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Consumer complaints and reviews about GTPL

Sep 27, 2015

connection is very bad

last 3 month thi complaint kri rahyo chu hu
channel chote che tena mate
aaje aavsu kale aavsu avu kidha kre che
bt koi aavtu nathi
ane halma pm chanel chotvano problm chaluj che
plzzz problm solv kri aapo
my mobile number-9374733747
Sep 27, 2015

cinnection is very bad

last 3 mahina thi channel chote che
ghanivar complaint karva chata koi aavtu nathi
ne vare vare aaje aavshu kale aavshu m javab aapya kre che
my mobile number 9374733747
Nainesh Shah
Sep 23, 2015

broadband Net complain

respected sir/madam,
I had selected paln of 1mbps unlimmited download/upload...not getting speed nd also not getting the network ...it doesn't download the application above 50 mb from play store although it is unlimmited plan ..kindly take certain step regarding this problem !!!

Sep 22, 2015

set top box locking

Due to some reason my set up box locks channel only 2 or 3 channels ar working other channels gives error message "ACCESS DENIED" , pLEASE GUIDE ME HOW TO clear this problem, cable operator not response proper
Sep 18, 2015

gtpl setupbox

I am sunny from nadiad mission road
4 months ago operator Umesh took my setupbox and still he doesn't give me connection and when I called him he hasn't give me proper answer today also I told him that I complaining about him. he said u can do it... plz I request you plz take a action otherwise I ll take some serious action
Sunny 9924452602
Sep 18, 2015


I am sunny from nadiad mission road
4 months ago operator Umesh took my setupbox and still he doesn't give me connection and when I called him he hasn't give me proper answer today also I told him that I complaining about him. he said u can do it... plz I request you plz take a action otherwise I ll take some serious action
Sunny 9924452602
Kunal jesrani
Sep 15, 2015

Worst cable operator

My self kunal jesrani.As our Area name Bhimjipura,New wadaj,Ahmedabad13,operator name RajuBhai is worst third grade service ...Plz take Gtpl contract back from him he is spoiling Gtpl brand name...He is not giving service to any of the costumer.In our area all the customers are worried...i want to take new connection of the Gtpl setup Box he is not coming since last 2 months...i m affraid of calling to him..Now u say to whom i contact about new connection...
My no =07567844555...
.. Operator no=07779040506..09427334788.operator name Rajubhai...
Aug 18, 2015



Rajvir Yadav
Jul 26, 2015

Regarding New Connection

Dear Sir,

Since 15 days I am contacting to GTPL persons in Junagadh but till now no connectivity is there. After filling the form 2 persons came with cable but they gone back and told me that within 2 days we will connect your cable of Broad band but no one came agin after more then 10 days gone...
Pl help me for connectivity and new connection..

Dr Rajvir Yadav
86- pramukh Nagar (Dipanjali) Junagadh 9426420561
Jul 22, 2015

GTPL Hathway P Ltd

Please do not buy net connection from GTPL. Once you get the difficulties in connectivity, no will hear you. They will dissolve your issue when they wish. Even the mobile number of their nodal officer is also not working. You can customer care number only if you are lucky otherwise you will get line /network busy or all executives are busy. Further if you are more lucky then the executive will help you otherwise he/she will tell you please call after sometime as there a technical issue so that they can't excess your detail. There are very rare lucky people who get the solution in a day or 2 days.

This is my experience, not one time but several times.

Jul 8, 2015

Not working gtpl broadband

My internet is not working last 5 days. I called in customer care for resolve my problem and they gave me complaint no700817 and they told me we reslove your problem in 48 hours but they are not responding well. Every time they people say today I solve it but they people didn't do anything from last five days. I have to call you every day and I have to do complaint same again and again. Now I m tried to call you again. If you don't have any solution so get my money back I don't want to continue with ur connection.
Plz don't buy gtpl connection their after sales service is pathetic. They people don't care about our problem.
Jul 2, 2015

Set top box is not working since connection took

dear sir,
I've took GTPL connection last year and since then my set top is not working properly due to which i am unable to use my subscription and unable to view TV. Hence I request you to take prior action and resolve my problem. I've been complaining on your complaint number since very long but still problem persist. This is last time i am attempting a complaint after which i will file a case in consumer forum for lact of service and quality after taking full payment in advance.

Gurmeet singh
Green city, bhata,surat
Jun 30, 2015

poor service if connection not working after 3 days only

hi i baught gtpl on 23 th june 2015 . but the installation started after 3 days. once setup that night speed was awesome upto 1.8 mbps
the very next day it was off for 2 hours then started again.
the same was the issue while using with router though i have added my mac by calling gtpl customer care.
finally the disaster day come to me. on 29th june 2015 my connection lost . i have checked on two different laptop and one desktop machine same error no 651 was raised modem not responding.

i called the lodged complain on gtpl customer care(remember their toll free no only rings once day other wise you need to call to paid no only where they disconnects if not connected to any customer care after 3 minutes)

customer care person was polite though lodged complain. then my call chain process started . after words today on 30 th june 2015 i called almost 20 times to customer care. no technical person was send yet on my address for solution of connection.

meanwhile let me share i am technical person itself have checked all aspects from my side . only reason why connection is not availble is from isp side problems of dp or switch.
i have checkd on my terrace of flat switch is responding to connection but still no internet is working.

all 3 connection of my flat is not working at all

till date they are generating every time new ticket for complain saying me we will solve it within 24 working hour it means 3 days of 8 hour working will be taken to solve complain . so their complain 24 hour mean to us is 72 hour ( 3 whole days) keep aside and dont think about internet . just take some bell on hand do pray of god its internet isolation day for me as i have gtpl connection. hehe..

i dont recommand to buy this connection if you have not technical support along with you. otherwise over all speed is very good if connection is with you remain intact.
Jun 27, 2015


This is Complain against GTPL. This is really very poor services after installation. I am requesting to Indian Consumers not to take any stupid offers of GTPL. They are no. 1 Cheater. They always create problem instead of to cure problems.

If you go in one branch they will say you lodge complain in other branch. If any company providing broad bands and they are himself are not high tech than that is stupid company. Now peoples of India can understand how stupid Broad Band service they are providing to consumers.

Thanks for understanding.
Jun 22, 2015

GTPL broadband not working from past 7 days

My GTPL broadband is not working from past 7 days, I have called their customer care for more than 3 times but still no one came for checking, also I went to their adajan office but they told someone will come for checking but no one came yet.

Very bad service and very bad about experience. My id is atodariap, any responsible person if seeing this message than try and solve problem asap.Thanks.
Jun 10, 2015

Not working GTPL Net connection

i have complained to your customer care officer that Net connection is not working since 15 days. But your office only take my complain and forward to another side and ask me your problem has been solved in 24 hours. But it is very bad to say you, till date Net connection is not working and i have suffered. My id is dhiraj16 and password is 9427625585.

You are again informed that if you are not able to solve my problem, please refund my remaining amount and disconnect your net connection at my home.

Thanking you Yours faithfully

Jun 5, 2015


Internet connection not started
I have logged a complaint for transferring GTPL connection from my previous address to new one. I think this was my biggest mistake to do so, ever since i have done that neither i am able connect to GTPL personals nor i am able to get access to my internet connection. like a stupid common man i paid for the services INR 5500/- for a year service . Now its been more than 90 days still i haven't received my internet connection. This is really frustrating and insane. Please suggest what should be my next step in this matter?
Jun 1, 2015

Droping of complaint id.642425

My Dlink router works on other GTPL boradband line but when i attach it to mine then it does not work! The CC said they will look into the matter and generated a complain id.
Please check why my complain id 642425 dt. 28/05/15 was dropped and why? Already it was 24 working hours and the solution was not provided to me. When my problem is not solved yet the same was dropped by your technicians.
Now they have again generated a new complaint id:642807 and say to me that regarding the error the work is in progress. Now you want me to wait and suffer for another 24 working hours?
John kant
registered mobile: 9428360939
shubham kansara
May 29, 2015

limited net

Everyday 3-4 hour gtpl connection lost
shubham kansara
May 29, 2015

limited net

Everyday 2-3 hour gtpl connection lost ane
Pls do some action
shanu bilala
May 27, 2015


I Have purchased set box for rs 1000.& now when we stop taking services from him , he is asking us to return back the boxes.
so ,is it compulsory to return the box , because he is saying he need to pay charges for that setup box.
is that true.?
so please kindly give me the information about the same.ASAP

May 27, 2015

set top box restarting every half n hour

My mobile number is 9016210888...My set top box is getting restarted every hour or half n hour, recently it did 5 times in half n hour.when I complaint for that , I got reply that your box is out of this warranty and over one year old, then I saw them the purchase bill then they took my box for repair..they returned the box same day evening but the problem was not resolved, again after one month I complaint and they took the box again and on return said that new kit has been installed so you will not face problem again. After they return the box, it restarted within next 20 minutes. Again they took the box kept with them for one day, I have not received the box yet, but wen I called they said, there is no problem.if you face the issue again take picture of it, now you tell me, how am I come to know that box will restart now...nonsense...
Jayesh Purohit
May 23, 2015



This is Jayeshkumar R Purohit. My user id - jayesh_106.

I am writing you to notify that your 'representative are not representative', they are boss of GTPL (Hathway) Company.

The date 22-may-2015 I had received a phone call from GTPL (Incoming) for my previous complaint and present situation or status and I had very nicely inform her that my WI-FI Router is not with me and might be replaced tomorrow so what is the standard procedure for using GTPL and according to her Make a call to GTPL Customer Care From Register Number and Ad new MAC.

Today, I called to customer care and select language was English but Your Representative Greeted me in local Language Gujarati. (UHFF)!!!
Representative name is 'Yakub' and he was very rude on call and didn't update, lake of knowledge and not interested to reply me in a good way.
after that I called from my different number 9574461670 to notifying at customer care like whats going on regarding for this issue again there is rural dirt girl answer my call and her Last Name 'DAFDA' and she disconnected my call.

I would like to inform to GTPL remove slag from your Image, do good service to Consumers

Again transfer my call to your senior officer Name Bhavesh Panchal and according to him, he was calling form Quality DPT.

How could possible a Quality person doesn't know English and not ready to listen my query not attentive and sharp listener.

Dont be a Joke for the world GTPL replace your employees ASAP.

Thank You

Jayeshkumar R. Purohit
Mayur Gehani
May 12, 2015


Dear Mr. Annirudhsinh Jadeja,

This is in connection with GTPL Broadband which I have subscribed since January 2015. After this subscription to till date more than 30 times our connection has been disturbed. Every time we contact customer care to solve our complaint they tell us to wait for 24 hrs to get it resolved because there is LINE PROBLEM IN OUR AREA (i.e Maninagar Area, Ahmedabad). This is the repetitive sentence we hear it from your customer care unit. The names of the customer care unit members are: Amina, Ramesh Gadia, Deepak Chauhan, Kuldeep, Bhavesh Panchal, Varsha and Mr. Ronak Nanavati. Recently last Sunday on 5th May 2015 our internet was not working for more than 8 hours when we needed it. Not only on Sunday but most of the time in a week our connection drops out 3-4 hours in a day which includes today also i,e 12th March 2015 (just before half an hour it was down). We have called them more than 30 times and sometimes more than 10 times in a day still they don't register our complaint and not giving us the complaint number for the same. They say that there is no problem from our side, its actually the LINE PROBLEM and during the LINE PROBLEM we cannot register the customer complaint and you just have to wait and watch till the LINE comes up. This is really shocking for me that my own neighbour who lives with me in the same apartment has subscribed to same GTPL plan of 1Mbps Unlimited and his connection is successfully working continuously (though we live in the same area or same LINE according to your voice). So I can't understand the meaning of the LINE Problem. I think that I have made a mistake by making the payment for one full year for our 1 Mbps Unlimited plan in advance before we got connected to GTPL Broadband. I believe that the amount of service that I have received till now has no compensation to the amount of money we have already paid to you. By this complaint we once again draw your kind attention to look into the matter seriously as soon as possible and take immediate measures regarding the same.

Your Early and Immediate Action (with REPLY) in this matter will be highly appreciated. If not, you will lose many customers like us in near future.

Thanking you in anticipation,
+91 9727160676/ +91 9974444699
Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Connection Details:
User name: mhgehani
Registered No. : 9974444699
May 12, 2015

No Signal

From last 15 days only 4-5 channels are displaying. for other channels it is showing NO SIGNAL. Your local service is Worst. only giving false commitments. IF not resolve in next 24 hours take the set top box and refund the money.

Rajesh Rajput

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