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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about GHMC-HYDERABAD

Aug 29, 2015

regarding drainage overflow

Hi sir,

I am staying near motinagar. One of the Drainage near to vasavi brindhavan or janapriya appartments on the road is overflowing daily. Worst smell is spreading to all the surrounding areas. Could you please respond as soon as possible before people falls into health problems.

Aug 15, 2015



Iam neighbour of H.No.7-1-309/75 Near B.K.Gudapark, Balkampet, S.R.Nagar, Hyderabad - 500038. In H.No.7-1-309/75, Mr. Easwar (House Owner) keeping dog which is causing inconvenience and annoyance to all the residents and also causin nuisance.Hence I request you to remove the dog from H.No.7-1-309/75. If required please enquire all neighbours.

Citizen of Hyderabad
Aug 13, 2015

bad speed breaker design in Phoenix Infocity

The Municipal commissioner,
GHMC Hyderabad,

Dear Sir,

I work in one of the offices in Phoenix Infocity , aVance Business Hub, IT/IT SEZ, Hitech city, the Pheonix authorities build speed breaker which are very dangerous. they did not follow speed breaker guidelines, i almost fell on the side divider because of these unlawfully speed breakers. it might have caused serous life threatening injuries. it is just matter of time, it is sure that someone will get killed by these things. i request you to take serious action.

Thanks you
Aug 11, 2015

lack of drainage system nallagandla

I am a resident of nallagandla huda complex house no 7-1/121 mig. There is no drainage sewerage facility to my house.since 6 years I am facing this problem .lot of complaints were given at 11 circle municipality.they are not even giving reply at all.I paid sewerage charges long time back .provide drainage facility immediately.
Shaik Abdul Raheem
Jul 30, 2015

drainage complaint

Hi Sir,

My name Raheem, I am address is H No:12-82,P&T Colony,KodandaramNagar,Saroornagar,Sharada theater Road,Hyderabad.MY problem is our drainage pipe line stuck because of the road drainage pipe line is jammed that pipeline belong to government. My brother already when to office and complain about it twice but there is no response.Can you please take action as soon as possible.

It is very urgent I request you take action, Before it affects health of people around.

Thank You,
Shaik.Abdul Raheem,
Jul 26, 2015

Road work pending


On behalf of the Church Committee resided at Hasham Nagar, Langer house, I bring to your notice the following facts for favor of your kind consideration and speedy resolution. The Road running from "Fire station, Langar house" to "hasham nagar church" was dug to lay new road but this work is pending from last 4 months. This is an important road in this locality. Hundreds of people travel either on foot or by auto/car on this road. At present this road work is not under progress and needs to complete asap, otherwise accidents may happen and vehicles cant go on this way even for normal rain. At present, most of the manholes are open and vehicles are unable to move on this road.

If the repairs are not done immediately, the public will be put to great inconvenience and they are ready to pour gravel with their own expenses. Could you please look into this matter with priority and get this work done asap.

With thanks,

Bhupal R G
Suman Chatterjee
Jul 21, 2015


This is suman chatterjee (mob9908651315) staying in dolamlguda gaganmahal road no11 near Ghmc word office Telengana
Sir I just request to that the dead end the road beside the nala our apartment there is a huge mount of garbage out there GHMC people not come to clean, rain water not passing , people doing urine we had informed &informed to GHMC but there is no result even SACHH TELENGANA people came and just take photographs we personally clean this place once.if eny thing possible just take the action with imitate effect becoz we have infant it is so harmful for our helth also SO what can we do plz give us solution sir
Jul 18, 2015

Garbage not cleaned

Respected sir,

I am a resident of jhansi nagar colony h. no. 9-4-133/2/2b Zoom residency, tolichowki, at the entrance of our colony huge garbage is kept and no ghmc people is taking care and lift the garbage. Can you please take some action as earliest as possible.

Thanking you
Sarfaraz Sayyed
Jul 15, 2015

garbage no lifted

Respected sir,

I am resident of shanti nagar golnaka h. no. 2-3-764/1/b/1 shanti nagareddy golnaka in front of my house huge garbage is kept no ghmc people is taking place take care and lift the garbage as earliest as possible

thanking you
mirza Nawaz Baig
shanti nagar golnaka amberpet
hyderabad 500013
sri hari babu
Jul 13, 2015


Respected sir,

The place of kushaiguda near venkateswara temple overflow of drainge water on the streets is becomming a big problem for the public who are walking there and also it become a health hazard this problem is from the past one week the overflow of the drainge water through out the day . kindly take the needful action as soon as possible.
Jul 5, 2015



Iam resident of Flat No.302 Purushotham residency Block No.1 Gandhi Nagar Hyderabad-500 080. In Flat no.304 keeping dog which is causing inconvenience and annoyance to all the residents and also causin nuisance.Hence I request you to remove the dog from Flat No.304.

Karunakar Reddy,N
Jun 28, 2015

Food Poisoning in Hostel

Respected Sir,

Our hostel which is located at below mentioned address. We are facing many problem due to food poisoning like we are getting viral fevers, Rashes on skin. The hostel management is using low quality material and there using dirty water to make food( they are using same water for cleaning and making food) . They are not maintaining neatness also. There is lot of wastage. Due to these we are getting health problems. Please respond as soon as possible. Please find the Hostel Address

Venkataramana Boys Hostel,
5/A, Near just Bakery,
SR Nagar, Hyderabad-500038.
Jun 22, 2015

Illegal sale of water in the disguise of branded packaged water

We recently visited a restaurant nearby gachibowli and found a dreadful fact that drinking water is filled in new branded kinley water bottles from the 20 litres cans and are being sold as if they are the new ones. The people with no clue of what's actually happened, are purchasing these water bottles.
So, I kindly request you to look into this issue as this is to be taken seriously in the view of health of people.
The above mentioned restaurant is: Food Nation,beside raidurg police station, khajaguda x road.
Jun 22, 2015

Manhole Broken very Dangerous

Opposite Gayathri Nagar Park, Plot no 14-1-90/564,565 there was broken of two manholes and it is very dangerous as school children will be wondering there so please take action immediately and call 8008595353 or 9848807513 immediately and resolve soon.
Jun 9, 2015

Garbage Collection at Padmaraonagar, Secunderabad

I, C.Chakradhar, Residence of Padmaraonagar, and my H.No. 6-1-119/5, Padmaraonagar, Secunderabad-25.

This is in regards with a complaint on Garbage Collection!

Inspite of paying the garbage collection person on monthly basis they are not even coming once in a week. They are only coming first one week on alternate day’s basis. They didn't come from past Few days.

I have lodged several times complaints on not lifting the day to day house hold garbage and regarding blackmailing to pay them excesses amount in monthly basis. To the concerned officers who are in charged for this garbage collection. Dr.Sudhirgaru has immediately attended the problems raised by me and has really done a great job in help me in solving this problem , inspite of his help also the garbage collection persons are not cooperating at all in lifting the household garbage on daily basis.

In our house we have senior citizens and children’s who are moving in the house on and often, As the garbage is piled up daily in our house it will create lot of health hazardous problem to my family members.

If I asking them why you are not coming regularly, the garbage collection person of our area is speaking very rudely, he and his family members are saying that they won't take my house garbage.

For them it’s not possible to come, please provide someone else during their absence.
Hope necessary action will be taken against them.

Another issue is creating nuisance by standing and smoking on the road adjacent to our lane
Please resolve this issue As Early as Possible.

Thanking you sir

Mobile: 9849426194
Jun 8, 2015

Drainage Water Over Flow

Dear Sir,
I am Pankaj Kumar , H.No -14-20-556/398/A, Rajeev Gandhi Nagar,Borabanda Hyderabad, The Drainage water over flow and Drainage Blocked due to Under ground Drainage Pipe
Broken and Leakage of Drainage Water in front of My House . So we Request you to Kindly clear the Problem,
A V Reddy
Jun 3, 2015

dumping wastage in open plot


Here some people of dumping wastage in open plot which is located to NH9 highway face beside More Super Market, Lecturers Colony, Hayathnagar, Hyderabad, which causing smell, Mosquito. Hence, kindly arrange to depute concerned staff and study to prevent the same.

Thanking You sir,
Jun 2, 2015

Illegal construction on public road

illegal contruction of compund wall on public road and hindering transpotation
The Commissioner of GHMC,

Respected Sir,

I would like to draw your kind attention on Illegal construction of compound wall on public road near my plot # 8 and # 9( survy # 62/1/A Bhardurpally village, Quthbullapur mandal).
It's blocking the transportation to my property. Please kindly do the needful as early as possible to remove the construction on public road.

Thank you,
May 29, 2015

Waste collection at homes

We are staying at manikonda -OU COLONY to sagrigate the waste, we won't have a Trash Bins in streets, some boys come to every home and collect waste. But they won't come daily, once in 2days or Twice a week. They are coming twice in a week or once in a week. How can we keep those many days waste in home.is there any frequency for collecting the wastes from our home or any contact number to tell a complaints.
May 27, 2015

water problem

I purchased the flat in samskruthi prangan, babanagar nacharam. hyderabad which is second sale. No water facility here. neither the borewell nor ghmc supply. with out drinking water and usage water source 65 flats constructed. I am the second owner joined late after 4 years hence do not pay attention on water sources. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM FOR EVER HAUNTING ME HERE IS HOW THE BUILDER CONSTRUCTED THE APPATRMENT WITH OUT WATER SOURCE. WE DEPEND ON MUNICIPAL WATER AND ONLY ONE CONNECTION IS TAKEN.. PLEASE TAKE SERIOUS ATTENTION AND RESOLUE THE PROBLEM
May 25, 2015

illegal construction


I am staying in Sai Raghvendra magnificent, Nallagandla. Hyd.(oppo.Aparna Cyber commune).

Back side of my house some illegal construction is going on. By doing this my house show will spoil. They are making floors.
I don't think they have permissions.

Can we stop this?
May 24, 2015

Vacant House used as Dog Breeding Centre

Owner of House # 9-4-86/277, AA Salahuddin, had shifted to USA along with family about 25 years back and acquired that country's nationality. The owner has since expired in US. Affairs of house being managed by relatives residing in Banjara Hills. The house all these years was rented but got vacated 3 months back. One of the relatives by name Umair ( Contact # 917799977792 / 9885569191 / 04064626446) brought in two large sized dogs (each about 5 feet high) and lodged them in this vacant land. The dogs have been barking loudly, day in and day out, and disturbing the peace of the neighbours. Recently the dogs have given birth to puppies and the noises have increased much more. Besides their foul smell is spreading in the neighboring houses and causing health problems. Cardic & BP patiets, Senior Citizens, and children have been spending sleepless nights. We tried our best to plead with this person but he is defiant and refusing to shift the dogs elsewbere. He is volatile, combative, and agressive by naturre. He has even ignored the Salar Jung Colony Welfare Association notice served to him. He does not reside in the house. Only a watchaman is put up, He is unapproachable and deaf to our pleadings. The waste of the dogs is being drained into the drainage system. Please help us in restoring to us the right of living in peace. The stink and foul smell along with the loud thunderous barkings are testing our nerves and giving much much tensions. An early and quick action in shifting the dogs away is requested. Also, this person should be heavily penalised, Further, any permission to construct any complex on the premesis should be denied because the house was constructed by encroaching into neighbours land,
Md Tajuddin Qureshi
Salar Jung Colony
Contact # 9985451572
V.Ramanathan radha
May 21, 2015

over flow of drainage

Of late we have been reading in the news paper both in Telugu and English and hearing from the political leaders and GHMC officials about Swatch Bharath and that the Hyderabad be kept clean. It is not known as to how these officials are giving a statement day in day out with out knowing what is happening under their nose. Particularly the drainage in phoolbagh colony ferozguda is over flowing to the roads and reversing to the houses and stocking before the shiva temple and causing lots of hardships to the residents.

This is due to the fact that there is no proper alignment and out let of the sewerage system. Knowing fully well that there is no proper sewerage system, the Kukatpally municipality gave permission to construct complexes in 300 square yards adding to the woes of the existing residents.

Constructive action has not been taken in clearing the sewerage water till date in spite repeated to kukatpally municipality.
resident of shabazguda
May 16, 2015

To Construct the Slab on the open Nala, near Mazdoor Hotel, Shabazguda, secunderabad

Sir, We are the Residents of Shabazguda, Secunderabad near Mazdoor Hotel. A Open Nala flows in our area. This Nala Flows from Chilkalguda to warisguda (L Narayan nagar) via Shabazguda near mazdoor hotel. As this is a open nala in our area the people such as milkman, chicken shoppers, Butchers are throws the animal wastage. Due to this the wastage struct in the Nala and a foul smell blows in our area. We are not able to sleep in night due to spread of mosquitoes in our area. This is a density populated area nearly 2000 houses located aroound this nala. There is Possibility of spreading diseases such as Malaria etc. In other areas such as chilkalguda (kindi Basti) and L Narayan Nagar a slab has constructed on this Nala many years before. In our aread it is open due this people throws the wastage. Resident of this area not able live due to foul smell. So we are requesting to construct the slab on this Nala like a chilkalguda Kindi Basti Nala. If the Slab construct on this Nala, our locality looks tidy and clean. So We are Requesting to Construct the Slab on this open Nala very Soon.
Yours Faithfully
Mohd Javeed
Shabazguda secunderabad
Mobile 9704133821
Lakshmi bollineni
May 15, 2015

Food Poisoning in Hostel


Our hostel which is located at below mentioned address. We are facing many problem due to food poisoning like we are getting viral fevers, Rashes on skin. The hostel management is using low quality material and there using dirty water to make food( they are using same water for cleaning and making food) . They are not maintaining neatness also. There is lot of wastage. Due to these we are getting health problems. Please respond as soon as possible. Please find the Hostel Address


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