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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about GHMC

Aug 8, 2016

Construction of Speed Breaker


I request GHMC to construct speed breaker @ New Ramalayam Temple @ New Nallakunta on Papaji Dhaba Road as the vehicles from all 4 sides are moving with very high speed causing very dangerous situation to the residents.
There are frequent accidents also happening.

Pls do the needful at the earliest.

Thanks in advance to our GHMC.
Aug 1, 2016

Drainage over flowing on road

Drainage over flowing near lata apartment house number 1-9-1113/14/1/1 since 3 days
Jul 25, 2016

Dog menace in sainikpuri


The dog menace in Sainikpuri is very alarming. They attack the morning walkers, children walking up to school and chase bikers.
There are at least 10 to 15 stray dogs at every street corner. add to that the menace of all the restaurants that have come up in the main road of sainikpuri leading up to bhavans school and one way to as raog nagar.

The dogs should be eliminated else they will lead to spread of rabies and diseases. Please do the needful.
Srinivas Moghilligidda
Jul 25, 2016

illegal shade and wall occupied

The Assistant Commissioner,
SUB: Illegal shade and wall occupied.

Dear sir,
i am srinivas i am staying residence house near padma rao nagar warsiguda secunderabad beside my home shop is there are occupied with shade road which comes in govt and wall there constructed illegal.Request you to please take the action on against name is janardhan and help us to solve the issue..

Thanks & regards
Jul 24, 2016

Illegally collecting parking money at chilkuru balaji temple without giving token

Hello All,

I wonder Mr.Chandrakanth has already given this complaint and even after one year they have not taken any action on this illegal parking issue.

Same thing repeating even till today (july 24th, 2016). These parking fellows are collecting double amount without giving the token.

I don't understand who gives permission to these fellows.

I think the temple authority should take care of this. The person who is collecting the money wore a shirt with temple image printed on it. So definitely some people belonging to temple could be sharing this illegal money.

At Chilkuru temple they will not collect the money inside the temple legally. But they collect the money illegally outside the temple.
Jul 20, 2016

No new water Connections

Dear sir,

We are not given new water connections only for a few residents in our colony DeviNagar in RamaKrishnapuram, Secunderabad.
the water is currently being distributed from the new connections and not in the old connections, we are facing difficulty with no water since two weeks, request you to look into the issue as soon as possible.

Jul 19, 2016

Alwyn to Kondapur via Hafeezpet Road.. Roads are worst

Dear Team,

This is to bring to your notice the troubles we (all commuters to hitech city and gachibowli) are facing daily (365 days).
The situation of the road has been pathetic all over the year, needless to say this in the case of rainy season. The mud and rain water is getting stagnated on the roads.

In addition to this the recent move to make roads a signal free one the crossing arranged are adding to the traffic congestion. It instead of helping to decrease the travel time has drastically increased the travel time.

Please widen the road and Request you to kindly lay down Black Top roads, and also take alternative measures to reduce traffic congestion in this route.

1. If the roads are good enough to use in this way, then there is no need of widening the roads.
2. Please acknowledge to the complaints given by the people so that atleast the people will know that some action is in progress.
Jul 19, 2016

Live Illegal construction on public road Petla Burj

There is a person called Rispal Singh (Sardarji). He is constructing pillar on road.
Please take immediate action against him.

Address is Lane Behind Police Quarters, Charmahal, Petla Burj. 21-4-1057. Beside Uchwa galli
Jul 12, 2016

Alwyn to Kondapur via Hafeezpet Road

Dear Team,

This is to bring to your notice the troubles we (all commuters to hitech city and gachibowli) are facing daily (365 days).
The situation of the road has been pathetic all over the year, needless to say this in the case of rainy season. The mud and rain water is getting stagnated on the roads.

In addition to this the recent move to make roads a signal free one the crossing arranged are adding to the traffic congestion. It instead of helping to decrease the travel time has drastically increased the travel time.

Please widen the road and Request you to kindly lay down Black Top roads, and also take alternative measures to reduce traffic congestion in this route.
Jul 12, 2016

Bad roads and drainage

Their are bad roads and drainage in our area ie in langer house market and hanuman temple so I request u to take necessary steps
Jun 29, 2016

Tree has fallen on my house

Dear Sir,

I am a resident of 10-3-32/9/28 East Marredpally, Beside Dena Bank and Oriental Bank of Commerce, Secunderabad, Telanagana.
Because of heavy rain falls tree that was planted on the footpath has fallen inside my house.
This has led to damage inside my house. Would request you to arrange for someone to clear up the tree so that we can be safe.

Priyank Jain
Jun 28, 2016

Alwyn to Kondapur via Hafeezpet Road situation

Dear Team,

This is to bring to your notice the troubles we (all commuters to hitech city and gachibowli) are facing daily (365 days).
The situation of the road has been pathetic all over the year, needless to say this in the case of rainy season. The mud and rain water is getting stagnated on the roads.
Request you to kindly lay down Black Top roads, and also take alternative measures to reduce traffic congestion in this route.

Thanks in advance.

Jun 14, 2016

repairs to the roa dug out for laying pipe lines

Respected Sir, Date:15/06/2016

We thank you for responding to our previous grievance no.2016- 06-W 256049. In your message it was stated that the problem was solved showing reasons such as "financial matter, estimate is prepared by GHMC". hence, we are compelled to bring once again to your notice that though the work was completed nearly six months ago the ghmc has not bothered to take any action so far.It is a well known fact that the repairs were supposed to be taken up soon after the digging but instead showing the above said reasons is quite shocking. Therefore, we once again request you take necessary action at the earliest please. I am reproducing the original complaint for your reference please. Thanking you in anticipation .

The previous complaint is as below

Respected Sir,
We, the residents of Mallikarjuna nagar, swaroop nagar colony of uppal hereby submit the following in connection with the above subject. Six months ago,the main CC road of our colony was dug up in the middle and industrial pipelines were laid.After completion of works, the dug up portion of the road has not been refilled with cement instead it was back filled with mud and has been in the same state since then.Due to recent rains, the condition of the road has worsened due to water logging and has become practically difficult for residents to commute.
In this regard, we bring to your notice that the road of sri sri nagar colony which is extension of our colony has been repaired
immediately after completion of works. We also bring to your notice that the same has been reported in the GHMC office many a times but nothing has been done so far.
Therefore, we request you to take up the works at the earliest and relieve us from this ordeals before the onset of monsoon
thanking you in anticipation.

yours truly,
Residents of mallikarjuna nagar,
Swaroop nagar colony,
Uppal- 39.
Jun 11, 2016

constructionof speed breaker

I request the GHMC to construct a speed breaker on Military Diary farm road with the junction of Swarnadhamanagar road (near Water Tank) as the vehicles on the Military Diary farm road are moving with very high speed causing very dangerous situations to the people of Swarnadhamanagar to enter into the road of colony.
Jun 9, 2016

Complain of Drainage and Garbage

Drainage Overflow
Dear Sir/Madam,

We are residents of Bazar Road ,Bandra west. We are facing a serious problem of leaking drainage water and also garbage and dirt thrown by the residences of the people staying in that building NOOR MANZIL, BAZAR ROAD, BANDRA WEST MUMBAI - 400050.The drainage of this building is leaking from more then two weeks and we (the residents of the area) have complained them many times. They are not taking any action to clean it. They only do temperory work which works only for 2- 3 days then again same problem continues... since most of them are the tenants staying in that building.

We face this problem every week from about 2 years. these people do not take any action. The drainage water is flowing before the houses of all other residents in the area and it is causing a very bad smell and also mosquitoes. We fear our children may get any diseases. Nobody is able to walk on the road. Also we can's walk since this building has come up residence just throw garbage from the windows, glass pieces or any hard objects not seeing if anyone passing from that side. We Senior citizens staying before this building come up and today we have to go through all this problems its really painful for us since no one care also our grandchildrens cant even go out to play with all this its risk for them also, And no one is ready to hear our petition Hopefully this online complain can put a serious action into this matter.

Please take urgent action to rectify it. We have been suffering this from about 2 years.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
ALM of Bazar Road & Chapel Road Jointly Complain
Jun 6, 2016

Property Tax

Dear Sir,

I purchased a house at Nakshatra , Balapur in feb'15, but still i am unable to pay my property tax as the same is not featuring online.

Request you to kindly look into the matter and do the needful. All the documents were submitted to the bill collector Mr Vinod in April'16 , but still nothing has happened. Kindly bring this to the notice of Commissioner , Badangpet

Thanks and Regards

Rajib Bhattacharya
Santhoshini katepally
May 29, 2016

garbage rikshaw pullers

Garbage collecting people are not coming since 15days in my place.kukatpally indiranagar.I have registered a complaint 7days back.but there is no response.complaint Num is c251935.plz look into the issue.
May 26, 2016

Facing problem with Drainage during rains

Hi Good Evening,

Myself Amarnath a resident of h.no 8-195 Allwyn colony Miyapur hyderabad Telangana, we are facing severe inconvenience as roads here are filled with water during rains. 4 months before underground water pipelines are laid for rain water to drain but in vain. Instead drainage water is getting mixed with rain water resulting in very bad smell causing severe problems to residents here. I hereby request you to please look into the issue and solve it as soon as possible.

Thank you
Santhoshini katepally
May 25, 2016

Rikshaw pullers

Hi am resident of kukatpally ,shamshiguda,indiranagar.from past ten days garbage collecting people are not coming.I have raised a complaint regarding this.c252935.today they have come and collect g garbages from our houses and they are asking us to dump it.I don't know whether the rules are being g changed or people are doing wantedly.if we ask them to collect from upstairs they are demanding g more money.can you please let me the rules.

Rikshaw pullers

May 11, 2016

Illegal Construction in my house

Dear Sir Madam

I am residence at H No 111/ A. I have taken my house by registering legally in the government . I am paying Electricity bills water bills tax every month and the house beside me H No 109 has illegally extended their house covering our house front part years before . Now they are saying that our front area belongs to them and they have named it as H No 109/ B. They are making that illegal house legal by taking water connections. Please act on this at the earliest else I need to raise this issue to higher level
May 11, 2016

Illegal consruction


In picket people are extending houses without any legal documents they have almost covered the road with illegal constructions near to balanjaneya temple. They have even created there own unique house numbers for the same saying A and B. Please remove the entire part which belongs to the road as due to this they are taking illegal water connections , electricity connections and blocking others houses . It is difficult to bring ambulance in these lanes incase of emergency due to this narrow space . Kindly check the papers which belong to the residents and check whether there constructed area is not more than the area mentioned in papers. Please take this action immediately else I need to raise the issue to higher level . Is this the government where people are allowed to block the road without any permissions than what is the use of others who are paying money and taking the land legally . Take the action at the earliest else this will be sent to both social media and news channels
May 3, 2016

Illegal pillars construction in my Residence

To The GHMC, Commissioner Secunderabad Telangana.

I would like to bring to your Kind Attention that there lot of damaged in my residence of 12-10-407/17. There are 2 pillars some Inchies came in my residence wall while main Entries in my residence Right side Pillar 2 or more Inchies came inside and we informed to againt Mr Ravi and his wife and also his son about the 2 pillars but there are not response we try to so many times explaining our problems there are not response continuing the construction.
We have facing some problems which we telling to againt name Mr Ravi And he misbehaving with the 2 persons they are old persons one is heart patient he is stay in 12-10-407/15 and one more person stay in 12-10-407/17 is suffering with Kidney failure and also leg problem.
Request you to please take the action on againt name is Ravi and help us to solve the issue we tried to convince him explaining about the problems but there was no response.

Hoping and Keeping Faith in the GREAT GHMC, SECUNDERABAD.

Thanks & Regard

G.Narasimha raju S/o G.Venu Gopal Cell: 9290238553/9059317996
May 2, 2016

No Dirt removal

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to bring your attention towards removal of Dirt from an empty area in Green Park Colony (Saroor Nagar) Road Number: 13, Hyderabad -500035 . In Road Num: 13 , there is an empty land where all the dirt is accumulated and the garbage is dropped. I kindly request you to consider this request and have that area cleaned up regularly.

Appreciate your support.

Thank You!
Apr 28, 2016

Garbage lifting

Hi, there is a problem going on in our area since two months. Garbage lifting person is not coming and collecting from our area nd houses. He is very irregular and weekly twice also he is not coming to collect and saying some reasons always for his absence. We are unable to bear the smell which it creates in our area nd houses. Address:Road no:3,4th lane, Venkateshwara Colony, Saroornagar. Request you to take a necessary action on this nd solve the issue as soon as possible. Regards.
Apr 13, 2016

safai workers absenteeism

Workers to sweep roads near last bus stage , west venkatapuram are not reporting for sweeping road number 22 since last 10 days ,thus lot of muck lying on the road.The supervisor is not attending calls. It is therefore requested that concerned supervisor may be instructed to depute workers to do the needful.

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