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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about GHMC

Jun 13, 2014

regarding street dogs

There are some 8-10 stray dogs in our locality who gather in front of the house gates and keep barking all the time especially during midnight & early morning causing a lot of disturbance during sleep hours. They do toilet & shit in front of house gates creating foul smell in the house and also on the streets.
Jun 13, 2014

dog catcher

There are some 8-10 stray dogs in our locality who gather in front of the house gates and keep barking all the time especially during midnight & early morning causing a lot of disturbance during sleep hours. They do toilet & shit in front of house gates creating foul smell in the house and also on the streets.
Jun 11, 2014



This is to bring to ur kind notice that Iam a tenant since SEPTEMBER 7 2014 in CHENNAI(dont want to mention the area and when summer started in APRIL(from 25th I was facing this problem) upto that time water supply was provided and suddenly on the day I mentioned the date above we were not provided water properly and when asked the owner they replied that ground water resource
was not there and they started shouting at us and started illtreating us.I was made to go and get water in street common bore for almost 15 days and my health got affected but the owner seems not to ask anything about us.When asked to the owner about this water crisis she replied irreresponsibly,I asked them why u cant provide 24 hours water supply(according to the agreement it was mentioned 24 hours water supply) atleast they have to provide lorry water.But after almost 20 days of illtreatment one day they told that
they r buying lorry water and will supply to us.But again problem started.They will put motor for only half an hour and water will come only in one tap and also it will come only upto a particular time and we paid money(167RS THREE PERSONS share including owner) but we did not get proper water and when asked they told that we will put motor only once per day and u have to store water.This was very harsh on us.Although we pay rent promptly on every month of 4th.Its my kind request to the officials to come and check all the owners who r letting tenants according to the agreement whether they r providing proper water supply to the tenants and behaving properly with the tenants.2) officials have to check there is rain water harvesting process so that it will be useful in summer 3)Owners r not giving receipts for collecting rent as well as advance so that we dont have any proof 4)Owners r not properly returning back the advance at the time of vacating and purposefully deducting the amount.SO I request the officials to kindly take note of this in the future.
Jun 3, 2014

Road damaged badly

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are facing a serious problem while walking/Driving on the road near Balapur X Raod toward Badangpet , there was water pipeline construction/digging and due to that road is total damage and every day we are getting traffic/accident and various problem, two days back a bike and DMC met with accident and on spot 2 bike person died .

We are facing daily a lot of issue and our root become killer road and vehicle condition also becoming worst.

Pls do need full help ASAP.

Dhanajay Yadav
Balapur X Road Lenin Nagar Badangpet
RR DIST, 500058

May 30, 2014

New Building Permit


The Commissioner

Respected Sir,

I applied (with complete formality) for NEW BUILDING PERMISSION before 3 months thru Green Channel at Khairtabad MCH Office. But till-date I did'nt receive the same nor any official visited the site for inspection. Many times I went to Khairtabad MCH office to know the status, but I invain. Because no one is giving proper information there nor telling what to do next, and the concerned officer is not available most of the time or he will busy in meeting etc . I red that, application submitted thru Green Channel will get PERMIT within 1 month of less, but after passing 3 months also there is no response. I was planned to complete atleast the building structure in summer season but failed to do so. Now the rainy season will start within few days and it will be very difficult after that. I beg to look in this matter (pending applications at circle 7) and take immediate action. Thanking you very much.
May 29, 2014

street dogs harrassment

Respected sir
I, Aslam Hasanali Gowani resident of 2-4-66/27, preetham enlave, beside sunrise homes, upperpally, hyderabad would like to bring under ur notice about the harrassment from street dogs in this area
There are around 50 street dogs and counting more than enough for sleepless nights
Kindly take necessary action to remove street dogs or atleast ensure their sterlization
Aslam Gowani
May 23, 2014

illegal parking

sir we are liveing in kamalapuri colony pase 3 near sagar socity it will came near banjarahills rode no 2 here in our colony black side they are ap cenima drivers association they have nearly 100 big big shooting van and car ect they are parking illegally here from 15years how it is going on from these many years with out support i don’t no? We are seeing hell here very day on one is there to ask these people we complanted to police and traffic police but also no use they are parking as same again here as same in our colony black side indira nagar is their here some people at night came drinkon roads shamlessly as we asked them what is this they are telling ther are leaders of that area even teen childen also smoke here here by ghmc in sagar socity park was going no but some one from indira nagar leaders stoped and made case on it i request please slove our prolem as soom as possible ghmc shoud make penalty against them for illegal parking from 15 years and book case on them please any responsible officer shoud slove our problem how many times we have complent sir no respond from officers in the congress party the law r like this all illegal wroks going happily i just hope the new party of bjp party make good maintanse parnish the offices who are not taking thei r wrok in rigtht direction if next time even bjp will not came
May 20, 2014

unregustered factory in residential area behind my complex balaji enclave RR nagar Oldbowenpally Secunderbad-11

Dear sir,
I am a resident of balaji enclave 8-7-27/g7 balaji enclave K.Shekhar(mobile no 9030684350)
this is regarding an unregistered factory behind my complex 8-7-27/12,balaji enclave,rrnagar oldbowenaplly,secunderabad-11 from the compond wall for our complex.. in an open place of the landowner (who is the land owner earlier to given for development)..running a factory manufacturing filters for desalination plants which doesnt have any norms and creating noise pollution throughout the day requested the plot owners mr Sridhar Reddy and Rajasekhar reddy(mob no 9989679063) and factory owner mr Sudhakar(mob no 9542304902) from past two years who earlier promised that they will remove by jan14 and shifting to medchal..when contacted in jan14 we camw to know that they only decieved us and that they will not remove factory..
Dear sir, we request you to look into the matter as the specified are does not come under industrial zone and since it is a residential area not to run a factory..as the machines are creating hell lot of noise and the workers are opening the doors and working as the themselves cannot afford to live in for few minutes closing the door and work...insipte of many requests they have not removed factory and to my agony they have constructed a wall 15ft above to cover my entire flat and obstruct free flow of air and ventilation..request the authorities to mplease look into the matter as i have already registered a complaint earlier 2014-03-W073608 and also forwarded complaints by our wellfare society to GHMC...regards shekhar
T. Narayanarao
May 12, 2014

Not accounting the property tax paid

I am T. Narayana Rao, R/o 13-10-100, New Gaddiannaram, Hyderabad 500 060 (Telephone No. 9849389550) and have paid entire property tax to end of 31 -03-2014. My New PTIN/ASST No 1039903687 Old PTIN/ASST No 1048003807. The GHMC having encashed the Cheques issued by me Viz. Ch. No. 625098 for Rs. 8019 dated 25-08-2010 and another cheque for Rs. 21000 No 175955 dated -5-03-2014 the GHMC without accounting these amounts sends me notice for Rs. 38,075 once, Rs. 35922 2nd time, Rs. 36366 3rd time and now Rs. 25118 without giving any details. I have lodged 27 complaints on line for which there is no reply. I have addressed 8 letters for which there is no reply. I am aged nearly 70 and cannot go round. I am told unless bribes are paid the accounts in GHMC will not be made upto date. Is there any person to look after this.
May 5, 2014

Nuisance Neighbour

"Sir,We stay behind ramnagar ramalayam street,The Street is occupied by temple authorities itself and people park just outside the their house and no space to move the vehiclesits too disturbing even when we get drop by auto we need to walk past our housePlease visit once and you the menace of the space occupied the builders about 3/4 road is occupied by their extended wallsPls see that the goverment land cannot be occupied like that"
Apr 18, 2014


Hon’ble commisioner, GHMC
Hyderabad AP
Respected Sir,
Sub: in this area we are suffering from pigs wild dogs and dumpingadd
The residents of various colonies Surroundings MANSOORABAD,VAMBAY HOUSES NEAR GOVT SCHOOL particularly VAMBAY HOUSES. With this wild Dogs,pigs. Dogs are entering the colonies in the night hours and residents are scared to venture into the colony.colony. Mosquitoes have increased child are suffer to went school. We request you to visit the site and also the colonies to have the first land information and instruct the authorities. We hope you will take up the matter with the authorities and do the needful.

Apr 15, 2014

dranige,pollution water,rain water mud

from last two years we are fod duen acing problem of dranige only but thank god due to the services provide with our so called ghmc we are now facing problem of polluted water,from klast seven months we are comprmising the senareo but it fixed yet, due to this we arte facing health issues and breathing problem,
and in every rainy season it become wrost than ever we cant seat in our houses even.when it rain heavily we have to wake whole night,it sound horrible right i dont know what our area corporater bharthi nayak and our mla who is a health minister he dont cares i think, but we hope the officers of ghmc that they will look at it and fix before this rainy season,if it rain likely 2 lorrys of dust and mud are coming in my area and ghmc people will take 3 months to remove that,i think that ghmc offices will take care of this

Thanks and regards
Apr 9, 2014

Cheruvu Beside Vignan School, Nizampet

Hi Sir,

There is a small Lake (Cheruvu) Beside Vignan Shool, Nizampet. Now there is a consturction going on. Please check the site is belongs to Government Land or it is a Private Property. In Hyderabad there is a huge Water Problem and there is a very few Lakes (Cheruvu). From that few we are loosing some.
Mar 26, 2014

Land grabbers stopped laiying of cc roads

The Commissioner,
GHMC Hyderabad

Respected sir,
Sub: Without mentioning any reason ghmc stopped the processing of a cc roads file of vivekanandanagar colony Mansoorabad which has completed it's processing more than 90%.
On the representation of colony association and the recommendation of Hon’ble MLA sri D. Sudheer Reddy the GHMC L.B.Nagar prepared proposal letter and estimates for Rs.19.90 Lacks for the CC Roads and cleared from L.B.Nagar circle 0n 19-3-2012. The colony president and organizing secretery approached the Superintending Engineer and requested for roads when the file was with him. The roads are not laid till now. The roads of other colonies were completed by last year itself, those were processed along with this colony’s file. The file of our colony’s roads estimate which was signed by Zonal Commissioner on 19-03-2012 and dispatched to Superintending Engineer. After two days when the colony presidet and org. secretery met SE, He told that he is going to forward that estimation on that day itself. But that has not reached the office of the ENC or The Commissioner of GHMC.
The Engg section is allowing land grabbers to grab the roads of the colony by not laying CC roads. They are giving two names as opposing persons for the laying of CC roads. 1) Mallesh who is damaged the public road and laid under ground drinage. The ghmc filed a criminal against him throgh P.S Vanasthalipuram.
2). Gundu Venkateshwar rao who is occupied 30' public road and constructed a permenent structure even though colony association opposed and given so many complaints to ghmc. But ghmc not responded to them. He filed a case against ghmc and constructed the house. The ex-standing council Ramana had attended that case and proved that as illegal construction and cleared off the case. Now he is using other's plot as road, the sufferer had filed a case in High court and got demolition order and submitted Commissioner ghmc. But ghmc not responded
Now iam requesting Commissioner ghmc to discuss with you. I will prove all these things with proper evidences. I will convince you in such a way that no other evidences are required to prove them as illegal.

Thanking you sir,

Organising secretery
PH.NO; 9866200040
Mar 21, 2014

Stray Dog Menace in Krishna Nagar,Moulali , Ranga reddy Dist

The Officer Concerned, 21 march 2014
GHMC Kapra Circle, Kapra, Ranga Reddy Dist.

Dear Sir,
Sub: Stray Dog Menace in Krishna Nagar, Moulali , RR Dist.. action requested .reg.

I am to bring to your kind notice that the Stray Dogs in our colony have in the recent past created, a havoc by biting andinjuring
the passersby including small school going children. This has been repeating frequently. The same has been brought to the no
- tice of the dog catchers of the area concerned by phone and they have caught some stray dogs but have left them after sterili
sation . The issue is back to squaire one. Please realise the seriousness and understand how much of suffering and the mental
ago ny the victims have to face apart from the monetary expences for the treatment incured.May i request your goodself to
shifting of these stray dogs to some far off places from the colonies.

with regards,
yours faithfully

U.S.Udaya Chandra.
cell no:9848867231 & 9440268055
House no:3-5-147/112, Road no: 5 L
Krishna Nagar.MOULALI,RR Dist. 500 040
Mar 16, 2014

occupation of road

Dear Sie,
We the residents of Ayyappanagar Colony, Suryanagar, Old Alwal hereby complaint that our main road entrance is fully encroached
and we have brought it to the notice of Alwal Municipal Commissioner but the construction was allowed saying it is common.
The people are encroaching the 33 ft main road by putting all types of barricades and causing lot of inconvenience to the Colony Residents. You are requested to look into the matter and remove the encroachments on the main road from the begining to the last.
We also request to widen the cement road so that enroachments can be stopped. The local Municipal Authorities are not willing to
remove the encroachments.


Ayyappanagar Colony Welfare Association
sudhir jacob george
Mar 10, 2014

illegal commercial activiity in H. No. 1-8-104, Macleodguda, secunderabad-3 continues unabated

Dear Sir,
i have received a messeage from your office (SMS) stating that my grievance number 2013-11 W 0577710 is solved and that the trader has left the premises, 1-8-104 Macleodguda Secunderabad, (4th house adjacent to lane right, of marwadi hindi vidyalaya, behind wesley boys school secunderabad-3) I regret to state that they are cheating the GHMC and all others by locking the premises from the fromt and continuing the illegal preparation of food items every day behind in the illegal shed which they have constructed and inside the premises (back side) sir i am suffering immensely due to these illegal land lord and the tenants activities, my health has deterioted and since a month have been ill due to the fumes and the nauseating smell of the chat which is prepared day in and day out and at night too ,some days....a pick up van comes every day at around 3.30 - 4pm and all these illegal items are loaded and taken to the sale joint......i am to request you to raid the place once again and end this menace permanently by sealing the premises....Despite the GHMC's raid on 16th Dec 2013 these illegal activity by the tenant and the landlord has not ended and they are becoming more acute by the day.....kindly issue a notice to the house owner mr. G Das who resides in 1-8-103 Macleodguda secunderabad -3,to shut down and evict these tenenants from the locality if not take necessary punitive measures including sealing of the premises of the house/ premises 1-8-104.. Macleodguda, secunderabad-3 ..I request Dr Sudheer the AMO to act immediately and do the needful, kindly do not make me go to the ZC with this complaint once again.
Thanking you,
yours sincerely,
Dr. Sudhir Jacob George
former prof of political sc. univ of hyderabad

Res. 1-8-103 macleodguda, Secunderabad= 3
m surendra mohan
Mar 8, 2014

drainage road and water problems

The commissioner

Respected Sir,
I am staying at sv colony,behind expert model school,bairamalguda near sagar ring road.I informed so many times to waterworks department, corparator. regarding drainage,water and road problems. i am facing lot of problems. please inform to the concerned people and solve my problem as soon as possible.


M.Surendra mohan
m surendra mohan
Mar 8, 2014

drainage road and water

i am staying at sv colony behind expert model school i informed so many times to waterworks department, corparator, regarding drainage and water and road i am facing lot of problems please inform to the concerned people and solve my problem


M.Surendra mohan
Mar 4, 2014

illigal construction

The commissioner

Respected Sir,

In Lakshminagar colony,Kothapet, Hyderabad. There is an apartment Sweet Homes 2. Actually the permission for construction of the building was given for only G1 and G2. The portions which were constructed near to the road were completely illegal construction and has no permission at all. More over the those portions have occupied the road which is government property. According to the Law, for constructing an apartment, the width of the road should be 30 feet, But here the road is only 12 feet, the rest of the road is occupied by the apartment. They have not left any set back as well. So, kindly take action immediately. Other wise I will be forced to go to the Court.

Thanking you sir,
Feb 1, 2014


Jan 24, 2014

CBS car parking

Hi Sir,

Today we went to CBS bus stand to pick up my sister, we just stopped the car for 2min to withdraw money the car parking guy is very rude towards us and for 2 min he was asking parking charges when the driver refused to pay the amount he beat the driver and did nonsense. I want you take some action on this private parking places inside CBS bus stand, Hyderabad. Please don't keep the rude-less person's in that position.

Dec 18, 2013

complaint on wild dogs

there are many dogs in our colony (sri krishna nagar colony, l.b.nagar). they all are barking & come to bite the people who are walking aside. sir, please take some required action because we are being helpless at the children who are just walking on the road.
We request GHMC to take immediate action to solve this problem.
Dec 14, 2013


Dear Sir,

There are a lot of problems faced by the residents of Himayathnagar, Street no.3, due to frequent monkey trespass and attacks.
The monkeys in our locality usually are seen from 4-9pm & 12-4am, scaring residents of our locality.
This has become a serious problem, yesterday ie,13/12/2013, a 3yr old child was attacked by a monkey.

Kindly look into & resolve at the earliest,
Dec 1, 2013

residenshal area parking proplem

we r liveing in kamalapuri colony phase 3 it comes black side of bajarahills road 2 sagarsocity near our colony ap cenima driver association cars and big big vans arond 50 they will park near our houses in nights they will set inside van and drink alcohal we complanted police and trafic police but still they are cotinuing this near kamalapuri indidarnagar basthi also there thry have the support of them also we are see hall dayly there if rightly police and trafic take action they park like this ? even in shaki paper thry gave about this problem also dates 4-sep-13 in addision paper 3-september -13 addition page 14 still on action takan without parking place they are live about 20years there thry are paring in front of ressidents houses who are responsible for this ? this not roung thing going on in residenshal area this commershal vechices who are allowing ? pls solve this problem we are see hall from years even here other who live in flats also park their car and came ofter 2days i this in india payed parking shoud made so that ho cames for any presons home they will park only near that person home only i dont konw what is going from years here noone taken action here ?

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