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Consumer complaints and reviews about Flipkart.com

Renu Updhyay
Sep 2, 2014

Repeated Processing error message

On placing an order on Flipkart,once I press 'Continue' after verification of the Billing address so that I may continue on to payment, an error message pops up repeatedly-"Processing error:Your request did not reach us.Try again'. Spoke to Customer Care but they were clueless and had no help to offer. Cleared my browser cookies but to no avail.
ujjwal soni
Aug 29, 2014


the behaviour of courier owner was worst i visited his office 3 times but he did not handover parcel to me and not at all delivered parcel to my home worst courier service
Aug 29, 2014

book half girlfriend booked on 13 August not delivered yet. order no.OD40813012314 .

chetan bhaghat`s book half girlfriend booked on August 13 not yet delivered.
Aug 27, 2014

very poor service of Flipkart

orderd moto e cell phone and the delivery time was with in 2-3 days. but 8 days has gone and still waiting for my products ..when inquired in customer care saying system to get updated. and giving me one more day daily.

it is my request to all dont trust or dont buy anything from this site-- they are irresponsible and will cheat you.

Vijay sajwan
Aug 26, 2014

Fucked up servise

i placed an order of three pairs of shoes on aug 5th, two pairs of 44 size and 1 pair of 42 size. i received the delivery on Aug 11th where i received 1 pair of 42 size and 1 pair of 44size though it was mentioned quantity 2. i called up the customer care and informened them at the very moment, but i was asked to call back after 7pm for the system to get updated.

i called up after 7pm and spoke to one of the representative and informed him about the missing item, he said he has taken the request and made the necessary changes. he also informed me that i will be receiving the products in 3 business days, which i didnt. after couple of business days the delivery came as was asking me about the return product. damn it! That idiot representative instead of marking as missing item he did replacment in his system.

i then again called the customer service of flipkart and had to explain the entire senario again. He again said that he will make the necessary changes and the product will be delivered to me in 3 business days. i tried to convince the CSR that i cant wait for so long. i requested him to ask the delicery person to deliver the product to me and make the changes in his system. the CSR said if i have the initial delvery package then i can had it over to the delivery person and he will hand over the delivery to me. i made him speak to the delivery person and the delicery person was ok. i get the box from my work place and get back to the delicery person he refused to deliver the product to me and was asking me where is the product which u want to return. same bloody question. how can i retur the item when i havnt received one.

i again called the flipkart customer care and spoke to the representative, i wanted to speak to the manager but said the manager is not available. i again explained the entire senario to him, he explained me it was an error from their end and he assuered him that he is working till 10-11pm and after 7pm he will put in a new request and i will get the delivery in 3business days.

after three business days got over i called the flipkart customer care again and spoke to the manager and had to explain the entire senario to him again. he said he will take the request and the item will be deliverd to him in three business days. i said WTF! what did the last representative did? i was supposed to receive the delivery yesterday and now u sending another request. i was pissed and wanted a refund. he as usual assured me that he will esclate the issue at his level and i will receive the delivery in 3 business days. its more than 3 business days now i am still awaiting the delivery.

I have all the calls recorded in my phone. People i want everyone should be aware of the services some people are facing. i want to exclate this issue to the higher level, please contact me if you are aware of any higher level person's email address. i looking forward to esclate this issue to consumer forum as well. I will also put this on Facebook and do some marketing for Flipkart... :P


Aug 26, 2014

Delay in delivery

Despite of giving Rs 90 extra for same delivery still i am waiting for the required product from last 2 days.
This is the second time i getting such kind of a pathetic services from this so called reputed brand Flipkart.
Kindly change your name from Flipkart to Switchkart...because i think day by day you will going to loose your customers if such kind of shit services continued.
Aug 26, 2014


Aug 24, 2014

Nokiya Power Bank not working properly.

Dear Shr
I have ordered for Nokiya Company's Power Bank DC-16 .on dt.03/08/2014 by Flipkart. Order No. was OD 40803077100. In continuation to this I have received the same on dt. 06/08/2014.for this I have paid Rs.1109/- as per condition. The instrument received is not working properly. When Nokiya power Bank received is charged fully and than when it is connects with my Micromax Q-110 Mobile, than it is discharged but mobile is charged only 50 %. It happens several times. So I think you have send me damage peace.

2.. I wish to refund me Rs.1109/- as early as possible and get that peace back from me.
sandeep deepu
Aug 24, 2014

change of book

we have ordered a book in english and we received it in telugu language.
vijay panchal85
Aug 21, 2014

cell not received

Dear Flipkart team,

I have purchased a xiaomi mi3 handset on 12th Aug 2014 through flipkart. your company deliver date 18 aug 2014, but yet not received. Kindly deliver to me today. (as soon as possible.)

plz revert me.

Vijay panchal
Shekhar Tomar
Aug 20, 2014

mobile charger not working

I purchased a moto g hendset on 4 may 2014 through flipkart but right now the charger of this set is not working. Kindly replace my charger ASAP.
Aug 20, 2014

no invoice provided

I am writing this email as feedback/dissatisfaction about order Id OD40708044066 [Incident: 140716-007989] . I raised an issue about 40 days ago regarding invoice for my phone. but I haven't got my invoice and because of which my phone's 1 year warranty gets violates. I contacted flipkart number of time through all modes (call / mail /chat) but every time I was asked to wait for another 5 days and I will get my invoice. Yesterday I got a call from flipkart executive saying as seller is not responding we can't provide the invoice and she asked me whether I can return the item. so I said I am using the phone for last one month. I have put on all the accessories worth approx rs1500 so I can't return the item. so she gave me offer of 15% in flipkart wallet not as cashback that was not possible as I was told (not a policy ). but I was not fine with 15% and I had to actually forced to accept this as I didn't have any other option. For last 40 days, was I supposed to keep the phone unused/seal packed as I was assured by flipkart executive that I will get the invoice within 5 days? what's my fault in that? I don't know anything about the seller. I spent my hard earned moneythrough flipkart.
> It's not only right of consumer to get a legal bill/invoice but also illegal if retailers doesn't provide the bill. that mean I spent 85% for an nonbilled / unwarranted mobile which is not at all a fair deal basically even the compensated amount can only be spent on flipkart. do you think is it a fair deal? so please (it's my probably last request) do the best you can do. Being a reputated and multi billion dollar company this may be small amount for you but for me it matters alot. I am not satisfied with this resolution (15% in flipkart wallet ) .
Aug 19, 2014

Bluetooth Headset ZEB-BH499

In my ZEBRONIC-BH499 bluetooth headset was problem,it is notset in my mobile i have check in another mobile not in use.
please if u take it the bluetooth and return the new bluetooth for set my mobile,i truest flibkart,so. pls give the bluetooth for use in my mobile.
my mobile model:MICRO MAX BOLD A58,
bluetooth model:ZEB-BH499,
I order in 05-08-2014,
I reacive my order 14-08-2014
My mobile no:7418268766.
Furqan Sayyed
Aug 18, 2014

False id use

My self is sayyed Furqan & my email id is sayyed1982@gmail.com. I never gave any order to Flipkart & somebody else is using my email id for purchasing with the name & address of.
Sayyed Fayaj
shingvenaik ,
neer gram panchayat , alt no-8806431475
Ahmednagar - 414111
Maharashtra .
anjali aggarwal6
Aug 16, 2014

order no:OD40804261831

my order is been cancelled by flipkart itself and its showing that i have cancelled the order. first of all they showed branch misrouted, i dn't have any idea how can they say branch misrouted when a week back they have delivered a Mp3 player on the same address through same courier service. flipkart has the worst service i have ever seen. i feel like complaining against them in consumer court.
Aug 15, 2014

My Blackberry Z30 is still not delivered

Order ID - OD40805147048, Tracking id - FMPP0820447217. I booked it on 5th Aug and was supposed to be delivered by 8th Aug as per SMS from Flipkart.

Then they said it will be sent on 14th Aug as the Flipkart website under 'Orders' section, but have not received yet.

I raised 3 complaints via email throught their website and have received email saying they are investigating...not sure which direction this is going and now i fear if i cancel the order will i be getting the refund properly back to my credit card?? not sure what to do...
Aug 14, 2014

No delivery, no response from Flipkart

I had booked an item trough Flipkart order no OD40805113687 on 05/08/2014 but still not delivred up to 14/08/2014 at 16.00 Hrs. Very very poor response from both Flipkart and the courier partner Delhivery.
sar vesh
Aug 14, 2014

delivery is not taken place

I have given order (order no OD4080409​4991,OD4080409​543) dated 4.08.14,till now I did not get my items, immediately take immediate action. For my exam I was order this book, because your poor delivery I could not able to read, now I am thinking I would have purchased direct to the shop instead of online. i have tracked in your website the reply was order has been delivered
Aug 13, 2014

False Cancellation of Ordered Item


Ref Order Num: [OD40804069166]

I had ordered 2 perfumes on Flipkart - One men's and one women's. Both were ordered on August 4th and I got an email saying that both have been dispatched but 2 different delivery dates. The first one was delivered on the said date. The 2nd one was to be delivered on 14th Aug. On 12th August, I get an email saying that we have accepted your request for cancellation of order. I had not cancelled the order, but I still got an email saying this. When I contacted customer care, they agreed that it has not been cancelled by me, but the product will still not be delivered. If I want, I have to order the product again.

Flipkart - Just making yourself a big brand and being sold for billions does not make you a trustworthy brand. You need to have professionalism. The customer service guys were not helpful at all. In this case the company should re-order for me. If I want the product, I have to go and do the ordering procedure again or if I want to cancel I have to wait for 12 working days to get back my money.

Utterly Useless Flipkart.

Aug 11, 2014


Dear Sir as per order no 40806066223 of SVB SATA 2.5 NOT WORKING.PLS EXCHANGE AS SOON AS POSSIABLE.

Aug 11, 2014

replace my sate hdd cover case

Dear sir I have order SATA HDD COVER CASE (SVB SATA ) 3.5 but by mistake 2.5 delivered so kindly replace the my item if any price difference I am able to pay the difference amount also.MY ORDER NO:-40806066223.
Shankha Sen
Aug 10, 2014

Failure on delivering rakhi

I had ordered for a rakhi on 7th August, but it was not sent to my brother living in Mumbai. It is very unfortunate and speaks very low of the marketing team. They failed to send the rakhi on the rakhi day. On speaking with the helpline I was informed that the due date for sending the raki was on the 13th of August which is pointless if they cannot send the rakhi on the rakhi day. It clearly shows that the sales team lacks the basic selling skills.They are trading with human emotion. If you cannot send the rakhi by the raksha bandhan then you do not display it in your website. I am very regretful for choosing Flipkart and will never use their services again.
Shankha Sen
Aug 10, 2014

Failure on delivering rakhi

I had ordered a rakhi on Flipkart on 7th August hoping it will reach by the rakhi day.This however did not happen and i couldn't reach the rakhi to my brother. According to the Flipkart helpline I should have checked the delivery date. It reflects on their poor sale strategy where they trade with people's emotions. When you advertise rakhi on your website it means you will be delivering it on the rakhi day obviously. There is no point delivering rakhi as it is not any other commodity. This simple idea should be known to the sales team. I will never ever use flipkart to buy anything.
Preeti Tiwary
Aug 10, 2014

show willingness to help the customer

Customer care executives needs to show willingness to help the customer.Today I called customer care and a girl picked the call. I explained the issue and she said ok,what ok I need assistance on my issue and she hung up on me.That was disastrously unprofessional,don't know which world that she found to acknowledge a customer is a rocket science,she had 0% soft skills.After that I called again wherein a gentleman picked and asked me to go online for the replacement or refund of the damaged product I received. I was quited pissed off after hearing that coz the same I did it few days back and it was all done by the executive.I requested for a supervisor that's when the rep setup the refund on the call itself.The situation would not have gone any worse if he could have helped me in the first place.Still I like flipkart however the CS (FEW NOT ALL) pathetic.(6:42-6:44) timings when i called on 10th Aug 14.As the calls are recorded please go ahead and listen to them once.
Dissatisfied customer with customer care support.
Priya Inbalagan
Aug 7, 2014

Not proper information

We have told you to give a double booster. We call the customer care since we din do no the details in online you have mentioned that is double booster voltage stabilizer. So we call the customer care and they informed that is a double booster so then we told to book the order.
We asked about replacement but they told that you have 30 days replacement technique but now we call the customer care to change the product but they are saying that according to our policies it is not possible.
What is this illegal to us? If you din mention properly to our complaint or you din reply me within 24 hours we will complaint into the higher officials. Please take it as serious

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