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Consumer complaints and reviews about Flipkart.com

Dec 20, 2014

not satisfaction of Dezine Analog Watch

I ordered Dezine watch,Order Id;OD101455256783434800,but i not setisfied for this product.so pl.return my money imedeatly.Thanks
Dec 18, 2014


damaged in border and pallu
Dec 17, 2014

for late delivary

dear sir /mam i booked a flip cover for nokia x ..on 11.12.2014 .my order is OD301512868270475700...but sir they cancel my order on 15.12.2014 they says ur order is delay so i can reshipped .ok then yesterday mornig a message has been come from flipkart they say ur order is ready to shipped ...so i am call the call center and ur representatives says me they shipped after 24 hours but sir they didnt shipped sir i am very angry about it sir please check the matterand resolve it...

Dec 17, 2014

i didnt recieved the invoice yet...

i brought moto g (1st gen) from flipcart..
i got it delivered on nov 15 2014
Shipment Tracking ID: WSRC3273859949
order OD001271417923227000
but i didnot got any invoice till now.. please send me invoice as soon as possible
jitendra ssingh
Dec 16, 2014

Mobile Fault

This is bring you a notice from one of my shopping order which is of Rs-3699/- in the 8th december 2014 and I have get battery problem in that product and i have call customer care of flipkart so many time but they didnt getting response .flipkart.com is a fraud or cheater site So i will request to new customer plz do not purchase any product from flip kart

Here are few important details are as follows:-

1:-Order Number:- OD001489303878426100
2:-Price:- 3699/-
3:-Colour:- Black.
4:- Brand Name :-- Karbonn smart a12
5:- Order Date :-- 8th Dec,2014
5:-City:- Noida
Tharun jain
Dec 12, 2014

Worst Experience

Hi this is Tharun as I order a Moto G 2gen mobile (Order number OD001501319283541700)on 10th dec 2014 by morning 2:30am by an online payment made, for one of my family friend but there was mistake from my end of wrong pin code of Bangalore so it was cancelled by Flipkart without any information and refund was raised automatically so I had a word with a agent in morning by 5am on 12th dec 2014 called Mr. Venkat and I have informed about the cancellation done without my knowledge and asked to raise a complain regarding it and let me know who cancelled order without informing me Ref- 141212003580. By 9:30 I had a conversation with Ms. Gurpreet a another agent who was unable to understand my query so informed to escalate it to her senior it was Mr. Jitender who is a Assistant manager filpkart Bangalore, I explained the complete query what I had, he said that he will let me know about it but I didn’t had any resolution on it till 2pm of 12 dec 2014, then I called back to Flipkart its was another agent called Ms. Pooja she was also not able to understand my query I asked her to transfer the call to Mr. Jitendar again he was helpless so informed him to escalate this to his senior then it was Ms. Jyoti Manager of Flipkart from Mumbai she had a complete detail of my query but she didn’t had resolution for it and I informed her to arrange a call back and resolve the problem by evening but it was not done after having a conversation with Ms. Jyoti my payment was received after a 30 min of call disconnection to my account which was refund from Flipkart but I think they forgot my concern as it’s not about money it’s about the cancellation of order without my knowledge or without informing me. Its 8:52pm I called Flipkart but now there systems are down from 8pm and now by 10:30 I called again it was a other agent called Mr. Amir now systems were working but he was not having a resolution so transferred to floor supervisor Mr. Hitesh who said as per the comments mentioned in the system amount has refunded ask customer to place a new order but there was no resolution when I asked him to escalate this to his senior he kept me on hold and after retuning his answer was his Assitant manager Mr. Sanjay said to mail the issue for resolution on cs@flipkart.com this kind of response is not accepted this is a biggest face of bad customer service for what they got paid.
Dec 12, 2014

Delivery delay by locall station

I have ordered of Redmi 1S delivery available at jodhpur but attendent not delivered me from last two days he is delaying unnecessary.
Dec 11, 2014

Poor service

i had ordered for a Wifi router through Flipkart without realizing the mistake about the WAN port specification - I needed an RJ45 one. But the item I ordered was of RJ11. When I made a polite request for the exchange of the item for a new one having RJ 45 WAN, they refused, although I told them that I do not need a refund, but only the adjustment of price. I felt it was a bit cruel. At the most, they could have charged me the courier charge for one delivery. It is not customer friendly. I wish I do not buy anything through them any more
Dec 8, 2014

Moto e hanged and switched off

Bought moto e on the day of launch through flip kart and yesterday it got hanged while at call. And even after 4~5 times switching off it is not rebooting again and suddenly it got booted up but the sim is not detected. So I had tried to capture the IMEI number but it says null and after some time this got switched off automatically even battery is full.

And I was trying to switch it on but to my vain it is completely not getting on and I am really fed up as there is no service centres available here at Chennai. Since this exclusive online service issue I request Flip kart either to get my money refunded back to me or replace a fresh mobile in lieu of the damaged one.

Please treat this as priority and do the needful.

Dec 7, 2014

Sim1 Slot Rejecting Sim Back

I raised a complaint against this issue , still no actions taken.
I raised a complaint regarding this issue with Flipkart persons, but they were playing a game.

Please don't buy any products from flipkart.
Dec 7, 2014

Don't buy any product from Flipkart

I ordered a micro max canvas knight 350 mobile on 29 Nov,2014, order id OD101412197658323500 got the product delivered on 01 Dec,2014. Opened the box and did all the basic setting up of the mobile and found that the mobile was getting hot if use it for more than 5 mins, i thought it was due to the new mobile takes some time to get set it. i used it for 5 days and found no improvement, it was even worser, if i use to mobile for just 2 to 3 mins it gets hot near the camera and slowly it comes down and if i get a call i am unable to speak since my ears couldnt resist the heat. its so hot!!!!!! Hence i called flipkart customer care on 06 dec2014 and explained the problen and requested fr a replacement they said that the product is curently out of stock only a refund can be issued, i accepted that happily since i am getting my money back for a defective product and i was very happy that flipkart has such a great customer service, the next day that is today 07dec2014 a guy named AMIT from Flipkart called saying that he will help trouble shoot my mobile to get the heating problem resolved. I said i had requested for a refund and even i got a mail confirmation that the refund request is under process and now why ur calling to troubleshoot, he said that there is no replacement or refund policy in flipkart and the good once sold cannot be taken back,i was SHOCKED to hear that from a flipkart representative,again he said the same and asked me to co-operate to troubleshoot. i said i wanted a refund and i do not want to troubleshoot. He again said flipkart does not have a refund or a replacement policy. i said i read in the website before ordering the mobile that flipkart has 10 to 30 days replacement or refund policy,he denied that stating its only for genuine reasons, i dont understand what is the difference between genuine reason and my complaint. Whoever reads this mail ,please i beg you to refund my money, i will not buy online anymore,this is my first experience which turned out to be a very bad one, please please its hard earned money, please refund it na, i will not buy any product online hereafter, kindly refund, i beg you
raghwendra pandey
Dec 1, 2014

My mobile not working properly ( MOTO g 2nd Generation)

Hello filpkart,

My Name is Raghwendra Pandey , I did bought Moto G by filpkart a one week ago... There are lots of problem in phone.
1. Ear phone connection not properly...
2. Volume sound very low..
3. Touch not working properly sometimes.....

So requesting you to please replace that phone...

Raghwendra Pandey
Add : D-105,Hosiery Complex , Phase-II, Noida-201305. UP
Mobile No - 91+9871530259
Email id - raghwendrapandey94@yahoo.com
Dec 1, 2014

Third class service

Hello Flipkart,
I am an employee working at Infosys. I placed an order for a wallet and Today it was going to be delivered. I got a call from the delivery guy asking me to come outside my office. hardly 10 minutes later I reached the place where he asked me to come and called that person. But he asked me to come to other place around 2-3 kms away from the place. Now tell me is it online delivery??better I would have gone to a store directly :P
Now frankly speaking I have lost faith in Flipkart and this was my last order.
Nov 29, 2014

moto e hanged some time

sir I have got moto e on 15 nov 2014 on flipkart .after a 10 days there was hanging problem some time .phone was hanged ,

pls help me & refund my money as soon as possible .
Nov 26, 2014


Flipkart become money minded nowadays and started selling 3 rd quality products just looks like genuine product but will not work properly after six month time.
I have experienced problems with speakers ,mobiles, hardisk & laptops.
I went to service center to fix some of the products they told me these are duplicates and not registered products.

Be-careful while buying from Flipkart Guys!!

Mehta Sanjay
Nov 25, 2014

redmi 1s replacement

sir i got redmi 1s mobile phone via flipcart delivry date was 23 i got tha fone in the evenig around 5-6pm it was working fine just bit of heating after a night .. early in the mornig it was not switching onn i tried a lot but the fone was not switch on plzz help me to refund money or replace it.....
my no. is -7898333216
please help me out............
Dinesh Shinde
Nov 25, 2014

My E-Voucher got expired but cant extend

Hi Sir/Madam,

I had received a e-voucher worth Rs1500/- which had expired a month back on 28th Oct 14, but i did not received any reminder on the expiry date, my voucher no is 1000170024817536, can this be extended and provided please.I thought of using this voucher this month of booking Redmi Mobile for gifting to my sister and i am bit depressed seeing this as expired.
Now i fear of purchasing anything from Flipkart as i feel they are not so flexible and helpful.
Please respond to my email id. I am not in town.

+65 86716291
Nov 24, 2014

Not ready to Replace the product

I ordered Sonata watch thorugh flikart order no OD101309546793123400,but its not working properly so i asked them to exchange my product but they told there is no option to exchange the product.but in web site the posting 30 day exchange & warranty ,all are cheating the people.i asked them to refund the amount or i want to buy the another watch but they told me there is no option for refund amount.i think there is one way transaction ,only paying the money and no refunding the amount to people even when they are suffering,i heard last week flipkart turn over more than crores,now only i came to how they making money.
Nov 23, 2014

not refunded my money.... taken back the product

My order no...OD101103391131925800.I have ordered power back which was not working I have raised compliment and they have collected power bank and they told within 5 working days they will refund the money . when I check the order status they have mentioned money refunded .....
madan gopal vijay
Nov 21, 2014

shoes, pesting open

i have order no.40808183597, vide invoice no.bir_wfid20140800457055/08.08.2014, product sport shoes/d87187 of Rs. 1399.00.

my shoes shol is opened before 1 month, please replace the same.
Nov 21, 2014

not received the schwarzkopf shampoo and treatmen

My order number is OD301205745105264700 .I placed an order for 4 products i.e. Schwarzkopf repair rescue shampoo,conditioner ,treatment and neutrogena moisterizer on 5th of November. I have received the conditioner and neutrogena moisterizer already.On 13th of November , I received a packet on which the rest two products name ( shampoo and treatment ) was mentioned. I made the payment for those two but on opening it found that sweaters were there inside it instead of the shampoo and treatment.Immediately I called the customer care and requested them to send both my products and I will return them the sweaters. But inspite of telling the customer care the same thing many times( to send both the products together),they are just sending the treatment and asking me to return the sweaters.I really dont understand that how can it take more than 15 days to send one shampoo even after complaining multiple number of times.I am going to my hometown tomorrow early morning for 10 days. Hence,I had requested flipkart on 18th nov. to send the shampoo and treatment by today i.e. 21st of November.Still,I have'nt received it.I am just highly disappointed by your service.Please look into this matter asap.I have done enough of waiting now.If its not resolved by the end of the day then I will post the same in consumer forum.Request you to deliever the Schwarzkopf repair rescue shampoo and treatment by the end of the day.Order details is below:

Thank you for your order!

We will send you another email once the items in your order have been shipped. Meanwhile, you can check the status of your order on Flipkart.com

Please find below, the summary of your order OD301205745105264700

Seller: WS Retail

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Repair Rescue Shampoo
Item Price
Rs. 600
Rs. 600
Will be delivered by Fri 14, Nov 2014

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Repair Rescue Conditioner
Item Price
Rs. 600
Rs. 600
Will be delivered by Fri 14, Nov 2014

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Repair Rescue Treatment
Item Price
Rs. 720
Rs. 720
Will be delivered by Fri 14, Nov 2014

Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture Combination Skin
Item Price
Rs. 299
Rs. 299
Anjali Singh
Nov 18, 2014

Flipkart return Policy

I bought a mobile quite recently to be precise 3 days ago from flipkart and after placing the order i heard the review about the mob "which states the mobile it is total waste." So i waited for the mob to arrive and on the instant i took the mobile from the delivery guy, i called up the number listed on the cosignment and requested for the refurn.They promised me i'll get call from some rerurn goods department which was happened. The guy who called me is absolutely dumdo who can't understand. What i understood is he is just reading the script and the bottom line of the story is "He is forcing me to use the mob and as per him no refund will be initiated, which means the money that i spent is Gone."

Afterall it's not about the money but defiently it's about the trust. Man it's a total waste of my time energy and Money.Flipkart train your people how to talk and tell them what is customer service exactly means... never ever try to stick the product to customer's a**...
Nov 17, 2014

micro sd card complaint in one month

Toshiba MicroSD Card 8 GB Class 4 purchased with the order number OD001076315864621001 placed on 21st Oct '14 and received on 25th OCt'14 which is showing error many times and not at all functioning. Every time all my data is getting erased and it really pissing me off.
I need a refund or change of product.
Kindly revert.
vasudevan k s
Nov 1, 2014

delay in delivery by your courier

placed order for redmi from flipkart on 14 oct and despatched on 16 oct.But it reached chennai on 26 oct whereas delivery dt was 25 oct. Since then its lying without any effort for delivery. order no O D 101013076094465100 e com order no106943827 k s vasudevan 9445876657
Nov 1, 2014

Short receipt of consignment vide *order number OD001046669353571600* as on dated 18.10.2014

This is bring to your notice that i have booked Lenovo A7-30 Tab, quantity -2 No. vide order number OD001046669353571600 as on dated 18.10.2014 and payment has been already made by credit card for the same i.e Rs.11748.00 for 2 pices of Lenovo A7-30 Tab.Yesterday on dated 31.10.2014 i received the courier against this order; when i opened the box it contains only one piece of Lenovo A7-30 Tab.i was shocked that time and immediately complained to the flipKart customer care no.1800 208 9898.There was Mr.Vivek through which have made a complaint about the short receipt of one piece of Tab.
The complaint no. is 27864257 dated 31.10.2014 and get assured that i will get my another piece of tab within 24 -48 hours.
regarding this we have also received the SMS on my mobile no. 9323773539 stated that"we have escalated your issue to the concerned team. we will resolve your problem by 02nd November 2014 6:30P:M".
Therefore you are requested to send me the courier details of the Balance consignment to know the status of shipment because tomorrow 2nd Nov is Sunday as holiday.

Kindly understand my problem and resolve immediately.

Amresh Roy
Mobile No.-9323773539

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