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Consumer complaints and reviews about Fabfurnish.com

Nov 21, 2014

FabFurnish - Fraud company and never delivers product


I ordered an airpot flash for 1200Rs and its been 25days and they never delivered the product. Worst online company ever. Never buy from this guys.. Its a fraud company and many of my friends also faced the same. Never had such worst experience ever in online shopping. All companies, replace product or really tell us what's happening and have full visibility.

These guys are fake and just take money behind webpage with no delivery. Their own courier is full cheat and they themselves wrote that customer didn't want the product without even consulting (no call or message). Worst shopping ever. Must report this website as spam to all popular DNS and block their site forever.
Oct 29, 2014

Zero Customer Empathy & Pathetic Response

As a customer, we are on their mercy. More than 2 weeks, I am still praying to offer me support. So easy for them to term any problem with the product as the usage issue.

Mistake of my life time to have bought a Fab Furnish product.

Never ever get into their trap - not even for the items put on sale by them as inherently they are selling defective products. So your feeling of buying a product at a good price will soon disappear when the product gives way and no one from Fab furnish listens.

Its really surprise, organisations with no customer empathy survive in India so well and dare to spend millions in advertisements. They'll do much more business if they somehow learn customer empathy.
Shariq Hoda
Oct 26, 2014

Abnormal delay and pathetic customer care

I had ordered 4 bar stools on Sept 27, 2014 (Order No. 209644162). Despite repeated emails and followup the product is yet to be delivered to me. Fabfurnish had forwarded a tracking ID 54722440183 some days which is invalid. I doubt whether they have even dispatched the product because any product sent through Bluedart on Oct 20, 2014 would have been surely delivered in Mumbai by now. Its close to one month now, well beyond the stipulated time limit of 17-21 days for delivery stated at the time of purchase. I have requested them to cancel the order and refund me the amount paid as advance along with market rate of interest for one month immediately. I do not need the product now since its too late and this was my first and last dealing with Fabfurnish. I intend to pursue the matter with higher authorities, including action against the company in consumer rights forum. Please be cautious in your dealings with Fabfurnish.
Sep 20, 2014

horrible product quality

horrible quality
I ordered a collapsible wardrobe from fabfurnish last year. Not only the manual to construct the wardrobe was crappy, but it could not even stand still and was always incline at an angle. To add to my horror, after just seven or eight months, the entire cloth of the wardrobe starting tearing away and is of no use now. I regret spending around 3000 rupees on this crappy quality wardrobe. I have much better experiences from flipkard and amazon as they are reliable.

Another thing that i bought from fabfurnish was a shoe rack worth rupees 500 or so. It is a complete waste of money as its rods does not fit in the main frame. What looks good on fabfurnish website are actually very poor quality items. I will never buy in future any furniture or other item from here. Fake quality products. I will also write to consumer court.

My id is mohita27@gmail.com
Jul 29, 2014

Delayed deliveries

I had ordered a gift item for my friend on 25th of july
my id is jaanokd@yahoo.in
order no is 205646342
order is prepaid. Its been 5 days , and they have not shifted it yet.
The gift was for the particular date and has to reach before 1st of august, still the pathetic customer care system , cant assure me the same.
Doesnt respond to mails neither do take any actions if called.
On the same day I had ordered items from Flipkart, homeshop18, firstcry, shopclues and Indiatimes.com, And I received them withing 2-3 days.
I am regretting my purchase from this site..

Hope you hear it now guys
Jul 29, 2014

Be careful --What you see is not what you get .

If you have a flair for wooden items , I would say you need to be away from Fabfurnish . I don't think they have any items that are new . They put bits and pieces together .

I had ordered these products

Timber Art Fancy 3 Pcs Wooden Serving Tray Set With Brass Work--- 1 tray broken ,can make out that someone has just put some gum to fix it around and still it broke in the transit.

Wood Carvers Wooden Lotus Shape Coaster Set With White Inlay Work--- Ordered piece is totally different from the one on web .
Parts were assembled and sent .

Be careful --What you see is not what you get .
Jul 8, 2014

Not Delivered Prodcut & Not Communication Properley

I was Purchased Wall Clock On Fab Furnish .Com Dated 12/Jun/2014 After Given payment his executive communicate your order delivered Maximum 15 to 18 Days ,After 20 Days Contacted Customer Care his said 2-3 Days your order is deliverded,But Not Revived 5 Days Again Connect Customer Care excucutive Reply your order is delivered Next 7 Seven Days ,After 7 Days Contact As Same Ans Repeat is Not Communicate Properly Given fake or False Answer Continually Am irritate For This service & Cancel This Order Pls Do Not Buy On This Site 919850400959
Jun 10, 2014

pathetic product ,faulty product

Hi all
fab furnish is only pathetic website i ever seen in my life , they are never on time on top of that you wont receive the product which you order it. and than you have keep on calling them again and again and then you receive faulty product after that you wont have time for again starting this process to call them and keep on waiting for you product it dose happen to me please dont waste your time and money on them worst website
May 28, 2014

Crap product

I have bought a dining table from fabfurnish, look and feel was good and quality was pathetic. It has black lamination and that look like paper it came out of usage of 2 days. Dont buy any fab produdct...
May 14, 2014

Pathetic Delivery Service

Ordered a "live plant" from fab Furnish on the 4th of May, dispatched from their Pune office on the 10th and did not reach me till 14th of May while writing this review. I am sure that the plant will not be a "live plant" anymore by the time I get the delivery. AVOID THIS PATHETIC COMPANY and DO NOT MAKE ORDERS.
Apr 10, 2014

Low Quality Furnite/ Pathetic customer care

After my pathetic experience with Fab furnish I would like to warm every consumer about this company and the quality of their products.

We bought a Queen size cot from them, which after multiple follow up from our end got delivered. First the measurements were incorrect. We re-sized our mattress after we couldn't get any resolution from Fab Furnish for over a month. We continued to use the cot. But the planks are of extreme low quality and make horrible sounds. The hinges and screws do not fit properly and the central leg is shaky... All this within 5 months of purchase.

My request for refund has not been even forwarded to anyone. I get to speak only to a call center executive who thinks she runs the company and she is not keen to resolve the problem. Their website offer no place to complain, neither does their FB page. When i submitted an FB post on my page regarding my issues, I got a response on FB saying the problem is resolved without even sending anyone to check upon it....! This was a shameless behavior from Fab Furnish team.
Mar 20, 2014

Product faulty and not delivered on time

This guys suck in the true sense of the word..... i had ordered for a recliner sofa set and it was promised to be delivered in 12-15 days. The single recliner set was delivered in 7 days but to my surprise was torn at 2 to 3 places.... when i called the customer service, they confirmed that there was no quality check performed and that they would refurbish and send it back to me.

I ended up paying the full amount for a so called new refurnished product.

It is 30 days and I am yet to receive the delivery of the remaining 2+ 1 recliner set.... I am now chasing customer service to cancel the order and they tell me that there is no such process of cancellation which is nowhere mentioned on their website......

I urge all of you to liaison with me and form a group so that we can pursue legal action against this cheaters. I can be reached at 09620752222 or you can mail me at bhavesh.bhavya@gmail.com
Feb 2, 2014

Fab Home Modus Sofa Bed is a FAKE

Cant get any worst experience than this. The Fab Home modus double futon sofa bed is a complete fake item listed on the site. The images on the website DO NOT match AT ALL what is delivered. The wood is rusty and has begin to develop cracks on the joints. When I complained to the customer care, they say that it is normal to get wear and tear. Bullshit. We have hardly used it 6-7 times in the last two months and the joints are so weak that even a carpentar gave up saying it wont be possible to fix it. Wood is of some MDF third grade quality that is cant be even fixed.

Fabfurnish is selling third grade items. Why are you listing warranty on your website when you cant give any service.
Jan 26, 2014

No quality check on products

I have ordered furniture from fab furnish . I really must say that quality of service is horrible. my cousin to whom I have gifted on their occasion felt very bad due to scratches on product….and when I saw that scratches on product felt very shy . I called up customer care , and explained about product of what they have provided and the scratches on product. I am sure there was no quality check on products . I hate fab furnish from that point of time , They also not responding on our complaint .
Jan 21, 2014

Fabfurnish Delivered bad quality material

I ordered a collapsible wardrobe and it was so cheap quality that it broke as soon as it was assembled.And now they aren't returning my money back. Please help.
Jan 19, 2014

fraudulent site fabfurnish

fabfurnish.com is such a stupid site..... according to me its a fraudulent site...waste product.. i bought a collapsible wardrobe in which the assembling parts are very very low quality... its totally an irritating stuff.....they are only show off site they put attractive photograph's of products...... not even one month its was standing it is a total waste product waste please dont ever buy this product this site should be banned that this is the one good thing govt should do.....THEY ARE CHEATERS
Oct 31, 2013

Low quality Product, No Refund, Late Process of handelling

I requested for a Futon which was delivered at my place but quality and finish was the poorest you could have. I requested for Refund - which was denied.

On persual, I was offered a voucher for the cost-( less than the one I had spent), and with a ONE TIME BOUND USAGE clause. "No additional discount coupon can be used on re-order" clause and My previous Discount on Futon having been ruled out too.

Also the whole amount of voucher is supposed to be used in single order.... which is a high amount and I do not trust wooden furniture from them. No responsible person is made to speak to me as well.

I am seeking legal advice on the issue now, and seek my refund as well as cost for harrassment and delay as well.

Oct 29, 2013

about sending promotional offers on my cell phone

since i registered my number to your website for an order i purchased, ur company has been messaging me offers almost daily about something or the other. i don't want any of that promotion on my number. plz stop that asap
my number is-9028706984
Ritesh R Challagali
Jul 31, 2013

Futon Sofa Bed - Product Not the same as shown online on the site

I would like to inform all people that you please be careful when you are Buying products from Fabfurnish.com as i just ordered a Futon Sofa Bed after like waiting for it for almost 2 months and what they had mentioned on the site while i confirmed and brought the product is that it is, Solid Wood ( Rubber Wood) and is Beige in colour . Well when the product came it is not at all rubber wood and nat even by fas close to Beige colour . As i have used rubber wood products and know how their natural finish and texture is also to top it they have send me a product made out GOD knows of what wood and it is painted with cream color paint to hide it natural elements.

When i complained to the fab furnish people they said we dont have a return policy and also that they have delivered what they have mentiond on the site , after arguing and fighting with the customer service when after some days their senior official called and said we cannot replace or refund, to which i said then why do you mention things online, after reading which only we select the product and buy . While the customer service should be able to help u if there are any complains.

So ultimately i have paid for something which is no where close to what was mentoned and what i received is pure cheating in the form that the material specification is totally different.

And now Fab furnish even refuses to respond and says it just cant do anything _ 9833085524
May 30, 2013

reg fabfurnish product

i jus ordered a wall clock named klok butterfly wall clock...it is the worst clock i have ever seen and will never advise anyone..it is just a piece of **.... it is completely different frm what it looks in the internet
never buy any product from this website
they are just cheaters
Apr 18, 2013

So pricey

i saw a bean bag cover on fabfurnish and it's so pricey...i'm getting the same bean bag with bean refills on www.mebelkart.com at a much cheaper price
Sneha Sethi
Apr 8, 2013

No return no refund for low quality used product

Fab Furnish is such a pathetic and hopeless site to shop anything. I bought this buddy Shoe Rack which was the biggest mistake which was for 1722. The product is horrible , in a bad condition as if used and of a very cheap quality, the days I received the product the same day only I called them to return the product and return the money in form of a coupon or credit note so that I would buy some other thing from the site but these Fab Furnish Customer care first committed that the product will be returned in a short time and I will get a call regarding it. But when I finally got a call after 3 days they refused to return the product as they do not return Furniture, I agree if the furniture is of heavy weight there is a problem returning that but I have weighed this product and it is not even 1 Kg because all the parts are made of cloth and plastic. So I am not justified with their nonsense customer care talks. If they do not return this product I will take this case further. Now I do not want my money back in form of a credit note or coupon I want my full money in cash.My order no is 200188572. If your team can help me regarding this it will be kind of you.
Apr 4, 2013


I am very happy to read so many issues with fabfurnish
I was going to buy something from them, but now I have decided they cant be trusted
Apr 3, 2013

very bad quality product and refusing refund

I placed an order on fabfurnish for a shoe rack and laundry bag order 200323192 18 days ago. the laundry bag was 1099 incl shipping. When it arrived, it was defective and very poor quality. i emailed fabfurnish cust care for return and clearly mentioned refund no replacement. they pick upitem and sendreplacement which irefused at he time of delivery. to date 18 emails and at least 10 calls. everytime a new person calls and assures that action mind you not refund will take place in 24 hrs.now its been couple of weeks. no refund. i in fact want full refund backto card. Also, the show rack received is not good quality. paid 9900 looks cheaply made. I would advise anybody to stay away from this so called furniture store. HATE FABFURNISH. Soon posts will follow on my twitter and facebook.
sunita gandham
Jan 21, 2013

Horrible Experience with Fab Furnish

Dear Sapna,

I would like place it on records the following

1) We placed an order (Order No: 200096171) dated 12/12/12 for Habitat Diamond Bar Cabinet.
2) There was a sale on 12/12/12 mentioning 20% discount on purchase of all furniture's based on this we ordered the above item.
3) We paid Rs.15,000 as a part payment for the booking.
4) We have been continuously following up for the delivery of this item which was supposed to be delivered on Dec 28th - 2012 and also on 20% discounted price for which we have responses that they will work on it and come back. Till today there is no reply on the 20% discount .Hence we are continuously calling up customer service to settle this and take the product but there is no solution which is being provided to us rather forcing us to pay the full amount without any discount as agreed rather we have been given around Rs.1250 coupon against our 20% discount.. we request you to take immediate action on this and support your customer on this & pay back our amount.



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