the consumer issues, if any.

Unfortunately we are unable to match your details with our existing database since no valid details are displayed on the blogs as mentioned above. We request you to send your query/issue/complaint with your registration and contact details to customer.care@exaltconsulting.com immediately within three days of the receipt of this e-mail. So that our special customer care team will take your issues (if any) on high priority and will try to resolve them at the earliest.
Customer Care and Public Relations
Nov 23, 2013

Fraud consultancy

please do not invest single money on this consultancy , everyone is fraud here, i have registered on march till now i didnt get any reply for my refund. they r bastards who r making us fool. Govt should take legal action in such consultancies
Nov 8, 2013

Exalt Consulting Placement Services Pvt Ltd

i got a cal from ecps saying they have huge openings for sap, and they told i can attend as many as i can by paying 4200 refundable
amount. So i registered and got none cals for job in sap. So i asked for refund , so they said they wil drop a mail and after waiting for a year for refund today i got a letter saying your refund has cancelled due to lack of effort which is crazy to hear,
So guyz for god sake dont go to ecps jor hope of job plz.
Oct 24, 2013

Fraud exalt consultancy

i am Digvesh Solanki from Mumbai. one day i received mail from Exalt consultancy they told me to register with them so they will provide me a job in MNC company. & the registration fees is Rs-4500. i registered with them but from next day they change their behavior & they also failed to provide me job so i have start to search job on my basis & i got also. so i request them to refund my fees but every time they are giving me proper response. they tole me that “you’ll get refund after 3 month from the date of registration” so i tried also after 3 month but they told me that “we cant help you for refund purpose”. now they are not providing me my refund money i also told them cut your processing fees & remaining amount refund me but they are not listening. i have all the document regarding this & also fees receipt scan copy also. please do some action against this consultancy.
i request to all new students please don't register with them. you'll loose your money as well as time & finally no job
Oct 18, 2013

Exalt Fraud

Hi friends,
I also did same mistake.please file complain in consumer court and all job boards by mentioning that don't accept job offers from this FRAUD EXALT.it may help others or may to us even.

Thanks & Regards
Vinit Thada
Oct 18, 2013

Exalt Fraud

I did the same mistake as u have all done...i am ready to take any step against this orgaization.going to file complain in consumer court...please you all do this.search for consumer court web site and file complaint.i have done complain in naukri.com also by informing them that this people are fraud.please this steps are really easy to do b just the click of your fingers on the relevant we site.i request you all do this something may happen hopefully.

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