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Consumer complaints and reviews about Flipkart.com

May 28, 2015

Incident: 150519-032928 Received a damaged and used product and from last 15 days you people are not processing my refund


CEO Flipkart.com

My name is Deeapk Kumar. I have ordered mi4i from your website. there was aproblem in phone it was used and there was some contact and scratches on the body and heating problem was in this phone so so called to customer care for refund after 10 days received a call on 28th may at 1 o" Clock from your customer care agent name was Rahul. He was talking to me in very unprofessional way and I have recording for same and I am Sure you must have recording in you system. You can listen that. The way he was talking to me it was unaccepted from flipkart. its my money I want my refund please give me that will not do any shoping in future and thanks for this experience. elese will post on facebook page of flipkart and on twitter will post this email and experience will go to consumer court.

There is no way I can trust an organization like that. I understand this can be one of case, but there is no way you can affect some one like that and still not ready to Refund my money.
In a gist –
1. Flip kart guaranteed 30 day replacement, which it did not honor.
2. It never processed for 2 weeks, till I started talking about it publicly.
3. Customer staff kept giving me incorrect information, on purpose and they are even not professional while talking to customer.
4. All in all it wasted more than 15 days of my computing time.
5. Its delivery guy harassed me, first time and second time customer care team of great flip kart is harassing me want my refund and want call from someone manager label timing morning 10 to 2 pm please do the needful Else will see another way because its my money and I am the owner of it not you. its we have given you the growth so donot treat the customer like that. and please Kick out the employee like rahul from your organisation.

Thanks with regards
Nilutpal Bhattacharyya
May 27, 2015

I can not received Ordered Item

I orderd 3 quantity of pavarchas printed cotton saree but i received only 1 product. But i have not find this type of problem before. So i request to all to think much before bye something.
May 24, 2015

Never by any big item without proper information/ details from Flipkart .com

I have booked one Disney three wheeler scooter ,when it is booked it is in assembled condition but when it is delivered it is in dis-assembled condition . there is no any information while booking the product,
And Now Flipkart.com say do yourself own assembly .
We are not responsible for that.

This is fully miss-guiding to customers without providing proper information to customers before going for booking.
It’s quite difficult to assembled such things at home.
So, don’t by anything from Flipkart .com
May 22, 2015

never buy ac or large household electronics product from flipkart

Never buy ac or large household electronics product from flipkart....dere rates r cheaper bt services r cheapest
Recently i purchased 1 ton 3 star onida AC and was expected to deliver on 17.05.15. Bt delivered on 20.05.15. n they guarantee installation before 48 hrs.....bt no call regarding installation 80 hrs has been passed....worst service i ever getting from any site...... even we have given several reminders to dere customer care..they wont care....order no. OD302845544643163800
Sharma deepika
May 20, 2015

Delay in installation

registered No. 9899806399
Email Id : msdeepikasharma@gmail.com

We have procured 1.5 ton 3 star voltas AC and same was delivered on 14.05.15. But, till 21.05.15 no call regarding installation has been received even we have given several reminders to your customer care .
Nowe we are not intrested to keep the AC kindly take it back and refund our money back.


Amit Sharma
Amit mishraa
May 19, 2015

MOTO G 2gen handset has started blinking and hanging

Hi All,

I have purchased MOTO G 2gen hadset and after 1 week handset has started blinking and hanging.
Please don't buy this product.

If any problem happen with in 30 days of buying then also Flipkart is not giving support .

If you will call customer support they will tell you that technical team will give you call after 24 hours and after calling they will only assist you by saying please do factory reset and they close the issue. Even after that also if problem persists they will just start to do time pass by rescheduling the call.

I have shown this issue all my colleagues at NIIT Tech. Please do not buy any electronic mobile product at Flipkart

Basant Kumar Jain
May 19, 2015

defective piece of Redmi 2...

Please dont purchase Redmi 2 from flipkart i bought 2 mobile and for both display are not working .. i requested replacement / refund which is still not done by flip kart , last 2 month they are torturing me ... i wated 14 k and trust with flipkart..
customer support is worse....


May 19, 2015

Flipkart customer support

Flipkart customer support is getting worst , recently bought kids product from flipkart order id OD002870353687037100 , product delivered was not as described in website and package was in damage condition , received a call from their representative Gomathi , spoke in a very rude tone and stating that she is trying to help me .

flipkart customer support is getting worst.
May 17, 2015

Moto E (2nd Gen) 3G mobile battery not supporting

Dear Sir/Madam,

our mobile still now not a solved a problem, my complaint register date was 11.05.15.
yesterday your person has telling troubling shorting method, same time i have been completed your instruction method. but same problem i have facing. battery backup cannot support this mobile. you should be return and exchange anther mobile.

Mobile Details:

Moto E (2nd Gen) 3G(Black, with 8 GB)

Order No : OD002679623182343800

My Order Mobile No : 07708617254

Elangovan E
07708617254 / 08608981760
May 16, 2015

order cacelled by flipcard after getting payment

I ordered lenovo a6000 plus on 12 may sale but after two days I got mail that your order has been cancelled. It was very shocking because I can even think of that. Now I m in process to publish it in newspaper so other people can't be cheated by flipkar and also will take legal action against flipkart.


Order ID: OD202827476031404400
May 15, 2015

Please do not order moto 360 from Flipkart

I ordered a MOTO 360 after the price slash to 14999 from flipkart and received it well in time. When I opened I found the docking station not in its plastic sheet wrap and all components haphazardly placed inside, I switched on the phone and tried pairing with my android phone, which did not happen. I tried many times and tried it with many other android phones of my family and friends. It turned out that the blue thooth of phone was faulty. I ordered a replacement, and I got the new piece 15 th May. Again the packing seems to be of some one repacked and not original. The watch was also set up for my surprice, I am again having the same pairing problem. I am certain that the discounted moto 360 on flipkart are refurbished and faulty ones. Please do not order moto 360 from flipkart.
When I wanted to review the product , I first logged in and provided a single star which error ed out. Then I was prompted to to confirm my email again on flipkart which I did. Ever since I do not get the review option at all (I get all other options of buying searching etc etc)
I am sure when we click on one start, there is intelligence built in the web page to recognize this and disable the review option for such users. Has anyone else faced this problem?

Waseem AM
+91 7406655533
Balamurugan sivanandam
May 15, 2015

duplicate Samsung charger

Hello Sir/ Madam
Few days back i ordered a samsung mobile charger. I received my product last week, but its not working.
Order details
Order OD102636563591133800.
Kindly replace my charger as soon as possible

Balamurugan Sivanandam
May 15, 2015

lenovo A 6000 plus geting too Hot

have purchased Lenovo A 6000 plus on May 5th Sale from you against your Order # OD102766994636684100. Now I just used this phone but I am not satisfied becuse after 5-10 minitus use hand set is geting too hot. So I am geting scared to use the phone. So please take the action and let me know action immediately.

KV Rajagopalan
May 15, 2015

Lenovo A 6000 plus is geting too heat


I have purchased Lenovo A 6000 plus on May 5th Sale from you. Now I just used this phone but I am not satisfied becuse after 5-10 minitus use hand set is geting too hot. So I am geting scared to use the phone. So please take the action and let me know action immediately.

KV Rajagopalan
Victor & Alex
May 14, 2015

Non receipt of Bill

Dear Sir,

I had purchase microsoft lumia 535 bearing order no. 002612564425953600 form you & already delivered without bill.

Request you please send the bill against above order & oblige.

May 13, 2015

hanged phone

hi sir i purchased lenovo a6000plus mobile, that mobile every time appeared unfortunately stopped google play,google apps, lenovo launcher. i replaced that mobile,still they are not replaced the piece
May 12, 2015

Defective product delivered

I have ordered Lenovo A6000plus and the FLIPKART has delivered the DEFECTIVE piece for the SECOND TIME. I want the genuine product ASAP.

Order ID: OD002714431726554300
May 11, 2015

Duplicate and defective products

I ordered moto g 2nd gen mobile phone, on the very 1st day there's a problem with the speaker, the sound is not clear, flipkart is a cheat company, pls don't buy anything from this company, I want refund, my product has a replacement for 30 days, I need a fast action or I will file a complaint and make a documentary film and post it all over, I will contact other buyers and interview them, will expose flipkart big time, you don't mess with media people.

My email is bharatbhatt001@gmail.com
May 11, 2015

defective products by Flipkart

I had ordered motorola moto g, 2nd gen.phone and on the very 1st call when I inserted the simcard I am getting hissing sound, highly disappointed by flipkart, I asked for the refund but they are sayimh I must attend a call from the technical department. ?......why for new product ????

Biggest cheaters company, if I don't get my refund, I will file a PIL and contact Zee news to help me out with this kind of creating.

Bharat Bhatt
jigisha shelat
May 10, 2015

Mobile has suddenly stooped working

I have purchased Alcatel onetouch idol x plus on 26-06-14 .But yesterday it has suddenly stooped working.
My order id is OD40625130840
My phone is in warranty period .so what can i do to get service for my phone?
my email id is jigishashelat14@gmail.com
contact no:9998001955

please resolve my problem
May 8, 2015

Didn't receive the refund even after 10 days

I bought one moto g2 on 28th April 2015 and order no is OD202704492747204600. I bought this from my Debit card and on the same day I cancelled this order. As per Flipkart they started the refund process on the same day but till today(8-May-2015) I didn't receive my refund in my Debit Card/Saving Account. Please help me in this and my contact no is 9560314521. I will wait 2-3 days more and then file a case against Flipkart in consumer court. My mail id is vikas4904@yahoo.com.
May 7, 2015

Defective mobile HTC 526 Desire Plu


I am a frequent user of Flipkart and usually make transactions from flipkart only if you talk about online shopping. I know the way Flipkart handles there e-commerce business nobody else does. But it seems there are loop holes coming into picture when we talk about replacement of defective items like my phone which I have already got replaced with the comments from your executive that this time the phone wont create any problem but actual scenario is totally different. Even the replaced phone is defective. I don't think its Flipkart's fault that these phones are defective instead I think the fault is at HTC's end but the point is that you're selling this phone under your name and you have to keep your work going-on rather than ruining your reputation. I order so many things from flipkart but very few are requested for returns, I'm not talking about replacement products as there might be some transition defects as well with the product. But my problem is different as my phone doesn't have any transition related defects rather it has manufacturing defect like --
1) Wifi not connecting -- Highly Irritating.
2) Auto re-boot.
3) Display issues.

These are surely the defects at manufacturer's end but you own the responsibility to get it fixed and if you're not going to do that than I request you to return my money back so that I can buy a new phone and live my life peaceful. I mean not connecting to wifi is so annoying that it harasses me. This matter needs to be taken up as soon as possible and with strictest action as I am not going to hear that please get your phone replaced and the new one wont have any problems. These HTC phones are problems and I'm not going to use it anymore. Moreover just saying that we can not replace your phone and your replacement request is rejected doesn't get you laurels instead will disappoint your customer base and ultimately will hamper your reputation and business.
I sincerely request you to refund my money back so that I can buy a defect free phone.

sandeep rajor
May 7, 2015

flipkart - cancelled order after confirmation

Well,this wasn't expected from flipkart...I had placed an order for 1 LENOVO A6000 plus on 05.05.2015 at 2 pm from flipkart sale, my order id is OD102767098014813700 ,which was confirmed to be delivered on 7th of May.Though I got a call from flipkart for order confirmation on 6th may and also received sms for order confirmation on 6th may that my order would be delivered on that very day,what made me shocked was the next message which i received around 6.00 am on 7th may, stating that my order has been cancelled. .There were no payment issues but the matter was of order
being cancelled. I rang up the customer care service, which assured me that i would not be receiving my parcel and i would have to place a fresh order for the same,...Completely unexpected and faithless service this...I have to gift this mobile to my wife on her b'day but flipkart screwed my plans with there pathetic service....
Balamurugan sivanandam
May 6, 2015

defective samsung mobile charger

Hello Sir/ Madam
Few days back i ordered a samsung mobile charger. I received my product last week, but its not working.
Order details
Order OD102636563591133800.
Kindly replace my charger as soon as possible

Balamurugan Sivanandam
May 6, 2015

Redmi Note 4g,Faulty product, no action taken inspite of several complaints

my mob no 9894801458
i have purchased mi4 mob from u when i open the mob with in 3 hrs as soon as reached its very high heating and video not working reg this i have give to authrosid service center they have told not possiable to clear issue return back item but i am contacting more than 3 days no proper answer only u r giving call center answer i needed new one or some other company or return back cash already i have recorder all we have discussed past 3 days,i needed solution otherwise i am going legal action

9894801458 i have received mob march 4th 12pm i have given service center at 3pm

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