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Consumer complaints and reviews about Flipkart.com

Jun 28, 2016

I didn't get my refund

I have ordered LeEco le 2 on flash sale. but the product became out of stock when th transaction is done. I got a massage from flipkart that refund is initiated. but still i didn't get my cash back. i ordered on 28-06-2016 at 12 pm.

Here is the msg which i got from flipkart.
Your order could not be completed. Refund has been initiated for payment amounting to 11997. Here is the reference TX206395074651450000.
abhi venky
Jun 28, 2016

Refund money

Order ID: OD305955272079333000 (1 Item)
Seller: BeiingTrendy
Order Date: 8 May, 2016 2:20 PM
Amount Paid: Rs. 1939 through Cash on delivery

Beza LATEST Stand-Alone Phone Watch & Works With Android & iOS Mobiles 2.0MP Camera Smartwatch
Color: Black .
Jun 25, 2016

delivery shouldn*t placed

Sir,,,pin code 534002 pin code does not hav placing order pls slove this
Jun 23, 2016


The FLIPKART should provide HOME DELIVERY option to the UTTAR PRADESH region....
U people had restricted availability of certain products in areas having PINCODE (226017)and on many other PINCODES.Products like-Smartphones, electronic appliance and many other stuff which many of your customers are intended to take but are not able to endure it...
I therefore I wanted to lay my concern on providing products even to the rural areas....
Moreover i am also one of the sufferer of these consequenses ..... There by i wanted to convey this msg to the highest authority who can look forward to it of FLIPKART...IF U CAN'T AVAIL YOUR SERVICES TO THE CUSTOMERS DOORSTEP TO SATISFY HIS NEEDS THEN BETTER PLEASE BAN YOUR ADVERTISEMENT AND OTHER SOURCES WHICH ENHANCES YOUR BRANDING ....
I hope this issue will be taken into concern if your organization do care for your customers.....
Jun 22, 2016

mobile phone

The product I KALL K42 sent to me against the order I D No.FMPP 0052620715 is delivered to me on 19/06/2016 is very odd sized and ugly to look at .Therefore,I want to return the product delivered to me and purchase another mobile from flip kart for my use.
Arup kumar13
Jun 22, 2016

Product Return Request Rejected By Flipkart

I sent the return request , but flipkart rejected it , the product which was received from flipkart is not working good , it has lots of problems including : Heating , Microphone of the phone is not working , Mobile get switched off very soon and etc,

as it says you have 10 days replacement guarantee i am requesting you this

so kindly take this request and process it As soon as possible , otherwise i will raise this complaint in consumer court

i am waiting for the response from you

Below is the Reference number and the Product ID and the date and time:

Order ID: OD106275870426827000.
Refund (Return ID: 353085031573313658) - REJECTED
Product Name:BQ S37
Received Date:20/06/2016
Return Request Date:21/06/2016
Refund (Return ID: 353085031573449873) - REQUESTED by 22/06/2016
saurav chand
Jun 20, 2016

intex portable

Flipcart doesn't help their customers.......I feel very shame that I purchased goods from this very worst company.
gokulraj gj
Jun 20, 2016

I got problem with my new mobile it just one month old (lenovo k3 note)

Recently i bought a lenovo k3 note in flipkart.After buying that product i feel very unsatisfied.and my mobile got sim slot problem.i want resolution for this problem.And im not satisfied with flipkart.
S Balaiah
Jun 18, 2016

Request for refund

Hi Sir/Madam,

I have made an order of Avignya Solid women's top on 30th may costiong an amount of Rs298 and it was delivered on 6th June 16 by e-cart executive Mr Arief.While receiving the product I had paid amount of rs 298 through Debit card via POS,and the GPRS got timed out after swiping the card and processing the cash,so I paid amt by Cash. But later I received a message of amount being deducted from my account. Raised a customer support for the same, but I got a response that amount was not deducted. But I haven't received the deducted amt back. Kindly refund my amount.

Details of decuction ID is below.

Instakart Services Pvt txn# 000184962921
Jun 17, 2016

not deliver on promise date

I book a nikon D200 DSLR camera which was booked in 16-june-2016 and promise to delivered at 18-june-2016 and not delivered and i call they said sorry we can,t delivered on 18-june-2016 we delivered in 20-june-2016. WS retail shipper is very bad never order on flipkart.
Jun 15, 2016

Creating Unnecessary problem in returning Yunicorn Mobile

I ordered for Yu Yunicorn Mobile on 07.06.15. When I received, I found it not worth the price. It has several issues. Worthless and very poor Camera quality, problem in getting 4G connectivity as well as general net connectivity are the major very clear issues. What the company has advertised, it does not contain those features. Because of this, i wanted to return the item and booked a return on 11.06.2016 with No. 353085031572192861. For past four days nobody from Flipkart bothered to initiate any return process except sending text messages that we could not connect to you and will try getting in touch with you and some specified period was mentioned in every such text messages. Even then nobody cared to initiate any process. I had rebook the Return Order. At the time of booking they do not say that there are cumbersome, bothering and time consuming unnecessary processes that are involved while returning the item. They advertise as if it is the easiest way out to return the Order. They tell a lie in advertisements to fool people. When I made the next complaint, they told that you will have install one App..and complete the return procedure. And that App has to be installed in the same handset which has to be returned. I even complied with that process. After the process was completed, they said we can not find any problem with the handset which you have mentioned. And a physical visit of a technical person from the Seller will be arranged to have a look at your problem. and IF THE PERSON VISITED IS SATISFIED AND APPROVES, THEN ONLY PRODUCT WILL BE RETURNED. Isn't it ridiculous and sad that these online portals resort to such cheap and dirty tricks which are full of lies when they advertise for the promotion of their products. When you counter them and question them, they say it is available in the Terms and Conditions..These terms and conditions go into thousand of points and who has the time to go through all of these? To save time only, one goes for online shopping. And Flipkart cheats people in this way.

Please be ware of this trick and such policy of Flipkart which they never highlight and is kept hidden.

THINK THOUSAND TIMES BEFORE U BUY FROM FLIPKART because if you r not satisfied with the product, they will harass you and make you run behind them for Return of the Product..and even then whether they will finally return or not, God knows,..because IT WILL BE RETURNED ONLY AFTER THE PERSON WHO VISITS AGREES TO IT...i.e. dependent upon whims and fancies of others. If i am not satisfied witha product, i have to take approval from some one else for my likes and dislikes...Complete B******* and RIDICULOUS
Jun 12, 2016

Not sending mobile phone

I ordered HTC Desire 828 32 GB -Grey Order Id- OD206199610400867000 from Flipkart.com. Today I recieved it but when opened it there was no mobile but few stone (Image attached).
It so much socking to get such items from such a reputed company. I was getting it a bit cheaper on other e-commerce sites but ordered it on flipkart.com because of its reliability. But I am really disappointed and shocked also.
One can argue that its seller's responsibility, but then its flipkart with which we are dealing.
I hope flipkart will take earliest action to replacement/ return.


Not sending mobile phone

Jun 11, 2016

Im not received refund (money),can you please refund it.

Hi Team,

Im not received refund (money),can you please refund it.

Earlier updated Account bank details im not using that account Blocked,can you please refund transfer to below NEW account.
IN flipkart app also already updated new account details.but still im not received amount.

My newly updated Bank details
SBI Bank
A/C No: 20031633937
IFCS Code SBIN00027980

Order Details below:

Registered mobile number 9980692797
Bhupender Chauhan
Jun 10, 2016

sticker not received

Dear Flipkart team,

Greetings for the day!!!

I would like to bring notice into hat i have purchased a Samsung j 5 mobile, i order on 28th may 2016 and i already received this product but i didn't received the NFS sticker ( Bike mode sticker) which will be paste on tank on the bike. this is not fair at all i am very annoying by the flipkart specially this kind of mistakes. I would request you to that kindly look into the matter seriously and short it out immediately and send me the bike's sticker. Order details which as follws:
Awb:- 596281237481
Order Number:- 174913895596281237481
Item:- Samsung j5 Mobile phone
and ordered by the name of Dinesh Chauhan

Thanks & regards,
Dinesh Chauhan
gautam vijay
Jun 10, 2016

Trimmer is not charged

we hd purchased Philips trimmer order no.OD304564009273633000 before six month, now it has not working due to not charged and it has in guarantee of 24 months so we request to replace it.
Jun 9, 2016

Defective product received


I had purchased a Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 edition product from flipkart. The product i received was defective and have been following up with Flipkart on the replacement since last 2 weeks. However there is no resolution from you guys yet. Everytime i am given a new date or new excuse but no resolution. Your tech person came to check and told me that will get a call from Flipkart for refund/replacement. However Flipkart Customer service people are saying there is no update on their system for the same. I called you many times but you are giving me future dates to resolve again and again.

My EMI date is due today... are you guys going to pay for this ? This is your system fault then why should i suffer ???? This is the worst service I ever had from Flipkart... and will never ever buy a product from Flipkart now and would not advise anyone to buy from Flipkart... highly disappointed with your customer service.

Reena Vishwakarma
Jun 9, 2016

Flipkart-Supply of 1 Pendrive instead of 2

Supply of 1 Pendrive-16GB against offer of 2 Pendrives by Flipkart : order dt.23.12 15 (order no. OD204772479120206000)
Dear Sir,
I had purchased Kingstan Data Traveler Pendrive 16 GB (1 + 1 Pendrive) on 23.12.15 online from Flipkart for Rs485/-but their dealer, Rathore Trading Company, Jaipur supplied single Pendrive instead of two (1 + 1) Pendrives. On my complaint to Flipkart Custcare (cs@flipkart.com), they wrote replacement of two Pendrives pack against single Pendrive pack vide Flipkart mail Dt 31.12.15 but the dealer again supplied single Pendrive which was returned by me.
I talked numerous times with Flipkart Custcare and they repeatedly assured to do the needful but of no avail. To quote my discussions with Custcare are dt. 31.12.15 (Mr. Sagar), 7.01.16 ( Ms Isha), 11.01.16, 31.01.16, 4.02.16, 9.02.16, 7.03.16 (Saurabh), 16.03.16 (Pratika), 23.03.16 (Madhu). Flipkart Custcare confirmations with me for replacement are emails (31.12.15, 11.01.16, 23.03.16) and SMSs ( 31.12.15, 11.01.16, 26.01.16, 4.02.16, 9.02.16). Finally, Custcare took my bank detail on 23.03.16 (Ms Madhu) to refund the amount in my account to close this pending issue but they cleverly created a return / refund request which was not accepted by me.
It is also astonishing that the manufacturer, Kingstan Technology,( though further detail sought by them was supplied on 04.04.16 itself) but has also not done anything to resolve the issue (services_india@kingston.com).
Flipkart has not yet supplied second Pendrive as per offer / order Dt 23.12.15 and they should immediately supply second 16 GB Pendrive.

K L Bhutiani (Mobile-9811632272)
R/O 743, First Floor, Sector-21A, Faridabad-121001 (Haryana)
sarathi pk
Jun 7, 2016

not working and other products

I odered micromax canvas a111 skin ticebut i received other mobil skintice and i received not working tablet key board
Jun 6, 2016

Received Different Product even it is not packed properly

I have bought a Skating Scooter with Pink color bur received Yellow color even it is not Packed Properly i think it opened any one may be courier center or who i don't know can you tell me how can i believe on flip kart???
rajashekar rao
Jun 6, 2016

IM not received Refund

Hi Team,

Im not received refund (money),can you please refund it.

Earlier updated Account bank details im not using that account Blocked,can you please refund transfer to below NEW account.
IN flipkart app also already updated new account details.but still im not received amount.

My newly updated Bank details
SBI Bank
A/C No: 20031633937
IFCS Code SBIN00027980

Order Details below:

Registered mobile number 9980692797
Jun 2, 2016

Product Missing

**** Disgusting Customer Service **** FAKE FLIPKART ****

I called to flipkart customer service for replacement of my faulty Lenovo A6000 plus phone whose last 4 digits of order id is 0000 .The product was overheating,hanging and getting blacked out completely and earlier i was been asked for tech visit, which didn't happened . next day i was been told by Flipkart Executive that my product will be replaced as it was under 30 days so as per the policy product can be replaced by Flipkart.

Yesterday Morning 2nd June I received replacement parcel from FLIPKART where the product was missing ( Only Adapter and screen guard is there in the box ( handset,battery and USB were missing) . On discussion with Flipkart Executive, 2 executive disconnected the call initially after knowing the issue . 3rd executive told that I will be escalating issue to higher level & you will receiving call from Flipkart on 2nd June before 15:30 PM which didn't happened . I received message also for the same that someone will get intouch before 3 30 PM IST . FLIPKART continues been giving Fake statements to their customers this is the way of giving Customer Service .

Flipkart Team started sending emails stating that request for return or refund has been disapproved . I reverted on the email sent by flipkart executive but as I mentioned earlier FLIPKART hires unskilled labours . Post my revert , i am getting same copy paste documents from different agents . Instead of reading it they are just copy and pasting documents .

I have ordered many products from flipkart which i need to further discontinue and earlier ,I was recommending FLIPKART to my friends & relatives to purchase things from flipkart which i will further discontinue . Moreover , I will spread this information to social media,my office as much as i can so that this should not happen this to anyone else .

Moreover, I will make sure none of my friends and relatives will purchase any product from flipkart post 2nd June 2016.

Jun 2, 2016

not refund

tower fan bought from flip cart but it was very small I want exchange but status sorry unable to refund and exchange totally chected me This is Ramesh from Visakhapatnam ramesh05121970@gmail. com
Bobby jose.p.f
May 29, 2016

vulgour language by field executive flip kart

One executive in flipkart company has misbehaved with me and my daughter using vulgour language.even saying bad words and we informed the main office and we got calls from 1 officers that this misbehaved person has been terminated from their office but this didn't come to reality and he is still in service . this is a problem completely based on cheating and I also came to read above complaints about Flipkart and say to everyone that just go ahead legally if we are all together we can come across this cheating . I surely going legally.
May 25, 2016

Cheating, unethical and illegal practices by Flipkart


This product, sold by “Blush” on Flipkart’s website, is priced at Rs 595 for an 783ml bottle. The bottle shows 25% bonus. The price of a 621ml bottle is Rs 499. 25% of 621ml is 155.25ml. This, added to 621ml, is 776ml (close to 783ml). Therefore, the vendor should not have charged Rs 595, but Rs 499. This is downright cheating.
Further, all products sold in India, even if imported, are required, by law, to carry an MRP. This product does not carry an MRP which is a contravention of Indian law and is liable to legal action and damages.
It has been over 10 days since I first reported this matter to Flipkart. Despite assurances that "strict action would be taken against the seller" no action has been taken against the seller. He continues to cheat the customers by charging the customers for the 25% free portion of the product. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that Flipkart is in colluding with the seller in cheating the customers. No one has yet got in touch with me TO RESOLVE THE ISSUE
May 25, 2016

Cheating, unethical and illegal practices by Flipkart


This product, sold by Dashmesh Trading through Flipkart, was received by me with the label deliberately scratched out. Why would a seller want to deliberately scratch out the label? So that the buyer should not see the details of the MRP, the date of expiry, etc? This shows an ulterior motive with a view to cheat the customer.
It has been over a week since I first reported this matter to Flipkart. Despite assurances that "strict action would be taken against the seller" no action has been taken against the seller. He continues to sell his products on Flipkart’s website. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that Flipkart is in colluding with the seller in cheating the customers. No one has yet got in touch with me TO RESOLVE THE ISSUE

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