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Consumer complaints and reviews about HBJ CAPITAL BANGALORE

K Priyan
Apr 8, 2015

Biggest Fraud

Shubh jain cried over the phone "sir, I have two daughters and have to pay school fees. If only you subscribe, my salary will be paid tomorrow. Think God gave you money and not to me". Your 50,000 investment will become 2Lakh in 3months. Trust me. I am sware. Even after reading all the bad reviews I took risk and failed on those cheaters.

Another stupid is smruti sonom patil who also cried. Always they have set up. I will ask my CEO for special discount. After paying in next minute, they make drama and say that congrats and you have been selected as lucky customer out of 2 lakh subscribers. If you pay another 70,000 rupees we will convert this package to 3 years. When I said no need, then they said you are loosing god's gift (!!!!!!) dhanlaxmi is coming to you and you are closing the door. After one hour they said ok you got special approval pay another 65,000 and become 3 years members. Then keep on dragging.


Oct 21, 2014

Shubh Kant Jain Hbj Capital is smart in Fooling & Cheating

Shubh Kant Jain Hbj Capital is smart in Fooling & Cheating

All what is mentioned BELOW with regards to cheating is correct as i was also fooled with promsises and refund offers and when no more money can be extracted Left the given calls to it fate and doesnt respond to mails also, Shubh Kant jain of Hbj is a cheat and knows how to fool with his words.
With so many people cheated in coming days many of them be behind bars.

Oct 21, 2014

HBJ Capital, Bangalore

HBJ Capital is a bunch of fraudsters. Only somehow interested in duping you with 100% false promises. Never ever fall in their trap. They will claim unrealistic things which are never achievable. In one of the blogs by one of their own employees they have confirmed that they will give a 'buy' recommendation to someone and a 'sell' recommendation to another one. One of these two has got to be correct. This way they continue to dupe customers. The so called analysts are just unemployed people from the streets who are set targets to get customers and in turn earn revenue for the company. The targets are generally un achievable. e.g. Rs. one lakh. If you cannot achieve it you will be fined and the fine recovered from the salary of the employee. So the fraudsters earn money from outside gullible customers as well as from their own employees.
Oct 16, 2014


Hbj capital as friends mentioned is a fraud company only working to loot money. On the eve of dasara they called me and said I have own gold coin as I am their existing customers. They talked so nicely and gently. Also they received all my residential address and promised that gold coin will reach with in four days. Regarding this they demanded 5021 rs as a policy of the company. It was a web to loot money. I have not received any confirmation and no gold coin was sent. All this happened on 30 Sep 2014. I have all email of transactions. I lost money and faith on the company. Story doesnot end here. On 15th October santosh Kumar and his team called me and said I have own gold coin on the eve of deepavali. They wanted me to pay 10000rs for extension of service and my adress for sending gold coin. Being cautious I asked him send email and recorded all his conversations. Nobody is confirming the news and responds to any enquiry by existing clients. No body will care for you or your money. Foul play Wii go on with the clients. Please donot subscribe any of their and don't be victims of their fraud Paniraju.s chikmaglur. Karnataka
Sep 27, 2014

Shubh Kant Jain Hbj Capital is smart in Fooling & Cheating

All what is mentioned above seems correct as i was also fooled with promsises and refund offers and when no more money can be extracted Left thegiven calls to it fate and doesnt respond to mails also, Shubh Kant jain of Hbj is a cheat and knows how to fool with his words.

Sep 7, 2014


Invest urs money with great care.. Take some trail see what they give on calls and then only invest.. You guys can check with
Dream gains its a nice advisory co. Helped. Me. A. Lot with nice return.. If need any help can call me 8867309295 may be I wuld
Help with my old story...
Aug 28, 2014

HBJ capital wiped my 80k in option in two days

Rakesh and chandana from HBJ captial given me call worth rs 80k in option that wiped in only two days. Now to recover they asked me to pay 5000. Didnt get good calls. Now they are asking me to upgrade this service by paying 10k more money. Really these people are cheap and dont have value for money belongs to retail investor.
Jul 31, 2014

Bunch of fraudsters

They are a team who speak the same language and have only 1 intent i.e. to fool you in some way to get money from you. After you buy any of the services there won't be any response. They sell your contact details and you end up getting at least 1-2 calls on a daily basis to again sell some trading services to you

The team is not trained and they don't have any know how of the trading strategy. You will only end up loosing your money. Don't opt for any services through HBJ Capital and be aware of the sales talk of Sandeep Jain, Sudeep Jain, Shubhkant Jain etc. They will sell a service package to you and then will never come on phone

Jul 24, 2014

HBJ Capital - Fraud

Very fraud company indeed. Don't trust these guys...always good while taking your money & next hardly any response & call are worst!!!
Jul 5, 2014

third class

hbjcapital, stoplosstrade are third class service provider in the world...they are beggars... before taking the service they say option bonanza calls, special calls and like that, after paying they don't talk to you, , , and finaaly when you talk to them about the service they will ask you to pay more for premium services... sab chor hai...bhikaari ke bachhe...
Jun 28, 2014

Fraud , I beg please stay away from them

Hi All,
please stay away from HBJ , I paid them Rs
80,000/- till date and they will keep asking .
There is no professionalism and they are liars no :1 in the universe .
When they want money they beg like anything . They will tell all stories like
my age is 60+, 30+ years of experience
and you are like my son, believe
me this is the last
time you need to pay and will assign to personal analyst etc etc.

Few scenarios either happened or will happen to you as below:
Subscribe multbagger/Penny stock etc for long term .
Then they will make you pay Medium Term, Short Term, Week Term, day trading etc
Every time they will say , Sir the very first call with earn your subscription
fees, most of the times that doesnt happen .
I will personally assure you, please believe me, take my personal no, except my
family you are only thne person who has this no.
Today is last day , tomorrow on wards we will give Pre Budget, Budget, Post
Budget, Pre Election, Election, Post Election, Pre Monsoon, Monson, Post monsoon,
expiry etc etc call .

Then they will offer you to pays some amount and extend served for 1/2/3 years
and even, later they will not abide by their words, you have to pay extra .

You name it and they will have reason for last day to release the call .
When things doesn’t work one guy will call and Say some vey Sr Person would
like to talk to you.
He knows the story so will start with sorry and say I will personally assure
you no issue will happen here after .
I am your father's age, 30-40 years experience, please believe my words and pay
some amount .
They will offer to assign a personal analyst . After paying they will make you
wait for few days with update .

After lot of follow up the D day will come .

A gal will tell I am going to connect a Guy who is 70+, worked 40+ Years for some exchange, company,
bank, finance firm etc etc and you are lucky that he agreed to handle your

Now this guy will give small lecture on long term gain n all and say I handle
only 5/6 Clients whos portfolio is above 20-30 lacks and charge 20% of
portfolio . But since you are special case only pay 50k to me and will make you
money within week/month etc etc, usual stuff.

So this is how story goes ahead .

Dear friends instead of doing all these foolish
things I did, please spend 1/2 hours daily and learn how market behaved or
learn technical analysis. I my expericne says stock market works on lot of
comon sense and discipline . If you ahve it you are bound to earn. You dont
need nay HBJ type tom dick and Harry .

Since I have paid enough of my hard earned money, request you all not to fail
in to the trap .
Also all above complains and scenarios by so many peoples are absolutely True .

Can we all have a platform, some group to stop these peoples from cheating many
other innocent peoples .

Thanks & Regards
Christeena Joseph
Jun 26, 2014

Bogus advisories looting

Tens of unwanted calls hunting small time investors offering 3 fold returns in their folio within a short period of investing and tries to loot investor Beware of them and never fall into their trap and always use your own IQ and experience but not depend on any. Wish u all happy and profitable invested port folios.
May 2, 2014

HBJ not keeping their promises

If you give your phone number you'll get numerous phone calls giving tall promises. Once you give them money, they never care for you, return your call or emails. the promises are gone. Again you will be chased with so many phone calls from different phone numbers for some other products on discount etc etc..
No 1 fraud company. dont ever waste your money and time with HBJ
Apr 23, 2014

False promises

HBJ Capital makes false promises while selling their product and never keep it.
It's a fraud company. No response from their seniors also.
Their marketing manager (Vasim) sold me a product on 31st March 2014 as a very special offer on last day of the fiscal year.
And he is not responding though writing emails, no answer.
Called up their Associate VP (Vandana), promised me to call back in 2 minutes. Don't know when these 2 minutes will start.
Don't deal with this company.
Filing case in consumer court.
Apr 21, 2014

No.1 Fraud

No.1 worst company, don't believe these guys, all are frauds only if the calls go well they respond our calls or else they will not even pick our calls.
I was happily trading in cash since last 15 months, they told me to trade in stock options where I can make more profit but I ended loss of 95,000 in just 5 calls.... don't trust these guys (specially “Nitin” from Delhi & “Jayram” from Bangalore branch).
When I reported to the HBJ customer care, no response from them too. they are not professionals...

Don't Don't go for this company, all are cheaters....
Mar 30, 2014

You are right PK, HBJ is big fraud

I have dealt with HBJ as premium customer and can tell my story on multiple packages I took with HBJ. They are the biggest fraud in industry. HBJ tells the sales people to extort as much money as possible from the client by making false promises. The research section is pathetic and guys like Shubhkant Jain work solely for harassing and looting clients.

I do not know why guys like Shubhkant are not behind bars for fraud and cheating.
Mar 13, 2014

hbj capital

Fraud company
In jan2014 I saw advertisement of hbj capital bangalore on net and give him my complete information(email & mob no. etc).second day I received call from puja hbj capital bangalore, she comunicate me about her services,& I decided tacking her services cash jackpot call for holding period of 4 to 6 days & profit of 4 to 5 %.I pay him Rs 5000/- for three month cash jackpot services .she (puja) transfer my request to Stop loss trade(sister company of HBJ Capital). Then I Received 1st call on 21/1/14 for buy ranbaxy lab at 416-418. After 4th day ranbaxy lab fall down 336 then I call to hbj capital about ranbaxy lab then they told me for sell it & send sms close position in ranbaxy lab at Rs 344/- I sold it book loss. then I received 2nd call For buy JSW ENERGY at 44-45 on 29/1/2014 with target 55/- this call is open till date13/3/2014 Its rise but not archived target.On 3/2/14 I received 3rd call for Buy tata chemical at 262-263 on 4/2/13 I received sms close your position in tata chemical at 257/-I sold it & booked again loss. On 7/2/14 I received sms for buy cadila health care at above 880/- It archived target 9915 on same day and book profit.On10/2/14 I received buy call for Essar oil at 52-52.50 It is open till today13/3/2014 & cmp is 51 to 53.After 10/2/2014 I do not received any call from hbj/ stop loss trade other than her advertisement.They given to my mob no. many other people so I receiving so many calls from other companies about subscribe paid tips for trading.Some senior manager of hbj capital are also call me and say"I know you are not satisfied our calls"if you trade by my personly given calls you will earn profit.yuo send me Rs.....................I refused him.NOW you analyse self hbj capital & stop loss trade are fraud or not. I am not employ of these companies. I am government servent of rajasthan government.Pls do not west your money to receiving trading or positional call by HBJ CAPITAL OR STOPLOSSTRADE.
Jan 22, 2014

A 100% scam

HBJ Capital Bangalore is a scam. I subscribed for multibagger where the initial few calls worked out well. Then, I took DC and Option Strategy and the game started. The calls were complete failure except for few calls by Sameer Jain. Then they stopped giving any calls for 2 months. I chased them and Sandeep Jain pushed me to fetch more 20000 above what I already paid for option package. After that again got few calls in Nov and dec 2013 which were complete disaster. Now for last one month, still there are no calls. A big scam is going out there. Please do not spend even a penny with these guys.
Aug 29, 2013


I subscribed with hbj for BSF and intraday packages. the calls given is 100% fails If any one can do opp trade when they given calls to get very good pfs. But any one follow their calls they are almost dead.. I make a huge loss for this blady idiots. They dont know stock market basics also. Just flukely giving their call that are hitting always hitting stoplesses. One more thing is they will ask wait wait and finally they ask to book huge losses. I never see this much cheap quality calls.
Apr 24, 2013


HBJ Capital, Bangalore - BIG FRAUD COMPANY
Apr 19, 2013


Hi Friends,

I don't know about the stock performance or about the research reports, however EMPLOYEES who work in HBJ Capital CANNOT STICK TO THE COMPANY FOR MORE THAN 2-3 MONTHS.
2. NO PROPER STAFF to take care of Employees.
5. NO Proper Office Timings.
6. NO Employee Beneficial Programs like PF, ESI, Gratuity, Mediclaims, etc...
7. NO PROPER SALARY DATE (any day salary is credited b/w 1st to 10th every month).
8. NO HR, Payroll, IT, Finance, Facilities, Administration Teams inside the company.
10. Company will NOT provide computers or laptops to work, however EVERY INDIVIDUAL has to carry their OWN Laptops.
11. CEO of the company is running the business using 2 different names - SANDEEP JAIN and HARENDRA KUMAR.
12. Also he uses names like DNP PATEL in website - http://www.consumercomplaints.in/complaints/hbj-capital to give +ve reviews about his own company.
13. NO FIXED SALARY for employees.


Girish L K
Jun 7, 2011


I strongly agree with you Amit. I too have lost huge money by investing in their recommendation.
They are inexperienced guys. never subscribe to them.
May 19, 2011


Dear Investors,

Do not go for recommendations of HBJ Capital, Bangalore. They present the recommended price as last day closing price, while on the next day the rate opened with a gap. How one can buy the stock on the last day price and some time on buying the stock, it goes for lower circuit.

They are making the people foolish . I have many times called the company for this, but they does not give me satisfactory answer. The make the story of a company by attaching you a PDF file, but actually the stock does not perform and our hard amount wasted.

The recommendation price and target price as shown in their web site are complete different with the actual price where the client was recommended to purchase.

Believe me, do not buy on the recommendations of these types of company.

Amit Gupta

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