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GSRTC/ gujarat ST BUS


Consumer complaints and reviews about GSRTC/ gujarat ST BUS

Sep 22, 2014

gsrtc bus

my number-8141687225
Sep 22, 2014

gsrtc bus

gsrtc dakor mari complaint ae chhe ke morbi to godhra vadi bus ma condutar ae udalpur pachi hotels par bus ubhi rakhi hati ane sevaliya busted par nati ubhi rakhi anr mari jode aene a vartnuk kari ane dhamki o apto hato aetle aeni upar action leva vinati.
bus time ÷2.10pm dakor to 3.10pm godhra bus tend
Sep 6, 2014

Timing and condition of buses

I am resident of Dholka and daily using GSRTC transportation service to go Sarkhej from Dholka. I am student of MBA and persuing at ahmedabad. Last couple of day I and all the student like me face lots of trouble in travelling bacause of inregularity of bus timing.Also the window to get concession pass which is our right is also open around 10.30 am, it's really to late.We make lots of complain in this regard but no one action taken by the management of Dholka Depo. The Fequancy of buses are also very late so the rush of the student and general public are very high.In depo also have Lan- Line phone but it is also always not taken by any of the person.One side the prime and chief minister are talking about education and girls safety how it is possible if the girls are standing at bus stop alone and still late evening because of the education and bus will not come. I have a option of private vehicle but it is to expensive and for independent person it is not affordable. If you have a time please visit depo and specially bus condition you never think to sit in it.
This is a last complain from over side if the same situaton is going we all are suffer and stop to use service.
Aug 28, 2014

bus problem

Respected sir,
Hu study karu chhu.Baroda Depo thi kevdiya colony via tilakvada aav va mate evening na time ma 3:30pm to 8 pm sushi ek pan bus nathi....ane sir ame morning ma 10 vagye jem tem karine bija koi Depo ni bus ma travelling kariye chhe...and evenining ma aav va mate amari pase koi bus nathi.rajpilpla Depo ni j bus joiye chhe..amne evening ma aa problem that chhe student and passenger badha problem face kare chhe.ame charge 10 pm pohchiye chhe.ame jyare Rajpipla Depo ma wiritten application apva jaiye chhe te loko pakadva pan taiyar nathi.u know what sir dabhoi ma 50 student study kare chhe.temne pan problem thay chhe.and sir amne Rajpipla Depo ni pehla 5 k 6 years pehla bus Baroda to Rajpipla chalti hati te chalu karawo.and sir evening name time ma koi private vehicle pan chaltu hoy tema pan aaviye but hovu pan joiye ne tya.so pls sir I req u pls help for me. Amara career no problem chhe

pranav raval
Aug 14, 2014

બુસ નો રૂટ બંધ કરી દીધો છે ફરી ચાલુ કરવા બાબતે…

માનનીય સાહેબ શ્રી,

સવિનય જણાવવાનું કે સુરેન્દ્રનગર થી વિરમગામ જવા માટે સવારે 7.30 જે બસ હતી એ બસ ને બંધ કરી નાખી હોવા થી દરોજ અવર-જવર કરતા ઓફિસ કર્મચારી અને નિશાળે જતા વિદ્યાર્થીઓ સમય સર પહોચી શકતા નથી. જથી કરી આપ ને નમ્ર વિનંતી છે કે અ બસ ને ફરી ચાલુ કરીને અમે સમય સર નિશાળે તેમજ ઓફિસ પહોચી શકે તે માટે મદદ કરવા વિનંતી છે.

અપના વિશ્વાસુ
પ્રણવ રાવલ.
jignes pandit
Aug 12, 2014

allways comming late or cancled the bus

the bus name vadodara to malegaon timed 9.00 am daily this bus goes at 11.30 am and after. or sometime this bus is canceled also why this happened daily why this bus not go regularly. what i as an passenger i want to do. because the passenger not go without important work. is this your management. the depot manager answer me at 11.45 am that the bus is not having good desial so it has gone to waghodia for good desial. when the bus will come from there it will come their to pickup you it will take half an hour. but upto 1.35 pm i was waiting at makarpura depot but bus did not come their what should i do. if the management is not capable to handle the depot please make is private. so the passenger will be harassed
Sunil Shah
Jul 31, 2014

Stopping of bus at Hotel on highway

I am regular traveller from Vadodara-Bharuch-Vadodara. I have noticed that every but is stops at hotel for 30 to 45 minutes on highway. Which increasing curruption and It is unnecessory wasting of passanger's time and resulting in delay for duty.

1. Quality of food the hotel are not good.
2. The hotel charges higher than MRP price.
3. The driver/conductor getting food on free of cost, that's why they stop the bus at the specific hotel only.

This unethical practice must be stopped.

Anyone who support this can call me or SMS. I would like to file PIL for this on ST corporation.

Sunil Shah
Jul 8, 2014



Jul 8, 2014



Jun 19, 2014

બસને તેના સ્ટોપેજ પરથી નથી ઉપાળતી

માનનીય સાહેબ શ્રી,
સવિનય જણાવવાનું કે ગાંધીનગર નાં સેક્ટર ૨૮/૨૯ નાં બસ સ્ટેન્ડ થી સવારે ૮:૦૦ થી ૧૦:૧૦ સુધીમાં પાલડી અમદાવાદ જવા માટે કોઈ બસ મુકવામાં આવતી નથી.
ગાંધીનગર નાં પથીકા આશ્રમ ડેપોથી ઉપાડવામાં આવતી બસમાં બોર્ડ સેક્ટર ૨૮/૨૯ નું લગાવામાં આવે છે.
સેક્ટર ૨૮/૨૯ થી સવારે ૯:૦૦ થી ૯:૧૫ સુધીની કોઈ બસ મુકવામાં આવે.
તો આપ સાહેબ શ્રી ને વિનતી છે કે અમને સેક્ટર ૨૮/૨૯ થી પાલડી જવા માટે ની પડતી તકલીફ દૂર કરશો,

આપનો વિશ્વાસુ
ઘનશ્યામ પટેલ
Jun 7, 2014

Bus always late

Bus of anand to bhavnagar is always come late approximately 1 hour. Departure time is of 7 am and it comes at 8 am and there is only one direct frequency to go bhavnagar.
Nikhilesh Chandra
May 24, 2014

driver not following rules.

1. stopped intercity bus 3+ time from a'bad to baroda.
2. eating bhajiya's while driving.
3. drink water continously by removing hand from stering.
4. not watching on road.
5. talking on phone while driving.
6. talking with conductor continously.

details :
karjan bus depo
a'bad to baroda
tckt no .. 046102
Harshit Sheth
May 22, 2014

Bus not stopped at bus stand

Dear Sir,

I have booked two tickets of express bus for Surat for today(22.05.2014). I have done online booking. Bus is Radhanpur to Surat our starting point is Ahmedabad Nehrunagar stand.Though we wave our hand towards our bus, bus driver didn't stopped the bus at specify bus stand. Now the authority at Nehrunagar GSRTC stand told us to go Gitamandir st stand( central bus stop). Though we have paid full amount of our ticket, we have to spend money to reach destination.
So kindly give us fare towards the Nehrunagar to Gitamandir stand and please take necessary action against the driver.
krunal kanse
May 7, 2014

Money not return

Khambhat To Vadodara Via Dharmaj

date : 6/5/2014

bus no : 6048

Conductor Batch No : 1153
To Request My Money Return
Hiren G Patel
Apr 23, 2014

stop without stop

Sidhpur-Pavagadh bus allways stop Supream Hotle without any stop 30 minutes minimum so kindly suggests to bus staff not stop without stop
Hiren G Patel
Apr 23, 2014

Stop without Station

Respectively Deesha Depot Manager,

I am allwys travelling to Baroda to Halol bus Driver and Conductore are stop at Suprim Hotle without any stop minimum 30 minit daily rutain this matter allways passenger are disopint and angry to both staff kindly suggest what i am doing for better travelling
Bus name- Sidhhpur to Pabagadh

Hiren Patel
Apr 23, 2014

Inquiry person absent

Most of the time there is no person for inquiry at Sami (Dist Patan) bus stand, during official hours. Please look into the matter for the convenience of passengers.
lokat sakina
Apr 21, 2014

Due to The conductor mistake passanger wants to suffer.

Respected sir,

I with my family were traveling to jamnagar from Savarkundla the bus was "Savarkundla-Jamnagar".
Due to some problem occurred in bus,the bus could not travell to jamnagar n they have stopped us at rajkot.
The conductor of our bus(Savarkundla-jamnagar) had told us to show the ticket to another conductor he will allow u to travel to jamnagar.
Now we had taken another bus from rajkot it was rajkot- jamnagar (local) now when we had shown ticket to the conductor he had stop the bus n told us to get down from the bus becose we were not having report card.
So sir I request u that please take some actions on conductor that they should inform passangers about this rules.
We had to suffer a lot there was emergency n due to conductor's mistake we had to suffer.

Thank you
Apr 20, 2014

bus 30 min ubhi rakhe che station vagar

Ambaji thi jagdiya jti bus 30min ubhi re che pokhiya (kapadvanj pase)..pokiya ma hotel vado mafat ma jmvanu driver conductor ne aapine bus ubhi rakhave che 30 min k tethi vadhu..driver conductor free ma jmva mate pessengers no tim bagad krine late kre che..
Apr 18, 2014

bus depo ni 1 km agal utari dey che

Hu surat thi 21:00 vage ni bus "surat -sirdi" ma betho...
Parantu utaravana samaye mane rate 00:45 kalake
Waghai check post pase utari Didho....tya thi Maru ghar 3 km bur hova na Dalil Kari parntu condoctor a
Waghai bus stop nai jay m kidhu ane waghai chek post pase uthari dedho
Tya thi mare rate chaltu javu padiyu please bus services sari karo bus stop par bus ny Lai jay
Mar 22, 2014

E ticket

Respected Sir,

I would like to know that why printing of E - ticket is required. You can see message which is send by GSRTC with valid Photo ID. After booking Ticket on mobile to take print Out of same is very diffcult. you should cahnge rule for the same. indian railway follow this rule.

Mar 15, 2014

but not departcher at its regular time

Bus no. Gj 18 y 6636
Bus from: ahmadabad to rajpipala

This bus was never departcher at it's regular time ( it's departcher time is 8:30)
Bus's driver says that he is not liable to come at it's regualar time.and also says that
We are not right to ask or argues about the bus timing
Pls do something about it this problem is regular.
And we are suffering a lot at this time.
bhavin panchal
Feb 19, 2014

Wronge Tickets

Dear Sir,

I would like to inform to you who is book tickets at counter they are sick ...

on 10:30 PM we have book tickets form Surat S.T stand from Surat to Baroda (Volvo 6:30 AM - 20/02/2014) but they give us Ahmedabad to Baroda.
I want to be reimburse for my money how is possible.

Tickets PNR: SS752385, SS752386.

Bhavin Panchal.
patel kishan
Jan 23, 2014

bunwi chlu karvani arji

busma full bhud hovath ahina studentne chhodi deva spade chhe mate ek bus chalu larva vinanti !!
Jan 21, 2014

bus bndh thav babat

respected sir,
hu regular kalol thi mahudha updown kru 6u. mari sathe ahmedabad thi gna bdha regular updown kre 6 pn ahmedabad thi mahudha avva mate ni savar ni ane sanj ni gni baso bandh kri ne express highway kri 6 savar ni ek bus conducter less kri ne let time kryo che ena karne amne savare k sanje koi express bus malti nathi ane ame bhu heran thaie 6ie. dakor ane sevaliya vala pn mahudha chokdi vala rout ni bus ma updown kre che etl e pn heran thay che. savare 8.30 pchi 10.00 sudhi koi express bus nathi ane sanje pn 4.00 vagya thi 5.30 sudhi koi express bus nathi so please sir aa mate koi pagla leso. amne ahiya updown mate bijo koi option nthi etl private ma aavan javan ma taklif pde che ane amaro transfer pn saky nthi fix pagar na karne. so plese aa prasn no koi ukel lavva mate vinanti che. please please sir take necessary action.


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