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HCL Me Tablet


Consumer complaints and reviews about HCL Me Tablet

vicky saranta
Sep 26, 2013

Worst tab ever...wasted my hard earned money

HCL me 2G connect 2.0
no play store
dim display
slow touch response
Touch stopped responding after just 2 days of purchase
tab hung
couldn't switch off
waited for battery 2 die
now its not switching on
F**K u HCL...refund my money so that i can buy a chinese tab instead.

Vicky saranta
Sep 22, 2013


I have HCL ME V1 CONNECT 2G Tablet and faced logo hanging problems.The tablet used to hang at ME logo on power on.THE TABLET HAS BEEN BOUGHT ONLINE & I GET THE DELIVERY ON 18-09-2013. I HARDLY USED IT FOR 3-4 HOURS & ITS STARTS HANGING ON START UP AT ME LOGO.... PLS. CAN U GIVE ME THE SOLUTION FOR THIS...
Sep 17, 2013

Very bad HCL after sales support

Hi !,

I have purchased a HCL ME U2 Tablet (No. 113YFD027120) on 14.07.2013 and after around one month of usage it occurs a line on the screen.

After consultation with support centre, I went to authorized repair centre ‘Image Service’ 17AX, Model Town Extn. Mkt. Ludhiana, Ph : 9356040095 and deposited my tablet for under warranty repair on dt. 23.08.2013.

I was told that it will get repaired with in 4 to 5 days, but when I contacted after 3 –4 days, I was informed that there is a problem in display and requirement has been raised to HCL for procurement of part and will take another 10 to 15 days to receive the material and better I should take back my Tablet and start using till receiving of mentioned part from the company. But I didn’t picked the Tablet and it is lying at the service centre.

Now even after more than 24 days of followup with service centre and HCL Help desk, i was told to wait for another 7-8 days.

No one is there to hear / help, i bought the HCL product not because of performance but for after sales support. Now i think i should have bought Chinese Tab, which is better in performance and for any issues i can rely on local market immediate repair without looking for any gurantee / warantee.

Very very bad experience.

Sanjay 8699002677
Sep 15, 2013

HCL Tablet: Request not to buy HCL products

My experience with HCL TAB Y2 (Serial Number:512EDR019171) :

I have HCL Tablet Y2 and faced logo hanging problems.The tablet used to hang at ME logo on power on.
The software upgrades thrugh SD CARD didnot work and then I went to service center at Andheri(E),Mumbai.
Since my tablet was out of warranty , I paid INR 650 for repair. HCL service center loaded firmware and said now this MUST work.In 4-5 hours I again faced HCL logo hanging issue and had to go back to service center again.
HCL service center again installed new firware (they said so, I dont know if they really installed new or old) and said now this should work. It worked for 1 hour & the problem was again seen.

When I reported this back to the service center ,they said "Sorry you need to change hardware and it will cost INR 7000". What a bad support HCL has ?
I assume service ceter was very well aware that this probelm can not be resolved and unnecessarily they made me pay for repair.

Frankly I feel HCL is nowhere competitive in this market and with choices of Lenovo, Apple, Micromax, SAmsung ,& many chinese players noone should take risk of HCL.
Not only the products are bad but their service is further frustrating. They charge you huge amounts for such useless products.

Please donot buy HCL products.
Sep 8, 2013

HCL tablet "U1" _ Pathetic Product, worst company and Rude People

to: shiv.nadar@hcl.com,
cc: brand@hcl.com,
date: Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 11:10 PM
subject: Re: URGENT - Complaint - HCL Tablet - Serial No. - B12STN009701
mailed-by: gmail.com

Dear Mr Shiv Nadar and HCL Team,

I am writing this mail after giving up with the worst product and pathetic service HCL has given me. I bought
a HCL tablet "U1" in late July 2013
and since then my life has become hell and majority of my time since then is spent in either going personally to the service center of HCL or calling the untrained and rude customer care staff of HCL. This tablet did not worked even for few days and we registered complaint ( Receipt # 20744) back on 10th Aug 2013 and since then my tablet is with service center folks. I have been to the service center personally thrice since then but the experienced and skilled executives are not even able to tell when they can fix the issue and give it back. I have called numerous times to customer care but i only feel frustrated after talking to someone at customer care. One of the great staff member of HCL asked me "if your tablet does not work, whose lose is it" ... I told its your lose...i only spent Rs 5000, but i will spread the word to 5000 people and it will impact your business many folds then my loss.

Is there any kind of SLA for this ? or customers are supposed to wait till eternity ? I did not expected this from a "branded" product like HCL but the product and the service is worst till date. I also wrote to the nodal officers and the official complaint email ID's but looks like entire company staff is on leave or sleeping that no one even care to respond me. I can only say "Pathetic product and worst service" has been rendered to me so far.

Can i expect a positive response from the management team of HCL. Product is in warranty at least in papers and i will definitely approach consumer court if i am not heard even by HCL's management team. Looking forward to get my issue resolved at the earliest.

I am sorry if i sound harsh but thats the voice of a frustrated customer.

Thanks & Regards,

On Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 12:59 AM, Ajay Kedia <ajaykedia18@gmail.com> wrote:
All office bearers of HCL,

I feel sorry to be one of the frustrated customer of HCL wherein i did the mistake of buying a HCL tablet "U1" in late July 2013. This great product did not worked even for few days and we registered complaint ( Receipt # 20744) back on 10th Aug 2013.

Since then, we have not heard back anything from HCL. I went to the service center twice since then but i am unable to get any response from the service center. I have been calling regularly after that but most of the times phone is busy which exhibits that HCL is producing low quality products and seems most of the customers are all the time calling to get rid of the product.

Is there any kind of SLA for this ? or customers are supposed to wait till eternity ? I did not expected this from a "branded" product like HCL but the product and the service is even poor then a chinese product. I appreciate this issue to be resolved within 48 hours from now OR i will have to file complaint with consumer court as i am clearly cheated and feel frustrated.

Looking forward to hear back soon with a positive note. Attached is a copy of service complaint receipt.

Thanks & Regards,
Aswin v mammen
Sep 7, 2013

u2 tablet white dots on the screen

when i switch on my tab it was showing white dots on the screen. And after that i go through the warranty card to specify the complaint.it shows that TFT display complaint so please help me to know how much it cost. please give me a reply immediately.
Sep 4, 2013

hcl me y3 not install sd card certificate

I m not install app on memory card because I have no sd card cerificate
Please solve this problem. &
I m not using play store
Please answer me.....
I have many truble..
pankaj v
Sep 4, 2013

HCL tablet Y1 not working

Sent: May 2, 2013 10:43 AM
To: hcltouch.reg@hcl.com
Subject: Query/complaint no 8502783176

Dear Executive

I have purchase my HCL ME TABLET Y1, Bearing HCL S/N:- A12MYS000940, and
IMEI No:- 911246000009404.

I have reported the complaint of USB not readable with Query/complaint no 8502783176
on 1/5/13, and have visited HCL gallery at Mobile point, Thane, Maharashtra
on 13/5/13.

The mobile point person told me the USB isnt working and you need to replace the
same and will charge me Rs 650/-, which i agreed, he told me he will repair
the Tablet in 1 to 2 hours and told me to wait.

As i need to go for some other urgent work, i told him i will come tomorrow
morning. When i visited next day (14/5/13) at the gallery the person told me
that they have send the Tablet to Vashi Gallery for repair, and told me that
they will give me a call. Again i visited the Gallery on 16/5/13

Since then its now 31/5/2013. They havent called me neither they pick up the
phone numbers mentioned in Mobile point invoice.
(As from the gallery ambience i have a feeling that my tablet
will also be thrown in garbage, which they have done for others tablet).

At last i received my tablet which was not fully repaired on 13/6/13,

Sent: August 30, 2013 10:43 AM
To: hcltouch.reg@hcl.com
Subject: New Query/complaint no 8400232877 OLD Query/complaint no 8502783176

Again the problem increased so i visited HCL Gallery, Andheri, Mumbai, Maharashtra on 27/7/13 and with service order no. 8400232877

They told me it will take a week, but now its again almost a month with
today date 30/8/13.

Tell me what should i do, The mobile phone galley is almost 2 hours distance from
my residence, and so its not possible for me to visit their gallery every time.

Can you help me out from this.

Now i am some what having a feeling that, i have made a mistake
by purchasing HCL ME Y1 TABLET

----- Forwarded Message -----
To: hcltouch <hcltouch.reg@hcl.com>
Sent: Tuesday, 3 September 2013 4:00 PM
Subject: Re: New Query/complaint no 8400232877 OLD Query/complaint no 8502783176

Dear Geetesh

I dont think you are going to call me.

Because its not the first time i am receiving this sweet emails.

As today after confirmation from Mr Pradeep, HCL Gallery, Andheri, Mumbai

for consecutive 3rd time my person is sitting in HCL Gallery and they are

saying that HCL ME Y1 TAB is still not ready.

Its simply ridiculous.

To: hcltouch <hcltouch.reg@hcl.com>
Sent: Tuesday, 4 September 2013 10:05 AM
Subject: Re: New Query/complaint no 8400232877 OLD Query/complaint no 8502783176

Dear Geetesh

At last i got my tablet at 5.00 pm

but now there is a new problem, its not getting charged
and Sim card (network)is not detecting.

In such scenario what should i do now. Should i again
go to gallery and get complaint/ service order so that i
again need to wait for 1 month to get the problem solved.

In 5 months my tablet is with HCl gallery for repairs for
nearly 2 and 1/2 months.

So obviously it was a defective piece which HCl has given me.

I think the customers are beggars we dont have any option
other then begging as if we are buying the problems by paying Rs 11000/-

Kind Regards
Pankaj Vichare
Sep 4, 2013

hcl me u2 glass broke

i want to ask that how much cost does hcl service str take to repair the broken screen..??
just the front screen
the main touch screen is working f9 and also tell me my camera is also not working
its just showing a green screen. how much does hcl service ctr charge for that
note that my tab is under warranty
Harshit Pandey
Sep 1, 2013

Worst tab ever HCL ME V1

i bought my tablet 2 months ago and it is many problems it's first problem was in the 3rd week after buying it it totally hanged up it's lock system(slide lock) totally got stuck then i got it repaired it from hcl support center and again after 4 weeks it's speaker hanged up it was not working as well. The hcl center told that it's a problem of pcb and they got a new one but still its not working and the lock system again hanged up. I am fed up with this tablet my money is totally gone waste!!!!!!!!!!.
Aug 31, 2013

SD Card Not working

My HCL ME TABLET V1 have problem SD card is not mounted. I
am already changed new two SD card but same message coming. Please any

Abdul Salam
Muscat- Oman

968 94135827
Aug 26, 2013

tablet not working

Ishita Chopra
Aug 25, 2013

3g net is not working

refrence -
ime no.-y3 hcl tab
serial no.-113ycd006242
sry to inform u,we have purchased above tablet no. on 19july,2013. frm "NK SACHIDANAND GALLERY MATA RANI CHOWNK ldh". Rs.10400
nd put relaince 3g internet sim on same day but 3g net was not working.then we went to gallry nd hcl service center many times but
net was not in working position.we put this sim in samsung tablet nd net was speedy woking.It gave such harrasment to us.we were so disappointed. we have listened so much good will about hcl.we went to service centre again and again.they did not give any attention even he spoke rude to us .on 3rd august we went again and they took tab from us after saying this we were sending it to company .we have not received tab yet. service centre is giving dates tous we are really very upset .please pay attention toward to our complaint.and refund our amount with interest immediately bcause we are so upset
Aug 24, 2013

Rear Camera not Working

I have Purchased a Hcl 2g Tablet on 15 August . But Rear Camera is Not Working. When I Try to Open Rear camera it show me only Pink Display.
Aug 24, 2013

HCL ME U1, Worst Serivce, Worst Repairing, is the componey so ...

I bought my HCL me U1 tablet on 17.01.13 from an Electronic Shop Bundelkhand Shop and Chemical works_Orai
after 5 months of use its going dead on date 22.06.13, i had given it for further service to the Shop where i Purchased it

passing 61 days, after repaired, yesterday i got it from that shop and i am so happy that atleast i got it
but when i want to off it, it takes so time after draining whole battery finally the device gone off.
but when i trying to charging it, it does not exceeding above 0%
Can i ask for HCL, is your service after sale is that type...
I am very upset about your and your device service
Now what can i do after this... Because i have an useless tablet after your service

Vimal Kumar
Contact No. 8858157622
Mail id : vimal.uppcl10@gmail.com
Prakash Aboti
Aug 22, 2013

HCL tablet ME V1 music sound

I procured my new HCL tablet before two month ago. At present its music system voice got Mute.In setting volume showing full.
Aug 21, 2013

camera not working

My husband bought me an HCL Connect 3G Me Tablet about 2 months ago.
It was working fine unto today. The back camera isn't responding at all while the front camera is working well.
FYI - it hasn't fallen down.
Plz help as I need the camera to work properly.
Email id: solymanif@yahoo.com

Mobile # 00989178119405
Aug 20, 2013

internal memory not working

Hcl tablet service is very very 3d class service.sumit id, sumbit serial no. Hcl no.all time bizzi..only west money and time. My tab undur wartty but care are very 3d class I complent hcl mo.9762416261
Aug 20, 2013

internal memory not working

Very 3r calss hcl v1 and hcl care service.
Aug 20, 2013

Hanging problem of Tablet

My Complaint ID 8400215978. Complaint was that the tablet went in Hanging mode with display showing only ME logo. I purchased the tablet some 4 momths back. It worked OK for few days and then suddenly it started to hang. When contacted the service centre in Goa i was told to hand over the tab for repairs as engineer was not available for which i was reluctant and hence i took my tab without repairs. When i contacted the HCl service online i was guided by them to reset the tab and tab started woking for few days and again went in Hanging mode. So i decided to lodge a complant with service centre and handed over the tab on 3rd july. I was told that it requires one google link for updating. It took one week for them to get the link. but still the problem was not solved. They were list concerned to give me feedback so i dropped in for the fourth time in their office at panjim shelling out diesel for my vehlcle and was told that its PCB requires replacement and it is ordered. One month i was not given feedback about the status and hence i took back my tab and still my problem is not solved. I contacted regional head, country head but nothing has been set right.
Aug 19, 2013

HCL me v1 tablet

i bought HCL me v1 tablet in march 2013 and few days ago its just stopped working not getting on and after i charged and tried to switch it on its just showing HCL me on screen.few days before (3/6/13) tab repaired from service center in pune they repaired my tab after one month or later.i unable to go service center every time.
my product details....
HCL me tablet
serial no:113STD007132
service order no.8400192667
Manjunath G
Aug 16, 2013

HCL ME Tablet. Worst Service by HCL

HCL ME tablet was brought by us on 18-Jul-2013, we had problems since the day one with the touch and other issues while trying to communicate with the PC. After struggling for 10 more days, we had given it for service and its been more then 20 Days there is no proper response from the service center of HCL.

Issue has been escalated to the higher people where we did not receive any response from them. They neither have repaired the faulty one nor replaced with the new one.

Experiencing worst service.
naveenkumar g k
Aug 13, 2013

bad HCL

what is this didi i do mistake to purchase HCL so many time i given g mail id than also its showing wrong
Aug 13, 2013

Croma Social Care

Dear Praveen,

Trust your complaint with croma has been resolved.

Team Croma.
Aug 13, 2013

tablet u1

this is to inform you that i was using hcl me tablet 1 which i was purchase last year in the month of september serial number-812stn064442 due to some problem it was totally dead.. on 3rd august 2013 when i visited to your service center(Gurgaon) they told me that there is some problem in motherboard of your tablet which will take 1 week means 10th august 2013 . on 10th i called to your service centre contact number they told me that the part which was defected ( motherboard) still not come from our warehouse and also confirmed me that on monday it will come and will repaired on same day.. but on tuesday 13th august 2013 i visited to HCL service center still my tablet is not repaired not they are not giving me the response and telling that we cant confirm the time whenever it will be repaired we will contact me... they should give the time of tablet to be repaired..

what shit is this did i do any mistake to purchase HCL tablet .. very bad service..
HCL is like a bakery shop where the thing and any part is not available your guys told me to import..
my service order is-8400237750.

mail- nikhil.ambitious@gmail.com

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