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Godrej Interio

West Bengal

Consumer complaints and reviews about Godrej Interio

Apr 28, 2016

Cheating by retailer

I recently purchased a sofa set,a bed and a dining table from godrej interio showroom in Palampur(H.P.). But a day after I got transferred to Dhaulakuan(H.P.). So the retailer promised me to get my furniture assembled at Dhaulakuan(H.P.). But till date no necessary action has been taken. Moreover he has delivered me a different dining table and a different bed. This is really pathetic and I am really disappointed with the service which was delivered to me by the retailer. So,I demand immediate aid for this.

Dr. Dhirendra Singh
goutam patra
Apr 11, 2016

Godrej Interior 3 door lock problem

I Sri Goutam Patra was purchesed a Godrej three door Interio .Model No: Slim Line,3 DR (216) from Glory Furnishers PVT Ltd , Taldanga G.T.Road , Chandannagore, Hooghly, a renowned dealer of Godrej product in Hooghly, on 28/05/2015 . After few month ( Nov'2015) the double door lock creates some problem . I talk with the above showroom regarding the problem many times and personnaly meet with them in the show room ,they assured my one technician will resolves the problem within few days in the month of Dec'2015 onwards.
Till today lock problem not yet soleved.
Kindly take some arrangement to solve the problem at an earliest.

Thanking you .
Goutam Patra
Mob No : 9433400558
sapna arora 64
Jan 2, 2016

GODREJ-What a shame.

The most poor customer service provider.i placed order for kreation X2 on 3rd December 2015 and tomorrow it will be a month i have not received my complete order.Their company only have rules in taking the money in advance but has no responsibility to deliver the product.they don't even take the burden of informing the customer that's also customer headache to go or call and price out the information from them.they delivered the product at 12'o clock in the night and by god's grace when the people from the company comes to assemble it they say the product delivered is a wrong one.
after calling hundreds of time only two doors out of the whole wardrobe is delivered and the rest is still a dream.now they say that the product has been exchanged and the workers are too busy to correct their mistake.now the 'GODREJ WORKMEN' and god only knows when i get the correct product and when will it be assembled.
WARNING:Don't buy godrej interior products,if willing to buy then place the order before going for a long holiday(so that u can relax in the mean while).
INVOICE DATE:23-12-2015.
Luvy Duvy
Dec 18, 2015

Very poor service (almirah)

I had financed a almirah vide Receipt No -139916, from your Jail Road Outlet Godrej interio- store E-57, gurunanakpura new delhi -110058 , in the name of Ms. Balvinder Kaur, and i am not happy with your product and the service you provide to me ... Your service was very slow & not satisfactory...
Parts found damaged when we received the almirah , wheels of slinding door are also damaged, almirah is out of balance. & It's almost a month gone we haven't receive the mirror & when today luckily i got the same then it's not the one which your guys are shown to me at your outlet. We need that mirror only. We have planned to buy some other products of GODREJ like , sofa set, table etc, but after this poor service we have changed our mind,
We thought that Godrej is big brand and they really care about their customers and provide good service to them. But this was totally unexpected from you.
I am requesting you to please provide a good service and installed my almirah urgently or else you can cancel my booking ..

And also a refund of Rs 180/- lying pending from your side , reqeust you to refund that amount also..


Balvinder Kaur
Dec 10, 2015


Respected Sir,
We have a problem in opening the 4 drawer verticale cabinet file of Godrej product. It has struck somewhere.. Please do the needful as per our requirements.
Nov 17, 2015


Dear sir,
I ordered a complete setup of the modular kitchen on DATE- 10/8/15 which was worth Rs.165450/- from your authorized GODREJ INTERIO distributor " AMBIENCE ENTERPRISES" Lucknow.
I have paid amount of Rs.118000/- in advance after paying the amount i received the material in the month of October. 2015 and even the material was short and quite damaged even .
Its been three months distributor hasn't completed the setup of my kitchen and even then he is asking me to pay rest of the money also in advance .He is saying that if i will not pay the whole amount in advance he will not complete the setup of the kitchen.
And i replied him that you complete the setup of the kitchen ASAP and i will pay you the amount remaining immediately.Then too he is not ready to install.
I hope you will take the action ASAP.
Details of distributor:
1. Distributor Name : AMBIENCE ENTERPRISES
2. Address : 3,Station Road , Siya Ram Complex Husainganj Lucknow UP.
3. Contact No. : 9307555500

manoj khanna
palia kalan
Nov 16, 2015

Irresponsibility to the peak level

Placed an order of 'slide and store text she'll wine red,slide n store mirror' from godrej interio,girnar,chorasta.Behala,kolkata-08 dated 06/11/2015. Full payment of Rs. 31,349 done and promised the delivery will be on 08/11/2015. The given date fails and without even compensating they didn't even responded that whether the delivery is on or not. We called and they postponed the delivery due to their cause.The same thing repeated till 16/11/2015 and they confirmed that if the same thing happens they are going to refund the money.They are so irresponsible that they didn't even called up once to assure that the delivery is going to come or not. Today is 17/11/2015 and still they are in the same position.
Sep 10, 2015

Pathetic Customer Service

‪#‎godrej ‪#godrejinterio ‪#‎patheticcustomerservice ‪#‎irresponsibleemployee ‪
I have placed order for 1 Leana, 5 Spyder and 3 Pulse chairs on 15/06/2015 at Rajasthan Central Stores Private Limited, MI Road, Jaipur. I have made an advance payment of Rs. 50,000. The sales person was Mr. Patni. He promised me that the chair needs to be ordered and it will take around 2-3 weeks to arrive. I started calling him after 3 weeks regarding my chairs and the continuos reply from MR. Patni was “Aaj shaam tak bhijwata hun”. Finally on 23/07/2015 he sent me the chairs. I have received 1 Leana and 8 Spyder chairs. I refused to accept all the chairs as it was not the order that I placed. I agreed to receive 1 Leana and 5 Spyder chairs. But when I looked at the Spyder chairs it was not NEW. I called Mr. Patni and explained him the whole situation. He said he will send the correct chairs in 2 days. But I have not received the chairs nor a courtesy call from the store or Mr. Patni. I was calling Mr. Patni almost daily but his response was “Aaj shaam ko bhejta hun”Finally on 3rd August I have received 5 Spyder chairs packed in cartons and unassembled. I called Mr. Patni again and he said he will send the remaining 3 Pulse chairs in 2-3 days and also the engineer who will assemble the chairs. Without any surprise I have never received a call from Mr. Patni or the engineer who was suppose to come. Finally after 15-17 days engineer came and assembled the chairs. Meanwhile I was in touch with Mr. Patni for the remaining 3 Pulse chairs but Mr. Patni was stubborn on his replies. “Aaj shame take paunch jayengi chairs”. On 18/08/2015 I personally went to the store and asked for Mr. Patni but he refused to come to meet me. I walked inside the cabin and met Mr. Rupender Periwal who is the owner of the store. I explained him the whole situation and he called Mr. Patni. Mr. Patni told him that the chairs are not in the godown and can not be delivered for the next 2-3 days. Whereas I was being told everyday that I will receive the chairs in the evening. Mr. Periwal apologised and took ownership on it and said he will make sure that the chairs will be delivered to me within 3-5 days. The same evening Mr. Periwal called me and said that only 2 Pulse chairs are available and will be sent to me but 1 Pulse chair will take almost a month. Meanwhile if I want I was given an option of changing the chairs. I acknowledged to him and accepted the 2 chairs and was ready to wait for the last one. Finally I received 2 Pulse chairs with in 3-4 days as promised. This was the first time when I got what I was promised. I was out of town for 2 days and when I returned and checked the chairs the chairs were faulty. In one chair wrong arm rests were installed and in the other one the back lock was not working. I called Mr. Patni again regarding this and he said he will get it repaired next morning but no one showed up. Finally after 10 days the engineer came and checked the chairs and said that the assembly is fault and it needs to be changed. By this time I was completely frustrated and I called Mr. Patni and told him to replace the 3 Pulse chairs with 3 Spyders. From that day till today I have been calling Mr. Patni for the chairs and all I can here is “Aaj shame ko bhijwata hun”

As dated 10/09/2015 I have not received my chairs and the chairs that I have received are not correct. I have completely lost faith in Godrej and would never recommend any of its product to anyone
Mrs. Geetha Balaji
Aug 29, 2015

Low Quality Products

VERY LOW QUALITY PRODUCTS ARE SUPPLIED BY GODREJ!!!! Gone are the days and Gone are our faith in the quality and assurance of Godrej. We recently bought file cabinets for our office. They are of very low metal gauge, very flimsy metal, flimsy locks, the drawers dont open fully to place the files, the flimsy lock doesnt even lock properly. DONT BUY FROM GODREJ. "GODREJ OF OUR PARENT'S AGE" DOESNT EXIST ANYMORE. GODREJ OF TODAY IS JUST A SHAM, SUSTAINING ON YESTERYEAR'S POPULARITY.
Aug 12, 2015

Godrej Kitchen- Need Help!

The Complaint:

I had placed an order for a kitchen with your franchise in Gurgaon, Mr. Anil D. Gulani and Ms. Simrit from M/s Kitty Chai Gifts Pvt. Ltd. on 31st May 2015.by paying INR 2,00,000 out of a total invoice of 270,289 (Invoice No.15031). The date committed to me for the kitchen to reach us was 2nd July and for finishing the kitchen was 10th July 2015.

Before placing the order, Anil and Simrit, had visited our premises and took measurement of the entire kitchen and surroundings to give us options that would suit our kitchen. Based on their professionalism and the level of intent to close the sale, we placed the order.

And soon our experience started taking a turn for the worse.

After placing the order, there was no sign of Anil or Simrit, After repeated followups on the status of the kitchen in transit during the last week of June and finally on 27th June upon physically visiting their office, we were only assured by Anil that the kitchen would be ready by 10th July if we would pay the balance amount of INR 69,289 after adjusting the earlier payment and the INR 1000 paid to Anil for taking complete measurements and designing our kitchen before placing the order. I promptly paid the entire balance amount immediately considering that the work will be done in time.

On the basis of assurances provided, we made arrangements to take off from work during the week between 2nd July to 10th July to get the work done.

However, on 29th June, we were communicated by Anil over mail that the order had still not left Mumbai and would now be dispatched only by 2nd July. The order finally reached our residence on 15th July.

Ms. Simrit gave us the go ahead to dismantle the entire kitchen on 17th July, and we got the same initiated under assurance that installation work would start the next day onwards. On the day of dismantling neither Anil nor Simrit visited the house to guide the dismantling team on what was needed to be done (as promised by Anil on 31st May while placing the order and again 27th June while taking the final payment that he would be available on Day 1 of dismantling so that everything is done correctly).

While placing the order, we had particularly mentioned that our existing slab was not to be dismantled along with 2 of the 3 pillars supporting the slab. This was agreed by Anil before placing the order and he had designed the kitchen accordingly.

However, upon specific instructions from Ms. Simrit, the dismantling team dismantled all three pillars supporting the slab. (not told to us at the time of placing the order) Upon questioning Ms. Simrit later that evening, she confirmed that the pillars would be rebuilt upon completing the installation of the kitchen and she assured that she would bear any additional cost to complete the kitchen.

While she was supposed to start installing the kitchen on the site the next day, we did not hear from them at all. Upon calling we were given the following excuses every day till 24th July when the work finally started.

18th July – “It is Id and we have no labor; we would only start work on 20th July”
20th July – “Last day of consumer discount scheme leading to rush of new customers, so we are too busy to attend to existing customers”
21st July – “It is our day off - and i cant attend to you; However i commit that work will finish by 25th July.” I was also told very clearly that the work would not start unless i pay the INR 6500 due to the dismantling guy, which i had withheld as my pillars were to be redone.
22nd July - No response to our repeated calls
23rd July - No response to our repeated calls
24th July - INR 6500 paid to dismantling guy - Work starts - Labor complains that the shell of the kitchen cabinets does not fit below the slab (meaning measurements taken by Anil were incorrect) – Installation stalls midway

Even before starting work, we had requested Ms. Simrit to come over to the site on 20th July to see if there were any last minute glitches that would come up. But she never came over to have a look.

On 25th July, the labor communicates that the slab would need to be removed for the kitchen to be completed. The dismantling team referred by Anil and Ms. Simrit comes home and gives a further estimate of INR 13,000 for removing the slab. Ms. Simrit agrees to her fault and has apologized. She offered to bear 50% of the cost of dismantling the slab.

At this stage, i lost all my patience and am not willing to spend a single penny on Anil and Ms. Simrits request.

The kitchen and the house are in a mess with the entire kitchen dismantled. I have an infant at home and it has become difficult to manage without a working kitchen.

Even before the kitchen order was placed, i had been very specific about the slab not being dismantled. The measurements for the kitchen were taken by Mr. Anil Gulani himself before placing the order keeping that in mind.

Finally they decided that the work an be completed by compromising on the supporters due to wrong measurements being taken.

They finished the work on 29th July but with pendency. I am still working in the kitcen which is incomplete. 7 shelves are pending from Godrej which they say are coming from Mumbai and also one broken glass which is not replaced till today.

I am not able to understand that i placed the order on 31st May and till today -13th August i have not received the full order and order which was received also was a very painfull installation.

ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING ! My first and last with Godrej. Speaks a lot about the company ethos. STAY AWAY !!

Need answers from Godrej as to when my pain will get over????

Jul 15, 2015

Abnormal Delay from Godrej Interio

I have booked Genius study table 207 @ Vgreen furnitures, Gachibowli, Hyderabad on 09.06.2015 by paying full amount of 11948/-. Order no. is 425931, dt. 9.6.15. They promised to deliver within 2 weeks. Material has come on 22.06.15 and one technician came on 24.06.15. When pack is opened, 2 planks are seen damaged. They raised one more complaint(no. 587543, dt. 24.06.15) for replacement of planks and promised again for another 2 weeks. Already 3 weeks are passed after 24.06.15(Total 5 weeks from order placement), but till now material has not come to me. When called to customer care/godrej person/dealer, no one is able to tell the exact status. I am now thinking that I have made WRONG DECISION by going to REPUTED COMPANY TABLE BY PAYING MORE MONEY, THAT TOO FULL AMOUNT AS ADVANCE.
I have never thought that such irresponsible behavior I have to bear from such reputed company

Jun 30, 2015

Godrej Interio - STAY AWAY FROM THEM

My chain of mails are attached and that tells you the whole story. A few lines to summarize :
- They sell me a defective model of Sofa-Bed as confirmed by the service technician himself and the model was immediately discontinued
- I logged in multiple complaints. The technician came just once, took his visit charges, promising to return with spare parts. It has been 6 months, and i am still following up
- Even on continuous follow ups, they refuse to provide the spares or any service saying that the parts are not available, even within one of buying the furtniture
- they have even stopped responding to my calls and mails.
ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING ! My first and last with Godrej. Speaks a lot about the company ethos. STAY AWAY !!

Sanjay Sharma

Apr 19 2015

ToShilpa Dalvi

Its has been another 8 weeks since i escalated the issue to you and the customer care but no one has bothered to resolve my problem.

My one year old Palladium Soda-Bed is lying broken for more than 6 months now.

You sold me a piece of junk with defective design and no spares and service support. Now everyone is avoiding me and not even bothering to respond to my queries.

PLease arrange to pick up and take back this piece.

I am shocked to see a reputed company like Godrej cheating its Customers.


sanjay sharma

Nirvana Country, Gurgaon

From: Shilpa Dalvi <dalvis@godrej.com>
To: sanjaysharma_ko
Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2015 10:29 AM
Subject: FW: Breakdown and Repair of my Palladium Sofa-Bed - COMPLAINT No. 71746 dated 13th Jan 2015

Dear Customer,

We are in receipt of your below email & regret the inconvenience caused. Also my apology for the delayed response.

Further for your assistance, we are also forwarding your complaint to our Delhi Branch who would look in & do the needful. Our branch Service Executive, Mr. Jayander Rawat will be handling this complaint & his contact No. is 9650660156.

Please bear with us till then.

Thanking you for your patronage and assuring you of our best attention always,

Yours faithfully,


For Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.,

From: Sanjay Sharma
Sent: 27-02-2015 2:14 PM
To: interio@godrej.com; interiocare@godrej.com
Subject: Breakdown and Repair of my Palladium Sofa-Bed - COMPLAINT No. 71746 dated 13th Jan 2015


I had bought the Palladium Sofa Bed exactly 16 months back from your Showroom in Kirtinagar, New Delhi.

The only piece lying in the showroom was damaged as the support structure had given way and the pipes had bent. I was told that it was a problem with that specific piece and they would arrange for a new one for me. The new one was accordingly arranged in a couple of weeks.

For the past 5-6 months i noticed that the head portion of the Sofa-bed (when it is opened out as a bed) is beginning to sink and the head feels way below the feet level. This got aggravated since Dec-Jan. Please note that I mostly use it as a Sofa and it gets opened up and used as a bed only once a month.

I called your customer care and lodged a complaint on 13th Jan 2015 (Complaint No. 71746). I was visited by your technician in a couple of days who inspected the Sofa-Bed and said a couple of things that startled me. He told me that this was a defective design and the company has stopped making it now. He also said that he has faced many similar problems at other locations. He identified two key concerns/ defects - the structure was loose, bent and a couple of screws were missing and the mattress spring was too hard. He charged me Rs 350 for the visit and promised to return with the required parts etc in a couple of days (copy of the visit receipt attached).

I waited for more than 3 weeks for someone to turn up and then called your customer care again on 5th Feb. All i got was an sms from a number saying that the model is out of date so the parts are not available and hence the complaint is being closed. I immediately called back that number and the person promised to check and revert the next day, which he never did.

I called the customer care again on 24th Feb and was once again told that someone will call and come over within a day. Its 4 days now and no one called.

I am appalled with this kind of service from Godrej. I bought this item (despite seeing a damaged piece in the showroom) since i trusted the Godrej brand and hence the reason given by the sales team.

First you sold me an item which had a defective design and the production was stopped. And then, despite my follow ups for more than 7 weeks, no one is attending to the defect and repairing it.

Kindly arrange to repair or replace immediately.

Warm Regards

Sanjay Sharma

Nirvana Country
Jun 15, 2015

nondelivery and fitting

I have ordered modular dresser from Godrej interio [ through Phoenix Machines pvt. Ltd. - wholesale dealer of Godrej and Boyce ] and fully paid in advance on 14.3.15. Though company is supposed to deliver within 6 – 8 weeks, I got the components delivered after 2 and half months. Subsequently , despite multiple reminders, their technician is not coming to assemble the parts.After every call, I was informed ,that some particular technician woulbe coming, but 3 months over, still nothing happened.

Arup mondal(Narendrapur)
Jun 15, 2015

Delivery delayed

Dear Sir,
I have booked one creation wardrobe godrej Almirah dated on 04.05.15 from your Garia, Kolkata showroom but still i have not received the product.So many times asked to East man showroom persons but they told me that another one week take time.Please look into the problem and take necessary action to dissolve the problem.
Arup mondal
Jun 9, 2015

Broken product Delivered

I bought bed with bedside table.
The bedside table was delivered with broken parts
Took 2 weeks to get replacement parts
It has been still 2 weeks and no technician has come to assemble the product.

Overall very poor experience from customer service... (products are good ... but customer service is very very bad)

ps Bought bed from Tilak Nagar showroom Delhi
Jun 7, 2015

very bad service

I had purchased sofa from godrej interio wakad pune. When technician came to fit sofa he said one piece is wrong. It has been more than 40 days and the piece is not yet received. I have called multiple times but they always say it will come in 2-3 days. I have lost my patience now. The service is pathetic. When i asked for refund, they say we need to go by process. I am worried that if they take more than 1 month to deliver one piece of sofa when would they send me the refund amount.
rupesh rama thakur
May 26, 2015

delayed service

Even after two months also creation wardrobe of godrej is not dispatched and assembled .
If we try to make contact to sales department or service department then they put you on hold and give you unsatisfactory answers.
It is very bad experienced with Godrej like company ,even by taking thousands of rupees for the product they are not delivering material in time as well as they are not providing satisfactory service.
kanchan roy
Dec 16, 2014

Defective furniture items and Pathetic after sales service

Dear Godrej Representative,
I would like to inform you that I had ordered following items from Godrej Interio store , Franchises – Eastman , 83/1 B T Road , Kolkata- 700090 on 05.10.2014
All the items were delivered in a timely manner by the vendor on 07.10.2014. The technician for installation visited on 08.10.2014. During the fitting of the item , technician realised that the delivered piece was damaged as :
1. CLARA WALL UNIT : left hand side vertical panel damaged & four nos. horizontal panel Left hand side damaged + 1 handle missing + 4pic bottom leg cap missing. He fixed the wall unit temporarily and informed that he would replace the same for which he also take photograph of all the damaged item .
2. VIDA 2STR SOFA : Lather torn two location.
3. VIDA 3STR SOFA: Bottom cloth cut.
I contacted the helpline no for the reporting the case and they lodged a complaint on 11.10.2014 complaint no K1110434875. I was assured of the technician visit and replacement within 25 days. Till today no technician has visited and the complaint has been closed by Godrej without making any efforts to resolve the issue. I called customer care and enquired about closing of my complaint no K1110434875. Customer care replied that if you are not satisfied with complaint handling(complaint closed without attending), please raise a new complaint. My new complaint no is K1511437825 on 15.11.2014. Godrej representative Kolkata north told he will do it. But no one has come till now to replace/repair the item.
I have been trying to replace the defected items since OCT 2014.
Kolkata Godrej representatives used to reply me on mobile but they have stopped picking my calls.

Kanchan Roy
Sumit Sengupta1
Dec 16, 2014




Nov 17, 2014


I have Placed my order for Interio Kreation (500mm Main Unit+ 1000mm Add Unit + 500mm Add Unit) with Interio Showroom at Behala Chowrasta (GIRNAR),Kolkata, vide Order No. F:65850 dated 19-10-2014 and paid 40% amount of the order. After having informed that my order is ready I have made my full payment on 11-11-2014 vide receipt no. F:14914.
Product was delivered to me on 12-11-2014. The technician(s) visited my resident on 14-11-2014 for assembly and after having half way in the assembling the units they discovered and expressed to me that one Part is wrongly supplied with 450mm width instead of 500mm.
The left my resident with partly assembled units / Unpacked components laying all around and informed me that somebody from Interio will contact me on the next day and resolve the issue. They will come and assemble the unit only after the replacement part is received by me.
Till then nobody from Interio has contacted me yet. Upon repeated contact with the Showroom , they did not show that much interest on the issue and casually ensure me that though it may take some time , the issue will be resolved automatically and expressed that it is more or less a common phenomena with Interio product delivery system.
Contacting the Helpline 1800-267-1122 , one fellow informed me that as the product is not entered the warranty yet , it is not in there scope to deal with the problem and I have to contact the Showroom. On my request they placed a call logged for me vide no. K1511437774 resulting nothing but only one SMS to my mobile with the call information.
I have tried the helpdesk no. 6601-3528 and they informed me that “it may take a long time to resolve the issue”.
On contacting again on 17-11-2014 they informed that there is a “part booking” for me and they will check the availability of the part and inform me about the availability tomorrow. If not available , it will be procured from Head-Office and will take near about one week. It is not clear to me that why that availability checking is taking that much 5 days in your online system.
I am now , a lot frustrated and disgusted with the level of service from such a reputed brand like Godrej and feel that your service team is operated open ended, non-customer centric approach and suffering from leadership crisis. Even a little “googling” on the internet will show repetition of my experience with many of your customers.
If Interio does not change their approach , issues like me will be solved with bit much time but the brand will ruin their reputation.
I , therefore request you to be a more close ended with the customers , let them informed about the service activity , take as less as possible time to resolve issues. Don’t let your customers feel ignored , after that have paid the full amount to you. There is a big bug in your service system. Try to identify and resolve it.
My frustration let me write those many words above. I expect , a quick explanation for my experience and resolution of the same.

Debashis Chowdhury
Behala Kolkata
Nov 2, 2014



M/s Godrej Interio, 29.09.2014
Re: Feel cheated with your customer care attitude
I had purchased a Godrej Creation Almirah vide order no.955 dated 19.10.13 and bill no.21I/10009040 SO 479 dated 22.11.13 from Godrej Store, Noida. After installation, I found some imbalance in right hand door. All other parts working fine. With passage of time, I noticed that the problem aggravated and difficult to lock the door and locker easily. I booked a complaint via your toll free no. & received a ref no. D 0109535667 dated 01.09.2014. After two days I received a call asking me the problem and address confirmation. I explained the problem. To my surprise, person on the other side asked me to go and book compliant from where I purchased the almiraha. After arguments with him, I asked when I purchased the same from Godrej Store what for toll free number is provided. Anyhow in the evening at 8pm 2 service persons arrived and inspected the almirah. They started repairing the almirah. During the process they tilted the almirah and used hammer and other tools. I noticed that problem is aggravating with their repair methods. At last they said tell me name who installed/assembled this since some part in this portion was not fitted due to which this problem started. Since, I had not received copy of installation note I was unable to tell the name. In the meanwhile after repair locker portion became more damaged and not remained in a position to even lock or close properly. To hide their inefficiency they started blaming us that you have shifted the almirah and started taking some photographs which they should take before starting the repair. I had protested that there was no such shifting and only after your repairs and tilting the almirah this problem aggravated. They asked to produce the bill again which at that time not readily available. We hand over them copy of order dated 19.10.13 but they insisted only on bill. They left the house leaving the almirah in worse condition informing we will report the matter to company and some other technician will be deputed. Even handle which was loose and they tighten the screws left its place in the morning which shows there ability to repair. It was very painful experience. More surprisingly, I received a SMS from Godrej on 11.09.2014 informing that your service call D 0109535667 is completed. Thank you for your payment of NIL. It seems that your service personnel overlooked my remarks on the service note or they destroyed that and issued fresh services note themselves to close my complaint without my signature. I was not given a copy of service note.
I visited your Noida showroom on 28.10.14 who in turn provided me the bill no and email id to lodge my complaint.
I hope your goodself will look into the matter for readdressal of my grievance.
Gaurav Gupta
Tamal Kundu
Aug 11, 2014

Delay to delivery of Chair

Dear Sir,

I have booked on 01.07.2014 at your Showroom at Parkstreet of three pieces Chair for our Company D. K. Enterprises and your Showroom officials assured me that chair will be delivered within three week from the date of booking but till date I did not received my furniture. It is not only my first time and only one bad experience but also I have suffered two times before this situation. Sometimes the material was received at proper time though mechanic came after two or three weeks to fit my furniture. It is reluctantly but necessarily to say that it is unexpected from a reputed company like Godrej.

Now you are requested to take a necessary action, treating it as very urgent, with out any further delay to solve such kind of unexpected problem.

Thanking you
Yours faithfully

Jul 30, 2014

Defective Product - And Long wait

We had ordered two pieces of Godrej Enzo make tables from your Godrej Interio showroom at Thiruvananthapuram on 19-06-2014.
Considering the urgency of the product for our new office, we had paid full advance as instructed my your dealer on 25-07-2014. Your dealer had committed maximum delivery time of three to four weeks.

We received the product on 08-07-2014.

However on installation by your engineers, it was found that a single piece of one of the table was severely damaged and needs replacement. Your dealer had confirmed the item to be replaced shall be delivered within another two weeks of time.

We have been repeatedly calling them over phone and last Friday, they had conveyed that it will take another two weeks to get the replacement. You should be kind enough to understand the we had paid the full amount as advance just to make sure it will reach us as early as possible. Still we are stuck in nowhere. Your dealer has not even been able to provide us at least a tracking number to know were the consignment has reached.

You should understand that this is totally an unprofessional and unbusinesslike approach from a company like you.

An email was send to your only email available at your website yesterday and no one even bothered to reply.

Sales Order No : 576698 dated 19-06-2014
Taslim Arif
Jul 21, 2014

Poor Service and Flase Commitment

Think twice before buying anything from Godrej Interio because you going to suffer a lot by of its staffs and managers. I am sharing my experience I have had with Godrej Interio (Store @ Saltlake, Sec-V, GN-30, Kol-91). I still believe quality of its product is really good but pain with dealing of its staff is huge.

I booked a three door steel almirah at the early mentioned store on 16/5/2014 and paid up entire amount Rupees 35,272/- (Reciept No 114264). At that time, I requested the sales person (Mr. Riddhiman Banerjee-901044) to get the delivery on Sunday as me and my wife both were working persons. He refused me saying that Godrej did not have that provision. In the order confirmation form he mentioned that delivery would take 3 to 4 weeks. He assured us verbally that it would be on Saturday and then on the next Saturday fittings works would be done as Godrej did not have the provision to fit the almirah on the same day of delivery. It was shocking and forced me to block two of my consecutive Saturdays.

I received the material on 28/6/2014 after two weeks delay from the tentative delivery schedule. And as per my availability the service team came into my home on 5/7/2014 and told me that Almirah could not be fitted completely because two doors had not been delivered and one drawer was not of proper size. So I called up sales person and he bluffed me a lot to save their face.

After fews days I got a call from warehouse that they were in preparation to deliver me the pending doors. I asked them to deliver the drawer as well. But they did not have any idea what were to be in the list. So I dialed up the sales person again and requested him to arrange the delivery of the doors along with the drawer of proper size instead of sending it to me in piecemeal basis. He requested me to wait for a day to get his confirmation for the same. Next day was a Tuesday and there was no call from him till afternoon. When I could able to connect him, I was told it could not be possible. So I did not have any choice expect asking him to get the delivery on someday before Saturday and fittings on the Saturday (19th July 2014). On Friday I did not get call from warehouse till afternoon, so I contacted him and he told me not to worry. But surprisingly Godrej missed the date they promised.

So again one more Saturday I have to waste for fittings of the doors followed by another Saturday for receiving the drawer and one more Saturday for fittings of that. I am taking this as a punishment of buying a product from Godrej Interio. One more interesting point, Godrej does not like to tell you a specific time for reaching at your home and for delivery it is a range like in-between 2 to 8 o’ clock. No one can imagine, such a brand can have so poor management, immature processes and issue inter-department communication. Customer pays and gets pains from this company.

Before ending up, I just want to mention about the store manager (P N Roy) who made me absolute frustrated when I caught him over phone. No brand consciousness; he always tried to pass blame even on the customer. To safe his position he may loose his decency. From that strange you man you can not expect any help.
Jul 1, 2014





Service head - Second best in the above list......



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