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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about GVMC

Jul 19, 2014

Garbage problem

The commissioner,

Respected sir,we have some problem here at my street(akkayyapalem,nandagiri Nagar)garbage collection was not done properly from so many months.please take immediate measures to eradicate pungent smell from garbage opposite to our apartment.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
Nandagiri nagar,akkayyapalem,
Jul 11, 2014

Construction of House-Disturbance-Complaint-Reg

The Commissioner
Municipal Corporation

-Through Proper Channel-
Sub: Construction of House-Disturbance-Complaint-Reg

With reference and subject cited above, I (Kona Venkat Sai Ram Mohan) residing in Payakraopeta, Visakhapatnam Dist., got sanction to construct a house at Pettala Veedhi, Chinna Waltair in Ward No.17, Visakhapatnam. We have started construction in the month of November 2013 and it is going in progress. During this process we have found a deviation in the South side of our constructed area by the House owner named Mr. Ramesh by occupying the three feet common way and entered into our site area.
In this regard, we approached the concerned site owner and asked to clarify and remove the sun sides and the boundary wall which were constructed in our site area, obstructing the construction of our house. During these conversations with him, he is threatening us, abusing and giving an arrogant answer like “Go and Tell where you want, I won’t remove the walls, If you keep hand on it I know what to do”. By his behavior, we are getting troubled and stopped construction in that particular area and asking for your help for further process.
I therefore, submit the above details in brief for your kind consideration, by treating it as complaint and requesting to depute your personnel to visit the site for taking necessary action and do justice to us in constructing our house at the earliest.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully

(K.V.S.Ram Mohan)
Mobile: 9849140398
sreenivash moturu
Jul 7, 2014

cleaning problem

the commissioner,
Greater Visakhapatnam municipal coorporation(GVMC),

I am a resident of akkayapalem,NGGOS colony. Our street is facing many problems regarding the cleaning process.
The gutter person issued for our locale is not removing the grass and little saplings even after informing manier times..
I personally request you to please inquire on this problem and solve it very soon..
Thanking you sir,
Moturu sreenivash,
NGGOS colony,
ramaraju anga
Jul 7, 2014



The Commisioner,
Greater VIsakhapatnam Muncipal Coorporation,

we are facing problem from months due to insufficient lighting at streets of bhanoji thota ( sivalayam street) pillar no :148/B/1/2 @ b.c road, gajuwaka..So i request you to please kindly solve the issue at the earliest...

Thanking you,

#14-22-47/4, sivalayam street,
sanjeev colony, b.c road, gajuwaka, vsp-26
Jul 6, 2014


The Commisioner,
Greater VIsakhapatnam Muncipal
Respecting Sir,
I am a residencer of APPUGHAR. We are facing many problems for
drainage, some people in my streat are built their houses on the drainage lines. So there is no chance to flow the drainage water. In rainy season the roads are filled with water.and there are many mosquitos are creating a bad climate around us.it effecting our health. And many children are suffering from maleria etc. We are facing this problem since 5years.
so please remove the that houses on drainage lines and clean drainages.

yours faithfully,

fhishermen colony,
V.Uma Shankar
Jul 4, 2014

arrangement of a garbage container , and canine threat

Dear sir,
This is to apprise you that the civic scene at Shramik Nagar, Chinnagantyada,Gajuwaka of Greater Visakhapatnam is quite appalling due to littering of garbage here and there for the want of garbage-containers in the streets. Currently there is only one container for the entire shramiknagar that is placed on the main road.(NH-16). As people are impatient to walk from far end of shramiknagar to the main road, the garbage is being strewn on the inner road sides causing constriction of road width and rendering ugly look to the habitation and also causing diseases to the residents.

In the light of the above, I, on behalf of the shramiknagar community, appeal you to provide a few containers along sides
of the inner roads to maintain the aesthetic look of the area. Also Pl. arrange to drive out the packs of dogs which are causing a big threat to the life of the locales.

With regards, V.Uma Shankar Sr.Manager, VSP
Cell: 8500669763
V.Uma Shankar
Jun 30, 2014

Street lights not glowing

Dear Sir,

A few street lights near pole no. 26A/2/3 are not glowing.Pl arrange to get them rectified at the earliest.

Shramik nagar,
Near Madhavi Apttmts
Gajuwaka. V.Uma Shankar
Sr.Mgr, VSP
Cell: 8500669763
V.Uma Shankar
Jun 30, 2014

Street lights not working since a long

Dear sir,

This is to bring to your cognizance that a few street lights (flourescent and sodium vapour as well) are not glowing since a long time. This is causing a lot of threat to the life of the residents, because highly venomous snakes and scorpions are roaming across the roads there. In view of the public safety, I beseech you to look in to this serious lapse on the basic civic amenity and arrange to rectify this complaint.

Ref Pole No: 26A/ 2/3 and nearby poles(other pole nos. no idea) With regards,
Shramik Nagar, Chinagantyada V.Uma Shankar, Sr.Mgr, VSP
Near Madhavi Apttmts Cell. 8500669763
Jun 30, 2014

awkward roads and unavailabity of sanitary workers

Respected sir,
im a resident of VUDA COLONY in madhurawada. I bring the kind notice to you that the sanitary conditions in our area are very bad. the garbage beside the roads are for days together. dustbins are not cleared for weeks. by this the garbage is coming on to the road. I don't see any sweeper in our area to clear the roads in our colony. so on behalf of my colony residents im lodging a complaint to you with social responsibility. I request you to take severe action on this issue as early as possible.

thanking you sir

V saikrishna,
door no 3-103,
MIG-II 147,
Midhilapuri VUDA COLONY,
Jun 26, 2014

heavy sound pollution

we the residents nearby VIZAG PROFILES TOWERS in KURMANNAPALEM are suffering from heavy sound and smoke pollution from the 100KV DIESEL GENERATOR during power cut time . This smoke and sound from generator WITHOUT SILENCER we are suffering sleepless nights during power interruptions and small childern and aged persons are suffering from asthma and several diseases due to smoke generated by this generator and this generator is just located by the side of our flats. please save us from this horrible situation
Jun 25, 2014

road damage

road leading to vsez and duvvada rly station at the entrance of VSEZ ARCH was badly spoiled please get repaired this highly traffic road as soon as possible
Jun 24, 2014

occupation and construction of road and drainage

Respected sir im the resident of nakkavanipalem.Here im complaining against a person named AKULA GOVINDA REDDY, S/O KHANNAYYA , living at D.NO 51-8-48,[New 6O feet road] occupied and construted a two storied building on the municipal road and drainage.This will cause the people lot of inconvenience and overflow of drainage water.So please look in to the matter and take necessary action
Jun 20, 2014


Respected sir
Arillova anna nagar 2nd lane, in last 4 days the the water supplier is not releasing the water,
all ready we complaint them due to this problem but still the problem is continue if they are
relsing some time water supplying with in a 7 minutes they are stopping the supplying plase
sir solve this problem as soon as possible

thank you sir
parvez hussain
Jun 1, 2014

Illegal occupation of GOvt. Land

The Commissioner,

Sir,.. I would like to bring to your kind notice regarding illegal occupancy of government land including the pond located at chinnamushidiwada, kranthi nagar, behind Sri Balaji Apartments by building Huts around the area adjacent to karmika nagar which is located on the bank of the pond.

This place is once been vacated by the officials and the constructions were collapsed, but again they are occupying the land as it is not even marked as government land. So, it is requested to take necessary action to prevent the intruders.

May 19, 2014


The Commisioner,
Greater VIsakhapatnam Muncipal Coorporation,


We are facing many problems for drinage, at my street latst 15 days not cleaning driange stuck the driange

So we request to you please rectify that problem.

thanks & regards,
b.v.venkateswara rao
Door No :27-3-84,
Srinagar. official colony road no 1
cell - 9246962377
Apr 24, 2014

iron grill tree guard to plant

Sir, your department personnel planted plants before my house, MIG - I - 73, DOOR NO:24-33-18, Vinayakanagar, Pedagantyada Vuda Colony. But when they grow animals are eating the same, leaves and branches etc, due to lack of required tree guards. Hence, you are requested to direct the concern to arrange for iron grill tree guards so that the plants will grow safely.

Yours faithfully

I.Satyanarayana, Advocate,
Cell No.9701487774
Apr 9, 2014

Unable to open GVMC Site

I am unable to open GVMC Site since 4 days. I was trying to track our Trade License dues from GVMC Site.
But unfortunately site doesn't open.

Can you please look into and update me at 9949096182

Thanks & Regards
sureddi chaitanya
Mar 30, 2014

grabage collection

The Commisioner,
Greater VIsakhapatnam Muncipal Coorporation,

Dear Sir
sir,we bring kind notice to you that, here at my street(narasimha nagar, gopalapatnam bunk, visakhapatnam) garbage collection was not done properly from last 2 months. please kindly take some action regarding the issue as early as possible because we are suffering form bad smell from garbage. as there is no alternative all the people over here are dropping their garbage in drains and they are jamming. this may lead to several diseases, so that the people may get effected.

please do the needful

gopalapatnam bunk,
Mar 18, 2014

Permission of cellar parking

The commissioner
Municipal Corporation

Dear Sir,

We are resident of China Waltair, Peethala Veedhi Doono: 6-7-1 to 6-7-50 approxmently having 300 families are living in that particular door no’s. We have only 12 feet road i.e., one way we don’t have any other entrance. Recently & previously some of residents are constructing house without leaving parking place of their vehicles, 90% percent of the residents are parking on road only, so that we don’t have to space to drive and turn back our vehicles.
I request you to please give permission to construct the house with cellar plus three so that we can
Park the vehicles inside the house, and also please provide the way to go out from the street i.e., other side of the street.
Please give the permission to cellar parking with 3 floors for small plots so that the entire parking problem will solve. I observe so many street like this. So please observe and think according to my suggestion
There is lot of traffic problem will solve in Vizag.
Please do the needful.
Thanking You
Yours faithfully
Peethala Street
Chinna Waltair,
Mobile: 9348896200
Mar 1, 2014

cleaning of storm waterdrains

Dear Sir
Drain cleaners are engaged to clean storm water drains in the colony. Unfortunately the drains are cleaned due to lack of supervision. Due to this water is stagnant causing mosquito breeding. Request issue instructions to the concerned staff .
Prasada Rao
MIG-75, Madahavadhara VUDA Colony
814 327 5133, 2558149
Mar 1, 2014

Street dogs

Low pressure water
The Commisioner,
Greater VIsakhapatnam Muncipal Coorporation,

we are staying in Gurunadharao(colony), Srinagar, Gajuwaka we are facing lot of problem with stay dogs they are attacking while passing on the road number of dangerous dogs are roaming beside us hence we are request you to solve the problem

So we request to you please rectify that problem.

thanks & regards,

Y Srinivasarao,
Gurunadharao (colony),
Srinagar, Gajuwaka
Mobile: 9652443784
v v s murthy
Mar 1, 2014

No water supply

I am a resident of ward No.9 Ambetkarnagar, Seethammadhara, Visakhapatnam-13. There is no municipal water supply from the last four days. There is no notification of suspension of water supply. If water suppply is not provided for such a long period, how can the citizens live with out water. I shall be very thankful if the concerned authorities look into the matter and restore water supply to the residents of Ambetkarnagar, Seethammadhara. Visakhapatnam-13.

V V S Murthy
D. No. 55-41-5/1
Mobile: 8978417632
Feb 28, 2014

dogs in mvp complaint

I am the student, studying bbm , and am the resident of mvp colony ...sir we are facing a lot of problem with dogs in mvp in night times there are around 70-90 street dogs are there ..they were creating a lot of distrubence in the street roads ,,they were attacking the common people and the riders of the two wheelers and pedstrains.many are injured with the dog bites and the causes the spread of many diseases ..Really they were creating a lot of problems .we are very afraid of the dogs to come out of the home ....so kindly help us and respond to our problem and look into this matter .
V.V.Sobha rani
Feb 24, 2014

Dues showing for Disconnected Water tap

I, V.V.Sobha Rani ( Aged 68 Years ) bring to your kind notice, earlier I am having Water tap connection at D.No. 31-30-51/1, Nrayana st. Dabagardens My water Tax Asst No. is 21074-A and I have given 2 letters on 4-8-2011 and 18-8-2011 for Tap disconnection, as per the instruction by the A.E I have paid Rs.250/- for disconnection.at GVMC office on 18.8.2011 ( rcpt key : 2011-CA-169239 ,and rcpt code-1404006 ) I have submimted photostat copies of, 1) Pass book front page,2) Water Tax paid upto 30-9-2011 and 3 ) disconnection charges receipt

After submitting all the above Copies,concern officers signed as it was disconnected, Your Fitter by name Mr Ch.Yuvaraju also signed on it.

But the problem is still they are showing some dues from 3rd quarter to till March 2014.Hence I request you to please do the need ful.

Your prompt and early action is highly appreciated

My present Address is 32-10-61/1, venkateswara colony, sheela nagar, VISAKHAPATNAM -12, Cell:8125411315, Mail ID is nrvolety@yahoo.com.
Feb 19, 2014

Street dogs

Sir we are staying in Gurunadharao(colony), Srinagar, Gajuwaka we are facing lot of problem with stay dogs they are attacking while passing on the road number of dangerous dogs are roaming beside us hence we are request you to solve the problem

Y Srinivasarao,
Gurunadharao (colony),
Srinagar, Gajuwaka
Mobile: 9652443784

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