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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about GVMC

May 25, 2016


we are unhappy about the water supply being offered to this colony dwellers for the last one month as alternative days only water is given to this residents. We have bore wells and water tanks also constructed by A.P Housing Board and the total cost of the bore wells and water tanks constructed and cost there of charged against these residents. We are purely dependent on these bore wells for the last 20 years. We have no problem since long, even during peak summer. After merger with GVMC, this housing board colony residents have been facing lot of problems for non supply of water and its quantity. The alternative days, water being supplied without operation of these bore wells causing lot of water problem and its quantity (not even 500ltr a day per house). This is unfortunate state of affairs. These residents are thrown to their own law of fate. There is no mention about the reduction of tax for alternative days for supply of water. This must be seriously thought of announcement should be made in this regard.


Under the circumstances stated above, we humbly request your honour to personally inspect this locality and arrange to collect grievances of the residents of this colony and kindly arrange the following: -
1. To operate all bore wells and consequent water tanks and supply water regularly without switching over to other means of operation.
2. Your Assistant Engineer (water supply) GVMC Madhurawada, Zone-1 not at all taking care of these problems and not being in a positions to help out these residents at all.
Awaiting your reply with A.E (Water Supply) and his inspection report.
With kind regards,
May 24, 2016

Street Lightig

Residents of EMERALD Apartment, Opp. Bank of Baroda,
Mithilapuri Colony, Madhurawada, Visakhapatnam.530041- Ward No.05

We are residing in the Emerald Apartment( street opposite to Bank of Baroda) in Mithilapuri Colony, Madhurwada in Ward Nos 5. The street Lighting on the road to our area opp. Bank of Baroda is not fully provided. While there are 9 poles on the said road, LED lights were provided only to 3 poles as indicated here under :

1. Pole No. 59-B9/2 -- Light Provided
2. Pole No. 59-B9/4 -- -do-
3. Pole No. 59-B9/5 -- -do-

Even the above mentioned three street lights 3 are also not working for the past 10 days.

The following Poles were Not provided with LED lights:
1. Pole No. 59-B- 9/2 (Rpt. No.)
2.Pole No. 59-B-9/1
3. Pole No. 59-B-9
4. Pole No. 59-B9/1 (Rpt No.)
5. Pole has not numbered
6. Pole No. 59-B-9/6

As a result of lighting was not provided for 6 poles on the said road, the area has become pitch dark and it is becoming difficult for the residents of the area especially for women to walk on the road in the nights due to the stray of dogs menace, deep ditches on the middle of the road, snakes and above all fear of anti-social elements.

We are pained to bring to your notice that very recently a man walking on the road near our apartment around 8 PM died due to the snake bite.As such, the residents in and around the area terrified to walk on the road in the nights.

We have already made a online request to GVMC's on 19/5/2015 and the same has been registered vide GVMC's Reg.No. 2015-ADM-O3581. The receipt of the complaint was also acknowledged as under:

Successfully Registered.
Your Reg.No. is 2015-ADM-O3581 - Complaint No. & Details are Forwarded to concern Person.
Confirmation will be sent to you in an SMS.

Even though one year has elapsed. the problem is yet to be resolved

We, therefore, request your good-self to kindly look into this urgent and alarming matter and arrange to provide sufficient lighting for the remaining poles on the road without further delay considering the plight of the people and the safety of the people.

S.V.LAKSHMANA RAO & Other residents of the locality .
May 24, 2016

Improper working of street light

Respected Sir,
I am residing at R Praveen Kumar,Lakshmi Swathi Residency,Flat No 302,Door No 18-441/5/10, Santapalem,Chinnagadila,Visakhapatnam-530040 , the street light is not working for the past 1 month.Please send the technician and rectify it as early as possible.

Thanking you,
R Praveen Kumar
Phone no., - 9849377077
N.Srinivasa Rao
May 22, 2016

Improper working of street light

Respected Sir,
I am residing at Dr-no 2-10-40,mindi,bhpv(post),visakhapatnam-12,ward no -65, and pole no., M1 3A/4, the street light is not working for the past 1 month.Please send the technician and rectify it as early as possible.

Thanking you,
N.Srinivasa Rao,
Dr.no 2-10-40,
Phone no., - 9347848558
Apr 22, 2016

noise pollution

Hello Sir,
Dogs near our area are making so much noise such that, we are not able to sleep at night. Please take some action.
Thank you.
Mobile no:8885261559
Apr 19, 2016

Patch works of road from jaggayyapalem toDockyard colony road junction

.1 The road from jaggayyapalem to sathivanipalem of ward 58 is damaged at different places. Some length of road was laid some part was left at jaggayyapalem and sathivanipalem. Also there are road pits at several palces. Riding the vehicles is very difficult on this road.
2. The road leading to dockyard colony was dug by private persons for their personal use to lay some pipe from other end,and it become worst dent to cross by vehicles passing.
3. Therefore ,it is requested to take necessary action to repair/lay the above said road problem

Thanking you

BV Prasada Rao
Apr 19, 2016

Request-4 for street lights not glowing


Request4 for street light not glowing which was sentas first request on 24th October 2015 Pole no.3A/3/6/1,ward no. 58, Dockyard Colony(sri satya nagar), Nearby Sattemma gudi,vizag-12 .Street light (LED) is not glowing since 6 months.Already three requests were made but invain. With in these 4 months some more street lights are also not functioning.There is no response at all. Request to depute the Technician to repair/replace the same.
Dockyard colony
Ward 58
Dockyard colonry
Apr 8, 2016

Occupying the roads by vegetable hawkers

The Commissioner,
Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation

sub: control to occupy the street roads and drainages by vegetable hawkers

It is informing you that the vegetable selling hawkers occupying the street roads and drainages in RAMALAYAM STREET AREA in Thatichetlapalem area, in ZONE-IV , it is very inconvience to moving of school autos and bikes in the morning and evening , unable to drive the cars in that area , so please do need full to us to avoid the above problems from us

Your Sincerely,
WARD NO. 31,
PHONE NO. 9491567249
Mar 24, 2016

garbage problem

cleaning of garbage
Respected Sir,

I am residing in Green Gardens, Marripalem. In my back side of my house one vacant land is there. The vacant land is filled-up with garbage. Due to that bad smell is coming and huge mascotes are there. The land mark is Opposite road to Sai Srinivasa Residency, Green gardens.

it is requested that necessary arrangements may kindly be made to remove the garbage on priority for which we shall ever be grateful to you sir.
Appa rao Reddy
Mar 11, 2016

Unauthorised construction

Sir I would like to bring to your kind notice that Shri Bora. Eswara Rao, residing D.No. 20-1-47, Near A.V.N. College Road, has been harassing us since few years. He constructed cement flooring illegally on the newly laid municipal roads recently and all the dirty water what they are using is flowing before our house and making our premises dirty. Every day he is doing the same thing and making all other neighours to do the same. So we temporarily constructed a small step of one feel to prevent water coming from his place. He has given a complaint on us to municipal office and requested them to remove it. We showed them how he has constructed the floor on the municipal road and told them to break the cement floor then you can remove our newly constructed small step too. The officer instructed the municipal workers to do it but Mr.Bora Eswara Rao had objected them and blackmailed them to stop otherwise he will file a complaint against them. Surprisingly they have gone saying it is lunch time and left the place with the message that they will do the work tomorrow. They have removed our small step and went away.
They assured us that they will remove it on 11.03.2016 but still they did not come to do the work. His house has got two water connections. How come a house can have two water connections and they have been given permission for two water pipe connections. This has been done illegally and it was brought to your notice till now.
Shri Bora. Eswara Rao has taken bribe from Mr.Srinivas Rao bearing D.No.20-68-3A, Near A.V.N College Road, Asipapa Street, Visakhapatnam to construct a house which has got no planning and permission to construct a 4th Floor and now he had constructed a 5th Floor too. The road has become conjusted and unable to park the two wheelers there.
He is indulging other people to come inside our house premises in our absence and taking measurements of our house without our permission.
There are many issues which is doing illegally in the name of municipal worker and filing complaints on others.
I would request you to kindly look into the matter seriously.
Mar 9, 2016

Request to restore the Street tap

The Commissiner
GVMC, Visakhapatnam

Respected sir,
this is Ganthakoru.jithendra dr no.1-85 narava ,near Gopalapatnam,Visakhapatnam-27 .Kindly restore the GVMC street muncipal Tap ,GVMC street tap is running for several years but it is removed without any reason while road construction. All the residents are taking drinking water from that tap only.kindly take the immidiate action to restore the GVMC street TAP at the earliest please.
thanking you sir,
Yours faithfully
venkatarao vankayala
Mar 8, 2016

lightning getting very less

My house oppsite street light complete tree branches closed the street light only 10% light is getting so please cut the branches near the street light. v.venkata rao
Mar 1, 2016

cleaning of road and drainge

Respected sir,

Drains/roads CLEANING in front of the house bearing D.No.18-3, ward.11, opp.R.R.Residency, seethammadhara north extension,is not cleaning completely. In front of my house big stones have not been removing so far and some people are using the stones as public lavetory. The sweeper is not Cleaning completely. Facing the foul smell and mosquito menace. Request to direct the the cleaning persons to remove the stones and clean properly.

Thanking you sir,

D.No.18-3, Opp:R.R.Residency,
Radhakrishna Nagar,
Seethammadhara North Estenson,
R raghuram
Feb 9, 2016

Water problem

Dear sir,
Since last month the famalies from Vinayakhanagar near Ramatakies are facing water problem there is no support from GVMC vizag please look into it .

Jan 13, 2016

Fouling of Telecom Switch Cubicle

The Commissioner,
GVMC, Vskp.


Ref: D/No. 37-11-19, Pattabhi Reddy Gardens, Vskp-530007

This is inline with the installed Telecom Switch Cubicle in front of the above referenced residential house. This is fouling with the house entrance and causing hindrances to the house entrance itself. As this installation refers to decades old problem which was not treated serious, but this property aged 3 decades and now access for refurbishment is an absolute hindrance. Hence we request your intervention for a possible resolution.

Looking forward for way forward.

Thanking You Sir,

Sridhar K V V
Mob: 9963808240
Jan 12, 2016

street light

Street light not installed
Sir, In the month of April, 2015 some of the electrical poles in the next area are fallen due to unknown reasons, resulting which the street lights are damaged and immediately staff of electrical section were came and rescued some lights. But till today no street light is erected to Pole No. 163 B/3 in Ward no. 13, Madhuranagar, near Chandra Enclave, VSP. I have made complaint through online in GVMC cell vide compl.no. 67707 and also published in Eenadu newspaper. As per the concerned Officer version that street lights are insufficient and it will rectify in the month end of January. The Visakhapatnam City is glowing with LED lamps/himast lights were required/unrequried. But my complaint is kept aside and asked me to wait upto this monthend. Please rectify the problem and install two street lamps(LED) on pole No. 163 B/3 immediately as we are facing problem of teasing/lifting of petrol and thefts etc.
w.v.s.r.Prasad, Madhuranagar, Visakhapatnam
Jan 12, 2016



There is no lighting on the main road of Lic Building. The area is dark. I request you to kindly install street lights

Jan 9, 2016

Road Repairs&Heavy Trucks Controlling

The Road from first Rail Track subway of sheela nagar to Jaggayyapalem out skirts Rail Track subway is badly damaged due heavy vehicles running day and night for quarrying purpose. It is very dangerous to pass through the road day time as well as very danger in night time.Lots of dust is raising due heavy vehicles and dust pollution is rapidly increasing. People are facing health problems due to
heavy dust.
Therefore,It is requested to repair the road and prevent the heavy Truck Traffic on this road.
Thanking you
Ward 58.Srisatya Nagar
Jan 9, 2016

drains/Roads cleaning

Drains/roads CLEANING in Dockyard colony,ward.58,nearby sattemma gudi is not happening regularly. Cleaning persons are coming very irregular,( one or twice in a month) and then also they are not cleaning completely. Facing the mosquito menace. Request to depute the cleaning persons regularly.
Thanking you sir
Dockyard colony
ward 58,near sattemma gudi
Jan 9, 2016

S treet Light not glowing-Request 3

Sir, Request 3 for street light not glowing which was sent on 24th October 2015 Pole no.3A/3/6/1,ward no. 58,Dockyard Colony(sri satya nagar), Nearby Sattemma gudi,vizag-12 .Street light (LED) is not glowing since 2 1/2 months. Request to depute the Technician to repair/replace the same.
Dockyard colony
ward 58
Dockyard colonry
Jan 9, 2016


MY house existing door number 31-14-9/1 which was given in 2006/07,CA200282, Srisatya Nagar,(dockyard colony)ward-58. During Door nos checking, the checking persons have suggested to change the number as this serial number was in gajuwaka but not in this colony.My neighbours Door numbers are 31-50-131, 31-50-128 as follows.
Therefore it is requested to change my door number to match with the numbers of this colony
Thanking you
BV Prasada Rao
D No.31-14-9/1
sri satya nagar (Dockyard colony)
Near sattemmagudi,ward-58
property tax id:5201001088044351
mobile no: 9493872945
Jan 9, 2016

Provision of Street Lights

The out skirts of Jaggayyapalem to out skirts of sathivanipalem of ward-58(sheela nagar to Narava Road) is not provided with Street Lights. It isvery dark. so many accidents are happening in the absence of street lights.During nights commuters are facing lot problems due to heavy vehicle running through out night.All sorrounding villagers are facing this problem.Road margins are not visible and causes more accidents.
Street lights very essential to avoid accidents. Therefore it is requested to sanction and lay the street on this road.
Thanking you sir
BV Prasada Rao
srisatya nagar(Dockyard colony)
Dec 24, 2015


Respected Sir/Madama

I am residing at Laxmin nagar up ,Baji Junction Gopalapatnam near to hill in my colony New Durga temple is there near hill The temple management had tied cone speakers and playing songs and speaking so loudly in mic. We cannot bear the sound not taking any action even after repeated complaints. The sound is so loud most of the people in the street gets headache.every day 5:00 am to 10:00 am They start ll 11 am and in the evening 5 pm to 8.30 pm. Students are finding difficult to study and aged people are facing increased BP on hearing the noise continuously season day. also we cannot speak thru mobile because of this noise. Kindly take necessary action and sort out this issue please. please sir kindly take an action.

Sampath Rao
Dec 24, 2015

Noise Pollution

Daer Sir,

We are facing Noise pollution problem by load speakers every day morning for many hours every day with heavy sound.The sound is coming from Gopalpatam baji junction laxminagar towards hill,Durga temple.If it is low sound no problem but it is very irritating sound due to echos.Please take action against.Also private people are digging the ways for their drainage problem for weeks ,In the same area please take action against
Dec 17, 2015

clearing of underground drainage

The underground drainage in the main road and connecting to the residential latrines between the door Nos.25.10.25 to 25.10.45, Ganugulavari street, Near Lakshmi talkies was filled and reversed to individual residential attached latrines. The sanitation staff was informed and requested thrice over phone, but none has responded or cleared the U.G. drainage. Suffering the people with very bad smell, which may cause loss to human health. Kindly intervene and issue necessary instruction to the concerned immediately. Thanking you Sir,

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