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HBJ Capital


Consumer complaints and reviews about HBJ Capital

Jun 28, 2015

HBJ Capital - Fraud Company

Going through all these complaints, I found so much similarity regarding their modus operandi and I was also cheated the same way. It all starts with them giving committment to double/triple your money, providing 24*7 access to their analysts and so on. However once you pay all you get is calls and more calls from their sales team to sell other packages to you. Everyone will tell you to just speak to them and no one else. If you ask about the negative publicity, they will dismiss it as work of your competitor.
Please please don't fall for them, they are gang of cheaters and nohing else.
ajay paul
Jun 15, 2015

bunch of fraud and cheater

I have been associated with this company for the last 3 month and had subscribed to platinum package . There after I have been receiving number of call from the marketing group of HBJ capital to get associated with other packages available with them . One day a marketing caller guy introduced me to someone addressing himself as CEO of HBJ Capital and informed that they are coming with public issue of HBJ Capital within a short span of time and advised me to subscribe to the issue and as it is not a listed company at the moment and will deliver good returns and also to invest in a company Swalect Energy Ltd . The price was at 625/- and I bought some 900 shares . No stop loss was given . The value came down within a week time . That bugger never accepted by call after that . The present value is around 460/- . The present notional loss is 150000/- within one month.

So I advise you all never to accept any call from marketing people of this company . No once can make us rich except of hard work . Do invest in good stock but never indulge in trading . Because its the company that provide call get the benefit .
Jun 7, 2015

cyber crime by hbj people

I am an existing subscriber for HBJ's signature++ and platinum plan for 3 years, paid heavily to them. I am not satisfied with the services as I have lost my hard earned money heavily.

Meanwhile last 31-st May a call came from one introduced to be Sudip Hazarika and asked for my feed back on their services. I answered in negative. He then transferred call to one introduced to be Arup Mukherjee who told me to pay Rs.25011/ upfront against a code given to me in anticipation of refunding my entire subscription money within 2-3 days. When asked that there is no refund policy, he assured that present SEBI guidelines assure money back in case of non satisfactory services. So I got convinced and paid the amount,

next day a mail reached me thet I am registered for 1 year platinum positional combo plan again for which I am already registered for 3 years.

when asked the lady told that there is no refund policy as per their disclaimer. Now my money has been eaten away by the HBJ in a fraudulent way. They are not refunding this Rs.25011/ also... I want to make a complain at appropriate level to teach a lesson to these buggers, who are involved in cyber crime.

If anyone can guide me please do it...in this forum only...
May 24, 2015


My association with HBJCAPITAL has been fruitful. I have been associated with Mr. Lalit Saini for last 5 months and things have been very smooth till date. I dont know how so many complaints are there for HBJCAPITAL. Their marketing team is definitely the worst, but Mr. Lalit has been a really good companion.
May 1, 2015


Dear friends,

1. Never trade in anyone's idea.
2. Never trade in anyone's money.
3. Never speculate if you have small money.
4. Instead of losing money in such a way, please subscribe for FD. Atleast your money will be safe.
5. Don't trade in derivatives. Derivatives are the weapons of mass destruction. It is not designed for the people like us.
6. Never try to become a millioner in overnight. Everything takes time.

I learnt from this site that even educated / qualified guys can also be cheated.
Preserve your hard earned money. Aagey kaam aayenge !!!!

Your friened
you can mail me at karuthi.1979@live.com
Apr 27, 2015

False Recommendations

HBJ capital is one bogus, bullshit company their marketing guys don't even know details about the companies they are recommending. They recommended Century Textiles & Rajesh exports and after taking position they asked me to hold the position not even giving me the stop loss and made me lose Rs. 60K. I tried calling the executive, he is not taking my call, I complained the same with their analysts & info team but nobody is replying back.

F**K these guys, they are assh**es. Please do not subscribe to them.
hima moudgalya
Apr 10, 2015


HBJ Capital - An Excellent firm

i wanna really thank the HBJ team.Specially Mr PAWAN KUMAR RAI. he was the most helpful person in the HBJ Capital. He always does what he promises. he had given extra ordinary profit in every calls (almost 98 % accuracy ) . he is the most trust worthy person. I have been working with him from past 3-5 months. he is good in trading as well as excellent in investment. i would like to be in touch with him for a long term business.

Thank you for making my capital double.
bappa biswas
Apr 3, 2015


I am telling truely that the the HBJ CAPITAL is a NO 1 cheater. I contacted to MR Nrinmoy mukherjee of HBJ capital and he took five thousand ten rupees from me for giving positionaql call but he activated it to the intraday call. All intraday call were wrong. And he gave three poisitional call but those were also wrong. it amounted to heavy loss. Don`t be trapped into their false promises. They are here only looting your heard earned money. MR MRINMOY MUKHERJEE IS A NO 1 FRAUDER AND LIER.
Mar 18, 2015

False Committments, rude talking after verbal complaint

They chit me under saying under budget call. I have all employees contact nos too so kindly black list these numbers as they are useless to communicate or getting scripts.
Mar 14, 2015

HBJ capital cheats

They sweet talk to ensure you subscribe, then give shitty service and give a few horrible calls so thatbyounlose money and stop following up with them. Don't don't every fall prey to them
Mar 14, 2015

HBj capital are looters of stock market

They only suck your money by way of subscription and forget. Even the calls they give occasionally are so wrong only opposite happens.mi have lost a lot of money going by their advice, better to give money to charity than subscribing to their packages.
vimal zaveri
Mar 6, 2015

HBJ Capital

HBJ Capital Services & its associates are totally fraud & cheaters. They would suck your hard earned money by subscribing to their services claiming unrealistic returns. I have already registered complaint with SEBI against HBJ Capital Services & would request others to also register their complaint with SEBI by using following link & select Investment Adviser in the Categories.


Vimal Zaveri
Pranav Jha
Feb 13, 2015


Hi,yes I too agree for your words HBJ is a PERFECT ADVISOR for the future investment,I personally thank those people for giving me this opportunity to meet the profit which i expected and the good calls.
bhavana k
Feb 13, 2015

Its not complaint i just wanna suggest

"HBJ" is giving an "EXCELLENT" services in future investments.I met with "GOOD PROFIT".I suggest to go through those investments in which we can get the profit we should invest the money in such services so that we can get back the investment as well as the profit.Thanks a lot to 'HBJ' keep going this...
Udaybhanu prabhudesa
Feb 12, 2015

Hbj capital good in future stocks

I have subscribed to hbj capital few months back and i can see very good returns in future calls and almost 80-85% returns in commodity , Going forward my next step to work on hbj capital investment recommendations.. i recommend hbj capital to all traders and inverters for excellent returns
HBJ Capital Fraud
Jan 28, 2015


HBJ CAPITAL is full with FRAUDS starts from Harendra Kumar (Known as Sandeep), Shubhkant ( A big fraud), Jitendra, Gokul Raj every one. they hire various money needed people who can go at any level to take money from you. ay of the call from HBJ Capital will come and will introduce as a senior analyst but he will be fraud. I lost lots of money with him. even they will give 2 calls to earn good money but 3rd will take all your money. dont go with him at any cost. HBJ CAPITAL FRAUD, HBJ CAPITAL FRAUD, HBJ CAPITAL FRAUD, HBJ CAPITAL FRAUD, HBJ CAPITAL FRAUD, HBJ CAPITAL FRAUD. Nothing but a fraud.
Prasad Balakrishnan
Jan 27, 2015


Post my discussion with Mr. Raviraj Hegde their senior analyst,I had subscribed to the their services after paying Rs. 20000/- as their fee. The Wockhardt 980 Put call given by him was a total failure and i have lost my capital of Rs. 1.6 lac. They are not answering calls or neither responding to emails. Its a fraud company, please stay away from them.

Sandeep your company will face a closure very soon, you have cheated many of us.
Jan 16, 2015

HBJ Capital Bangalore -Fraud!!!

I have subscribed for HBJ Capital after talking to their MD Sandeep Jain and he has promised my capital would get appreciated 5 to 10 times in options strategy and there is no question of loss. I was not convinced but then he asked his colleague Arnab to send the past performace reports (which I now beleive they have manipulated as they are not transparent at all).

I have paid around 30,000 for their service and I have lost 3 lakhs rupees because of their future calls and option calls. so, people whoever reading this, don't fall into their sales trap and dont loose your hard earned money. please think if they can make so much money why would they beg you for subscription, they could do themselves.

I am also thinking to raise the complain with sebi about this fraud company, these people are playing with peoples hard earned money and I curse Sandeep jain/Abishek Jain must go to hell..
Jan 15, 2015

HBJ-cheaters of highest order

i subscribed to 1)option strategy- 1yr rs15000/- paid 2)signature -(future calls) -rs20000/- paid for 1yr both by sms ;3) when the service is on ,an analyst nasneen promised better personalised service for 40000/- (forty) i paid &she gave one call &disappeared ; i incurred loss of 60000/- in trade as there is no update given on the calls given... i tried to contact the analyst over phone &she has just disappeared withRs forty thousand...4)another analyst salim contacted me over phone &promised to recover losses by profit sharing; i paid rs 15000/- as initial payment &he also disappeared giving one call & no update given... i ended up in loss of 80000/- as again due to no update given 4)another MALLU chap contacted me for profit sharing & i paid Rs15000/-+ 10000 again & he also disappeared in the same way ... so i decided 2 complain to higher officers of hbj- a senior analyst? called akshay jain told me that since i have paid already a total of one lakh &fifteen thousand to hbj company for services only &(incurred a loss of two lakhs in trading), they have a monthly income plan of rs one&half lakh in which i need not trade , hbj company will trade in bulk &a minimum of rs 22500/- every month(15%of 1.5 lakh) will be credited into my bank account through which i pay the difference(150000-115000=35000) . i paid rs 35000/- on getting an e mail from hbj company.. akshay jain also disappeared &i received NO money in my account ..2months passed &i complained to accounts dept hbj& they r ready for a refund of rs 40300/- as first instalment..(AND HERE COMES FRADULENCE OF HIGHEST ORDER!.....) for this he asked me to AUTHENTICATE USING DEBIT CARD....) i contacted my bank manager &reserve bank in Trivandrum.... they told me that there is no such thing& the fraud company is trying to cheat again..you give them your account number &IFSC code &let the refund money transferred ... reserve bank officials advised to complaint (both criminal (police) &ombudsman)....Actually i escaped narrow as i would hav paid 40300/- more as one of their packages(PLATINUM) & once the money got transferred the account chap will also disappear.... i request the hbj company to properly refund my hard earned money ... i request all not to fall into the hands of such freud company... also govt &fellow companys should take action(there are many truthful companys...) ...indeed very sad&sleepless dr suresh s,trivandrum working in govt service
Dec 26, 2014

Poor & Shitty Service from HBJ

I have taken service of options call from them. These people are biggest frauds.
After taking membership money they will not answer your calls at all. I made a total loss of more than 15000 by virtue of their stupid calls. These guys have no research team and are very unprofessional.
Mr Tarun soni at HBJ made me incur loss. Stay away from these guys.
Invest with them and loose your money
Dec 23, 2014

hbj cheaters

I agree with all the comments above hope ihad looked at this site earlier. I paid them 2lakh for hedge fund and wealth management system but they are just cheats they tell you bif stories about how they will double and triple your money in 1 year and then once you have paid them they just give u some 2 calls in which you will losemoney and then they call you again that you have taken the wrong package and you should buy another package. Just give them some abusive language next time they call you and some from my side as well. I lost 5 laks based on thier stupid people recommendations.
Vishnu Pathak
Dec 15, 2014

Hbj capital is fastest young generation growing company

Hbj capital is excellent growing company and I m a satisfied member of hbj capital..they r providing me good hidden gems and penny stocks.. I m also satisfied by there services..hbj is a brand don't compare hbj with other small companies..thank u
Dec 14, 2014

company close honi chaiye sebi se

full cheater. i want to complaining to SEBI for this type of compnies,who eat a lot of hard earned valuable money of acommon men
Dec 10, 2014

Pls dont use HBJ service


I am Shyam from Bangalore. I have used the service of said company in the month of October 2014. First call started on 23rd of oct. They promise certain things before u pay to them.Once the payment made no call will be answered from them.
Before making the payment to them ,i asked them generally " i never found any positive feedback online about your service". The answer i got - people who made money never appreciates us . Sad part is i was asked to pay 25K for annual subscription charges,however they convinced me to pay 6K and use the service for couple of months. However on 23rd of November the sms and mails without closing a call. Absolutely no calls answered after that. i understand that u will not make money always,but as service provider u need to have some basic courtesy and professionalism,which is clearly missing.

Objective the company is making money short term.I dont want share any contact details of the person who was coordinating with me

Pls go thru the details of calls i recived for 1 month.

Quantity Buy price Sell price Loss/Profit
Wipro 23-Oct 03-Nov 25 559.5 565.65 6.15 153.75
Wipro 01-Nov 03-Nov 50 564.05 565.85 1.8 90
CAIRNS 05-Nov 600 277.3 262 -15.3 -9180
Jindal 12-Nov 240 152.65 156.26 3.61 866.4
NDTV 14-Nov 500 108.53 111.3 2.77 1385
Titan 18-Nov 100 373.6 -373.6 -37360
NCC 19-Nov 19-Nov 200 67.8 69.05 1.25 250
Dec 3, 2014


Lost my money and not picking up my calls.....guys like mayank jain and aman.. amit.. stay away from them

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